Best Bollywood Cinemas In Vancouver Near Me

1. Cineplex Odeon International Village Cinemas - Vancouver

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Cineplex Odeon International Village Cinemas
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Address: 88 W Pender St 3rd floor, Vancouver, BC V6B 6N9, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-806-0799

Business type: Movie theater

Cineplex Odeon International Village Cinemas: what do users think?
Jackie B: My favourite spot even though I do worry about the car security. They always have a great selection of releases.
Fandoms_emily: Really great theater, can be scary at night when your movie is over as the mall is empty and never see any security. Enjoy the different types of movie that are usually not in other theaters.
Emily: I really like this cineplex as they play indie movies that aren’t played in regular locations I just wish it was in a safer area. Because china town isn’t very safe so this isn’t accessible so I sadly can’t go here often.
Neda azouji: It was calm and quiet to watch a movie
Cathy T: Great Theatre
A.M. Wolf: The theater itself is in need of a renovation, and it's up on the top level which takes longer to get to than it should (slow elevators). But this theater is the Cineplex that is more likely to have less mainstream films, which is wonderful!
Finn Harrison: It was pretty good the staff are good. The snacks available are amazing and the audio is good. They have great movies playing.
Christina Thoma: Comfortable chairs, big screens, good popcorn,but it’s unfortunate you don’t feel very safe in the mall. I would avoid if you have children.
negar msv: It can always be a good option to go to play and to the cinema
KM SECER: Prices of theater getting higher and it is sad but it is not just this branch
Timtwoface (Timtwoface): Great location and a greater variety of movies play here...and parking for moviegoers is 100% free!
Kaley Merritt: This theatre is really close to where I live which is great but for some reason they don’t bring in a lot of popular movies. The Cineplex Scotiabank has much better selection of movies. Aside from the poor movie selection, the theatre itself is nice.
YouRA Butsenko: Cool toilet
Andrew Sanders: My partner and I saw the Super Mario Movie here on a Saturday night. We found street parking was the most cost effective option and ended up needing to walk around to find the one mall entrance which was still open. The ticketing process was easy as we had purchased online beforehand, the concession staff were quick and attentive and finding our theatre was easy. The popcorn was delicious and the overall experience was awesome!
Heather R: My fav Cineplex theatre. Always has the small, foreign or arthouse films but also family and blockbuster films. Also close to transit and Downtown
chronofanz: Clean. Friendly staff. Seats were reasonably comfy. Located inside a dead mall though.
Miguel Hung: I like to come here because there are not many people and the parking is free
Kinshuk Mittal: Nice cinema recommended
Lina Chen: Comfortable seating, clean. Not too crowded. Close to skytrain.
Sunhwa Cho: It was a good size and the seats were comfortable. I liked it as it wasn't too busy.
Logan Borgfjord: The theater was very clean and the place was well kept. The staff where very nice.The area it is situated in a not so nice place but the theater itself was still very nice.

2. Hollywood 3 Cinemas - Surrey

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Hollywood 3 Cinemas
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Address: 7125 138 St, Surrey, BC V3W 0E1, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-592-4441

Business type: Movie theater

Hollywood 3 Cinemas: what do users think?
Travis Curtis: I'm gonna miss this place.
Lacey Arnold: NOOOOOO!!!!! DONT CLOSE !!!!!
Rk Jackson: Popcorn is always fresh. Staff is friendly. Always very clean.
Brenda Peterson-Ruble: Enjoyable, friendly community movie theatre.
Heather L: Great prices for watching a movie with the kids
uhzer1 uhzer1: 5 stars!
Jackie Gerwood: Clean! Great service attended a birthday party it went smooth. Private viewing all in all pops
Sofia A: Love this theatre. Popcorn is fantastic!! Great spot to watch a movie
Sri Ram: Watched this masterpiece KGF here, seating was old fashioned, sound system was average and ticked price was high. Anyway enjoyed the movie.
Ron Chan: At $6 a ticket, this place is pretty great, but it is definitely the nofrills of movie theatres.Staff are very friendly.The place is clean.Only problem for me is that the shows are not as varied as other theatres and there is no way to buy tickets online. Other people may feel that the theatres themselves may be basic, but having seen Top Gun here and again at another theatre and this place does its job as far as I can tell.Other than that, a ticket + large popcorn and drink here is basically the same cost as a basic ticket at other theatres.
Kyle Pruden: Love these little theaters. They are a last of a dying breed and communities need to support them. Had a party 10 people $100 and that's with food and drink. Only thing that bugged me was one of the kids accidentally dropped their drink not even 5 mins after getting it so I explained to the girl at counter what happened and all she said was no refills. Money is Money I guess
Charlyy Hamilton: Workers are so nice and the owner I believe takes such great care of the place ❤️
KAEBZ: Best old school theatre around $5 Tuesdays
roy gaviola: Date nite on a budget no need to spend a fortune for the same new release movies in major theaters.
Liane Stennes: One of my favourite movie theatres. I have gone mostly to the one on 72nd Ave. The price is a lot lower than mainstream theaters. The seats were replaced within the last few years and are very comfortable. The management and staff are very friendly and helpful. I always buy generously from the concession as this is where they make most of their money and I love to support them.
saptarshi mallick: It's an okay place. The movie theatre is really small than the other theatres that I have visited. There are only two or three auditoriums and a small place to buy popcorns. This is inside the Newton town centre and you might almost miss it if you don't look for it properly. We went to watch a bengali movie and the experience was not bad I should say.
Dana W: Great value
Lae D.: Not crowded and always a fun place
Karthick S: Not bad theatre. But movie lovers can't enjoy much.
Vanika Vanika: glad to see that this place still carries its retro touch. No doubt that the seats doesn't recline but that is the beauty of this. The entrance has cubicle to buy tickets which makes it authentic. The prices are also very cheap.
spaceBunny: Nice theatre, great price for tickets. I recommend this cinema if you don't wanna spend $30 on a movie. Also air conditioned in the summer and has a 90s feel to it.

3. Fifth Avenue Cinemas - Vancouver

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1696 reviews
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Fifth Avenue Cinemas
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Address: 2110 Burrard St, Vancouver, BC V6J 3H6, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-734-7469

Business type: Movie theater

Fifth Avenue Cinemas: what do users think?
Mark Cannon: It is very clean and has a modern up to date look for the lounge and lobby. Adult only so typically quieter and you get glasses for your alcoholic beverages. Not crowded due to pandemic rules. Not the biggest, loudest sound system or picture, but you can still enjoy the movie.Picture quality has improved. Enjoyed having a beer while watching the movie. Staff very well trained.
Janet D: Love that you can reserve seats and adult only theatre!
E T: Fresh buttery popcorn.
Jacob: Small seats but not worse than average.
Samy Shoukralla: Worst cineplex experience I've had. Bad staff too. And parking isn't free
Somto: Do not go here.
Michael McCahon: Maybe a little pricey, but ultimately a pretty good theatre.
Fred Raputznik: A great theatre experience. I’m not sure why Cineplex doesn’t roll out alcohol to all their theatres, but this is the only VIP location near downtown. Plus they have more arty selections.
Eirikur Christiansen: Do not give a slight $#|¶ about their cousomers.
Karime Rage: Great movies, delicious popcorn.
Mind Full: Great local theater that often shows indie films which can't be seen at the big cineplexs. Can also purchase alchohol for the show!
Nigel Kellett: Adult theatre(they serve liquor) very comfortable seats. Great selection of shows
Jackie Sanford: Very nice place. Chairs we great
Jorge Augusto: I love this place. Everyone here is always very nice. The seats are very comfortable, but the best part is the movie selection. They always bring more cult movies. A nice change from all the same blockbusters available everywhere else.
Angela Kim: This theater has its own charm. You can see that the audience is truly art movie fans.As it is adults only setting, you can enjoy some alcohol beverage while appreciating the beauty of those movies.
Anisha Jethnani: This is my least favourite cineplex, the small theatres have uncomfortable seats. The floor is slanted making it very awkward and the screen is too high (or rather the seats are too low).
Christopher Coe: Excellent theatre.
Kevin K: Nice down clean Small concession so be prepared to wait
pernilla ahrnstedt: Why is a movie theater playing sports on their lobby screens?????? Play movies, trailers etc. If I wanted to watch sports, I would have gone to a sports bar!!!
Kerry Jothen: Close to home. Good staff and good movie snacks
Alana Oyama: Great small theater, no kids, adults only as they have a bar and serve alcohol so you can have a glass of wine before or after:) only complaint would be the theater chairs arent the most comfortable, ive been in nicer seating in the VIP theaters.

4. Cineplex Cinemas Strawberry Hill - Surrey

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4227 reviews
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Cineplex Cinemas Strawberry Hill
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Address: 12161 72 Ave, Surrey, BC V3W 2M1, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-501-9400

Business type: Movie theater

Cineplex Cinemas Strawberry Hill: what do users think?
Nicole: Always have great new movies and the chairs are so comfortable.
Peter Stevens: Went there on the weekend. Stale popcorn and the worst hotdog I ever had. Not worth the $50
Hue Jass: Popcorn is good
elly shin: Although this location is quite dated but they renovated the seats with recliners. You can enjoy a comfy recliner with paying for a regular ticket price.Keep in mind that their washroom is located on the 2nd floor and hasn't been updated. It is a hassle to run upstairs in the middle of the movie, but the recliner seats at regular ticket prices are hard to ignore.
Vikram Krishna: Decent theater to watch movie and few games. Kids would enjoy and love it.
Simran Toor: It was wonderful experience at strawberry hill cinema. I got a cutsomer service from TREVOR . He provides the best service . Overall , it was good😊
Jason Hattrick: Fantastic seats and clean.
rbharowal: Best in surrey
Mike Prefontaine: A great theatre with fantastic screens and sounds! Especially the D-Boxes! Strange that they have there bathrooms upstairs. Place is kept fairly clean. Have the games downstairs makes the area a little too busy. Less is more. Been going here for years!
Sajan Soi: Seats are very comfortable but i forgot my wallet on my seat so if anybody get please text me i am really worried about that the all importannt documents in that wallet yesterday i forgot that ,the movie was start on 7.10 p.m 18 May ,movie name fast and furious , theatre number9 seats D16-D19 so please tell if you get any update about my wallet.Thanku
rama chandra: The thratre was tidy and clean. Watched john wick 3 night show. I left my phone in the theatre. I went in morning collected it from staff. Happy with their team.
Brent Lehman: Great movie theatre with the best dbox seats around. The only negative is that the washrooms are far away
Jacob L.S.: Awesome Spot to see a film. Beautiful area. Great reclining seats 🍿
Suhas Ramachandra: Watched John wick chapter 4. The screening and seats were well mainted and good service from the staff.
Shubhham Grover: Best cineplex in Metro Vancouver. The seats are so comfortable and spacious. 💯
Mukul Jani: Liked the theatre and comfortable sitting arrangement.
inderpreet kaur: Comfortable seats, yes that's what it matters when we go out for movies. And rest of the things are secondary. However, the view, the aura, play station, food everything is good over here.
Yogesh Gandhi: Cineplex Strawberry Hill in Surrey, British Columbia is a great destination for movie lovers. The theatre features comfortable seating, modern sound and projection technology, and a wide range of food and beverage options, making it a complete entertainment experience. The staff is friendly and efficient, ensuring that the movie-goers have a pleasant and hassle-free experience. Additionally, the theatre is conveniently located in the Strawberry Hill shopping centre, with ample parking available. The only downside might be the occasional long lines during peak hours, but the theatre's overall quality makes up for it. Overall, Cineplex Strawberry Hill is a great place to catch the latest blockbuster or enjoy a classic movie with family and friends.
Shagan Kaur: Great Aura
Mannat Mann: loved it but the movie was too loud they need to put the volume a bit lower for volume movies
Navreet kaur: Nice staff over there, clean and good quality of service.

5. Scotiabank Theatre Vancouver - Vancouver

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4809 reviews
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Scotiabank Theatre Vancouver
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Address: 900 Burrard St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 3G5, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-630-1407

Business type: Movie theater

Scotiabank Theatre Vancouver: what do users think?
Kaz Okuda: I don't know how they do it, but these have to be the least comfortable seats of any theatre I've been to in the last 20 years.
Danny Breeze: As good as a cinema can be in a post covid era. Self serve ticket, watch the movie. Straight forward. Missing a lot of razz matazz and excitement of a cinema in the good ol' days.
Out The Window Productions: Actually one of the better theatres . ScreenX is decent and it’s available here . However it’s not better then having a normal screen with recliner seats which this theatre doesn’t have but park Royal cineplex does in west Vancouver .
Elliot Cohen: Dropped in to see an afternoon matinee of a new movie, we were prompted to buy our tickets at a machine, which also provided selected options for seat selections. We chose our seats and proceeded to check in. We found theater#2 and walked in, to find less than a dozen people seated. The screen was large, and I noticed the sound was a tad harsh on the upper range, typical of P/A horn speakers. and over equalized mid-range setting.The screen was large and almost overwhelming, The sound quality suffered in many ways, as noted from harsh upper tones, along with what seemed to be, a blown overhead Bass loudspeaker, which ruined any dynamic or ominous effects in the movie, to the point of comedy.I honestly feel that my humble Home-Theater system, would have done much better.I am surprised that this important issue has not been addressed to date.
vida piri: Loved it , Great theatre and Sound quality ,ticket purchase process is swift and so is entry. Snacks and drinks are good.
Jacob Fu: W theatre
Carson Leung: Our favorite Cineplex theatre, which also happens to be our only choice in downtown if you don’t count Cineplex Odeon at Chinatown (I don’t wanna get stabbed).
Gaurav Chadha: Movie: Guardians of the Galaxy 3The D box seats in the theatre are motorised to simulate movement within the movie. The vibration is adjustable to 3 levels, but cannot be turned off. The vibration adds to the experience of certain movies, but is sometimes forced and unnecessary.Tickets are half-priced on Tuesdays, so that's the ideal day to go. Has a good selection of snacks available.The sound system is definitely at par with other halls.
Nima Alaeiilkhchi: it is okay but the upper floor where the bulk of theatres are always seems to be under development. the food service is usually closed and washroom is less good in the upper floor
vamsi krishna: The theater was amazing, great seats, good screen, we had a good time. There was a Groot figure on the occasion of guardians of the Galaxy vol -3 to take photos with. The food options were good too. Overall a great movie experience.
Isaiah Joseph: Great customer service got what I ordered fast. After the movie, plenty of workers waiting to take the garbage also said thank you
Ben Liddle: Would be amazing if they got the new style seats other theaters now have
O G: Very nice Cineplex theatre. Lots of screens, but you'll have to find the right theatre across the numerous floors in the building.
Red Meg.: Nice place!It was a quick visit. I will provide more details from my next visit :)
David Fisher: Great venueFriendly staff
Macky Cunanan: I was really disappointed about how much this place has been taken forgranted and unkempt. My wife and I used to frequent this place when we were still dating years ago. And now that we came back to visit (supposedly to reminisce even bringing our 6 year old daughter now with us), instead of being enamored, I ended up being really upset instead! The place was just so untidy (with boxes littered everywhere) and the cinema that we watched the movie at (Cinema 3) was without any air-conditioning considering how hot it was outside (23 degrees). Even my daughter started complaining while we were inside as I'm sure some of the patrons felt the sheer discomfort too! Whoever the Manager is in charge should be fired! If they think they are saving money with all of this cost cutting measures they're doing well I hope they think again... as this does not do anything to encourage patrons to come and watch a movie on the big screen! 😡
Manuel Cerrato: Avx screen rocks your soul away
Kat Medes: Strange set up for ticket purchase (can’t pay a cashier for tickets; have to order online or use self serve kiosk at theatre), but decent theatre. Like the variety in types of movies and range of ticket prices (d box, 3D, the screen option, and the basic movie).
Joey Hickson: best movie theater in Vancouver 😊
Kaley Merritt: Pretty big theatre, great sound, but the seats are pretty old and uncomfortable. However, the building itself is quite nice. There are snacks and food options on every floor and there are 3 floors total. They also have a great selection of movies that they bring in. It’s definitely the best theatre in the downtown area!
Ben G: Went to see John Wick here, we were disappointed to to find there were no recliners, but it wasn't such a big issue as we found the seats really comfortable and the quality of the screen was great. Good choice of food and drink here too with refillable stations for soda

6. Adityas Bollywood Dance & films School - Surrey

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93 reviews
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Adityas Bollywood Dance & films School
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Address: 6680 152A St #109, Surrey, BC V3S 5X5, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 11:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-503-4444

Business type: Dance school

Adityas Bollywood Dance & films School: what do users think?
Ramneet Gupta: Aditya, you charged me for Jan 2022, when the dance studio was officially closed. Kudos to you
ss mm: FRAUD ALLERTDont ever give them your credit card details ,they deducted twice amount first on 4 th September and second on 24 th September, they even did not acknowledge the second transaction..adding to your response ,in that case i will wait for cyber team to reach and reply to them lets go that way
Preeti P: The environment is positive and the instructors teach so well. I I have been in Adityas for a few years and I love everything about this place. They make sure that we enjoy going every week and learn something new! I highly recommend that if your child wants to dance then to go to Adityas Dance School.
Pari Brach: Adityays dance school is a great place for learning so many different styles of dance! Everyone there is super friendly and welcoming. Great for kids to learn new fun choreographs and stay active at the same time.
Jasvir Sahota: My 4 year daughter joined Adityas dance school early this year, Before she didn’t liked it but after 3 month she not only like to going there infect she start watching indan films. We are a fan of their service. Each month they send us my daughter’s dance video on my whatsapp number. if we ask them any question they response 24x7 on their whatsApp number. We love the new studio, they have cameras everywhere and extra staff always watching your kid’s safety.
Ha Sah: I have registered my two son at Adityas new location in Surrey, just in two month, I would say my both kids are completely different. Theirs confidence is improved alot, before they were very shy. Thank you Adityas for all your hard work. Since living in white rock I was always wanted some kind of Indian Dance school should be open near by in white rock and their new Surrey location is just a 15min drive from my house. Very professional. New dance studio is completely amazed. I like theirs 24x7 WhatsApp services. Highly recommend.
Amisha Khakh: Always a positive environment, where you learn dance and can become confident in yourself, always welcoming and fun and overall a place where you can express yourself without feeling judged.
Har Pratap: Dance teachers are good but the management is very rude. We're not sending our kids for free. We're paying!
Sartaj Sanghera: amazing school!!!! Keep it up
R S: Good dance instructors & overall good learning environment
Sat Singh: My son and daughter love Aditya’s Dance from day one. They are very organized and well managed in all aspects and Mr. Aditya and the staff are extremely friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend this dance school to everyone!- Satwinder S. Shettra
Niyati Ruparel: I started this dance class and instantly felt so welcomed good environment so much energy positive vibes and just an amazing place to dance and have a good time
Tye gill: At first, I was hesitant to go here. But after going here for 9 months, Adityas is a great place to go to if you're looking for some dance skills and a workout! Staff are friendly; Building is mostly is great shape; and the dance routines you learn are all unique in their own way!!
Aditi Sharma: They are amazing I didn't know anything about dance and know I can dance the teachers are so nice and helpful I love it
Navraj Gill: It's fun and there is really nice people working there🙃😄
Puneet Parhar: I've been in Adityas for almost 1 year now and its made me more confident. I enjoy coming to class with a smile on my face and the dance instructors are very nice. Its a joy learning from them every time I come to class. Also its really fun and cool to learn new things in the class which makes the class really enjoyable.
Misha Panesar: The teachers are really nice
Kam Pawar: Excellent service. Highly recommended
sahil athwal: it is fun and you get to learn new things every day and if you try hard you wil improve
Manmeet Munday: i improved a lot and i learned new things. adityas dancing school is enjoyable as well

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