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1. Urgent Care Centre - UBC Hospital - University Endowment Lands

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Urgent Care Centre - UBC Hospital
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Address: Koerner Pavilion, 2211 Wesbrook Mall UBC Hospital, Vancouver, BC V6T 2B5, Canada

Schedule: Open until 10:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-822-7121

Business type: Urgent care center

Urgent Care Centre - UBC Hospital: what do users think?
爹Ryan: Hello UBC fellows! Don’t expect to get any real help if you encounter some Asian, especially Taiwanese nurses when entry. Both young and old are simply rude and uneducated. But this doesn’t mean that there aren’t some good people here. Generally speaking, white nurses and doctors show great sympathy and excellent professions.
Dominic Tomkowicz: I am extremely disappointed and appalled at the completely inaccurate and shockingly long wait times here. Firstly, I just want to say straight up that in no way do I think poorly of the doctors and nurses who dedicate their hard work to this hospital and its patients, working 12 hour shifts. The staff at this hospital were very nice and dedicated, and I can attest to this personally in the way they professionally carry their operations and conversations with patients including me, so I have absolutely no problems in the way that I or any other patients around me were treated.That being said, I cannot say the same for the upper management of this hospital. In my opinion they are running the waiting queue terribly, with a real wait time for me of over 6 hours. In the most polite way, I just have to ask them: what is going on with this place?? As a university student, I have things to do that if missed, can affect my grades severely. Not only did I miss my 3 PM math class, a subject I already struggle in, but I had to skip lunch and feel awful hunger while waiting to see a doctor, which feels very bad for someone with a fast metabolism like me who needs lots of calories every day. All thanks to the completely understated and inaccurate wait times posted on the EDwaittimes website and irresponsible queue management.After arriving at the hospital at about 10 AM, the ED wait times website showed a wait time of just under one hour to see a doctor, but it took a whopping 3.5 hours before I was taken to a hospital bed, being taken from one waiting room, to the next, and finally to the hospital bed. I am currently on this hospital bed at the time of this writing and have waited 2 hours since being directed to this room. These are VGH levels of wait time, and I specifically came to UBCs hospital to avoid the wait times of VGH.I honestly hate to say this and never thought I would say it, but if every hospital is like this in Canada, I would totally prefer America’s expensive healthcare system. At least that way I would have half a day left to do something.
Joyce F: I visited the UBC hospital laboratory on Feb 15 at around 10am for blood taking and unfortunately, I had a concerning experience with a laboratory technologist/phlebotomist. The phlebotomist, who happened to be an older Asian female, displayed unprofessional conduct and made unacceptable clinical errors.As a patient, it is crucial to feel safe and confident in the care we receive from healthcare professionals. Regrettably, this was not the case during my visit. I urge others to exercise caution and consider alternative options when seeking healthcare services at the UBC hospital laboratory.The UBC hospital administration should prioritize patient safety and maintain high standards of professionalism and competency, particularly in clinical settings. It is my hope that they will take appropriate measures to address this issue and prevent similar incidents in the future.
Chris: I recently visited this hospital for a procedure in the gastroenterology unit. I was truly impressed by the quality and level of care of all the staff, including receptionists, nurses and doctors. They were pretty organized and showed empathy towards all the patients. You can feel they really have a passion for what they do here. Thank you and God bless you all 🙏🏻
Mashhur S: I think they should hire more doctors to make service better.
Kallie Volk: Joel was an amazing nurse! Great attention to detail and very empathetic. Made my stay that much more enjoyable!
Ashley Michele: So impressed with this hospital. Between the nurses, staff and doc everyone was incredibly helpful, empathetic and resourceful. Taking care to check in, be clear as possible and ticking the boxes for possibly issues. Not to mention how clean it is. It’s always a dread needing to face Emerge but knowing you are so cared for by this staff and facility is reassuring.
Katherine Lauriente: UBC hospital is much quieter and cleaner that either vgh or St Paul's. I really appreciate the staff here, especially the CT people.
Alexandria Devereux: Was admitted for a week for my procedure this past July and from the moment I entered the doors at admitting to when I was ready to leave - everyone I met & that was involved in my care was super helpful, doting and kind.All my nurses were conscientious, timely and helpful above & beyond their stations! Helping me charge my phone since I forgot my charger at home, ensuring I had all I needed to be safe & comfortable - plus resident doctors were all extremely professional, reassuring with excellent bedside manners and skills.This is more of a speciality location so don’t expect to find yourself here unless you have been referred by a specialist or have a elective surgery scheduled. But it’s a lovely place to be with wonderful people who I really hope are recognized and treated well by VCH for their contributions. I’m very thankful and happy 🌹
薑黃貓: Very Sweet and helpful place.
Mickey Qin: I got a surgery last Friday in UBCH,for taking a big lipoma out from my shoulder. Now I rest at home then have time to express my thanks again to the doctors and nurses. They are so lovely and kind and professional. Take care , Dr Vasilyeva, Dr Li, nurse Nicole and other nurses! Thank you!
Jessica: The doctor, nurses and receptionists are all so sweet, you can feel like they actually care about you. The wait can be a couple hours or possibly longer, but the wait here is much more worth it than waiting at a walkin clinic for the professional care they provide. Thank you all!
Tristan Knoess: Great place
Jenkin Tsui: The wait is long, but the doctors here are extremely helpful and experienced. A lot of them also work at the student clinics so it is great being able to get help from them at different locations.Keep up the great work!
Jonine Rochacewich: I recently spent three weeks in UBC/CAMU after ankle surgery. I’d like to express my sincere thanks to my PT Russell, my OT Stephanie and special shout-out to nurses Jin Ru, Tarryn and Angelee, and care-aide Helen. I’m grateful to all the team that helped me on my road to recovery. The hospital is clean and the food isn’t bad either! Also, Shirley in food services put a smile on my face every morning with her cheerfulness. It’s a great team and everyone seems to care about the patients and each other. It’s something very nice to see during the challenge of the pandemic
Olive Oil: GE CLINIC 非常好👍friendly and professional staff, my visit was very smooth and felt welcoming!
H: Professional, pleasant, very clean. Excellent experience! Thank you to Dr. James Gray and my nurse Tommy as well as all the nursing staff in the Gastroenterology clinic.
김아름: Its the first time to do operation hereLinda from day care unit - professional who made me relax before go to operating room ,nice and friendlyKarin RN form ward 4? (Im not sure because my room start with 4 ) - you are the best nurse i've ever metMillion thanks for taking a good care of meEspecially Thank you very much for Dr. Merha and team my surgery has been done very well with no complicationAll staff was so nice from entrance ,clean, quite ,the best hospital( ^^ )
Rahul Narlely: Its clean and the staffs were so good at their services also good parking ✌️
Gabriel Lai: Very safe and clean
Sandy Fika: Clean!!! Every single person I dealt with was remarkable. Great people, great care.

2. Stroke Recovery Association Of B C - Vancouver

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Stroke Recovery Association Of B C
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Address: 1212 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6H 3V1, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-688-3603

Business type: Association or organization

3. BC Cancer Agency - Vancouver

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BC Cancer Agency
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Address: 600 W 10th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Z 4E6, Canada

Schedule: Open until 4:30 PM

Telephone: +1 604-877-6000

Business type: Cancer treatment center

BC Cancer Agency: what do users think?
Bumblebee: The care my Mom receives here is phenomenal. Dr.Smrke is excellent. The reason for the 3 stars is the with the department that does lab work. Something needs to be done about the long wait times. It’s not fair for very sick chemo patients to come in and have a very lengthy wait to get blood taken. Combined with chemo it makes for an extremely long day. I understand the shortages but as a province let’s figure out a solution on the strain our healthcare system is experiencing.
nikki chow: It seems that there is never anyone working at the front desk (2368 ext). I've tried to call in several times, within their opening hours and all I'm hit with is their pre-recorded message. So, I decided to leave a message, but they never got back to me... The following day I just let the call through, for the general line, they say they can only transfer me back to the (2386 ext) desk. Where I'm listening to the same pre-recorded message again.
v l: They do the best with what they have. The facility shows signs of age (frequent elevator or WC out of order) but still well kept.
Maria Tujal: My experience has being very positive ✨️With the BC Cancer Volunteers
leslie mark: I would like to Express my opinion on what had happened these past months.First off I would like to give Thanks to you for taking your time in "wait for a call" 4 months ago when my family had reached out in hope for my mom who has cancerIt took 2 MONTHS for a phone call back.My mom could have gotten the help she needed before the cancer got worse.Now she is on her death bed and I now have to say goodbye to my mom.We had reached out to alot of places and this is one of the many. Give better care to everyone in need.
Samantha Bacchus McLeod: Omg, the kindness of the medical staff here is incomparable. Once you actually get into our system, you are treated like gold with the utmost respect and compassion.
Avery Gillick: Always helpful and organised. A great service to the community
Silver Lining: I am receiving excellent care from our cancer agency. All doctors and staff are professional, helpful, and pleasant. We are very fortunate in our province to have this care. Beverly
William Andrusco: Freshly caring staff
Chantal R: As a cancer patient with children, BC Cancer has consistently given me less than a week to sort out childcare for my appointments and treatments. During Spring Break, I was given 3 days to find childcare for my chemo infustions during Covid. When calling, you will never get to talk to a person, you have to leave messages, but the answering machines are FULL! When you do talk to a nurse, they can't tell me anything and tell me to keep trying to leave a message on a full answering machine. 1st class treatments, 3rd world administration of the treatments. Unacceptable.
Edward Eng: It's a hospital. I have had annual MRIs here and I usually am relaxed enough inside the machine that I get 45 minutes of nap-time after work
Bryan Thorp: Saved my life!
Edmund Kropf: "You are truly an exceptional group of people."To all the Dedicated Doctors, Nurses, and Support Staff, Thank you ever so much for all that you have done for me! You are truly an exceptional group of people. Thank You! Thank You!! Thank You!!!
Lovely Athwal: Awesome people that Work there and care for the patients, in my experience since coming here 2017. During my Chemo 2017 nurse Paula was so caring and compassionate 👍This week had a little scare again and my Ultrasound Technician Annalise and Mammogram tech Sarah were so caring and made me feel at ease.I'm moving to Toronto soon, hope I find the same care as BC Cancer 👏👏👏
R Yensen: My husband was told he was cancer free March 20-2017. I remember how happy he was on this day. He passed June 21-2017 (three months later)It was found through a new doctor at VGH that he was FULL of cancer so NOT cancer free. Had they done a more thorough scan they would have seen it. As a result he is gone and suffered terribly at the end. The cancer agency told me that it would have been microscopic at the time. Well from what I have read over the past TORTURES two years that he could have had good results had they checked!I now raise our boys alone and my husband is gone! He didn’t want to go!
Eric Turpin: Excellent care. All the staff are very knowledgeable and extremely helpful.
Joshua Dods: Volunteers are very caring. They ask patients and their families if they are hungry almost every hour. Nurses are very nice too. They take good care of the patients during their difficult time.
LISA SHOARE: So good to me :)
Lawrence Kwok: I don't recommend you listen to the assessment or advice of Dr. LaVoie until you've had three other opinions.
Heather Kennedy-MacNeill: Big thanks and hugs to Dr. Diego Villa for all his superb and compassionate care, and thanks to all his colleagues and staff who have been so supportive. I can't express how comforting it has been to have such a team!
Judy JACKSON: I was at Unit C for RT for 5 weeks finishing on July 4th - I want to say right from the beginning including my CT Scan (Olivia) and PET Scan (Mary) and having met Dr. Lim, Dr. Paul Hoskins, Dr. Manacos and the staff I found everyone to be very well organized and knowledgeable at their jobs. I felt welcome and reassured by all the staff in Unit C during my RT and have not forgotten them. I feel very fortunate to have had Dr. Peter Lim as my Radiation Oncologist who did an excellent job for me setting up my treatment plan for me. I am very thankful and pleased with the results without any serious side effects.

4. The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada - Vancouver Chapter - Vancouver

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The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada - Vancouver Chapter
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Address: 1401 W Broadway #303, Vancouver, BC V6H 1H6, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-733-2873

Business type: Non-profit organization

5. Ideal Image Granville - Vancouver

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Ideal Image Granville
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Address: 2825 Granville St, Vancouver, BC V6H 3J4, Canada

Schedule: Open until 6:00 PM

Telephone: +1 778-655-1852

Business type: Medical spa

Ideal Image Granville: what do users think?
Natalia Nosova - Sexton: DO NOT USE! Total scam! They do subscriptions and then cancel them. I had 6 more treatments left and they were just canceled. I was informed it was a bug in Vancouver area, so some other subscribers were canceled as well. I used the office in Richmond, but it is the same organization IDEAL IMAGE.
Fabiene Bittencourt: Everyone very polite and professional. Thank you!Service:BBL photo facial
Emily S: I purchased a very expensive package that I was never able to complete due to difficulty in booking appointments and appointments that were cancelled on me. I was offered an extension on my contract to complete my treatments but then never received the phone calls to activate this agreement. I called many times to continue my treatments and set up appointments but was told I would be called back, which never happened. I spend ~5k for a package I wasn’t able to complete. I am still trying to get ahold of someone to talk about this situation. The number is not blocked but I’m continually told they cannot reach me. Somehow everyone else is able to call my phone.
Jessica Yang: I recently did Ultherapy here and it caused the asymmetric lips for me. I am trying to book doctor's appointments via Ideal Image as they suggested but cannot reach them via phone. What a services. I'm hoping they can call me back soon.Service:Ultherapy
Julia Reis: Scam! I had to cancel my treatments for a medical reason and they said they can't refund the full amount for whatever reason but I can use the remaining amount for other services or if I continue treatment when I'm physically able to. They said someone will contact me to discuss my options but no one did. So I called back and they said the amount they didn't refund was a "processing fee"????? THAT'S CALLED A SCAM. AVOID!!!
JulyCT14: Every time I go to Ideal Image to get my laser touch-ups it's always a delight! No matter who I get; this time it was Maria, all the girls are lovely and do such a great job at making sure I'm always comfortable.Highly recommend!
Maryam Ismeel: Loved the experience very detailed, I spoke with Pat she was amazing and made sure I got the best deal
Laura Schoenmakers: It is unfortunate that their corporate head office and total lack of customer service ruins the entire perception of their business. It is extremely disappointing that after a sales rep communicates wrong information to you, and you enter into a contract based on this information, corporate office puts in zero effort after 7 months of following up and won't honour what was communicated by the sales rep. The local staff and nurses at the Granville location are lovely and do a great job.
Sahar Kanani: I want to give a shout-out to Megan who led my last appointment. She was exceptionally amazing and I was blown away by her attention to details and professionalism.
A L: Stop calling me, I do not want your services! Creepy when your company calls over 20 times and I have never responded.
Amanda Vieira: The experience, the tech and the staff were great 9so kind and knowledgeable) but the prices are just too outrageous I would never go back after this package. There are just as good places in this city that cost way less- its too bad.Service:Laser hair removal
Kristen Day: Very friendly staff and a great experience overall!Service:Laser hair removal
Edie Dullaghan: I had a very kind knowledgeable treatment provider Megan administer cool sculpting. Much appreciated her and also appreciated her when I had IPL.Service:CoolSculpting treatments
Kelly McLaughlin: Service:Laser hair removal
Richard Lean: Thanks to Jamie! She was so great and time flew by! Excellent staff, fair prices and quick and painless treatments. Highly recommended!Service:Laser hair removal
anna omidi: Jamie was awesome. Friendly and made the process go east and smooth.Services:JUVÉDERM treatments,Microneedling
Nate A: Simply the worst company ever! Don’t go here, don’t waste your time or precious money. Customer support is useless, they’ll call you back several weeks after your request, and basically do nothing for you. I’d advise going to ANY other company that does similar services, you’re guaranteed to have a better experience!
James Strand: What a great experience! Super friendly staff and my nurse Megan was great! I was a big nervous at first but she put my mind at ease. I'll be back for more services in the New Year!Service:CoolSculpting treatments
Shannon Brereton: I recently moved to Vancouver and was looking for just one session of laser hair removal as a top up. The woman who I was dealing with was not helpful and rude over the phone. She then quoted me over 2.5k for one session. As I was shocked by the price I explained I have previously got one session for the equivalent of $130 back home, which then she replied “well you’re not in Ireland now”. This is unacceptable behaviour towards customers, especially people coming over to get the ‘Canadian experience’ and dealing with people like this. As well as being an extortionate amount to be quoted for laser hair removal.

6. Össur Motion Lab - Richmond

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Össur Motion Lab
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Address: 11331 Coppersmith Way #105, Richmond, BC V7A 5J9, Canada

Schedule: Open until 4:30 PM

Telephone: +1 604-242-0203

Business type: Orthotics & prosthetics service

Össur Motion Lab: what do users think?
Rod Rose: Sammy was professional and knowledgeable. She created a calm safe atmosphere and explained the mechanics of the products well.This is my third brace with ossur that speaks for itself
Lis price: good service friendly staff
Aristomenis Kontos: My experience at Össur Motion Lab in Richmond was excellent. Sammy and Desiree are both exceptional professionals. They were polite, personable and both have great knowledge of their field. Only a big thank you from me. 💫
Clyde Brown: The technician was very patient, explained everything very clearly. While I did buy a brace, I did not feel pressured at all.
leslie miranda: Sammy was very knowledgeable, very patient and very helpful she let me try a few knee braces until I found the one that was right for me.I never felt rushed or forced into buying anything, she took the time to explain and answer every question that I had.I had a very pleasant experience .Thank you Sammy Chung for all your help.
Kim Kirstiuk: Sammy was friendly, professional and thorough in her assessment and measurements.
john nelson: Jeremy had a very hands on demonstration for fitting my brace . His input to upgrade my first brace was spot on. Felt an immediate reduction. In pain relief with the unloader. Was a very manageable 4/5 . It will get better as the knee gets stronger. Having me go through the paces with steps , sitting and short walk I was relieved of the bone on bone pain. Ty for a job well done Jeremy.Best regardsJohny
Denzel Denzz: I had a very positive experience from Jeremy today. He was methodic, patient, and efficient, and a good listener.He was able to help with fitting me up to the correct knee support, which provided me with instant relief.AP
Darcey R: I was made to feel totally comfortable important that what i needed really mattered I would tell anyone and everyone to go see Jeremy i really hope they are compinsating him accordingly
Diane McEwen: Jeremy has been helpful and professional in adjusting my brace for me. I highly recommend services at Ossur Motion Lab
Md Shuayb: Great place and friendly staff! Emma is knowledgeable, spent considerable time assessing my condition. My doctor, a Sports Medicine Specialist, prescribed me an Unloader Knee Brace which I bought from here.
Nancy Williams: Very pleasant and positive experience at Ossur Motion Lab. The administrative assistant was polite and helpful and Jeremy Williams was very thorough with his assessment of my feet issues and was able to provide me wih a variery of solutions . I will definitely reccomend Ossur Motion Lab to my friends.Nancy Williams
Gregory Dake: Jeremy was professional, laid out the options clearly, did not try to pressure me into any specific (read: expensive) decision immediately.
Barry McParlan: Great visit for assessment of a knee brace. Deserie was very knowledgable and professional. Got me measured for a custom knee brace and had me try an off the shelf model to see how the brace works. Looking forward to receiving my new brace.
Jeremy Smith: Fast friendly and professional
Pat Brady: Jeremy provided comprehensive knee brace diagnosis, advice and fitting. Very thorough and patient. Strongly recommend him.
Ivan Filippov: I would like to let you know that I have enjoyed my appointment. I had no idea where I was going after my family doctor, Leslie Brown, had recommended me this place. I have been treated very well by your front desk lady and by you during the evaluation time. I have learned a lot about what this office is all about and am very appreciative of the knowledge you provided me with.
sharon mc daid: Very helpful and knowledgeable. Great customer service.
Aldrin Icasiano: Ossur is one of those store where they treat their clients as a family.I have been a client for a few years now and I have nothing but good praises with Ossur at Ironwood. Desiree, Jeremy and the rest of the team at the store are all great with service.
Craig Elworthy: Very professional and knowledgeable staff at this location, and the price is slightly less than some other orthotics companies.
D F: Patient, knowledgeable and helpful

7. BC Ambulance Service Station 243 - Vancouver

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BC Ambulance Service Station 243
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Address: 2940 Arbutus St, Vancouver, BC V6J 3Y9, Canada

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +1 250-356-0052

Business type: Ambulance service

8. BC Ambulance Service - Station 261 - Vancouver

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BC Ambulance Service - Station 261
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Address: 181 W 7th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Y 1L8, Canada

Telephone: (855) 660-2757

Business type: Ambulance service

BC Ambulance Service - Station 261: what do users think?
Ian White: Never really had to go in here, as we are probably not allowed plus why would you need to. But the paramedics always give you a smile while walking by. Thanks for saving lives.

9. Ideal Image Richmond BC - Richmond

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Ideal Image Richmond BC
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Address: 11720 Steveston Hwy Suite 125, Richmond, BC V7A 1N6, Canada

Schedule: Open until 6:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-373-8458

Business type: Medical spa

Ideal Image Richmond BC: what do users think?
Natalia Nosova - Sexton: DO NOT TRUST! Total scam! They just canceled my membership that has already been paid for. I did 3 treatments and there were 6 more left to do. just received a cancelation confirmation.Service:Laser hair removal
Angela María Arce Reina: Sophia, the person that does my laser treatment is amazing. She does a great job, she is patient, she is attentive, she is always looking for you to feel the best as possible, even when the treatment is a little painful and uncomfortable.Service:Laser hair removal
Judy Liu: I had my appointment with Sophia today for my facial treatment at Ideal Image. I experienced excellent service. Sophia was so kind, patient and professional. I will definitely book my next appointment with her and would recommend anyone to go there.Service:BBL photo facial
Helen Ma: Great! Solved my concerns, excellent service
Raina Kuan: Service:CoolSculpting treatments
Carolina Díaz: They are really professionals! 😊Service:Laser hair removal
Michelle D: Marianna is so detailed and accurate and gives results
Tiffany C: Mariane and Sophie are very knowledgeable and gentle during the treatment.
Olha Fedorenko: To many back and fourth with customer service calls. Why it is not possible to reach office directly and it should be always from calling center?
Chocoo “Răng Khểnh” Vân: The customer service is super greatService:Laser hair removal
Sandy Wong: Excellent service!Service:CoolSculpting treatments
Eva Yan: Nurse was professional and knowledgeable. Clean environment and friendly staff.Services:BBL photo facial,Ultherapy,Laser hair removal
Joy Gamueda: Very nice and accommodating consultant, price is reasonable with their big discounts. Looking forward for my treatments.Services:BBL photo facial,Ultherapy
Marsel Elaine Juntilla: The staff was so friendly and they were so nice enough to adjust my appointment time when I arrived early at the Richmond branch. My appointment time was 11:50am but I was already there by 09:00am as I came out from night shift. I called them up as I was thinking that probably if someone back out or late on there appointment, I can come and squish in. Fortunately, the customer for 09:00am was late so I was able to get an early spot. Yay! Thank you Ideal image Richmond branch. ❤️❤️❤️Service:Laser hair removal
Cindy Frankenberg: Sophia was Amazing!!!!!
Leat A: Always great service and very fast treatment results
Susan sun: Marianne was my nurse, and she did a great job, very attentive and thorough.
Cecilia Point: Quick efficient friendly service :)Service:Laser hair removal
Nate A: This place is horrible! Really not sure how they operate in Canada with all of their misleading, bordering on false advertising. Their customer service is a joke! If you are able to get anyone to call you back, it’s several weeks later and they are completely useless! You are seriously better going to any other company in the area for similar services!!
Dee Lucas: Marianne was great! She was very welcoming and friendly. Very knowledgeable and took the time to answer all my questions. Definitely coming back for more services.Service:Laser hair removal

10. BC Ambulance Service - Station 255 - West Vancouver

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BC Ambulance Service - Station 255
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Address: 1542 Fulton Ave, West Vancouver, BC V7V 1S6, Canada

Business type: Ambulance service

11. Ossur Motion Lab - Surrey

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13 reviews
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Ossur Motion Lab
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Address: 1207-13737 96 Ave, Surrey, BC V3V 0C6, Canada

Schedule: Open until 4:30 PM

Telephone: +1 604-242-0203

Business type: Orthotics & prosthetics service

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