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1. UC Baby 3D Ultrasound - Burnaby

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182 reviews
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UC Baby 3D Ultrasound
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Address: 3701 Hastings St #201, Burnaby, BC V5C 2H6, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +1 778-960-0740

Business type: Pregnancy care center

UC Baby 3D Ultrasound: what do users think?
Fernando Jose Alvarado Martinez
Fernando Jose Alvarado Martinez: Excellent service of the personal .
ELISA BAGGI: Super amazing experience..It's a must during pregnancy!For the first time we so clear our baby!thank you to the amazing staff,gave us much more time than what we had.Our baby was sleeping and not moving a lot,they gave us time to get sugar..the bear is something unique!hight raccomend!
Maggie Wong
Maggie Wong: Everything is great! Great services and I’m glad I chose UC Baby!
Carolina Pollari
Carolina Pollari: We had a great time here. My daughter enjoyed to see the baby. The staffs were kind and patient.
Avery McLean
Avery McLean: Wonderful experience! Friendly staff and a great value for the price. Definitely recommend for expecting parents.
Lily JING: they are very patient
John Lau
John Lau: It is a good chance to meet our future son here and the service is excellent
Angely Gonzalez
Angely Gonzalez: 😍 love ittt! Thank you!!
Edith Lee
Edith Lee: Daisy and Hong at the Burnaby location are extremely friendly and patient. They provided legendry service. I will definitely recommend my friends to use UC Baby service in the future.
airah golez
airah golez: Mona, the ultrasound tech, was very detailed and patient with us, she explained everything thoroughly and made sure we get good pictures of the baby. Daisy, the receptionist, is very approachable, accomodating and friendly!
Kim N
Kim N: I tried the silver package, the whole scan itself wasn’t 30 mins, that includes prep time for the technician but the result was great. The technician was really good and we got amazing quality photos and video at the end. Definitely recommend!
Rena Koya
Rena Koya: It was a lovely experience!
R. Canada
R. Canada: Very good and professional! Thank you!
Brennan Clarkson
Brennan Clarkson: Really nice, professional staff. Amazing photos. Our baby was hiding her face at first and we really appreciated the time that the technician took to get really good video and photos of her face. We took a long time to decide which photos we wanted printed because there were so many good ones and the staff was really nice and patient with us. Thank you so much UC Baby!
Minjeong J
Minjeong J: We had such a pleasant experience with UC Baby Burnaby! The lady at the reception was very kind and friendly. Our tech was very nice. She explained to us different parts of our little one and took many pictures for us. I highly recommend them!
Rhyza Kristel Nodado
Rhyza Kristel Nodado: People there are very accommodating the place is clean ❤️
joshua galinato
joshua galinato: Its really a good experience!
Vanessa Hg
Vanessa Hg: Lovely session, I enjoyed it! Thank you. It’s a Boy!
Valia L Marquez G
Valia L Marquez G: Very friendly and professional.Great place to see your little one in 4D.Highly recommend 😊
Kiran Bisra
Kiran Bisra: Hi,We have used their services for both of our babies and really enjoyed the experience of watching the first 3D images of our kids. The technicians were wonderful and very supportive.However, both receptionist we dealt with during our Feb and March 2023 visits left us feeling very frustrated. The first one asked for us to pay and then afterwards told us that the video feature was not working that day. And, the second one was not paying attention to the door. At the Burnaby location, you have to wait outside and ring a doorbell. So, I had to dig up a weird phone number for someone in their company and then get them to call their receptionist to let me inside. She never apologized and just told me that it was "fine" as if I had inconvenienced her?It's a neat service and creates some wonderful moments. However, I think they really have to work on the business end of their model.

2. Vancouver Ultrasound - Vancouver

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22 reviews
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Vancouver Ultrasound
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Address: 550 W Broadway #303, Vancouver, BC V5Z 0E9, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-569-0616

Business type: X-ray lab

3. UC Baby 3D Ultrasound - Richmond

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145 reviews
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UC Baby 3D Ultrasound
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Address: 7031 Westminster Hwy #285, Richmond, BC V6X 1A3, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 7:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-231-9800

Business type: Pregnancy care center

UC Baby 3D Ultrasound: what do users think?
Maggie Lin
Maggie Lin: 我們在31週選擇3D超音波想看看寶寶,一進入店裡佈置的很溫馨,Emma也很友善的跟我們說這是寶寶的哪裡,也很溫柔的對著寶寶說讓爸媽看著可愛的小臉,診間裡播著柔和的音樂完全不會感到緊張,這是一個很棒的體驗
Alex Montague
Alex Montague: She was so nice, and it was so cool to see our baby model! Great place, and amazing technology to be able to see his face!
Mere Sereia
Mere Sereia: Professional and kind!Recommended 10/10
Tino S
Tino S: Went to get a gender reveal ultrasound today and Emma was absolutely amazing.
Ksenia Malyarova
Ksenia Malyarova: Confusing booking system but very pleasant ultrasound experience. Thank you Emma!
Ray Qiu
Ray Qiu: 今天第一次去UCBABY,前台和操作人员EMMA服务非常热情,专业。也看到了宝宝的样子,非常开心,还会再来!
Zhaoxiang Chen
Zhaoxiang Chen: It was a very fun experience! Very happy to see the face of our baby 3
Carmen Rivero
Carmen Rivero: We went for a 3D ultrasound on my 27 week, Emma was super nice from the moment we stepped in, she explain everything and try all in her hand to obtain our baby face image, but she wasn't cooperating, she book us for a repeated session on my 30th week and give me some advice to help baby be in a better position, this time we were able to see her face and get some pictures, again baby wasn't that cooperative but Emma did everything in her hand for us to have a nice video and picture of our little one. Will recommend the location for a nice experience.
Jean W
Jean W: Thanks to Emma and her patience, we managed to get the cutest picture of our baby smiling.
cindy zhu
cindy zhu: Emma is the best! She is very patient and professional. Many thanks and highly recommended
Melissa M. Caraballo
Melissa M. Caraballo: My experience here was really poor to say the least. I went for a gender reveal ultrasound and I told the person to please not tell me the results as we are planning a gender reveal party this weekend. I asked her to please send the results to my friend's email. She refused and said she couldn't do that. She insisted on giving me an envelope. I told her to please send my friend an email. Then she took to the room and told me we will figure that later. I told her no because if she couldn't do it this way then it didn't work for me.Then she told me she would solely focus on the gender, didn't even let me see whether the baby was moving or not. This is a pretty expensive thing to get done for it not to last even 2 minutes. I understand it is not a medical or diagnostic ultrasound but how about making the expecting mother feel comfortable and let her see how the baby moves. It only takes 2 minutes. How is it listening to the heartbeat extra charge! It only takes 5 minutes total of your time including seeing the gender.I didn't want or needed pictures or measurements but movement and heartbeat should be a minimum thing when finding out the gender. Really unpleasant experience.Hoping the only thing they did they did it right which is determine the gender .
Zoey Wong
Zoey Wong: 非常感谢我的彩超师Emma,她非常专业、热情以及很有耐心地为我们展示了宝宝的每一个细节,解答我们每一个问题,让我们心情很愉悦和安心。诊所外面就有停车场,诊所环境也很舒适,一定会推荐给我的朋友!五星好评!非常满意!
Leo W.
Leo W.: Great experience at UC Baby's Richmond location; the technician Ying made us feel comfortable and created a welcoming environment during the whole process. Would definitely recommend giving them a try if you are looking for a advanced preview of your little one :) Thanks
Quinnie Wang
Quinnie Wang: 真的是很nice的一次体验,非常负责的专业指导,每个位置都看的非常仔细,门诊位置也很好,方便停车,国语也更容易沟通,个人觉得2次和3次package很划算啊,非常推荐孕妈妈们来这家看baby,体验💯
Vendula Rangel
Vendula Rangel: Would give zero star if possible. We drove 150km to do the ultrasound and MAINLY to show our older daughter her sister. When we enter nobody was by the reception. After about 5min some lady came but still speaking I guess chines and not even paying attention on us until we asked. At the moment she saw our daughter,she just told us: Kids are not allowed to be here,go and find babysitting. No sorry,no trying to find solution-absolutely nothing. She told us that this information was sent by msg but we didn't received any- at this point I wouldn't drive 300km trip for nothing. So we just turn and go. Customer service in this place is very poor so absolutely don't recommend this place,specially if you have other child who wants to see the baby.
Erica S
Erica S: We actually live a block away from Hastings location but didn’t have good experience there at previous pregnancy so decided to drive 30 minutes to this location. Emma was super nice, genuine and made this amazing experience magical. Baby was cooperative at 15 weeks so that was helpful but it was definitely memorable experience and we will come back in few weeks to meet our baby again :)
Rose Jen
Rose Jen: The technician at the Richmond location was very friendly! She was very patient when the baby's facing was shying away, the whole experience was wonderful!Initially I was told by two different reps over the phone that there is only one location on Hastings in Burnaby, but it turns out that there is a Richmond location, which is just right across from the Richmond Hospital!
Sel: We had the best friendliest & accomodating ultrasound tech! Our little boy wasn’t listening but we can’t wait for our 2nd visit in a couple of months :)
Angela Huang
Angela Huang: 非常好的体验,让人很放松很愉快的看宝宝
H Masternim
H Masternim: We went Here during the thanksgiving and the technician is so nice unlike the other i went to will definitely comeback on dec for 30 week scan 😊
Ian Jasper
Ian Jasper: Amazing staff, very accommodating.Technician knew how to operate ultra sound with great skill.

4. Downtown Radiology - Keefer Imaging - Vancouver

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100 reviews
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Downtown Radiology - Keefer Imaging
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Address: 180 Keefer St #205, Vancouver, BC V6A 4E7, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 8:30 AM

Telephone: +1 604-688-9428

Business type: Diagnostic center

Downtown Radiology - Keefer Imaging: what do users think?
Fernando Ramirez
Fernando Ramirez: Muy bien servicio!
Ter Rose
Ter Rose: I have never had any issues here.
Micheela Dueney
Micheela Dueney: Thank you, Jeff, for being an exceptional medical sonographer
Gabriele Bandeira
Gabriele Bandeira: Don’t go to this place. They are unprofessional and blame others for their mistakes. I went today to do a ultrasound and they told me my appointment was 1 hour later. I said I had a paper with the time and she blamed my midwife for not contacting me. Later, she said I was not allowed to do the ultrasound because I did last week (but I did it as a hospital follow up request). I also mentioned I was requested to do it again in 1-2 weeks as per the last ultrasound result I did at this place last week (a ultrasound that took less than 5 min). They just said “but 2 weeks is better”. They just refused to do it after 1 week, also mentioned if I did it they would charge me (and not MSP) and just reschedule it for the end of the week because “next week is holiday” (so it won’t be again 2 weeks after the first exam). I will never go there anymore.
Sara jafari pakzad
Sara jafari pakzad: they made the ultrasound by mistake and their report made me trouble and cost
Mohammad Shahdoostfard
Mohammad Shahdoostfard: I had an appointment with miss Mahin, I was there for my ultrasound check out. Miss Mahin was really professional and patient with me. If you need any help regarding the ultrasound, I highly recommend her.
Saeed Zargari
Saeed Zargari: They did a very good job for me. Mahin (Gerayelo) is a very knowledgeable technician. She kindly answered my questions and patently did the sonography. Much appreciated her work and attitude.Also the receptionist was very nice and polite.Waiting time was less than ten minutes.Defiantly recommended.Saeed
NAVEEN SAHOTA: This is not good for Immigration medical purposes, staff has no idea what they are doing. They did not send any result to immigration, After following up they send the result to our family doctor,Dont go there. It is listed for Immigration NZ, dont go there for this purpose. Staff is in need of education
Gordon Lai
Gordon Lai: Applied for appointment with recommendation letter from a specialized doctor, got a booking for the next week (other places said they were booked or a month, 2 month wait). Went there, waited in line, got to receptionist, she quickly got me to see the doctor within 5 minutes. Doctor there was super nice and professional. receptionist was super reliable, overall good experience. You can get there by dropping off at either science world, stadium china town and walking or taking the bus to get closer.
Montserrat González García
Montserrat González García: Los horarios que tienen marcados en maps no son los correctos, fui hoy sábado porque decía que abrían hasta las 4pm, llegué a las 12 y ya estaba cerrado. No tienen número de teléfono para confirmar si están abiertos o no. Una empleada nos dijo que estaba pegada la información en la puerta como si tuviéramos el tiempo de venir a ver cuando está abierto y cuando no!
Ana Catherina Ramirez
Ana Catherina Ramirez: Tanya, my ultrasound technician, was incredibly kind, compassionate and patient. For people like me who have chronic pain and are in clinics all the time, it's so comforting and just wonderful that we are treated as human beings and not as another number on the wait list.
Sama Amini
Sama Amini: I recently had a 20-week prenatal screening ultrasound and I couldn't be happier with my experience.Mahin was incredibly kind, knowledgeable, and professional. She made me feel comfortable throughout the entire procedure, explaining everything that she was doing and answering all of my questions with patience and care.She went above and beyond to make sure measurements were accurate. She even took time out of her break to see me again after giving time to baby to change position and be properly positioned for further measurements.
Barney Britton
Barney Britton: We waited over two hours for X-ray. Everyone in waiting room went ahead of us many times. Then they admit they had us in wrong slot. Even though I asked a few times. No words.
sierra: I had my first ultrasound and the radiologist didn’t say a single word to me the entire time. I asked her questions and she flat out ignored me meanwhile I’m having so much anxiety throughout this entire process. She only spoke to me when my appointment started and all she said was “lay down” in a really cold tone, then after she was done the ultrasound she said “you’re good to go” and just left. that was it. Just super cold towards me and I had absolutely no idea what was going on. The receptionist were very sweet though.
myra yu
myra yu: The staffs are friendly
Jock Martin Bartholomew
Jock Martin Bartholomew: Very dirty along the wall s and the floor .The Place needs a good cleaning 😌The Staff are good just normal doing there job. Typical medical facility
Khide Hoskins
Khide Hoskins: Jef was fast and courteous! Wonderful service.
Adl Td
Adl Td: A bad place , Technician is not professional, I didn’t get proper medical Ultrasound report from this place, I am so disappointed. I wish I never have been in this place to do my ultrasound
Paul L
Paul L: I visited Keefer Imaging on January 30th for an Ultrasound. I received excellent service from Vish. He was very thorough and explained everything. I would certainly recommend this clinic.Thanks very much,Paul Lashley
Fred Crawford
Fred Crawford: First rate. Lab tech Vish courteous, professional and efficient.Thank-you!
Karen Harmon, Author
Karen Harmon, Author: This place was a little tricky to find. But once I did, the staff were kind, friendly and efficient.

5. UC Baby 3D Ultrasound - Surrey

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87 reviews
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UC Baby 3D Ultrasound
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Address: 13798 94a Ave #200, Surrey, BC V3V 1N1, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +1 778-395-0076

Business type: Pregnancy care center

UC Baby 3D Ultrasound: what do users think?
Kyra Dobson
Kyra Dobson: It was an absolutely incredible experience!! They were so patient and kind. It was a warm environment. I highly recommend visiting! So worth it :)
Kathy Nesdoly
Kathy Nesdoly: Very exciting and a very cool experience. Staff were professional and knowledgeable. Highly recommend!
Beverly Kim
Beverly Kim: Had such an amazing experience!!! Thank you Rachna ♥️ You truly made our day and so much more after such devastating news. Thank you for making the accommodations to see us last minute. You are our angel. And thank you for letting us have such an amazing moment with our little one. It was quite special, a very private and intimate experience beyond the regular routine ultrasound that I have been used to. Highly recommended!!!
Phay Moores
Phay Moores: Wonderful service — sent in a request and was responded to in 2 days and got an appt the day they responded. We went a little overtime when baby was facing the wrong way, but the family tuning into the livestream didn’t mind at all! Highly, highly recommend.
Padmini Chitale
Padmini Chitale: This place is amazing! The technician was very courteous and kind. She accommodated our appointment on the same day we called. We really appreciate her kind gesture!
Sameer Nasiri
Sameer Nasiri: One of the best experiences I have had with Rechna! She was able to make this experience amazing with our toddler, made it interactive, and had a blast!Best part was being able to see our new babe! Definitely recommend!
Matt: Very kind and answer all of my fiancés and I question with ease!! 🤘
Kait Hall
Kait Hall: Amazing, hearing the heart beat for the first time and our tech answered all our questions and hid the gender for us
Brandy LaCroix
Brandy LaCroix: Wonderful experience! Took the time to make sure we got some nice pictures of our little one. Definitely recommend coming here, our technician was so nice and accommodating.
Denyse: Very awesome experience. Was so nice to see what my baby looks like and to see her move!
Sarah: This was our second time doing it. Our daughter came out and looked just like the 3D ultrasound. I'm so excited to see if our son will look the same too. Such a fun experience. Definitely recommend
Evan L
Evan L: Great friendly staff. Baby was stubborn but were able to get some good 3d inages
Cydnie Kostiuk
Cydnie Kostiuk: Wonderful experience! Could see the baby perfectly on the screen and got to listen to the heartbeat! 💗
Gurleen Gill
Gurleen Gill: Great experience with full explanations of baby 😊😊
Harvey Atwal
Harvey Atwal: Rachna was really calm and easy going and did not rush at all ! Showed us everything and told us what baby was doing. She also answered any questions we had regarding what was going on! She made us feel calm and reassured us as first time parents. Highly recommend her at U C Baby!
Priya Sirohi
Priya Sirohi: We had superb experience. I am super glad to know my baby’s gender she shared every possible detail to us. Thanks you
Angelica Carlos
Angelica Carlos: The technician accomodated us really well and helped us find baby’s face. Even gave us extra time for our session and our rebooked appointment. She was very kind and helpful. It was a pleasure talking to her and she was gentle. Highly recommend 😊
Elide Carmona
Elide Carmona: Rachna is amazing! She is lovely, she was so patient and tried mutiple times so that our baby would move and show her little face. We are very grateful and had a great experience. 100% recommend UC baby and this location in particular.
Pankaj Juneja
Pankaj Juneja: Today I had my scan!! It was a mixed feeling of neverousness and excitment... I'm grateful to meet Dr. Rachna. She is super friendly and patiently explained me everything in detail. She made me comfortable and made my experience worth it !!! She is the best and I highly recommend this place without a second thought for all your ultrasound..Once again thank you and all the care that you show for the patients
Lee Stacy
Lee Stacy: Technician really took time and got multiple photos of our baby! She explained everything really well! It was wonderful time for both me and my husband. Thank you.
kylie j
kylie j: I had the most wonderful time on this location. Rachna was so patient and took time to explain everything. First visit, my baby was not showing his face, so we came back the next time and she took tons of beautiful photos. Rachna will make you feel comfortable and let you enjoy the moment looking at your baby. You will not feel rush at all. This session made my mama’s heart so happy☺️☺️

6. BC Women’s Hospital - Vancouver

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138 reviews
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BC Women’s Hospital
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Address: 4500 Oak St, Vancouver, BC V6H 3N1, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-875-2424

Business type: Women's health clinic

BC Women’s Hospital: what do users think?
Steve Kasica
Steve Kasica: Both of our kids were delivered here, 10/10 would recommend again.
Bonkowskiart: The staff are excellent and most of the facility seems nice but SWEET BABY MOSES! The arbutus wing is trash. 3rd world hospital conditions. Apparently at this hospital 70 % of births here are done by c-section those who endure that hardship go to a recovery ward in the tiniest rooms all ghetto trashed with violent toilets. New father's like me have to sleep on the floor and some of the rooms have windows into hallways?? Please rebuild this wing.
Samantha McIntosh
Samantha McIntosh: I had a procedure done here recently and the staff in the surgical unit were amazing. I was an anxious mess and they were all so friendly and made me feel so at ease. I’ve never seen a group of staff so calm that treat you like a human and not just a patient they need to get in and out. They also made sure I had the right next steps and medications I needed to be as pain-free as possible. I have absolutely zero complaints.
Gabrielle Cholette
Gabrielle Cholette: The nursing staff is incredibly supportive and attentive. They were kind and informative. The Dr. was effective and very good at his job but a little bit cold. Overall, would highly recommend this clinic to other women.
mafe garmon
mafe garmon: Kind Emergency staff , doctor, nurses and triage. Thanks
Obie O
Obie O: Weird vibe
OneFiveThreeSixTwoFour VR6
OneFiveThreeSixTwoFour VR6: Wonderful place to give birth however I've had 2 bad experiences during my first and third birth. I don't want to sound sexist but the first lady who was trying to give me an epidural in 2008, told me to sit still and shut up or she wont be able to give the epidural.. I was shaking in fear as it was my first birth at just 20 years old... the nurse handling my premature baby was very rough... very bad experience. 3rd birth in 2020, the doctor on call which was also a woman, wasn't compassionate at all. She was annoyed... and told me to go home as there was nothing she could do. I had an emergency c section 2 days later...... 1st lady was blonde, nurse was east Indian and the last was Chinese... I never liked Chinese doctors. No compassion or any bedside manners. (I am Chinese so I'm very aware of how our culture is despite what white people say)Anyways, I've held in my experience long enough and I feel much better.
Sergei Lenkov
Sergei Lenkov: I would say first that all the nurses and doctors were very professional and caring and this is the most important thing you are looking for when you and your partner are about to have a baby. Special thanks to nurse Ling for detailed explanation on how to properly do the breastfeeding to my wife! They also gave us an extra day to stay for my wife to recover from unplanned urgent surgery - made a difference. She was also provided with food and all necessities for her and our baby.The building itself is in good condition, all the equipment was modern and had everything that might be needed. You can also buy a meal and/or coffee at the cafeteria or buffet if you're hungry.The minor things to improve are a lack of place to sleep for father in the room (had to sleep on mattress on the floor - although I did not care after 24 hours of no sleep), waiting for anesthesia an hour extra cause anesthesiologists were busy and waiting for urgent surgery cause there was another more serious surgery going on (still my wife was constantly checked on her condition)...But all in all, everything went good and our experience was very positive and I would recommend the place for meeting with your baby!
marcos almeida
marcos almeida: My wife arrived at the hospital pregnant (8 weeks), bleeding, and they told us there was no available ultrasound. Guess what? The doctor said:” the ultrasound team will call you through the next week and book a day for you to take the ultrasound.” This is unbelievable and unacceptable! Because she was bleeding on the weekend, we must wait until Monday. I’m wondering how this place which called itself a woman hospital, does not have an ultrasound for pregnant available for emergencies? It's reasonable and more than necessary an improvement for them.
Jasmine Carlson
Jasmine Carlson: I had day surgery today and every single staff member that I interacted with were so so lovely. I have never had such a calm time at the hospital, everyone really helped me not feel anxious in the slightest even having an IV in which is a huge phobia of mine went smoothly and didn’t cause me anxiety like it usually does. There was even a dog that came to say hi beforehand which was so great for calming any anxiety I was having. I had anxiety when I got to the hospital but by the time I went into the OR all of that anxiety was completely gone. 10/10 staff ☺️
Marcia Matchett
Marcia Matchett: The best I have ever been treated and I finally feel Amazing after years of struggling.
Deniz Soykurum Çetin
Deniz Soykurum Çetin: I have had mammograms and biopsies at this hospital. The doctors, operators, nurses, and anyone working here is lovely and caring. They explain everything, they make you comfortable. Best care. Always grateful.
Gail Latowski
Gail Latowski: If you are just getting a Covid test and not pregnant or you don’t work in health care don’t go to this clinic. They will send you to 1290 Homer St. and now you have to pay for the test- $45. or $65. depending on what you are getting.
Megan: We received OUTSTANDING care, attention and guidance throughout the delivery of our first baby at BC Women's Hospital. Thank you to Dr. Rosengarten, Dr. Wong and all the maternity nurses and support staff. Absolutely fantastic health care teams at this hospital!
Enzo Guo
Enzo Guo: Great Doctors and Nurses, but the tiny parking stall is annoying, almost guaranteed door ding. I got a Tesla and I can tell people are being very careful but however I still got door ding on both side.
David Howell
David Howell: I just wish I could give BC Women's Hospital 10/5 stars. The staff were down right incredible for the birth of our first child. Can't imagine that experience without them.
RobJamie Lee
RobJamie Lee: We had an AMAZING experience delivering at BC Women's. This was our 2nd child but first time delivering at BCW. EVERY nurse we worked with were pleasant and professional. Everything was organized and we felt were were under the best care possible. We were also pleasantly surprised how good of the food was and how we get to pick what we'd like. We are so grateful to have the opportunity to stay at BCW this time. THANK YOU BC Women's and the entire team we are so grateful for you.
Kevin Cooper
Kevin Cooper: My wife had 3 beautiful and healthy babies here and our experiences were absolutely wonderful and perfect. Especially considering babies 2 and 3 were twins! (Thank you, Dr. Blumenthal). Thumbs up!
Muffet: born here
Kim J
Kim J: Please investigate well enough for the case, recent accident, the loss of 2 persons, a mom and baby.
Rodolf Bugaci
Rodolf Bugaci: The c-section doctors were excellent and Dr.Lyons with her group were amazing but the nurses at the Arbutus recovery room were horrible. They mad my wife and me feel very uncomfortable. Kate and Jen secretly kept asking my wife regarding her personal life at home and if there is domestic violence when there was no apparent reason to do so. When confronted, the nurse in charge Jen, said that there is no reason for all the interrogation and that it is just standard procedure but it did not feel like standard procedure. My wife does not even want to come to this hospital for future pregnancies. Our stay was uncomfortable and filled with assumptions and accusation. The nurses do not change baby diapers even when wife is alone and still recovering. They did not bathe our baby at all even after 24 hours. The rooms are the worst I have ever seen in my life, no one has come to clean the room, floors are sticky, walls are damaged, very disgusting and dirty. No actual couch or bed for husband to sleep on No hygiene control what so ever. Worst experience ever. Will file a formal complain with the department as well and will be contacting CBC news so that everyone in the lower mainland is aware as well. Whatever you do, never accept to recover in the Arbutus wing.

7. Providence Health Care - Vancouver

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1 reviews
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Providence Health Care
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Address: 1081 Burrard St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1Y6, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-806-9090

Business type: Medical clinic

Providence Health Care: what do users think?
Ngelic 843
Ngelic 843: Completely corrupt hospital that employs and protects surgeons that BOTCH SURGERIES and threaten patients weather you are a Canadian citizen or international person keeep your self and your family away fromThis disgusting hospital at all costs if you value your health their “Human Resources “ perosn Janet silver is also one of the most snidey and heartless people there who’s sole job is to cover up for the rest of the staff bullying people0/10 do not go in here for your own health and safety these people are sick individuals

8. REACH Dental Clinic - Vancouver

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19 reviews
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REACH Dental Clinic
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Address: 1145 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, BC V5L 3X3, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 8:15 AM

Telephone: +1 604-254-1331

Business type: Dental clinic

REACH Dental Clinic: what do users think?
Jo Cee
Jo Cee: I recently became a client for Reach Dental. They booked me right away I did not have to wait a long time.I was very happy with the client care from the receptionist, Angel, and the dentist, Dr. Mohammad Abu-samak was clear, caring and explained what work needed to be done. I have a tooth that may not be able to be saved and my dentist is working with me to find alternatives. He was honest and caring! They are timely, upfront,honest and will be patient in working with you a person and your insurance. I recommend. Thank you to The Reach Dental Team!
Melisa Pelletier
Melisa Pelletier: Booked an intake visit and cleaning back in December. I disclosed that I was pregnant and that I really needed a cleaning before baby comes as it had been a few years since my last cleaning. I still had to wait over 6 months for an appointment, called to see if we could push the appointment up because of my pregnancy, with no luck. My appointment was confirmed twice in the days leading up only for them to turn me away 10 mins prior to my scheduled appointment. I took time off work, paid for parking, just to be turned away in the waiting room because they said they’re concerned about me being uncomfortable laying flat for the duration of my visit. Had I known the dentist and hygienists here are discriminatory against pregnant women, I could have continued my search for a dentist back in December.Now I am 5 weeks away from my due date with no appointment for a dental visit and cleaning in the foreseeable future all because they can’t seem to offer services to someone who is pregnant… and they certainly aren’t capable of giving potential patients notice well in advance to save them their time, effort, and money.The Dentist didn’t even have the decency to come out and talk go me about it themselves. They just sent the receptionist who just shrugged her shoulders and apologized. No attempt to reach out to make it right.I was advised by two of my medical practitioners that is is best to have multiple cleanings during pregnancy, and I have several friends who have had much more serious dental work done during their pregnancies without being refused. Plus a quick Google search and a call to my midwife all confirmed that there is absolutely NO NEED to refuse basic dental service ls to someone who is pregnant. Even at 8 months along.
Sam Baker
Sam Baker: Might be good for emergency fillings / extractions but not great for examinations. Went in because I had horrible agonizing pain in one of my teeth every time I would eat and they took two X-rays that cost me almost $100 and told me that absolutely nothing was wrong with me and everything looked normal. Got a second opinion a few weeks later and was told that I absolutely have a deep cavity that I guess the dentists here just couldn’t find on the two 45 dollar X-rays :/
Donna Curtis
Donna Curtis: "Honest good service in my neighbourhood."
Nick Vandermaaten
Nick Vandermaaten: Spanish ho called me to book an appointment and I get there the day of the appointment and find out she failed to book the appointment that I was told about. Wasting my time, money and patience. Make sure to call ahead because these guys are not reasonable nor competent enough to book your appointment.
Joshua Elderton
Joshua Elderton: good dentists, nice staff. very accommodating
Lan S
Lan S: Just because it’s a public clinic and below “dental standard fees” doesn’t mean they don’t scam you and charge equivalent to a regular west side dentist. Yes, they are flexible for some situations I have seen: welfare that barely offer any funding and will extract. But speaking from experience My elderly dad attended 4 appointment and they charged significant amount of money. Approx $1100 in total ranging from various bills diagnostic etc only to be referred to endodontic clinic where they were done the dental job ONCE. So what I don’t get is if you know it’s not something you can fix why make someone come back multiples times to “milk them” especially seniors on fixed income.
C M: These dentists are INCREDIBLE.I’m in a position where I get dental benefits - finally! - so after hearing good reviews of this clinic from a client, I decided to go.It’s *the best* dental care I’ve ever received. And I’ve seen some high-level dentists in Vancouver.1. On time. Without fail. They never keep me waiting. Like, down to the minute. I’ve had an exam and two composite fillings and been out in less than 40 minutes.2. Super kind and communicative throughout the procedures. They never leave you guessing and you can tell they care about your comfort.3. The dentist and assistants work together so well and so fast, the skill level is incredible and a joy to watch. They barely talk to one another because they are SO in sync. Seriously, the precision is unbelievable.Will be going here for the rest of my life. The highlight of my year.
Donna Salter
Donna Salter: I had a loose tooth that needed pulling, my previous dentist couldn't see me for weeks and never got back to me about a co-pay. I called a few places near me, and all had co-pays. I'm on disability to I need to know up front what I am expected to pay. I called Reach, they were nice on the phone and gave me an email to send my X-rays from the previous year. They fit me in the next day. They were kind, courteous and scrupulously clean. Dr. Stephanov (sp?) introduced herself and I not only didn't feel the needles, I didn't know they'd pulled the tooth (the first in 45 years) until I asked as they started packing in gauze. I was in an out in under 45 minutes. I would highly recommend this dentist. I'm in my sixties, I've seen a lot of dentists. This was one of the best experiences I've had with a dentist.
Ken. A. “GREEN” Wright
Ken. A. “GREEN” Wright: Priority is placed on Clients needs!
Michelle Snow
Michelle Snow: I went in for my appointment this afternoon and reception was friendly, was seen almost immediately after filling forms.. and I must say. The dental assistant was great and very informative and helpful to me beforehand, then the dentist dr. Stefanovic was wonderful! She was kind, very gentle, explained every move, always asked if I was ok/alright.. & it made my dental experience (after 20+/y) almost delightful. No pain whatsoever, and I had my very back lower molar cracked into pieces and removed.. even with stubborn roots hanging on tightly to my jaw bone!Thank you REACH dental for making this visit one I would repeat!! 😁👌
Sera: The clinic's Covid-19 screening and procedures are everything I could hope for. Front desk staff and Dr. Farah & his assistants are all both kind and professional and provide quick and efficient service. But they always have time for questions and concerns and are responsive to requests for information and approaches that make me more comfortable. I felt safe and well taken care of, both in terms of dental care and "chair-side manner." I highly recommend this clinic.
Patricia Lovick
Patricia Lovick: REACH CLINIC is awesome!Only problem today; another patient did not wear a face mask - as required! So, pateints should respect that, as they ask you to do so...Anyhow, I was at Reach Dental Clinic today, for my first appointment there, & was very happy with the environment / clinic, staff & service!Thank you, REACH CLINIC! Keep up the great work!
Christopher Howie
Christopher Howie: REACH were very accommodating with a last minute appointment, and then from diagnosis to extraction I was only in there for 1.5 hours!Team were very courteous and professional, and quickly had my confidence going into a potentially painful procedure.Very impressed, would recommend.
Kristy Kelly
Kristy Kelly: I had a very gentle dentist here. She did amazing work. I strongly recommend this dental clinic.
Joseph L.M Thawng ZaHmung
Joseph L.M Thawng ZaHmung: I have been to several dental clinics and unfortunately some are out there only to make money out of you.The previous dental clinic I went to, checked over my teeth and booked me once a week for 5 weeks. Every time, the doctor only cleaned my teeth about 10 to 15 mins and kept asking me to rebook for next appointment. Eventually I got a letter from my insurer and found out that they charged to my insurer over $600 hundreds each time. Since then, I never went back there even though they still kept calling me to book next appointment.Finally I found Reach Clinic and done proper check up and cleaning over here. I have been coming here for 4 years now and each time I have 100% satisfaction. Once again Yesterday, I got the best ever cleaning!!If you care about your teeth, please go here and you would get proper care about your teeth.
Sharon Williams
Sharon Williams: Had a filling fall out so went to get it replaced and whatever they used on my tooth burned my lips and gums not very professional to let whatever they used or chemical get onto my lips and burn them also they overdo the x-rays, painful experience here do not recommend going here
Gilles Lescure
Gilles Lescure: Professional dental care. I recommend them
Cyrus Burr
Cyrus Burr: Great dental care and very friendly workers
Bob Snijders
Bob Snijders: This clinic is amazing. I'm foreign, chipped a tooth and called them for help. They scheduled me two hours later and repaired my tooth in once. The dentist even skipped her lunch break for it. Really happy with the way the dentist and the ladies at the counter helped me out! Thanks again :)
Jill Whiting
Jill Whiting: I was at the office at 1750 East 10th and both times I have gotten Dentist that are foreigners with thick accents, which is fine but these Dr. are constantly repeating themselves saying the same sentence over and over. I understood what was being said the first time and I do not like to be treated like i am deaf, dumb and stupid. I find this repeating the same thing over and over again very unprofessional and disrespectful to my intelligence.

9. Priority MRI - Richmond

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21 reviews
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Priority MRI
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Address: 13353 Commerce Pkwy #2158, Richmond, BC V6V 3A1, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 8:30 AM

Telephone: +1 778-234-7674

Business type: Medical clinic

Priority MRI: what do users think?
U must Know
U must Know: This MRI staff is rude and unhelpful. Finally get an appointment, receptionist says they don't have the proper paperwork. I call my Dr, my lawyer, the right paperwork had been sent. She then tells me they won't do my lumbar spine as I don't have xrays ect. Why would I? I am not a Dr. She says that its the patient's responsibility to have the correct paperwork. That was never mentioned before, and how do I get it? She says its not her responsibility. I ask to speak to her manager and she hangs up on me! Are you kidding?? Can't read the paperwork the first time, doesn't tell me at any time that I need anything else and then hangs up on me? This is not how a patient should be treated in any scenario. Its very expensive, go to a place that actually cares and will read your paperwork.
David Hirsch
David Hirsch: Very disappointed. The report was to be used for an ICBC case and was written/read incorrectly. It took 3 attempts to have it rectified and this mistake seriously impacted my case. I would highly not recommend.
B Hal
B Hal: Two MRI’s of the lumbar spine in 2017. Went quite well and report sent to GP.Recommend the facility. Good parking and very clean.
Shawn Haider
Shawn Haider: Went here for an MRI of my knee because I was put on a 6 month waiting list in the public system. Couldn't be more satisfied with my experience! Was booked in within 2 days at a time of my choosing. Facility is clean, quiet & modern. Staff are professional, courteous and most importantly fast & efficient! I was in & out within 45 mins. Like night & day compared to dealing with the chaos of the public system!
Nuri KLawrence
Nuri KLawrence: I love their service. Very nice and very quick!! Thank you!
Sue Friesen
Sue Friesen: Thanks Priority MRI for your service. The staff were very professional and I found that the report was very fast and detailed, which helped me immensely during my recovery. I was very worried about my injury; however, I now know what the problem is through help from Priority MRI imaging. Thank you Dr. Karim Ahamed for your professional and detailed report. I definitely recommend this place to anyone who needs an MRI.
Bram Lermer
Bram Lermer: I found the staff to be knowledgeable and very courteous. Because I am a physician, the director showed me around and I was impressed with the modern high power MRI machine. Finally, the report of my knee exam was reported by a radiologist promptly, and seems very accurate (based on my clinical history and examination) .
Cliff Roulston
Cliff Roulston: Great experience and very helpful staff. Easy to find, good parking. Nice newer facilities, clean & comfortable. Seemed to be very fairly priced and no wait list... I am from Manitoba and was looking for a Private MRI clinic with 3.0 T technology and would recommend this place if you are looking for a private MRI. They provided me with image files and sent report to my Doctor promptly.
Al C
Al C: my low score has to do with the quality of the scan. Looking at previous reviews I cannot argue that the facility was clean, the booking was fast, they were very polite, and they gave me a copy of the scan on a CD. But when I took that CD to another radiologist to look at it he told me that the quality of the scan was really bad, that the images were very fuzzy and that you could barely see anything normal or abnormal in those images. Which means that I will have to have another proper mri done. Also it might mean that their technologists should be better trained or that they should have better machines? I don't know but I am very disappointed.One day later - update - the clinic contacted me and we had a productive discussion. I really appreciate the fact that they addressed/explained the issues with the fuzzy images; one of their Radiologists also called to answer my questions and to clarify some of the problems. They also offered to give the money back or to get another mri done for free. I cannot change the number of stars but I would recommend the clinic and would go back to it.
Don Middleton
Don Middleton: Very easy and quick service. A very professional business. Thank you.
Todd Conner (Personal Page)
Todd Conner (Personal Page): I've just driven away from Priority MRI after being referred to them by a trusted friend & the service & experience was excellent. I have already sent their contact info to another friend that needs the service they provide. Fast, informative & courteous in a meticulously clean facility. A fine example of how business should be run.
john smith
john smith: Very satisfied with the service. My MRI of the left knee showed an undiagnosed fracture of the knee. Along with promptly emailing their report to my GP, they also contacted my GP’s office by phone. This was appreciated especially as my GP was not in the office that day and the report might have got buried in his emails on his return. Because of the Priority telephone call, the practice slotted me in to see another GP that day. Glenys
Carly Tsering
Carly Tsering: I would highly recommend Priority MRI. I had an excellent experience when I had my MRI done with them. Everyone I encountered along the way was professional and efficient.
Laura Hamilton
Laura Hamilton: I would definitely recommend Priority MRI if you are looking for a private MRI. They booked me in the same day that I called and my report was ready the next day. I don't know much about MRI's but my doctor said it was the best MRI images he had ever seen. I was pretty leery of going inside the machine but the staff was very reassuring, explained the process well and made sure I was comfortable at all times. I actually enjoyed the visit. Highly Recommend Them!
Peggy Hanna
Peggy Hanna: If you would like to get a MRI done privately rather than waiting for months in the public system. Priority MRI is the place to go! Their service and technology is exceptional they surpass the rest! Their receptionist was far nicer than any other MRI clinic I called. She made the entire experience a breeze! You get your results fast rather than waiting for a Doctor to have the time to look at the results then find the time to call you in for an appointment. Their location in Richmond was so easy to get to, free and easy parking, a coffee shop close by for people who are waiting for you. Give them a call and see for yourself!
Reggie Morisset
Reggie Morisset: My entire experience with Priority MRI far surpassed my expectations: the receptionist was friendly, courteous and accommodating, the technician professional and informative and the top-notch doctors were professional and knowledgeable with an unwavering attention to detail. I highly recommend Priority MRI as a great way to bypass BC's notoriously long wait times for proper diagnostics.

10. MedRay Imaging Medical Corporation - Coquitlam

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131 reviews
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MedRay Imaging Medical Corporation
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Address: 3001 Gordon Ave #100, Coquitlam, BC V3C 2K7, 3242 Westwood St, Port Coquitlam, V38 3L8, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 8:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-941-7611

Business type: Medical diagnostic imaging center

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