Best Cake Buffet Vancouver Near Me

1. Dessert Cafe - Vancouver

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Dessert Cafe
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Address: 2255 Burrard St, Vancouver, BC V6J 3H9, Canada

Business type: Restaurant

2. Breka Bakery & Café (Davie) - Vancouver

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Breka Bakery & Café (Davie)
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Address: 855 Davie St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1B7, Canada

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +1 604-428-8080

Business type: Bakery

Breka Bakery & Café (Davie): what do users think?
Polly Siu
Polly Siu: It’s a cafe that opens 24/7. I Love their hot chocolate! It is very rich in flavour , smooth and creamy. It has a well balanced sweetness and satisfying taste! There are also great variety choices of desserts and pastries as well! I would love to come again to try their products!
Camila Costa
Camila Costa: My goodness the desserts here are DELICIOUS! The savoury pastries too! Service was great and I definitely recommend this place if you’re a dessert lover and visit Vancouver :)
somayeh barzegar
somayeh barzegar: So Yummy!
Mal Slys
Mal Slys: The best place to get baked goods! The coconut macaroons were my favourite. Super reasonably priced too, I was able to get a chia parfait, cake and drink for like $14
Veer Joisher
Veer Joisher: Good cafe; although it does not have enough power outlets in case you want to charge your laptop or phone. And the power outlets that are available are so loose that the chargers fall off instantly.
Michael Crosato
Michael Crosato: I don't really like this place but my GF does. Anyways paid $60 for breakfast and she didn't get her 2x Cake Pops. My fault for not double checking the bag before driving home so you know I got to hear about it while eating the breakfast at 4am.
Arunveer Kamboj
Arunveer Kamboj: That old guy has no value for his customers. The worst place i ever been.
Juli Choi
Juli Choi: Good donuts and cakes. I recommand dont choose Lavender latte..
Iwan Murty
Iwan Murty: Busy cafe. I like their éclair and chicken pot pie
Kelly: Love that they’re open 24/7 & really hard to not want to try everything 😋 wasn’t too busy at 6am, service was quick & friendly!
Ne A
Ne A: Delicious but too sweet for me.
Daniela Lopez
Daniela Lopez: El café es rico normal. Lo increíble es la panadería, tienen muchísima variedad de donas y pasteles.
Leon Kamiński
Leon Kamiński: A fat red-haired security guard forbade me to go inside the cafe if I did not buy anything, although I am a regular customer, since I live in a neighboring house.
Neethu Mohan
Neethu Mohan: Pretty packed cafe and worth trying. My favourite the pistachio donut and blueberry muffin.
Jonny Frank
Jonny Frank: I was in Van for the first time and wanted some breakfast on Davie street. I think it’s a good option, though possibly for takeout. I enjoyed the food, very tasty, but the place isn’t very well ventilated. I’m also unsure about how fresh the fresh orange was.
Hemant Gupta
Hemant Gupta: Great quality. Reasonable prices. Always a line, so plan accordingly.
A Maze
A Maze: In town for work and found this gem! It was open early - good for me because I was on east coast time - and the donut was fantastic!!! I’m going back tomorrow to try something different because everything looked incredible. Kind service and calm atmosphere
Tess Filling
Tess Filling: Options for gluten intolerant folk
Marie Thiriez
Marie Thiriez: We had a quick lunch there. We had the tuna melt and the turkey with pesto sandwiches, both were really good.
Ashley: It may seem unassuming, but they seriously have the best individual sized cakes. Highly recommend any of the mousse cakes especially the coconut mango and Kahlua chocolate. The fact they’re open 24/7 is a huge bonus!
Fulden Elif
Fulden Elif: If you’re in Vancouver only for a few days, this can be your safe place to have breakfast or brunch or just coffee and dessert or all of them! We visited different locations and tasted something new each time, they were all really good and affordable. Will definitely visit again!

3. Cheesecake Etc - Vancouver

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1580 reviews
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Cheesecake Etc
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Address: 2141 Granville St, Vancouver, BC V6H 3E9, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 7:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-734-7704

Business type: Dessert restaurant

Cheesecake Etc: what do users think?
Wanqing Hu
Wanqing Hu: The best cheesecake restaurant in Vancouver! (My opinion)
Vigan Aliu
Vigan Aliu: Such a good cheesecake. Decent price and love the music.
suneeta hundal
suneeta hundal: Cheesecake was good but not crust! Fun place to visit
Ponda Baba
Ponda Baba: An ALL TIME Vancouver Classic. A must visit to end your evening. Simply some of the best cheesecake I have ever had. Open since 1979. Amazing ambience. Live music. Like stepping into a time machine into some 50's mysterious European lounge. Amazing toppings to add to your cheesecake. Go with Strawberry or the Peanut Butter Cream. Just unreal. I've been going for years and it will remain part of my life.
Nicole Parsons
Nicole Parsons: A great place for a date, late night dessert spot. Classic home made cheesecake with various topping options. Also live jazz on some nights. Been a Vancouver staple for many years.
Kudrat B
Kudrat B: Best cheesecake in Vancouver. The vibe is amazing too because of the lightning and the music . Service is good and efficient.
Osvaldo Missio
Osvaldo Missio: O melhor cheesecake que já comi, o lugar é maravilhoso e aconchegante!Fomos em vários casais para conhecer o lugar e foi unanimidade a satisfação
Michelle Rudpushty
Michelle Rudpushty: Very light cheese cake with enough fruit marmalade on the top is absolutely mouth watering and delicious 👌💯👌
N!ta zzZ
N!ta zzZ: nice place to date and have girls talk
Grace Yip
Grace Yip: Usually don’t enjoy cheesecake but this place is an exception! The slices are so soft and fluffy, not too sweet either.
Name Name
Name Name: The cheesecake had a nice cheesy taste. Would recommend. Note that there didn't seem to be any live music during after-dinner hours (e.g., 8-9 pm).
Tanveer Kaur
Tanveer Kaur: Tried their original cheesecake with strawberries and pecans toppings… It was delicious 😋… Nice ambience.. Good customer service 😄😄
Michelle M
Michelle M: I haven’t visited in over a decade but still so good!!! Always get the original with the fresh fruit. The red velvet cheesecake was on special so I tried it but the original is still the best. The walnut raisin was okkkkk not something I will order again. We are there for the cheesecake. So happy to see after so many years this place is still so successful and consistent in their cakes.Highly recommend!
Seyed Arash Sheikholeslam
Seyed Arash Sheikholeslam: great cheesecake and a nice ambient!
big pun
big pun: Soooo good one of the best places for cheesecake in Vancouver
Brock Leclerc
Brock Leclerc: Always great cheesecake and drinks!
Shivam Bharadwaj
Shivam Bharadwaj: Well balanced cheesecakes..neither too sweet nor too creamy.. excellent service by staff
Ethan Ali
Ethan Ali: A wonderfully charming desert location. Opens late and closes late. There’s no need to order their specialty cheesecakes to have a good time. Less is more, and their classic cheesecake with strawberry topping is the best cheesecake I’ve had by a long shot. A whole cake is reasonably priced for takeout. Have been a regular customer for a decade and will continue to be. Live jazz music adds to the classic ambiance.
Jordan Siu
Jordan Siu: Chances are, the good reviews come from Shawn's weekends. 3 dollars for hot water for a dine-in customer is astounding. Any chef would be appalled at how my friend was treated. Left a strong taste in the mouth that was unfortunately, not cheese.
ERI: Everyone please ask Shawn for hot water.
Miki Cheong
Miki Cheong: Front cashier man who handles the orders is super condescending and rude. How could you put someone like this at the front? Im disgusted with the way he talked to me. He should really not be in customer service. I would give 0 stars if i could. I feel bad for the servers because you need to order through the the cashier and pay without dealing with the servers. The cashier is the one who will get the tips from the customer. I can only imagine all the tips they missed out on due to this man with a sour attitude. The cashiers name is Shawn. Beware of him, it seems like it wasnt the first bad review about him

4. Passion8 Dessert Cafe - Vancouver

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796 reviews
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Passion8 Dessert Cafe
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Address: 3010 Cambie St, Vancouver, BC V5Z 2V9, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 5:00 PM

Telephone: +1 778-379-8238

Business type: Cafe

Passion8 Dessert Cafe: what do users think?
Leon Chen
Leon Chen: A cute shop, with pretty furniture and a great atmosphere! It's a little hot in there when we get, so the bingsoo melted a bit quickly, but we still really enjoyed our dessert! They have a great menu selection, with coffee and other snacks too, but their bingsoo is definitely I will be coming back to. I highly recommend their mango one :)Parking: They have their own parking lot!
Lorna N
Lorna N: I've been twice had the Mango Bongo (yummy and refreshing) and the carrot cake (also yummy). Service was excellent, great people, great place!!I'll go again.
Mark Lintag
Mark Lintag: Ordered the Mango and Choco bingsoo! Not too sweet which is the best. Will come back for sure :)
Grace Waeohongsa
Grace Waeohongsa: So tasty! There are many menus as well. I will come back and try another. This dessert cafe is good for dating and open till late night. Staffs are so friendly. Love here.
John Nguyen
John Nguyen: . Now the amount of shaved ice above the bowl line is less than one inch. I used to go here a lot before the pandemic so I know how big you guys used to make them. You can look at the images in google reviews from a year ago and see how big they were compared to recent images. They are not the same. In addition, you guys stopped adding the orange slice topping (which is the best part
Khanh Le
Khanh Le: No utensils with takeout and I was t eating at home. Had to ask other restaurants for utensils. It was embarrassing. Not very profession and cost them nothing. Ice flavour is plain. There should be condensed milk mixed with the ice.Recommended dishes Mango Bongo Snow Mountain …More
Yun nga!
Yun nga!: Poor PARKING LIMITED, Packaging of take away order needs improvement. After 2 years improvements..Long waits too hot... quality of the mango . Raw not sweet .. not a good quality to enjoy in a dessert.I
Marco He
Marco He: Come on you guys, my wife and I were there to order a ice, and there’s a bunch of guys standing there wait to order, ( they are ahead of my wife, )and my wife is in line, i grab a seat, and few minutes later, I was asked to leave by a lady, cuz we haven’t paid yet, and they want give the table to the bunch guys, cuz they have more people. And they paid already. I understand they are earlier than us, but if there is a empty table there for a while. I assume I’m ok to seat there?? I guess you guys have your misunderstanding Store policy, also Amal tips, maybe turn up the AC, it’s really hot even people eating ice. Thank you guys for ruining my day. Wish you all the best.
Amelia Zhao
Amelia Zhao: amiable :) nice service here!
Ritesh Maisuria
Ritesh Maisuria: It's ok. I'm not really a fan of the shaved ice dessert but the puff pastry dessert was good.Food: 3/5|Service: 3/5|Atmosphere: 3/5 …More
Sally You
Sally You: Injeolmi bingu is usually my go-to but decided to try something else and get the mango and strawberry one here and the fruits were so fresh and sweet! Also got the injeolmi toast which was very good. I came here on a weekend night and service was reasonably quick for a busy, packed night
Claudia F
Claudia F: Edit: I posted this on Monday the 20th, the weekend before that is the 18th and 19th. So yes I went when it was open.Been coming here regularly every 1-2 months, but the bingsu on last weekend's visit was far below the usual quality. The ice was clumpy and not fluffy so the bingsu was flat and squashed, there were less strawberries than usual (and really sloppily placed), and the inside was not layered with strawberry and shaved ice like it usually is. There was also a door or something repeatedly slamming in the back, like the employees weren't holding or closing it properly. This has our favourite bingsu place for close to a year but after such a drop in quality I'm not sure about returning.
Jasmine McShane
Jasmine McShane: Personally I would not recommend buying the tiramisu here. The shaved ice was incredibly bland, and tasted (unsurprisingly I guess) like shaved ice. The chocolate powder which layered the top of the shaved ice made those first spoonfuls feel like you were eating cocoa powder out of the tin with an ice cube. The tiramisu itself was good, but definitely not something I would rave about and for the price of the dessert (17.50 I believe) it really was quite disappointing. Service was slow considering we were the only people in the cafe (about 10 minutes wait). Bathrooms are nice though and the cafe itself was nice and tidy.
Dakshin Gunawardana
Dakshin Gunawardana: Mango Bongo was great. Ordered the large and amount of mango was a lot! Good value for money, we shared between 3 people.
윤은경: 빙수 좋아요Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Alice H
Alice H: Ok taste but not worth the crowd and insanely rude customer service with a lot of random rules. The one day I went with a friend they made us etransfer payment.
samira ebrahimi
samira ebrahimi: The appearance of the mango shaved ice was very attractive. It was my first time to try it and I really liked the texture of the ice shaved. The mangoes were very fresh and had a good taste, but overall it was not too sweet, and if they could add some sweetness to it, it would be great. We went there at night and could hardly find a table.
Owen Post
Owen Post: Even the small felt pretty big
Yonghwan Jeong (Ian)
Yonghwan Jeong (Ian): Poor service
Rose Ryu
Rose Ryu: Their snow mountains are really amazing, especially honey berry! The ice was milk so it was super flavorful.. tostery was also very crispy and sweet! Highly recommened!
Carme Massa
Carme Massa: A big disappointment for sure, the presentation really cute, and the quantity was pretty big, but 80% was basically grated ice with chocolate powder, which I don’t know how I felt about it, and the rest a scoop of ice cream and two mini oreos, 15$ I think I can eat better ice creams for cheaper. It’s mainly presentation, not really recommended If you want to enjoy I tasty dessert.

5. Nana's Green Tea - Vancouver

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730 reviews
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Nana's Green Tea
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Address: 2135 W 41st Ave, Vancouver, BC V6M 1Z6, Canada

Schedule: Open until 9:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-263-5054

Business type: Japanese sweets restaurant

Nana's Green Tea: what do users think?
Rz: Beef curry, tuna donburi were good but portions were very small. Matcha latte really good and not sweet. Matcha parfait is the best thing, although maybe there was a little bit too much cream.
Chen: Recommended dishes Hojicha Shiratama Float, Matcha Shiratama FloatMore
W: Matcha lovers' paradise. Ice cream not as creamy as other places but great nonetheless.Food: 3/5|Service: 4/5|Atmosphere: 4/5 …More
Jane: Matcha loaf tastes good!
K Lee
K Lee: Destination spot for sure! If you love matcha you will love this place! Did not explore the lunch but the desserts were fantastic! Large variety, so hard to choose! Definitely need to come back for more.
Sarah Wade
Sarah Wade: Great place for Matcha lovers and the workers are friendly and helpful I would come back.Food: 4/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Victoria Nguyen
Victoria Nguyen: Their parfaits are amazing but as a matcha lover that has been to Japan, I do not recommend their matcha lattes. It was bitter and has no sweetness, which tastes nothing like what I had in Japan. They will give you sugar packets when asked but I was rather disappointed because I paid around $7 for a small. The place is aesthetic for a cute hangout with friends but not a place to work/study because there’s no public Wifi or outlets available (just a heads up for fellow students!)
Very Hangry Guy
Very Hangry Guy: Had their hot Matcha Green Tea. Very good, quality beverage. All their desserts looked good, but did not have any. Worth a try. @veryhangryguyFood: 4/5|Service: 4/5|Atmosphere: 4/5 …More
Megan Chui
Megan Chui: Expensive and small portions. Ordered from ubereats & 3 things were missing out of 9. They used to be good, but now, not sure I would return.
Brijendra Nag
Brijendra Nag: Great places, a ton of menu options for both matcha and hojicha. Loved the fact that they dishes aren’t too sweet and the flavour is just perfect, really well made and beautifully presented. Solid dessert or cafe spot and would highly recommendVegetarian options: Everything is vegetarian
Jonathan Lim
Jonathan Lim: Cozy matcha café. Lots of dessert and drink options hot and cold!
Nicholas Kong
Nicholas Kong: I like Nana's a lot more than Tsujiri. Their pastries are very nice as well. We always get the hojicha/match shiratama float!Update: prices have skyrocketed and you need minimum one item per person to dine in. Food quality stayed the same!
Nancy Chang
Nancy Chang: Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 3/5More
May Tong
May Tong: If you’re a Matcha lover like me, you shouldn’t miss out this place!!!I’ve been so disappointed by the matcha drinks I’ve tried in any drink shops, you can only taste light and watery. But this place makes the richest matcha drinks I’ve ever tried. LOVE IT! 😍😍😍I got the Matcha Shiratama Frappe and. Basque cheesecake. The ice cream is covered by matcha chocolate coating, which makes it more creamy and flavorful. That was AMAZING. And Mochi is so chewy and yummy. And the cheesecake has surprisingly rich matcha flavor too. Strongly recommend!!🍵🍵🍵
A. San Pedro
A. San Pedro: Really good dessert! Definitely get their soft serve
Rachel: Very bad serviceThe girl banged the machine on counter just because I wanted to add a drink to my orderHorrible experience
Homing Fung
Homing Fung: Food: 5/5|Service: 4/5|Atmosphere: 4/5More
Grace Yip
Grace Yip: The parfait and tiramisu were good and portions weren’t too heavy. Pretty standard dessert cafe.
chloe: Decent matcha soft serve. Would like it to be richer and less sweet, but it's creamy and tasty overall.
Charles: Anything matcha related is authentic. The lattes, ice cream and parfaits kinda remind me of my time in Japan. Mochi is so-so.The lunch options however, are laughable, especially the portion sizes, not worth the price and the taste is subpar. I strongly suggest sticking to the dessert options if you do come here.
Annie Yu
Annie Yu: TLDR: Overpriced… small portions. But hey, the aesthetics of the food was nice!My friends all felt very unsatisfied unfortunately with the meal size and quality given the expensive prices. I would definitely say skip the savoury foods, as you have a better chance of being less disappointed with the sweets!Also, be aware the store smell takes a while to get used to. We saw two bugs around (one silverfish by the cashier lolol and a spider near the table)

6. L' atelier Patisserie - Vancouver

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402 reviews
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L' atelier Patisserie
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Address: 260 E 5th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5T 1H3, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 8:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-329-6153

Business type: Bakery

L' atelier Patisserie: what do users think?
Dennis Mills
Dennis Mills: I tried the raisin pastry yesterday. Big problem. Perhaps 4 raisins scattered in a 5 inch round. Why call something raisin and then choose not to put any raisins in it? These are not inexpensive and presumably worth it if you get what you are paying for. Out of say 16 bites, I had 3 with any raisins in them. Under 19%. Yet, I paid almost $6. The pastry was very good, I give credit for that. But they need to fix the raisin ratio. L’Athelier- I will give you one more chance. I’ll eat the pastry in the shop. We will count the raisins together, as a project in community and communication. I am hopeful we can get this fixed.
Sylvie hiekel
Sylvie hiekel: OMG!!! This is the place to go for authentic French pastries, the sandwich 'croque monsieur ' is sublime ,I would recommend to anyone!!
Caroline Goode
Caroline Goode: Double chocolate good and unique. Regular croissant is delicious! We went in the hot weather which is very difficult to make croissants and no issues it seems for them! Cute space as well. We didn't try the coffee or anything else.
Ron Wegiel
Ron Wegiel: The bakery items are perfectly made. True French bakery at it finest!
huwyda9 Mezaal
huwyda9 Mezaal: 🥐🥖Franck Best and creative chef of bakery delicious croissant and satisfy ,and addition nice staff and services,ha! and good coffee 😊 thanks a lot.
Vincent Lee
Vincent Lee: I am so happy with having a little coffeeshop / patisserie a block from my house. Our neighborhood needed this so badly.Now on a Saturday morning I can look out my window and see how busy it is then run over and get my two favorites... Hazelnut Croissant 🥐 and Pistachio white chocolate pastry.I like the coffee you use for the Americano. So 😋 tasty. I don't even add any sugar.Then run back home and we enjoy our mornings.
Kanako Sakurada
Kanako Sakurada: I was not too sure about their new location but the building was new looking and there were lots of seating available in bright and spacious area.Just GREAT pastries here!! Their croissants are so yummy….possibly the best in town. I can smell and taste high quality butter! My favorites are double chocolate croissant and laminated brioche! (Both pictured). Those are must tries!!
Ambre Maurin
Ambre Maurin: I am french and grew up eating fresh croissants (I know, I am lucky!) and the truth is that croissants from l'Atelier are the closest of those I ate growing up. So fresh, a bit greasy and not too flaky! Just right!We usually take few other items because it's hard to resist but our go to is the croissant.
bianca pers
bianca pers: The best of hidden gems serving the best croissants in the city. The only place I have run into french people buying croissants EVERI have had their almond and pistachio and both were sooo well executed.It is a tiny spot with maybe 2-4 tables at any given time. Great spot on a nice dayJan 2023They have moved to a much larger new location! The staff is double, spaced 4X, and variety, doubled! The space is soo cute and the croissants just as wonderful.
Jessica Soule
Jessica Soule: An absolute must visit!!! Every detail down to the serving trays is thought out and high quality. Top-knotch customer service and the food is delicious (especially the laminated brioche!).
J DS: Great selection of French pastries. We bought a couple of pastries and a baguette for breakfast. It’s worth the detour if you’re in the area or visiting Vancouver.
Moussa Bassiony
Moussa Bassiony: c'était mon rêve de trouver une bonne boulangerie pour la baguette, cette boulangerie est la meilleure de Vancouver, je vous souhaite bonne continuation!
Lu Lu
Lu Lu: I love this cafe. Perfect place to have breakfast and coffee. I love latte and Pistachio chocolate croissant here, and croque-monsieur is my new favourite. The service gets more friendly and better than before.They have 45 mins seating policy now, it’s a little bit short and hoping it’s 1 hour but it’s understandable because it’s often very busy here.カフェラテとクロワッサンがとても美味しいです。特にピスタッチオチョコレートクロワッサンとクロックムッシュがお気に入りです。着席時間制限が45分と少し短いのが残念ですが、混雑していることが多いので仕方がないですね…
HUI CHE LIU: 可頌非常美味,口味多樣可以選擇!
Steven Xu
Steven Xu: 5/5 food + service top tier
Eve Kahama
Eve Kahama: Had one of the best matcha lattes in my life, along with an amazingly flaky buttery croissant. Highly reccomend
Melanie Y
Melanie Y: Great selection of delicious French pastries and sandwiches. Atmosphere is airy yet cozy with high ceilings and natural light. Coffee was good as well. So in love ❤️ and highly recommend.
Akash Lamba
Akash Lamba: Good Ambience!Great deserts!Would go here again.
D Jetfire
D Jetfire: my first time visiting this new location, obviously I returned for their delicious pastries! I love their assortment of buttery croissants, I can tell they use quality ingredients, reheated my refridgerated croissant over the stove and its so flakey! Highly recommend L'atelier!
Daniel Carkner
Daniel Carkner: As someone in my old French language meetup once said, the croissants in this place are not just "Vancouver good", they are "good good" 🤭 interior in new location is pretty standard but now more room to sit. Baked goods are among the best in the city in my opinion.
G Yee
G Yee: So far we’ve tried the yuzu croissant and double chocolate croissant…SO FLAKY & DELICIOUS ♥️ we must try more 🤤

7. True Confections Denman - Vancouver

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939 reviews
new review
True Confections Denman
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Address: 866 Denman St, Vancouver, BC V6G 2L9, Canada

Schedule: Open until 12:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-682-1292

Business type: Dessert restaurant

True Confections Denman: what do users think?
Ara Ohanian
Ara Ohanian: I placed an order through the site for my friend's birthday, the package was delivered at the specified time.It was a very delicious cake 👍😋
Fox Cain
Fox Cain: Best dessert place in Vancouver. Chocolate cake is to die for
Kei Ou
Kei Ou: Very good
Gadam Mohit
Gadam Mohit: Chocolate layer cake was good, but on the drier side, wish the cake was more moist.
Defne888st: I love the cakes and pies here. The banana cream pie is a must try. I would recommend to anyone who has a sweet tooth!
Janmeet Randhawa
Janmeet Randhawa: Loved their Tiramusu slice! Huge and fluffy. Will definitely visit again. Service was great too by Martina
Piggy: 🍫CHOCOLATE LOVERS DREAM🍫Walked into True Confections on Denman this weekend and was sent to chocolate heaven.This unassuming cake shop has been around for 35 years. They serve a variety of classic cakes, pies, and cheesecakes. There’s nothing fancy or gimmicky about their desserts. They offer classic traditional cake and pie flavours. But what they do they definitely do well.The service here was also fantastic. Our server was a lovely lady with long curly brown hair (didn’t catch her name). She could tell right away a that this was our first time in the shop and offered recommendations right away. Once she found out that I liked chocolate, she recommended their Classic Chocolate Cake right away. She literally said that it would be “life-changing.” Honestly speaking I wasn’t expecting much because most chocolate cakes I’ve tried in the past have been good, but nothing spectacular. This unassuming slice of chocolate goodness changed my mind completely.Classic Chocolate Cake 10/10The dark chocolate sponge cake was so moist and fluffy. And the chocolate flavour was not too sweet, there was the perfect hint of bitterness from the dark chocolate that balanced out the sweetness. They really perfected this classic chocolate cake. Each bite was a decadent experience, yet even after finishing this giant slice in one sitting, we weren’t left feeling heavy or yucky. This chocolate cake definitely lived up to its “life-changing” reputation.If you guys ever get a chance to try this place out, don’t be deterred by the simple bare-bones vibes of the shop and it’s offerings. They have perfected their classic offering and that’s a feat in itself. I will definitely be back to try out some of their other slices.⭐️10/10🤵🏼‍♀️10/10💵$$ (aprox. $10/slice)📍True Confections | 866 Denman St, Vancouver
María Inés Parnisari
María Inés Parnisari: Cakes are always amazing. However, something I didn't like is that when the time came to pay, the waitress very sneakily added a 18% tip to the payment machine. She did it very quickly without asking me, but I saw it. I don't know why, I was with a group of 6. If this was gratuity, then you should mention it
SY: One of the worst tiramisu in my life..I only tried this one so I don’t know about others But never try tiramisu here if you are big fan of tiramisu It was really dry I think cream is not enough. I felt like I’m chewing a dry coffee flavour sponge and also pricey..So disappointed:((
Jennifer Wilson
Jennifer Wilson: Ordered a custom cake for my daughter’s 14th birthday. They worked from a photo I provided and produced a gorgeous and delicious cake. Would highly recommend!
Burhan Baki Duman
Burhan Baki Duman: Ordered a tramisu cake for my birthday on March 30th, and completely disappointed with the taste and texture of the cake this time. This cake was my favourite cake from True Confection, but no more planning to order a cake from here in the future. Very disappointed...
Alyssa Kohl
Alyssa Kohl: Not only was the Oreo cheesecake the best I’ve ever had, but the service was amazing. True Confections is a cute little shop where the staff go above and beyond. For example, Martine helped make I my time in Vancouver memorable by helping me sell my extra concert ticket. As thanks, I sent friends and family to the shop within a couple days and they were equally impressed with the selection of desserts and the quality of both the service and the food. I highly recommend this lovely dessert shop so that your day can be made too. Thank you!
doug Beatle
doug Beatle: The best!!
Natália Marin Natália
Natália Marin Natália: Great place for desserts in Downtown! Many options (cakes, cheesecakes, pudins, mousses, pies, coffee), I have been there a few times and tried different options, all of them were amazing. My favorite so far is the tiramissu, which is to die for! It is a bit expensive, but the portions are huge. Staff is kind and friendly, they give suggestions and explain the specials of their menu. Highly recommended place!
mitra alivand
mitra alivand: I order with very excitement my cheese cake I opened and is lest my favourite I don’t even know what is this brown color I didn’t even ask for bill disappointed.
Leonard Clarke
Leonard Clarke: I got a hot chocolate and a strawberry shortcake and it was delicious the hot chocolate was creamy and not too hot and the strawberry shortcake was…..Wow! It was moist flavourful and the jam was superb and to top it all of the waitresses were nice and friendly and talkative 5 out of 5 overall. Review my my 14 years old grandson .
Aydin Amiri
Aydin Amiri: If you're looking for a place to confess your love for cake, look no further than True Confections. This hidden gem is a cake lover's paradise, with a wide variety of flavors that are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. I'm pretty sure the bakers here are wizards in disguise, their cakes are nothing short of magical. The staff is as sweet as their cakes (pun intended). If you're in Vancouver, do yourself a favor and make a confession at True Confections. Your taste buds will thank you.
Abdullah Qawariq
Abdullah Qawariq: Cake was very tasty. I think they need to work on pricing. Also, compared to other shops maybe they should improve their customer service. But my overall experience was good.
Tianna Guilbault
Tianna Guilbault: Ordered from this place because we get raves about it. Spent atleast 22$ for three items and this is how it’s packaged not one but TWO items I ordered squished into ONE container.Update:We went back and my husband requested the items redone in separate containers. We got a different pie because they were out of the Strawberry/rhubarb. Got home and realized they gave us the same original messy cake and pie mixed container that we brought back in for them to fix. It had the same pie ONTOP of the cake and the spoon markings we made from the picture. Super disappointed and unsatisfied with their customer service and “quality” of food they have.
D. Sal
D. Sal: Established for such a long time definitely worth a visit, open late can be busy ,I look for times when not so busy,you shouldn't hurry a coffee or desert anyways ,should be enjoyed with peace, patience and love and I'm sure you will leave with a smile. Great Experience 🥧🥧🥧🥧🥧🥧🥧🥧🥧🥧 ☕️☕️☕️🍵☕️🍵🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️
Carley Simpson
Carley Simpson: Edit: the confirmation never came to my junk or my inbox. This is why I request it 3 different times and then was told over the phone “you got your order number? That’s your confirmation” but no email. That response alone is why I’ll keep this review up. No care for customers. There’s better bakeries out there!I didn’t bother to actually reach out to True Confections as communication with them was borderline brutal. I placed my order online January 30th for a photo cake for my friends 30th. I never received a confirmation email, however after checking out I did get my order number! I reached out three times asking for a confirmation with my notes/etc.The issue was when I called into this location asking to confirm my order and I spoke to the rudest woman. She talked over me, didn’t help at all and was just so rude. Word for word she said “well you have an order number? That’s your confirmation” typically businesses email a receipt with your purchase so I don’t know she acted like that was the craziest thing she’s ever heard. She let me know the cake would be at my house between 10am-2pm. I ended up needing to call again at 2:55pm because it still hadn’t arrived. The same lady picked up the phone and asked if I wanted the delivery guys phone number as she doesn’t know where he is. I was told I’d have to call several times as he doesn’t answer when he’s driving. I didn’t call the driver as I feel that’s definitely not my job as a paying customer.At 3:50pm I emailed asking where the cake was as I had a shift this evening and wouldn’t be home. I just received an email saying “sorry for delay.” And eventually the delivery guy called me and let me know he just heard I wasn’t going to be home and asked how late he can be. He was very nice and apologetic though, nothing against him as I understand things run behind.Eventually the cake came at 5:30pm (3.5 hours after the scheduled delivery time) and for $70… disappointing. It’s slightly dented in on the left side and the text is written in a way that you can barely read it.Overall, cakes appearance is 6/10 but that customer service … holy moly you guys gotta fix that! I’d never come back unfortunately, nor would I recommend to anyone.

8. Sweet Obsession - Vancouver

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315 reviews
new review
Sweet Obsession
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Address: 2611 W 16th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6K 3C2, Canada

Schedule: Open until 6:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-739-0555

Business type: Cake shop

Sweet Obsession: what do users think?
A.C. S
A.C. S: These 2 Danishes I can vouch. The cake looks amazing!!!
Cici Soo
Cici Soo: It’s been a while since my last visit. The cake is less delicious and I found a hair while I’m eating the cake(I have different hair color, so it won’t be mine)Im giving 2 stars because it used to be one of my fav spot for tiramisu.
C C: Bought my first cake here 8 years ago for my daughter’s birthday. It was a fabulous lemon meringue cake with decadent layers of meringue and lemon custard between layers of moist cake. Have subsequently bought all my celebration cakes from them since. They custom made a massive version of the lemon meringue cake for my Mom’s 80th and it was a huge hit. Covid prevented us from returning to Vancouver for three years due to travel restrictions so we haven’t had many family celebrations until just recently. We celebrated my husband’s milestone birthday. He wanted the lemon cake for one party and a chocolate cake for another party. What a huge disappointment! The chocolate cake was 80% buttercream icing and it was bland! The lemon cake tasted like bog standard box cake mix and the lemon mousse layers tasted more like artificial lemon flavoured buttercream icing! This is NOT the original Sweet Obsession from years back. The “Since opening in 1993…” is highly misleading. The name of the shop may have been in existence since 1993 but the ownership has most definitely changed. The quality of cakes have gone for outstanding 10/10 to 2/10. Time to look for another bakery.
Anton Ilic
Anton Ilic: Hadn’t went here since the start of covid. The scones were alright. Not as good as I remembered. Rather nice atmosphere.
Felicia Ng
Felicia Ng: Had scones here, along with the cinnamon roll. Both items were delicious. The New York cheesecake was also very well done. The flat white was more like a latte, but was still delicious.
Andrew Iverson
Andrew Iverson: Not worth it, given the terrible service. I bought a large cake for an important gathering for family from overseas. What the salespeople neglected to tell me was that the cake needed to be heated up before it was served. In fact, no oral or written instructions were given. The cake was appalling, most of it went uneaten. My family was polite but clear that it wasn’t good, and I was quite embarrassed. When I stopped by to complain, the person I spoke to was indifferent and offered no apology or compensation. Definitely won’t be back.
Justin Tan
Justin Tan: Best chocolate cake in Vancouver!!!Service was great, and coffee was delicious
Dolly Dhand
Dolly Dhand: These guys are amazing!I ordered a white chocolate raspberry mousse cake through Uber eats and wanted a plaque on my cake. Although they informed me that special requests like this usually don’t happen instantly…they still helped me out the best way and accommodated my request. Pavneet specifically was so sweet and really helped me out.Thank you so much guys!
Hsu C
Hsu C: First of all, customer service was excellent and the person who served us was very nice, but their cake… taste is the worst.We ordered a bittersweet chocolate cake. They might as well called it overly sweet chocolate cake. The buttercream layer is so thick that it’s thicker than the sponge layers. I feel like I’m eating whole chunk of sugar/butter in my mouth. Very disappointed. We had to throw the rest away as it just feels so unhealthy, definitely not worth the $41.
Pouya S. Pour
Pouya S. Pour: Attn New Ownership - coffee is really bad compared to what it used to be….flat white is more of a boiled milk with hot water and no taste of coffee….staff’s presence is merely for income purposes with no care for products or establishment and what it represents…. I wish you could bring back the beauty and warmth your brand used to present that for us patrons driving 45mins to enjoy it
Kenrick Li
Kenrick Li: Always have a great time at this neighbourhood gem. The treats are tasty but creeping up in price through the years. Worth the trip for me always when I want to indulge in some baked goods and coffee; especially on a rainy day!
Tanya Raja
Tanya Raja: friendly staff and the cafe is super cute! had a vanilla latte but they have lots of options for other pastries. def going back :)
Christine Unger
Christine Unger: Sweet Obsession is one of the Best Bakery’s in Vancouver! A must to visit and worth the drive. I absolutely love their cheesecake and cookies. A wonderful place to go with a friend or family for cake, coffee and so much more!
Tobey Zhu
Tobey Zhu: The chocolate hazelnut zuccotto was amazing. However I paid for three items and only got two in the box. Yup, they forgot to put the pastry to the box but remembered to charge me for the item.
A C: ordered my birthday cake from here, and it was enjoyed
Y Man
Y Man: If you're like me who holds Sweet Obsessions in a special place in their heart remembering fondly of the amazing assortment of pastries, colorful and delightful behind the display case, enjoying a nice hot beverage and delicious sweetness with your friend. I need to stop you right now before you ruin your memory like it did for me. 1. The cakes are monotonous in color and choice is limited (I advise you to go to their website first - it has changed ownership- to understand what cakes they now have unlike me driving up to the place thinking nothing has changed). 2. Batrista is ill experienced. If they don't know how to make a matcha latte, please remove it from the menu. It was exactly as another 1-star review described, warm milk with match powder sprinkled on top. 3. The cherry Danish I ordered is also like another 1-star review described, just a bland bread like item with a bit cherry compote on top. It was so hard to finish this bread item since there is not enough cherry compote. It's not that it's mixed into the "Danish". I literally had to force myself to finish not to waste food. 4. St. Honore was light, not bad, but not what we expected compared to the Italian bakery on commercial. It was a bit pricey $9. BUT if you have nothing to compare against like I do, then this place is okay to get your baked goods.
Octavio Rodriguez
Octavio Rodriguez: Needing to pick up a cake to celebrate a birthday, we decided to come to Sweet Obsession and check what they had available. Our first option was the Mocha Torte, spongy and chocolatey. Unfortunately, sold out so we went with the Tiramisu cake instead. This was a good call, all the goodness of espresso and mascarpone cream! Looking at the variety of cakes, cheesecakes, cookies and other baked items, we had to stop for coffee and try something... settled for a cappuccino and a Dipped Shortbread Cookie. This was amazing, the chocolate/shortbread combination rich and flavourful! Next time, a Palmier? Or a Pain au Chocolat? Or an Apple Cranberry Crostata?... Come to Sweet Obsession and sit down, take your time and have a coffee the way it's meant to be enjoyed: calmly... Service here was friendly, prices reasonable.
Perry Anderson
Perry Anderson: New ownership is horrendous. I used to go here regularly for years. Coffee totally wrong temperature. "Three cookies" is too complicated an order for them to get right. Avoid if you seek remotely reliable service.
Huong Le
Huong Le: Service is really good, quick a d reasonable price, staffs are nice. Highly recommend
rose javaheri
rose javaheri: Gross customer service.I ordered a cake one day ahead and explained in details the way I wanted the writing to be. When I went to the store it was exactly how I did not want!!! And they made a mistake on what I particularly had asked to Not do!!! How hard is to understand a simple instruction for a one line wiring?!On top of that when I asked them to fix it they said they wouldn’t and I have to take the cake!! I told them it was their mistake and they have to either fix it or make a fresh one since they always have that cake, they just needed to do the writing, and they said they can’t do that because they won’t be able to sell this one!!!!!! How on earth is that my problem? Eventually after a phone call and talking to manager after a while they agreed to make a fresh one!!!!!!!!! Well thank you for eventually accepting to fix your own mistake!!!Even when the writing looked very bad, maybe they did that on purpose cause I doubt someone whose job is writing in cakes would have such a bad handwriting!
Phil aw Sufer
Phil aw Sufer: Picked up some goodies from Sweet Obsession on W 16th. They have some of the most unique desserts and baked pastries. Their NY cheesecake, orange lemon flan with bb compote, St. Honore are some of our favourites. Real miss their peach cobbler. I’ll diet tomorrow again!

9. Beaucoup Bakery - Vancouver

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1069 reviews
new review
Beaucoup Bakery
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Address: 2150 Fir St, Vancouver, BC V6J 3B5, Canada

Schedule: Open until 4:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-732-4222

Business type: Bakery

Beaucoup Bakery: what do users think?
Sara Rezai
Sara Rezai: Almond croissant was delicious!!! Must try if you are in the area.
Hardeep Purewal
Hardeep Purewal: Really good but pricey, and they do on occasion get the orders wrong, but generally really delicious
Alexis Okabe
Alexis Okabe: Undeniably and unquestionably the best bakery in the Lower Mainland. I'm always excited to see yuzu-flavoured treats, and despite the massive line, the team here handles everything super efficiently and with a smile. Definitely get whatever yuzu thing they have, and also try the cardamon kouign amann!
Jessica Villavicencio
Jessica Villavicencio: Croissants are good👌🏽 crunchy like I like it.
Kelvin Fong
Kelvin Fong: After finally getting the opportunity to sample some of the baked goods, I must say that I fail to comprehend the enthusiasm surrounding them. To be honest, the croissant I tried was unappetizing. It was excessively dry, and the texture inside was reminiscent of Costco's baked goods. I'm uncertain whether they blended some shortening with the butter or if I obtained day old items. Considering the cost, the taste wasn't particularly noteworthy. Luckily, I only purchased a few items to experiment with. Thankfully, there are numerous other bakeries in the area to explore.
Kanako Sakurada
Kanako Sakurada: Definitely one of the best croissants in town! So flaky and buttery!
Franco Cornejo
Franco Cornejo: Good range of products, no bad coffee, however, unprofessional staff (FOH) looking very unhappy and rude to customers, also, asked to tip when there is no service involved.Tables needs some attention.
Abhishek Das
Abhishek Das: I've had the pleasure of visiting this establishment a few times now, and while I loved their ham and cheese rolls and croissants, I did find the pistachio croissant a bit too sweet for my taste. That being said, their croissants are undeniably great, and I highly recommend them.In fact, after trying their Sakura Croissant Supreme and Jasmine Tiramisu, I must say that I would add another star to my previous rating if I could. These two items were absolute winners in my book - the flavors were impeccable, and the execution was flawless. If you're a fan of unique and delicious pastries, make sure to try these out!
Richard Wong
Richard Wong: The peanut butter cookies, both plant based and regular peanuts were excellent. Probably, the best peanut butter cookies we've had as they were both creamy, crunchy, and the taste of the cookie was scrumptious.The chocolate croissant or Paine de chocolate was very flaky, large, and also very good tasting.You can see they have a variety of not only pastries, but also jams, ornamental gifts, and local coffees.A nice place to visit and have a snack and coffee.
Richard D
Richard D: Great croissantsGo pistachio and almond and almond chocolateSuberb. Worth a second visit
Ross Judge
Ross Judge: DISCRIMINATION HERE as they DO NOT accept cash. Many people don't have credit cards or may not want to use them. Also not everyone has a debit card with cash available.Is this place just for rich people ?I had a Almond Croissant for $6 that was okay, not the best I've had. $6 scones too.Their card machines start at 15% tip and up......and that's for takeout
Joel Kaplan
Joel Kaplan: Fantastic pastries and sweet nibbles.
Vlad S.
Vlad S.: The bread pudding is the best we’ve ever had anywhere! And the coffee is so good :) great cafe
ewan quirk
ewan quirk: 5 star pastries. Visited exactly 7 minutes prior to closing one day and got nothing but deliciousness and good vibes! Now THAT is good customer service. Pistachio croissants are to die for!
Lilian Dang
Lilian Dang: Wow, all cakes I have eaten here is really good and amazing !!!
serge H
serge H: Je veux prendre un moment pour exprimer ma sincère appréciation pour les délicieux gâteaux que vous créez. Vos gâteaux sont tout simplement exquis non seulement par l'appeI mais aussi par le goût ! J'aime la façon dont vous utilisez uniquement les ingrédients les plus frais et de haute qualité pour créer votre pâtisserie. J'ai recommandé votre boulangerie à tous mes amis et à ma famille, et ils sont également impressionnés. Merci d'apporter tant de joie et de bonheur dans ma famille grâce à vos délicieuses créations.
Joyce Gilchrist
Joyce Gilchrist: Great as always
Chloe D
Chloe D: Croissants are super flakey and buttery. The lemon yuzu tart was delicious (but a tad sweet for me) - the consistency of the filling was not too dense/jello-like but not too liquidy.
l luong
l luong: Pastries is a 5/5.Customer service was awful and awkward. This is after visiting the place 3 times in the event it was a one-off. Unfortunately it wasn't.
Crystal Mount Tannehill
Crystal Mount Tannehill: The late was so good!!!!! As was their iced late. So yummy. We also loved their pastries!
Leah Kloeble
Leah Kloeble: Great french bakery. Delicious pastries! The staff are very friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend it!

10. Yandoux Patisserie - Vancouver

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217 reviews
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Yandoux Patisserie
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Address: 1731 Manitoba St, Vancouver, BC V5Y 1A4, Canada

Schedule: Open until 7:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-620-1899

Business type: Pastry shop

Yandoux Patisserie: what do users think?
Jen Lightman
Jen Lightman: Lily is very friendly and keeps paying attention to help refill hot water and ice.
风是从哪来的: Great high tea and great service! I like all food in high tea menu! It’s so delicious! I will come back again!
Azi Jahan
Azi Jahan: One of the most amazing ones in Vancouver!PriceTasteDesignServiceThey are AWSOME!Enjoy it 🏻
Amy Kim
Amy Kim: Cakes are very pretty but also taste great!
CAI GAN XIAN Lucas: It was quite a surprise to discover this nice Patisserie in the neighborhood. Completely unexpected. The cakes are so nicely shaped that it feels bad to even cut or eat it. A great place to stop by, have a nice tea & cakes snack.
Philip S
Philip S: Light and delicious cakes that were a perfect portion for us. I also noticed it was just the right balanced of sweetness. The interior was clean, bright and calm. The Earl Greg cake I had was a dream and was so light like clouds.
Emily -
Emily -: Not only their cakes look so stunning, but the taste of them are also amazing. 10/10 recommended
John Jang
John Jang: Very pretty desserts. Taste was slightly above average but looked very presentable. Didn't have a huge selection when we went.
Nathan Chang
Nathan Chang: Went for my mom’s birthday and the tea set was great. Sometimes I don’t finish afternoon tea sets but I ended up finishing all of the items on the savoury option.
Linda Huynh
Linda Huynh: I own a business in the area and come here to buy mini cakes for all my clients on their bday. Front staff are usually ok. The customer service isn’t amazing or anything but I come for the dessert and the convenience. I always request for a candle with my mini cake. No issue. I don’t mind paying for it as I usually do. Today I come in and ask for a candle with my purchase and the lady at the front tells me “we don’t give candles with our mini cakes” ….. ?????? This is probably the 10th dessert I’ve purchased in the last 3 months and have never had an issue. I also had no issue paying for it either. She could’ve kindly told me there was a $2 charge rather than straight up telling me no. Pretty sure she’s the manager or owner as well. Anyway, 2 star for the pastries.
L Ariel
L Ariel: My to go place when eager for something sweet! :)
K C: The cakes were so pretty and delicate. To our surprise, the taste was really good as well. Very light, and not too sweet. My husband hates cakes in general but he likes this one. We'll be back fore more!
Kristy Chen
Kristy Chen: Absolutely delicious, the desserts here are so light and refreshing. Very aesthetically pleasing as well.
Arnold Conner
Arnold Conner: The cheesecake is definitely the cutest cake I’ve ever had. It is so adorable!
Beck: I love this place so much for the variety of little cakes you have. ALWAYS HERE TO SEE THE NEW SEASONAL ONES. God I fking love this place.
Alaric Pike
Alaric Pike: The experience to visit the shop is great! The Mascarpone cheese mousse is super fluffy! The design of the shop also impressed me, will difinly come next time!
Gemma Johnson
Gemma Johnson: Great flavours and decent service. The High tea was interesting.
Baker Robinson
Baker Robinson: Definitely prefer this to the other cakes I had while in BC! would definitely recommend trying their Matcha series out, they have lots of unique flavours!
Ziyu Li
Ziyu Li: We ordered the afternoon tea sets, the portion was good but some of the items tasted like they had been in the fridge for a few days, wouldn’t recommend.
Wai Chan
Wai Chan: Highly recommend them for afternoon tea.They have 2 afternoon tea menus.One is their signature and the other is the savory.I think for photos, signature is best.If you have someone who doesn't have as much of a sweet tooth the savory set comes with 2 instead of one of each Savory item along with a few less sweets.The savory items made me think of Japanese inspired food.The tea felt French/Japanese fusion for me.The amount of food is not too much. My husband (who is a big guy) was hungry after, but I was happily satisfied (not overly full). It was a nice stop so that I could still try other foods after.The shop itself was much smaller than I expected. It has an intimate atmosphere.I'd recommend reserving the table in the back for more room if you like taking photos of your food (I do). It's next to a window and has a nice background.I'm looking forward to going back to try their other sweets at some point. The items in the case looked stunning.Did not check the parking situation as we got there by sky train. It's about a 10-15 minute walk I think.

11. Charisma Cafe & Dessert House - Vancouver

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250 reviews
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Charisma Cafe & Dessert House
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Address: 197 Keefer Pl, Vancouver, BC V6B 6C1, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 5:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-620-4688

Business type: Dessert restaurant

12. Billy Button Dessert Bar - Vancouver

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106 reviews
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Billy Button Dessert Bar
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Address: 144 E Broadway, Vancouver, BC V5T 1V9, Canada

Schedule: Open until 11:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-423-3344

Business type: Dessert restaurant

13. Trafiq - Vancouver

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863 reviews
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Address: 4216 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5V 3P9, Canada

Schedule: Open until 4:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-648-2244

Business type: Bakery

14. Breka Bakery & Cafe (Fraser) - Vancouver

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2419 reviews
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Breka Bakery & Cafe (Fraser)
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Address: 6533 Fraser St, Vancouver, BC V5X 3T4, Canada

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +1 604-559-0900

Business type: Bakery

15. Butter Baked Goods Ltd - Vancouver

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349 reviews
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Butter Baked Goods Ltd
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Address: 4907 MacKenzie St, Vancouver, BC V6N 1G8, Canada

Schedule: Open until 5:30 PM

Telephone: +1 604-221-4333

Business type: Bakery

16. Delish Gluten Free Bakery - Vancouver

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75 reviews
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Delish Gluten Free Bakery
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Address: 2166 E Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V5L 1V2, Canada

Schedule: Open until 5:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-423-4438

Business type: Gluten-free restaurant

17. Sweet Something - Vancouver

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74 reviews
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Sweet Something
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Address: 4321 Dunbar St, Vancouver, BC V6S 2G2, Canada

Schedule: Open until 5:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-842-0261

Business type: Bakery

18. Thierry Alberni - Vancouver

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2921 reviews
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Thierry Alberni
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Address: 1059 Alberni St, Vancouver, BC V6E 1A1, Canada

Schedule: Open until 11:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-608-6870

Business type: Dessert shop

19. D'oro Gelato e Caffè - Vancouver

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487 reviews
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D'oro Gelato e Caffè
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Address: 1222 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6E 1C1, Canada

Schedule: Open until 11:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-694-0108

Business type: Ice cream shop

20. Crackle Creme - Vancouver

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554 reviews
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Crackle Creme
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Address: 245 Union St, Vancouver, BC V6A 2B2, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 3:00 PM

Telephone: +1 778-847-8533

Business type: Cafe

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