Best Barnes & Noble Stores Vancouver Near Me

1. Banyen Books & Sound - Vancouver

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Banyen Books & Sound
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Address: 3608 W 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6R 1P1, Canada

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM

Telephone: +1 604-732-7912

Business type: Book store

Banyen Books & Sound: what do users think?
Josef Khamis: Great vibe and nice staff!
Vivienne: whimsical
N D: Staff is always pleasant, polite, and eager to assist as well as knowledgable. The only drawback is they tend not to have new releases for about six months to a year. However, if you’re looking for a book that was published in the last five years, they have excellent bargains. The environment is warm and welcoming and comfortable. Definitely a local treasure.
Andie: Very cool place with so many book options!
BBisson: I love the atmosphere. They have every kind of book you could imagine. I like that they have a wall of tarot cards, wind chimes, candles and jewelry as well.
Jahanbanoo keshari: Go there for nourishing your mind and soul....
Toby Lermer: Great alternative local book store. Very helpful staff.
Fathom Gathergood: I love coming here, we stopped in for nearly 3 hours
Amber Roth Mauk: Beautiful book store with lots of spiritual tools.
Lozen Osecap: Very informative, deliciously spiritual refreshing energy. Lovely staff and good overall atmosphere ❤❤❤
Gandhinath Swaminathan: Great energy. Cannot find such a unique spiritual collection in US.I could find books on Hinduism to reiki to alchemy and all Carl Jung collection. A day is not enough.
Candice Neveu: I've been wanting to go here for awhile so on my solo trip to Vancouver, I made the stop. Took transit from downtown, super easy. The bookstore is amazing. Great depth so plan to take your time an savour. I just browsed but coming with a list would be good too. Left with 4 books, a Hafiz oracle deck and a few bits for my sacred space at home. Pleasant staff, lots of little reading nooks.
J M: I've lived in the neighbourhood for over a decade and would probably visit once or twice a year. Lately though, the last few times I went into the store I was followed and watched by an employee, a brown woman in her late 30s or early 40s. I don't know if she thinks she has some sort of "intuition" or can read "aura" of people because she works in a store with spiritual trinkets and books, but if she does think so, it's way, way off (sorry but you're not a psychic just a profiling bigot). I have never shoplifted in my life, and judging by the other 1 star reviews here I appear to not be alone in my experience. The complete irony of people believing they are "spiritual", "empathic" or "good" yet appropriate so much from other cultures, and are really just a bunch racist spiritual narcissists.
Julie Bond: Fabulous selection. The hippy in me loved the selection and ambience!
Kent B: If there is an adventure worth finding. It's here
OB3 ALVA: Love Banyen, it just has almost everything you would need and if not they're willing to look it up for you. All ecletics and traditionalist of all varieties should give it a shot.
Carmen: Love this store ❤️🙏 always has what I need when I feel called to visit.
Josh Heatherington: Always a great vibe
Gregory Kehm: A rare gem. A classic bookstore with a peaceful ambience to experience, browse and embrace the wonders within the written word.
Mel Sword: Oh good God, this is my favorite book store of all time They not only have books but everything to help you with crystals, taro cards, meditation.I can spend all day in here
Victor APT: Unique place.

2. MacLeod's Books - Vancouver

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MacLeod's Books
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Address: 455 W Pender St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2Z3, Canada

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM

Telephone: +1 604-681-7654

Business type: Rare book store

MacLeod's Books: what do users think?
Cicy G: Great used bookstore, lots to browse.
Angus: Booklovers, come here, step back in time for the traditional second-hand book store experience.If it's your first time here, and it all looks a bit confusing, just ask the super knowledgeable staff.
Matheson Murray: My favourite bookstore in Vancouver. Staff are very helpful and know where things should be. A great place to go in not knowing what you are looking for and coming out with a couple of books.
Bizou: You will find everything you came for and more
Artie Lane: Hard to imagine what they DON'T have. Very helpful, very well stocked.
Veronica Zayas: If you enjoy reading, this is your place.They have a huge amount of books from many different categories and they are second hand which makes them much cheaper and in very good conditions.You have to look a little if you want to find anything in particular but you´ll enjoy looking around and can find so many things.
stephen wilde: wonder the isles. step over the piles. even if you’re not looking for a book and just want one of the best visual historic vancouver (not yet torn down made into cheap/expensive condos) experiences, you will find a book to purchase!!!
Geoff DeLuca: So many books! Go there if you like looking thru piles of books for used hard to find books. Helpful staff, good location.
Kris Toijonen: Friendly service, and a wide selection of most everything!
SN: Excellent selection and friendly staff. Prices for newer releases were decent (not cheap, but fair considering recency + condition). Will be returning soon!
Reggie Johnson: Incredibly rude staff
Karena Lindstrom: Very cool used bookstore, literally filled to the brim with books on many topics. There was a wide selection of old, hardcover titles. The staff were friendly and helpful for locating areas within the shop on a certain topic/genre.
Eric Saczuk: A true literary treasure trove...if you can look past the disorganized mess. Super helpful staff who seem to know everything about each book you pick up.
Gregory Devine: Everything you want a bookstore to be. Every time I'm in Vancouver, I visit.
Alessandro Monetti: Complete chaos. Piles of books everywhere making it hard to move around the store (someone knocked down piles simply by turning around). Labels on shelves don’t always match what’s on there. I’m sure there are plenty of great titles, but way too disorganized for my taste.
Henry Chen: A true treasure in the city. Mountains of books here, you can find lots of interesting/unique ones. A perfect spot to spend some down time here!
Robert Cromagnon: Books, books, and more books! Books on shelves, books in piles, books in the window.....and staff who know exactly where to point you. The trouble is every time I pop in looking for one specific book I usually walk out with three or four more. A bibliophile's paradise!
Aaddmd Desai: AmazingStore
Turtles and Peace Photography: I went to Macleod’s Books to sell some of my collection. They have an incredible store with lots to choose from! The store was busy, the staff were busy, but I was greeted and dealt with quickly and respectfully! I got a fair price for my books and the ones that they didn’t buy, they said it’s because they won’t sell well. I highly recommend Macleod’s Books for buying or selling!
Julian Worker: An excellent secondhand bookshop with many different sections to choose from. There's been a bit of a tidy up recently and there aren't quite as many books on the floor as there used to be but the choice is still overwhelming and you'll probably end up buying a book you didn't come into the store to buy.
Tatyana A: It's an interesting bookstore, with very proactive staff, but I would not recommend going if you have anxiety. I was visiting from out of town and wanted to stop in as soon as I saw it! I went right to the desk to ask where to find culinary books, and they directed us right to it. But as I was looking around, I went to take a picture and was told off in an unnecessarily stern manner. They spoke to me as if I willfully ignored their no photography policy, but I only saw the sign after they mentioned it, as they were both by the entrance and very easy to miss amongst all the books. I apologized profusely, and repeatedly, as well as deleted the photo. But I had to spend the rest of the visit just trying to quell my anxiety rather than enjoy the store.

3. Iron Dog Books - Vancouver

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Iron Dog Books
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Address: 2671 E Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V5K 1Z5, Canada

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM

Telephone: +1 604-215-8807

Business type: Book store

Iron Dog Books: what do users think?
Lee Iverson: Great curation and very helpful staff
Lucy Brazeness: Always friendly staff, fantastic selection of books and gifts. This is our family's go-to for local bookstores!
Alina Crawford: What a charming bookstore! this was introduced to us by someone in our reading group and what a gem, a throwback of a place that's slowly hopefully making a comeback. Portland like vibes, friendly staff and a solid selection given its size. Indigenous owned too if that's something worth mentioning to support.
Angeline River: Staff are very friendly!
Ma. Ka.: Knowledgeable staff, great prices, and a great selection of non-fiction and fiction books.
Zohra Shahabuddin: Beautiful bookstore and the owner is also firendly. It is a must check out place
Jane Harrison: Great bookstore with helpful staff! You can order online as well, which is great. Well worth supporting.
Carolyn T.: Awesome local bookstore. Staff picks and recommendations have been great. Nice selection of journals too. Great socially conscious books from a variety of authors and a large inventory of indigenous books.
Justinne R: Lovely staff, responsive communication, and store is tidy. Appreciate them pre-ordering something for me, which actually arrived weeks before I expected it. Had a very pleasant experience. Always good to support Indigenous-owned, small stores. Thank you!
Karlee P: This bookstore is such a perfect fit in the neighbourhood. Fresh balance of new and softly used books, with friendly and helpful staff.
Shayne Shears: Very helpful staff 🤟😋👍
Jessie von Sacken: The staff is very friendly and helpful.
Tyler Branston: I should have left this review years ago but I keep on forgetting. Iron Dog is an amazing place run by amazing people. They always have something you didn't know you needed in your life, and I've never left there less than blown away by how great of a place it is. There are a few wonderful bookstores in Vancouver, and this one is a definite stop for a book crawl, book date, or finding some random stuff to teach you something new and exciting. Very highly recommended!
Alexandra Papaconstantinou: My absolute favourite bookstore
J C: Great staff, good selection. Support local!
Ali Wagner: I order books from here for my friends living in Vancouver.They are super responsive and friendly - recommend shopping here than some chain store any day!
Abby Nicole: The BEST book store. Huge selection, well organized, good price. Helpful staff! Plus they have cute gifts & puzzles & other doodads.
Tajal: a huge selection of new and used books at really reasonable prices. I called ahead of time and the staff was very helpful on the phone, even being able to put a book aside for me. Support your local small book store!!!
Mun Yee Kelly: This local bookstore is amazing. I have so many good things to say about the owner, the staff, and the selection of books and things they have!Whenever I want a book, they are my first stop because I know they will help me find exactly what I want or, if I don't know, they will help me think it through. Their recommendations are always on point. If they don't have something they'll order it in. They've even recommended other bookstores to me before, when they found used copies of a book I wanted for less than they could offer it to me. And I hadn't even asked them to do that! They just took it upon themselves to help me however they could.Just really next level. They're my favourite forever.
Frederic Dahm: Nice clean and well stocked book shop.
Riley Godard: Great bookstore!

4. Indigo - Granville - Vancouver

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2804 reviews
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Indigo - Granville
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Address: 2505 Granville St, Vancouver, BC V6H 3G7, Canada

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM

Telephone: +1 604-731-7822

Business type: Book store

Indigo - Granville: what do users think?
Patricia Cruz: Picked up an order online and the item was open with missing accessories
A Dem: This is the best Indigo that I’ve been to here in Vancouver. The place was clean and well-organised with enough space for everything they’re selling, I love looking through their book isles on the second floor. The workers are friendly and helpful.
Philip: Ordered 4 of the same book online to be picked up at this store location for me and my friends. They gave a store pick up date, but when the day came, the books haven't even been shipped out yet.I had to call and find out what was going on and they gave a lot of excuses and said that I'd have to call the warehouse. Warehouse said that they would prioritize my order (even though it's been 9 days since I made the order) to get it shipped out.Finally, 2 weeks after the initial order date that books arrived at the store. However, they only had 3 out of the 4 books I initially ordered.It's a nice store and I enjoy visiting in person, but for anything online related I'll be sticking with Amazon from now on.
Penny Marshman: Great..beautiful store...American Girl rm is every little girls dream
M H: Parking parking money money
Natalia E: Great sore lots of variety
Elizabeth Chang: SO BIG. Surprisingly organized, too!
Merrilee Bouchard: What a great store!
Pooneh Ashja: I absolutely love Indigo on Robson Street. Whenever I need some alone time and want to escape into a world of books and cute stuff, this place is my go-to.The atmosphere is warm and friendly and staff are super helpful.If you’re ever in downtown Vancouver, you should definitely check it out.
Evan T: Great bookstore with friendly staff and tons of selection. My only gripe with the store is I get confused trying to get back into the Parkade.
Evelyn Neufeld: Bought coasters on sale
Hardeep Purewal: Always nice and friendly service! 👍🏽
al may: Friendly staff and very clean and organized store.
Chase Gonsalves: Exactly what you'd expect from an Indigo bookstore this large; great selection & variety, would enjoy to see this expanded upon even further. 👍
MOKO Kourechian: Small but better than many other indigo stores in the town
Yanne Me: Great place for reading material. Huge selection of magazines. Lots of help if needed, I was there for about 45 minutes and was asked 4 times if I needed any help.
Ross H: The staff here are plentiful, very helpful and genuinely interested in what you're looking for. If they're not the perfect assistant for what your interests are, they will find the right person for you.
Ismael Gomez Gonzalez: Big selection of books and very helpful staff. The only issue is that their online inventory do not check with the one in-store.
Michael Moriarity: Our plans for this summer and fall 2023 are to travel to the British Columbia Interior which would include attractions and activities and we found the best place to investigate our options was at Chapters-Indigo located at the point of Granville St. And Broadway..It has been quite a while since we visited this storefront and such a wonderful place to explore the wide variety of different literature that is available…our focus was travel in British Columbia and we found the perfect resource..being there we wandered and explored the many fiction books that were available within easy reach as we strolled through this special bookstore..the staff were very helpful..
Gee Ewing: Great book store, but need better bathrooms
Josiephine Lonzanida: Good location. It is morethan a book store for sure! Friendly staff.

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