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1. Cliffhanger Climbing Gym - Vancouver

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Cliffhanger Climbing Gym
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Address: 670 Industrial Ave, Vancouver, BC V6A 2P3, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 8:30 AM

Telephone: +1 604-874-2400

Business type: Rock climbing gym

Cliffhanger Climbing Gym: what do users think?
Joel Kerfoot: Took an introduction course with my partner and friends from work. The instructor (Jack) was great and made us feel super safe and comfortable. The rest of the staff were equally as friendly. The gym was in good shape and had a great selection of fun and challenging routes. After a couple weeks I was climbed most of the routes in the 5.10 range. If you're new to climbing I would recommend the introduction course or if you're looking for a fun spot for top rope or lead climbing look no further. Also all the rental gear we used was clean and in great condition.
Ismael Gomez Gonzalez: I enjoyed climbing here a lot. The staff is very friendly and the belay test is free!
Cicy G: Can get busy but the routes are fun and challenging.
Walker: Long-standing indoor climbing wall near downtown Vancouver. It used to be Cliffhanger. The grades are mostly pretty soft. Really super friendly and inclusive atmosphere. Great staff.Since the Hive has taken over the grades have come up significantly, which is a good thing.
Zachary Watson: Good route setting !!
David Lopez: I’m not recommended this gym, the routsetting is great but the staff were very rude and unprofessional to me because I made a mistake when I was belaying my partner, I did the belay test in the way I always I do and they gave me the ok, I agree that we have bad habits but and always we can learn more properly in this case it was nothing serious, I think there were people who were belaying much worse than mine, I do not know why they put my eye on me constantly when I think they would have to observe more people that is the first time.I understand that you can tell me that you do not want me to belay anymore because you do not like as I belay or because I made a mistake but I think you have to do it discreetly and politely, I have been climbing for many years and I never had problems with my way of belay, there are many ways to belay, I think nobody deserves to be belittled in front of all the people and they were, I think they need EDUCATION and HUMILITY classes or to dedicate themselves to another job.
Maxime Liron: Just moved to Vancouver, after climbing much in gyms in the California bay area and in the south of France.Overall it's the priciest gyms I've every seen for the value you get. Wonder where the money goes, Vancouver rents?The good:* Pretty good climbing! that's importantThe bad:* Expensive* More rules than I've ever seen in other gyms* Booking required ...* Poor amenities: poor gym, no sauna, no on-site fitness or yoga classes* Want to yoga? take a hike to north Vancouver, great ...* Partial gym access memberships. Just give all access to everyone already, keep it simple.Wish money was being invested in more capacity and amenities. In my mind every location should have fitness classes, a decent gym, sauna, lounge. It's ok if it's not like that, but not at these rates.Please go hangout in California's Touchstone gyms and draw inspiration of an even better climbing gym culture
Zina Da: Lovely, clean, friendly staff
Karime Rage: This place is awesome, they are constantly changing the routes and the ropes. You have to do a safety course before they let you to do lead climbing and you can rent all the equipment you need.Rain or Snow outside? Here you got no problem with that, you can climb all year long.
Jojo Yee: Fun route setting and friendly staff
Danny Yang: WAY. TOO. CROWDED. For a location this tiny, they really should've done more to control the crowds. there are barely anywhere to walk, active effort needs to be made to not bump into people going up and coming down as the climbs are so tightly packed together and intertwined. This location also isn't as beginner friendly as choices are limited. Overall, there are better places to top rope, though just a bit further from downtown.
Sydney Clarke: My girlfriends and I wanted to try out climbing again for the first time since we were kids and we had such an amazing experience! Tony was so helpful and made us feel super welcome. We will defs be back!
Jaime Chong: I’m always so happy with my time spent here. I feel there’s a lot of variety of climbs for my skill level and I love being a part of such a diverse and supportive community of people who just love climbing.
Tetiana Hetmanenko: Enjoy it so much!
Ali Nematollahi: Nice place for climbing with variety of options. The gym in the evening smells so strong it almost made me see my lunch in reverse. I'd either go in the morning or go to a different gym.
Vince C: Wow. Honestly. I visited years ago when it was still called Cliffhanger and it was quite fantastic back then. How much improvement could there be?Staff were super duper friendly today with Wyatt offering some tips even for my crusty old hands during the belay test. All the routes seemed way better lit (I didn't think that could've been an improvement but behold!). Routes were super fun and varied; I don't recall the old gym having such good routes with its own unique flow. And finally the bouldering cave upstairs is fun for finishing off your session. There's even a campus board up there if that's your jam! Just all around good vibes!Critiques? Well it was rather busy despite the reservation system but it can't be helped since we visited at noon on a Sunday. Prices have also gone up a fair bit compared to years ago and are pricier than others. Route grading can be hit or miss as usual but nothing to be upset about. Despite these things, I'd still say it's worth a visit whether you're a new climber and wanna try climbing or you're a seasoned climber looking to have some fun or get some training in.
Alex Yu: The treatment we received at this gym was nothing short of disgraceful. Shawn's condescending and patronizing attitude was unacceptable and I was shocked by the lack of professionalism from the staff. I would not recommend this gym to anyone, especially those looking for a welcoming and inclusive environment.
Katie Prudencio: I went back after a hiatus. The staff was great in reorienting me with the ropes. It wasn't busy when I went and there was plenty of wall space
Natalia: Great gym! Even better staff! Would prefer more morning weekday spots open and good music to played always.
Simon Shin: It was our first time trying out the rock climbing. I called ahead to ask if we needed any special training prior. They said just come on in and they will give us a brief orientation. We came in and the female staff there took charge on giving us an instruction. Not sure why but she had a very condescending and patronizing attitude toward us which we did not appreiciate. When our first attempt to fall down wasnt really perfect as she merely explained with her words with no demonstration, she ridiculed us. She covered and shook her head, saying oh my god letting all the other people to watch us. She kept saying this in our subsequent attempts. Felt like we are not welcome there.
Lucy Binfield: Nice gym, regularly changed routes and a good vibe. Can get very busy after work time. Prices are fairly high but the location of this gym close to downtown Vancouver means that it is in high demand so it makes sense!

2. The Hive Bouldering Gym - Vancouver

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The Hive Bouldering Gym
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Address: 520 Industrial Ave, Vancouver, BC V6A 2P3, Canada

Schedule: Open until 2:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-683-4483

Business type: Rock climbing gym

The Hive Bouldering Gym: what do users think?
F. S.: If you're a woman who likes getting changed in front of men in the Women's bathroom then this is the place for you! Same situation for your daughter/s. Oh, and if you are in need of a maxi pad there are plenty in the men's bathroom.
Sarah A: The epitome of people in Vancouver being "nice but not friendly" - almost as clique-y as my high school gym class!Still fun would maybe give 5/5 if they played metal
Carlos Silva: nice features and fun in general, just a bit packed and overpriced
Victor Yuan: Been climbing here 6 years.No ac, 2 hr max bookings yet still crowded, "hallway" layout creates unsafe fall zones, no loose chalk rules necessary due to non existent ventilation, low effort community climbing events.Great staff, route setters, and wonderful community but as a facility, Hive Vancouver has been under serving the local climbing scene for a long time, and seems not interested in changing that any time soon. 👎
Sherri Motohashi: So much fun
yuqi lin: 室內空間比較小,需留意不要被撞到,工作人員親切。生日當天免費入場!
Malte S: As many others pointed out, there is not much space between the walls and the gym generally is pretty small. I can't compare it to anything else in the area yet, but for the price I would have expected a bigger gym. Also the atmosphere felt just a bit weird, might be because of the very dimmed lighting.Also the booking process felt unnecessarily complicated to me. I had to enter my data two times separately and got three different mails during the booking. When you forget to check a box to create an account, you can do the whole thing again next time.
Christian Whiticar: Love this place the staff is always friendly but it can get very packed! Don’t feel intimidated most people have been going forever. Do wish it was a bit cheaper it’s hard to get friends to come since it’s so expensive to learn.
Jake Z: I'm sorry but compared to other gyms this is a bad gym.Pros:- accessible from downtown. (They have a monopoly on this since they bought the neighbouring heights location)- staff are chill, setting imo is goodCons:- liquid chalk only- need to book/2 hr blocks/too crowded- slow resets (~2 *small* resets per week)- greasy af (see liquid chalk only)- bad gym/work out area, no bench press/bars- no air conditioning- weird music (nitpick)- rundown/old compared to most other modern gyms- expensive (for what you get. I wouldn't mind paying more for a gym like boulderhouse)I get that real estate in Vancouver is expensive but the fact that there are 7/8 dt accessible bouldering gyms in Montreal but only 1 in Vancouver is absurd. We need a company like Altitude/Vital/earthtreks/allez up/blocshop/boulder house to come to Van. Someone please build a new gym on a skytrain line within 30 mins of dt. Idc if its more expensive we need more gyms.
Josh Driscoll: Friendly staff, fun environment and a great workout. Highly recommend
C T: The staff are great; however, the facilities are showing their age, the gym is always packed to capacity and walk-in sessions are virtually impossible. The setting is inconsistant, with lots of good problems but just as many with awkward movies and irresponsible fall zones. Unfortunately, this is the only bouldering gym in central Vancouver so it is what it is.
jacqueline mersereau: Really really tight layout with LOTS of people. Even with the reduced capacity of booking a timeslot there are too many people for the space available between walls. Maybe if there was some clear differentiation between where one should be standing/sitting and where the possible fall zones were it would be better it is they're asking a lot of your trust in random strangers to not be standing below you while you're climbing...Its fine if your climbing well within your comfort zone and can scan the area below you before you come down but not great if there's any chance you might slip/fall off the wall.Grading was fine, but was climbing with some beginners and found some of the 1 hexagon beginner routes seemed really hard. Also a lot of the routes weren't graded which was odd? Just had no labels? In general not a huge fan of how they indicate their grades. If the tag was folded a bit or not sitting flat it was hard to tell at a glance what the grade was. Which is fine but when its super busy its a little harder to easily see if the route is for you.Good warm up/stretch/strength area.All in all wouldn't go back, especially for the price.
Eric Strößner: a small gym, a bit dirty and all the holds are really slippery and probably old... A lot of people and for all these reasons it wasn't worth it
Brendon Chiang: Great climbing gym - nice staff and good routes! A bit cramped but it is what it is.
PL Piusse: Overcrowded place. Even though they are monitoring the number of customers sometimes you can't even climb a part of the gym.
Alastair Hibberd: Would not go to this location again. Not a lot of space between the walls, and people are not looking out. Saw two close calls in which a climber fell where someone was just standing on the mats a second before (and not watching). Many routes were not rated and many difficult routes were mislabelled 1 or 2. For $30, I expect a way better experience.
Ch Ris: Great atmosphere and friendly vibe. Can be a little too crowded at times.
Jamie Forde: Overpriced and greasy holds from the liquid chalk policy :( if this gym was my only experience of bouldering I don't think I'd have stuck with it...
Leo Anderson: I had a fantastic time here while visiting from Prince George! 10/10 would recommend going if you get the chance
tasty meatlord: Way too crowdy at anytime.Great walls tho
Holly S: Great place to climb with many different styled routes and wall features. The grading system was a bit iffy, but it is good for climbers wanting to just enjoy climbing and not worry about the specific V grading of a route. Overall great place!

3. Coastal Climbing Centre - Surrey

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Coastal Climbing Centre
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Address: 7728 128 St #202, Surrey, BC V3W 1L3, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 4:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-594-0664

Business type: Rock climbing gym

Coastal Climbing Centre: what do users think?
Teresa Sauls: I can't give enough praise!!! Amazing staff! Thank you for making my son's birthday so amazing!
Richard Parker: Great place to bring the kids.
Ken Leslie: My son loves to climb in this places he looks forward to it every weekend
ASHISH MANRAL: We celebrated daughter Ruby’s Birthday on 14 January Excellent
Treesa Jose: Go for the training lessons first, else it is a waste of time and money. If you're going for a drop in for the first time, you won't get any help or tips. The place is good. Can see a lot of people practicing and climbing.
Jamie Liu: This is a pretty nice place to climb, it's generally cheaper than other places I've been to in the area and It's got a decent amount of auto-belay walls. Staff is very friendly and helpful with any questions we had. Only took off one star because when I went, kids were blasting kazoos so that was a tad distracting while climbing
Kevin Kennedy: Didn't honour coupon because of COVID(which is reasonable but annoying) but when I ended up not using my day pass, they promised I could come back another time. They did not fulfill this either.
Jacilyn Mearns: I can’t say enough good things about our experience. We arrived around 7pm with a Groupon and noticed there was a very large group already in the space. I was worried we weren’t going to be able to climb as we didn’t call or make a reservation. Thomas was our first point of contact and he warmly welcomed us into the space and gave a run down of what to expect. Once we were ready to go he provided a fantastic and engaging tutorial of how to use the equipment and really made sure my 9 year old first timer felt confidant and excited to head out. All the climbs were so much fun and even with a large group and other climbers did it feel crowded or like we had to wait for the climbs we wanted to do. Throughout the climbs Thomas would circle around and provide encouragement and give pointers and on where to grab or step next. It was incredibly helpful! All in all our first time experience at Coastal Climbing was a memory we will never forget. We drove from Vancouver and would happily do it again for Thomas’ attentive, helpful and super positive energy!
Daisy Schreuder: Friendly staff. The place is a bit on the dirty side in my opinion.
Spank_That_Udder: Been coming here for a year. This place is like home. Love the amazing people and amazing routes. Specifically, Thomas has been a very helpful employee all throughout my times coming here. He has taught me lots about climbing. 5 stars!
Dan Came: Great climbing gym, friendly staff, tons of routes, good bouldering cave. Not too expensive either. This place still rules
Posy: Very affordable place to rock climb. Good place to rock climb solo since they have their auto belay device so you don't need a partner to hold the ropes. It seems like a very safe system with little to no issues. My only issues is that if you're a first timer at this place, they don't give any information, just enough to use the auto belay and put on harness. Lots of the holds don't really make sense and not beginners friendly if you're climbing the auto belay ones. Still a decent place to climb for a cheap price.
Cory Mciver: Great climbs and helpful staff. Grades are definitely tough though.
Dom M: Had a fun experience here. Bought the Groupon and it was super affordable. Facility is clean and staff were helpful. Finding the place for the first time was challenging as it is tucked away in the back of a complex behind other businesses. I will definitely return for future climbing endeavors.
David Gipson: Great climbing gym. Super friendly staff. We were here for a kids birthday party and it worked out great.
Anna Alexander: It's a great place if you are interested in wall climbing.
Nicole Short: Such a welcoming atmosphere. My daughter loved her experience so much. The encouragement to push herself was perfect. She had so much fun.
Andrea Watkins: We did my son's birthday party here, and he now attends lessons on the weekend!
Miles Hunter: A good gym with a variety of climbs. Mostly steep routes.
Sam Day: Amazing place to climb, lots of variety in the walls, plenty of easy or challenging things to climb.
Bryan Stewart: We had our daughter's birthday party here recently. First, I will say all the kids had fun, and that the layout and climbing walls available were challenging and kept them busy. After that, our experience was not that great. The staff that served us were completely unengaged. We didn't expect rah rah rah but it was a kids birthday party so a little enthusiasm would have been nice. Once the kids were harnessed up and we get started, only one of the staff bothered to help out. My wife and I and other parents spent more time on the gym floor than the staff assigned to our party. The kids hands were sweaty, I had to go ask the staff for chalk for the kids hands myself. Again, not a big deal, but not exactly great service. Once the kids went upstairs to the area assigned to us for food / snacks we were completely ignored. Cups / plates / napkins were all supposed to be provided by the facility, there wasn't a cup to be seen, and when I went to the service counter to ask for some, I was handed three old coffee mugs from under the counter. Pass thanks. All these things aside wouldn't have been a big deal, but the biggest issue was the cleanliness of the facility. The floors were dirty, didn't look like they had been vacuumed that day before opening. My wife had to ask the staff for toilet paper for the washroom (none), and the washroom in general was pretty grim. When I went to the washroom as we were leaving, there were no paper towels, and the hand dryer was broken. There were several other parents there as well, and at least 3 of them also comments about the general lack of cleanliness for the facility. Finally, we had paid a $60 deposit a couple of months ago, with the remainder due at the event. I asked the staff twice as to when they wanted me to pay, at the beginning, the end, neither of them gave me a straight answer. When we got up to leave, nobody thanked us for our business or wished our daughter a Happy 10th Birthday. In fact, not one staff member ever mentioned a Happy Birthday to our daughter once the entire 2.5 hours we were there. I was pretty frosted by the end, so I decided they could call me later to get my CC info. 3 hours later on Saturday, they finally called me around 5p.m. I explained to the guy on the phone that we had had a less than stellar experience, I also emailed their admin explaining my concerns, and yet here it is Wednesday following, and I have heard nothing. I know that many businesses have been struggling through Covid and everything, but not having a clean facility and less than inspiring folks hosting a kids birthday party means a pretty big strike for us when booking our event next time.In closing, all the kids had fun, but I would take a long hard look before booking this facility again. There are lots of options out there, and business tends to go where it's appreciated.

4. Outdoor Bouldering Wall - Vancouver

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Outdoor Bouldering Wall
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Address: Vancouver, BC V5V 3J4, Canada

Business type: Rock climbing gym

Outdoor Bouldering Wall: what do users think?
nicole: Unique idea for the neighbourhood
Samuel Chan: My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the Boulder! Good for beginners and intermediate climbers such as myself. I think advanced climbers can also find some enjoyment based on how they set their beta.FYI: the Boulder is made to be climbed horizontally not vertically.
Dan Smith: As a climber, finding this was a pleasant surprise. Someone put playground equipment for an Adult in a park.This should be considered a good outdoor option to introduce your friends or kids with climbing, in the city.
Rnold Smith: The top has been cemented so that it is not possible to climb. I took my kids there to climb and they couldn't hardly anything on the Boulder. Don't waste your time with a special trip.
Quinn Jenkinson: Simply great
Hartland Molson: Wow, can’t believe this is just sitting in a park in Vancouver. I doubt this thing really ever gets climbed, yet it’s surprisingly good. Definitely can't beet the price! As you can see there is a bit of lighting on one side of the boulder, but bring a headlamp if you want to traverse at night. Slick feet if it's at all damp out. No topping out on this artificial boulder, but if you get your traverse on you’ll feel the burn. If you’re at all nearby it’s worth checking out, I'll be going back for sure.

5. Climb Base5 (North Vancouver) - District of North Vancouver

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Climb Base5 (North Vancouver)
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Address: 1485 Welch St #2, North Vancouver, BC V7P 1B5, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 10:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-984-9080

Business type: Rock climbing gym

Climb Base5 (North Vancouver): what do users think?
RAJ: It wasn't too busy when we went which was great, service was awesome and the facility was great. Took my kids a couple times and it was great.
Kait Avery: Great gym, definitely one of the harder (more accurate) gyms in route and problem grading. I almost always enjoy my time here. Only qualm is I wish I knew when to avoid camps/kid groups because it gets a little hectic
Rachel Rhyason: Love this gym, the setting for routes is excellent and the bouldering is excellent as well. We live in squamish but come here to climb on rainy days as we prefer this gym. Great atmosphere too
Rue “Peanutbutter&Jam”: Great variety of climbs and bouldering for all levels. Fun atmosphere and great staff!! 10/10 recommend.
Jacob Kalmakoff: Really decent gym, with a number of well laid routes and plenty of auto-belays. Friendly staff and a decent amount of space plus bouldering. Just unfortunate that belaying has turned into a money grab. Saw numerous people who clearly just needed a refresher (including myself) told to take a full-on belay course for something that honestly is a 5 minute process to learn. It isn’t rocket science and shouldn’t require a course. Every other gym I have been to gives you a demo for 5 minutes, then asks you to repeat the process in front of them and then lets you belay.
Paris Grover: Total novice. Went in to check out the gym and Anna was such an amazing help. And really took time reassuring us will totally be back. Thank you Anna
Kurtis Liu: You can add 1-2 ratings on the bouldering problems v0-v2 can be v2-v4 in other gyms. v4+ problems are rated fairly. Not beginner friendly. Top rope route ratings are fair, probably even easier.
Mehrdad Nemati: Me: the gym is too crowded. It’s a chaos.Manager: it’s still under the maximum limit.Me: you’re running camp, members’ drop-in, and birthday parties at the same time. I just saw three incidents which one of them was near to sever injuries to a kid. Someone fell on a kid. And that’s why I finished training today as I don’t want to regret for the rest of my life for falling on a kid.Manager: if you’re not happy, you can leave!Me: ?????????🤯🤯🤯Note to the manager:This isn’t personal problem between you and me. This about us as members of this gym.Your job as a manager is resolving the issue that is brought to your attention by a customer and trying to attract customers; not encouraging them to leave.There are some free courses via safe sport which is mandatory for all authorities involving in any sport. Totally recommend.
George: There were two huge groups of children today, along with their parents. They really needed a cap on group size as there were several unsupervised children running full pelt underneath our rope as we were belaying. Happened on a few occasions. A fall from anyone would have taken them out. Definitely too large a group with insufficient supervision.
Andrea Tate: Favourite gym by far. The community here is lovely, and there’s a lot of access for training if you’re solo as the autobelays cover a lot of routes. Good mix of lead and top rope climbing, and I really like that there’s little “corners” and lots of small and fun/cozy spaces in the gym that you can climb, try hard and not worry about being “on display” if you’re totally failing! I always feel really comfortable climbing and the staff are super kind and welcoming as well. So glad this gym exists in Vancouver :)
Nicolaas Bestbier: As a novice climber, the amount of auto belayers at this location make me want to come back. No fuss getting into climbing. Also, convenient that you can wall climb and boulder in the same location.
Valentina Grimova: Great instructors, bouldering, routs with top rope, lead and auto belay options, chimney, crack, everything you need! Easy to find new friends
Tom Jansen: Very well put together, helpful, friendly and knowledgeable staff.
Gabe Jutras: Just held my 8 year old's birthday party at Base 5. So impressed. The kids had a fantastic time. The staff were amazing. Great venue. Thank you Base 5.
Kia Kaspian: Friendly staff and reasonable prices. Nice to have a variety of bouldering and roping, but at the expense of being only OK in terms of setting and facility quality.
Spencer Pooghkay: Great climbing gym, would highly recommend.
Christan: Very Friendly and helpful staff. I am a beginner climber and I found the routes challenging and rewarding. They have rental gear you can use if you dont have your own and want to try it out.
Zach Schmitt: One of the few climbing gyms in the lower mainland that keeps grades comparable to outdoor climbing.Has to be with outdoor climbing so closeby.If your looking for a place to train that will make you stronger and make you want to get stronger, THIS is the place!Personally, I love the old school vibe and the focus on what the gym is about - climbing!If your looking for a bougie, top of the line, newest equipment, place to inflate your ego? Maybe not the best place for you. There are plenty of climbing facilities in the lower mainland that are tailored for that though.Base5 North Van, keep doing what your doing. Your beautiful and focusing on EXACTLY what you should be. Climbing.
Nathan Taylor: Small but ABSOULTELY AWESOME gym with a really great atmosphere, hard not to love for 90 a month :)
Link Simpson: I have been climbing at this gym since the early 90's. The new management is doing pretty well by the the place. I am impressed with the amount of investment they are making to fix the old place up. The route setting is once again becoming worthwhile. I am glad to see the grades getting slightly harder and more consistent with Squamish style grades. I am looking forward to see what changes are yet to come. One improvement I would like to see more of is better consistency across the different route setters. Is there a base 5 route setter training program?
Tim: Always changing routes. Great staff. Just a little small of space, you feel a bit on top of each other when it gets busy.

6. Climb Base5 (Coquitlam) - Coquitlam

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Climb Base5 (Coquitlam)
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Address: 98 Brigantine Dr, Coquitlam, BC V3K 6Z6, Canada

Schedule: Open until 10:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-526-2402

Business type: Rock climbing gym

Climb Base5 (Coquitlam): what do users think?
Enric Soh: Took the lead belay course with my kids and learned so much from them. Jing was an excellent instructor and she provided us with very valuable information and how to be safe at all times. Highly recommend the course.
Grace Wong: Nice clean gym. Love the routes! Great for all ages & stages! Challenging climbs and fun routes. I like the autobelays because you can just clip in and climb, don’t need a partner. I like the outdoor Boulder wall too. Friendly helpful staff.
Ryan Lloyd: Fav gym in Metro Van
Vesna Dordevic: I noticed (observed) a few people tripping over the bouldering brush, so I brought it up to the attention to several attendants. They grabbed it and put it right back to the floor causing tripping hazard. Idea: You could hang it on the side of the wall rather than putting it in the narrow passage. I’ll be calling the authorities next time I come by and still see this on the floor.
Melisa Banuelos: Nice and fun gym. They have different interesting routes , lots of varied grades. The staff is very friendly and helpful
Danica See: This place is awesome! My son (8) wanted to take a few of his friends here and so I went with them! It was our first time here and as well as the other kids. Recommend signing their waivers before hand to save time and standing around. And be ready for a parent to help the kids with clipping them on and off the ropes. (We just got the day pass and no assistance- so a parent need to do it for them if the kids are not able to) they recommended one parent for two kids but it was only me with 5 kids but it was manageable as they were easy kids! But this place was so knowledgeable and very friendly and one of the staff members even let us use their party room they had ( and yes they throw parties here which is awesome!) because I had food for the kids ! The kids being their first time here had the best time and built their confidence over time! They all loved it and highly recommend taking your kids and family here! Great place!
Chris Y: I've been climbing here for 4 years now and I love the problems and routes that are set. I've been to hive and other gyms but the quality and creativity in the climbs are excellent at b5. They also have a nice community feel and seeing the same faces around all the time has been awesome for making friends and meeting people that are just as stoked as you are.
Havilah Croswell: Friendly staff and his variety of climb difficulties and styles
Misong kim: Friendly staff and atmosphere. Although it does get very crowded around 6 to 8, so if you can avoid that time period it is a very chill place to hang out and enjoy great work out.
Mel W: Went with my friend for the first time and really enjoyed ourselves! As a beginner, I find it really easy to be hooked onto the 6 auto belay lanes that they have.It was about $25 per person for drop in for about 1 hour and 45 mins and find that it was more than enough time. First timers will get complimentary usage of harness and shoes. It was relatively empty on a Friday late afternoon but started getting busy from 6pm onwards.Will definitely be back!
Ramin Tajwanchi: Great place if you're not afraid of heights.
Paul Evans: I have been a member here for a few months now and love this gym. The hours are great, and if you hit it during non peak hours there is plenty of room for everyone. The staff are super friendly and the vibe at the gym is chill and friendly.The route setting is excellent and frequently changed up, providing new challenges and experiences. I spend 3-4 sessions a week there and always have a great time. Love it.
Joanne: Great climbs and friendly staff. My only complaint is that when there is a kids birthday party going on, a lot of the kids are free to run around and play with the upstairs gym equipment without much/any supervision. Don't get me wrong — I love that the gym is so inclusive to people of all ages. It just feels a bit dangerous when I'm in the middle of a workout.
d vas: What amazing staff! Treat our kids so well!!
caroline reed: The staff are very friendly/helpful and the facility is clean. If you are not belay-trained/first timer, they have 7 auto-belayed walls you can use. I deducted 1 star because we often found ourselves waiting for an auto-belay wall to become available. For context, we went on a Saturday at 2pm, so you probably wouldn't have this problem during off-peak times.
Andrew Burgin: Really nice centre, feels like the ones I used to climb back in the UK. Setting is great across the grades, with interesting routes that require a bit of thought. Routes seem to be reset pretty often too, which is really nice. Staff are lovely too, friendly and helpful.My only beef is that the ropes sometimes feel a bit haggard and oval/flat, which I think is from the high traffic and everyone seeming to favour Grigris. The gym gets pretty busy, and it's cosy, so there should maybe be a limit on the number of family members allowed to accompany a child. Having granny/grandad/uncle/god parents/doula/nextdoor neighbour is nice and all until they're all stood directly under your auto belay, congratulating little Brayden on his climb, and that reachy hold isn't as nice as you initially thought. I think 1 guardian per child is probably enough, or go use the gallery?
Rodrigo Picazo Linares: Had fun challenging myself.Friendly and helpful staff.
Rent A Jumper LLC: Too small and crowded
Nena: Great location with bouldering and belaying options. Front desk is friendly and helpful if you have questions.
Rebecca Holzmann: Great place. Busy at times but otherwise great
Andrea Tate: I love this gym a lot, though not as much as the north van base5. Great routes, lots of varied grades and interesting climbs to lead & top rope, but this gym is usually more busy than north van, and has less routes you can autobelay. Still always a great time though and I love switching it up with my membership at both.

7. The Hive North Shore and Hive Yoga - District of North Vancouver

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134 reviews
new review
The Hive North Shore and Hive Yoga
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Address: 2270 Dollarton Hwy #140, North Vancouver, BC V7H 1A8, Canada

Schedule: Open until 11:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-990-4483

Business type: Rock climbing gym

The Hive North Shore and Hive Yoga: what do users think?
Quinn: Nice facility, good route setting. Would like to come more often, but it has some of the worst hours for a climbing gym I have seen. To live in North Van & have to purchase a membership at Ground Up in Squamish (opens @ 6am most days) to accommodate my work hours is pretty silly. Please open earlier!! Any other facility can remain open while setting routes, can't quite understand this policy.
Haley B: This used to be a really cool place but staff does absolutely nothing to ensure the kids in their camps are taking turns on the wall and aren't going underneath you when climbing. They also raised the pass to $1300 for the year. Now you can pay sky high prices to attend a kids jungle gym and watch them all climb and maybe get a turn once every hour or so while possibly falling and killing a kid that's casually hanging out underneath you as you climb!
Adam Kou: I think it's ventilation or something? During the weekend when there are more people, the place smells really strongly of feet. So strong that it's a bit suffocating... 😔 But otherwise, a really good climbing gym.
Graydeotto: Clean, friendly staff, and fun problems. Will be back! Loose chalk is allowed at this location which is a plus
Bella S: Way too overcrowded. You spend more time standing around waiting than climbing. Definitely overpriced for how overcrowded it is and for the quality of the setting and rentals. My running sneakers would have been better than the rentals
Yael Stav: Having a studio in this hive location is such a good idea. My favourite combination is power yoga and then bouldering till my muscles burn. Wish they had these in a closer location (i.e. Vancouver).
Grant Culham: Loose chalk allowed.Fun setting in an old school gym with very high walls, and a section with people's that top out on the top of the wall.Full training area, barbells & plates too.
greg lauer: Super nice staff and they change up the problems often
Vicky Afani: The space is cozy and great for beginners - which I am.Unfortunately the only thing is that there are way too many people walking into you or past you too closely(close enough to rub up on you) during peak times. But the team is great and their energy keeps me awake in the morning!
Mitch B.: Super nice to a first timer! Great vibe and setup. They did not warn me that I wouldn't be able to even wash my hands the next day as the forearms get so sore.
Joseph S: We had a good time
Fede Leo: It is hot outside (30C) so indoor climbing is definitely a wise option. Their booking app suggested this location over the downtown ones that do not have AC. I drove all the way to this gym to realize that this gym is quite warm as well even at 9 pm!
Kirill Tukayev: Been going to this location for 3+ years and I have nothing but good things to say about it.Can get a little busy (within reason, of course) during peak hours but understandably so: it's a sweet location, staff are super chill, routes are plenty of fun and have a good rotation.Love the relatively new Kaya implementation. Also my go-to location for introducing my friends to climbing
Andrew Simpson: The staff are all really rad and the manager rules. Setting is rad with a good balance of problem types. Good facility for bouldering and training. 🤘
Claire, H.Y Yang: Spacious, big training room, lounge, clean, setting was interesting, very welcoming vibe with friendly staffs. With the quality of the gym, the price was reasonable I think. I saw many family groups with thier kids, I guess it's a kid friendly gym. Overall, it was excellent!
Alex Denford: Best gym in Vancouver, lovely wall and mat space. Great setting, upstairs lounge and changing rooms, fantastic facilities. Cannot find anything to nitpick or fault.
Noah Valyi: Friendly staff, accessible fun excersice, good route selection
Michelle Rizzardo: Took my 12 year old son here and it was our first time climbing. It was such a great experience. The staff were super friendly and helpful. We can’t wait to return.
Hannah Spindloe: I suck at climbing these walls. I have a huge fear of heights. The team who works here really goes above and beyond. I dont feel judged especially when I'm climbing level 1s and everyone else Is climbing 3+. For anyone who is worried or scared you'll be taken care of. Special shout out to Kyle and Amber. Both lovely people. Thanks for bringing some sanity to the pandemic world.
Juan Edmundo Jordan Lazo: First time climber, I had no idea what to do and the staff was so helpful. They taught me the basics and safety procedures, after that I just had a great time and got a monthly membership. Highly recommended for anyone who's interested in just having some fun times while exercising their core.
Daniel Korchinski: Less crowded than the Vancouver hive, and with extra amenities. 2021 update: you don't need to reserve to climb here any more!

8. The Aviary - University Endowment Lands

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9 reviews
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The Aviary
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Address: AMS Nest, 6133 University Blvd Building - Room 2206, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1, Canada

Business type: Rock climbing gym

The Aviary: what do users think?
Ceylon Coates: It was alright... Just so confusing how to even get started. It had me very confused. I went and the wait was an hour long and then I couldn't climb so...(。0﹏o。) huh????。i was a little disappointed I did t get to climb.Is it required to make a booking or is this a drop in. I was asked if I'd made an appointment. Just for ID and my UBC student ID...
Jeff Christenson: Hard to find, no posted hours (nor consistent hours), volunteer only means unreliable hours and availability.
Maysa Kazemi: great climbing gym for students, cheap membership!
Joe W: Great small climbing gym for students run by friendly volunteers!Things to know before you go for the first time:You'll need to sign a waiver. If you plan on belaying you will need to take a test before you can (of course). They also have lessons although they're usually booked pretty far in advance. They also have equipment you can rent.The cost is cheap and they have drop in or memberships. Although honestly if you're planning on climbing multiple times the membership is worth it.It is small so it can get crowded easily. Also ALWAYS check the schedule any time you go. They have semi-regular hours, but sometimes what seems to be a usual time will be closed one week.
Jacob Grossbard: The Aviary is awesome. There's a lot of climbing in a small space, people are friendly, and because it's volunteer-run, it's CHEAP.
felipe keranis: Amazing place for climbers
Ann: Staff as enthusiastic to help, teach and even climb with you. They offer smiles and great conversation. The gym itself is tiny and if you have performance anxiety you won't do well here where the entire gym is essentially a hallway with 50ft tall walls. The routes are nice but the place often is too full to get in and you have to start lining up 30 minutes before it opens which isn't worth it for a small gym. UBC! PUT MORE MONEY INTO YOUR CLIMBING GYM!
Yona Cohen: Small and modest climbing gym for UBC students and staff operated by VOC volunteers located at the this floor of students building, offers both top rope and lead climbing routs. Cheap membership, its recommended to bring your own harness and climbing shoes. Sometimes too crowded. Also offers beginners classes. For exchange students- great place to climb and meet friends and climbing partners

9. Clip 'n Climb Vancouver - Richmond

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208 reviews
new review
Clip 'n Climb Vancouver
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Address: 1751 Savage Rd Suite 120, Richmond, BC V6V 3A9, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 10:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-273-3123

Business type: Rock climbing

Clip 'n Climb Vancouver: what do users think?
Kelvin Fong: Great place! Kids will have fun and burn themselves out! I wish the birthday spaces were bigger!
Stephanie Toigo: We had a birthday party on a proD day. It wasn’t too busy. Megan was on the floor helping and Karima reminded me to take out the ice cream cake and that the birthday kid gets a special activity. It was organized and took the stress out of a lot that entails in a birthday party going smoothly. I highly suggest trying this. My son turned 6 and his friends all had a blast!! Thank you Karima and Megan!
Playground Ninja: Amazing facility. The kids had a blast and everything was very clean and well maintained. Highly recommend it 🤩
Anb Bna: Amazing climbs, clever location, friendly staff. Could be more reasonably priced.
Morgan Lin: We had my son’s 7th bday party at Clip n Climb, the staff was so nice and professional, especially Abs, he was super friendly and helpful making our party nice and smooth!! A good place for the kids and a great idea for a bday party!
Lakshmi Sowjanya: My daughter enjoys this place whenever we go. Have been here more than 4 times. There are a good number of options in terms of climbing difficulty..The staff are very friendly and they take u thru the process of the climb in detail so it's pretty good. The number of people r limited by tickets so it's never so over crowded that u can't try all the climbs..Ample parking space..Highly recommend for kids..
Linda Marie: We went during off time so it was fairly empty which my littles loved! The staff was so helpful.
omar aneflouss: Such a fun place to relax and be yourself! Many walls to choose from. Friendly and helpful staff, Special shout-out to Abdallah who were fasting & still he was explaining the safety measures as it should be.Karima was stunning from the minute we stepped in, we could feel the energy she’s injecting in her team.We’re definitely coming back, i would highly recommend this place.
Ali Ansari: The facilities were good. Limited in the variety of rides. Went here for my sons birthday, booked the place until 7 and only got 30 minutes of climb time. Not to mention, we got kicked out at 6 even though we paid until 7
Linda Brown: Magical adventure for all kids over 7 yrs old… safe and fun 😊😊😊
Leah Kloeble: Fun activity for kids. Lots of different walls to climb with different challenges to make it more enjoyable for older children. The staff were pleasant and helpful when we needed something.
Keeping Lau: We had a birthday celebration for my boy today. My wife and I felt that the experience was seemless from Start to finish....despite it being a busy time (spring break).We upgraded the climb to a birthday package and Karima was such a great manager and host. She provided us with everything we needed and was very accommodating.The staff are Uber friendly and helpful (Abdallah, Cain and the younger guy with awesome 80s music taste). Thanks again Karima. Wonderful time, clean and well organized...even the party fridge was clean!
Jenn C: Went for a birthday party. It was pretty good, but I personally don't think the high party prices are worth it. The kids have fun climbing a bit, but the harness is definitely difficult to handle for small hands and a lot of their time is spent trying to get clipped in and out and then lining up and waiting for a climb they want to do. I think this is suited better to older kids and adults. We had to have multiple adults on the floor walking around helping all the kids.
Michael F: Our son’s birthday party was on a Friday. We called them to change our party size a week before the party and received the updated confirmation with payment link immediately. They emailed a detailed reminder with a follow up call one day before. Our party room tables were set up before our arrival. The orientation was clear and Niko made it an enjoyable time for everyone. The staff are all very helpful, patient to answer questions and welcoming. I believe that they limit the number of climbers for each session, so it doesn’t feel crowded. Clip n’ Climb is a great place for birthday party or simply family fun!
Stephanie V: Took our Cub Scouts group to Clip n Climb today and the kids, and a few adults that went too, had a really fun time. The staff were all super helpful and the assistant manager, Karima, was terrific, accommodating an extra person we had last minute and interacted and cheered on the group when they did the Leap of Faith. We booked in advance, and arrived a little earlier than our time, so had no issues with getting the full hour.
Kathlin Trudeau: Love the Adult only Friday night. Went tonight with my husband. Left the kids at home. Such a fun activity and love that I didn’t have to deal with other people’s kids as it was adult only.
Marina M: Great experience. Worth going with your kids- staff is so nice, thanks Niko!
John Lam: I can here for my son birthday party on the weekend and was met by a very rude and impatient manager. I believe her name was Megan, this was my first time the clip n climb so I was unsure of how the check in process works and I was quite stressed because my son had invited many of his friends. During the check in I asked her many question which she answered in a rude and condescending tone. After this experience at Clip 'n Climb I would not recommend coming here nor do I see myself coming in the future.
tasha weiss: My family and I came to clip and climb this Sunday for the first time.The facility was clean organized and great place to visit. What made the visit even better was the woman who helped us. Karima was very pleasant warm and accommodating---thank you lovely lady for making our experience exceptional
Brittany: My partner and I visited Clip 'n Climb on Valentine's Day and we had made a booking for 5pm. My partner was running a bit late and when I asked the manager (Dale) working the front desk if it'd be possible if we could start climbing at a later time instead, he was really nice about it and let us start climbing at 5:30pm, plus he would still give us the full hour to climb. I was extremely grateful for Dale letting us start late, as I thought we would lose climbing time because their bookings are only for 1-hour slots. Dale was also very nice and offered me complimentary tea/coffee while waiting for my partner to arrive. By far the best customer experience I had encountered in a very, very long time! I highly recommend this place for both adults or kids.
MIRIAM LEE: My holiday turned out to be the worst day here.They charged me an hour admission fee & notice we can play an hour.But, my little kid & I played 30 minutes, my friend & his kids 20 minutes then were kicked out from manager because the next reservation there was a large group for birthday party.when we entered Manager did not mention about it... she should have told us that a huge group will arrive in 30 minute latter.she urgently kicked us out and told us to come back in an hour.I live too far away to return in an hour so I asked her for a refund.They gave ma a only 40% refund with a really annoyed expression and unfriendly tone.It's a memory I never want to experience again.

10. The Hive Climbing and Fitness - Surrey

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167 reviews
new review
The Hive Climbing and Fitness
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Address: #101-B, 11125 124 St, Surrey, BC V3V 4V2, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 12:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-498-5460

Business type: Rock climbing

The Hive Climbing and Fitness: what do users think?
Joao Farinha: Best place to buy your shoes, unless there is a discount from MEC. I personally still prefer the poco and the north van sites.
Michael Choe: Front desk person was super nice and approachable. The gym itself had a great vibe. A little sad cuz my left foot was pretty messed up so I couldn't really climb hard. But still had a lot of fun. Problems were very fun and interesting. Looking forward to coming back to this place whenever I come visit the Vancouver area again.
Daisy Zhang: Nice location, close to transit and good parking. This is a huge gym with not a lot of people, complete opposite to the Vancouver location. Also there are more hex 1-2 routes that’s beginner-friendly here.
bryan wong: Great place to climb.
Arv Singh: Love climbing here, great for someone to start climbing as well as they offer intro classes and have great programs and initiatives
Jacob Andrew: Great boulders, great staff, but wish it was open earlier consistently considering the membership fees
NIKHIL GAHLOT: Good spot for kids and adults
Aidan Philpott: My fav of the three hives
Nena: Nice gym lots of space to climb from beginners to more advanced levels. Comes with a small gym area where you can lift weights. Price is expensive but it provides you access for the whole day
Jessica W: Great place to climb. Amazing staff who are very friendly. I also love that even though children come here, staff always make sure they follow gym rules - I don’t even notice they are there!
Soohyun koo: I love this place, it's very spacious and the most clean one in Vancouver. Also staffs are so friendly and kind, the instructor was great as well at the first course I took yesterday.
Juanita van de Kamp: Hive Climbing is a great place for beginners and advanced climbers. They have youth friendly climbs as well. A great fitness area, showers, and merchandise area. Climbing courses and camps available.
Richard: Great place to climb. Air conditioned and spacious
Jack Irwin: amazing staff, great community, amazing equipment and bouldering wall best climbing centre
Tony T: Really enjoyed this gym. Problems were fun and the gym is quite comfortable and spacious.
Jenna T: The commitment to hygiene and safety alone makes this gym my first choice despite the hefty price.
Joel Kerfoot: The Hive is a fantastic bouldering gym with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. The staff are incredibly hospitable and always greet you as you come and go, making you feel right at home. The gym itself is well-maintained. The washrooms, changing rooms, and foot shower are always clean and well stocked (they have really nice soap too). The routes are changed regularly, providing a fun and challenging climbing experience. As a beginner I've really enjoyed climbing here and I highly recommend The Hive to anyone looking for a great bouldering gym.Be careful to not park outside of the reserved Hive parking spots otherwise you might get a ticket. It can also be near impossible to find a spot reserved for the Hive if there is an event at the neighboring church. I won't take this away from the Hive's rating since the gym is great. It just has some inconsiderate neighbors and is located in an Impark lot.
Allyson Ugalde: Great facility, amazing staff! I called in to get some help and Hannah went above and beyond to help me! Every time I go to this location, the staff are extremely friendly and helpful :) Love taking my friends here to try climbing for the first time!
Tim Nguyen: Spacious with a variety of obstacles. Clean facilities. Priced reasonably. Has accessories and snacks. Shoe rentals. My kids enjoy climbing there.Lots of parking. Conveniently located.
K Crosby: Great place for beginners & advanced climbers. The environment is clean & the community is encouraging. Don't forget the chalk!!!
Any Liu: Nice, roomy, clean and not too busy. Good with kids and younger climbers as they have lots of youth friendly climbs. They also have some tough ones, so everyone will find something to work on. 👍

11. Project Climbing Cloverdale - Surrey

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307 reviews
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Project Climbing Cloverdale
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Address: 17828 65a Ave #119, Surrey, BC V3S 1Z3, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 11:00 AM

Telephone: +1 778-571-1317

Business type: Rock climbing gym

12. Vancouver Mountain Guides - Vancouver

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40 reviews
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Vancouver Mountain Guides
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Address: 1065 E 8th Ave #432, Vancouver, BC V5T 1V1, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 8:00 AM

Telephone: +1 778-874-7386

Business type: Rock climbing

13. Canada West Mountain School - North Vancouver City

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22 reviews
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Canada West Mountain School
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Address: 400 Brooksbank Ave #240, North Vancouver, BC V7J 2C2, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 8:30 AM

Telephone: +1 604-878-7007

Business type: Rock climbing instructor

14. Rock Wall Climbing Gym Inc - Pitt Meadows

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55 reviews
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Rock Wall Climbing Gym Inc
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Address: 11455 201a St, Maple Ridge, BC V2X 0Y3, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 5:45 PM

Telephone: +1 604-460-0808

Business type: Gym

15. The Hive Climbing and Fitness - Port Coquitlam

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67 reviews
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The Hive Climbing and Fitness
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Address: Fremont Village, 815 Village Dr Unit 145-155, Port Coquitlam, BC V3B 0G9, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 12:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-461-0104

Business type: Rock climbing gym

16. Valhalla Pure Outfitters - Vancouver

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280 reviews
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Valhalla Pure Outfitters
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Address: 88 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V5Y 1P2, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 10:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-872-8872

Business type: Rock climbing

17. Richmond Olympic Oval - Richmond

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289 reviews
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Richmond Olympic Oval
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Address: 6111 River Rd, Richmond, BC V7C 0A2, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +1 778-296-1400

Business type: Rock climbing

18. Siwash Rock - Vancouver

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261 reviews
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Siwash Rock
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Address: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-873-7000

Business type: Tourist attraction

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