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1. Richmond Indoor Paintball - Richmond

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Richmond Indoor Paintball
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Address: 160-6631 Westminster Hwy, Richmond, BC V7C 4V4, Canada

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12PM

Telephone: +1 604-278-8897

Business type: Paintball center

Richmond Indoor Paintball: what do users think?
Solomon Wong: We had a birthday party for 11 year olds recently. Some had fun and others were traumatized for life. For some reason, it was 'ok' to have another group of adults at the same time as a kid's party. While the kids had less powerful paint guns, the adults had the full force. Inadvertently, kids were shot in the neck by adults.I can't think of a circumstance where it is ever "ok" for adults to be in a space where they can shoot full force paintballs at kids.
Jovan Singh: Definitely book as a group and split teams
Lexi Wong: First time playing with a corporate team, by far the best experience especially for a beginner. Facilities were clean, didn't have to drive all the way out to Surrey and play outdoors. Very convenient and enjoyable!
Kiran Gill: Someone got in my friends faces and threatened them multiple times, my friends told management and nothing was resolved; management said these type of things happen every few months- and that they can’t do anything; they did say they “banned “ one of the men , who was screaming at the top of his lungs and getting in my friends faces. His wife also grabbed one my friends brothers and accused him of yelling/punching at her 9 year old, although the 9 year old admitted no one said anything to him . Terrible. People who have extreme anger issues really show their true colours here, be careful.
Nur-E-Elahi Shonchoy: Best paintball place in BC with different game modes
ankit ango: Rude staff
Ballin With Boogey: Have been playing paintball my whole life. The team here have been able to create something one can only dream of as a baller. I’ve played a tournament here pre Covid and just hit up Friday night .68cal and had a blast. It’s really hard to keep a field alive and I’m more then impressed with the quality environment that is provided. Any reviews with complaints are from people who sound like under any circumstances, would not have enjoyed the sport of paintball us lifers love and cherish. Super clean, very professional staff and very reasonable prices for an indoor facility with a lot of things to be considered to keep an indoor facility open. Top notch fun, top notch team. Come play here with a good attitude and you’ll have memories that last a lifetime. Thank you for the service you provide the community.
Karen S de C: The staff is kind and very patient, especially the girl who works at the front desk. The whole experience was super fun and zero hassle. I fully recommend this place for indoor paintball!
Dee Lo: Great experience for the kids
Kavahn: Great place, amazing staff.
Calvin: Did not feel safe in here. Everyone is pointing their guns at each other in the ready room. Don't care if it's airsoft and not actual firearms, no one should be pointing firearms at other peoples faces pretending to be a gunfighter practicing reload drills. (cringe).All guns should have magazines removed, holstered, or pointed away from others at all times. There was zero employee attention given to safety in ready rooms.
Isaac Fulljames: Really fun, helpful staff. The place is a little sticky, although this is probably from the paintballs.
Mark Esteban: My son really enjoyed his time here. It's good to have an indoor facility especially living in Raincouver 😁
Cody C: Best place in Richmond.. fantastic customer service. Great game experience. You love paintball. You will like RIP.
Mike Smith: Lacrosse team had their year end wrap up.The boys had a great time.
Kyersten Livingstone: It's probably closer to 3.5 for our overall experience but I don't necessarily want this review to have a major negative impact on this business. It is great depending on your needs.1) Paint is not paint but actually vegetable oil and chalk.2) Coveralls are identical making it hard to know who is who3) Since the "paint"balls are colourless its hard to tell if you hit anyone4) Referees are mostly there to make sure nobody loses an eye. They don't really referee a proper gameGreat for first timers or for those just wanting to blow off some steam and have fun. Great for younger kids. Customer service is fantastic and the reservation process was seamless. Highly recommend for a birthday party age 8-14.For competitive 16/17 year olds who have been to other facilities, there were some things that simply fell short.
P W: Great staff. Fun layout. We'll be back.
Michael Hansen: Very messy doesnt look like it been cleaned in years very slippery
Illa Choi: Went as a group of 6.I have to say my experience here was not the best.The front staff friendly which is the reason I'm not giving one star, but the whole execution of the experience was poorly managed.Some things I noticed.1) Masks for provided for people with glasses had no cap like other masks, increasing chances of head shots where it's not protected. Got shot exactly where, if I was wearing one with a cap, wouldn't have been injured.2) Most of the shooting happens from the 2nd floor. Meaning if you're on the first floor you're likely going to get shot in the head. If you don't like that you can go to the second floor, but then you're stuck in that one spot and don't get to run around much.3) Visors on the helmet were completely scratched up to a point you could barely see in them. This is a safety issue, but also took away from the experience because I could barely see. No making blind corner shots, but I'm still shooting blindly because the of the helmet.4) The referees provide very little supervision. I could see only one person during the whole game and they were mostly busy with filling air tanks on the guns.Reported unfair play (got shot in the head by a teammate) and the staff response was "If it happened during game we can't do much" yet they cared enough to make an announcement about not calling shots so...some plays are more unfair than others?In summary, I've been to paintball places that care more about safety and overall experience of everyone involved. If you want to have a casual night out with friends please look somewhere else.
Neil: The kids had fun...but...the place is understaffed and NOT clean. Bathrooms and party rooms would not pass a health inspection. When we walked into our party room the uncovered garbage can was full with more garbage piled beside it. Food was littered on the floor. Pizza that was served was ok at best but the icecream cake was good. No napkins with the food ?? Really ? I would recommend having a look at this place before an expensive booking. No way I would book a party room with food here. Maybe a paintball game but go somewhere clean and good for the food end of it. This place has the potential to be great - but they aren't.
Ronnie Xiao: Awesome experience with both the games and staff. Definitely recommend to try out if you haven’t. One downside of the experience is that the paintballs hurt when getting shot. Recommend to bring gloves or renting one but kina pricey. ($12)

2. Ambush Paintball - Surrey

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Ambush Paintball
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Address: 7550 160 St, Surrey, BC V3S 3T2, Canada

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Sat

Telephone: +1 604-812-2379

Business type: Paintball center

Ambush Paintball: what do users think?
Jason Reyes: We had my son’s Kristopher’s 15th birthday here.There were 10 teens in total which are all first timers with paintball. Everyone had a blast and enjoyed the experience! Very friendly staff and very safe. For sure will come back to Ambush!
Fafa Potgieter: Took my two boys (13 & 15) to go play as part of the "public". They joined a group of about 12 adults whom mostly showed up with fancy gear all around. I thought the kids where going to get just slammed, but the guys were all great sports. The staff referees where kind but firm on the rules. The kids played for five hours and had blast! Will definitely take them again. Great place, great staff.
Lakhveer Brar: The manager is worst we were 8 guys and we called him he said if you come at 3 they will let us play and we drove all the way from Richmond to surrey and we were there at exact 3 but he didn’t let us play and was arrogant and rude. Had the worst experience.
Pavit Inder Sandhu: We were 8 guys and we arrived at 3:02pm and the manager didn’t allowed us to play
Rashid: We were 8 guys,They didn’t let us in because we were there at 3:02 pm. We were just 2 minutes late.
aka shinko: Really good game modes for airsoft that are unique and fun
trance miasco: Great airsoft field. The airsoft host always thinks of very good game modes instead of the generic attack and defend on that other field
Psychedelic: Great place to play airsoft. For me its better than panthers because they have dynamic gamemodes. At panther's all game mode revolve around attack and defend. In ambush, the game modes are very unique and there is also sometimes a revive system.
mark a: good work out...
Dharuv Garg: The staff is very rude don’t listen their customers
Luke Weng: Ambush is my favorite paintball field hands down (though I've only been to 2 lol). My (brother's) highschool teacher Ms. Carey and her husband owns the field.It's outdoors, which at first seemed confusing, but made sense once you're in-game. It gives much more space, and prevents point-blank fire unlike indoor arenas. There are 4 different playing fields. They also have a speedball field down the road.All the staff were so kind! 100% if them were very nice and understanding. When I told them I was scared, they were very compassionate and explained that it wouldn't hurt as much as I thought it would.I can't remember the staff names, but cole, Ron, rick, Chris, the other Chris were all so, so nice. I will defs come back if I have the courage to play again.
Ragnors Hall: Visitors this place on the weekend ,What an experience, from the welcoming staff and amazing regulars .Quality was great and no brakes all day .A lot of shaded areas for players to get a little rest from those sunny days .They have a lot of variety for your hydration needs .I could go on about my experience their .A must stop for people that enjoy paintball and want to shot their friends
Shayne “shayne64k” Mercy Korotash: Gr8 place ...I play there
richard cartwright: Fun place to play. Staff is friendly. refs are fair and the prices are pretty good. will be going again.
Christopher Dubois: One of the best airsoft fields in surrey!
Minbao麵包: Flat field , good place , no full auto plz
X Pettar: Love this place
octavio morales pena: I was there last weekend and its was amazing, regular players and staff are very helpful when we asked questions.Thank you.
Cody Attfield: Ambush paintball... Best Staff , Great Field ! GOT PAINT?
Jojo Reis: Great crew! had lots of fun on all the maps. solid prices aswell, highly recommend it!
Phuqmang: Ambush paintball is fantastic. The staff provide the best possible experience and really look after the young kids. These guys have been in the paintball biz for many many years so rest assured the service is top notch.

3. Ambush Paintball Speedball Park - Surrey

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Ambush Paintball Speedball Park
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Address: 6907 160 St, Surrey, BC V3S 3V5, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-812-2379

Business type: Paintball center

Ambush Paintball Speedball Park: what do users think?
John: The atmosphere and experience is great, staff is awesome 100% will be back.
will westen: Great place to play and meet new people, awesome layout and decent turf makes every time out a fun time.
Shayne “shayne64k” Mercy Korotash: Second home
doug whitehead: Great place,lots of different fields
CJS2306: Love this place, close to home, friendly staff. Cheap admission fee . I just wish they had better quality paint. But all in all still a great place to play.
Evi Nikolaidi: Very unorganized and dirty. Bins full of garbage at the opening. They didn't have any jackets for the kids and the ones that were available were wet and ripped off. I was told by IPG that the armor was included but in Surrey location they don't have any armor. Also I booked the 10-14 age group and the kids are playing with adults. Is it really IPG a leading company in paintpall? Extremely disappointing the entire experience. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

4. Delta Force Paintball Maple Ridge - Vancouver - Maple Ridge

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Delta Force Paintball Maple Ridge - Vancouver
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Address: 14448 224 St, Maple Ridge, BC V4R 2P8, Canada

Schedule: Temporarily closed

Telephone: (800) 568-8909

Business type: Paintball center

Delta Force Paintball Maple Ridge - Vancouver: what do users think?
Shawna Aghcheloo: It was. Great experience, and Heat the manager made it even more memorable for my family.
Jessica Oliveira Ellis: My son had a blast! Can’t wait to go back.
Johnathon Braun: Went for my buddy's stag and we all had a blast. Mike was a great host and made sure we were all happy and taken care of. The new location isn't as good as the old location, but we had a great time regardless.
Adam B: I've been paintballing a couple of times at the original Maple Ridge location. This is NOT the same location or service. My recent experience with Delta Force Paintball in Maple ridge was horrible from the moment we arrive. The itinerary on the website is wrong so my group of 14 arrived 1 hour earlier than needed. Right away we are told that they no longer have the maps Jungle camp and D Day and on our Sunday afternoon, three of the five staff have called in "sick". We are told that due to staff shortages we only get to use 2 of the 3 maps they do have. Finally walking into camp is not a military inspired theme as advertised, but a dump. Piles of garbage bags against the walls, piles of used unwashed gear, almost full outhouses, and garbage over the entire camp area. When opening the Store/medical building the manger had to push boxes and trash aside to get the door open.When one woman sprained her ankle she had to sit on an upside down bucket. We received gear that was still wet and smelled of mold, clearly not dried properly. When we complained we where offered some money off on the paintballs, however to get the deal we had to etransfer money to the managers emails address and not go through the store till, raising eyebrows. Having one Marshall and one staff member for a claimed 90 people is unacceptable and likely not safe. My group stood around for ages waiting for others to gear up and the one staff member to sell gear, gear people, and get them to the field. Again the itinerary stated that we would play from 1:30pm to 4:30pm, we didn't start until 2:45pm and played to 5:15pm. In my opinion the NEW MAPLE RIDGE LOCATION, which is not made clear on the website, is just a shadow of the old location in both location offering and management. Not worth the money.
Stanislaw Marek: Super cool! def special experience ! Place and Staff is great. Love the map with the busses 🤘
Derek Yelle: We had a great time. The staff was amazing and they truly went out of their way to provide an exceptional experience for our group. They made jokes, helped take pictures at the end of our time slot, were very strict on safety rules and it felt like they were having as much fun as we were.I highly recommend this company for a great time!!
Aika L: Place has mandatory purchase of packages. Poor amenities. All their outerwear gear was damp/wet as they had just washed it. Poor refund policy. They don't provide gloves and groin protection, must be purchased through their packages. There's definitely better out there for paintball.
Dindo Jardiolin: Recently went with a group of 10, weather and conditions weren't perfect but the manager on duty Michael and the marshal Tristan were super helpful and professional! Would definitely come back with some more people! Rates are comparable to other places and the maps were interesting and fun to play in.
Thomas T: Staff was incredible, shoutout to Mike for making the whole experience worth it
Manpreet Dhaliwal: Do not go here as this is a scam! We were told we could get a discounted price of 80 dollars for 1500 balls and could share amongst 8 people. When arriving to the site, we were told each individual has to have their own package as we could not share but we were told otherwise by the salesman who we purchased the package from at Guildford mall. Very dishonest. Do not waste your time and go here!!! We had to wait at least two hours to get the games going. Very disorganized place, will not ever go here again and also recommended others not to visit cause you’ll be wasting your time and money.
Mark Halyk: Most unorganized paintball experience. Dreadful customer service. 150 people standing around getting more and more upset.
Xander Denis: First time paintballing in a while. Super fun and very good workout, be ready to feel nice and tired afterwards. Mike was awesome, super passionate about paintball and kept things well organized.
Fafa Potgieter: Booked a session for my two boys birth days and told the booking office that I need to just confirm the amount of kids that will show up, but tentatively book for 7 please. Called them 2 days later asking to make the booking for 4 kids and they tell me they cancelled my booking and asked me for a new date. No...I booked this for their birth days this weekend. Sorry but you need to book and then call us back later to confirm and you did not confirm your booking. I am doing it now...yeah sorry we cancelled your booking and now we are full.
Steven McCulloch: Great fun. The employees there have a tough job. Wrangling a large group of armed children on a rainy muddy day is not easy, but they put in the extra effort and you can tell they care.
Fairwend: Markers dont work properly
S Jr77: Guns didn’t work, small area with barrels, horrible service!!!!!!!!!
Serhiy Bauer: Total disarmament from the beginning. We were there for 1:30 , started around 3pm. Changed my gun twice, didn’t work. Was sitting behind barrels with my not working gun, then came back to the station when game was stopped. Went to the station to change gun for another one. Was thrown out, because I put my mask to the top of my head at the station where nobody was accept me and the guy.
Lara de Beer: Our group had an absolute blast the other week we went. Cost of paint was pricey but cheaper than other places I read online and they gave us lots of options/very transparent about the various deal packages on paint. Our group loved the variety of the 3 courses we got to try and found we had a good amount of play time and rest time in-between.If I had to find one thing to improve upon, I wish the anti-fog wipes were free/more clearly described to us to prevent fogging in our helmets/masks but we made it work and had too much fun to really care. Hoping to come back in the future!
Nora Geczi: Great place to have fun! Staff are so friendly! Mike the manager is amazing! Excellent costumer service!
T S: We were there as a group for 3 hours however only ended up actually playing 50 minutes in total. Good staff however, too much time wasted in setting up and organizing. Fields are too short, so designed to go through more Paintball quickly, and thus becomes a more expensive day of Paintballing. Then if you are out of Paintballs and more games are still to be played on that field you have to sit out until all the games are done before you go back to replenish/buy more Paintballs. First time did Paintball here and will be the last time as will not repeat at this location. Better experiences at other Paintball locations in the Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley area.
Sabrina Huston: Super fun experience! We came with a big group of 19, and it was awesome that we were able to play as a private group. Three different scenarios over a couple hours, all good but definitely nice to have the variety. Break times in between were a good amount of time, and the employees were really nice and helpful. The owner was a big stressor of safety which was awesome, and made me feel better as a first timer. Definitely an expensive activity to do all the time, but fun once in a while, especially with a big party. Thanks again!

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