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1. Lykopis Archery - Vancouver

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Lykopis Archery
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Address: 2195A Commercial Dr, Vancouver, BC V5N 4B3, Canada

Schedule: Open until 5:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-423-4226

Business type: Archery store

Lykopis Archery: what do users think?
Farzaneh Rezaei: I did an introductory session here, with my friends. Eva, our instructor was very lovely. She explained safety rules, different forms and bows to us. However, the most interesting part of the class, throwing arrows, was the briefest. When I reserved, they said the class would be 75 minutes for 3 ppl and i paid 190$. But we finished after an hour, and our instructor spent the first 20 minutes on preparing the range and the bows. The whole experience was very fun but I think they charge way too much for throwing a total of 4 arrows.
Noah Schwartz: I took the Introduction to Archery Workshop with Patricia this weekend and could not recommend it more. Patricia is clearly a master archer. I felt very privileged to be able to take a class with an instructor of her experience (she has consulted on major TV productions!)In addition to her skill, she also shared with us a wealth of knowledge on the history of archery, which I appreciated learning more about given that I am a giant history nerd.More than that, she created an engaging and safe learning environment. People felt comfortable asking questions and chatting with one another thanks to the great work Patricia put into fostering that environment. As a University Professor, I understand how hard it can be to take a room full of strangers and turn them into a learning community. Patricia was able to do this using her charisma, humor, and passion for her subject.The class is divided into a lecture portion (about 70% of class time) and a practical portion (about 30%). The only thing I would change in the class would be to mix the lecture and practical elements up a bit to get people out of their seats and give them time to digest the information.If you are interested in learning more about the history or practice of archery, I would highly recommend the class.
Alejandra: What an incredible experience! I recently completed the Intro to Archery class and Patricia and the team are such great teachers.They made us feel really comfortable, we were able to ask all the questions that we needed, and I’m excited to continue doing ongoing classes.If you’ve ever thought about learning archery, this is the place to go! It’s also great to support local businesses and even better when you can tell it’s their passion to do it. Highly recommend!
Drew Piwell: Staff was very knowledgeable, kind and helpful. The hours of business can be easy to forget as they are irregular but each time I have come in or emailed, I have been met with excellent customer service.
Mary Crayston: The owner is difficult to communicate with, unprofessional, defensive and dismissive. When I realized that this place of business was continuing to uphold a mask policy - which I did not realize until after the first day of my sons camp that it was not optional - I requested that he have the option of not wearing the mask. This was a hard no from the owner and she was unwilling to compromise on any part of a refund. We did not want our son inside, being active for 5 hours and having to wear his mask. While I respect it is a business owners right, it is no longer a mandate. In any case, regardless of whether or not I would have received even a partial refund I would have appreciated having a conversation with her about it. After communicating with a member of her staff I requested to speak with her, after I called and sent an email, the owner replied to my email with a cold, defensive, and righteous message.I would not send my child here.
Joaquin Muñoz: There is no better place in town to learn all about archery! Amazing instructors who have a wealth of history and knowledge and a deep respect for all forms of archery.I really appreciated the lead teacher's attention and obvious joy in teaching newcomers to the sport. If you've ever been interested in archery this is the place to go!
Michelle Krywolt: My teen had been wanting to learn about Archery for quite some time and then we found Lykopis. We are both so grateful that we did. Patricia runs excellent classes and all the instructors are knowledgeable and make learning fun. The kids class gets to learn history and crafts as well as Archery and my teen always comes out of class excited and wanting to learn more!!!!
touf touf: Took the introductory class this saturday and loved it. The teacher is really knowledgeable and passionate, she apparently takes part to a lot of international competitions and have a lot of little stories that she tells during those 2h. They are also really mindful of the on going pandemic and rules, which is highly appreciated. Practical location too! 100% recommended
Kasia Ginders: Really passionate teachers who are incredibly knowledgeable about all aspects of archery. There are great opportunities to learn repair skills and bow and arrow crafting. The instructors are very patient and have great attention to detail in developing good form, and create a really good environment to focus.
Abdulhaseeb Khan: I had such a cool time, it was fascinating from the horse archery class to seeing the archery craft work. Very cool for me as a history junkie. I must also add that there teaching skills are very good too. I have been to more then 12 archery and topochery training places, this is by far the best in BC especially if your into old school archery.
Liz Hunt: Instructors are fun and passionate about what they do. They love to share their craft with anyone and everyone from kids to adults! Definitely the highlight of my week.
Alvin Wong: Final point? If you look at their new website (the old one shutdown for a couple months) it looks like lessons are now bookable.. *face palm*
Sab C: The instructors are wonderful, learned so many things with each of them in my archery journey with the school and it's been 5 1/2 years. Even when I stopped as a regular student due to COVID and personal reasons, I still loved going for open range. supporting good local business. some people do meditation to clear their mind, archery IS my meditation and I am glad it's with the team at Lykopis (past and present folks!).
Alee Bear: LOVE this place! I signed up for an intro class almost two years ago and immediately signed up for classes. I was drawn in by the passionate, fun way in which the instructors taught their craft/art. After researching other options...what drew me to this school was the commitment to teaching different disciplines of traditional archery. The teaching environment is inclusive and structured,with awareness of individual physical needs. My archery class is a highlight of my week-every week :-)
Jovick Lee: Knowledgable staff dedicated to traditional archery. Had a fun time here for a work event.
Chris Morris: The owner clearly doesn’t have much knowledge of archery, seems to be a cash grab ripping off people who are genuinely interested in learning.
Jessica M: I had planned a bachelorette at Lykopis and it was such a great idea! We went with a package that included 1 hour of instruction/practice shooting and then 1 hour of team shooting for about $34 per person. Taylor was a fabulous instructor, and made us all feel at easy about trying our archery for the first time. I would strongly recommend Lykopis as we all had an blast!
Quillan Andrews: They are impossible to get in contact with, we have called and left messages many times and have not heard back. Is this place even still open?
Lil AJA Tingz: I tried to take private lessons here so I sent them an email.. I received a reply after weeks of waiting. Then when I emailed them back, never got a reply back:(
Andrew Be Still Well: Awesome staff, they take their craft seriously. Great experience.
Siena Locher-Lo: Often the highlight of my week :)

2. Gum Ying Richmond Archery Club - Richmond

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Gum Ying Richmond Archery Club
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Address: 6851 Elmbridge Way #150, Richmond, BC V7C 4N1, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 3:30 PM

Telephone: +1 604-338-3999

Business type: Archery range

Gum Ying Richmond Archery Club: what do users think?
Rachel K: It was my first archery experience so we did a private lesson (we were a big group). Thomas and Adrian were super helpful. I had fun overall. It's not a super exciting sport for me so I probably won't be back on my own. The price was decent. I just wish the entire time we were shooting balloons (we had balloons for the last 2-3 rounds), though I understand it's a lot of work for the staff. I also wish it was a tad warmer in that warehouse, so be sure to wear something slim fitting and long sleeves!
Martin Weintritt: Amazing place to start with Archery and keep going on and practice. Highly recommended💯
Karnjit Bains: Took the beginner class and it was a very smooth and pleasant experience overall! Only con is that the facility seems a bit run-down. It could definitely be spruced up a lot, the roof started leaking in the middle of the lesson lol.
Eric Tai: Started off with a lesson with the instructor on Saturday and the young gentleman was very attentive, knowledgeable and provided clear instructions. He will also put in a joke or two. I was there with my kids and felt safe for even my kid to shoot after the lesson. I would highly recommend coming on time as they start on time, and you will have to wait until the instructor is finished if you are late.They emphasized on safety, and a safe form for shooting. Everything he told us was well thought out, and was mentioned for safety reasons. They have a excellent selection of bows, arrows and targets for purchase.COVID-19 Protocols where in place, and they just ask you to wear the mask for 15-20 mins during the instructions. As the instructor also teaches kids that may not be vaccinated yet.I highly recommend the instructor and the facility for whomever wanting to come to experience archery. This place is a great place to excel and start.
Shell L: Been this place 10 years ago, and the archery space looks bigger now. I cannot believe there is just few google reviews while a great amount people have visited here. Tried to book a beginner's archery session but it was always on wait list, finally we are able to book it on a weekend. The staffs here still wear masks by personal choice which makes us feel safe, thanks for that. The people work here are really professional and responsible, there are more than 2 staffs watch the archery session all the time, to make sure everyone is safe. Really fun session. Plus, the last 2 rounds are shooting balloons which is fun!
Y L: So much fun
Jo Steel: I went for the beginner's archery class with no idea what to expect, and had a great time. The instructor broke it down very clearly (enough so that I managed to hit my own target my first time using a bow), and the last few rounds you get balloons pinned to the targets to shoot at, which was a nice touch.
Kyle Briggs: Great place to try out archery! We took the introduction class and had lots of time for free shooting after the instruction portion was over.
James P: I've been going here for quite some time and this place is amazing for everyone. I love seeing the beginners come in and get the same friendly knowledgeable staff helping/training that I got when I first came in for the first time. This is a great environment to come and practice and let off some steam. Highly Recommend!!!!
BIGWORMS: Fun place too Practice and enjoy during a Vacation. Beginner friendly and Extremely Kind staff. Highly Recommend
Jesse lIIiIIl: Extremely beginner unfriendly, treating customer with arrogance. Do not come here!
X H: Amazing classes and instruction. I recommend this to everyone.
Bun Bun: Went here for beginners class, was expecting a lot of kids but only to found out that it’s full of grown ups. The class was pretty knowledgeable and I really had some good time trying archery for the first time. The last two round for artery will have the balloons stick to the target which will make u feel accomplished once u shot it. Once we had our beginner class for the first time we will be automatically signed up for membership here in the future. Will definitely considering coming back another day.
Nicholas Wong: This place has good covid protocols. I felt very safe taking my first archery lesson.
Frank Kaminsky (Frank K): Okay experience. The location looks like it's in an abandoned warehouse that they just conveniently set up as an archery range. Still pretty fun and the instructor was friendly and helpful.
Natasha Chen: Hand sanitizers, mandatory face masks, max 10 archers per session, dividers between each archer, disinfecting of rental equipment, no drop-in's -- these are the safety precautions in place. I feel safe coming to this range during the covid-19 pandemic.
Diana Kao: I was not happy with this gray-haired, senior staff who moved my arrows to the side without asking me first. He kept on saying my posture was not right that I ran out of time to shoot during one session. The way he talked was very arrogant. Not gonna go agaun!
Tasha Doucas: Really good instruction given. Easy to understand. Had a good amount of time to shoot arrows. A fun time had by all whether you are an adult or a teen.
Steven Montgomery: A great venue for family fun. Enjoyed our time, clear and thorough instructions. A lot of emphasis on safety, which I thought was paramount. Will be back for sure
Marcus Wang: Great place for archery very fun
Tony Chow: My first experience at archery, and it was fun and enjoyable. The instructor was humorous and precise with his tutorial on proper shooting techniques and safety. The staff were alert and helpful during the shooting. I got several bullseyes as well as a few balloons! I will definitely do it again.

3. Burnaby Lake Archery Range - Burnaby

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Burnaby Lake Archery Range
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Address: Joe Sakic Way, Burnaby, BC V5B 4X5, Canada

Schedule: Open until 9:00 PM

Business type: Archery range

Burnaby Lake Archery Range: what do users think?
Vaheed Janfada: Just rude.
Tyso: Haven’t been yet, but giving it 5 stars until I do. Not having a crossbow range isn’t a reason to give 1 star.
Adam Sansome: Maybe a bit more detail on what type of archery you do here... should really have a crossbow range ... specifically if they class a crossbow in the archery section at and seller location
Ed T: Go times at the archery range
JULIE NGUYEN: A fair space to practice Archery.
Tarek Mher Al Saadi: It is so beautiful and nice, even watching is fun.
Lee Fenton: Cool place to shoot bow and arrow, but kind of unsafe cause attendants are not there most of the time. There is a disclaimer though...
Ian Gendur: Great range!Very well run by people who are very concerned for your safety as well as your enjoyment during the sport. The best place in town during summer to practice your archery with target butts ranging from 20-70m
Fabian Chung: Best place to practice archery, 20-70M targetsExcellent for the summerOpen from Dawn till Dusk
Randall Alexander: A muddy pit when it rains, poorly run, attitude from some. But hey... it is a place to shoot and we all know and put up with it. Besides, I love the rain and the muck. ;)
Eiko Takeoka: Its only downside is the fact that you have to be careful of the weather and bring your own target faces. Otherwise it's a nice range. They have targets for different distances, washroom and you can basically shoot whenever you want!
Justin Bruce: Target boards are well maintained. But as a precaution, always carry gum boots or wellies!

4. Just Shooting Arrows North Vancouver - District of North Vancouver

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24 reviews
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Just Shooting Arrows North Vancouver
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Address: 188 Pemberton Ave #200, North Vancouver, BC V7P 2R5, Canada

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10:30AM Tue

Telephone: +1 604-971-4100

Business type: Archery store

Just Shooting Arrows North Vancouver: what do users think?
Bibi: After meeting the shop owner at the archery field he knew right away something was wrong. After a quick adjustment he had my bow shooting 10 times better within a day.
Rohan Bansie: Highly recommend! The owner is a great guy!
Derek Gray: The owner is great in guiding me to my first purchase of a compound bow. Was up front about the bow maker releasing their next year models and asked me if I wanted to wait. Customer service like this isn't taught or done much. I ended up preordering next year's model. Looking forward to when it arrives.Seriously great customer service.Edit:Its a damn good bow. The owner went above and beyond so that I could get my bow asap. Definitely my pro shop for years to come. Thanks
Mike Schaber: Knowledgeable people running the shop and more than willing to help find a solution to issues. They don’t have a lot of stock so items seem to be ordered as needed.
Justin Ormiston: A small, but very knowledgeable bow shop.Although there is little inventory in store, Lucian is able to order, service and install all of the best archery equipment. JSA has the essentials on hand for when it counts, and the skills to get you dialed for all archery disciplines.
Nicky Hou: Had a great experience! The shop owner is very knowledgeable and has helped me every time I needed adjustments or new gear. Highly recommend
Karen Bereti: Great shop! Would highly recommend
Info Info: Great experience here for first time bow shopper. Thanks for the help!
Dot G: Went to the 'other' shop *not shooting arrows - in New West and they tried to sell me a pink bow when I walked in the door just because I am female... I didn't feel great there so checked out Just Shooting and was very happy I did. Lucian was very knowledgable and helpful, including being patient and informative (in a non patronizing way) for a brand new shooter. He helped me pick out a beginner compound, order in the right one for me when I was too weak to pull what was there, lol - and was helpful through my 'aesthetic modifications' desired (I may not want a pink bow, but like it to look a certain way.) Can't wait to get practicing, and look forward to shopping there again in the future. Thanks!
Jeremy Pederson: I took my bow into the surrey shop to have it tuned by a "pro". When I was picking it up I noticed the module screw had come loose and ground out the bottom limb. He offered to contact the manufacturer to get it covered then didnt return my phone call. I recommend looking at the bow shop in new west for your archery needs.
Bianca Rizzo: Very knowledgeable pro shop like service. Competitive pricing.Like
Eric Smith: Small store with well selected but limited stock. Very helpful and friendly.A great place to have around.
Gregg Hunter: Great service!!!!!!
chris miller: I came in from out of town to shop for a bow. After a terrible experience at another shop in New Westminster I hit up Just Shooting Arrows at their newly opened shop in Surrey. The owner is super knowledgeable and helped me through the entire buying process. While I was browsing, a few other people had come into the store. You could see the passion and knowledge being shared and passed onto experienced archers as well the next generation of archers.I walked out of there with a fully setup Hoyt Hyperforce and a grin on my face.Don't expect a big storefront, but if you are in the market for a bow, you owe it to yourself to atleast go and see the guys at JSA.
Austin Wilson: Very nice and knowledgeable but they only had like 4 bows in the store..
Graham Batchelor: Quick delivery - well packed - contents per advertised and a free T-shirt! I'll be back.
Mike Oxley: If you're looking for an archery store with the best service and honest advice look no further. It's a small shop but he has a great selection of accessories at very fair prices and if he doesn't have what you're looking for he can get it for you. The owner helped me out immensely and fixed/tuned my hunting bow when another popular store (in New West) showed no interest in figuring out was the problem was. Needless to say I'm impressed. They've earned a new customer and I can't reccommend Just Shooting Arrows enough. Thanks again!
L Louis: The owner is extremely knowledgeable, down-to-earth and has a lot of practical experience. Spent nearly an hour speaking with him today about purchasing some new equipment. I never felt like I was being rushed or that he was pushing stuff that I didn’t need. Would definitely shop here again.
Ahmad Hejri: I didn't buy anything from this store, But I found him very nice and friendly.
Emma Fierling: Great service, and practical advice - even for a newbie such as myself. Reasonable prices too!
Trevor Adams: Very knowledgeable pro shop like service. Competitive pricing.

5. Boorman Archery - New Westminster

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76 reviews
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Boorman Archery
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Address: 422A E Columbia St, New Westminster, BC V3L 3W9, Canada

Schedule: Open until 5:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-524-1674

Business type: Archery store

Boorman Archery: what do users think?
Rob Valdsson: Best shop with the most knowledge. Anywhere else I just find lacking.
Sherman Yin: Bill is passionate about archery and a great instructor.
Brent Jastrzebski: Boormans is my favourite bow shop, Steph and Bill are a huge part of why I shop and send people to Boormans. I pretty much exclusively recommend them to new archers who come to our club because I know they will treat them well.
Josh Clark: Absolutely exceptional staff! Knowledgeable and kind. Thank you Stephanie !! You are a true team leader!!! I hope you have continued success in this industry!
Christopher White: Had an amazing experience taking Archery lessons with my son over the Christmas break. Fun classes, great instruction and lots of patience from the instructor. Since the class, I have had great service in the retail store, purchasing recurve bows for myself and son, one of which was a special order that took less than a week to arrive! The staff take their time to make sure you are getting product that best suits your needs. They carefully set everything up for you and explain care and maintenance. Their prices are competative and the staff is knowledgeable.They were also able to consign a bow for me and find a home for it in only a few weeks, getting me a fair price.
wanbin yang: The services are really nice, and kind!😊
Tim Rushton: I have dealt with Boorman Archery for everything concerning archery I have bought two bows one being a compound bow and then trained by their staff, with many years experience in the military and training individuals on weapon safety this was my first experience with bows, the training was spot on and they make you feel comfortable with the whole experience , In the near future I plan on expanding my collection with a crossbow and I will need training on it and I can think of only doing this with the staff of Boorman Archery.
erin karner: First time and it was amazing. I would for sure go back. You can tell the owners really care. Great job teaching. Will for sure be back
Chris Nicholson: Great staff, Morgan helped me choose a starter kit and gave lots of price points and options, along with advice with every piece of equipment that we chose. Offered lots of options and advice for a follow up visit to check and show me how to maintain everything when the time comes.
Christian Marc-Teodoru: Excellente Beratung, ein sehr netter Inhaber, der mir erlaubt hat ein paar Geräte zu testen und wertvolle Tipps gegeben hat. Dabei habe ich nur 3 Kappen gekauft. Ich komme bestimmt wieder.
Rohan Bansie: Boorman is my home for all things archery. The staff acts like extended family and will help with absolutely anything you need to improve as an archer. Hard to consider other businesses when everything you need to learn and grow as an archer is right here at Boorman Archery
Mani Amar: What an awesome experience! My kids had an amazing time during the private lesson with Bill! The whole staff was kind and knowledgeable. My kids were consistently shooting better and better with each arrow due to the great teaching and coaching by Bill. We are so excited to come back! Thanks, Boorman Archery!
Ben Grootveld: Extremely knowledgeable staff, they will be up front and honest with you about products to make sure you get what is most suited to you
Brendon Nichvalodoff: Great staff!! Excellent turn around time !! Looking forward to buying my next bow from them !!Highly recommend!!
your car guy: Literally the best for a reason. If you go any where else you wasted your money.
sumedha munipalle: Mr.Bill is an amazing trainer & I have enjoyed the training so much. His positive attitude has really kept me going.
Bryan Roufosse: Nathan went above and beyond helping me get fitted and picking my new compound bow. Would highly recommend him for all your bow needs.
Mist Stalker: Knowledgeable staff, beginner-friendly, and reasonably priced.
M Z: Our family attended the Christmas Archery Camp and, every one of us is very happy and grateful for the coaching. Kudos to Cam! The same goes for the shop. Everyone there is super helpful and knowledgeable. Highly recommended!
NATHAN PONTIUS: 2nd time here. Love the coaching and instruction. Very knowledgeable and super friendly. I will definitely be back lots
Devlin Fenton: Can’t say enough wonderful things about Boorman. Superb staff, great facilities (indoor range), wide selection, and fair prices. Thanks for a great instruction to archery for the whole family.

6. Richmond Rod & Gun Club - Indoor Archery and Airgun Range - Richmond

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16 reviews
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Richmond Rod & Gun Club - Indoor Archery and Airgun Range
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Address: 7400 River Rd Suite 140, Richmond, BC V6X 1X6, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 7:30 PM

Telephone: +1 604-278-2142

Business type: Archery range

Richmond Rod & Gun Club - Indoor Archery and Airgun Range: what do users think?
Brent Jastrzebski: Nice location, great target butts.
Andrea Lam: I went there on Wednesday and paid the membership fee but I want aware that I had to pay extra 5 dollars to get in . The guns were cheap material to adjust and the instructor didn’t help me much and I had to do it by myself . Lastly the place didn’t do anything but just let other people frustrated at the club
Rebecca Coastal: they like to discriminate by having a vaxx passport.It has been two years!! We are all tired of itA mandate is a NOT a law
Quinn Tang: Great range and facility!
Brian M: Thanks!
Raymond Huang: Awsome place to shoot. Great membership program and friendly ppl to shoot with.Fyi I am referring to the archery range
Ryan Ghan: It’s okay, the place is poorly laid out, the staff are slow, and not very exciting to be around. Also, they seem to have irregular hours and don’t follow their own schedule
Gordon Manke: Was there for work related purposes.
Grace Wang: Fun
Sy Y.: great experience! 20CAD for First time.You learn safety at beginning. 7pm to 9pm.
Simon: Nice people, nice facilities. A bit expensive. $20 drop in first time.
Ming Lu: I was here for indoor archery. Nice place and nice people.
Philip Kwan Ho Kwong: This is a non profit organization, it is members driven and has an air gun range as well. Do check the hours on the web site as it is not opened all day around.If you want to drop in, you will need to take a beginner lesson.It's a fun and run by energetic people.

7. Just Shooting Arrows Surrey - Surrey

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7 reviews
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Just Shooting Arrows Surrey
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Address: 15387 104 Ave #101, Surrey, BC V3R 1N5, Canada

Schedule: Open until 5:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-971-4100

Business type: Archery store

Just Shooting Arrows Surrey: what do users think?
William Nelson: Great professional service and very knowledgable on the latest tech in archery and willing to share it.
James Gill: Great service, and respected brands sold here. Whether you want to get into bowhunting, target or 3D archery, you can buy it here. Full disclosure, at the time of writing this, I am a staff shooter for Just Shooting Arrows.
Cam Log: Great little shop, lots of top shelf goods and knowledge
Chuck D: I had a great experience. About a week ago, I decided to take the plunge and buy a bow. I'd been looking for a while, but I'm very green at this point. I don't know much about archery, outside of a "few" YouTube videos I've seen.Lucian was great and easy to talk to. He helped guide my decisions to get the most out of my bow in the price range I was working within. He was also very generous with his time and experience. Can't wait for it to arrive!
Mark Dainton: I can’t say enough good things about Lucian and his shop. I purchased a brand new v3x and harvested a sheep with it on day one! A series of unfortunate events at the range the following week in preparation for a goat hunt, my bow got run over by a vehicle. Lucian was able to get a bow expedited overnight from Mathew’s in an effort to keep my season alive with an amazing product. I felt like his top priority. Friendly, knowledgeable, hard working. I found the shop I’ll be supporting for many years to come.
AJ Glazema: Lucian is great, very knowledgeable and friendly!
Payden: I'm not one to leave reviews, but Lucian was phenomenal. He was able to diagnose and fix a problem that two other pro shops were not able to sort out. He was prompt, attentive, and thorough. I highly recommend him and I wouldn't try to find another shop in the lower mainland.
Trevor Elliott: Extremely helpful. Look forward to doing business again with in the future.
Serghei Pirau: Finally got to visit this archery shop. Super friendly and knowledgeable owner. Found my new go to archery shop!
Josh: Best archery shop in the lower mainland. Owner is extremely helpful and great to deal with.

8. 6Pack Indoor Beach - Richmond

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349 reviews
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6Pack Indoor Beach
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Address: 13180 Mitchell Rd #115, Richmond, BC V6V 1M8, Canada

Schedule: Open until 10:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-321-6800

Business type: Event venue

6Pack Indoor Beach: what do users think?
Jayden Lee: A great placeto play volleyball and throw a party. Had a good time:)
zoe tang: Favorite place to play vball
Mathew Buksh: Good place great fun. Great staff well run establishment. Food was pretty good for it was. Would recommend it if you like beach volleyball and a sandy kids birthday party
Shawn Dang: Went here today to 6Pack Indoor Beach for birthday with +20 kids. Basically it’s an indoor sand box has enough space for 2-3 sand volleyball games. Does have water area to wash the sand off and plenty of tables to put foods on to celebrate and eat. They even serve beer here as well. Plenty of parking spots 👍🏽👍🏽
Leo Duan: A great place for birthday party, probably better suited for older kids though G6?
Drewski Junior: Just went for lunch.. 20@For burger and fries.. burger was alright.
Jarvin Ong: Great spot to reserve a court with 12+ friends and run some indoor beach volleyball and archery tag. Music is played over speakers, they serve food and drinks too! Just bring your sportswear, good vibes, and they'll take care of the rest.
Rania Tan.: It's a cool idea. I took my Gr1 class for a field trip there, and they liked it. Two hours were more than enough.
Armand Rashid: Super fun time playing Archery tag. They give you a chance to shoot the the bows and see how everything feels. It's hurts a bit if you get hit in certain spots depending who's shooting the arrow. We also saw a kids birthday party and they were using one of the volleyball courts as a sandbox which seemed like a fun idea.
Zachary Bay: Absolutely love this place! In the winter months it’s a lifesaver to be able to play beach. And since I’ve started playing here, and being able to play beach year round I’ve noticed an improvement in my playing! A great place, with a great environment, and great people! Highly recommend playing here!
Kiara Lalonde: Was not there
Roger Wong: A surprisingly well put together facility. Warm and friendly staff and good food.
L L: It's an indoor beach in what feels like a warehouse. Can't compare to a real beach outside but it's a good alternative for winter or rainy days! The sand is super fine. There's a tiny bar inside for drinks/food, 3-5 beach volleyball courts (depending on what other activities are going on), and archery tag. Haven't tried the archery but it looks fun and people often go for birthdays/special events. Lots of parking in the lot outside.The downsides are that it's very pricey for what you get, the volleyball courts are really close together, it can get super warm and stuffy (no ventilation), and is in an industrial area that's not the easiest to get to via transit.
Tarra Heiland: 767 Dearman Royal Canadian Air Cadets thank you for a great day! Food was delicious, thanks so much to the kitchen. We will be back!!
Katrina: Great facility! The staff are very kind, and the gym space is clean and open. Shout out to Alex the Kitchen Manager for introducing himself and sharing a bit of history with the gym as my team and I were finishing our drinks!
Dawn Lucas: It was amazing very private for the kids. The Cafe was great and very friendly. Highly recommend. The kids loved it
Armaan Maan: Booked for a birthday party for my twins……Amazing staff and great food. We all had so much fun. Will definitely come back and recommend 👍
Shweta Batra Dua: For my son’s 10th birthday I hired a party coordinator. The age group was also told to the staff while booking. However the children got really bored and there was hardly any engagement. Bad experience
kanwaljeet singh: The staff was great. They made sure we got everything that was needed. They also have a small bar where they have beer, wine, tequila, old fashioned, vodka and whiskey. Not much selection but enough to have fun.
张磊: 灯光有点暗,但是弓箭对a是真的好玩
604 Eats: We went for a kid's party and it's kids playing in an indoor beach. At $120/hr, I would take them to the beach. But I guess this option would be good for winter or rainy season. We went when it was still sunny outside but it could be a gamble.

9. The Vancouver Gun Club - Richmond

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53 reviews
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The Vancouver Gun Club
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Address: 7340 Sidaway Rd, Richmond, BC V6W 1B8, Canada

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Sat

Telephone: +1 604-278-0832

Business type: Shooting range

The Vancouver Gun Club: what do users think?
Dan Totten: Best bunch of guys to hang out with and learn from
Alex Tian: The best place for shot gun shooting. Follow the rules. :)
Sina Abooei: I had my non-restricted and restricted course here with Mike, everything was absolutely perfect. Mike was a great instructor with a lot of experience.
Kelvin Fong: Took my course here and it was great. The people who work here really love what they do. The passion and dedication is inspiring. The cafe here is wonderful! Ram by Indonesian women with a great menu selection!!
Allan D: We came to this club from Calgary for the big event west coast 400 last week, it was fantastic event , the fertility are great , the club manager William ,Jason ,Gero and all the stuffs volunteers finished this hard work of around 10 days, championship level targets in my opinion. Enjoyed everything here, we were allowed used the power and water for free during the events, very organized and successful events, I am so excited been the member here from now on, highly recommended to all the shooters, there are skeet, bunker, 5 stand and 14 stations of sporting clays, interesting targets you can learn a lot by practicing here, will be back for sure! Thank you very much everyone have done for our game!!!
Rocky Kahlon: Very good sporting clay facility with trap and skeet. Lots of good people to hang around and learn new shooting tricks. People are friendly and helpful. New clubhouse facility is open now
Indervir Singh: Good management. Everone is super friendly
Prem Marimuthu: A great day! A couple hours of sporting fun for about $50.00
Wally Chan: Just completed my PAL. Awesome course and brilliant teacher. Good range for trap or skid shooting (shoot guns) plenty of parking and friendly people
James Looligan: Came here to do the PAL course, and had a fantastic time! Stavros, my instructor, took the time to make sure things were being understood properly, gave lots of examples and was overall a 10/10 instructor. Will be coming back here hopefully as a member some time soon.
Daniel Adams: This has become a weekly visit for me shooting sporting clays on Sundays. Awesome club run by great people, with tons of friendly members happy to share advice with newcomers
Jeju Lee: No want guest
Mike E: Just finished my certification for PAL with Mike Glas. What an excellent experience. He taught us well, provided some great perspectives from his illustrious career in the RCMP. But he is also kind and patient. Me and my wife did the class and we recommend him to anyone before it’s too late and he retires!!!Thank you Mike and the VGC. We will be back.
AO WANG: One of the best range in Great Vancouver area. Staff and other people are super friendly and helpful as long as you can operate your firearm in a safely manner( not how well you can shoot, only safely handle of your firearm is what’s matters). the range is divided in to trap, international trap, skeet, 5 stands and sporting clay. Bring your own shotgun there is no firearm rental at the range. Range does sell ammunition at a fair price.
Bruce Schei: Friendly people, both users and workers! I had a great time there and plan to return more often!
Reza Taleb: I Went for My PAL, Restricted and non-Restricted License in VGC With Mike Glass, Super Lovely Guy, very well informed and gave me lots of insight to the Gun world and took the Core Course with Marc, Very nice hands-on and experienced person in all fields of Firearms that you can learn a lot from.The Club was also very well organized, nice staff and manager also lots of kind experienced shooters.I Definitely recommend This place.
Yuan Sam: Shot gun only. friendly staff and lots to play here. Trap/sket/sports/5 Stands ....Been a member for over 5 years. Staffs are very experienced shooters and willing to teach. Made lots of good friends here. Always loved it.
Milan Vrekic: Good food. Rude management.
Brian M: Had a great time here
Kristian Lawrence: Went here once to sight in my hunting shotgun on some clays. Was not disappointed.Update : the members are friendly, and if you are new and genuine about learning more on clay sports... This is the place to do it ! I have been to a few different ranges now, and this one has been by far the most helpful in terms of mentorship (for shotgun sports and clays). Highly recommended for rookies to try out.P.s. main rule ! No ammo in the shotgun unless in designated shooting area, and the chamber must always be open ! Oh, and enjoy yourself.
Eric C: Membership is insanely expensive at $250 a year. Open only 3 days a week. And often only running one or two trap houses at a time. Many weekends, they're closed for other private events. When your membership expires and you still have cash on your card, you can't use it until you buy another membership. Meaning you can't use the balance even on an individual day pass.

10. Reliable Gun - Vancouver

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234 reviews
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Reliable Gun
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Address: 3227 Fraser St, Vancouver, BC V5V 4B8, Canada

Schedule: Open until 5:30 PM

Telephone: +1 604-874-4710

Business type: Gun shop

Reliable Gun: what do users think?
Colton James: I recently picked up a hunting rifle and scope. Everyone was super helpful and took the time to explain everything to me and answer all my questions. The best place to go hands down.
Jason Mann: Reliable lives up to its name. Good people working there, helpful and know their stuff. Fair prices and old-school feeling when you visit their shop. No wonder they have been around since 1950. 5 stars
David Key: Dealt with some of the most pleasant firearms store employees I've ever had the pleasure of interacting with.Saw several transactions and discussions taking place, with no mis-information or lack of knowledge. This store educates their employees properly, and they're appear to be enthusiasts at a minimum.Significantly better than my local Cabela's where illegal things have been recommended to me.
Alex Tian: These guys are simply reliable. Highly recommended.
Braeden Adams: Great product selection and service. Even better selection prior to May 2020
Sean Odonaghey: Great staff, everything ya need for hunting
Florence Belanger-Jones: Fantastic service. Thank you for your help Richard.
Sunny Bee: One of the best places to buy ammunition. Reasonably priced as well.
Mohammadreza Fadaee: Guys are AWESOME here, very helpful, welcoming and informative.Special Thanks to Thomas 🙏
Jeremy Davis: Very nice selection nice stuff I was happy I was able to finally stop by
Kelvin Fong: Shane was very professional and took his time explaining the options for my first purchase. No pressure and in his words the store “is a safe place” (no judgement) for gun owners. I will be back to support this company.
Alex I.: Great selection, decent prices, friendly and knowledgeable staff that is fairly helpful with making selections and placing orders.
David Choi: My first time at Reliable Gun. What a great group of guys! All very helpful and willing to assist. They were able to assess my issue and recommend a solution. I will definitely go back.
Ken Niemi: Great place, the police shop here also.
Chris shannon: Great place to shop online. Shipped fast. Great service. Thanks
Travis Parker: Amazing service. Just ordered online had the item faster then what I thought was possible. 6 stars
Sean Alexander: Super helpful guys that spend some serious time getting you the right product. They don't rush you even if the store is busy. Awesome
Garfield li: I bought a ruger ranch 5.56 rifle at this store during black Friday sales, before that I have already shopped at this store several times, all things are fine. But, this black experience made me change my view with this store, with previous trust, this time I didn't unbox the package to check out the product, after arriving home I found out this rifle is the used one, with carbon debris on the muzzle and bolt, plus chamber was scratched. So, Here I want to say never believing this namely reliable store all the time, sometimes it is unbelievable.I update my comments on above contents after receiving a call from a staff of the reliable gun store today, and I accepted his reasonable explanation on the possibility of the incidence. So, I appreciate the positive response from the reliable gun store and good attitude of professional service. re-rate my comment to Five stars.
Peter Byrne: Great Store. Locally owned small-business. (Support your local business!) Excellent selection & service. They know everything. No question is too stupid. Trust me... 😟
Pabs Rh: Awesome staff, quick answer to my inquiries and fast shipping
Drew Diaz: Great shop with knowledgeable people, and wide selection of new and used.(Older photos I wanted to throw in. Not sure if those are still around.)

11. Academie Duello - Vancouver

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70 reviews
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Academie Duello
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Address: 412 W Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1L1, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-568-9907

Business type: Martial arts school

12. Richmond Rod & Gun Club - Club Hall - Richmond

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14 reviews
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Richmond Rod & Gun Club - Club Hall
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Address: 7891 Cambie Rd., Richmond, BC V6X 1J7, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-278-2142

Business type: Event venue

13. Bow Wow Academy - North Vancouver City

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169 reviews
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Bow Wow Academy
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Address: 259 1st St E, North Vancouver, BC V7M 1V4, Canada

Schedule: Open until 7:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-765-7071

Business type: Dog trainer

14. Vancouver Gun Range - Port Coquitlam

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562 reviews
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Vancouver Gun Range
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Address: 1655 Broadway St #201, Port Coquitlam, BC V3C 2M7, Canada

Schedule: Open until 9:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-941-6933

Business type: Gun club

15. Jericho Tennis Club - Vancouver

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120 reviews
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Jericho Tennis Club
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Address: 3837 Point Grey Rd, Vancouver, BC V6R 1B3, Canada

Schedule: Open until 11:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-224-2348

Business type: Tennis club

16. Vancouver Sewing Classes - Vancouver

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120 reviews
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Vancouver Sewing Classes
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Address: 1229 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC V5V 3E2, Canada

Schedule: Open until 9:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-879-2100

Business type: Fashion design school

17. Freedom Boat Club North Vancouver - North Vancouver City

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1 reviews
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Freedom Boat Club North Vancouver
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Address: Spirit Trl, North Vancouver, BC V7M 1A5, Canada

Business type: Lodging

18. Canadian Tire - Vancouver

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2645 reviews
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Canadian Tire
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Address: 2830 Bentall St, Vancouver, BC V5M 4H4, Canada

Schedule: Open until 9:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-431-3570

Business type: Department store

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