Best Clinics Sanitas Vancouver Near Me

1. Care Point Medical Clinic - Davie - Vancouver

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Care Point Medical Clinic - Davie
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Address: 1123 Davie St, Vancouver, BC V6E 1N2, Canada

Schedule: Open until 5:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-915-9517

Business type: Walk-in clinic

Care Point Medical Clinic - Davie: what do users think?
Frias Fight Team
Frias Fight Team: Doctor Heidi Mccaffrey is a tremendous doctor, who provided our athletes with great care and professionalism at the clinic. It is worth going to Care Point Davie, just to seek her out. Care Point Medical on Davie is a great clinic with helpful and friendly staff, I cannot recommend them enough!
Justin Wijnans
Justin Wijnans: Great experience, in and out no wait at all.
Jamie Chau
Jamie Chau: Saw Dr.Heidi and she was very accommodating and quick. Would recommend her!
Sinead Bedford
Sinead Bedford: New to Vancouver, no MSP and was seen to within 30 mins. Cost $200 and doctor was great and sorted me out!
luna: Dr Sunil Bhatt is extremely rude and disrespectful, he should not allowed to hold a medical license.
Cyberbunny: Avoid Dr. Sunil Bhatt at all costs! He will charge you money for things that are covered by MSP. Lifelab nurses were shocked by the form he wrote for me.
Sofía Navarro
Sofía Navarro: Dr Bhatt is the WORST. He made me feel like I was worthless and my concerns didn't matter at all. His dismissive and rude attitude left me feeling depressed and hopeless. And to top it all off, his racist behavior towards me was completely unacceptable. I can't believe he's still allowed to practice medicine. Please, trust all the other Google reviews and stay as far away from him as possible.
Fernando Reynaga
Fernando Reynaga: NEVER GO WITH “DR. SUNIL BHATT my gf wait 1 week for get an appointment and when she finally got it just for get a dermatologist referral, she couldn’t get it even when she knows from doctors in Mexico than she needs to be treated for a specialist and he did a prescription with drops for eyes when that can make worst the eczema she have, he was in him phone always responding messages and didn’t gave the attention she deserves, never go to this clinic!
Kristina S
Kristina S: I called for a consultation, they got me in within two days of my call. I was seen my Dr. Mah, she may be the best doctor in the city. Doctors like her are as rare as unicorns.
Matt Doe
Matt Doe: They are not equipped to deal with eye emergencies; no eyewash on site.
Tomas Hynes
Tomas Hynes: Avoid any bookings with Dr.Bhatt at all costs. I only found out after stopping going to this doctor he was prescribing me medication for people over 80 years old.
Sophia A
Sophia A: Dr. Bowlsby (shouldnt even hold the “Doctor” title) is the WORST, most unprofessional person I have ever encountered. As patient we come seeking help/solution not to add stress. After a brief call (only 3 minutes of conversation) he chose not to help and HUNG up the call, without me being disrespectful. Did not help with my inquiry nor offered other type of assistance. I called later and spoke with Alex, the office manager, at the beginning of the call she was not receptive siding with the Doctors, however, after talking she understood and helped right away (ironically she is NOT a doctor and helped me more than this Jeff Bowlsby) I will not stop until I receive an apology and he understands that he shouldn’t play with people’s health! Dont book an appointment with him and/or if you get the chance to go to another walk-in clinic is best for your own mental health!
Andrea Pino-Olivares
Andrea Pino-Olivares: I had call appointnent with Dr. Bowlsby. He listened to me carefully, asked detailed questions and seemed caring and professional. He was not able to help me much but gave me recommendations. Highly appreciate his advise.
Shealyn Stewart
Shealyn Stewart: I am so grateful for Dr. Mah! She is wonderful
ck: I had to wait over 3 months for my first check up results, at that point I had to request for them myself. The blonde women family doctor, prescribed the wrong medication, assuring me that this is the right medication. Which would have severely affected my health, only if I didn't do my own research.It's fine as a drop in clinic, but do not sign up for a family doctor here!
Sima Nuri
Sima Nuri: I don’t get all the bad reviews lol every clinic has wait times as always, they can’t control being late. Also the receptionists have been nothing but lovely. I’m very happy with this clinic :)
Elizabeth McCormack
Elizabeth McCormack: These people do not care about your wellbeing. Go somewhere else.
C Chan
C Chan: Been coming here for a while, the clinic is getting busier and busier but thanks to the staff for always accomodating me, special thanks to Bella for always being helpful and thanks to the Doctors (Dr Bhatt/Dr Mah) who also took the time to follow up with me when needed.
Katherine: Just arrived on an IEC, no SIN number no health care set up yet.Went in at 8:30am was seen in 10mins.Staff and doctor really lovely. $200.
Dryden Tamura
Dryden Tamura: Came in this morning for a walk in and had a positive experience. Reception was friendly and contrary to some reviews here Dr. Sunil Bhatt was professional and kind.
Luke Piotrowski
Luke Piotrowski: Understaffed. Doctor's are not interested in helping patients, just get them out the door.

2. Sina Medical Clinic - Vancouver

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Sina Medical Clinic
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Address: 505 Smithe St, Vancouver, BC V6B 6H1, Canada

Schedule: Open until 6:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-336-7462

Business type: Medical clinic

Sina Medical Clinic: what do users think?
Olivia Kennedy
Olivia Kennedy: I have been going to this clinic for almost 4 years and have no issues with the pharmacy. I also previously found their receptionist to be amazing. I also really like Dr Kingan, who is always attentive and asks lots of questions. However, their current receptionist/administration is useless. I never got my requisitions sent to lifelabs or my email and had to ask for it multiple times 4 weeks later. They didn’t send through documentation my Dr had filled out for me and I had to chase that also. They never send my prescriptions to my preferred pharmacy and AGAIN, each time have to call to chase them. This receptionist is busy because they aren’t on top of their work and people are calling to follow up. Seriously, get a new receptionist. This is hurting your reputation.*REDUCE FROM 2 STAR TO 1 STAR* March 13th 2023EDIT: Received a call from the clinic saying I haven’t received the document because I haven’t paid for it, yet NO ONE let me know it was ready and 1. That I needed to pay 2. How much to pay and 3. How to pay for it. Not to mention they never apologized and made it sound like it was my fault for not paying. The call cut out mid call before I could get the information and they never called me back. I’ve had to chase with another email today. Honestly, this level of service is unacceptable.*UPDATE April 24th 2023*After fasting for 12 hours and waking up super early, I went to my life labs bloodwork appointment this morning to find that my requisition hadn’t been sent to them. Because they don’t open until 10am, I couldn’t call them. I couldn’t get my tests done and had to walk out.
Aryan: Sina is my primary clinic and they have a great caring staff. Thank you!
Alishan arif
Alishan arif: Worst place ever, I don’t recommend. These guys will charge you for missing appointments without confirming with their clients. No customer service skills at all. Worst one in Vancouver
Logan de Bruijn
Logan de Bruijn: Not a walk-in.Not accepting new patients.
Drippin Donuts
Drippin Donuts: I would avoid this place at all costs. The service is atrocious, they’re rude and lack empathy. Go somewhere else.
Carrie Jeffels
Carrie Jeffels: Receptionist is pleasant enough but seems quite stressed and cuts patients off mid sentence. Is helpful enough but not very knowledgeable. The clinic is clean, well stocked with products and in a great location. Reception just might need some assistance so they aren't stressed and aren't so abrupt with patients when on the phone.
Karla Petrova
Karla Petrova: The most poorly run medical clinic I’ve witnessed to date. An absolute clown show.
Denise McDougall
Denise McDougall: I highly recommend this pharmacy if you live closeI recently went back to my previous pharmacy for personal reasons for my householdFatima and her pharmacy staff are always willing to be helpful and provide great serviceThank you for the time I was with you for your service all the best
Ehsan A
Ehsan A: Amazing Service wonderful people .
Approach Media
Approach Media: Really frustrating reception staff for the medical clinic. Poor English and comprehension so it takes a LONG time for them ti understand things, they make a lot of mistakes and overall a bad experience. Unfortunately this is where my family doctor works so I’m stuck dealing with the sub par reception staff. Very annoying. BE BETTER
Sabrina Macdonald
Sabrina Macdonald: My son and have had fantastic care from our family Doctor, Dr .Wang. One lady at reception gets a little confused but over all great experience dealing with Sina medical
elham ghavi
elham ghavi: hi dr .when the open Dragstor ?in the Iran very inportan
Alireza ghorbani
Alireza ghorbani: We don't have any problem with our family physician Dr. Hafizi who is nice and caring but with the management who is so rude and impolite. Better to learn how to treat toddlers and ladies respectfully before start working.
Tyler Greentree
Tyler Greentree: DON’T BOTHER. Xx
Jason Q
Jason Q: I recently arrived into B.C. for the first time and I needed to make a visit to a walk-in clinic for a diagnosis. The clinic does accept out of province health cards but they were not willing to accept new patients.
Vancouver Rose
Vancouver Rose: The doctor is good, but the reception is very bad and she does not have experience and how to deal with the patient. When we call, we wait for two continuous hours, then she cuts the line and diverted more than once to call the clinic and she cuts the call. If I did not need to take the doctor’s appointment, why did I call?
Shadi Sajjad
Shadi Sajjad: I have been using this clinic and pharmacy for more than 3 years because it is close to my place. I never had an issue with pharmacy they are all great people however I always had issues with their clinic services for example Dr Wong was so rude to me once so I was avoiding having appointments with her or.... but today was another level. I went there for walk in and new receptionist told me that they do not accept walking in today, the earliest time is in 3 days and it would be a phone call!!!! And only one patient was sitting in the waiting area! I am not sure if they understand the meaning of walkin!!!! I am sick now I don’t need someone call me in 3 days!
Miranda Aguiñaga
Miranda Aguiñaga: Very upsetting. They call you very late after the time you had scheduled your phone appointment, and if you miss the call, you need to wait on the line for a more than half an hour queue just to be told that 'i don't realize there's a pandemic and there's a lot of people who need help'. Well, I need help too. I booked my appointment weeks ago and don't feel well. Trying to make me feel bad about wanting what is my right was the cherry on top.
N: Spent 195$ to talk to a doctor. She said she will email me the prescription, didn’t get it for almost two hours. Called after two hours, waited on call for another hour and they sent the email with prescription.Now the prescription they emailed me has one medicine missing which doctor told me about during the appointment but didn’t mention a name. Called back and waited another hour to get an answer saying just ask for an over the counter medicine for your eye, this answer was given by the receptionist, not the doctor.Looks like I wasted 195$ and I’m back at the same.Couldn’t get any worse
Abhishek Mathur
Abhishek Mathur: Friendly staff and doctors. Docs are well qualified and experienced and i guess for a clinic that's what really matters.Place is nice, they don't overcharge or unnecessarily complicate things.Only issue is they are very busy like any other medical establishment in Vancouver. There online bookings / phone systems / virtual consultations are hotch-potch. best idea is to go down to the place to take an appointment. Go earlier in the day and you should be done by 2-3 PM. Was able to get everything done in a day where every other clinic was giving appointments 2 weeks away.
Maryam Naghibi
Maryam Naghibi: I had a very bad experience with this clinic especially Dr. Danny Chao

3. CHANGEpain Clinic - Vancouver

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60 reviews
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CHANGEpain Clinic
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Address: 5655 Cambie Street Lower Level, Vancouver, BC V5Z 3A4, Canada

Schedule: Open until 5:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-566-9101

Business type: Doctor

CHANGEpain Clinic: what do users think?
Sylvana Babcock
Sylvana Babcock: As someone who suffers from chronic pain, I had hoped to find relief and support through your services. However, my encounter left me feeling let down and concerned about the approach taken by the doctor I saw.Firstly, I was disheartened by the location of the clinic, which was situated in a basement. The lack of proper facilities and natural light had a negative impact on the overall ambiance and atmosphere of the clinic. It made me question the professionalism and quality of care provided.Furthermore, the doctor I consulted with made several false promises that left me feeling uneasy. Instead of taking the time to thoroughly assess my medical history and condition, he immediately suggested an experimental drug that had potential risks and uncertainties associated with it. This hasty recommendation without a proper understanding of my specific needs and concerns raised red flags regarding the doctor's judgment and commitment to patient well-being.Additionally, I was disappointed to learn that the doctor seemed more interested in up selling expensive therapies, such as Prolo Therapy, rather than tailoring a treatment plan based on my individual circumstances. The lack of personalized care and consideration for my financial constraints further diminished my trust in the clinic's approach and motives.Overall, my experience at your clinic was far from satisfactory. As a patient seeking relief and genuine care, I expected a more compassionate and evidence-based approach. The lack of attention to my medical history, the promotion of potentially risky treatments, and the focus on profit rather than patient well-being have left me feeling discouraged and hesitant to continue seeking treatment at this facility.
Dexter Pratt
Dexter Pratt: This is the worst clinic that I have ever been to. They don't do a thorough investigation on the patient. They recommend treatments without knowing the full history of the patient. This laziness could put the patient into great danger. It is an in and out operation so the doctors can make quick money, Their primary objective is to give you costly treatments and put more money in their pocket.
Belinda H
Belinda H: Change pain changed the pain by making it so much worse...
Paul Grobler
Paul Grobler: Very good help for me
catherine pham
catherine pham: I forget the name of the doctor but she introduced me to the "curable" app and it has changed my life. After seeing the first doctor, I requested immediately to change doctors and thank god I did because she cared more about the brain. if you want to heal the pain, heal the brain!
Rae-Lynne Scott
Rae-Lynne Scott: Impossible to talk to someone. Left message nobody calls you back.
Reddit Philippines
Reddit Philippines: I was booked an appointment with Dr. Mahal for 1:15 and unfortunately she was unable to see me due to unknown reasons. I had to reschedule my appointment with a different physician for a later date. Hopefully my next appointment is better.
Anne McLean
Anne McLean: Staff were friendly and helpful during treatments but the intake process was disheartening.I had a referral submitted to this clinic and waited weeks to hear back. I decided to call them and learned my referral had been lost. Nothing had been processed and the weeks of waiting had been for nothing.My referral was then processed and I was given an appointment for 10 weeks later. I asked to be on the cancellation waiting list as at that point I was desperate and frustrated.I did not hear back about any cancellations but after my initial experience I decided I should phone and check, just in case. I learned there was a cancellation, only a week earlier than my original appointment but I would have appreciated being informed, considering my circumstances.I rescheduled to the earlier appointment that I had learned about. Some time later I was told my appointment had to be rescheduled to a date that was even later than my original one. So, I had shot myself in the foot by trying to get in earlier.The intake process here was easily the most discouraging of any I have experienced. Ketamine treatments for depression can rapidly reduce suicidal thinking so time is of the essence.
Jayden Hartigan
Jayden Hartigan: Dr botteon and the crew there have gone above and beyond to help with my chronic pain. I could not recommend dr.botteon enough, very professional and caring of his patients.
brennan clarahan
brennan clarahan: Great treatments here for low back. Started my healing process with the deep needle treatment.
Paula Ewaski
Paula Ewaski: Without this clinic I wouldn't of been walking waiting for my knee surgeries. The tpi injections were what kept me walking, till I had my surgeries. Now we work on my lumbar spinal stenosis
J L: $2,900.00 for one dose not covered by MSP means only the rich can afford this treatment. Very sad for anyone who is not wealthy. If you get it done at the hospital its covered by MSP and the cost charged to MSP by the hospital is a tiny fraction of this.
Raf Simon
Raf Simon: Had the pleasure of seeing Dr Rite, Leroy, and Ashleigh for chrio, physio, and kinesiology. They were very skilled and knowledgable!
Kyla: Doctor recommended band-aid procedures without doing any diagnostics to identify the root cause of my issue. Told me there was no point trying to see any of their in-house practitioners (physio, kinesiology, etc.) because the wait is so long.
Michael Rebak
Michael Rebak: A wonderful place of care and healing. Above and beyond what is typically offered in Public Health, ChangePain’s dedicated and integrated team offers what few, if any can.They have a wide variety of treatment options to fit your needs, and work within MSP and/or private pay options as your situation allows to maximise the available options and treatment modalities.I highly recommend ChangePain and their team if you have new or chronic pain. They have changed my life significantly and I am forever grateful.Thank you Dr. Lau and the rest of the ChangePain team
Capri633: The people at this clinic bend over backwards to help patients. Dr. Lem is an amazing doctor, patient, kind, and crazy smart. If you are willing to take doctors' advice, you will walk out better off than when you came in.
Angela Chiu
Angela Chiu: Dr. Ilana Winrob is not helpful at all. Talks a lot but no real help. Most of their services are not covered by MSP, except an appointment with GP, based on her information. Very frustrated. Don't recommend this clinic. The same medical treatment such as knee injection can be done by your family doctor. Don't waist your time!
Cassie Sutherland
Cassie Sutherland: My time at Change Pain has been my single most positive healthcare experience, yet. I've felt heard, respected, and trusted in my understanding of my body. I'm incredibly grateful for their dedication and expertise; they've truly listened, and have gone the extra mile to provide consistent care. Very grateful for all the staff in each of their roles, and for my with time with the clinic.
Dewey Readmore
Dewey Readmore: They ended my 15 year struggle with pain. They saved my life.
A: I assume Changepain pads their reviews, because this clinic is far worse than its reviews imply.Firstly, they are experts at wasting your time. When they aren’t hours behind schedule, they’re spending half your appointment explaining vague ideas that they have already told you before. Dr. Malcolm Botteon would do just this while literally jumping back and forth across the room while explaining, treating me like a child. He would also make me wait an hour after my scheduled time to tell me information in both amount and importance that were better suited for a short email or call. If they are truly so busy, it is Changepain’s responsibility to hire enough employees, space their appointments well, and be efficient with their time, but they refuse to for one simple reason that I will elaborate on later: money. There are also the five session courses they force you to take. I told my doctors at Changepain that I was already informed on the course topics, even reading the outlines and saying that I knew everything on them. Even so, Dr. Botteon called me uneducated and made sure I signed up for them. As expected, they did nothing for me except waste my time.In the end, I would’ve been alright with my lost time if Changepain gave a thoughtful and helpful approach to health struggles, but this simply isn't the case. I had received hundreds of trigger point injections in the past with no success, yet they still were convinced that this method would solve my pain. Unsurprisingly, it didn’t. My pain only worsened. From reading other reviews too, it seems like the doctors here simply ask where you hurt and stick needles there, expecting improvement. There is no individualistic, thoughtful approach. Just a one size fits all plan that they hype up to give false hope to patients. One time, I came with a family member, and Dr. Botteon had the audacity to tell them that my pain treatments were going successfully when I had explicitly said otherwise. Other times, my doctor would forget about treatments they had planned or quickly move on from a treatment as soon as I expressed even a little doubt, as if they knew that it wasn’t going to work and were trying to move on from getting caught. I didn’t have a single appointment at the Changepain building that didn’t feel strange or manipulative on top of being completely unhelpful.Now we get to possibly the worst part about Changepain, their motive. Despite their cheery, do-good attitude, it is my firm belief that this place exists solely to make money. This wouldn’t be terrible if they actually made their work worth the money, but it isn’t; moreover, they go out of their way to take more of your money while not improving your health. After the injections found no success, Dr. Botteon recommended ketamine infusions for thousands of dollars each time as a non-permanent solution for one of my least problematic symptoms. This seemed strange until we started asking questions. It turns out the infusions take place at Changepain, so they make money off them. Furthermore, a doctor admitted that those classes that I found no benefit from make them money too. Come to think of it, Dr. Botteon’s dancing around the room for half an hour instead of sending an email makes sense because they wouldn’t make money off of an email. Changepain treats people with real health concerns as nothing more than cash grabs.I’m sure this place does help people sometimes, and I’m sure that not all their doctors are as terrible as Dr. Botteon. Dr. Rite, for example, I found to be fine, but even she got caught up in the almost cultish rhetoric of Changepain, and I do think ‘cultish’ is a fair word. The overly positive and repetitive phrases, apparent financial motivation, and pressure to stay despite consequences, all of it just makes me sick. This clinic is disorderly, unprofessional, arrogant, and unethical. I hope that Changepain’s staff reads this review and starts taking their patients seriously, and I hope that anyone struggling with chronic illness avoids this place unless it is their very last option.
U: I have been a patient at CHANGEpain ever since the doors opened. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have had access to some exceptional physicians at the clinic. Dr. Lau is inspiring, both as a doctor and as a person. She is amazing in her breadth of knowledge and in her persistence in trying to get to the root of complex pain problems. Dr. Rite has a very proactive approach, and her practical advice has enabled me to regain considerable functionality despite my pain. Recently, I have also benefited greatly from Dr. Berkman's care. All of these physicians are smart, helpful, and supportive. They really care, and they've never given up on me. The Group Medical Visits have been very helpful as well. I still have pain, but without CHANGEpain it would be so much worse. I am grateful.

4. Dr. Megan Murphy, R. Psych. - Vancouver

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Dr. Megan Murphy, R. Psych.
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Address: 300-3665 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC V5R 5W2, Canada

Schedule: Open until 9:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-202-4357

Business type: Psychologist

5. Columbia Street Community Clinic PHS Health Care - Vancouver

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5 reviews
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Columbia Street Community Clinic PHS Health Care
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Address: 350 Columbia St, Vancouver, BC V6A 4J1, Canada

Schedule: Open until 4:30 PM

Telephone: +1 604-879-7906

Business type: Medical Center

Columbia Street Community Clinic PHS Health Care: what do users think?
John W
John W: Columbia Clinic: I've been with them since just before the pandemic around February 2020 and the entire staff is great but my favs are nurse Kelsey and Doctors Van Soren, Sutherland and Klair. They are so helpful they treat the less fortunate and the fortunate with the same respect and dignity, the front desk staff is always very helpful. I'm able more often than not, able to have my meds all renewed over the phone rather than in person as I live a very long way from the actual clinic and so that's so very helpful. They have helped and motivated me with great success to become and to stay clean. Their OAT program is a huge blessing and definitely a necessity in most opiate addiction issues and I've used that program with great success too. Thank you God and Columbia Clinic. Cheers to my #1 doc....Dr. M. Van Soren😉🤗Edit addition: It's now May 9th 2023 and just over 3 years later.I am so grateful to all the nurses, reception and doctors for everything they have done so far to help me get my life back, I let the streets of the DTES nearly destroy me but with the help of those in Columba clinic and the programs they have there I can finally say I am free from not only living in the DTES but have also got a job, my health and .ore control over the disability of fibromyalgia and Chronic Anxiety Disorderto name 2 and i can thank thise nurses and doctors at Columbia Clinic for my success and really couldnt continue my success without them. Thank you all again for helping to save this life. Keep up the good fight and never stop trying to save lives. It's never a fruitless endeavor when a guy like myself comes along. God bless you all and never give up hope, it's an endless battle down there but just know you're all unsung warriors, soldiers and legends in your own rights.Save just one life and you've done well, save many and youre a legend among heroes ❤️.
Jennifer Harilstad
Jennifer Harilstad: Love it
Kong Sor
Kong Sor: The DTES needs more people and places like this clinic. Truly a gem for the neighbourhood.
jennifer welwood
jennifer welwood: *please note this is an addictions/mental health care provider and is currently not accepting new patients.*Absolutely excellent care providers. It is my sincere privilege to receive my primary care from this group of dedicated professionals.They see dozens of people a day with difficult, complex health and wellness concerns, and try to address them all.Dr. Sutherland and all the staff there are upbeat, friendly, helpful, and compent professionals that truly care. Their harm reduction strategies save countless lives and they treat everyone with dignity.
Edward Hanna
Edward Hanna: Really good people.
Angie Johnson
Angie Johnson: They have no bedside manner. There all bout the money not the welfare of the people.
Matt Mayer
Matt Mayer: I've never been treated so humane in my entire life. EVERY staff member here actually cares about people. I'm so happy I found this clinic, and was given the opportunity to address my issues and struggles like everyone deserves. You people are saving my life.From my deepest gratitude I thank you, staff from Columbia Street Community Clinic!!
Clinton Huntinghawk
Clinton Huntinghawk: I love this community health clinic the doctors are really knowledgable, the staff are nice and welcoming they always have a smile when I walk into the Clinic to see the doctors for a follow up or a prescription if needed. They are excepting new clients two a day, one at 9am when they open and again at 1:30pm. The Nurses that are on hand as well are nice and knowledgable too, they know the steps to take to assess your needs for your health, I give this Clinic two thumbs up! I always enjoy coming here when I need to and I hope you will too if needed.

6. Wellness First Medical Clinic - Richmond

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63 reviews
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Wellness First Medical Clinic
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Address: 10111 No. 3 Rd #140, Richmond, BC V7A 1W6, Canada

Schedule: Open until 5:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-272-2244

Business type: Medical clinic

Wellness First Medical Clinic: what do users think?
Mun F
Mun F: So bad
gloria parihar
gloria parihar: When a doctor does what they love for a living it shows through their attitude towards a patient. That is called a vocation.I went to this office in Richmond from Langley. Crossed 4 cities to get a dermatology assessment.I have developed cigarette burns like spots that appeared out of nowhere after my third covid vaccine. They don't itch or hurt. They disappear just as mysteriously as they appear only to reoccur weeks later on same spot.My family doctor had me tested for several possible causes...all my tests came out clean... which i told de resident at this Richmond clinic. Immediately she got judgemental and said..."why are you so paranoid?" How do you quickly come back or respond to such an insensitive comment.All i could say was..i have worked with the public for 40 years and been exposed to anything that could possibly be a reason for contracting this sudden lesions.Just before the doctor came in...i heard them outside whispering to each other about my condition.Dr walks introduction, just quickly rushed me to show her..only to hear..."I dont know what this is, looks like eczema. Put moisturizing twice a day...there is nothing to see here, these lesions are dry, i dont know, looks like eczema "I have a 7 year old grandson more compassionate than that. And a 6 year old with better personal relations.Reception was cold. Clearly, as individuals in this world, a job either compensates and rewards us with pleasure...for what and how we earn a living. When we do not enjoy what we do to earn that living, it clearly shows.Needless to say, a cubical job will suit everyone here much better.
KAREN LUGAO: Agree with most. Totally useless!!!!
Adam: very Nice people and good doctor I recommend this clinic best clinic in Richmond BC
David Hdez
David Hdez: It’s time to change those seats for customers, makes the clinic looks so cheap and bad managed. The receptionist for Dr. Saldana is really rude, I can’t believe how she talks to patients.
Jen Jackson
Jen Jackson: Receptionist extremely rude. You’d think a medical office would understand that children get sick during cold and flu season and no one wants to stay with your sick child while you visit the dermatologist and while your spouse is working a 12 hour shift. Maybe I should just bring them with me with 101° fever?
Mamason Mamason
Mamason Mamason: Dr Saldana is incompetent & unfriendly & no affect. A complete waste of my time in having my gp refer to her for a dermatologist assessment. I already knew what the problem was from scans. I needed a remedy. She couldn't/wouldn't help. Don't go to her. She doesn't seem to like what she is doing. I don't think she is a certified dermatologist but a rogue gp. No credentials displayed. Stay away from her.
rui flores
rui flores: Receptionist is terrible, hope this gets sorted as the doctors are quite nice.
JC Chewy
JC Chewy: Avoid like the plague. Called in for my child. Asked to come in for a follow up. Went to follow up. “Sorry I don’t know what’s wrong. Come back next week.” Asked for a referral to a specialist. Doctor walked out of the office. Not professional. Could care less about patients and their well-being. Their low rating is accurate.
Manju Herft
Manju Herft: Not happy with reception.. Called 10 times between 9am to 11am today... No answer and they say don't leave message... I need them to reply to my pharmacy questions so I can pick up my medicine.. This is sooo ridiculous.. What a joke 😡..
Cecile Hernandez
Cecile Hernandez: The lady at the front desk it the rudest person I’ve ever met working at a clinical facility. I asked her hours ahead of time that if it would be possible to switch my appointment to telephone and she gave me so much attitude. I called her again because she said she would contact me and it was almost time for my appointment and all she said was “you know what maybe find yourself a new doctor because it’s to much work for Doctor Saldana to speak with you and you know what you either come or go find a new doctor.” That’s no way to respond to someone who was being polite and asking a question and for a secretary who is supposed to have etiquette she has none of it all she has is a rude attitude that’s no help. The worst thing is it’s not even my first experience of her acting this way it’s been multiple times and I have had it. Whoever hired her must have a talk about how to talk to patients.
Leslian Alexis
Leslian Alexis: Awesome experience every time. Thank you
Mariam Wakaa
Mariam Wakaa: The reception staff treat them very badly and do not respond to patients, and if they respond, they speak very badly. Irregular appointments. They do not call at a specific time. My appointment was three o’clock. I called the doctor at 9, and I could not answer because I am in school, disrespecting the appointments.
El Chango
El Chango: Love Doctor Abou-Gareeb, she's compassionate, attentive and listens. It would be a 5/5 review if it wasn't for the continuous rude behavior of her office staff. I have brought the issue to her on numerous occasions but unfortunately it has fallen in deaf ears of her staff
gitanjali prasad
gitanjali prasad: I was referred to Dr Saldana by my GP. She was horrible !!! I don’t even think she has proper knowledge .. it was an absolute joke when I told her I am getting tiny dents in my face… she then quickly typed it on her computer to seek any answers from the doc’s manual ! When she couldn’t find anything ., she told me I have tiny lumps in my face and I keep pulling and cutting it off that’s why I’m getting tiny hole ! .. I said I never had any of those things and I don’t even pick my pimples .. but she was adamant that I’m pulling the lumps out .. The most hilarious part was when she showed me the pic of MORGAN FREEMAN and told me I have that disease ! She was EXTREMELY RUDE AND MEAN . I have attached my pic n Morgan freeman’s for reference 😂
Kat: I asked my doctor to refer me to a dermatologist for a skin issue that’s been plaguing me for years and one that I’ve taken numerous antibiotics for to no avail. Not only was the doctor here not a dermatologist, she was a GP with a “special interest” in dermatology and her suggested treatment made me raise an eyebrow because it involved (surprise) more antibiotics. Luckily, I didn’t spend a ridiculous amount of time in the waiting room and the punctuality of the doctor was appropriate.I did not appreciate how the receptionist handles clients and appointments, I’m not expecting a 5 star treatment but being essentially spam called 3 times in a row while I’m busy without a single voicemail left to even let me know why they were calling was annoying. Once I attempted to call them back not 10 minutes later at 4:50 once I got home (10 minutes before close) they didn’t pick up… I don’t blame them considering how close it is to close but I was just spam called minutes earlier? You can’t leave a voicemail either because their voicemail box is full.Additionally, for my first appointment they called my doctors office to schedule an appointment instead of calling me…? My doctors office later contacted me with the date, and were confused as well as to why they were contacted instead of me.
Akash Lal
Akash Lal: My personal experience wasn't bad at all. It was my first time here and the receptionists was doing her thing. I met with Dr.saldana and a resident doctor. Dr. Saldana was to the point and every informative. She took the time to explain what was wrong any how to cure it. The resident doctor was so polite and very helpful. I definitely look forward to coming back in the future.
osmangazi1994: PLEASE CHANGE YOUR RECEPTIONIST, SHE IS SO RUDE AND DOESNT HELP. Dr.Iman is a good person but the receptionist really needs to learn manners and speak professionally. Dr.IMAN Most people are giving 1 stars just because of your receptionist please fix this issue.
Lara Maen
Lara Maen: Don’t recommend them at all! Both, the doctor and the receptionist are very inconsiderate, unprofessional and rude! There’s no respect for your time or whatsoever. Your appointment could be at 9 am and the doctor would ignorantly show up at 1 pm!Don’t waste your time and look for a clinic that actually cares for your health.
Lucia Styk
Lucia Styk: It's impossible to get hold of the reception. None of the 2 options for doctor's selection work. Online booking does not exist.
moneer ALmosalm
moneer ALmosalm: I don’t recommend this clinic will never return to it badly treated reception very bad deal

7. Eternal Skin Care Inc - North Vancouver City

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212 reviews
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Eternal Skin Care Inc
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Address: 100 1st St E #120, North Vancouver, BC V7L 1B1, Canada

Schedule: Open until 5:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-974-0111

Business type: Skin care clinic

Eternal Skin Care Inc: what do users think?
Robert Ly
Robert Ly: Shipping was quick and thorough. 10/10 recommend the shop!
D: Bad.
Denise Blahut
Denise Blahut: I always order my shunly products from eskin. They are reasonably priced and come quickly. What more could you ask for.
Morgan Westphal
Morgan Westphal: Got my order in a timely manner
Soraya Britto
Soraya Britto: I love this product!
Valerie Hoffman
Valerie Hoffman: My product arrived very promptly and right on schedule.
Crystal Shang
Crystal Shang: I have always like to come to Eternal Skin care, not only because of the effective laser genesis sessions but also the welcoming atmosphere. But today is different, it took the new technician an incredibly long time to wear a head towel on me; while she was making overwhelming comments about my face, I don’t know whether is her finger or the machine, but something kept poking my goggles. I would rate a 5 star for the nice front desk, products, and the other technician Cindy. But the technician this time is truly a 2 and I’m been generous.
VillageKettleValley: I placed an on line order for hair products and was very pleased to receive a well package delivery and in good time. Thank You.
Aman Purewal
Aman Purewal: Worse service ever!!! We previously tried using services here and paid for a package upfront for which we were required to do so at the time. However due to personal reasons we could no longer proceed. We have contacted these guys on multiple occasions everytime their excuse for a refund changes. First it's" "we can give you a giftcard to use here" but we never hear back, next the excuse is "we will get back to you, we are working on it" and now the latest one seems to be "oh we thought you no longer wanted it because we didn't hear back from recently". Believe it or not, I do not have time to contact you all the time. Once I have contacted you I expect to hear back with some sort of resolution. I am sick and tired of going round and round in circles with you guys especially when its my hard earned money you are stealing. It's even more laughable when the owner is replying back to your review saying it's fake and telling you that they have no record of this incident as i have not contacted them when I have evidence of the times I have. I do not and definitely will not recommend this place to anyone!!!
Ken Laframboise
Ken Laframboise: Need refund because of customs issue. Thought this was a Canadian company.
KArine Collin
KArine Collin: Malheureusement 2 des produits que j'ai achetés étaient à moitié comprends maintenant pourquoi ils étaient en spécial !
Janice Wall
Janice Wall: Fast and great pricing
Shelley C
Shelley C: Took some time to arrive, but items came just as described. Thank you!
Maryann Eichenlaub
Maryann Eichenlaub: First purchase from ESkinStore and so far I’ve been very happy with the product and customer service!
Donna Tellez
Donna Tellez: It took a little longer than usual, but I did receive the correct product.
Paula Woodward
Paula Woodward: I order the circadian full spectrum eye care (day and night cream). I received the order shortly after I put it in, which I appreciated. Unfortunately the day cream only lasted a month. From previous experience with the exact same product, I should have it for 4-5 months. I've emailed them twice and called during business hours to try and resolve the issue and haven't heard a peep back. Hence the 2 star review.
J E: I had an amazing experience with Eternal Skin Care! I felt like a Queen,! The products they used are high-end! Highly recommend for your North Vancouver skin facials, ipl, laser, injection. You can even buy your favourite skin products.
Ada Lo
Ada Lo: I came here 3 months ago for the first time for their mini lip treatment and the doctor at the time was great at making me feel calm during the procedure. I went there again this past weekend for another mini lip treatment and had a great experience. I don’t live in the North Shore but I still make the trip to go to their clinic
Тетяна Поверляк
Тетяна Поверляк: I love this store, since I can buy favorite brands secure and confident in its quality.
Soosie Forrest
Soosie Forrest: Absolutely love purchasing from here!! The product selection, prices, free samples and shipping are awesome!! Thank you so much!!
Karen Nothacker
Karen Nothacker: Ordered Lippmann 2 second nail primer - arrived intact - no damage - prompt service and shipment.

8. Expat Financial - Vancouver

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Expat Financial
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Address: 701 W Georgia St #1500, Vancouver, BC V7Y 1C6, Canada

Schedule: Open until 5:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-628-0426

Business type: Health insurance agency

9. Aon Reed Stenhouse Inc. - Vancouver

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6 reviews
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Aon Reed Stenhouse Inc.
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Address: 401 Georgia Street West, Suite 1200, Vancouver, BC V6B 3X8, Canada

Schedule: Closing soon: 3:30 PM

Telephone: +1 604-688-4442

Business type: Insurance agency

Aon Reed Stenhouse Inc.: what do users think?
Mabel Bathan
Mabel Bathan: review not for this co
Imran Valli
Imran Valli: Seems like people dont really like working there. Bounced around from dept to dept for 1/2 an hour. All I needed was some invoices reprinted, as we didn't receive the originals.In addition, nobody was able to knowledgeably speak to what we were paying for and what was covered. I do not recommend this broker...

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