Best Bonsai Classes Vancouver Near Me

1. Figaro's Garden - Vancouver

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Figaro's Garden
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Address: 1896 Victoria Dr, Vancouver, BC V5N 4K2, Canada

Schedule: Open until 5:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-253-1696

Business type: Garden center

Figaro's Garden: what do users think?
Janice V [she]: I feel so fortunate to have this in our neighborhood. Staff are knowledgeable and happy to help with answer questions. Large selection of seeds/starters. A great place to go for indoor and outdoor planting needs for both beginners and experienced growers. I appreciate the loyalty discounts too, which don't take long to collect.
Shelley Anne Shorter: An absolute GEM in the heart of East Van. The staff here are the kindest, most helpful people I've met in a very long time. 💜
t t: really nice
Shannon Stewart: Excellent selection of plants and super knowledgeable staff! They have plants for beginners and collectors, and for indoor and outdoor gardeners. This is a true gem in East Van!
mason lemons: Good products,very very expensive
Deanna Lee: Always welcoming & helpful. Great assortment of plants & accessories. Impossible to leave without something beautiful for your home.
Michael Epp: Small but nice Garden shop with really friendly and knowledge staff.
Denitza Dramkin: My go-to plant place! They have a great selection of greenery and the staff is super knowledgeable! So glad that this place is in the neighbourhood. It adds so much character and charm to Victoria!
Cail Smith: Cute store with attentive staff, although they are always busy. Weekends can get especially busy. They were limiting store numbers in the shop, during the first couple years of COVID. Even if that's not continuing, it is a small shop so best to go early.They have indoor and outdoor plants, as well as healthy succulents and air plants as well. Beautiful indoor and outdoor pots.For those with mobility aids, the outdoor section, seed racks, cash and some plants can be accessed. (The indoor section of the store's door is not automatic.) However, the middle section of the store is raised, likely due to the age of the building. That section has some of the smaller plants, smaller plant pots, fertilizer and pesticides.There is a bike rack outside. No buses run nearby, you'll have to walk from Commerical or Nanaimo stops.
Kenneth Fagan: Why buy a plant anywhere when you can just go to FIgaros Garden. I love buying plants here, staff are great and you know you're supporting local when you shop here. Pricing is fair and is the ideal store for an urban gardener.
Arden Shibley: Great sale on Boxing Day! Nice little location and helpful staff. Just not much product when we were there unfortunately!
shipwrek: amazing local plant and floral supply store. so many experts and wonderful selection
Noah O: Very friendly and helpful garden center. Able to answer my questions and gave me great tips (I'll update if they work or not). This may be my new favorite garden center.
taylor brown: Most of the plants we have are from here the staff are very helpful and the pots are super cute!
Efrain Dorantes: Love it, the place is great, but the best, best thing, the cat! Such a lovely kitten. Love how every time I go there I find something New for my collection
Jason Harrison: Nice little plant shop with wide variety of indoor and outdoor plants, tools, and supplies that you aren't going to find at the bigger stores.
Pedro González: I love this place for supplies, such as nursery pots, net pots, bamboo stakes, sphagnum moss, LECA, perlite, etc. I always find the best deals here. They also have a points system so you can earn discounts when you purchase often. They're very friendly and helped me repot a Monstera when I was still a newbie and didn't know much about plants; thanks to their tips I've been able to do better at caring for my plants and grow my collection :)
Dominik Plempe: High priced plants. The gentleman who helped me took the time to answer all my questions. He was very knowledgable and friendly. They let me bring my bike into the back area, which was nice of them. Thank you.
Kevin Wu: Good selection of indoor and outdoor plants at very reasonable prices. Knowledgeable staff who were more than happy to help!!
patricia sarazin: Excellent selection with knowledgable, helpful staff. Good variety of plants .Grat prices and all organic.
Gregg Brill: One of my favourite boutique nurseries. A bespoke collection of garden and indoors plants. Great selections of pots and growing supplies. One of the go-to spots in Vancouver for aroids and orchid supplies. They sometimes carry orchids too. The service is OUTSTANDING and they're always happy to answer questions you may have. Prices are very reasonable and sometimes you find a real steal. This is a definite spot for the garden aficionado!

2. Southlands Nursery - Vancouver

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Southlands Nursery
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Address: 6550 Balaclava St, Vancouver, BC V6N 1L9, Canada

Schedule: Open until 5:30 PM

Telephone: +1 604-261-6411

Business type: Garden center

Southlands Nursery: what do users think?
Lavanya Selvaraj: Good collections of plants, vegetables, flowers, indoor and outdoor plants, seeds, potting soil. 👍one of my favorite shop for gardening.
Michael Sullivan: Come every spring for soil and plants
Fanoula Arvanitis: There is a serious lack of customer service and accountability at this nursery. I had a beautiful healthy snake plant split, from 3 root bulbs to 2 & 1 in separate pots.The young man who separated them was friendly and when I asked if he knew about snake plants said he could definitely help me.One root ball & plant was transplanted into a pot too big for its size, and the soil was changed in both plants with rocks added on top for weight. The new transplant had the leaves splayed out, although my original plant was upright. My mistake was leaving without saying anything. At home 6 leaves, which were 3’ or taller, fell.I returned and spoke to the owner, informing him of the several leaves that had fallen (lost about 1/3 of the plant by then). He was condescending and dismissive. He asked me, “Well, what do you want?” I replied I wanted a refund on the payment for the transplant at the least, or another plant. He told me to bring the plant back.I returned with my plant a couple of weeks later, after still more leaves had fallen. I spoke to 5 different staff members, everyone recommending another staff member to talk to because the owner was busy in his office. After a lengthy conversation with two experienced staff members, it became clear that they would do nothing for me. In fact, I was blamed for having had the plant separated! Oh, I forgot to mention that when one part was pulled out of the pot, there were no roots on it - they had been removed during the transplant!Southlands nursery has beautiful looking plants, but lacks in customer service. Profit is valued over customer service. Well, I’m not buying it.First picture shows the original plant and the last picture shows what’s left of it.
Jonah Eckert: We LOVE this place and have been coming for years. Carefully curated and heathy plants, very knowledgeable staff. A Vancouver gem.
Iin Tan: Southlands Nursery is an amazing place to go. Very Huge area in this expensive neighbourhood make a classy impressions. They have many choices of seeds, their plant collections are unique, decorations inside the store were so inspiring though. Had self-serve chocolate drink for free.I fall in love with their mini cactus bright color and put in the rattan basket. So lovely and worth to have.They also have Dahlia house separated from main store, and offer so many kind of dahlia have to mark Southland Nursery on “place need to go” list. You will not regret it. 👍👍👍👍
Karen Castelino: Easy to find and always fun to visit the nursery and have a browse thru their latest additions to the floor.The staff here know their plants and are happy to offer advice to make up a pretty planter or to choose from their beautiful pots.They always make my dog feel welcome and he enjoys the treats.One of my husband's favorite garden centres in the city.
Caitlyn Cheung: large selection of plants with knowledgeable and friendly employees.
Tyanna clark: Great selection of flower seeds
ronald cm cheng: Helpful staff 😊👍👍👍
C Mizuguchi CM: I work in a nursery myself but frequently buy from this beautiful spot.Although some of the reviews are older, I’m surprised to see negative reviews about the staff who I’ve always found to be super friendly and happy to help.The plants are really high-quality here and it’s a lovely nursery to browse in.🌸
hui wang: I would like to ask what is your email addressthanks
Kathryn McIntyre: Cute place but I bought a few indoor plants and carefully checked them over before buying as I have a lot of experience with houseplants and didn’t wanna buy anything unhealthy or infested. Unfortunately it seems they came with thrips and one had a fungal infection (which in hindsight I should’ve noticed that at least) but it’s always concerning when freshly purchased plants have these sorts of problems.
Train of Thought Fitness: I used to love this place. Then had a horrible experience with the owner. So rude and dismissive of my questions.
Jennie Gonzalez: My mom is inlove with gardening lately so I decided to buy her some plants I found interesting at various stores such as Southlands. There are a lot to choose from at this place and it was a very refreshing sight. I also learned new set of plants. The flowers are so lovely and I decided to bought one for her as well.
Annie Chuang Gmail: Big place for you to find the plants belong to you
Sam Chiu: Just as described. Charming and tasteful. I love coming here when I need new additions or ideas. They have a great selection of plants and rustic decor. A rewards program is available as well. If you're in the neighbourhood, coming to look at the displays and plant arrangements is worth the trip itself.
keefsilano: Excellent place. Never have I found a nursery that covered so many bases. Knowledgeable and prompt customer service.
a. loe: My first visit. Was aware of the various reviews about the allegedly unkind and ignorant staff. As i was wandering around, i only felt comfortable atmosphere and saw contented, friendly faces of both customers and staff. The kind of shop where there are so many things to browse, but i feel at ease taking the time and lingering without feeling that shopkeepers constantly look over my shoulder. The girl at the till appeared polite. Prices for herbs and small houseplants are reasonable -- cannot speak for the other kinds as i don't know them.
J K: Very disappointed. Arrogant and discriminative customer service.I stopped by to buy pumpkins with my 1 year old daughter, she was happy and laughing laud and jumping excited. Then a staff came to her and yelled too close at her like “Can you not scream? Nobody likes to hear you scream and everybody hates it!!!” with really annoyed face and just left. My daughter was very shocked and scared by yelled by a very big abusive attitude man. I felt unsafe too. My daughter was right beside me, he can just calmly tell us if her laughs annoyed him. It was very aggressive and felt discriminated.
Michelle Ricketts: Great quality plants and knowledgeable staff 😃
Amanda J: Pretty great, nice variety of plants and seeds, friendly employees

3. Hunters Garden Centre - Vancouver

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Hunters Garden Centre
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Address: 2560 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6K 3T3, Canada

Schedule: Open until 5:30 PM

Telephone: +1 604-733-1534

Business type: Garden center

Hunters Garden Centre: what do users think?
Katherine Lauriente: Super informative and friendly staff! The place is very well laid out and I was thrilled to see a bunch of fresh and robust looking herbs and vegetables as well as their usual stock of lovely flowers. Totally recommend them. I got this cool plant last year in t h e i r for sale Section, it is a special plant that can survive forest fires and it's called the Diablo something. I call her princess Diablo . It was just a couple of sticks and some leaves when I bought it and look at it this year such a beautiful healthy plant and I think I paid only $10 for it so just love this store.
Will L: Excellent selection
Надежда Сорок: Дорогой магазин
Michelle Rose Liapis-Coleman: Absolutely loved our fabulous flocked Christmas tree with tea lights, I look forward to my order for December 2023! A big thank you to Rebecca for her superb level of customer service and care, I appreciate it Rebecca!
Regis Denefle: Great to see that stores like this still exist. Indoor and outdoor plants, advice, even Christmas trees... Give your thumb a new coat of green!
Jára Beneš: Everyone is always so nice and helpful here 🌱
Iker E.: Cool spot with a very knowledgeable team. They have a good assortment of plants and tools.
Julia Hornyak: Excellent selection of tulip bulbs and other plant varieties. Very nice helpful workers as well.
claudia pereira: A nice place with a excelent team!
Jackie Q: Lots of healthy outdoor plants but the indoor plants are kept in dark area and some aren't doing too well. Up close you could tell a lot of the leaves on small plants were crispy and plants were leaning and some had pests. Prices are pretty reasonable though. They have a couple rare tropical plants and most of the regular selections too.
Sandra Carter: The staff are accommodating and have lots of recommendations. The plants look very pretty and they had a nice collection too. The prices are reasonable considering some plants are rare. Their plants would be beautiful addition to your home indeed. You should check this place if you love gardening.
Brandon Lee: Knowledgeable staff but limited selection because of the small footprint of the store. Prices are high but if you live nearby then the time saved traveling east of the city is worth the value.
Carmen Cruz: Knowledgeable and very helpful staff. This is my go-to place for all my plant/flower needs.
Colette Dubois: No point in letting me stand outside the gate at 859 am when I've been standing here, by myself, for ten minutes... important executive meeting I guess. Left for home depot.
Laurie M.: Absolute gem of a store. Staff are so helpful and knowledgeable, too!Amazing selection for such a little place :-) They’ve been in business for many years for a good reason!
Paul Wickett: Good selection, advice given 🌻, busy😯 , however staff ignored me & served costomer's behind me 1st 🙄 But at least l could phone 📱 ahead for information/ not the case with Urban Roots❗
Romulus Lubbong: The store have variety of plants and local tree saplings. I bought my pre-bonsai trees from them. They have friendly and accommodating staff. I would absolutely recommend this place.
Edner Carle: Very friendly and accommodating staff. All of their plants looks healthy and well taken care of.
Joan Cubbon: Hunter's Garden Centre on West Broadway made my covid self isolation period more tolerable. I phoned to ask if they were able to deliver some plants so that I could make a start on my hanging baskets and by 9am the next morning I had my delivery! Thank you Laura for all your suggestions and for Rodney for the wave at the window.
Kathleen McChesney: Vancouver David Hunter store is a major pillar in our gardening community. Their products, knowledge and friendliness are a balm in this stressed out current world.

4. GARDENWORKS North Shore - North Vancouver City

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Address: 705 3rd St W, North Vancouver, BC V7M 3E3, Canada

Schedule: Open until 8:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-988-8082

Business type: Garden center

GARDENWORKS North Shore: what do users think?
Jude: Nice space but I wish they would answer their phone more often. I can't drive so I have to ask a friend to shop for me, but I don't want to send a friend if the plant I want isn't available.
Chris Bryjak: Beautiful space and great selection. I received detailed, careful help from the staff here. Will be back for more plants soon.
Tatyana Kovyneva: Is it possible to get to your new location via public transportation? Your previous one in North Vancouver was near the bus stop...
Skye Lee: I know nothing about plants and kept killing the one at the front door plantar so I needed help. Sally helped me with her vast knowledge and understanding of plants.Her guidance really saved me from lots of headaches ❤️
Sheila Bakhtiani: I have visited Garden Works numerous times, and I can't praise them enough for their exceptional qualities. They boast a vast selection of plants and their staff is both friendly and highly knowledgeable. Today's experience was no different, thanks to the incredible assistance provided by Emma. She was very patient while helping my sister and me choose the ideal plants for Mother's Day. Moreover, she generously took the time to pot them for us afterwards. I am truly grateful for the outstanding service we received. Thank you, we will be back!
Tristan Blomme: A huge shout out to GardenWorks on the north shore! The supplies, plants and staff on hand are amazing. The new location is beautifully set up!But way more importantly I’d like to give a huge thanks to Sophie McDonals. She is the reason we keep going back to this location. Sophie helped us pick out our back yard plants last year and everything took with a 95% success rate! She worked with us to find alternative suggestions for the remaining 5%.We can’t thank you enough for how genuinely kind and caring you are. It’s obvious you are passionate not only about plants but also about the clientele. As long as you are at GardenWorks we will keep coming here for product and supplies. Thanks again Sophie!
Af Sh: New location! It’s sooooo beautiful!Love everything specially the patio decoration.
E.H. Na: I visited the new location on their opening day, and I must say that the staff were incredibly nice and helpful, and the store immaculate and organized! I bought a lovely plant and a pot, and I would definitely come again.A big thank you to all the staff who helped me pick the plant and pot it.
Dooyi Kim: Nice garden works and very helpful staff every times ⏲️ 👍
Elle bush: I've been to garden works twice now to buy two house plants. They have the most amazing staff that clearly have allot of passion and knowledge about plants.Each time I've been I have gotten them to repot my plants and they quickly do so while giving advise on how to care for them... for free!I have really enjoyed my time spent here, and will continue to return and recommend them to friends for a long time.
Earl Jenkins: Absolutely the most pleasant experience I've ever had in a garden store. Knowledgeable staff who were helpful but didn't feel at all pushy. And great-looking plants, very high quality.
camila midori: I loved the store, it has a very large variety of plants and flowers, and the staff are very friendly. Especially Isadora who helped me a lot in choosing my plants. She is very knowledgeable about indoor plants! She also gave me tips on where to place the plants for sun/shade, care, amount of water, etc. I live in a small apartment and I have a big dog so I can’t choose any plants for my house. I highly recommend!
M P: Organic heirloom tomato plants - get em here!The finished product!
Margaret Dutilloy: Great store
Sandra Carter: Gardenworks would never disappoint with their amazing, large collection of plants. The flowers are so beautiful, you would be tempted to buy a lot and put in your garden. The prices are just right and each purchase is worth it. I love the designs on their pots too!
Sharam F: Great place for all your plant needs, friendly people to deal with.
Dee P: Love this store. After an awful experience trying to buy patio furniture with a different company, I went to Gardenworks and found a set we really liked. The staff there were AMAZING and extremely helpful. Great customer service and fast delivery. Kudos to Luke at the N Van store and the team that were extremely busy on the weekend, but still made my shopping experience great.
Allan Noble: Staff are the key here, Sophie, a manager, Eva, Mangela, have great knowledge, what looks great together, sun and shade, fertilizer and don't mind a lot of questions.
Alexandra Laliberte: Great as usual. Staff very helpful.
yana yanita: Wow! Everything awesome specially Sofia who’s an employee in there, she was very lovely and helpful. I’ll come back again hopefully soon
Kaveh Hajighazi: An excellent plant shop. They have lots of indoor and outdoor plants. I specially like their indoor plants. They also have lots of tropical plants. Their staff is very knowledgable and friendly. They also carry lots of planters both for outdoor and indoor. They also carry a variety of soils, perlite, and other gardening requirements and tools. There is ample parking but can get busy at times during the weekend. Their best policy is that they accept any returns with original receipt.

5. Bonsai Floral Gardens - Surrey

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33 reviews
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Bonsai Floral Gardens
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Address: 19218 Colebrook Rd, Surrey, BC V3Z 0L5, Canada

Schedule: Open until 5:00 PM

Telephone: +1 778-575-5588

Business type: Bonsai plant supplier

Bonsai Floral Gardens: what do users think?
Hiraeth Contracting Ltd.: Been going to this place for over 3 years and every time I learn something new. Anytime I have questions about my bonsai! They take the time and sometimes spend 30 minutes answering my questions and concerns. Definitely go and pay them a visit.
Peter Ng: 日本盆栽。
Arlene Duthie: Beautifully landscaped with gorgeous Bonsai plants
Bárbara Collyer: Horrible approach. The person who answered seemed very uncomfortable for us to be there. We ended up leaving without looking around and not buying anything.
November's Tango: Guy was very friendly and helpful in helping me select my first bonsai tree.
Tim Cheung: I went here to see if I could get a starter bonsai tree. The employee pointed to 2 little trees in the front that looked unkept and trampled on.I asked how much for the starter tree and he said $79.00. I said that was a little more than I was willing to pay for a starter tree. He said they were 13 year old trees, but I highly doubted that.I asked about some Akadama soil and they only sold it in big bags. I did buy a Large ziplock bag of Bonsai soil for $13.00. it was expensive for how much you got, but I figured it's from a Bonsai store it must be good.I didn't feel welcome when I pulled in, the employee made me feel like I was bothering him. He may know Bonsai, but his rudeness will ensure we won't be back.Trees were beautiful, but asking way too much for what they are worth.Instead I went to Art's Nursery on 8940 192nd Street and bought 2 bonsai trees for $37.00. A wide selection.Here is the one from Art's.
J.W. “JW” Milton: Now you can be Mr Miyagi too
Mitch Brennan: Nice but would have liked more variety
Jane Maskell: Wonderful staff were very helpful. Beautiful trees!
jenni trumpet: Beautiful but pricey
Luisa O'Halloran: Very nice gardens and plants. It would have been nice to see some prices on the bonsai
Lylan Phan: Zen is a super dog!Awesome trees too
Hussam Alghosain: Lovely place has a huge variety of bonsai plants and sizes from inside to outside
Miranda Green: What an incredible collection of bonsai. True dedication here!
Doug McMillan: Loved it.
Mark Susano: Awesome garden and to top it off an amazing family taking care of these trees. Great customer service and they are very knowledgeable. I would definitely pay a visit again!
Kevin T: This is not so much as a review, but a thank you!I went to Yamaura-san’s nursery six years ago where I picked out a Tsukumo Cypress. I had attempted some wiring here and there over the years, but the tree lived in its nursery pot ever since. Earlier this year I had acquired a Tokoname pot and was eager to put that tree into its new home. As soon as the weather started to warm up, I went on and repotted. The tree was healthy and full of life, that was until after the repotting. First week went by, the foliage started to droop, I figured this was normal stress due to the repotting and cutting back of the root system. Week two comes, and the tree is just looking sad at this point. The new growth was starting to brown, and the once deep lush green foliage was turning yellow. I knew I had been far too ambitious with how much I cut the root system back during the repotting.Now stressing out over the situation, and it being 1AM, I turned to the interwebs. Google-sensei and youtube were my guides at this point. After many hours of reading and watching, everything I was presented more or less told me that I had killed the tree. I then remembered Yamaura-san’s previous nursery site had some good literature on this particular species. Obviously no luck, the site was no longer available. I was ready to give up and just go sleep, it was already 5AM. For some reason I decided to search him up by name, where I discovered that he had started another nursery. “No way”, I thought to myself. I browsed the site, read some of the content before passing out. When I woke I called right away, but no answer. I wasn’t surprised, with the pandemic and all. I had come to terms that my tree would or is already dead. I tried messaging through Facebook as one last measure. I received a reply, “Good morning Kevin, yes we open today.” Good morning indeed! I packed up the tree, jumped in my car and drove down.When I arrived, a very nice lady greeted me, asked if I needed help. I explained the situation to her. She asked me to wait, took the tree around the corner and then waved for me to come over. As I walked further into the nursery, seeing all the beautiful trees, I see Yamaura-san sitting there. He looks at my tree, looks at me, “What did you do?”. I explained everything to him. He took a look at the tree again and said, “It is very weak”. I wasn’t sure if that was his way of saying the tree is dying. I told him how much of the root system I cut back, and asked if the tree was dead. He started pruning the tree back, educating me that there needs to be a balance between the roots and the foliage. He gave me a bunch of instructions and how to care for it moving forward.I just took a look at the foliage tonight, it’s already looking healthier. Hoping for the best here. Thank you again for all the help this morning Yamaura-san. I’m so happy to see you again, and knowing that you are back with a new nursery.Thank you, be safe! Best regards, Kevin
Ed Brenner: An incredible experience. Their inventory of bonsais is huge and world class. Professionally they have raised the bar with the level of knowledge provided by Bonsai Master Tak Yamaura and his staff.
Sam Nugent: Very knowledgeable and helpful. The trees are beautiful and well maintained
Matthew Deroche: Just got a beautiful new bonsai the gentleman was very nice, very knowledgeable, and helped me find a nice tree for me
G Bluke: New to bonsai. I was very happy with my experience there. Couple were very knowledgeable and happy to answer any questions I had :)

6. Celsia Florist Vancouver - Vancouver

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Celsia Florist Vancouver
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Address: 1930 Arbutus St, Vancouver, BC V6J 3X7, Canada

Schedule: Open until 5:30 PM

Telephone: +1 604-731-3314

Business type: Florist

7. BC Bonsai Society - Surrey

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BC Bonsai Society
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Address: Sunnyside Hall, 1845 154 St, Surrey, BC V4A 5J8, Canada

Telephone: +1 250-650-3950

Business type: Non-profit organization

8. Shikoku Bonsai Canada - Sunshine Coast Regional District

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Shikoku Bonsai Canada
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Address: By appointment only :, 2530 Miles Rd, Roberts Creek, BC V0N 2W4, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-741-7888

Business type: Bonsai plant supplier

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