Best Aviation Schools Vancouver Near Me

1. Pacific Professional Flight Centre - Delta

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Pacific Professional Flight Centre
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Address: 4340 King St Unit 6, Delta, BC V4K 0A5, Canada

Schedule: Open until 8:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-952-4635

Business type: Flight school

Pacific Professional Flight Centre: what do users think?
tim c: To be more specific with my review:The previous owner, John Montgomery and his wife left a few years ago. It used to feel like a family owned business but as a student, you'll really just feel like a number. If you want to feel ignored then this is the school for you! If you want to bring up a concern with the CFI or the "assistant cfi" good luck because theyre apparently "too busy" which just tells me that they have wayy too many students!! I would stay clear and look elsewhere if you want a positive learning environment!This school used to be good but like others have said, it's declined ever since new management took over (around 2018ish). The clerks at the front desk aren't very helpful either. I got my PPL there but wouldn't go back.
Nirmal Babu: Best place to learn how to fly. Flight instructors there are just 🙌🏻
Vinutha Cheruku: Had a great experience! Looking forward to many more! ✨
Alissa Hassan: If you want to be MILKED for money and hours and not get your license for a good year and half and help your instructor get pic hours and have them over charge you for briefs they didn’t do then this is the place to be!But wait it doesn’t stop there, the instructors may in some cases even physically and verbally assault you in the cockpit (speaking from personal experience) and make you aimlessly build dual hoursBut guess what the cfi knows but does nothing about itThey just care about money and the instructors see you as their personal atms.Also honourable mention goes to their dispatch staff straight up rude and act like they run the place (they’re students at the school as well but put themselves above the other students like they’re higher class citizens of the school) its as if they get paid to goof around and attend to their personal agendas rather than attend to the students need or address the concerns of potential customers.You can stay up till 12 am to book your desired aircraft a month prior only for dispatch to change it last minute because they or one their friends want to fly that specific aircraft and be put on standby and believe me (as a former student) it was hardly ever changed cuz of maintenance or for a flight test.In conclusion, yes they are a really big and famous school but dont live up to their previous reputation at all they have a plethora of issues but it would make the review far too long so save your money and time and look into other BETTER schools. I absolutely do not recommend. I would give it zero stars but they don’t have that option.PS before they comment this is false claims made by a competing school id like to say, yes this is a burner account because i would like to remain anonymous as i was victim of said assault at this school but will gladly name check if need be.
Adam Robertson: This is a very professional and wonderful place to do Flight Training. Everybody is helpful, friendly, and extremely knowledgeable. They have a well maintained large fleet of Cessna 172s and 152s. Looking forward to fly the Cirrus this summer. I would highly recommend them to anyone that's looking for flight training.
Poul Go: I finished all my pilot training including instructor's rating at Pro. Extremely grateful of my time here with them, from being a student pilot to becoming a flight instructor. They molded me as a person and as pilot throughout those years, and easily were some of my most memorable flying experiences. When I moved on to become a Medevac First Officer in Manitoba, I can finally attest that the IFR training I received from them was top notch. Never a doubt it had the branding of "Pro IFR". Pro has some of the best methods, lessons and instructors in the industry. It helped me transition and become a good First Officer, hand flying a Metroliner Aircraft. I will be forever grateful. Those in the know, train with Pro!
Waleed zafar: Hello!I'm a new international student here, but I haven't started my ground school yet.But I must say staff was so helpful, whenever I mailed them they replied to me and helped me and guided me properly that's why I'm here in Canada.
Abbey Moore: Corrupt organization. If I can rate zero stars I would.. This place discriminates and is the most Unprofessional place. The owner needs to reign in and handle what goes on at this "school".
Khush J: Great flight training experience!!
savio sabu: One of the best flight schools in lower mainland with an amazing fleet of aircrafts.
Ijas Naraparambil Najeeb: The staff were really professional and had fun flying to Campbell River.
Zafrul Siddique: It used to be a good place for learning to fly, BUT……It quickly deteriorates since 2018. The dispatch at this place have way too much power, beyond that all what they do is gossip, judging students at the back, and some instructors do not play very positive roles here, including overcharging students on ground, play preferences over certain students.A portion of students, such as Louise, finished all his trainings in really short time, where all other student who started way earlier than him, cannot even get a training slot at all!The management team serious have to do something, the dispatch has really messed everything up.
SSMustafa 267: I did email them a few times and they did respond promptly, the management seems friendly.
Walter R: What an amazing experience. Three of us did the introductory flight here. It was such an amazing time flying the Cirrus aircraft. Thank you for giving us a taste of the pilot life! Some of us will be getting our training soon I’m sure!
If Yuchil: The training costs are getting higher and higher.
Shreyash Patel: Really great for flight training, I've done my cpl and ppl training from here. The fleet for 172 and 152 are sufficient.
Amirhossein Samimi (Amir): My great flight school
Kenneth kosi Etukokwu: Best flight training school ever..thou I am yet to start my flight training in the school..I wish they give half scholarship and my parents will do the I can start my training ASAP..
RJ Kaloti: Critical:Communication,Quality,Value
Anam Hussain: Had fun flying thier Piper Warrior. Fun experience.
Mehdi Haloui: This school has been running for years. From what i've experienced, Staff is Friendly and helpful ! I believe they have good instructors although quite young, mine is one of the best ! It is also a busy school, but if you are serious about your training you will progress fast and get Valuable skills.

2. Eton College Canada - Vancouver

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Eton College Canada
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Address: 333 Terminal Ave #706, Vancouver, BC V6A 4C1, Canada

Schedule: Open until 6:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-677-3866

Business type: Hospitality and tourism school

Eton College Canada: what do users think?
Becky Vu: I’m currently a student enrolling in the flight attendant course and I’m really enjoying it so far. My instructor Deepa Sagar is an amazing instructor, she takes her time to explain every procedure in detail and is extremely patient with us. She’s interactive and makes sure her students are comfortable at all times and teaches us valuable lessons.I’ve learned a lot in the last two weeks and I would highly recommend this course to anyone who’s looking to get into the flight attendending
Maje Abad: Grateful to have studied in Eton College, Vancouver, BC. The Staff and my Instructor Deepa Goel are very supportive and understanding especially for our learning and career goals. They gave us useful and practical tips in the flight attendant preparation program. I highly recommend this school especially to those who wants a career in commercial aviation industry.
Miyu Oya: What I learned in Flight Attendant Preparation Program is very helpful in becoming a flight attendant, and 'm satisfied with that. However, if I have to say one of the points that is not good, the content was not enough for the class hours even though the instructors are very nice.
Kathleen Valeroso: Currently studying FAPP and learning a lot about aviation, I'm happy to have Deepa Goel as my instructor she teaches so well and always makes sure that we understand the lesson.
abc: The classes are pretty good; my teacher always gives us presentation opportunities and enough education. What I hate most is the management. They don't give us a schedule until the first day of the semester although we've been asking for the schedule for a week. I didn't know that I have afternoon classes until today; which is the first day of the semester. Work on management and give enough info to all the students, please. That's the main part of the office job and it's not functioning at all.Edit;What a collapsed management. PLZ DO YOUR WORK, OFFICE PPL. Update the ampeducator. How do I know I am supposed to have classes if it's not updated.Their management is awful recently. It seems like they don’t even know how to reply back to students’ email. This school is only giving us frustration, just avoid spending so much money here. Trust me.
Heather Pace: I absolutely loved the program and would highly recommend it to anyone who is wanting to become a flight attendant. Joy is an incredible instructor. She makes learning fun and entertaining with all of her flying stories. I like that the program covers every single aspect of the job from customer service to how to prepare for the interviews, to safety, plus a basic history of aviation, procedures, and much more. I feel confident and ready to apply for a job.
Sharni Kc: Eton College canada is currently offering many online courses due to CV. The physical college itself is in downtown Vancouver near the sea and science centre. A train station is also at a walking distance. Eateries n Starbucks too. A very convenient location but courses are conducted online for now. They have partnership with universities in a few many countries abroad too. More on the way. Please check Eton College website for details.
Hannah Romano: If you're looking for a school in business ad, travel and tourism, hospitality management and flight attendant preparation program then Eton college is the perfect school for you. I'm currently taking up hospitality management and flight attendant preparation program, so far it has been a wonderful experience. They have amazing instructors and friendly faculty staff which made it easy for the students to focus and learn.
Camille Rhexene: I’m currently a student here and the instructors are wonderful and friendly!
Megan Taylor: I’m currently enrolled in the Flight Attendant Preparation program, and so far it has been a wonderful experience!
Li Michael: This place is sucks!!! after I paid the registration fee and everything they’ve been asking me if I m capable of taking the course and then they said that Did not pass the entrance exam so I clearly asked them to return my money back but they Refused to return my money back $250 plus $100 and then if I’m not qualified or Fitted to the cours that I have chosen they have to return my money back
Zaya Roma: Exactly what bill said below. I "studied" here 3 years ago, it was the most expensive waste of time of my entire life. Still paying back student loans for a Diploma which is completely meaningless. They are not there to "teach" to you anything, they are strictly a business (in disguise as a school) looking to scam money out of (mostly international) students.
Eileen Zhang: It is too expensive!
K Crosby: Very unorganized & untruthful school. Rude, condescending instructors hired from Craigslist. A favouritism hierarchy is placed on students. Great for international students however, who dont have to do a practicum to graduate. School states they are in it to help students, when only want the tuition (plus tge extras tgey charge you in cash through the year)
Anonymous Anonymous: Everything has a price, you cant eat in class, with projects you have to buy all your material. everything is common sense. expensive school. I personally did not like the school.

3. InFocus Film School - Vancouver, BC - Vancouver

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InFocus Film School - Vancouver, BC
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Address: 554 Seymour St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1J5, Canada

Schedule: Open until 6:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-915-6900

Business type: Vocational college

InFocus Film School - Vancouver, BC: what do users think?
Elena Rois: Hight quality teachers! Giving you tips and material from the real world as a graphic designer, you will work on projects where you will apply all the theory learned and you will see your evolution if you keep practicing and making an effort. The teachers are very attentive to any doubts you may have or if you have any problems during the course that need special attention. They also create a healthy work environment among classmates where you receive constructive feedback, where group work and learning other styles is encouraged. My experience in this school has been very good and I am grateful for everything I have learned to each of my teachers and classmates.
Alex Mcghie: With so many schools to choose from I'm extremely thankful I decided to attend InFocus. The staff at the school are incredibly kind and helpful making the process easy from start to finish. I was in the Graphic + Digital Design Program and the instructors were absolutely hands down the best you could ask for. They are available outside of class hours to help with any problems, and truly go above and beyond to help students succeed. There is extensive feedback for on going projects and hands on, in class work throughout the entire program that facilitated learning and continued improvement on skills and projects. Each project is unique and correlates to skills and knowledge required in the industry. I can honestly say this program rivals many degree and diploma programs as the amount of skill and the projects gained upon graduation is incredible. I have never felt so proud of the work I've done and have had so much fun doing it. I can't say enough good things about the school and I recommend InFocus Film School to anyone who is looking to learn and succeed with a career in graphic design.
Haley Vowels: I enrolled in the Digital + Graphic Design Program and graduated spring 2023. This program is an absolute gem. I was the youngest to ever take this course at only 18 and had no idea the career path I stumbled into. Words cannot describe the abundance of design knowledge I learned in only 6 months, it makes me feel like I've finished a 2 year college degree.This is big props to the incredible and carefully chosen instructors that are teaching from passion and sharing their design secrets from their own careers. You'll be pushed and challenged the entire way but it will all be worth it when you leave with a professional portfolio, resume, business card, website, and a graphic design family.This course sets you up to not only keep up with people that have gotten degrees and been in the working field for years but also excel. Thank you Leila my graphic design mother.
Ed Alexander: The 1 year crash course on film production was great - everything I needed to prepare me for a career in the film industry! InFocus has an excellent group of instructors and support staff who go the extra mile to support our learning.
Grace Wang: Had a very good experience in the Compositing for VFX program. The instructors and mentors are all very knowledgeable and supportive.
Aidan Tong: Very hands-on school with really solid instructors. Instructors that are accomplished and are still working in the industry. Great way to learn while doing.
Victor Lee: My friend made a deposit of $1300 and decided to not start his studies due to school policy and personal issues. He tried to get his deposit back, but the school told him that they wouldn't refund him anyway.This information is not in the contract, and is such a lack of respect with not just all the students in the school, but with the population struggling during the pandemic.
Jelica Rojas: This is an amazing school ! My experience here is extremely good. People are very nice and instructors are very helpful! Coming to this school is one of my best decision to pursue my career as a filmmaker ! I would definitely recommend Infocus Film school. 🤗
Nessie Blanes: Super friendly staff and such an amazing experience.Their Film Production Course is such an amazing experience. Definitely recommends this school over V*S.
Olga Grigoreva: I took their compositing program and it worked great for me. I came in with literally zero photo/video editing experience (not even Photoshop), and a month after graduation I got a job as a compositor in VFX studio here in Vancouver. The course was substantially cheaper than VFS/Lost Boys/Langara's VFX programs, fully online and short-term. I could still work part-time. The best thing about InFocus is that it's small and humble, so everyone up to the director of the school are very approachable and ready to help. They are really there to make sure you succeed, it's great. Also, I got plenty of industry connections and insights through mentors that teach evening classes. Overall, I'd highly recommend this course! And yes, the VFX industry is booming now, so it's a great time to get in.
Zedar Thom: My career started long ago on a communications path and was more of left-brain thinking but with the recent training at Infocus Film School Graphics & Digital Design, I finally had the opportunity to get my right brain cranking in design thinking. It's not all fanciful stuff. With designing, you learn all your life. I had professional instructors with real experiences, plus tons of hard work on my part to complete interesting projects. After graduation, if you are not from Vancouver, you are quite on your own as emails are often ignored. Infocus lacks in post-training strong alumni relationship, as this seems to be done selectively for PR.
Francisco Calvo Tudela: Ha pasado ya un par de años desde que estuve en Vancouver. Me metí en Infocus Film School para estudiar un curso de guión. Por el curso en sí no puedo decir nada, por motivos personales me tuve que ir del país y abandonar el curso casi desde el principio desafortunadamente. Como había estado tan poco tiempo, en el contrato que firmé tenía todavía posibilidad de reembolso de una parte del coste del curso. Aquí es donde me encontré el problema con esta academia, pasaba el tiempo y no me llegaba nada. Fue una desilusión grandísima ver como caducaban los deadlines y todavía no recibía el dinero del reembolso.Tuve que empezar a enviar mensajes al encargado de esta gestión para pedir por favor que me devuelvan la parte que me tocaba, siempre me decía que más adelante, más adelante. Pasaron meses tras el deadline del reembolso, meses. Yo asustado de que no me devolviesen el dinero dije que iba a contactar con un abogado allí en Canadá, no funcionó, sentí que se estaban aprovechando de que yo estuviese en España, muy lejos, y por tanto difícil para mi mover hilos allí. Puse una reseña negativa en Facebook en el grupo de Españoles en Vancouver contando esto mismo y me contactaron super rápido: o quitaba la reseña negativa o no me devolvían mi dinero... Real. Tal cual. Con esto creo que ya lo he dicho todo. Por ir de buenas, sin complicarme la vida, quité la reseña y me devolvieron el dinero en cuestión de días, actuaron rápido, lo hicieron de forma extraña, como en dos partes y con algunas dificultades, pero llegar llegó.En fin, o se estaban aprovechando de mi, de ser un extranjero, o tenían problemas de liquidez y sacaron el dinero de debajo de las piedras, ni idea de cómo se gestiona esta gente.Tras tanto tiempo, y aunque ya tenga mi reembolso, esto tengo que escribirlo para que se conozca la situación que viví con esta escuela, al menos para los españoles que vayan, que tengan mucho cuidado... En caso de que se me responda a esta reseña, tengo emails que confirman todo lo que he dicho, que no os vendan ninguna moto.
Melissa Peterson: I completed the Writing for Film and Television Program at InFocus Film School a week ago and I'm excited to share that I feel fully prepared to find my way and work within the film business. All of the instructors are industry professionals with a deep commitment to story. I left the program with a much better understanding of structure than I went in with and a solid idea about which route will best serve the career I want to build.
Jesse Parker Hart: I had been wanting to go to InFocus Film School for years, and when I finally had my chance to go, it actually exceeded my expectations. Despite having to do the program during the pandemic and mostly over Zoom, the instructors and faculty made it so that we still had an amazing educational experience. I love that we got to dabble in all aspects of filmmaking, and really had the chance to try everything out, beyond just a superficial level. The instructors were all very experienced in the industry and had valuable insights to pass along. The program challenged me and pushed me out of my comfort zone but always within a healthy and reasonable limit. The program is set up so that it's really what you make of it: all the tools are at your disposal, you just have to put your mind and hands to the task, and learn how to work as a team. You are really given the opportunity and support to make award winning short films before you even graduate.
Terra T: Great faculty and nice staff, my learning experience was amazing!I took their 3D Animation and VFX program.I had no prior knowledge to 3D animation and vfx other than I was passionate about the cinematic world. Every mentor had great patience and was able to teach me from scratch. The teachers truly care about the success of their students.The staff continue to help even after my graduation which truly makes me feel like part of a family and community.InFocus gave me the tools and knowledge to pursue my passion!
Amanda Heredia: I have been to a few exciting events organized by this school, supporting their students and the community.
Vadim Venedyukhin: I had a wonderful time at InFocus. The small class size allows students to connect with each other and with instructors. The majority of the lessons involve hands on exercises with careful in-depth guidance from the teachers. There are many projects throughout the program that always include one-on-one meetings with instructors that give support and valuable professional feedback. Both international and domestic students of different backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs are treated with equality and understanding. Some instructors also come from different parts of the globe such as Russia, Brazil, and Europe, so chances are you will be able to speak your native tongue with someone in the school. Located at the heart of Vancouver it's a great place to meet industry professionals and get inspired by the big budget movies being filmed on the streets nearby.
Hadeya Dominic: L’école de infocus film était très méchante enver ma mère. Infocus avait un conflit avec ma mère et aulieu de le ressoudre ils ont décider de répandre des mensonge sur elle. Pendant que notre mère nous preparait notre repas elle a reçu un appel téléphonique. La personne sur l’autre bout parlait avec ma mère dans une manière très méchante. Quand ma mère voulait l'ui poser des questions la personne sur l'autre bout a simplement racrocher le téléphone sur sa face. J'ai seulment 15 ans et s'était triste voir comment méchante cette école est envers ma mère.
Jake De Pedro: Having no experience with 3D but always being something that caught my interest I decided to take the 3D animation program at Infocus Film School. I have learned so much, and was given the right advice for my portfolio- from industry professionals!Miguel is an amazing coordinator that ensured that we always were taken care of! My modelling mentor Arturo along with my animation instructor (Selman) and my Lighting instructors Kiruthiga also spent countless hours giving me constructive criticism and ensuring that the end product was worth showing.A few months after graduation and after applying I was offered a position at Mainframe Studios. I want to thank the entire staff at infocus for working their magic and rolling out their online program in record time!I am still to this day very thankful and highly recommend to work hard !
Adam Dien: I did the 3D animation & VFX program and had a phenomenal experience. The instructors are clearly not about it for a salary, they truly care about you and your success. To name name's the instructors I had at the time were Miguel Rodriguez Suarez, Arturo Baccio, Kiruthiga Mahalingam and Selman Kantarci. No matter who will be your instructors I am confident they will continue to hire and find kind and capable industry professionals.If you truly give this program your all for the year they will help you get you to your entry level dream job. I thought many times that I could teach myself since you do most of the hard work and self teaching, but having a mentor to guide you really makes the difference and found myself learning something I would never have thought to google or made a connection from my modelling class to be useful in animation that I wouldn't have necessarily got on my own. They teach you from the ground up and once you know the basics they give pretty much strictly feedback on what it is to look for. The way they do feedback is exactly how it is done when you get your first job, and I felt I was well prepared when I got my first animation job. I look back and think about how a year ago I was working part time at the grocery store and now I am a junior animator from my 1 year at Infocus.Give it your all, give that whole year, no distractions dedicated to the schooling as much as you can. Always want to keep learning and don't take the criticism to heart because they know what's expected to get a job and only want you to get better is my advice. I am very fortunate to have gone to this school.
Grecia Paez: I was in the Film Production Program. It's intense but very useful, as someone who didn't know anything, I learned a lot. The teachers are all very caring and ready to guide you in whatever you need. The school is small but has more than enough (equipment, etc) to offer its students through their program. All in all, a good investment for the start of your filmmaking career.

4. A Fastrack success driving school / Quality Low priced driving lessons-Best Female/male Driving Instructors- Surrey, Vancouver, Burnaby, Langley, Port-coquitlam, Newwest- Cars for ICBC road test available. CALL NOW- - Surrey

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A Fastrack success driving school / Quality Low priced driving lessons-Best Female/male Driving Instructors- Surrey, Vancouver, Burnaby, Langley, Port-coquitlam, Newwest- Cars for ICBC road test available. CALL NOW-
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Address: 8158 152 St unit 2, Surrey, BC V3S 3M4, Canada

Schedule: Open until 9:30 PM

Telephone: +1 778-834-5898

Business type: Driving school

A Fastrack success driving school / Quality Low priced driving lessons-Best Female/male Driving Instructors- Surrey, Vancouver, Burnaby, Langley, Port-coquitlam, Newwest- Cars for ICBC road test available. CALL NOW-: what do users think?
Kat I: Mr. Kam is the best!!! From all the schools in Surrey I did some research and decided to go with A Fastrack Success driving school. It exceeded all my expectation. They are professional and reliable. My instructor was Mr. Kam. He is an excellent teacher. His teaching method is very clear, detailed and focused on all the important aspects. He was very friendly. He new how to encourage me to become a better driver and he helped me feel confident behind the wheel. I felt comfortable to ask all questions that I had and he was able to clear all my doubts. His knowledge and experience helped me pass my road test. I highly recommend A Fastrack Success driving school and Mr. Kam.
Andrew T: I recommend Fast track driving school for anyone learning how to drive in Surrey. By far, their services offered the best driving teachers I had experienced. Rudy and Alice, as my instructors, are so supportive; their calm and non-anxious presence was what enable me to pass my test.Thank you so much!
Emaculae Magdadaro: I am a new immigrant with over 10 years driving experience in the Philippines but I falied twice in my class 5 road test in BC. I took some lessons before my first and second road test but still failed because I did not fully understand the rules while driving. Not until I enrolled in Fast Track Success Driving School. Rudy and Alice explained to me clearly the things that I needed to pass the road test even the shoulder check which I found irrelevant before. Thank you, Alice and Rudy, for being very patient with me and helping me pass my 3rd road test. I highly recommend Fastrack to anyone needing guidance and honest feedback during the drills. It helped me a lot to finally pass the road test.
Andrew Mcbrien: Rudy and Kam are awesome instructors and I highly recommend them:)
Rajabu Mzenga: was super cool and friendly. Skill test went super smooth and was able to drive confidently and passed it. Really thankful to instructor for being such welcoming. Again thanks Rudy and Alice
Kat K: Passed my class 5 today after a lesson with Alice. Helpful and recommend!
Darlene Salceda: I booked a 10hr lesson package + vehicle rental about 3 weeks out from my road test having only ever driven once or twice pre Covid! I was worried the timing was too tight but they were able to accommodate multi hour lessons to make the most of our availability. I’m happy to say I was able to pass with the patience and direction of my two instructors, Rudy and Arman. I would definitely recommend fastrack to anyone looking for affordable, informative lessons!
Christine Kumar (27): Extremely helpful and efficient lessons. They helped me get my Class 5 on the first try. Guess who’s driving everywhere now 😊. Highly recommend their services especially instructor Anirudh (Rudy).
Jibike Majaro: I found out about this driving school through my Sis-inlaw who passed her road test at first attempt and I do not regret enrolling with them for my class 5 road mock test.Beyond the license, i learnt safety tips and how to drive safely and defensively.My story isn’t complete without mentioning the amazing tutors, Arman, Rudy and Alice who gave their best to ensure i passed my road test.I will recommend them to anyone who is looking to enroll for driving lessons in BC. This is the best driving school and you wont regret making them ur first choice
hana adrienne: I recently took driving lessons from A Fastrack Success Driving School and I'm so glad I did. As a beginner driver, I was nervous but my instructor was patient and knowledgeable, and I became confident on the road in a short amount of time. Highly recommend!
Delirii: Everything is very high quality. thanks for the help with renting car for my driving test. Instructor Rudy helped me get ready for test and explained everything clearly. thank him for this
Leo Lombardo: Really good school I passed on my first try after around 7 lessons either way it was a good investment for my skills alongside practice for the test
Bhavye Arora: I recently passed my class 7 (N) road test today. All props to Fasttrack instructors who go by the name Alice, Arman and Rudy respectively. They all taught me so well in just 3 lessons. From brushing up my skills to pointing out the slightest mistakes and practicing different maneuvers, each and everything was excellently explained by the above mentioned instructors. For sure, Fasttrack is definitely a must try if you’re new to the skill of driving and especially if wanting to pass the road test.
Kimberly Swaine: Rudy, Alice, & Arman were amazing instructors! Rudy was very informative and a good teacher. Alice was so sweet and she taught me amazing methods on how to parallel park, reverse parking and shoulder checking. She made me feel comfortable and calm. Arman was my instructor for my warm up today before my road test, he was so nice and had a great sense of humour. He definitely made my nerves go away and taught me how to control the vehicle while parallel parking to avoid hitting the curb. Without these instructors i wouldnt have passed my exam, I 100% recommend this company. Their prices are low and the lessons are so effective!!
Lisa Chong: I passed my road test and got my class 5 license on my first attempt thanks to Alice's great advice and careful instructions. Alice is patient and takes time to ensure that you understand what to do while driving. She always did her best to accommodate my schedule and fitted in my lessons at the last minute. Rudy was also very helpful in providing so many details about how to drive safely. A Fastrack Success driving school has won many awards and is highly rated.No matter where you live or evenwhere your test is, the school will help you gain confidence to pass and get your license!
Angie J: Great Driving instructors! Good, clean cars. Good prices. Alice and Rudy gave good tips and explained rules well. Couldn’t have gotten my license without them.
Mary A: I highly recommend A Fastrack Success Driving School. My instructors Alice, Rudy and Arman were very patient and knowledgeable. I appreciate how attentive and accommodating they were with my schedule. It was an overall good experience.
Lynn Norton: Had a great experience, Alice was an awesome instructor 😀 I passed my class 5 road test flawlessly.Thank you again Alice and Fastrack Success 😀
Hardeep Singh dhillon: I had my class 5 Road test and took just one lesson from Instructor Rudy and passed with excellent rating.He covered everything in two hours and his way of guiding was awesome.
ajay bharti: My son Navy joined a fast rack success driving school to get his license. Luckily he got Rudy and Arman as his instructors. They trained him to drive carefully and confidently on road. He passed first try. I thank Alice for putting him for lessons according to his needs. They are nice people with 100% professional approach. You can also check out for them. Fully satisfied😁
Vron Doria: I Passed!!!thank you so much Alice and Rudy, For all your patience and sharing all the your knowledge in driving. I am grateful that you’re my instructors. Godbless you A Fastrack Succes Driving School😊

5. Canadian Flight Centre - Pitt Meadows

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Canadian Flight Centre
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Address: 11715 Baynes Rd #603, Pitt Meadows, BC V3Y 2V1, Canada

Schedule: Open until 5:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-946-7744

Business type: Flight school

Canadian Flight Centre: what do users think?
Nirwan Marasinghe: I have sent multiple emails requesting Information for the flight training during this week. No one replied me so far. I am very disappointed. A student also told me that they have no communication at all with the students and thers no really guidance.
Nikolay Chernyavskiy: it was an incredibly exciting aero journey. thank you to “Canadian Flight Center” for this opportunity and pilot Santiago for a safe and comfortable flight, for quality professional technical work! see you again and use your services. how many other interesting things around from the air space.
Striker: Money trap for international student.School will charge you extra money for everything. They will refuse to refund the money you paid in advance! They will charge you for tax forms which is illegal!Their maintenance is a complete joke. The PRM is telling students to test flight not airwothy planes.I have spoken with well over 20 students in the last 5 years with this school. Not to mention their CFI who is stripped of her examiner license. School is a complete joke
Chris Prie: As a concerned individual, I feel compelled to share my feedback regarding my experience at this institution. Unfortunately, I have encountered issues that have left me with a sense of dissatisfaction.Firstly, there have been concerns about the handling of financial matters, with a perception that money is being misappropriated from students. Additionally, there have been instances where employees have not been compensated fully and have not been treated with the respect they deserve.In particular, I have encountered challenges with Anna, who has displayed a lack of professionalism and has exhibited arrogant behavior towards employees. It appears that her actions are often driven by personal gain rather than genuine concern for others, and profanity has been used frequently in interactions with employees.Furthermore, there have been allegations of fraudulent practices involving paperwork, as well as students, and employees. This has contributed to an overall negative experience at this place, making it the worst I have encountered.I urge others to be cautious when considering studying or working here. Review posted on google are given before there FT by students as that’s what Anna asks them to do….FAKE!!!!!!
Alex Jidelev: I've had a blast doing my multi engine rating in CFC and I've got my letter of recommend at only 8.7 hours. I am saying "only", because I was doing this rating after my 9-5 work flying twice a week, so initially I thought that multi will take me around 12 hours to get to flight test standards. But their super effective program and talented instructors helped to get this rating in very efficient manner. Looking forward to IFR rating with CFC.Edit:Just finished my Instrument Group 1 with CFC. It was a blast. While I was able to fly only once a week, CFC was able to bring me to (and above) TC standard only within 7 flights. I am extremely happy and 100% recommend.
Peter U: Chartered a flight to Tofino for a day so I could propose to my then girlfriend (now fiancée). Roger went above and beyond in making the experience as memorable and enjoyable as possible. Anyone looking to charter a plane should ask for Roger.
Bert Mickalyk: After ~10yr break I decided to continue on with PPL training and certification. Instructor (James Trounce) accepted me as a student and extremely knowledgeable and patient as I refreshed and improved my fundamentals and progressed to receive my permit. The staff is friendly, atmosphere is welcoming, and an excellent selection of planes to work with. (Such a great improvement from my previous learning center.) I highly recommend training at this fantastic school for anyone just starting out or wants to just dial in on previous skills. I’ve finally found the place to finish this license and potentially continue my aviation education.
Jared Baigent: Such an amazing experience flying with Anna!She is a very kind and genuine person. If you ever want to go fly and want to try aerobatics, I definitely recommend CFC
Sean T: Positive:ProfessionalismPedro!!!!!!
S Shea: Great experience on a checkout flight. The chair flying prior to the flight was thorough and fair. Pitt Meadows is a nice place to fly, you are far enough away from Vancouver to enjoy flying and not worrying about radios and a lot of traffic.
Bbsito Beyo: Nice instructors, nice teachers with a big experience and knowledge, airplanes in very good conditions on a airport with calm winds and great weather!!
Matvey Ivanov: Positive:Quality,ValueDoing PPL with Canadian Flight Centre - very happy with the service. Keep it up!
Chi “Tinman”: The school does a notable job at teaching its students to always look and learn to think efficiently and collectively- questions asked are always answered as well! As long as you are willing to put in your own effort into said program (in my case PPL), it definitely pays off for both yourself and the school staff.Shoutout to my instructor Johnny Zhang who has greatly assisted me in my training by offering additional flight sessions and opportunities whenever possible, as well as dispatch (Jaspreet) and the senior flight staff (Pedro, Peter, Kaizer) for their guidance as well!
Dilreen Gill: Canadian Flight Centre has so far proven to be way better than my expectations. The instructors are extremely helpful, especially James Richard Trounce who i have been training with for my CPL. He always goes the extra mile to assist you and is readily available for any questions. Can't wait for him to start training IFR students toooo. Also, the aircrafts are readily available and they have an amazing fleet, the staff is very welcoming. Definitely recommend CFC if you wish to train efficiently and finish at a quick pace.
roger201288: Very friendly and knowledgeable staff including, the flight instructors Kaizer, Taka, and Pedro, the dispatchers Jaspreet and Mani, and of course the owners; as well as all other employees whose name I do not know. The maintenance staff are great guys as well.Edit:After attending the school more frequently these last few months I have learned the names of the rest of the staff that make CFC great; as well as acquired a new instructor. James Trounce is an excellent teacher with thoughtful explanations and has a clear passion for what he does and how he is present for his students. I have also had the pleasure of socializing with other instructors such James Oh, Johnny, Sergi, and the dispatch staff, Ananya and another kind dispatcher who is new and whose name i have forgotten.
M: I've heard that one of the best things that can happen to you in your journey of become a pilot is landing on a great instructor. I've been one of the lucky ones and can attest to that 100%. A great instructor can make you fall in love with learning to fly or dread every flight. With patience, knowledge and diverse learning techniques, James Trounce has made my experience memorable, comfortable and wonderful. I just hope he starts teaching IFR soon as I'll be seeking him out in not too long.
Aj Wyeth: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Value
1anton711: Real good !
Vova K: Positive:Communication,ProfessionalismPedro is a wonderful instructor, he has helped my friend from Vice media get a lot better at flying! Definitely recommend this flying school.
Tyler Kleine: Positive:Professionalism
coraldestroyer420: nice

6. Canadian Aviation College - Pitt Meadows

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38 reviews
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Canadian Aviation College
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Address: Hangar 72, 18300 Ford Rd, Pitt Meadows, BC V3Y 0C6, Canada

Schedule: Open until 6:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-299-7777

Business type: Flight school

Canadian Aviation College: what do users think?
Balin P: I'm 17 now , when I turnover 18 I'm going to join this flying school. I'm just confused about the accommodation in Vancouver.
Max Tremblay: Who doesn't like planes
ALICIA GUTIERREZ: Please classes Pilot Comercialhelp me
Lee Corin: They arbitrarily charged me admin fee of $250 without any notice or explanation during the process of receiving the balance back, the ‘admin fee’ was not stated in an agreement. Beside, it even took a month to receive my balance after several emailing and calling (no reply for the email). They take time forever when it comes to returning your money.Instructors are nice but just keep this in mind, just in case.
wendy chin: Nice school with supportive instructors and friendly president. Thanks to my instructor Belinda for makes my dream come true!!
oh james: Glad to be a part of team! Staff is very friendly and professional. Happy to work in a healthy work environment!
alano ling: Very responsible and patient instructors. They have great time flexibility since you can make your own schedule.The facilities and equipment are well maintained, and the general area is a beautiful place for flying.
YueRen Zhuo: Well let me tell you guys it is a very awesome place for you who interested in wanting to be a real pilot! Professional instructors and nice school mates also. Nevertheless they have nicely maintained single and Muti Engines aircrafts which are well enough to bring an excellent career for aviation!
Omojibola Azeez: It’s an amazing school, very nice staff and great instructor, My instructor Tom😎 made the journey to my PPL license a breeze. Planes are very well maintain chronologically.
En Yu Fan: Great instructors that teach constructively, only taking over when mistakes go too far. Everyone knows when to be serious or when to have fun and never compromising on safety or clarity. A great atmosphere for prospecitve pilots from any background and with any goal.
Kristina Dicdican: It’s a great school with kind and helpful instructors. (Shout out to my favorite Tom!) They are very professional and was happy, I was able to get my PPL license as fast as possible. Planes were also well maintained and there are enough fleet for us students to use. Overall, could not have asked a better school to help me start my aviation journey.
YG Liu (YG): Having a nice fam flight with this nice and clean aircraft today. The experience is very joyful and exciting. Will definitely try again during snow season.
Thais Bittencourt: I sent an email on the 15th of September requesting information about a course, they didn’t replay . Afterwards I called for an answer twice, I never got back. The school must be good, but the first contact with the client is bad.
ashfaak ashkii: Hi, i am from india. I would like to know that, how many written exams i should clear in order to gain CPL in canada. It would be really great if you could name all the subjects in below comment.Thank you.
Tim Sheehan: Had a gift for a 1-hr flight sim from my wife. Had a blast with a great lesson from Saadeq and by the end of an hour I was basically solo’ing take-off and landing loops in a Cessna. Highly recommend this but watch out you might get hooked and end up going for your pilot’s license! Great way to test the waters of flying without going all-in for flying lessons.
Harry Yu: Atmosphere - ★★★★★Aircraft - ★★★★☆Instructors - ★★★★★Itinerary - ★★★★★Tuition - ★★★★★
ishwarya vardhan: what about the job recruitment after completion of the course??
T O: I am a current student with CAC and I have nothing but great things to say.Everyone there has treated me very well and has been accommodating to my schedule. As I also run a company my time is very valuable to me so this was of huge importance to me.My flight instructor has be absolutely amazing. Going out of his way to help me build the skill and confidence (thank you Sadiq!).I currently have 2 bookings a week and the school is able to accommodate even more if I can find the time. This was a huge plus for CAC. All the other schools I looked at said 1 maybe 2 booking is possible per week. In practice, after speaking with many former and current students at these other schools I found that they were lucky to get 1 or 2 bookings in a MONTH! So if you want to fly and you want to build your skill and hours quickly CAC can make that happen.My hope, as a part time student, is to get my PPL, IR, Multi, Night and finally CPL and I will look to CAC for all of it!
Siyuan Shing: Excellent instructors and responsible school staffs. Highly recommend
Rahul Chaudhary: I think I can't find a better school than this and there are reasons why I am saying so. Firstly there are ample of aircrafts. I have been flying here for two months and until now my flight never got delayed or cancelled because of someone else using the plane. Secondly the staff is really supportive. Over the last two months it feels less of professional place and more like a family. The President, the Instructors everyone helped me out whenever I had some doubt. Many of my friends are doing cpl in New Zealand, Africa, America, India etc. and when I share my in flight experience and my experience with my instructor, I found out that I am being treated in the most friendly manner. In last two months I have learned a lot from my Instructor Saadeq. It really get easy when your Instructor interacts with you as a friend. I can experience betterment in all of flying skills in very less time. To tell you about the flying slots, it's available whenever you want. I literally did 10 flights in 10 consecutive days. Now you can take an idea how supportive the school and instructor are. And the last, the natural beauty around Vancouver, Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge is simply outstanding. I regularly fly among the mountains and do most of my practice over Pitt Lqke. It feels so relieved when you get to enjoy astonishing views over a natural lake while performing stalls and spins. For me this is the best place I can choose to fly.
Nic Lindeque: Excellent flight school! Staff are very experienced, friendly and always helpful. Aircraft are well maintained and in good condition. Awesome clean and modern facilities.

7. Atlas Driving School - Vancouver

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428 reviews
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Atlas Driving School
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Address: 863 W 16th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Z 1S9, Canada

Schedule: Open until 7:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-537-3525

Business type: Driving school

Atlas Driving School: what do users think?
Nicholas Phillips: Irem gave excellent instruction, I passed my Class 5 first try.
Jano Comas: I had a great experience with atlas! I booked with very limited time before my test and got accommodated very well. Tony was one of my instructors and he was very encouraging and helpful in learning. Would recommend 100%!
Fernando Salcido: Andy is a very good instructor, he has a lot of experience, he was always on time.
Muzaffer ULUSCU: Irem you are the best!! Thank you for everything.I had my road test today. I failed twice before this road test and that was my third time that I took it. I had 3+RT. I was good enough but I was always missing 30km/h zones while I was driving. This time, I passed without any fail reasons.Irem is informative and she knows the area very well she took me on the tricky areas, she informed me about the rules and everything whatever I need to know about the road test and general driving Canada.I have bad habits as I have already driving for 15years in Turkey (which is my hometown) but if you are in Canada, then you need to change your mindset according to te rules over here, especially when you are at the intersections! :)Thanks for Irem, I eventually passed my test and I appreciate her. Thank you! 🎈🎈
Alex Bohn: A little suggestion for your booking system. Payment should be the last step in the booking flow when all the details are aligned, not before that. I cancelled my online booking because I was not sure which days were available and if that would fit with my schedule. Thanks.
Jacob Mallari: Had a great experience with Atlas driving school with Andy as my instructor! Passed my road test today, on my first attempt with no mistakes. Couldn’t have done it without him!!
Nemanja Popov: Amazing service and packages which covers everyone's needs, very experienced and patient instructor. Warm recommendation for anyone who requires driving lessons.
DANIEL IGNACIO PEÑA ZEPEDA: Booked the driving test package, thank you Irem I passed on the first try.
Jorge Escriña: Took classes with Atlas. My first instructor was Irem. She was really nice and explained everything with lot of patience. She gave me many advices about the road test, being on every single detail of my general driving. She corrected my mistakes with lot of patience, and being really kind at every moment.My second instructor was Ali. He was also really nice and he took me to the ICBC Road Test. He even gave me water before taking my road test so I can be fresh and relaxed.I approved my Road Test on my first attempt, so I highly recommend Atlas.Great service, really nice people, and better results for me.
Minda P: Minoo is a great instructor, I passed class 5 road test after took a lesson with her! Even just one lesson will help you pass! She has lots of experience, very professional and friendly. You will feel comfortable with her while learning. Choose Minoo is the right choice, lucky me to have her ⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐Thank you Atlas has Minoo ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
naomi n: So far I’ve had a great experience with this school! I decided to try another school since I felt like I wasn’t gelling with my instructor (who was nice) however I was leaving most lessons quite discouraged and not confident.Atlas is very busy however Leanne is fantastic at responding as quickly as she can and being very understanding and efficient. My first lesson was with Minoo which was perfect since I’m a very nervous driver. My second lesson with Andy was amazing!!! Nervous as always but we spent 2 hours and in that time I felt like I was more confident than ever. I actually left the lesson looking forward to more. I can honestly say I wish I made the switch sooner. Andy is so calm, delivers feedback so professionally, easy to talk to and you can see that he really enjoys what he’s doing. I’m sure all the instructors here are great but you gotta request Andy.Thanks Atlas for your great services and helping me get more confident within 2 hours vs the 10 lessons I had elsewhere.
Valerian Ratu: Minoo, Sayed, and Keyvan were all very helpful, kind, and patient as I went through the learning process. They helped me gain the confidence to pass my exam! Also a shoutout to Leanne who dealt with all my reschedules gracefully :)
Nima Bakhshi: I had the opportunity to take five classes with Minoo. Minoo is a great professional instructor with an immense ability to communicate driving skills effectively. My skills improved tremendously during these five sessions and I was able to pass my road test in the first attempt. Highly recommend to anyone interested in learning/improving their driving skills!
Yuheng Wu: Minoo is a really patient and instructive instructor and she is very helpful. I had a 1.5 hour lesson with her and learnt a lot. Really recommend
Luiz Fortini: Rez is awesome!! Always on time and very polite! He is a great instructor! First time taking the test and got approved!
Arvin Leroy Leuterio: Minoo! The best driving instructor! Very professional and cares about the student she’s teaching! 👍
Amanda: As a driver who sees the Atlas vehicles on the road, I am surprised by the excellent reviews. The times I have driven behind the vehicles, with or without a student, they have slowed down busy traffic since they did not keep to the curb lane. Other times, the instructor weaved in and out of traffic. Would be helpful to signal sooner if anyone plans to cut off other drivers.
Dacia Gabriela Higuera Barreras: Very good school, the instructor Steve is very good and patient, he explains everything super clear. I passed my exam of class 5. Thank you very much.
Pham Kim: I passed my N road test on first try thanks to Chris. He is an amazing instructor, super patient and professional. Highly recommend Chris to anyone who is taking the test soon!!!!! I can’t say thank you enough to Chris, you are awesomeeeee
Ronald Meisner: Minoo is an awesome teacher I passed first time no issues I wouldn't want anyone else teaching me!!!

8. GLT Driving Academy, North Vancouver Driving School, Professional Driving Instructor - North Vancouver City

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111 reviews
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GLT Driving Academy, North Vancouver Driving School, Professional Driving Instructor
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Address: 105 Keith Rd West, North Vancouver, BC V7M 1L1, Canada

Schedule: Open until 5:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-771-2878

Business type: Driving school

GLT Driving Academy, North Vancouver Driving School, Professional Driving Instructor: what do users think?
gianna omenetto: Jayson has been a great instructor. He is so patient and attentive, always very encouraging and positive. He is the best in the city!Thank you again, Jayson, and..."in bocca al lupo" for everything
Anton Ricafort: Jayson was an excellent instructor! He helped me pass on my first try!
avril kenneally: Had the best experience with Jayson! I could not recommend Jayson enough to anyone who is doing their road test. I had barley driven the first day I met Jayson and a few lessons later I have my N!Jayson is so knowledgeable about what is expected on the road test and explains it in the easiest way possible that really makes you understand. He is also extremely kind and makes the whole experience a positive one. The BEST driving instructor out there, no question about it!!! I am very grateful to Jayson for getting me through my road test, all the credit goes to him!
Alberto Piras: Jayson is a really great instructor. He helped me learn the Canadian rules and improve in those areas I needed to get my driver license. Also, he's very friendly and the lessons were very enjoyable. I'm grateful for his help!
Adnan Semanic: First of all, Jayson is a good man, kind and patient, with a lot of knowledge and information that will be so useful not just for you to easy pass the road test, but for your future driving as well. He helped me a lot, and as you can see here I'm not the only one saying that, so Jayson's five star google review is 100% genuine. Stay the best Jay and best of luck!
Gabriel: Jayson is an excellent istructor. He is patient, gives practical and great instructions. Also very very knowladgable about information that is not easy to find! Great experience. Got my class 5!!
Jonna Mae Gutierrez: The best instructor ever! Kudos to Jayson ❤️
Joseph Lagos: I had the best experience during my driving lessons. Thanks to Jason for his genuine support and his strict compliance lessons that will enable you to pass your road test with flying colours! Drive up to North Vancouver and take your road test lessosn with them!
Jerose: Thank you Jayson, couldn't have done it without you. Never had experience in driving but through you i able to gain my confidence and knowledge in driving. Finally got my license and i can't thank u enough for being so patience with me.Highly recommended
Rechelle Bueno: Can't thank enough how he polished my driving skills. It's highly recommended.
Gabriel Belarmino: I passed my road test today on the first try, Thanks to Kuya Jayson for making sure I’m ready before I take my test, He is very knowledgeable, professional and also friendly. Highly recommend! 👍🏻 Kudos Kuya see you on the Road!!
Andrew Mel Cava: I used their services for my first try on road test. I passed the test. I'm really thankful to Jason because he taught me well and he made sure I will pass. Highly recommended!! I'll contact him again for my wife's driving lessons! CHEERS to JASON!!
Anar Kazimov: Best school I have been to. They are perfect, recommend! I passed my exam from a first attempt
Frederick Goss: Today I passed my road test. I am a mature driver (ahem) with 20 years experience and had to do a conversion of my South African drivers license. I, like many experienced drivers had to unlearn some bad habits and I have to commend Jayson for his exceptional and focused training. He was very patient and very diligent and I would highly recommend him. Thanks Jayson !
jessica siapno: Just passed my driving test today. Thanks to Kuya Jayson. I was lucky enough to have him as my instructor, he was so pleasant, patient and knowledge about all things like all the driving tips. Thanks to his guidance. Would definitely recommend. 😊
Esmeralda Bucosa Lopez: Fantastic Teacher!! Thank you Jayson!
Kim Alexis: Couldn't have done it without Jayson! He's great with instruction and is extremely patient. He posses this uncanny ability to calm your nerves (and I had plenty). Would recommend 10/10.
Michele Boueri: Jayson helped me refresh my driving skills to be able to convert my driver's license. He was extremely patient and helpful . He gave me all the tips that I need to succeed. I was able to pass from my first time!
Liz McCusker: I got my N license on the first try, thanks to Jayson. His lessons were very good and he made sure I was ready for the test. Thanks, Jayson! My Mom is super happy, too.
Lorie Grecia: Highly recommend Jason, he is so patient and very clear in explaining all the specifics to remember before taking the road test. Would recommend 2 or more lessons. Kudos Jason, and thanks
Christy A: Jayson was absolutely great. I took three lessons with him and knew exactly what to do, and passed the road test confidently.

9. VFS - Administration, Acting for Film & Television & Writing for Film, Television & Games - Vancouver

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199 reviews
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VFS - Administration, Acting for Film & Television & Writing for Film, Television & Games
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Address: 198 W Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1H2, Canada

Schedule: Open until 5:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-685-5808

Business type: Educational institution

VFS - Administration, Acting for Film & Television & Writing for Film, Television & Games: what do users think?
Robert Wilkinson: It takes genius to recognize genius, and there is no guarantee the teachers are even at average IQ. There wasn’t anyone courageous to do anything provocative it was a total waste of money. Kevin Smith left the school and got a refund, he used that money to make Clerks. Don’t go if you have any artistic fiber of your own.It’s no honour to be accepted there, they’ll accept anyone who will pay the outrageous tuition.I seriously doubt they read the script I submitted.
faraz bahrami: Lots of movies and shows are coming out of this city, still waiting on a good one. I blame it on these guys.know nothings
Victor Valdes: One of my biggest regret was attending this school for Game Design and now I'm paying the price for it (figuratively and literally).Why pay tens of thousands for a one year tuition when there's already plenty of great resources about game development available for free online? There is absolutely no knowledge that they teach that isn't already available on the web.Attending this course will not guarantee employment in the industry at all. Please don't be fooled by their misleading marketing statistics.I don't mean to discourage anyone from pursuing a career in game design, I'm just saying there's much better alternatives than this diploma-mill school.Just keep in mind: most of the people who created your favorite games didn't go to these types of schools for game design, they went to schools that specialized on art or programming specifically.
Ash Green: I have a few criticisms to make as someone who graduated from the acting program. VFS is a program that is set up in such a way that basically anyone who was already poised to successfully make it in the industry before graduating will be the ones who actually make a career in acting. As someone who was in the acting department I feel as though there probably wasn't enough criticism on people's acting abilities so people who maybe needed it wouldn't grow in the ways they need to. It's structured in a way where everyone is a loving family and when you're there you'll feel like everyone is your best friend but In the cutthroat competitive world of acting this "everyone loves eachother and is best friends" mentality isn't how people get roles. There isn't really much collaboration with other departments aside from film production and the projects you work on when you collaborate with them are not used as demo reel footage when you graduate. There's also virtually no collaboration with the animation department which I feel like would be detrimental in learning about the world of voice acting and again that doesn't go into your demo reel either. Instead your demo reel is a cut of you standing against a black wall re enacting scenes from movies and tv shows and your voice acting demo reel is comprised of you writing a character to act and reading off of material that already exists and already has a voice actor so again you're not really bringing anything unique to your demo reel. Having certain classes and teachers be on your resume certainly is helpful when contacting agents but I feel like there's not enough collaboration that can be used to showcase your growth and ability as an actor and I hope VFS can recognize this and adjust their curriculum to not just "encourage" collaboration (and by encourage I mean sort of off handedly saying "oh yeah animation students sometimes need voice actors for projects you can do that I guess") it would be significantly better if these collaboration were baked into the learning experience and were part of the curriculum so that 1- you can learn about networking in a way that allows you to actually learn about what collaboration with different people on projects is like and 2- you could then use that project as a part of your demo reel. I feel like if this were adjusted and we didn't spend so much time on making other students read a monologue about other students traumas in front of them we might see a higher rate of successful actors who graduate from this program.
Jessamine Salas: ACTORS BEWARE!!! When you work on a VFS set, expect to not get your footage at all. I've been waiting on a couple of mine since 2019.We work to get footages and add them on our reels, showcase it to our agents, and to potentially work. But we can't even do that because the students don't reply to our emails any more once production has been done.
Reid Larson: During the admission process you have to submit a story or piece of your work. I had little writing experience and what i wrote was honestly not very good. The guy told me though that it was so interesting and the characters were so interesting and that he was "honestly impressed" blah blah blah. So I thought hey maybe I am better at this than I thought. Later I overheard another student saying what that same guy told her, and it was word for word identical to what he siad to me. They lied to me and told me what I wanted to hear.With what I know now about script writing and the other stories I have wrote there was no reason he should have told me that draft I sent in was any good. just don't let them butter you up
Wahid Alam: online the sarvish,s,can only 📞📞62.. GLOBAL
Paul Kalkman: Got me this far
Ra: For anyone interested in enrolling into the VFS’s writing program - DON’T. When you graduate, you’re back on your own. There will be no connections in the industry. They bite off way more than they can chew and trying to get quality one on one time with the teachers is rare. If you want to learn how to write a screenplay, google a screenplay of your favourite movie/television show and there ya go. Emulate it, add in your original idea and boom, you’re now a screenplay writer. Just one last tip, it’s not the credential (VFS diploma) you have, it is who you know that lets you into the industry.
Crystal Smith: The structure is great, good teachers and studio. BUT super expensive for what they really give to you. They promise to teach you so many things in just a year program and may be too overwhelming for the student. For acting is a good school, for 2d animation also a good school. For visual effects, Lost Boys or Capilano University are much better than VFS. For game design VFS is the best for sure.
Dan Riesen: My starting point to get into filmproduction! Nice Stuff and an excelllent education. Happy to be a alumni!
Floway: Very good, teachers are experienced, and understanding. Their ciriculums are organized very well so its not stress ful to the students, if you meet Ms. Kristine say hi for me :)
Marcelo Diniz: Critical:Professionalism,Quality
Dallis Swiatek: I STRONGLY warn international students that this program does not provide a post graduate work permit. In the schools advertising they imply that they are providing you with industry connections and fast tracking your career but once you are graduated if you are not a resident Canadian you are on your own and most students end up going back home. International students will likely not find the industry connections they want here if they cannot get a work permit some other way.
Billy Bob: Graduated from the film production program. Myself and everyone I talked to in my class about it agreed that we should have gone to a different film school. It's not worth the money or time. The level of education is so low that they were literally showing No Film School YouTube videos in class.One person committed suicide while I was there. I know that one of my class mates had a thankfully unsuccessful suicide attempt. Everyone in my class that I talked to about it said their mental health suffered because of the school.The TA's I talked with all said the school has an increasingly negative reputation in the industry. Some of my class mates got jobs as PA's and said they stopped telling people that they went to VFS because of the reactions they got.I wish I could get a refund and a year of my life back.
Geralda Matias: Ayumi minha yu
tenedria: (game design - 5 years ago)Overall their handling of learning disabilities is abysmal at best. Hopefully they improved, and no longer stigmatize people with learning disabilities. This was years ago, but my experience there was traumatizing. I must add this treatment is regardless of what your grades are. Even if you have 90-100% they still act like you are failing class.I'm not giving 1 star because I did learn a lot in the short time I was there. However I went to a different school and they teach the same thing.Another down side of VFS is that their courses are not individualized. This means if you want to focus on learning 3d modeling, UX design or programming, you won't be able to.The facilities are better than what other schools have. However, due to the short school year, you might not have time to learn everything you wanted to learn.
شیدا میار: من وقتی میرم کانادا اون قسمت ونکوور من برای هم تحصیل و هم کار میرم اونجا
Michael Angelo: The best people, they use to come my Michael Angelos Mega Slice Pizza and Donair Shop every day. And it's a great school. Awesome Teachers and bright students
Hemansh goswami: A great school to learn your craft all the instructors are really approchable, I consider myself as an introvert an anti social. to some extent but i had the greatest time in VFS Even though i was an INTERNATIONAL STUDENT it felt like homeworth all my moneyhighly recommended

10. Excel Realty Academy - Vancouver

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308 reviews
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Excel Realty Academy
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Address: 470 Granville St #937, Vancouver, BC V6C 1V5, Canada

Schedule: Closing soon: 4:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-669-6909

Business type: Real estate school

Excel Realty Academy: what do users think?
S Ip: I'm really glad I took the course with Meran. He made it easier to understand all the concepts by breaking it down into a more simple format. I was able to past on my first try thanks to him!
Nina M: Meran is an amazing instructor. He will take the time and effort to make sure you understand all the concepts. I highly recommend taking the class if you want to pass the exam.Once again, thank you so much for all your help Meran :)
GURPREET SANDHU: Thanks Meran for refreshing the entire course in only 12 in-person classes and that really helped me in clearing test again in first attempt. He is the best at clearing the basics and made the course very easy to understand. I strongly recommend him.Thanks once again.....
Chris Allen: If anyone is on the fence regarding passing the UBC appointed exam for the real estate trading license course, you're searches have landed you at right spot with Excel Realty Academy.Excel Realty Academy helped make the extensive amount of study material that you're required to remember into something much more manageable and to the point. No wasting time on nonsense that isn't important - one goal in mind which is to pass the UBC real estate trading exam so you can move on with your career.Excellent study material, study guides, practice exams, etc. are provided with this course that make it much easier to grasp an understand of each subject.I would highly recommend anyone to use Excel Realty Academy's expertise so you can pass this UBC course quickly!Thanks Meran!
Gautam Arora: I got a referral for Meran from one of my friend, who spoke highly of him. I would be the next person to speak highly of him now. Excel Realty Academy has proven to be a top notch Real Estate course tutoring.The study materials are packaged with precise, easy to understand notes, diagrams and exercises. He explained everything very logically and his mortgage calculations are a breeze using his method. I’m so happy to say that I passed my exam in one go and all the tutoring from him was definitely a huge help.Will highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to save time and have a better understanding towards the course. Thank you Meran!
Damien Amirault: Meran is a wealth of knowledge and has all the tools you need to excel in the real estate field. If you are looking for a tution course not only to pass the UBC exam but to fully understand the theory look no further as this is hands down the best option in BC!
Abdul Salam: Meran helped me a lot pass my Real Estate exam. 💯💯
Taylor Ross: Meran is an incredible teacher, he zoned in the important parts of the UBC Real Estate Course and I couldn't have passed the test without him. He saved me hours of studying and I was able to receive my license far earlier than I would have on my own. If you are looking to get your real estate license - Excel Realty Academy is the place you want to go.
Zuvreet Kaur: Meran is most kindest and nicest teacher i came across..His teaching style is simple yet so impactful…I could have never cleared my exam without his mentorship…His study material is so useful and exactly match exam standards…i strongly recommend him for all real estate aspirants
mavin kaur: I was referred to Mehran after having some challenges with my initial attempt. I found Mehran's style of coaching different- his class size was small and there was much more individual approach to each of his students. He is organized, straight to the point and helped my in my areas of weakness.Just sat and got my result and passed my RE Exam. I like to express my thanks to Mehran for your dedication.On to my next level to be a Licensed Realtor.
Bogdan Tarekanov: Recommend to everyone.
Luc Soares: Want to pass your course within 3 months? Take this course... Meran is a knowledgeable expert in the space. He gives you all the tricks in one place so you can pass with flying colours. Highly recommended!
Jeff Severin: Meran at Excel Realty Academy was a huge part of me passing my Real Estate exam. He breaks every part of the course down into small, easy to grasp concept and assures everyone in the class understands. During the course it seemed so far away but now I'm busy working with different clients. Don't hesitate to contact Meran, you won't regret it!
jack graham: Gave me everything I needed to succeed!
Neda Timajchi: Great math strategies, he covered the whole book in a very well-structured program.And of course in a short period of time.
Parham Fanid: I passed my exam at first attempt, thanks to Meran and his amazing study program. Course binder and online chapters explain the course content very well and his classes were very informative and his explanations were in a unique way to make you understand the topics 100%. Thanks for all the support.
Sk Kaur: This is an excellent school, Meran is so experienced instructor that teach students in a very good way leading students pass real estate exam on their first try, I will highly recommend Excel Academy.
Shaelysse Frankland: Can't thank Meran enough for his dedication and commitment to his students. I signed up for Excel Realty on a whim and was pleasantly surprised by the organization and support provided by Excel Realty. Meran helped ease my anxiety, motivate me, offered support and celebrated my victory. I really enjoyed the small classes, the built relationships and Meran's overall dedication to his students and his program. Thank you Meran for everything!Shaelysse
Sandra K: , it's safe to say I've had my fair share of professors/teachers. I can say, with confidence, that Meran is one of the best I've had! He is extremely committed to his students, and does an excellent job at teaching the (often times complex
Kiyomi B: When starting my real estate course, I looked into a few different tutoring courses around the Greater Vancouver area & I am so happy I chose to go with Excel & Meran. I highly recommend going with his course! He is an excellent teacher and explains the material in a clear & concise way. I was especially worried about the math portion of the course & he made the material so easy to learn & those ended up being the questions that I felt most confident about going into the exam. He is very proactive in making sure his course is up to date, and you can tell he has put a lot of hard work into his material. Happy to say I passed my exam on the first go with a great mark and I attribute that to the help of Meran and his awesome course!
Stella Park: Meran is a very good instructor, he actually takes care of his students and his lectures are very detailed and on point! I managed to pass the exam while working full time all thanks to the lectures and study materials. I would recommend Excel academy to anyone that wants to become a real estate professional!

11. Golden Star Driving School - Vancouver

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376 reviews
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Address: 7038 Prince Edward St, Vancouver, BC V5X 3P4, Canada

Schedule: Open until 9:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-341-3300

Business type: Driving school

12. Vancouver Harbour Flight Centre Seaplane Terminal - Vancouver

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216 reviews
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Vancouver Harbour Flight Centre Seaplane Terminal
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Address: 1055 Canada Pl, Vancouver, BC V6C 3T4, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-647-7570

Business type: Seaplane base

13. Pacific Flying Club - Delta

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53 reviews
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Pacific Flying Club
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Address: 4335 Skeena St #4, Delta, BC V4K 0A6, Canada

Schedule: Open until 6:30 PM

Telephone: +1 604-946-0011

Business type: Flight school

14. St. George's Senior School - University Endowment Lands

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81 reviews
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St. George's Senior School
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Address: 4175 W 29th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6S 1V1, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-224-1304

Business type: Private educational institution

15. EC Vancouver English Language School - Vancouver

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41 reviews
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EC Vancouver English Language School
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Address: 570 Dunsmuir St Suite 200, Vancouver, BC V6B 1Y1, Canada

Schedule: Closing soon: 4:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-683-1199

Business type: English language school

16. Blanche Macdonald Centre - Atelier Campus - Vancouver

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182 reviews
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Blanche Macdonald Centre - Atelier Campus
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Address: 410 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6B 0H3, Canada

Schedule: Open until 5:30 PM

Telephone: +1 604-685-5560

Business type: School

17. Fraser Driving School - Vancouver

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158 reviews
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Fraser Driving School
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Address: 1662 E 12th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5N 2A3, Canada

Schedule: Open until 5:30 PM

Telephone: +1 604-454-9337

Business type: Driving school

18. Global Driving Academy Ltd - Vancouver

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209 reviews
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Global Driving Academy Ltd
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Address: 515 W Pender St Unit 251, Vancouver, BC V6B 6H5, Canada

Schedule: Open until 6:00 PM

Telephone: +1 778-554-7740

Business type: Driving school

19. TOPAS Driving School - Vancouver

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118 reviews
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TOPAS Driving School
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Address: 1285 W Broadway #600, Vancouver, BC V6H 3X8, Canada

Schedule: Open until 9:00 PM

Telephone: +1 778-928-6727

Business type: Driving school

20. Best Driving School - Burnaby

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113 reviews
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Best Driving School
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Address: 5050 Kingsway Suite 206, Burnaby, BC V5H 4H2, Canada

Schedule: Open until 9:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-435-4828

Business type: Driving school

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