Best Aerial Fabric Lessons Vancouver Near Me

1. Tantra Fitness Vancouver - Vancouver

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Tantra Fitness Vancouver
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Address: 314 Water St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1B6, Canada

Schedule: Open until 9:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-738-7653

Business type: Fitness center

Tantra Fitness Vancouver: what do users think?
ADorkNamedSteph: The whole tantra team is incredible at any of the locations I've been to. They have established such a welcoming and accepting environment. The instructors give very positive feedback in a way that helped me learn the most effectively. Due to my body type and gender, I was very nervous about fitting in in a place like this, but Tantra has broken all of the negative stereotypes I could have expected. 3I would recommend Tantra to anyone!!
Jace Sanderson: Being a guy-guy and going to a pole dancing class didn’t feel weird at all. Everyone acted pretty professional and was a challenging experience. Was a fun time definitely want to try aerial next
Alexis King: Did a chair class, was fun and felt like I was working with myself in a comfortable space even tho there were others in the room. Could've been a bit more time to go over the full routine but understood that we only had 45min. I recommend it for first timers trying to dive into more exotic dancing in a comfortable setting.
J Y: I've done pole dancing intro at another place and wasn't keen on joining the intro class. But I was impressed. They taught easier technique that most beginners can do and feel confident. Not only that, the instructor went around to help everyone a bit, even though this is just an intro. I was so impressed with the teacher that she made me want to come back and learn!!
shay villa: Edit to add, I originally misunderstood the contract of purchase for the studio package. Once I was able to speak with Tammy and she immediately thanked me for getting in contact with her and fixed my situation. She was incredibly understanding and compassionate with my situation. My original review did not speak about the classes themselves or the instructors. The classes and instructors have always been amazing. I'm grateful for the teams compassion, their time and flexibility, I'm looking forward to returning when I can.
april b: I purchased a 14 day trial to try the intro classes for pole and aerial. So far, I have done a splitsability class with Tempest, an into to pole with Sophia, and an intro to aerial with Sarah. Tempest was super sweet and her class was amazing. I immediately booked for the following week to do the class again. Sophia and Sarah were also incredible and very knowledgeable. You can tell that everyone here is passionate about fitness and actually enjoying the way you workout. The ladies at the front were also very helpful when I emailed and in person when I had questions. I have since signed up for the yearly membership so that I can work on pole. While a little pricey, I think it will be worth it due to the knowledge and cleanliness that is offered. They also give a student discount which I was able to take advantage of. Thank you!!!
For a Whale: Easy access location, it's underground basement vibes. Small but nice, Dare's class was awesome, I learnt from very basic for lap dance, heels rotation, step by step and it's easy to follow. Hope she can teach more class and will come back to this location more.
Robin Buriak: I live in Alberta but I spend a lot of time in BC and Vancouver. When I am here I take classes and book practice time at the Gastown and Mt Pleasant studios. I love the classes. Every single instructor has been unique and attentive, and so fun. I just love it. Keep doing it!!
Katie Catterall: Had so much fun and will do it again
JJ: After the 2 weeks trial , I have purchased the 6 months contract and I can't stop attending the classes . And I even bought the booster pkg because 8 classes per month is not enough .all staff in 3 locations are supper nice anf the instructors are very professional.
Alison Fudger: Tantra Fitness has being the greatest positive impact in my life over the past year. Physically emotionally and mentally has been the best safe space during the challenging years of the pandemic. So grateful for this amaizng studio.
Amanda Lawrence: I had a pleasant experience at Tantra. After 3 years of pole I thought it might be time to find a Vancouver studio. Tantra seems like a great place for beginners to learn in a structured environment. They are heavily curriculum based and I find this takes away from the joy and curiosity of pole, especially if you have pole experience (this might not be true if you’re a beginner because it’s all new).I came from a smaller more flexible studio in Toronto with smaller class sizes. It felt like a family, I would come and see the same instructors who felt like close mentors. I didn’t get the same vibe from tantra, the beginner class I tried was ok but the choreo we learned wasn’t exciting. I didn’t get that family feel but more of an industrial “learn these moves and move up a level” kind of vibe. Not for me.The instructor was very kind and helpful, she tried to make her way to all the students but because of the large class size it was hard.
T A: Great classes, very accessible for a beginner and lots of support from the teachers! Clean and positive environment ☺️
Sioban McCormick: I have been attending Tantra fitness classes on and off for a few years now and have definitely felt steady improvement and confidence. During the winter months the classes are a great indoor option to get moving and challenge various balance, stability and strength skills. The instructors are always professional and prepared. I have attended classes with both Stephanie and Katana and both take extra time to get to know each participant individually and provide critical constructive feedback. There is always improvement that can be made and the various levels allow for me to challenge myself or return to previous skills that still need work. Tantra has become a mainstay for me in and around my busy schedule and provides a fun and different escape that is unlike any other type of conventional fitness. 5 stars and expect me back for many years to come.
Eugénie: Lydia is the best beginner pole teacher you can ask for! She is professional, patient and she focuses on making you improve. She always shares tips that make each move easier.I wish she could offer more classes.
Moj Noroozi: A lot of lovely and helpful couches and staff. I really enjoy spending my time in this studio.
Megan Veaudry: Babe land.
J C: Been a member for 2yrs. Great place. Non judgemental, SW positive, gives strippers credit, employs strippers, no body shaming.
Lucia Lin: Came for intro... Signed up for a year. The bomb.
Rachelle Neame: I have to write this review after everything that happened in 2020 with Covid...I have to say that Tantra has a client for life in me. During a difficult and uncertain time, the instructors and ownership at Tantra prioritized student safety above everything else. I am so fortunate to live in an area with such a well-established, safe and welcoming pole studio. Thank you for all that you did during Covid to keep everyone healthy and I loved the online classes I was able to take! Tantra went above and beyond to make a hybrid model of online and in-person classes (when safe), and I've been nothing but impressed. 3
A K: Wish I found this place sooner! It’s so fun to learn a new skill and discover new things about yourself while getting fit

2. Tantra Fitness Mount Pleasant - Vancouver

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Tantra Fitness Mount Pleasant
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Address: 36 E Broadway, Vancouver, BC V5T 1V6, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 5:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-738-7653

Business type: Fitness center

Tantra Fitness Mount Pleasant: what do users think?
Chase Spearance: best
Victor: Took an intro class and it was really fun! Would go again
JJ: love this place , staffs are nice
ADorkNamedSteph: The whole tantra team is incredible. They have established such a welcoming and accepting environment. The instructors give very positive feedback in a way that helped me learn the most effectively. Due to my body type and gender, I was very nervous about fitting in in a place like this, but Tantra has broken all of the negative stereotypes I could have expected. 3I would recommend Tantra to anyone!!
danielle tolfo: I hate working out but I love coming here. Every time I come to any tantra class I always feel so supported by the instructors and leave feeling stronger.Coming here has really made me learn to love my body and myself more
Kirsten Thomson: I seriously love this place! I took the intro class back in November and immediately signed up for the Short and Sweet 3 month membership. I feel the studio is not intimidating and all the instructors are great. I really really love Rachel’s pole classes, and Ell’s lap dance workshop deserves a serious shout out too! Thank you Tantra! 3
Sianna Richards: Friendly welcoming supportive environment. love the variety of class times & offerings :')
Anastasiia Chivata: Not enough poles for every student. Shared my pile with another girl. Teacher doesn’t have enough time to check everyone.
Chunyu Fan: 环境干净整洁,服务人员非常贴心。已经报名会员,个人热爱空中瑜伽和钢管舞,希望通过一年的学习得到提升
Cindy Lo: Always a fun time!
Pauline Labayo: We did a pole dancing class here and the instructor was great! Super patient and fun!
Johanna Murray: So fun! Everyone there is so lovely
Ella Dubé: Did the Intro to Pole class.The receptionist was LOVELY and helped me feel very welcome and the instructor was SO KIND.The only issue was how cliquey this was for a beginning class. It was obvious that there were a lot of people who had done many classes before and were doing tricks and stuff.Good for them but it was hard to book into this class because it is always full. It just seems like it’s okay for big groups and non beginners to book the class.It also feels like you’re on the outside looking in. Did I expect myself to be able to hold myself up or do any of the moves properly? No not at all. But it was very discouraging having people who look like professionals in an intros class.
Cleo Halls: Tantra is my home away from home! No matter what is going on in my life, I always feel better after taking class. Good energy, gorgeous studio, awesome pole, acro and aerial classes. My body and mindset have transformed since I became a student-Tantra is my favourite place to take class!
Gale S.: 10/10 if you’re thinking trying a class do it! Staff are really helpful and patient. Classes are so fun!
Lizeth Edith Hernandez Piña: My home
Jenna Rose: Best place to get fit, have fun, and feel sexy in Vancouver!
Meiya Chan: Took aerial yoga taught by Caroline. She's amazing, caring and friendly.Staff is friendly and happy to answer questions.
Megan Veaudry: Great place to take care of yourself and unleash your inner Goddess.
A Google User: I was scrolling through reviews, saw the one star review. Tammy's response to that review is nothing short of amazing in this day and age.Taking genuine accountability and actions to rectify the situation. For that alone this place deserves a 5 star.Women NEED places to feel safe and welcomed.Coming by very soon !
Lucia Lin: So much fun! Defs coming back.

3. CircusWest - Vancouver

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Address: 2901 E Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V5K 5J1, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-252-3679

Business type: Circus

CircusWest: what do users think?
Takaya Asano: 最高に素晴らしい。
Top 10: Terrible camps and instructors, one of the instructors physically pushed and yelled at a student. Abusive terrible experience. The instructor then didn’t show up for the rest of the week hiding, the other instructors didn’t do anything but try to justify for the horrific act. Absolutely not okay!
Cornell “CRA1975” Ra: My daughter has gone through from being quite unsure about Circuswest to embracing many of the activities they teach. They have a great staff and have a comradery that comes with working hard together and having fun with the other students. I would say that this is a great place for your child to learn skills, performance and confidence. She has learned a lot. Love it!
lindsay Brooke: *WARNING* Uneducated staff, Discrimination, only claims based on false reports, shockingly dangerous people forcing vaccines to train. Medical Discrimination against people with real doctors exemptions.
Jesse Scott: The best.
Melissa M: My daughter attends classes here and loves it. Signing up and paying is easy, the staff are always helpful.
Terry John Westsol: Great place with experienced instructors and lots of different things to try and learn.
Ronan Martin: I did this camp 5 years ago, forgetting to write a review. The teachers were bad, and didn’t teach us much. One of the instructors dragged me to the other side of the room with my leg. Do not recommend this camp to anyone.
Brian Salls: wonderful place fo kids! it's an enrollment program
Kristi Oakes: Looove this place. Instructors are amazing and so is the facility. We are on our 2nd yr and so happy
Dale Moore: Excellent coaching, amazing environment, great people
Sustainable Living: Unprofessional staff, nothing but problems. Dirty and unsanitary, rats running around and congested with dust and mould with NO VENTILATION! Equipment is unsafe where many have fallen off and some injuries. Punitive, fixed mindsets. Students swear and instructors punish their younger students. Compared to other circus venues, this place ought to be shut down for safety and hygiene issues.
Anna Tuisheva: Great place for children to learn circus skills - more interesting and challenging than usual gymnastics for girls, plus boys can do it, too! As a sport, it involves the whole body, but also your mind - because it's a performance. And a very unique one as it's purpose is joy. Also, circus people are a fun crowd!
Christina Fong: Our son thinks it's really fun but getting a bit hard these days.
W Browne: So lame. I guess the idea of a video arcade is so retro, and would be worth spending time in if only to catch glimpses of youth. But alas this venue fails in that regard. I would say only about 80% of the games work - but that does go with the retro theme so I gave it 2 instead of 1 star.
Toby Barazzuol: Kids can learn some great skills here while having fun and making friends!
Chris Archibald: One of the instructors yelled at my son and physically pushed him into a corner. I would never send my kids here again!!
Business1st: Loved it! The flow artists were a super talented group and I am looking forward to the James and the Giant Peach production...
Lucas: Very nice
Shmarbles 87: Amazing staff, down to earth relaxed chill training space and atmosphere. I attend the cats program and the other attendees are polite helpful and kind hearted.
J: Instructors are great and always willing to helpp

4. West Coast Flying Trapeze - Pitt Meadows

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West Coast Flying Trapeze
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Address: 19055 Airport Way #105, Pitt Meadows, BC V3Y 2B4, Canada

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Sat

Telephone: +1 604-619-1212

Business type: Circus

West Coast Flying Trapeze: what do users think?
Sarah D (EatEnergizeEvolve): Great vibe here! The whole team is friendly, welcoming and highly skilled.
Igor Pro: For big and little who would like to try something very special this is the place. Be prepared to have some blisters on your hands though. Very nice place.
Andre Kuznetcov: Amazing instructors and very nice and knowledgeable people all around
Jesse Church: Our 9 yr old daughter Mia attended trapeze camp a couple weeks ago. Full days Monday to Friday. Any apprehension we had dissolved completely at meeting the staff, viewing the equipment and our daughters pure excitement at the end of each day.Every day she rattled off all the things she got to try and how fun it was. With most of these camp type things they fall short of what they advertise. In the case of West Coast Flying Trapeze, they went above and beyond, which is soooo nice and in such contrast with most businesses nowadays.They have arts and crafts for the kids who arrive early and on break, the gave each of the kids a Tee - shirt and they sent a really cute, well edited video of all of our daughter's exploits.So bottom line, our kid had sooo much fun. The safety procedures and technical training of the coaches was obvuously extensive and they were really nice and fun staff, who made our daughter laugh... Fully reccomend these guys!
B Hands: Brea was a great instructor, but can't say the rest of the experience was good.Don't think i will take my granddaughter back until she is older
Anna Kenna: My daughter (3) had her first class today. Bri was absolutely amazing with her and I would give Bri 5 stars. However the guy who was working (Looks like Chris from your website) was so rude that we will not be returning. My MIL took my daughter in before I got there. My daughter had a little anxiety as expected at her first class and he was extremely rude to my MIL and commented " I wish parents would just drop their kids off and leave" then when I got there, before I even got to the counter he shouted "SHOES OFF" then continued to walk behind by daughter throughout the lesson. So disappointed as we were planning on signing her up longterm.
Dani Riello: Awesome place for aerial classes. Height is perfect and they offer not only flying trapeze but aerial silks and hoop. Staff is super friendly. Everything is clean, organized and they've got Covid protocols in place. You're gonna love it!
Tammy Fox: This place is incredible. I can’t say enough good things about this place. The instructors and knowledgeable and friendly and are just as excited as you are when you improve! The owners Chris and Kimmy are phenomenal. I would highly recommend this place!
Celeste Johnson: Best trainers ever
Evan Costa: Had an absolute blast. Was nervous at first but all the staff make you feel comfortable and confident. After my first attempt I couldn't wait to get back up and try again.
Chris L: The staff here are super friendly and supportive. It is a very fun place to go with a group of friends to try something new.
Victoria Vee: So crazy! I came here with a group of Moms to try something new and loved it! Staff are professional and very well trained in what they're doing. I did the trapeze twice and was able to do the knee hang. So freaky though to make the jump but so incredible to do it! Got to use the silks and hoops too.
Renna Kersey: I have never written a review before, but I needed to because this place was so much fun! The instructors really help you learn and it's just a blast. 10/10 would recommend
Jordon Hope: We came in for the Warehouse Sale - with all sorts of local vendors and the chance to check out the circus school area. We had a wonderful time, and the circus training facility really looks great!
sheena lee: I booked my adult birthday here and Everyone had such a great time. The coaches were amazing and took extra special care of my only 7-year-old guest. The facility was new and washrooms very clean. All 8 of us had a wonderful time and would absolutely go back!! We highly recommend!!
MilaEarth Bodycare: Highly recommended
Julia Lewis: Amazing people and had sooooo much fun! Super safe. Would go back 100%
Geoff Lane: An excellent place to try something new. Staff and instructors are amazing, considerate and supportive, they will have you flying through the air in no time. Happy to accomidate all abilities and give pointers along the way. Wish i had more time in Canada to return for a second go. Thanks guys ☺
Rosa C Jensen: Love this place.
georgia tomlinson: I took my daughter and her friends here as a part of her 12th birthday party ......they had the BEST TIME!!!🤣 The kids loved it!!
Linda Ann Farruggia: This past Saturday I went to my first Skills Development Trapeze Class. My experience was so fun and I loved it. Chris as an instructor was professional, clear and encouraging. All the helpers and more advanced students provided a community that was encouraging and great to learn off of. The fact that there's 2 dogs playing around providing comic relief playing tug with a toy made me smile, I love dogs! My body is achy from practice but that's to be expected. In the 2 hr class it gave me so much confidence and I loved how it opened up my body both physically and eneregeticaly. I look forward to my next class!, once my ripped hand and mucles heal a bit more ;)

5. Vancouver Circus School - New Westminster

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79 reviews
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Vancouver Circus School
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Address: 810 Quayside Dr, New Westminster, BC V3M 6B9, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-544-5024

Business type: Circus

Vancouver Circus School: what do users think?
K. C.: Attended a birthday party here on February 12 and the kids had fun. Taking some stars off because near the end of the party, I witnessed a female staff member rudely telling the kids to get off a ramp and then say to the kids, “You can play over there or…you know, end the party early. It’s okay to leave earlier,” as she exchanged a knowing glance with another staff near her. That was rather rude and I’d love for her to have said that to the parents of the birthday girl.
Pressing Media: This place is a great place for kids. Coach CJ is patient and kind!
Allison Gryski: Fantastic teachers who really build children's confidence. My children have thrived in the various programs offered at the circus school. Rafael, who teaches tumbling, is a particularly amazing teacher. The atmosphere is relaxed and fun, but they are teaching at a very skilled level. 💖
Blizzy Bee: My Daughter celebrated her 7th birthday last month and man oh man totally worth it!! My daughter goes to circus school on Saturday morning and she wanted to show her friends how much she loves the place and decided to have her birthday there!! There were total of 24 kids that attended and the staff handled the kids so well! We were the last party of the day and the staff still managed to have the energy to show the kids all the different equipment used at circus school and even show the kids their skill!! Breanne and her staff were so friendly and the most important my Daughter had a blast at her birthday party that I know she will never forget. Thank you once again. Sorry for the late review but better late than never as they say.
Breezy Murp: This is one of my favourite songs places to come and train my circus skills! All the equipment accessible and great quality to use during the open training sessions. Consistently upgrading there classes to keep things fresh and interesting.
Ryan King: I love this place. We signed up our child for tumbling classes, and later trampoline classes. The instructors are engaging and attentive, and give every student the time they need to learn and develop their skills. The school itself is clean and well run, with a variety of courses on offer.
Corry Laycock: My kids love this place. Always Professional. Always Fun. Thank you
Brian Kenny: Kids birthday party was excellent. Everyone loved it. You can bring food, cake and open gifts. All done!!
Enea Paja: This is my next perfect spot after losing some weight. Right now I don’t feel very comfortable trying any of the stunts there :)
Phoebe Yang: The owner is super friendly and helpful. I bring my baby play here on Tuesday and we had so much fun. It’s awesome place for mommy and baby play together.
Ho Yi Lau: This is a review for their birthday party -The party was overall great, I'd give 10 stars if I could - very well organized, the male instructor was fantastic, he did a great job keeping the kids engaged and focused.Activates involved: Plate spinning, ball balancing, walking on stuff that looks like a can with strings attached, trampoline, aerial skill, flower sticks, etc...a lot of activities. I signed up a month ago so it was 90 min of activities and 30 min of gift opening, cake cutting and clean up. I think their new schedule is now 75 min activities and 45 min of party time. I scrambled a lot during clean up because another group was coming in to have their party.Overall it was great, they do adult bday party too!!
Ana Granados: Great experience for kids
Jen Maarsman: I love this place! The Quay has a special place in my heart from when my first was a newborn. Big Top Toddlers is one of my favourite activities for tots in New West. That being said: playing here is not cheap. Parking is near $15 for two hours, plus the cost of admission.They're much more hands-off than the program used to be (thanks, Covid!). I miss the trampolines and climbing stuff. Still, my 3 year old is having a blast!
Erin: Awesome and PATIENT instructors who take time to provide personal feedback to each student and guide them along in their exercises.
Johann Wong: Staff and instructors were wonderful. Brought my grade 8 and 9 class here for a fieldtrip. Kids can't wait to be back again
Erica S: We went for the big top toddlers drop in and it was soooo fun! Lots of free-play for young kiddos! ❤️
V Todrick: Great instructors, fun and challenging classes.
Silvia Hua: I started taking the handstands class in September. Jonathan's guidance and feedback have allowed me to finally make progress and get over my fears of kicking up to the inverted position. We learned about safety in the the first class and continue to progress our skills with each class. Jonathan also assigns us exercises to do in between classes to make faster progress. He's a caring and positive instructor.I was initially hesitant to sign up because it was far but because it's right next to the Skytrain, I get there in no time at all. Hopefully they'll expand their offerings so more adults can benefit, not just kids.
Eugene Kuznetsov: Wanted to take a class but 40$ membership fee with no benefits is rip off. Cannot recommend.
Connie Hosie: Great staff for trampoline, silks and all round circus skills.
Michelle Cooper: Everyone is so nice ☺️

6. Tantra Fitness - Richmond

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31 reviews
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Tantra Fitness
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Address: 9111, 1040 Beckwith Rd #1040, Richmond, BC V6X 1V7, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 5:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-738-7653

Business type: Fitness center

Tantra Fitness: what do users think?
vijaya bhat: Great classes, need to have more parking
Cindy Lo: So much fun!
Myles Clarke: Very impressed with the way the owner handled a potentially difficult situation. My girlfriend had her membership auto renew for 3 months, but we are going travelling in less than that. We sent an email to tantra and Tammy responded right away with a helpful response. Now, my girlfriend is happy with the outcome, and a potential negative experience has been turned into a positive one. Thank you so much.
Zoey Jones: I have rediscovered my love for dance. Growing up a competitive dancer and not dancing at all for over 10 years I am happy to be back in a positive dance environment. The staff, teachers and even the students are all wondering and cheer you on when you finally accomplish a trick you have been working on forever.
Jasmin Moh: Positive:ProfessionalismI'm a beginner at aerial silks, just had my first class today, and while I think it's so much fun I am also TERRIBLE at it.I loved Rebecca ,she was patient and supportive.
Rachelle Neame: This studio has great equipment, I like how high the ceilings are. It's great to have so many aerial arts options.2021 Update: I have to say that Tantra has a client for life in me. Everyone involved with the studio has worked incredibly hard to make flexible options for all the changing Covid restrictions, and has been very supportive of different people having different comfort levels in terms of returning to activity. The online class offerings that they have provided have been a wonderful support in a difficult time. This hasn't been easy for the fitness industry, so I truly appreciate the fact that Tantra has prioritized student safety and wellbeing, even when it means that it's tougher to operate. 3
Bbellkka Bbellkka: Love this place. Classes for any level
Foochfifi Lee: It's fun, for someone who is out of shape their pole fitness is fun. Would have give 5 star, but parking mostly are reserved, so better go slight early to look for nearby parking around Costco.
Arvin Khamseh: I came to my girl friend s performance here and had a blast. Having watched shows in Vegas I came with a very low expectation. Your performers and instructors really set the bar high!
Bessie: Had a great first time experience with Angela in the beginners aerial class. We had a lot of supervisor and time to learn ourselves. The place was inclusive and very welcoming .
Miss: I love this studio! The instructors are fun and welcoming and staff is friendly. Best work out! The parking sucks but is manageable
Alisha Kara: First off I'd like to say this studio smelled so great. It is very clean and great experience overall. Staff are very helpful and friendly. This is a mixed crowd with all ages and shapes which made me feel comfortable and not judged.
H a y l e y D e l l e r: Great place to learn
Sara McLean: I love coming here, the classes and teachers are all fantastic. I just wish the classes/membership were a bit more affordable
Chandra Trinh: Love it. Get a workout without it seem like a workout BUT don't be fooled your body will feel it the next day!!
Clayton MacDonald: Great community, the best pole dance studio in Richmond area! Right next to Costco.
Yk: I got a Groupon deal for an intro class and I loved it! The instructor was very friendly and helpful. I wished there was more! Loved the little show at the end too
The Dina Day Experience: Amazing community 3

7. Circus Lab - Township of Langley

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63 reviews
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Circus Lab
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Address: 19840 96 Ave #3, Langley, BC V1M 3B9, Canada

Schedule: Open until 9:30 PM

Telephone: +1 604-357-5277

Business type: Circus

Circus Lab: what do users think?
Malaka Walpola: It was fun for kids.
Noemi Zenaida: I Worked a total of 30hrs(2weeks) for This Company in October. 6-Months later i have not yet received a single payment for my coaching services.
Stacy G: I had my daughter birthday party there. It was simple and easy. The kids loved it
Debora Kimball: Jarod and Sarah worked together to make it possible for 2 busy moms to get out and celebrate a birthday during school hours and it was AMAZING!!! So much harder than expected but we laughed and Jarod was so incredibly patient with us newbies! We are officially obsessed and think everyone should do this and join the circus!!
Elle: My niece came here for a birthday party and she had a blast. All the kids seems pretty engaged.
Lindsey Van Roon: The students gain great skills and self awareness physically. Pushing their limits and trying new things. The communication is not great. Not being able to watch your child(ren) progress or show off their skills as a season finally is very disappointing! The variety of teachers keeps the skills changing, but my child(ren)'s feedback has been that not every teacher is great. There is no way to advocate for your child(ren) as you are not able to watch the classes.
sebastian sami: Went for birthday. Fun but needed more activities.
Anibal Pitoll: Amazing place where children can develop circus skills and exercise while having fun. Very nice experience for childhood
C Me: My daughter went to a birthday party at Circus Lab. Based on her smile when I picked her up told me she had a great time. I would reccomend checking this place out.
Lala Bourbonnais: We are current clients of circus lab and while the class is fine the communication is terrible. I've trying to withdraw my child and no one ever answers the phone or replies to email unless it's about spending more money rather than withdraw from classes.
J Guo: BEWARE. NOT A REGISTERED BUSINESS. Refuses to delete account or remove credit payment after several inquiries, and continues to charge. Owner/operator will not respond.
Daniel Craig: This should be the Vancouver area's top training facility hands down. What a space!
miraquarius: Clean, well maintained circus apparatus and equipment to work with in a large, clean facility teaching circus sports such as aerial silks, trapeze, unicycle, trampoline as well as many other circus actives for all ages. Paige, is an awesome teacher. She is strict but is also pleasant and nice at the same time focusing on precision and safety. The other teachers that I have trained with, Kira, Amanda and Ashlea are all great teachers too. They are patient, fun, easy going, are passionate about circus and teaching to us students. I also like that each student has their own set of aerial silks (that are clean and not smelly!), trapeze, lyra hoop to train on versus having to share one set with several students which I have experienced at other studios.Lots of free, ample parking and is also easily accessible by public transit if you don't drive :)
Andrew Marcellus: was just here for a 6 year old birthday, the place was great, the games and skills were really fun and the staff was fantastic!
Svitlana Honcharenko: very happy and professional circus My children was very happy.
G W: My daughter left Langley gymnastics because they weren't moving her up and they are not nice so she quit. Discovering circus lab is a great thing she loves it.
David Kamwere: My kids had a blast here....
Catherine Swaddling: My kiddo loves Circus School! Great way to build core strength, be active, and do something just a little 'different'.
damon damon: Daughter went to a birthday party here and wouldn't stop talking about it. Demands to have her birthday here too. Have something unique to offer and great experience for kids
Andrea Humphreys: Super fun place for kids! Lots of different activities!
Stephan Such: Hit and miss on quality instruction, but the classes aren't too big, which provides more opportunity for one on one. The colour scheme and aesthetics give a sense of cleanliness and order. The administration is willing to please, but not as expedient or available as one might hope...all that said, I wish I could take a class in addition to my daughter. It's interesting stuff!

8. AcroFit Aerial Fitness - Surrey

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Address: 6039 196 St #109, Surrey, BC V3S 7X4, Canada

Schedule: Reopens at 4:45 PM

Telephone: +1 604-539-2296

Business type: Fitness center

AcroFit Aerial Fitness: what do users think?
Thais Tiemi: I enjoyed the class, non judgemental environment and patience was present :)
Wholly Flow: Love taking contortion and ariel
Queenie Mah: I recently moved here and was looking for a new pole studio. I would NOT recommend this studio for pole. It's a very small studio so the pole classes are combined levels, which I disliked as an advanced student. The instructor would teach students different things based on their level. It felt like there was no curriculum structure and cohesiveness. Everyone was doing their own thing. This can be very intimidating for a beginner in a room with other advanced students. Also means the instructor is unable to focus on helping you often because she has to help other students doing something else. I did some advanced conditioning and pole moves, but I wasn't motivated doing it by myself. At that point I could just train on my own.The pole studio seemed very cliquey and it felt awkward with the instructor interacting with just a small group of students like they were close friends. On the positive side, the instructor was knowledgeable, I just don't like the way the pole class is structured and managed. The aerial facility looks nice and I can see a more structured curriculum on their schedule.
Emma Heise: My experience here has been wonderful. I felt so welcome and supported the moment I walked in! Teghann is a great instructor who takes the time to make sure you understand the moves. If you want fun fitness, a fun environment and can see your progress each class, come here!
Mikayla Smith: Absolutely love this place!! I have an endless amount of good things to say! The instructors are amazing, the studio is beautiful, and everyone there is so friendly and welcoming! I love how even though there are multiple people in a class, we are learning our own things at our own pace all together! I personally take silks, hammock and pole regularly. Big Thank you to Paula and Teghann for endless encouragement, helping me find my inner strength, and building up my self confidence every time I enter the studio
Sindhu Krishnan: I’ve been an on-and-off guest of Acrofit Aerial Fitness since 2018. My first few classes were a little nerve wracking as many years have passed since I’ve done acrobatics- and flexibility-based fitness. I really appreciated that the instructors meet you where you are in terms of your abilities and comfort level while at the same time encouraging you to try your best. Acrofit offers a great way to achieve your fitness goals while having fun! :- )
JINA PARK: Paula is fun and easy going. She is very positive and teach you techniques for beginners and I been coming for 3 months ! Will continue 😢
Joey Tan: Beautiful space and lovely instructors! The ceiling height is amazing and great for learning drops! Would recommend to anyone looking to get stronger while having fun!
Olivia Lincke: Friendly staff and welcoming atmosphere! Great for people who are completely new to pole fitness as well as for advanced polers. This is my happy place :) I'm horrible at sticking to workout and sports, but I've been with acrofit for over two years now!
miraquarius: This is a one stop shop for aerial fitness as well as other fitness sports such as parkour, boot camp etc. Aerial fitness sports include pole dance/fit ( studio has 8 X-poles, which are the Cadillac of poles! ) , aerial silks, aerial hammock yoga, aerial lyra/hoop and sometimes but not always, they have trapeze class. Acrofit has a good roster of coaches, including international pole and aerial silks/lyra champion, Sylvia Louis! All of the coaches are awesome, patient and encouraging to achieve goals. Classes are on a drop-in basis so you can join anytime regardless of your fitness level. They also offer semester sessions on most activities too. They welcome people of all ages and fitness abilities. Prices are very affordable. When you purchase a 20 class pass, it works out to being $16.00 a class. They also have open practice almost everyday, sometimes twice a day for $11.00 a pop. Acrofit is open 7 days a week !First class is always FREE :)
Shoshanna Savannah: Aerial hoop sessions with Dana, an awesome instructor who forces you to reach your potential
Mickayla Gal: I would highly recommend fitness classes here. Raelene is hands down the best instructor I've ever worked with. I can never figure out how to imitate a motion just from seeing it, but she has a way of making sure each of her students 'gets' what she is showing them.
Kris Presber: My happy place! Such a fun way to keep in shape. Instructors are professional and very encouraging! I'd highly recommend trying a class. You'll be hooked!!
Eden Conrad: Great experience to learn some adventurous new fitness things! I love the Pole Choreo classes with Teaghan. Each instructor brings something totally different, which makes it great for beginners. Cheaper than other studios, very fun, and small classes! Wish there were later classes.
Natasha Beauregard: Amazing classes! Everyone there is very welcoming and the teachers are excellent
Caitlin Childs: Amazing teachers, and such a fun environment. If you’re thinking about learning any circus apparatus THIS is the place to go
Rhea Heink: I've been coming to Acrofit and have been taking aerial silks since the beginning of this year and I love it. The classes are challenging and the tricks you do are hard but so worth the struggle of learning them. Like any sport its not easy but its so fun!
Madison Bray: I always look forward to the days I get to attend a class at Acrofit, they are a super fun way to workout, with a supportive and friendly group of people surrounding you.
Cassy Lynn: I have been coming to Acrofit since January and have not regretted a single class! Every one of the instructors I've worked with has been amazing, encouraging and different in their own ways. My body can do things I never imagined it would, and I feel so much more comfortable in my own skin. I'm both stronger and more confident than ever and coming to Acrofit is always the highlight of my day/week. 💖 I only wish I didnt have to work for a living so I could come more often!
Beatrice Lui: Love taking aerial classes here, especially with Erin! Always learning new skills and drops with other very talented aerialists :)
D R: I've been going here for over 2 years! I absolutely love the pole classes. 💪

9. Yoga Generation - Coquitlam

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Yoga Generation
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Address: 2922 Glen Dr, Coquitlam, BC V3B 2P5, Canada

Schedule: Open until 7:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-475-2244

Business type: Yoga studio

Yoga Generation: what do users think?
Karen Dean: I was in search of a really nice friendly yoga studio and knew as soon as I walked into Yoga Generation my search was over. The owners/instructors are one of a kind as well as all the instructors. You will love this place 🧘🏼‍♀️
Anastasia Yaremko: Amazing yoga studio which I love because:They offer wide range of classes to choose fromHomey, cozy feeling when you go thereTeachers are all unique and offer their own twists to each classI feel it is my spiritual practise there not just exercise as we breath, meditate, set intentions, work with chakras, get in touch with selves and find integrity with the world.Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!My family wants to move to a different city some time soon, but this yoga studio makes me feel I don't want to move, how great it is.
Dorothy Chiu: I love attending classes at Yoga Generation. It feels personal and intimate. Over the years I have learned so much about my body from all the incredible instructors. Highly recommend this women owned and operated local studio. I love what they stand for and present in the yoga community.
Saska: Very zen studio, I love it
Jenny Asinovsky: Enjoy yoga practice. Love instructors. Very welcoming place. Definitely will recommend.
Jyoti Sharma: I love almost all classes where instructors are excellent.
Leslie McCall: Can always count on a wonderful Yoga experience here!The teachers are skilled, caring and conscientious. They provide novel and engaging classes that feel so good!!
Diane Tzingounakis: A peaceful, well organised and friendly place to do yoga!
Jennifer Hume: I really enjoy Prestonne's Yin class, she has a calming and down to earth presence, and her verbal guidance/tone during class is one of the best I've experienced in Yin. I also really like how welcome I feel by her and the studio, even down to using people's names. The studio has a cozy atmosphere and I appreciate that vibe each class.If you are thinking of trying Yoga, returning to it, or are new to the area, you will be SO glad you tried Yoga Generation.Thanks again for making my return to Yin such a pleasure Prestonne and YogaGen Team!!
Hana Stara: I came to Yoga Generation for Aerial Yoga Teacher Training. The studio itself is beautiful, clean and incredibly welcoming. Teachers are amazing!I felt supported and learned many new skills which will enhance my personal practice as well as teaching. I thoroughly enjoyed my Aerial Yoga Teacher Training experience and would recommend it to anyone who has yoga teaching aspirations or a desire to explore new horizons in their personal yoga practice.
Svetlana Karadzhova: Yoga Generation is superb and amazing Yoga Studio! Just completed a Training course for Aerial Yoga Teaching with Nicole and Prestonne!Girls, you are wonderful teachers and an inspirational team! Your place is more than just a studio, it’s an awesome and happy place. There aren't many places that offer fun and professionalism in Aerial yoga in BC!
Victoria Lacroix: Awesome place, it's been great for a beginner like myself!
Michelle Choi: Such a great yoga studio! We did aerial yoga for the first time and loved the class. Staff is so friendly and welcoming. Would highly recommend to locals and out of towners looking to practice different types of yoga :)
Sheila Alvari: Yoga Generation is wonderful an amazing yoga studio! Lovely atmosphere, superb instructors that constantly tailoring the classes for their students.This place is more than just a studio it’s a community. They offer a wide range of classes, to keep you flexible strong and cardiovascular. Always come back with the great experience. Classes are fantastic and all teachers are professionals and well-trained. Thanks to Nicole, Prestonne Anna, Zoya, Wendy, Sarka, Rebecca and amazing Nancy for pushing me for the better version of myself.
loren c: I've been going to Yoga Gen for two years now and have been pleased with my experience. I personally hate going to the gym and prefer going to instructor-led classes, so I decided to go to yoga and TRX classes instead. For the first time in my life, I started exercising regularly.During COVID, the studio had to close a few times but this was always communicated clearly, which I appreciate. Teachers are supportive here and I've also met several awesome people in my community through the studio. I look forward to the studio opening again soon post-COVID!
Jane pickering: This is a lovely studio with warm inviting teachers. I have been using the virtual class option during COVID and love it. Who knew yoga at home could be so great !
Leda Omid: My favourite studio for all forms of yoga. Located in the heart of Coquitlam, Yoga Generation has a special, calming atmosphere. They always have something for all level of yogis to enjoy!
Catherine Hendriks: Positive:ProfessionalismYoga Generation is a great space with a good vibe for yoga, it's awesome that they now offer both studio and virtual classes. Prestonne and Nicole seem really nice and were great to work with.
Jen K: Nice, kind and patient teachers. Yoga generation could be the best place to beginners and there are variety classes that you can choose!
Bahar Salamatian: Teachers and staffs are very friendly and outstanding.TRX is adjustable based on your own level which is awesome. I am much stronger than the time I started here.This is my happy place. I would recommend here to a friend.
Jess R: Clean and welcoming studio. Offers a variety of yoga classes. I recommend trying aerial yoga at least one time. :)

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