Best Breathing Obstruction Specialists Vancouver Near Me

1. BC Children's Hospital - Vancouver

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BC Children's Hospital
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Address: 4500 Oak St, Vancouver, BC V6H 3N1, Canada

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +1 604-875-2345

Business type: Children's hospital

BC Children's Hospital: what do users think?
Nadezda Egorova: Visited today after our family doctor recommendation. Great service, waiting was not uncomfortable because everyone was polite and helpful. Thank you for your amazing job.
Jordan: I didn't go in but I went orienteering fire campus and surrounding parts would go again I clocked 8km in 40 minutes pretty fire I love orienteering so much it's so fire
M C: The Triage nurses were a bit rude diagnosing a lots of children saying that they had the flue and to go home. The doctor I had last night was questing me on why I brought him in and minimizing my concerns. That was unprofessional. I would recommend RCH more!
Brittney H: Wonderful hospital
Rodnoel De Chavez: We are truly amazed to all the staff, the service, and great collaboration we experienced in BC Children's Hospital.To Pediatric Dental department, nurses, doctors ,surgeons all the staff thank you so much for proving us the high quality and efficient care services.
Adam Cai: Really friendly, all parents will be so worried their kid in the same time all the stuff are doing professional job. For the parking you have to pay for it, the emergency parking is only 4 hours so have to work out your time.
Roksana Darmofal: Friendly and professional staff. Sometimes you have to wait for hours, but it's worth it. Your kids are in good hands there.
Arigato Hae: Hi speechlessly amazing hospital,Thank you for raising me. I can't say enough thank you's.I decided to further learn business to pay you back in success.Consider 'tweak'ing your mission statement? (I sent a gmail)(It's 4 stars because of the meals.)Thanks, Arigato
anni: I’m so grateful of most of the drs and nurses. My 2 daughters were admitted at this hospital in December , staff were very kind and nice with me and my kids, thanks you so much for all your hard work 🌹
Davis Lim: At first the care and environment was great. After 10 months with my son at Nicu, the environment became toxic. There is a superiority complex a few doctors and nurses have and they have exaggerated and falsified information. They got MCFD INVOLVED AND NOW have taken away my right to see and advocate for my son and I have only seen him one hour this whole week and it is Friday now. I have no way to defend myself of the false accusations and wasted time in court Wednesday. And it will be a long road before I get to be a father to my son again. He is 11 months and 3 days old and has VACTERL and TRAF7. They want to force a treache on him even though he did well off his mask for 30 mins last month. Doctor and nurse was in the room at that time and video was taken.My mother was not permitted to visit my grandson just 2 days ago.Very unjust use of power and control I have experienced this last month. Hope there will be reform
Maria Huezo: *The worst doctor experience at Emergency side*.I took my baby to children’s because he was crying uncontrollably one evening. I thought it was Colic at first but he’s almost 5 months old and I assumed he was way passed that stage. He’s never ever cried like the way he did that day and obviously as a mother you worry for your little one. I took him to the hospital because I assumed that was the right thing to do. While we were waiting for a doctor he had about 2 or 3 more episodes of him crying uncontrollably like he was in pain and/or in discomfort. Doctor comes in, I can’t remember her name but she was an older Caucasian lady with glasses and very short grey hair. She was working on March.4th which was a Saturday in the evening. As she walks in, my boyfriend who is stressed and extremely worried explains to her about his cry and she interrupts him and says “well he is a baby and UNFORTUNATELY babies cry and there’s nothing you can do, have you fed him? Most of the time they just want to be held.. but yea unfortunately they Cry so welcome to parent hood” in the most rudest way possible, almost like she was being sarcastic.. and took the whole situation as a joke.I was very upset on the way she spoke to us, she made us feel like we were bad parents and that being there because of his “cry” was pointless.I’m not sure if she woke up on the wrong side of the bed and was having a bad day or if it had to do anything with our skin colour and/or because we were young but she did not take us seriously.Even though I’m a first time mom, we know OUR babies, we spend every day caring for them loving them and I’m proud to say I’m doing an amazing job. And if something doesn’t feel right you bet I’m taking my little one to the hospital and I expect help and/or solutions not someone to point out the obvious!!!I hope that this doctor is a little more compassionate and easy going with other new parents that need help because no parent wants to feel like a bad parent..!
Tu Le: I am extremely grateful for the exceptional service provided by the wonderful doctors, nurses, and volunteers at BC Children's Hospital. They went above and beyond to help my son remove a corn from his nose, making his stay at the hospital warm and memorable. I must especially mention Dr. Sarah Fetcher from the ER, who took the time to establish a connection with my 3-year-old son, Sora. She spent time greeting, chatting and colouring with him, which helped him build trust and follow her instructions eagerly. Dr. Sarah, you are truly outstanding! Thank you for your kindness, care, and compassion towards my son and our family. We are forever grateful to you and the entire team. Take care!
Hamed Adibi: It was very bad experience, tonight at 10:20 my son and I we entered in the emergency department and they asked us to wait after 80 minutes anybody didn’t come and do anythings. It was really sadly because when were leaving there, anybody didn’t ask us anything. Right know my son doesn’t feel good and try to sleep. If the feel worth we will call 911
Glenda Hawkins: We are incredibly appreciative of BC Children's and the superb care they gave to our daughter. We were given incredibly thorough, considerate, and compassionate attention. After being severely affected by RSV, our daughter required breathing assistance and an IV.The doctors and nurses are working nonstop to provide treatment for our children during this particularly challenging cold and flu season. We are so grateful to have access to such a magnificent and well-run institution. The team worked hard to make our daughter smile, feel heard, and protected during what might have been a very terrible event for her.
Tameka Davis: Both our sons have had experiences at this hospital. It is always a nervous experience whenever you have to bring your child to a hospital but the staff here are the most amazing, hard working, knowledgeable, caring people. The facilities are clean and child friendly with caregivers needs in mind. We feel very fortunate to have a place like this to care for our children.
Eden Chan: Went to the lab in children's hospital today for a blood draw for my 2 year old. It was amazing! It's walk in only and no booking , but when I was there ( Wed morning) it was no wait at all. We got to have the draw immediately. It was my toddler's first time having blood taken from his arm but there were 2 staff, one drawing the blood and one holding him, both were very supportive and super nice to my toddler. At the end there was no crying at all! Not a drop of tear was shed during the blood draw and he even got a little froggy toy.And when we were getting dressed back up and having some juice in the waiting room, the fun cart came by and my toddler got a colouring sheet and crayons too.I drove all the way from Maple ridge to here for the blood work because my doctor recommended ( they are better with kids) and it was totally worth it. It's especially important that no bad memories were created around lab work so he won't be scared in the future ☺️💝Thank you so much for your amazing work !
Zach N: People need to stop leaving negative reviews in the emergency waiting room. The entire healthcare system is struggling, and the difficult truth is that your child with a cough and fever was deemed to be lower priority.The nurses are amazing - extremely compassionate. The doctors are professional and kind. We are lucky to have access to this facility.
Training Video: Extremely bad emergency service.. my kid has been in pain for 2 hours and no one attend to him .. I walked out and see nurse playing on cell phone .. and doctors casually chatting .. I stood in front of a nurse and took her almost a full minute too realise I was standing right in front of her ..
Dialin Angus-Lincoln: Best nurses in the area 🤗
Strawberry Artz: I've always been very impressed with Children's Hospital and have always had the most professional care from conscientious, patient, and responsible doctors and nurses. But today, I was really disappointed when my daughter fell face down on her chin and land on her neck after a one and half front tuck .The coach immediately told me to take my daughter to the children's hospital. Because the position of the fall was very bad. We arrived at Children's Hospital at 6:30 and my sister could walk but felt pain from her upper back to her neck to her head.a littabout her condition and then we sat down and waited. The boys who came in at the same time or even three hours ago and fell without trauma were all assigned to rooms. My daughter was still sitting there, the only child who hadn't moved in the entire three and a half hours of the evening. She had neck pain and upper back pain, so I told the nurse, who gave her a collar. Then the wait continued. I went back to say my daughter had neck pain , Sitting for more than three hours made her more sore. Everyone went in but my daughter was still sitting there. The nurse said this is an emergency room and everyone comes in in a hurry. I totally agree, I have brought my kids or myself to the ER not only once or twice and I understand that the triage nurse will arrange for the patient to be treated according to their condition. But with a neck and back injury, there was room to arrange to lie flat, but nothing at all was done for three hours. This is completely unacceptable. After I told the nurse for the second time that my daughter's neck was hurting even more, she said if you feel pain there is a bed over there you can lie down if you want. That bed was always empty, but must the same thing be said three times before the child can lie flat? My daughter told the nurse the pain gets worse, but nurse just told her that you are fine. Even other nurse asked, she still said my daughter is fine and did nothing.
Charles Zhao: This is the best children's hospital in BC. The parking space is relatively tight and there is a charge for parking. The hospital is very large and extends in all directions. There are hospital volunteers at the door to help patients find where they are going. The doctors, medical staff, and volunteers here are very kind, especially Dr. Annie, who vaccinates the children, is highly skilled, serious and responsible, which is impressive.

2. St. Paul's Hospital - Vancouver

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St. Paul's Hospital
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Address: 1081 Burrard St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1Y6, Canada

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +1 604-806-9090

Business type: General hospital

St. Paul's Hospital: what do users think?
Ramtin Lahooti: Very knowledgeable staff
Adam Blender: Last week I was admitted to St. Paul's for an ablation which is a procedure performed inside the heart. All of the nursing staff, as well as the doctors were friendly, empathetic and made me feel at ease. After hearing and seeing some of the horrible patients they have to deal with there, I have even more respect for them then I already had. Dr Yeung performed my ablation and with any luck it was successful, only time will tell. Their staff did an excellent job as far as I'm concerned and recommend the Heart Centre at St. Paul's to everyone in need of medical services for their heart.
Patrick Lee: Good job calling a 2nd waiting room fast track when people here are waiting up to three hours. Definitely fast track!
brashmarko: Ask for a little privacy and this what i get so I could sleep after having a stroke. I will be leaving tomorrow morning. How many people would take a pee in a plastic tube on video? *
Ricou: La jolie infirmière du 1er étage n'a pas voulue coucher avec moi quand je lui ai montrer mes fesses. Je ne comprends pas pourquoi, c'est honteux!
N Bala: I have been living in Surrey and on hearing about the ER through friends and social media, I landed up at St. Paul’s and believe me that was one of the best decisions in my life preferring over the nearest ER. Staff from the greeter station to front desk to back room all were exceptional. Nurses, doctors, technicians were all superb. Turn around was pretty quick and my total thanks to the doctors Daniel Shi and Christopher DeWitt for the right advice and direction and concluding my visit an amazing experience. I had to change my mind totally that not all ERs are alike. There is outstanding one here which strives to take care of the patients utmost and make sure that when you leave, you are totally worry-free! Once again thank you doctors. A special mention about the nurse Bobby who attended to me nicely. Other ERs should consider this one as their ideal example to follow.
Joy Cabigting: Amazing care! Amazing doctors and nurses!
Bobbi k: Respect full
Verna victoria Mclaughlin: I am so disappointed in the way I was treated at this hospital. And I won't be returning.
Nikki Toma: I would avoid this place at all costs. I was literally kicked out of emergency for trying to advocate for myself. Asked for a second opinion and they threatened to call security on me…I literally did nothing wrong but patiently wait there in agony. I have a rare condition called Neurogenic Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. When it flares up I have to go to emergency but NEVER AGAIN. Shout out to Dr. Stoian. Thanks for literally treating me like nothing more than a piece of garbage. It’s scary that you are even practicing medicine. Please avoid this Dr. I don’t want anyone going through what I did today. He’s all ego and doesn’t care at all!!! MENTAL HEALTH IS REAL!!! #BEKIND
Spencer Quimby: Had an outpatient procedure with the GI clinic. Everything went very smoothly. Nurses were fantastic, super friendly, helpful and reassuring. Doctor went over everything with me until I was absolutely satisfied I knew what was going on. Took what could have been a stressful morning and made it A OK. Thanks all!
Dark Simpson: it's where my doctor's office is too
Love Peace: Turned me away with a dislocated finger after mocking me that it was my nail that was broken instead. Horrible excuse of a medical institution.
viviene thomas: The most amazing staff. From receptionist to surgeon the whole team is amazing. I felt so cared for and I would travel back again from Toronto to get amazing customer service.
TV Ted: The ceo Dalton should be ashamed of herself. The managers are liars and treat their staff like garbage. Liars from the top down. Shame. And this is healthcare!
siobhain Coopman: Thanks to the amazing staff in the cardiology unit at St Paul’s Hospital ! The Dr’s and nurses gave exceptional care to my Mom . They were attentive , kind, caring and their bedside manner did not go unnoticed . Thank you 🙏
YAN YAN TSO: Really nice visit today. All things considered. Injured in transit and the ambulance took me here. Didn’t even know it was that close. Walking distance to workplace actually. And very different experience from ER as a walk in. Coming in by ambulance was definitely less wait time. Maybe almost 1.5-2 hrs total time in the hospital. Partially dislocated my shoulder. The X-ray staff super nice took things slow. The “student” that took the X-rays did nice job.
Ken Glen: A very positive visit/experience even though this valuable asset is set in the middle of a portion of Vancouver which many City Administrations have ignored for decades....
Clara Andreoletti: Io son nato in questo ospedale e quindi gli son molto legato.
Maria .S: A well known hospital with knowledgeable, compassionate staff members 💜
Jim Ervin: I must give this hospital at least a five star review since I've been told that the paramedics actually saved my life there in 2021 when I went in with heart problems. It's quite disturbing for me to think of it now considering how perfectly normal I feel. I could complain about other things such as an increasing lack of a callback when I leave a message. But this place really came through for me in the crunch. And of course, that should be the same for anyone at any hospital.

3. Vancouver Coastal Health COVID-19 Testing Site - Richmond

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Vancouver Coastal Health COVID-19 Testing Site
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Address: 5911 N Service Rd, Richmond, BC V7B 0A4, Canada

Schedule: Open until 7:00 PM

Business type: Medical clinic

4. The University of British Columbia - University Endowment Lands

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The University of British Columbia
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Address: Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-822-2211

Business type: University

5. Physiomed Vancouver & Spinal Decompression - Vancouver

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Physiomed Vancouver & Spinal Decompression
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Address: 1677 E Broadway, Vancouver, BC V5N 1V9, Canada

Schedule: Open until 6:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-879-7214

Business type: Physical therapist

Physiomed Vancouver & Spinal Decompression: what do users think?
Fred Keiner: I. Had back. Problem before I came here now walking way better than ever. Trust me on this take my word
Kelly: After looking for noninvasive treatment options for my calcific tendonitis online, I came across shockwave therapy at physiomed. (Full back story at end of this review) I've had two shockwave sessions with chiropractor Dr. Samji and the results were amazing and immediate! Dr. Samji was knowledgeable and kind. He accessed my condition and let me know what the treatment plan would be like.After my first shockwave session, my pain decreased DRAMATICALLY!!! I went from sharp, throbbing nerve pain that kept me awake at night to minimal, unnoticeable pain. The next day at work, when my cowork asked how I was doing with my pain, I literally forgot and asked her what pain she was asking about 😂😂 A few days after treatment, the pain did start creeping back, but that was expected, as Dr. Samji had told me it would take a few weeks of twice weekly treatments and then some once weekly treatments to hopefully breakup the calcifications and minimize daily pain symtpoms.The shockwave therapy itself was loud, so don't be shocked by the sound. It felt a bit sore in areas with the most pain, but I wouldn't describe it as painful. It felt like a mini-hammer but uses sound waves I believe?? The treatment was extremely worth it and I would highly recommend it for anyone with any sort of calcification / bone spur type pain! Will update my review in a few months if I remember!Extra info: The location is super convenient by the Broadway and Commercial skytrain station, with lots of free street parking nearby. And bonus is that Dr. Samji is available on some weekend dates so that helps with scheduling appointments if you work Mon-Fri, which I've had trouble with booking appointments with chiros at other places.Backstory: I was recently diagnosed with calcific tendonitis in both my shoulders and have had corticosteroid injections in both shoulder to decrease pain and improve mobility. Unfortunately the injections wore off within 3 months and my specialist (physiatrist) said my only other longterm option was getting barbitage done (where they insert a long needle and try to manually break up the calcifications). I googled my condition and found that physiomed did shockwave therapy for calcific tendonitis, and the results have been amazing!
Paris: I went to this clinic because I read some good reviews online. I suffer from knee pain. Dr. Samjj gave me a schedule that the first four weeks I should go there two times per week and then once per month . I went for total of 12 knee compression session with laser therapy. I saw zero improvement. I spent over $1000.00 for absolutely nothing. Then I went to Dr. Mackenzie Clinic in Coquitlam for consultations. He took an x-ray from my knee and showed me his machines. His machines are way more advanced than Pyysiomed Clinic. If you want to get better go see Dr. Mackenzie.
AMIN SABOUNCHI: Great office. Came here off an instagram ad. Paid alot less for my trial and was hooked. Doctor Somji was edicatef and nice. Got 45-60 min of work done on my back for my session which is more than most.
Karin Mahil: I had been rear-ended at a very high speed about 8 years ago. I was seeking help all along, going to different physio, Chiro, and massage without permanent relief. I had shoulder dysplasia, my whole back was affected and my hips were constantly in excruciating pain. Those clinics were trying their best as well so I don't wish to knock anyone here.I accidentally came across Physiomed and their decompression techniques. I've only had a about 5 sessions with Dr Samji and decompression procedures but I feel I have relief for much longer! I can see a light at the end of this painful tunnel.Dr Samji uses many methods (decompression, shock therapy, the old cracking method, LOL) to treat & relieve pain which, I believe, shocks the body instead of the body getting used to a certain procedure. I wish I met Dr Samji 8 years ago and this accident wouldn't have ruined my life for so long. Dr Samji is truly a God-send for me.
Frederico Jorge Galdino: Not a clean clinic, but they don't leave you at the waiting room for too long. They assist you promptly. On the other hand, my wife and I didn't like their decompression machine which are to strong.
Julia M: Wow. Booked an appt through the ap and took time off work to get all the way out to commercial from north van and they were closed. Received an email confirmation and calendar update and everything.Wasted my morning. Now I get marketing texts from them x 3 in 2 days trying to get me to book an appt. Incredible.
Mikami Td: Every time after treatment with Dr.Samji I can smile, better sleep. As a busy hospitality worker this place is heaven to me !
Neca galicia - knobloch: Spinal decompression is the treatment to fix my posture and to align my spine. I have a severe neck problem, afte second visit with the acupuncturist I can feel the difference, he uses the laser on my trigger points and needle on my right hand to treat the numbness and tingling. I am very pleased with my visit.
Jeremy Williams: I felt like a paycheck for these people. They pounced on my insurance and pressured me into services that have left me injured since I was there.I have had constant pain in my neck and shoulders after only one visit, and my neck feels stiff and damaged - like I can feel my discs grinding.They also talked me into orthotics (which is a common complaint) and told me my insurance would cover everything. Turns out this is a constant lie told by this clinic to get people to buy the orthotics.Good thing for them that they make you sign a waiver, because they would probably be out of business.
Colin Bloor: Friendly and knowledgeable!Had a pinched nerve that was making some fingers go numb and within a week of treatments I was pretty much at 100%.
Charn Deol: If you want to deal with a physio and chiropractic office that is upto date on treatment protocols Physiomed provides such a facility. I was treated for a knee problem and even a longterm upper back pain and am.very satisfied on the treatments provided plus the explanations for the treatments.
Eric: They don't deserve any single star for the horrible experienced that i get on this Clinic.They ask for deposit of $450 last MAY this year 2022 , until this October I got only $150 back from my deposit. $300 if NOT big amount on them, it's huge to me considering I can't work right now because of my injury.
Cesar Colmenares: Today, after a year and a half enduring intense pain in my neck, as a result of severe cervical degeneration, I have new hope. Only one week has passed in three sessions, where kindness, sensitivity to foreign pain, professionalism, teamwork and technology come together to achieve palpable results. You can't imagine the joy I feel when I return to a normal life, moving my neck almost normally. Many thanks to all your professionals. They are all excellent. Thank you Physiomed.
Pawan Kalyan: One of the poor staff they don’t know about the timings I made an appointment waiter for more then 20 mins till no one shows up don’t visit here in future
cramp1962: I have been a patient at Physiomed on and off for several years. Whether you need chiropractic, physiotherapy, massage or help with orthotics, Physiomed has the professionals available. Located steps away from the Broadway/Commercial skytrain stn.I have never had trouble getting an appointment and they are very accommodating to my hectic schedule.Physiomed also has state of the art equipment such as their new laser spinal decompression table. That therapy, coupled with Dr Samji's chiropractic skill, has been a fantastic relief to me after I pinched a nerve in my lower back earlier this month.I have and do sincerely recommend Physiomed to anyone.
G DC-C: bad service on Receptionist, they don't know how to return call as they promise to call you back after few days . Leaving voice mail for 3 times from diffent days is nothing even any call back.
Daniel Banilevici: Dr Suhil it was very knowledgeable and give me great advice and treatment for my recovery . Always recommend this great Clinic 100 % Satisfaction.
Chris F: Just went yesterday and it was amazing they treat you very well and also know what they are doin both people I saw completely made my neck and shoulders feel completely loose and not as tight with way more motion in my neck thank you physiomed
Shenaz Amershi: I was limping today and walked out after treatment with no pain
Ruby MacKinnon: For years I suffered with serious acid reflux and indigestion problems.I went to the doctor, they gave me diets that did not work and expensive medication that did nothing.I came to the conclusion that this something I would have to deal with for the rest of my life.My mother booked me some appointments with Dr. Ramin Maleki.I have to admit I was rather skeptical at first.After several treatments there was a dramatic improvement in my condition.Now when I go to eat with my friends, I don’t suffer consequences or need to watch what I eat.I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Ramin Maleki to anyone.

6. CBC Vancouver - Vancouver

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CBC Vancouver
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Address: 700 Hamilton St, Vancouver, BC V6B 4A2, Canada

Schedule: Open until 7:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-662-6000

Business type: Television station

CBC Vancouver: what do users think?
Hola D: Government funded media
mrjordan: No freedom of speech left in canada
Pauline Byrne: Sad to say my listening time has dramatically decreased. The CBC I once knew, and could not live without, has vanished. Just cannot handle the Sunday mornings anymore, the morning show from 5 am is a sad reflection of what it used to be, the cackling traffic reporter, well! The host appears to have reinvented himself, also. Miss Sheryl McKay on Sat., and Sundays. I realize,people cannot go on forever, but, please! You have had men reading the traffic report on the A M show, made a huge difference, it was clear, concise, understandable, no cackling included. Whew! So I will bid you adieu for now
Alissia Katie: Vancouver
Dev: These are the useful idiots that soviet defector Yuri Bezmenov warned us about in the 1980s.
Trevor Linden: Defund the Cee Bee Cee
Guy Stone: Killing Canada's democracyThey asked Trudeau twice on live air if he would give them billions more of our taxmoney (George s and Gian g).... Trudeau agreed and now CBC basically works for him. They block comments which are anti-Trudeau on their website - even just basic comments such as "spending is too high". They have no issue with Trudeau mocking black people with black face. Bunch of hypocrites with their non-stop woke nonsense that hinders the people they claim to defend
Eng Hani: 👍👍👍
Liam ONR: Defund the CBC. I want to see everyone who works there homeless and
Dominik Plempe: I LOVE CBC Radio 1. I get everything I need from them: the News, happy ending stories, cultural programs, educational stuff, everything! Never a dull moment on CBC Radio 1. I've learned so much! I'm a true fan. Who needs television?
Dave Kattler: CBC News Vancouver offers a far more balanced approach to reporting on all issues, particularly important breaking news and news of public safety. CBC steps up to the plate as need and when needed. Good work CBC.
Kent James: Busy place full of professionals.
Mike Loehndorf: Very cool history
David Black: So much history being inside the studios. I could not think of a better establishment to fund!
C T: Last day, I saw CBC news which made wrong information on social media. The news must be impartial. CBC news lost a viewer.
Derek Martin: Fast and very responsive team. I recommend this for everyone
Travelwithzen: Convenient locations, right downtown Vancouver
Synto Derrick: fast service! done under an hour. definitely coming back here
Jaquelaine Gelderblom: C"étais comme à Montréal
Jennifer Breakspear: All the cool kids listen to CBC
CONLAN Conlan: Excellent facilities.

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