Best Bodywork And Painting Courses Vancouver Near Me

1. Vancouver School of Healing Arts - Vancouver

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Vancouver School of Healing Arts
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Address: 1125 Howe St #280, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2K8, Canada

Schedule: Open until 5:30 PM

Telephone: +1 604-688-5060

Business type: Private college

Vancouver School of Healing Arts: what do users think?
Alicia Hussain-Issari
Alicia Hussain-Issari: The school is offering free virtual yoga clinics until the end of June and I had my first clinic this past Tuesday. It was exactly what I needed during this pandemic nightmare. The session helped me physically but it also reminded me to be hopeful about life post-pandemic. There was a lot of focus on deep breathing and there's nothing like breath to bring you into the present - where you need to be right now. To be present is a gift. Thank you, VSOHA. I will be back for more :)
Melanie Lynch-Major
Melanie Lynch-Major: just did my first virtual yoga therapy session and it was absolutely perfect! this program is creating (and adapting to the current situation) a pocket of wonderful healers!
Meghan Dimma
Meghan Dimma: I had a one-on-one session with a VSOHA student and it was a stellar experience! It was therapeutic & healing and exceeded my expectations!! Thank you!
Nicole Stevens
Nicole Stevens: Amazing and supportive! Highly recommend!
Fiona Harrison
Fiona Harrison: I receive regular massages from the VSOHA students in their Thursday and Saturday Clinic days. I am always impressed with their professionalism & knowledge. There is no guesswork going on. Always greeted at reception with a warm & friendly smile even when they are quite busy. Cheers to everyone of you; teachers,students administration staff. Thank you so much.
Jesse Chan
Jesse Chan: Completed the spa therapy program. Incredible how much high-quality learning they were able to cram into 9 months. Caring and highly knowledgeable instructors. The school is well-run and organized. Everything you need to succeed is there.
S Whitehead
S Whitehead: "On Thursdays we get massages" I've been getting massages for about 6 years at the school. The students do a great job and it's a lovely treat in the afternoon each week. Approx $30 for an hour / $45 for 90 mins. You cannot beat that price. Treatyoself.
Diane Prentice
Diane Prentice: Always a great experience (and an excellent value).
Samareh Rahmanian
Samareh Rahmanian: I have been to the student clinic at VSOHA many times, and I must say the treatments are very high-quality and spa-like. The students are very well-trained by highly skilled and knowlegable instructors and are able to personalize each treatment based on each indivisual’s needs.I also attended VSOHA as a student in the 700 hour Bodywork Therapy program and received world-class training in various bodywork modalities.I HIGHLY recommend this school.
Janet Haigh
Janet Haigh: VSOHA has offered me incredible teaching and learning experiences, as I embark on my future career as a Yoga Therapist. I recommend their courses and student clinics as professional, thorough and terrifically helpful opportunities to advance and enrich your life. Give them a try! You will dissolve in the supportive, nourishing environment offered you.
Behzad Azari
Behzad Azari: I got Shiatsu Intensive course hearvand found it amazing. The environment, teacher and office stuff are just amazing people.I do recommend this school and specially Shiatsu program for those of you who want to start getting some therapeutic and manual therapy skills or for those who are looking to add some additional skills...
Anton Lobashkov
Anton Lobashkov: I really liked the atmosphere and professional level of practitioners.
Chris Shin
Chris Shin: Massage from students can be a hit and miss, but very good value for the price
Charlotte Forbes
Charlotte Forbes: I took my yoga teacher training here, and I cannot recommend this school highly enough. The atmosphere and people at the VSBM are wonderful.
Greater Vancouver Laundry and Linen Service
Greater Vancouver Laundry and Linen Service: Fantastic people. A world of knowledge. Start your future here.

2. A sport therapy self defense chinese martial art kung fu master city farm class - Vancouver

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A sport therapy self defense chinese martial art kung fu master city farm class
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Address: 5490 Ross St, Vancouver, BC V5W 3K9, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-324-9302

Business type: Martial arts school

3. The Luminous Elephant - Vancouver

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28 reviews
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The Luminous Elephant
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Address: 1548 W 2nd Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 1H2, Canada

Schedule: Open until 5:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-221-1580

Business type: Art school

4. Vancouver College of Massage Therapy - Vancouver

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76 reviews
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Vancouver College of Massage Therapy
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Address: 1050 W Pender St #300, Vancouver, BC V6E 3S7, Canada

Schedule: Open until 8:30 PM

Telephone: +1 604-681-4450

Business type: College

Vancouver College of Massage Therapy: what do users think?
Nata Sha
Nata Sha: I have been here before and I found it great. So I decided to make another appointment for my mom ( and myself as well!) I send her in like 20 min before the appointment to fill out the forms you fill out the first time you come, and I went to park the car. Once I arrived about 7 minutes before the appointment I checked in and sat next to her. I understand there may have been some confusion as I made both appointments under my name- but they could've asked her. The receptionist, who is very friendly and eversmiling, then came over and gave my mom a form to fill out( the one I send in her 20 min early to do). By the time we finished the form both the massage students were waiting. This is what I excatly wanted to avoid! So we were 5/10 min already late, although we were there plenty before the appointment. Now my massage was awesome, altough only 40 min remaining ,she was friendly attentive and listened to every part I needed attention to. Even after, she gave me some brilliant ideas and to top that off she even emailed me reminding and asking me if I took her suggestion- how awesome! Kenzie, you get 5*'s!Now my mom had even less than 40 min, she told her therapist multiple times to massage her lower back to which the student did 2-3 arms stroke qnd moved back up. Then she mentioned it again, as her pain is in her lower back to which the student replied 'I already did that area', and my mom requested again, so she did another 2 strokes. After her session was over my mom told her that she didn't pay attention to what and where to massage more and that she repeatedly asked her to do that specific spot- she just replied that next time she will pay more attention to her lower back! Do you really think there will be a next time?So this visit didn't turn out to be what I hoped for my mom!
Edd Clarke
Edd Clarke: I've had some really quality massages from here in the past. I've probably been here about 12 times.I've also had some massages from students who didn't seem to have the "knack". But I really try to not be too critical, since they are still learning, and I feel I got in return at least what I paid for.They are always very nice, clean, and courteous.Some rooms can be a little cold though.
Yuliia Ageienko
Yuliia Ageienko: I want to say special thanks to Clair Fromme! I’ve visited her twice already and looking forward to the third time. I came to her with some concerns which she not only successfully treated but also gave me some home exercises and recommendations on how to prevent it next time. Book with Clair, highly recommend her🔥
El D.
El D.: Definitely recommend, Josie is an excellent massage therapist, very friendly and professional
Zach Hammel-Shaver
Zach Hammel-Shaver: If you are even wondering if you should come here for a massage just do it. I had such a good experience here! I was in Vancouver for just 2 nights after hiking for 10 days all over northern Washington. My massage therapist was excellent. So knowledgeable and interested in getting to know my body and it's specific issues. She was very deliberate and skilled at working out all the incredibly tight muscles issues I have. She also gave me some tips for stretches and things I can do in the future for better self care. I wish I had found this place on my first day so I could go again. Already looking at how I can get back to Vancouver so I can come back!
Kerri G
Kerri G: Excellent massages for a great price. I always go for the advanced therapeutic massages. Reminder that it is a school so you get apprx 50 min massage though you are there for 1hr 15 min.
Ash Kan
Ash Kan: “Ferdinand Buencamino”Best of the best***Highly recommended specially for those who has back pain or sciatica pain.Because my job I have met very high ranked massage therapist in different countries as well as here in Canada; believe me he is very much better than all registered therapists I met.
Gerald R
Gerald R: I've visited this place many times and the service was great. However, one time that I missed my appointment because I had a covid. I was super sick so I couldn't make a call. I explained it to them that why I couldn't make a call but they wouldn't refund my money. I understand that I failed to communicate with them but I am not just one time customer. I ended up cancelling all my future appointments
Cris Tan
Cris Tan: Don Senares was amazing. Very professional and knows what he is doing. The front desk and the staff by the main floor are very friendly. An amazing, relaxing experience every time I visit here.
Ryan Lau
Ryan Lau: For the past few months, I was very stressed and this caused slight muscle tension and neck pain - I wasn't able to solve this from sleeping earlier or stretching exercises. When I looked into VCMT, I decided to book a session with Enoch Lam. From the first session, he was very approachable and extremely professional. Within the first half of the session, aside from being sore from his strong fingers, I really felt like a good chunk of the stress had been thoroughly relaxed. Would definitely recommend!
Matthew Montero
Matthew Montero: I would definitely recommend VCMT to family and friends who are looking for a massage. Thank you to Enoch, who was extremely knowledgeable and professional during the session. He was able to reduce the pain in my lower back and recommend exercises for me to complete at home.
Boleyn Heating Solutions Ltd
Boleyn Heating Solutions Ltd: Amazing and best service and really works to relieve your issues!
Pamela Jansen
Pamela Jansen: Great therapeutic massage from Cedar Bridgewood today. Cedar listens, takes careful notes and then treats exactly as we decide together. He checks in throughout the massage for pain or other reactions and proceeds accordingly.
Diana Maratas
Diana Maratas: I've had a great experience at VCMT. I always book with Arra and she's really great at making me feel comfortable, listening to what I need, and explaining everything she's doing to me. The prices are super good as well!
Reynaldo Reyes
Reynaldo Reyes: Zachary is very good massage therapist,he like professional..very good in communication skills..and he has a very good pressure in treating hypertonic muscles.He is very knowledgeable on what he doing..Goodluck Zach!
Mike Li
Mike Li: Could not be happier with how everything is run here; booking is simple and reliable. And my go-to therapist Felicia is professional, knowledgable, and friendly.
Monica Graham
Monica Graham: VCMT is amazing! I have always had a good experience here. I attend on a weekly basis. Their online booking system is very easy to use, and reception is always helpful when I need to talk to someone in person. My massage therapist Dong Soo is extremely knowledgeable. When I see him I feel like my concerns are acknowledged, information is given to me about my healthcare in a way that I understand, and the send home instructions are always useful. He also shows me how to perform the exercises in person so that I understand when I’m at home. I always feel listened to and never rushed through my appointments! Also, the massage itself is fantastic of course!!! We work on areas of pain and the treatment is targeted and effective! Highly recommend.
Anandita Ghosh
Anandita Ghosh: Matthew Valliere: Is a great RMT in the making. He is personable, professional and knowledgeable. Value driven treatments. Highly recommended!
Tim Stephens
Tim Stephens: From the front desk on, my experience at VCMT is top-notch. I have attended many alternate health clinics & VCMT rates second to none. I like how Darek Stiller takes a keen interest in my unique accident & surgery-related concerns & goes above and beyond to research therapies for me. His quest for further knowledge & lifelong learning has been of great benefit to what ails me.
Darren Kopetsky
Darren Kopetsky: The team at VCMT provides an excellent massage experience - the students are expert in their work, very professional, and appropriately supervised by seasoned practitioners. Highly recommend.
Edgar Morales
Edgar Morales: Vcmt has a great environment. I definitely forgot that it was a learning environment for a second. The students ask me really good questions in order to determine how to treat me. I appreciate the follow up emails and I get better results here then some clinics I’ve been too. The only that sucks is the students keep graduating, so every few monthsI have to learn some new names. You definitely get value and satisfaction here.

5. Breathing Space Bodywork - Vancouver

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48 reviews
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Breathing Space Bodywork
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Address: 119 W Pender St #122, Vancouver, BC V6B 1S5, Canada

Schedule: Open until 7:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-992-2206

Business type: Massage spa

6. CSN Cosmos Auto Body & Collision Repair Shop Vancouver BC - Vancouver

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147 reviews
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CSN Cosmos Auto Body & Collision Repair Shop Vancouver BC
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Address: 1343 Adanac St, Vancouver, BC V5L 2C4, Canada

Schedule: Open until 5:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-251-3191

Business type: Auto body shop

CSN Cosmos Auto Body & Collision Repair Shop Vancouver BC: what do users think?
Katy Shayesteh
Katy Shayesteh: Highly recommend them. Excellent service . I have used them twice so far to repair my car and I was always so happy with their work and their customer service .
Sean B
Sean B: Got my car fixed here after my car was hit while parked and my bumper got scratched. I'm from Alberta but decided to get it repaired in BC since I'll be here for a few months. The whole process with CSN was extremely smooth despite being an out of province insurance claim. The work was done within a few days and the bumper looks perfect. The colour blends with the rest of the car seamlessly! The staff was very friendly and easy to deal with too. Awesome shop.
Janina Carla Letada
Janina Carla Letada: Joseph was very responsive and knowledgeable. I was treated like a VIP and my car was better looking than ever.
kevin bell
kevin bell: Services:Body Trim,Vehicle maintenance
Craig: These people were awesome. The work on my car was excellent. Plus they patiently explained the ICBC process and their part in it.
Bill B
Bill B: Brought my wife's Jeep here based on google reviews after an SUV slid backwards down a hill and sideswiped us. I was not disappointed. First, the front office manager was extremely friendly. After he checked out the damage, I pointed out some scars and chips unrelated to the claim and asked if they could fix them while they were at it. I offered to pay for the extra work three different times but he didn't want my money. Who does that? I was given a near new, *unmarked* Toyota Corolla for a courtesy car, which I really appreciated. I picked up the Jeep today and it was flawless, including all the extra work I requested. Nothing was missed. It also looked like they polished and waxed the whole vehicle (which I had been putting off for a couple of years) and the interior was also detailed. A++ all around. Thanks guys! Customer for life.
Michael Ng
Michael Ng: Courteous and timely!
Angelita Sola
Angelita Sola: Great price...amazing service!!
eightieslive now
eightieslive now: Excellent service after my car had a hit and run on it...from beginning to end cosmos was helpful easy to work with thoughtful and my car looks better than before the "accident...highly recommend them..customer service is fabulousService:Body Trim
Merlijn Mertens
Merlijn Mertens: Can't recommend this repair shop enough. Very professional service and excellent customer service! Thanks!
Christine Vandebeek
Christine Vandebeek: Joseph was a pro at finding the part I needed for a reasonable price and the installation was flawless and on schedule. This shop is very customer-centred and I wouldn't go anywhere else.Service:Body Trim
Ibrahim Younes
Ibrahim Younes: Very professional team. With good sense of humor!I wish not to have any further accidentsBut id I ever had i will only come here!
Nancy Heckman
Nancy Heckman: My car had a close encounter with the edge of the garage, leaving a very long ugly streak of yellow paint and a bit of a dent. The car is old and I just wanted to fix it enough so it wasn't embarrassing and so it wouldn't rust. I explained this to one place and they quoted me $3500 as an estimate. I went to CSN Cosmos for a second estimate - $0! The gentleman kindly explained that he could do something, but the paint might have some streaks. No problem. He asked if I minded having a dent (it was very small). No problem. He cleaned off all the paint, showed me that there was no damage to the car so it would not rust. He would not accept any payment for his service. Wow, so nice, honest, and not insisting that I needed a fancy fix-it job.Service:Painting
PJLife: Great service / work. Great owners.
Chelsea Wissink
Chelsea Wissink: Incredible service, amazing work and a pleasure to deal with. After my brand new car was hit while parked on the street the team at Cosmos had it fixed and looking like new in no time. They were simply amazing and I am super grateful for all their hard work. Highly recommend!Service:Body Trim
Jade P.
Jade P.: My car had damage to the fender and door (I had been side swiped by someone). This body shop fixed my car in two weeks (due to more parts needing to be ordered once they realized there was more damage inside). They were friendly, professional and did a great job fixing my car! I can ever so slightly see a difference in the colour but it really isn't that noticeable. Even with the touch up paint pen I previously had from my car dealership had a difference in colour from the original paint.Unrelated to this business but since it is an ICBC certified repair shop - The one thing I suggest is if you are getting a rental car, check if you have comprehensive coverage on your ICBC insurance and check with ICBC if you are covered under the same insurance while drivng your rental car! The rental car company (Enterprise)I went to didn't explain this to me and when I had used Hertz, they explained this to me without me asking. This would've cost me $200 in comprehensive coverage that I did not need if I hadn't realized. Just adding this part for those who don't know this!
Gemma Watts
Gemma Watts: Inquired vey last minute if they could accommodate an ICBC claim for me this week. Joseph and Jason were so great and got the job done perfectly, and so quickly. I appreciate their help so much, and I’ll be using/referring to them in the future for sure.Service:Body Trim
Davey Mac
Davey Mac: Joseph looked after my ICBC claim and made everything smooth and easy. Excellent result and great communication through the process. It can be stressful dealing with insurance claims but the Cosmos team proved to be the right choice. Would not hesitate to recommend to my friends.
david gee
david gee: If you are reading this then go for it. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. It was an ICBC claim hit and run and the work and finish exceeded beyond my expectations! My special thanks to Jason and to the crew at CSN - All Stars!
Jason Taylor
Jason Taylor: Great service friendly staff overall Great experience
Jun Yang Gan
Jun Yang Gan: What makes CSN Cosmos Auto Body stands out among the rest is how efficient and reliable the service is, I also feel welcomed and was warmly greeted by Joseph. The benefit you will receive when decide to have your repaired here are cheap and affordable estimate, quick service repair (4 days) and the willingness to loan you their company's vehicle while your vehicle is being fixed.I would highly recommend CSN Cosmos Auto Body if these benefits are what you are looking for.Thank you Joseph and the crew for brilliantly fixing my vehicle to the utmost standard.Service:Painting

7. Bodhi Thai Massage - Vancouver

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83 reviews
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Bodhi Thai Massage
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Address: 5729 West Blvd #7, Vancouver, BC V6M 3W8, Canada

Schedule: Open until 7:00 PM

Telephone: +1 778-802-9220

Business type: Thai massage therapist

Bodhi Thai Massage: what do users think?
Jenny Spring
Jenny Spring: Very lovely and helpful customer service. Therapists are also very friendly and skilled.
Mary: I just had a great whole body massage with a therapist at Bodhi Thai Massage. She was attentive and applied more / less pressure as I requested. I especially found the assisted stretching helpful. My body was totally relaxed after my session. Highly recommended.
Alan Atienza
Alan Atienza: Superb Thai massage service in town, it relieved all the stress and body pains from hard work. Highly recommended for people on the go.
Laura Payne
Laura Payne: I got ripped off. They took my money ($125) which I spent on a gift certificate. Have not called me back, after leaving numerous messages.I bought the gift certificate in March and still have not been reimbursed. Its now August, and still no word from them. I just want a refund.
Likestobike: My wife and I came into Vancouver for a visit and we decided to try a Thai massage. It was the most incredible experience. We walked ouf the studio completely refreshed and we immediately notice better mobility and flexibility. We hghly recommend this place.
Steven Fenzl
Steven Fenzl: Great service,
Glen Harder
Glen Harder: Excellent and authentic Thai massage given by Sukha. She knows the body well. Strong consistent pressure; good flow; calming and relaxing. Highly recommend.
Robert Smith
Robert Smith: I'm a yogi instructor and a Reiki master. I've received a Thai massage from Vivian and from the moment she did her first press, I knew she was really skilled. She's got this incredible energy and a healing force behind her and you feel it the moment she massages you. Because of this, I opted to take a Thai Massage workshop offered at Bodhi Thai Massage. Not only is Vivian gifted in her massage skills, she has also got incredible teaching skills. She is very detailed oriented and very clear in her instructions. She is also astute and very present such that she is able to correct mistakes made by students. Not sure how she does it, but she is direct, yet kind and patient so you don't feel bad about making mistakes, rather you feel encouraged to improve. Rare to find a teacher with those qualities. I'll be back for more.
Sandra Steen
Sandra Steen: Talk about practical, useful, uplifting, fulfilling - that's what I got from the Level 1A and 1B Thai massage workshops at Bodhi Thai Massage. The workshops were really intense and really fun at the same time - you learn so much! Vivian, the instructor, is incredibly knowledgeable about Thai massage and was very detailed and very patient in teaching us all the correct methods in doing Thai massage - I have to say I really appreciated that. I started with zero knowledge, but I completed the workshops feeling very confident and absolutely capable of performing now a one to maybe even four hours of Thai massage ... now that is uplifting and fulfilling. Thank you for a great experience.
Kamila Duda
Kamila Duda: I have taken the Bodhi Thai Massage Level 1A & 1B with Vivian.after doing some Google searching, I was super excited that Bodhi was the only place offering training available on a weekend. This course was conveniently split into two weekends while all other options would require me to take a week off work. I also liked the fact that I could dip my feet and take only 1A portion to see how I liked it before committing to the entire course.This left me with more ease, and flexibility.Vivian was an amazing leader and teacher. She helped make everyone feel welcome and having a smaller class setting made this hands on experience much more enjoyable . Vivian was able to give more attention to her students as needed.Vivian is also very successful in her line of work. Her knowledge & skills were very prominent through out the course. She is kind but direct & ensures that you are doing everything properly in order to succeed & keep your own body feeling safe & good while you are massaging. "sexy body please" hehe .You will have great laughs, and learn so much with Vivian !She is confident in what she does, & so very helpful in making sure you succeed.This course was beyond my expectations. I learnt so much content and felt very ready to start Thai Massage on my own right away.Vivian is always there to help even after the course is over !The course outline was easy to follow, and very informative.Would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is interested in expanding their knowledge or taking a new direction in life.Namaste 3
Carol Fedor
Carol Fedor: I had the pleasure of being a client during a workshop with the students. I like deep tissue and Under careful instruction by Vivian, I found the students to be knowledgeable and the massage very satisfying. Vivian ensures that the students learn not to miss a thing. It was also a fun but relaxing experience. I would recommend this massage to anyone.
Kelsey Smart
Kelsey Smart: Vivian is an excellent instructor for Thai massage. I was lucky enough to be a recipient of a massage from her students and it was a real treat. The students very obviously trust and respect her expertise and it shows in the quality of their service.
S M: I modeled for Vivian as she had a class of students. She was very particular with her students and kept a fun yet relaxing atmosphere. She is clearly a knowledgeable, patient and thorough teacher. I was very impressed.
Mark Lee
Mark Lee: Went there today for my first massage ever due to a lower back injury. Very professional but also keeps a calm and casual energy. Beat the knots right out of my back.Can recommend this place!
Doug Reed
Doug Reed: Just because no body is prefect! But your close! Massage was excellent and focused on the areas I required and made a huge difference.
Josie Campbell
Josie Campbell: Amazing experience. Highly recommend. Vivian is the best!!
Mira Robinson
Mira Robinson: I come here every month! Super talented and very kind! Defintely recommend.
cory: Love the classic thai massage on the mat, as well as the relaxing oil massage on the table. The two different therapists i've tried have both been incredibly helpful in relieving my neck, shoulder and back pain. I walk out feeling pain free and light as a feather after every treatment. I highly recommend this sweet and cozy establishment and their dedicated therapists.
E G: Great place. Did my session with Vivian. She seemed very knowledgeable and knew what she was doing. I needed a deep massage because of my work and got just that. If you have soft tissue pains this may be just what you need. It's painful as all hell but it helps. And you get it in a welcoming environment with skillful practitioners.
Lee Madison
Lee Madison: Thank you for a truly amazing and educational experience. Jude and I learned so much each day at your Thai massage workshop. We found the course to be intensely informative and very detailed oriented. It was really fun learning all the various techniques. We feel competent and are very pleased with the manner in which we made such progress in a short amount of time. The teaching methodology along with hands-on practice worked very well. Thanks again for an unforgettable experience!
X Wong
X Wong: Best massage I've had in a very long time. Vivian is fantastic - highly skilled and very dedicated to her craft. I highly recommend Bodhi Thai.

8. Art of Sauna and Spa - Burnaby

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498 reviews
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Art of Sauna and Spa
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Address: 7818 6th St, Burnaby, BC V3N 4N8, Canada

Schedule: Open until 9:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-484-7944

Business type: Massage spa

Art of Sauna and Spa: what do users think?
michele fisher
michele fisher: Very enjoyable. Could use a few other aromas besides eucalyptus (maybe lemongrass, cedar or..) but very relaxing.
Toma Yastrebova
Toma Yastrebova: Body worker, Laura is amazing. Her massage technic lomi lomi was so good and effective, it neutralized all my built up tension and stress. They have so many saunas and steam baths you can almost get lost in all the choices. Eucalyptus, Lavender, Dry, Roman, Russian banja, Coral room. Everything is clean and pleasant. Highly recommended.
daniel tan
daniel tan: Love the ambiance and all different kind of sauna rooms! Eucalyptus is my favorite 😍
Sanna Pesso
Sanna Pesso: Love the body facial
Jasmine Kaur
Jasmine Kaur: 100% will never be ever recommending this place to anyone!
Katie Robertson
Katie Robertson: Love this place!
Natalie Bishop
Natalie Bishop: Awesome experience!! There are so many options there for saunas and I had a wonderful treatment with Caitie. Will be coming back.
tyler laturnus
tyler laturnus: Beautiful. A hidden gem. Looks like a right dump from outside but it’s an oasis inside. Super calm, peaceful vibes. The massage treatment we got was first rate.
Josefina B
Josefina B: Amazing
Nancy Degenhardt
Nancy Degenhardt: Yes several friends enjoy the space first time... it is a beautifully designed space! The temperature is good! Just the post covid change room product quality is consistently less thoughtful. Service can be warmer. There are better saunas in the world but this is one of few good places for a special sauna night in Greater Van
August Whelan
August Whelan: I am a 33 year old male and had a spa massage from MariaPopescu and it was the best I’ve ever had - and I’ve had many over the years. She is experienced and brings special skills and knowledge from her training in Europe and Canada. Highly recommend you go with her if you’re unsure who to go with - you won’t regret it
Dakota Walley
Dakota Walley: Hidden gem of a spa unbelievable value for the two hours access for the steam rooms and sauna. The Roman steam room was so nice. Very quiet non busy facility. We will be coming back.
Olga Milman
Olga Milman: Amazing place. Nothing like that anywhere in the lower mainland. Absolutely amazing.
Sergey Samotaenkov
Sergey Samotaenkov: Good place!!!
Jessica Rai
Jessica Rai: Such a relaxing place to go to
Terry John Westsol
Terry John Westsol: What a gem. Incredible saunas spot hidden away in New Westminster.I loved the cold water bucket system to cool down between saunas. This is amazing spot.
Erica Johnston
Erica Johnston: Aiste is an amazing masseuse! Had the best massage ever today after my sauna session. The facial was incredible and I couldn’t recommended her more! Great space, very clean, and friendly staff. Thank you!
Kate Sachyk
Kate Sachyk: I love Art of Sauna and Spa. I am an often visitor. The facility is always clean , not crowded. With a large variety of saunas , I always find a place to relax, stretch or get more intense thermal experience. The staff is responsive, polite and welcoming. I would highly recommend this place for relaxation, detoxification, or recovery after your gym routine.If you would like to have a Royal Treatment, I would recommend take one of the services Art of Sauna offers. Today I had Maria as a massage therapist. She was exceptional! In addition to her highly professional techniques, I loved small details she added to the treatment- hot stones, warm towels under my neck , ets. In general , this is my favourite place for massage- the atmosphere, highest quality massage tables, luxurious bedding and sheets touch of aroma essential oils. And at the end of the session- surprise- offer to indulge and pause with a glass of wine or tea. Perfect !!!
Migizi: Clean, quiet, plenty of steam room selection.
Larisse Tham
Larisse Tham: A real gem of a place in Burnaby of all places. I didn’t know exactly what to expect but it is an oasis of relaxation. I went on a Sunday afternoon and it wasn’t too busy, you could almost always find one of the rooms empty. Will definitely be back regularly.
Fai Faq
Fai Faq: Nice

9. Blanche Macdonald Centre - Uptown Campus - Vancouver

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255 reviews
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Blanche Macdonald Centre - Uptown Campus
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Address: 555 W 12th Ave #100, Vancouver, BC V5Z 3X7, Canada

Schedule: Open until 5:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-685-0347

Business type: Beauty school

Blanche Macdonald Centre - Uptown Campus: what do users think?
poonam monga
poonam monga: I am a freelance artist. I took my fashion course from Luciana. She was awesome and I learnt a lot under her. I highly recommend her to all❤️❤️
mglanfield: Blanche Macdonald has been incredibly supportive with our 2023 hiring season at the Island Currents Spa at Sonora Resort. Their administration team has provided a keen interest, professionalism and ongoing support with our hiring process. In the past we have employed many previous graduates from their school, that provided exceptional high end spa service and treatments to our cliental. I would not hesitate to recommend their school for not only hiring but for student enrollment as well.Michelle GlanfieldSpa ManagerIsland Currents Spa at Sonora Resort
Pam Sklofsky
Pam Sklofsky: I was incredibly disappointed with the nail program at Blanche. Highly over priced for the kit and products received. Definitely didn't learn current techniques and we didn't cover a quarter of the notes received for the artificial module. I've heard all other programs at Blanche are amazing but they definitely missed the mark for nails. I didn't feel heard by staff with regards to my concerns until things went to the highest level. Don't forget that WE are your customers, Blanche.
Lisa Liang
Lisa Liang: I met Caroline Crochet, the owner of La Cachette Spa and a former instructor of Blanche Macdonald. It was then I got to experience my first facial with her and it was absolutely life-changing. With her extensive knowledge, Caroline has single-handedly inspired my new passion in life, SKIN! Knowing that Caroline went to Blanche Macdonald I knew I needed to go there and like that, I was enrolled at Blanche. Starting my first day of class, I met Angie Barnetson, an instructor at Blanche Macdonald. Angie made me fall in love with learning about the skin and doing nails. I now work for Caroline as her senior esthetician. Amazing school that will steer you in the right direction if you want to be in this industry!
R D: God bless holly, Phil, Susan, Barb and the whole team at blanche,What a great and memorable experienceI highly recommend the barbering program,Elite level training by Holly!She will take your skills to the next level!Nothing but good things to say!
Based Adonis
Based Adonis: Taryn K gave me such a great shamp and sty that I stopped paying my hydro bill, and have started just going to her for my shamp and sty’s now. Have never been happier
Jamie: My experience at Blanche was excellent. After several years of planning to attend, it did not disappoint.I was fascinated by the many instructor’s authentic backgrounds from various fields like celebrity makeup, fashion week/runway, & TV/film, with work spanning from Vancouver to New York to London to LA. I was often on the edge of my seat hearing stories & techniques from these accomplished artists.As an ardent fan of movies & makeup FX since childhood, it was amazing for me to learn from artists who’ve built entire careers working on movie sets & in FX labs. As a child I would watch movie makeup VHS & DVD making-of featurettes over & over - so to be able to study under these kinds of creators in person was just so cool.I also felt the school environment was enhanced by the makeup program managers as well as the the career team. Both of these departments were always so encouraging, supportive, & available to discuss next steps & career strategies.This experience has put me on the path to being able to focus on doing what I love. Thanks so much to these incredible instructors, managers & to Blanche Macdonald!
Monica Randhawa
Monica Randhawa: This school is great for everything except nails. Myself and my class all left the school feeling confused frustrated and incompetent with our skills. The products that were given to us to use were hard to work with and many people ended up in tears from frustration. My brushes from the kit were poor quality and most of them can be found at the dollar store. When asking for help we were not taught but just shown how to do it. Staff was friendly to our faces but there was gossiping going on about students. I highly do NOT recommend this school for nails save your money and time.
Kerry Maguire
Kerry Maguire: I'm 1 month away from finishing the Freelance Makeup Artistry Program, and I've already made the jump from my day job to working full time in the industry. With the help of the instructors and the school staff, I've been given the tools to become a freelancer with multiple makeup brands and I freelance in almost every facet of the industry right now (fashion, bridal, film... I do it all!) Thank you so much Blanche for jumpstarting my career
Nemo Hu
Nemo Hu: with a Global Esthetics diploma. It’s amazing place to learn professional knowledge and skills as well as valuable industry experiences from my great instructors (i.e. Behnaz, Carrie, Jamie, Lesley, Natalia, and Tasneem
JIENE ZHANG: My wife was a student there recently and she said this school is awesome!
Sun**: I came to have a haircut in downtown campus last week. I have received one of the best treatments in the cut. Although the student, Kylar, was very new and very slow in the cut, he was very careful. The thing that I like him the most was his gentle and friendly attitude toward clients. I think that this is a very important quality when a barber performs on a personal service. I was willing and patience to give him all the time that I have that afternoon. When my time run out, he has to pass the cut to the instructor, Jenny, to complete the work. She was one of the very friendly teachers at Blanche MacDonald. Needless to say, that she did a beautiful cut while she showed the work to the student. I always confidence to the teachers and to most of the students at this school. I know the teachers will back up the cut before the students make irreversible mistakes. I don’t make a big deal of it if it turns out not to my satisfaction because I just wear a baseball cap for a week or so. I have never needed to. Hair will grow back. Thank you, Jenny and Kylar.
bela narang
bela narang: It is a wonderful place to learn and grow! Practice is the key to perfection! Having said that , the instructors are marvellous !! With them sharing knowledge with years of experience in the industry while teaching is an icing on the cake! well planned our curriculum and class room experience was just outstanding!
Ashleigh Stewart
Ashleigh Stewart: I attended the freelance makeup program and haven't regretted it. Since graduation I have had a very successful and thriving career with plenty of respect, support, guidance and mentorship from both my teachers and the career department. What made me choose Blanche over other schools, aside from its reputation, was the fact that the career department is dedicated to supporting graduates even after they finish school and they have truly stood up to that. I left my career in finance to become a HMUA and have had support with weddings, working with photographers, getting students to assist me in a team when I was key for a prestigious fashion gala, and ongoing mentorship in other ways too when I have questions or need some guidance. Jordy, Sussanne and Leah have really helped me too, they help me out when I have questions about jobs or projects and answer me the same day and have never made me feel like I am bothersome to them. The learning has continued even after graduation! I truly appreciate it. While I was at school, I really enjoyed it. The classes were fun and excellent, with top notch curriculum and standards from technical makeup and hair styling to hygiene and safety standards. I follow and implement everything I was taught there and have been really successful so far. The kit we received was comprehensive and all round great, we really do receive all we need to get straight to work in the industry. The community at the school is respectful, inviting, warm, friendly, encouraging, supportive and a lot of fun! I loved it there and miss being at school. If you are wanting to go to study makeup, hair, beauty then I highly recommend Blanche MacDonald.
Christina Jana Siratranont
Christina Jana Siratranont: My experience with Blanche Macdonald is truly a great one so far and I'm not even halfway through the program. I recently moved to Canada not knowing where my career was going to, and figured maybe I should try to build a career in the make-up industry. I didn't even know about Blanche Macdonald until I googled it and it was the first thing that appeared in the search results. Not knowing that it was actually the best makeup school in Canada, I enrolled myself in and I must say it's really transforming. I was just really planning to enhance my skills for Bridal Makeup and I was so glad that I enrolled in the Global Makeup Diploma program, they cover everything from basic makeup fundamentals to the most advanced modules for TV and Film, prosthetics and special effects and many more from creating résumés to building your own portfolio! I am so excited for what the future holds for all of us students. The instructors are very hands on, they really push you to bring out your best. The school also helps us find jobs and employment opportunities because they never stop providing us opportunities to volunteer and be exposed, which eventually opens up a network of opportunities. I have never been more confident with my makeup skills until after enrolling! I must say, Blanche Macdonald really prepares you for your make-up career, they don't only teach you make-up skills but also prepare you for your professional career. I am so proud to be a BMC Student.
Angela Nguyen
Angela Nguyen: Unforgettable experience at Blanche Macdonald Centre where everyone is welcome and included. Staff and teachers know you by name in a warm supportive environment. High standard quality in teaching and learning experience. I’m proud to be grad of BMC, top beauty school in Canada.
Harpriya: Being a part of the freelance makeup program at BMC is one of the best opportunities that I have ever got. The level of skills growth I got to experience in all these months is tremendous. There have been number of opportunities to volunteer with some renowned organizations along with well known professionals. At BMC i am not only learning skills but also getting every possible opportunity to put that into action and getting better at being the best. I also really want to thank the career department team.THANK YOU BLANCHE MacDonald!!!!
Carly Kennedy
Carly Kennedy: I loved attending Blanche Macdonald Centre! The teachers and staff were always so understanding and friendly. On my days off I would look forward to going back to school. The Global Program helped me understand where I wanted to further my career in makeup and introduced me to other areas of the feild in the makeup industry. I would definitely recommend Blanche Macdonald to anyone who wants a career in makeup! Glad I studied there :)Thank you Blanche Macdonald 3
Lulu Marieth K
Lulu Marieth K: I am truly blessed and grateful to have been selected as a recipient of the Blanche Macdonald Black Canadian Scholarship. I attended the Global Esthetics Program from September 2021 to September 2022 at the City Square campus. The hands-on training, theoretical knowledge as well as genuine kindness I received from my instructors was exceptional! As someone who values the holistic approach to healing the body, I particularly enjoyed learning Ayurvedic and Hot Stone massage methods, grounding techniques before starting a facial and learning more about holistic beauty products through the Cosmetic Kitchen Project. I will definitely incorporate them into treatments I offer clients. This program taught me to view the beauty and wellness industry from the lens of a service provider and that has made a major difference. I feel equipped and confident to launch my holistic esthetics business and bring my education plus experience to not only Canada but also my home country of Tanzania. Thank you Blanche Macdonald for awakening my dream of being an esthetician through skills, knowledge and a compassionate learning environment.
Atika Shahid
Atika Shahid: I am the present student of esthetic program. One of the best schools I have ever attached. Some of my favourite great teachers are carri, perri, Angie and simona. Still in school but already got a job in the industry with the help of school . Pretty much you get helped at each step.Super friendly environment great teachers and great staffOne of the best place to start your dream journey
Dawn Bourque
Dawn Bourque: I recently graduated from the Freelance Makeup Artistry program at Blanche in August 2022! I had always received good feedback and reviews which prompted me to enroll there. After having completed the program I can honestly say it is a wonderful environment for learning and honing your craft. Whether you have no clue about makeup or you have a natural talent and want to up your skills, the school will support you. The instructors are passionate and work in the industry—none of that “those who can’t do, teach”. So you get up-to-date knowledge about the industry as it currently is. Each instructor brings a different flavour to their module so I find it helpful to get exposed to different ways of doing things. The Directors always have an open door (or inbox) policy—to show off your work or ask questions or get feedback or provide feedback. The careers department is determined that every graduate should find work in the industry and are around and available constantly to assist. The schools Facebook pages assist grads with job and volunteer opportunities. I would say it’s nearly impossible to fail here and if you do it’s your own doing really. Highly recommend this school to anyone who wants to enter the industry full time or part time. It’s a good jumping off point but of course success only comes to those who put in the work!

10. VCC - Downtown Campus - Vancouver

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118 reviews
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VCC - Downtown Campus
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Address: 250 W Pender St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1S9, Canada

Schedule: Open until 4:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-871-7000

Business type: College

VCC - Downtown Campus: what do users think?
Jon Sheffield
Jon Sheffield: The food from the culinary arts students is outstanding and reasonably priced. Apart from the limited timing this place rule for downtown food open to the public. The cafe sells butchered meats cheaper than any grocery store.
Ehsan Mahditabar
Ehsan Mahditabar: My best year was in VCC with excellent teaching and high learning level
HappyGirl1989: I had a bad experience here with the cooking school back in the year 2018. I was being very mistreated by a substitute chef here. I left in tears, never stepping foot here no matter what program they have to offer here. Stay away, I am warning you.
Munim Chowdhury
Munim Chowdhury: Went for a brief visit with my friend as he got admitted in an automotive program in VCC. The space is well utilized, and staff are friendly. Parking has to be done on the street.
kait patt
kait patt: I was enrolled in doing online classes to upgrade some courses. I had so many problems, not being able to see my classes, not being able to get a concrete answer from anyone just kept getting transferred to someone else. They don't put any prices out for you to see and you will be half way through your course and they want you to complete "part 2" which means re paying. Other I know who have gone here say they were completely used just for their money. This school is all about the money.
Sandra Landaverde
Sandra Landaverde: VCC is in the downtown core easy access while there you can enjoy their services which it's run by highly qualified students instructors and personal in general study 📖 as well 😉
Stuart Furness
Stuart Furness: Keep an eye out, the new VCC bake shop will be opening soon.
Christopher Edwards
Christopher Edwards: I had an academic advising appointment with Kseniia, she was very kind and able to answer all my questions and explain the options I have going forward. Very excited about continuing my education with VCC.
Jonathan Lumu
Jonathan Lumu: Best I wish for everyone
Fakhr Alrakwi
Fakhr Alrakwi: Great place to get affordable yet yummy meals made by future chefs 👨‍🍳 😋
Ki Rocky (Rocky)
Ki Rocky (Rocky): ALLERT: Think carefully before studying in this school, especially INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS once they had your money, they don’t care or really help you.WANT TO LEFT SCHOOL, yes you can go but NO REDUND in their dictionary.
R L: Apparently this school doesn’t work for everyone I was told by the instructor - just a select few - it’s not inclusive of all walks of life.8 students from the dental hygiene program failed the first semester. That’s 36.6% failure rate. Instructors do not know how to teach anatomy. When it came to learning anatomy they do not show students how to distinguish between teeth, anomalies or anything of the such. They don’t elaborate on the learning topics. Just verbatim of slides in class. They don’t have frequent testing to ensure information sticks. Also, come 4pm - good luck finding an instructor. They all disappear. As a person, it’s great! classes end at 4pm. but as a learning environment, it shouldn’t close so soon. Lazy people. And if they do see you struggling... instead of helping the student personally they pass the buck to learning services. Like learning services is a tutor in the DH program. They are not. They like to blame the student and lack of studying. Which isn’t the case. They need to teach better. Many students struggled with learning what the instructors want them to learn. They are not clear in what needs to be known.They might have been good decades ago but they sure are out of date now.
ThinkableEden YT
ThinkableEden YT: Nice
Stephen James
Stephen James: My advisor left the campus. My review was intended to highlight the efforts of this person in my educational endeavours. Thus, I am left to revise the review accordingly.
Sapan Sandhu
Sapan Sandhu: Good but expensive college, staff is very friendly. Premises and maintenance are worth watching.
Verna victoria Mclaughlin
Verna victoria Mclaughlin: I only stopped in but it was a clean and inviting campus
Simi M
Simi M: VCC sets up students for success. The few instructors whose classes I taken have been genuine educators looking to support students achieve their goals.
Ben Wiese
Ben Wiese: Awesome Culinary Program.I learned a lot from VCC. Excellent experience living in Vancouver for sure. memories of taking the Skytrain, and met some really interesting people during my time living There off Joyce.Thanks Hamid. I still have our 2014 Grad Photo. I remember our classes well.Good time.
B: I believe Library is for student there study quietly right ? But I guess not , we were just trying to do out work in quite place but this lady and her probably beauty student came in talking super loud and distractingly in the middle of library. And her ugly laugh is so irritating to hear .
Amelia C
Amelia C: Horrible instructors. They don't teach you the course properly, and mark you extremely hard on any work. I've been to other colleges, and this one is by far the WORST. Too many people in the class, and can't be bothered to help or even explain how to do assignments properly.
bshehe enehhe
bshehe enehhe: pl

11. Vancouver Academy of Dramatic Arts - Vancouver

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304 reviews
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Vancouver Academy of Dramatic Arts
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Address: 900 Helmcken St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1B3, Canada

Schedule: Open until 6:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-633-1525

Business type: Drama school

12. Chipsaway - Burnaby

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10 reviews
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Address: 6990 Waltham Ave, Burnaby, BC V5J 4V5, Canada

Schedule: Open until 5:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-431-5015

Business type: Auto repair shop

13. Myodetox Main - Vancouver

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408 reviews
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Myodetox Main
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Address: 3418 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5V 3N2, Canada

Schedule: Open until 8:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-558-3322

Business type: Physical therapist

14. Indian Brow & Henna Boutique - Eyebrow threading West 1st ave. - Vancouver

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42 reviews
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Indian Brow & Henna Boutique - Eyebrow threading West 1st ave.
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Address: 1855 W 1st Ave unit 20, Vancouver, BC V6J 5B8, Canada

Schedule: Open until 5:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-428-4973

Business type: Hair removal service

15. The University of British Columbia - University Endowment Lands

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1542 reviews
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The University of British Columbia
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Address: Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-822-2211

Business type: University

16. Douglas College New Westminster Campus - New Westminster

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324 reviews
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Douglas College New Westminster Campus
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Address: 700 Royal Ave, New Westminster, BC V3M 5Z5, Canada

Schedule: Open until 11:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-527-5400

Business type: College

17. Maaco Auto Body Shop & Painting - City of Langley

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59 reviews
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Maaco Auto Body Shop & Painting
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Address: 20109 Logan Ave, Langley, BC V3A 4L5, Canada

Schedule: Open until 5:30 PM

Telephone: +1 778-726-0103

Business type: Auto body shop

18. Rosewood Hotel Georgia - Vancouver

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1642 reviews
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Rosewood Hotel Georgia
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Address: 801 W Georgia St, Vancouver, BC V6C 1P7, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-682-5566

Business type: Hotel

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