Best Do-it-yourself Shops In Vancouver Near Me

1. Swell Composites Supply Ltd. - Richmond

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Swell Composites Supply Ltd.
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Address: 5930 No 6 Rd #305, Richmond, BC V6V 1Z1, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 7:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-273-9458

Business type: Do-it-yourself shop

Swell Composites Supply Ltd.: what do users think?
Chris Tilbe
Chris Tilbe: Super fast and friendly service. Get your Entropy resin here
Matt Inkpen
Matt Inkpen: I've ordered a couple times from Swell composites now and it has been a great experience each time. I've used the Entropy CLR/CFX resin on a few surf projects and its been a great switch from the resin I was using before.
Ian Brewster
Ian Brewster: Super friendly and knowledgeable. Shipped quickly. Couldn’t have had a better experience with them!
Oscar Reimer
Oscar Reimer: Built 2 boards using @entropyresins CLR and CLF/CLX hardeners. Easy to mix & use with no stink. Swell composites had me covered and were easy to work with.
Hagai Blonder
Hagai Blonder: Using entropy resin making the boards are make, give me the option to make boards that are already not as environmentally friendly to be more environmentally friendly! And it's way healthier to work with!! So choose entropy resin! And work with Steve is always a plus!
Monica P
Monica P: Great information and so helpful. Thanks so much for the article.
David Griffiths
David Griffiths: Great service, def recommended 👍🤙
Jason Pedersen
Jason Pedersen: Great costumer service and product knowledge
T Ohm
T Ohm: I gave you a 1 star review because one of your employees assualted someone I knew while driving one of your vehicles. I think thats less than one star quality. But 1 star was all I could give. Maybe you should vet your employees more closely before you give them keys to one of your vehicles. Unless this was an owner driving the vehicle. In that case it would be indicative of this company and how unprofessional it is and violent. Would you like more information? There is a police report that you can read. The Richmond RCMP can supply you and your customers with that. Its a public record. Hows that for 1 star??
Dan Miguel
Dan Miguel: good prices, great customer service, and fast shipping which is important to me!
Jeff Noble
Jeff Noble: Friendly and professional. Those are the top words that come to mind when thinking about Swell. Keep up the great work guys!
Show Muscle Go Muscle
Show Muscle Go Muscle: As an owner and paddleboard developer in Sault Ste Marie Ontario, I have had nothing but fantastic experiences with Swell Composites and their products. I would highly recommend using their services!
Kenneth MacDonald
Kenneth MacDonald: Amazing customer service.
Michael Foston
Michael Foston: Incredible customer service and product knowledge. Plus they are a local company that offers a huge range of eco-friendly materials. Definitely check them out!
Gabriela Zapata
Gabriela Zapata: Very friendly staff and cool products!
Joe Sullivan
Joe Sullivan: Top notch customer service. Very reasonable prices and huge selection. Such a great experience!
Devon Scott
Devon Scott: These guys are Awesome!!! Professional ,Helpful.and Reasonable!!Products are well worth every penny!!! They are truly a great business that know their products and how to take care of their clients! Thanks Swell Composites!!
Addison Duhaime
Addison Duhaime: Great Company and great people!
C M: Quality product by a quality Canadian company.
David Jianu
David Jianu: Swell Composites is my go to .Having a canadian based company that makes products accessable to the shapers and trades is the integrity this country needs.Cutting edge technology , environmentally conscious materials and friendly knowledgeable staff makes ordering online and shipping easy as 1,2,3.awesome
Amanda M
Amanda M: Great company, great products!

2. The Home Depot - Vancouver

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The Home Depot
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Address: 2388 Cambie St, Vancouver, BC V5Z 2T8, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 7:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-675-1260

Business type: Home improvement store

The Home Depot: what do users think?
Graham Peterson
Graham Peterson: **DO NOT BUY PLANTS FROM HERE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES**We bought one plant from here and it was rife with spider mites, it completely decimated all of our plants we own, expensive ones, ones we’ve had for years with no problems. Hundreds of dollars down the drain. There is no way they have that under control at the store, and I doubt they spray them at all.Save yourself days of headache trying to save your plants and never buy any plants from here EVER.
Moira Casey
Moira Casey: I tried to contact HD to find out if a curtain rod I wanted to order was able to be installed on the ceiling. "Customer Service" contacted me 3 days later to let me know that they could only help me if I wanted to order custom window coverings with installation. Unbelievable.
Ted Li
Ted Li: Small outlet store. But had the tester.
Sandra Wadden
Sandra Wadden: Ordering
vida piri
vida piri: Great place for all your house hold needs! They usually have some great deals as well
Dinusha Wijayasuriya
Dinusha Wijayasuriya: I visited this store as my Home Depot card had an issue, I was assisted by a girl named “Palak” at customer service. She had to contact their backoffice for further support. It was not a straightforward case. She did her best to help me.. she was very professional& courteous. The world is beautiful when we have people like her…
Tha sparkygamer420
Tha sparkygamer420: Worst Home Depot ever. Shop there only if you want attitude and unattentive employees that will mock your serious questions as if they are jokes. The only joke is this location and it's employees.
Cael Tompai
Cael Tompai: This store is decent but it seems to get a lot of traffic at times and people stealing. They have closed certain entrances to control the flow of people now.Seems odd this is what Vancouver is coming to.
Janett Poorman
Janett Poorman: Not alot here but if downtown here you go. Bad for traffic coming there but isn't everything down there😂
Charlene Myers
Charlene Myers: To the sweet older gentleman who sold me my air conditioner 10+ years ago, I have never forgotten you! It is because of you I survive every summer. I was in a greenhouse worthy sweltering apartment at the time and this man was amazing. Along with his professionalism, he went full Dad mode, full of care and empathy, and treated me like family and pointed me in the right direction, and gave me hot tips how to get the most out of my A/C. Sadly I have totally forgotten his name, but its never too late for a good review. So wherever you are, thank you! :)
D: Parking at this place is next to impossible!You must take a parking ticket when you arrive Try to find a parking spot in this very crammed and dark underground parkade Remember to present the ticket at the store checkout if you want to have the cost credited off your purchase Then don’t forget to pay for the parking at these inconspicuous machines in the underground parking area (that is if you still have the ticket and remember which pocket you put it in, otherwise be prepared to pay $25) Remember to retrieve your ticket from the machine and take it with you Find your car and drive out through the barriers which will only open if you insert a paid parking ticket.And heaven help you if you slipped up on any of the above procedure - you’ll be trapped in your car at the barrier gates unable to get out with horns honking behind you.On top of this, they have coated the floor of the parking area with this sticky paint that causes car tires to loudly screech on rainy days every time you turn the wheel. When the lot is busy, as it usually is, you need hearing protection to prevent your ears from being blasted with this multi-tire screeching sound that reverberates throughout this cavernous space.
João Prado Ribeiro Campos
João Prado Ribeiro Campos: My favorite tool’s shop
B A: Staff are very helpful , great experience
MIKE “Checking in” BENNETT
MIKE “Checking in” BENNETT: Self checkouts are a bit confusing at first but can get in and get out in a short amount of time
Michael Paterson
Michael Paterson: Staff at front entrance very helpful.Was told the right row near the far end.Staff in the row showed the section and adl
Christian Malin
Christian Malin: Pros:-By far the funkiest main entrance to a hardware store.-Convenient location for a quick purchase, eg. "Stopping at HD on my way home from work to pick up a picture hanging kit."Cons:-Funky store entrance is probably a nightmare if carrying out a large purchase.-Compact layout limits product variety; I couldn't find the specific brand/version of what I was looking for.
Pooja: Its really a home improvement place😊everything is there, to beautify the home.
Jay A
Jay A: Another Clean Home Depot! Everything is well arranged and their staff were helpful! Was a bit confused where the entrance was but found it after. I always go to their Richmond location which, is as clean and well arranged as this location as well. The person who helped me was really helpful and considerate. I just forgot his name. :( Keep it up team!
Carl “Budd” Stymiest UE
Carl “Budd” Stymiest UE: Many business at this site in Cambie Street
Morteza Abootaleby
Morteza Abootaleby: Hi,I am so sorry for your unfair hiring process,After times and times apply for your position like merchandising, I just received unreasonable remarks,As my friends mentioned, I finally realized that you employ people just based-on referral not based-on fair procedures.You just wast time of regular applicant like me.I really sorry for your dark company.
Tay Cun
Tay Cun: KEY DEPARTMEMTI bring in my key and pick the key I want cut. The employee puts my key into this machine that tells you what type of key you have. The machine says my key is not of any key type. So I sayThe key type is right there on the key its says KW1 You cant just take a KW1 key and cut my key ?He says No because the machine tells me its not a key we carrySo I ask him Can you not then manually cut the key?He said No I have to put it in the machineI said well you have a manual key cutter right in front of you. I know because I used to cut keys.He says oh well I dont know how to cut keysWell say that then! So I proceed to customer service and tell them my story and she saysYa there's only that one guy in hardware so...I ask Does any of your employees in the store know how to cut a key then?Blank silenceWhy offer key cutting service if NOBODY knows how to cut keys? Educate and train your employees!!

3. The Home Depot - Vancouver

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1870 reviews
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The Home Depot
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Address: 900 Terminal Ave, Vancouver, BC V6A 4G4, Canada

Schedule: Open until 9:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-608-1423

Business type: Home improvement store

The Home Depot: what do users think?
Eric Hung
Eric Hung: Always able to find what we need there, never disappoint
Will L
Will L: Visited the rental store and found the staff to be helpful.
Lenka Vaskova
Lenka Vaskova: Got all I needed for my small project!
N NC: NAM LE , he really helpful , he helped me alot around to pickup some things around garden, heavy soils bag , , bringing them to pay , to my car... Such a very nice helpful, friendly, nicee guy. Thanks a lot 🙏 Nam Le.
Anthea Williams
Anthea Williams: Have craft classes for youth 5-12 with online registration
Kaveh Hajighazi
Kaveh Hajighazi: Great store and friendly/knowledgeable staff.
Morgan H
Morgan H: Lots of great prices and very cool gadgets! I will note that the lady in charge of the self-checkouts was extremely good at what she does. Amazing customer service, and that feels great since it's lacking in so many places. Great experience here. Give that lady a raise!
Peter Kieser
Peter Kieser: Store opens at 7 am. Nobody scheduled to work in paint department til 8. Manager tried to help but wasn't able to. Suggested I wait around an hour for the person scheduled to show up. No offer of discount for a waste of my time.
Graydon Kubbernus
Graydon Kubbernus: The staff were rude and I was not treated very well
J Tsang
J Tsang: Friendly workers there.
Terry Gordon
Terry Gordon: Well stockedGave it a 4 because it’s become harder to get any help.
Cael Tompai
Cael Tompai: This store is one of their best. Recommend. Contractor or Home owner this place has what you likely need. Larger selection than most.
Janett Poorman
Janett Poorman: One of the better home depots. For stock and tools. I am a Milwaukee fan and use this brand. Lucky for me Milwaukee opened a major outlet in this home Depot 😂😁
Joseph Wong
Joseph Wong: Very expensive.
Mark Kehler
Mark Kehler: What can you say. Has it all.
박요한: They have everything but you'll need a mask. The sawdust made me cough.
cici wilson
cici wilson: The home depot team are always eager to help u find what ever need
Kamyab Ebrahimkhani
Kamyab Ebrahimkhani: Today I came here for buying some shelves and wood sheets.What a great service by “Gurman”. What a professional guy. Thanks alot hone depot team
Angad Ladhar
Angad Ladhar: Francisco was a great help. He knows his products and was able to help us with our queries within minutes while also teaching us how we can go about it in the future. If you are in hardware needs at Home Depot, Francisco is the guy for it.
aftab ladhar
aftab ladhar: Francisco from hardware made my life sooooo easy! Kudos to that guy for helping and going extra mile. Gave me knowledge about how to pick tools and fasteners
Helen R
Helen R: I just want to say that I experienced exceptional service at the Home Depot, Terminal Ave., Vancouver today. When I asked for directions, I was taken to the place where the plants were, and Olive, bless her heart, she actually loaded in my topsoil for me. Everyone was in a very customer service oriented mood, and it was a real pleasure to shop there. The choices of plants were abundant and they were all good quality. However, the prices have gone up quite substantially since last summer. It is still my “go to” place for home gardening materials.

4. MAKE Vancouver at Granville Island - Vancouver

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397 reviews
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MAKE Vancouver at Granville Island
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Address: 1648 Duranleau St, Vancouver, BC V6H 3S4, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 10:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-684-5105

Business type: Gift shop

MAKE Vancouver at Granville Island: what do users think?
Neil Lewis
Neil Lewis: Plenty of variety in a store that is a staple of Granville Island a fun time in store.
Kim Aminian
Kim Aminian: Had my bridal pyjamas embroidered here and they did such a fantastic job. Quick and great work! Would recommend them for any custom project.
N S: It's very surprising how the people who work here has the least bit grasp on basic things related to their own business. After 2 methods of communication(a 15 minute phone call and a descriptive email with design) it took me an appointment that I didn't need to find out that they're trying to not do what clearly their business description says they do. I mean make up your mind, it's either a yes or no. I'm sure no smart person buys anything here even if you're a tourist, cause it's all just print on clothing bought in bulk, price gouched cause it's in the Granville island. Pity.
Thea Hamers
Thea Hamers: Geweldig leuke cadeautjes!
Garri Parhar
Garri Parhar: Needed some custom hoodies made for my business on short notice and the team at MAKE Vancouver got it done a day earlier than I expected!!! Special thanks to Stephanie for helping get it done.
jody vance
jody vance: All of these yr #steeleandvance swag has been made at MAKE. I also had #teambaldrey #teamzussman #teammcelroy hats made. So easy, affordable AND fun
Cynthia Lee
Cynthia Lee: if you want custom embroidery or printing done this is the place to go! kind, helpful folks that excel at what they do and go above and beyond to create amazing results
Hsien Chih Shu
Hsien Chih Shu: A must visit on the island, lots of creative stuff and friendly people. They are also probably the most pet-friendly shop in town 👍
zilla fu
zilla fu: I had a custom printed t- shirt with them recently. Their print out very fast, and fast respond in email and good services.
CTM C: Good quality of design and fabric.
Jose A. Rey
Jose A. Rey: Lovely space with amazing options
Spencer Williams
Spencer Williams: customer service 11/10
Julia McDougall
Julia McDougall: This place is amazing!! I needed some shirts printed super quickly and they did it the same day, I even needed to adjust the order and they accommodated me! I cannot say enough about how friendly the staff is and how great they did!Thank you MAKE!
David Jones
David Jones: My company had a number of jackets embroidered by Make on Friday and I must say they did a great job! Megan helped design our logo into an embroidery file and worked with us to get a great look. We look forward to working with the Make team again soon!!
Maria Mcclean
Maria Mcclean: Expensive and incompetent staff. I do not recommend this place for embroidery.Placed an order for embroidery of 3 Christmas stockings and it was a negative and frustrating experience. Got my stockings back without embroidery and a brown spot on the cuff.After taking 10 minutes to place a straightforward order (which somehow required 3 different staff members to chime in and me repeating myself multiple times), I paid the whopping $80. I was quoted $24 in the email it the gal didn’t clarify that the fee was PER stocking. Then I was asked to sign a waiver that absolves MAKE if they somehow screw up the project……not exactly a vote of confidence.I’m told my order will take 14 days, not the 5-7 days that I was told via email 12 hours earlier. I shake off it off, sign the form because I don’t have time to look at other places.The next day I receive an email (without an apology I might add) that they can’t embroider the stockings and that I can come pick them up!**What should have happened: The staff should have inspected the stockings on my first visit to determine if the project was feasible.Three people gathered around the counter and not one person could do the intake professionally…. A waste of my time, no embroidered stockings and a lot of unnecessary frustration.Upon pick up, I had a similar experience…. No less than FOUR people . One to initially talk to me, one to find the Xmas stockings, one to refund what I paid, and a 4th person to come talk to me to ask “does this require any further resolution?”. I could not believe she said that…. No one was contrite or felt bad about the inconvenience or hassle. The ambivalence was a turn off. I get to the car , notice a brown spot that was not previously on any of the stockings. Do not embroider here.MY COMMENT TO OWNER'S REPLY POSTED DEC. 2/2022:I'm not entirely clear on what MAKE Vancouver means by "setting the record straight". My account is accurate and honest and already corroborated by MAKE staff in writing, which I've pasted below. Contrary to your reply, your team already acknowledged via email that they dropped the ball and were 100% at fault.Following are the emails from your team, admitting MAKE's error pasted below.MAKE Vancouver Email Responses - Nov. 29/2022:#1:Hi Maria,Yes 100% we should have spotted this issue and we recognise the inconvenience of having to come back to the shop to collect the incomplete order.#2:After reviewing your stockings with our production team & management we have identified some issues that were overlooked by the team yesterday when you were in. As you know our main talking point was getting the sizing correct for you so I think this is why this happened. The issue is because of the way the stocking is sewn we can not embroider it to the standards we usually would. As a work around we did look at embroidering it differently but the metallic detailing on the stocking would affect the embroidery quality which we are not comfortable with.So unfortunately we will not be able to continue on with this order for you. We would be concerned that the end product would not be up to our standards and embroidering the stockings could lead to damaging them.We will obviously refund you the full amount ($80.64) when you come to collect them.Megan.Embroidery Coordinator***MAKE: Pls don't change the story to say I was confused, didn't understand, or that you were helping me, when it was the other way around. I offered several solutions including abbreviated names, printing the names on paper to confirm fit, staying until your team was sure, and asking your team what they needed to fulfill the order. Your team, all 3, said they were too busy to confirm the size and fit, yet they were all just standing there. It's very unfortunate that you are deflecting and can't simply apologize.Moreover, you did not do me a favour to accommodate an early pickup. Rather, I upheld you to your original promise of a 5-7 day turn-around stated via email 2x: "It takes about 5-7 days to complete stocking orders."
Allison Kay
Allison Kay: Ordered some custom gifts for Christmas last year and they went over very well! They also have a lovely shop and tons of funky local gifts and things. Only complaint is that my order took longer than expected and nobody called to say when it was ready. I'm sure it was an accidental oversight.
Jon Vancouver
Jon Vancouver: This place should be better known.MAKE is a great option for when you want to give a personalized gift, or put your design on a standard household item. You could buy a generic item from the internet, or just make your own for a similar price.
Axel Witthuhn
Axel Witthuhn: Gute Auswahl, aber auch an Krimskrams, wer es mag
Jennifer Henczel
Jennifer Henczel: We love this store! So many amazing gifts. Always great customer service. We bought some t-shirts and books.
Rachel Alison
Rachel Alison: I love visiting this store whenever we come by to Granville island, full of creative items.
Janice: I like the quality of their T-shirts and their customer service is above and beyond! I’ve made 3 sets of gifts with them. For this last project which I did online, they found and sent me a proof to approve with a better, higher resolution of the image I was using. And when I picked it up, the shirt looked great but the t-shirt sizing ran small (the gift I was making would not fit my sister). The manager helped me find a better size and reprinted for me- no charge!

5. The Block - Vancouver

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29 reviews
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The Block
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Address: 350 W Cordova St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1E8, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 12:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-685-8885

Business type: Clothing store

The Block: what do users think?
Caroline D Boquist
Caroline D Boquist: Lucky to say this The Block and Eugene Choo are my family’s go to, for quality pieces that last! A vast selection with warm, friendly staff!
z xu
z xu: Really cool place, more hip. Got really cool fit pants and winter jacket!
Jase: Ordered online, super fast shipping to Montreal, great quality wool jacket at a very good price! 10/10
Kirk Chantraine
Kirk Chantraine: Very nice selection of clothes and super nice staff. Nice bright space.
Barbara Western
Barbara Western: Many of my wardrobe staples are from this fantastic store. I've been shopping here for the last two decades and I still enjoy wearing my quality designer pieces from Ulla Johnson, APC, No. 6 Store, Surface to Air and many others. My favourite non-clothing items that I have used every day for years are my Filson tote and my Wendy Nichol Potion No 1 perfume. I have lived out of town for years but I always stop at The Block when I am in Vancouver. Great clothes and friendly, knowledgable staff!
Erin Collins
Erin Collins: Friendly and extremely knowledgeable staff, a relaxed no-pressure atmosphere and stunning high quality clothing all make for a superior shopping experience. I always come away with truly unique and special pieces that become wardrobe staples. Can’t recommend this boutique highly enough. A destination shop in Vancouver for 20 years!
Saron Kassay
Saron Kassay: I had an amazing experience with Patrica. She is very knowledgeable and helpful. Thank you!
Sandrine Hébert-Pelletier
Sandrine Hébert-Pelletier: Patricia was so helpful and kind! :)
Joel Van Egmond
Joel Van Egmond: Cool clothes warm and helpful staff
allyson haug
allyson haug: Collection is always strong and the staff are excellent, friendly and so helpful. Here and Eugene Choo are the city’s best boutiques.
Stathis Marghelis
Stathis Marghelis: Great store with unique items and an amazing staff! Rita and Patricia went above and beyond! We’ll be back!
john gauger
john gauger: Low pressure, highly helpful staff. Great collection....
Darren Pelcz
Darren Pelcz: Great selection of clothes, super awesome staff! My go to place in Gastown when I need new fashion. I just trust the team there and it always works out. Fantastic selection of bucket hats as well!!
Patricia Xie
Patricia Xie: Amazing atmosphere, helpful and attentive staff who are genuinely happy to be at work, great things from brands like APC, Filippa K, and Ulla Johnson. :)
Sara Edge
Sara Edge: Amazing store, amazing staff!
J W: Overpriced clothing that doesn't match quality.Tried on a $700 dress that had an interesting design. But the craftsmanship was only decent, the dress was made in China (I expected it to be local at that price) and the fabric was 100% viscose (I expected a higher quality fabric). Was disappointed. So yes, this shop is boujee.Good appearance on the outside but lacks the content and quality to match the vibe it gives off.Side note: I noticed the employees were offering glasses of champagne to customers. The marked up prices explain why they can afford to do that. I doubt they have a liquor license to serve drinks though.
Eric Bridgwater
Eric Bridgwater: Pricey, but consistently fresh and high quality.
Z D: Review Type / Retail (Grade 1~5)1. Atmosphere- Interior Design: 5- Product Display: 4- Sales Clerk Professionalism: 4- Customer Service: 42. Products- Types of Goods: Misc- Price Range: $$$$
Melissa Gole
Melissa Gole: Don't go here. Stone faced "employees" that don't bother even greeting possible paying customers walking around with crossed arms looking unimpressed at work.
Andrew McKinley
Andrew McKinley: Filson bags are stunning.

6. CF Pacific Centre - Vancouver

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8282 reviews
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CF Pacific Centre
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Address: 701 W Georgia St, Vancouver, BC V7Y 1G5, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 11:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-688-7235

Business type: Shopping mall

CF Pacific Centre: what do users think?
Star Lord * Avenger
Star Lord * Avenger: Way to busy weird design
Kris King
Kris King: Nice mall to walk around. Not a lot of variety in the stores. Lots of high end stores and plenty of food options
AnooChi: I recently had the pleasure of visiting the Pacific Center in downtown Vancouver and it left a lasting impression on me. This mall is an absolute gem, offering a wonderful selection of stores, a vibrant atmosphere and excellent amenities.First, the variety of stores in the Pacific Center is remarkable. Whether you're looking for high-end fashion, trendy boutiques, or famous brands, you'll find it all here. From department stores like Hudson's Bay and Nordstrom to designer labels like Burberry and Gucci, the range of options is simply amazing. Additionally, there are specialty stores, electronics stores, and beauty shops to explore.Pacific Center's layout is well laid out, making it easy to navigate and find what you're looking for. Spacious corridors and bright, modern decor create a welcoming environment, and plenty of natural light adds to the overall pleasant shopping experience. The mall is kept immaculate and the staff are always friendly and helpful.In short, the Pacific Center in downtown Vancouver is a shopper's paradise. With a diverse range of shops, pleasant atmosphere and excellent amenities, it is a must-visit destination for locals and tourists alike. I highly recommend spending a day exploring this wonderful mall.
Masomeh: I don't understand, Why this mall change so much for parking. It is not fair and unbelievable and stupid too. Nothing interesting about it. I will never go there.
Garry Bereska
Garry Bereska: Great experience for shopping parking is expensive 4.75 for every 30 minutes
Mark Collins
Mark Collins: Mall is kept clean and maintained. Good presence of security as well.
Flora Villa
Flora Villa: Como todos los centros comerciales
Kim Bimemiller
Kim Bimemiller: The mall is very clean and there are plenty of places to sit down.
Luke: Good
Alexander Tobar
Alexander Tobar: Fantastic!
emily: Very nice mall.
MysteryZ: It's a great mall but very confusing. To try and find something, it was really hard to navigate.
Ciedra Chagoya
Ciedra Chagoya: Me encanta!
Wing Lee
Wing Lee: This mall has a lot of stores I don’t see often at other malls. It’s great place to browse for pricier brands/companies
Wai Tak Tseung
Wai Tak Tseung: Thai Express inside Pacific Centre food court…👎🏿
Justin Bennett
Justin Bennett: This mall is no good
Marcos Dominguez
Marcos Dominguez: Nice
Andrea: Parking is expensive
Orietta Vitali
Orietta Vitali: Nice shopping center
Teutonic Nobility
Teutonic Nobility: Great place to shop and get something to eat.
Guru: Pequeño pero con dos grandes tiendas de dos pisos cada una, por otra parte el mall esta pequeño y a veces se dificulta caminar cuando esta muy concurrido

7. This Is Blythe - Vancouver

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24 reviews
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This Is Blythe
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Address: 302-1629 Haro St, Vancouver, BC V6G 1G8, Canada

Telephone: (934) 451-1611

Business type: Toy store

This Is Blythe: what do users think?
Thorsten D
Thorsten D: I ordered multiple customizable Blythe dolls from TIB. They were all perfect in quality and condition. Happy happy customer here.
Everly Clarke
Everly Clarke: My Selena Blythe doll is so adorable and looking great. I also knitted new outftis for her prior to her arrival. I appreciate her company in my room. The best doll I've ever had is Selena. Thank you for the fast processing!
Cookieblucorn yesss
Cookieblucorn yesss: Love dolls even tho ur a boy doesn’t mean u can’t get dolls It’s for everyone! I’m in love with these dolls I wish they had some in Florida but I just travel here to get dolls
Blythe Land
Blythe Land: I’m a huge fan of Blythe!!
AngelicTime Official
AngelicTime Official: Incredible beauty never breaks
Stephen Bennett
Stephen Bennett: I bought a custom doll for my wife from This Is Blythe and she loved it! Looks like I have to find my credit card to get an extra set of clothes and shoes.
Ольга Клиндухова
Ольга Клиндухова: I love This Is Blythe. I bought multiple dolls from them and they are all wonderful. Their customer service is great. I recommend them to anyone looking for their first Blythe.
Rebecca Donaldson
Rebecca Donaldson: 12/11/2020Since Sept 27 2020 I have been waiting on a doll for 89.99 and ordered shoes for her too. I have been told lies like the doll was in the states and they are keeping an eye on it, even though the fake tracking never moved from its original spot in China. Then they said it was a special order and it will take a little longer to get out of China and they were going to give me a bunch of freebies for my wait. Was it in China or the states? (You gotta be smarter than that if you are going to lie!) I then told them I waited far too long that it obviously was not coming and I wanted my money back. (See attachment of notice number 2) They will not respond to give me my money back! Do not buy from ! I have asked several times for a refund and have since gotten e-mails from them saying they are going to take action against me, then another one said they would give me my money back only if I would remove the offending reviews. They were going to sue me for the reviews which hurts their business. For giggles I posted a picture of the Cease and desist they sent me!Then they responded to the review on another site saying Pay Pal dismissed the case because I would not wait long enough for the doll! PayPal did not dismiss this case. They owe me money for some shoes too because they were for a doll that they fraudulently said they would sell me. Don't believe any fake positive reviews online they are scammers!
Albert Checkers
Albert Checkers: My daughter is in love with her Blythe dolls. Thank you very much for your quick response and outstanding service. I will definitely recommend you to my friends.
Molly L. Aguilera
Molly L. Aguilera: I love my doll!
M Savic
M Savic: Great!
Angelina M. Ellsworth
Angelina M. Ellsworth: I love This Is Blythe. Jenna is an amazing person to work with. I am happy with my dolls :)
Catherine Hall
Catherine Hall: The seller made sure I was satisfied with my order - hint: I used the promo code ALMOSTHOME to get a 5% discount. :)

8. Make Vancouver - Gastown - Vancouver

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8 reviews
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Make Vancouver - Gastown
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Address: 170 Water St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1B2, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 11:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-423-5460

Business type: Custom t-shirt store

Make Vancouver - Gastown: what do users think?
jennifer aoki
jennifer aoki: Go to this local shop! One of my favourite places to find a great selection of locally make items for yourself and gifts. The space is welcoming and inclusive with great customer service.
nick: Funny that google calls them a "custom t-shirt store" - I didn't even realize they did that.I was expecting a lame, overpriced gastown souvenir store but was pleasantly surprised. Great stuff for reasonable prices. Locally made fun gifts and clothes - I got all my Christmas shopping done there and even picked up something for myself while I was at it.Really friendly, helpful staff too. A+
Mixed Breed (TerriC)
Mixed Breed (TerriC): Some neat items in store. However, the use of local is misleading. I assumed items would be locally produced with the shop local phrasing advertised. The reality was the majority of items where not made locally but rather abroad.
Grant Love
Grant Love: I ordered a printed pillowcase for my daughter with a photograph of her and her cat "Ashton" who she had with her for 15 years until he passed recently. Ashton would always sleep on my daughters pillow with her, and I took a photograph of them both a few years ago sleeping on her pillow at the time. She was absolutely delighted with the pillowcase and tears of joy were shed. The quality of the fabric and the sharpness of the print were beyond my expectations. Thank you.
Marek Wróbel
Marek Wróbel: Make may be one of my favourite shops ever and while I think the Granville Island location get more footfall (for obvious reasons) I enjoyed this one even more - a bit more relaxed, less busy, bigger selection (at least feels like it) and lovely, LOVELY staff! We made some Schitt's Creek inspired purchases but genuinely if I could I would buy every single item!!!
Scott Richmann
Scott Richmann: Awesome store. Lots of fun stuff and helpful staff. Definitely a huge step up from your usual souvenir shops in the area. Took home a nice charcuterie board made from chopsticks.
Dani Boynton
Dani Boynton: This location doesn’t do buttons - just FYI. It doesn’t explain on the website that you have to go to the Granville Island shop for this service.
mister dumpling
mister dumpling: Very cool store for their huge selection of fun, interesting and fashionable stuff. Would literally buy everything here if I could!
Kate Smyth
Kate Smyth: What a great store and the customer service was way above and beyond in my Christmas shopping. THANK YOU!
Sandy Chu
Sandy Chu: MAKE has super helpful and amazing staff that went above and beyond to get a custom order printed for me on time :) They're so sweet and I'd definitely come back!
Karen Woodfield
Karen Woodfield: Very helpful staff during ordering process. Even came out of the shop with our order before the shop was open as their hours had changed. Product was great too!
L G: A truly lovely store with loads of cool Canadian and locally made items. There's a really good selection of gifts that I'd probably end up keeping for myself, and a good option for every budget. It's so nice to see Make from Granville Island expanding to somewhere more accessible for me (just a few mins walk from Waterfront/Downtown Van).The staff are so friendly and knowledgeable, it only adds value that the music in there is awesome and chances are the staff will dance with you.
Charlotte Swanson
Charlotte Swanson: Super cool second location! Just as awesome as the Granville location. Great for gifts and home decor.
Alexis S
Alexis S: My favorite Granville Island store is now conveniently located in Gastown ❤️ staff were friendly and nice, there's lots of great stuff to check out here

9. Hudson's Bay - Vancouver

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3579 reviews
new review
Hudson's Bay
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Address: 674 Granville St, Vancouver, BC V6C 1Z6, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 11:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-681-6211

Business type: Department store

Hudson's Bay: what do users think?
Susan Sands
Susan Sands: Awful. The worst store I've been in
Wayne Halavin
Wayne Halavin: The Bay in downtown Vancouver is my go to place for so many things. From a great bedding department to the incredible men's clothing floor, I never walk away without what I need. Their staff is always quick to help, and always with a professional and kind attitude. It is a real pleasure everytime.
Vigan Aliu
Vigan Aliu: No AC. Crazy boiling hot!
Steven Aspinall
Steven Aspinall: Awesome service
Marcelo Meirelles
Marcelo Meirelles: It's already hard for me to go to a clothes store and chose, but to add to that, fitting rooms are hard to find and I finally found one, the person responsible to it told me to go to another one, which was closed. Great selection of product, but customer service is awful.
Jason Kruger
Jason Kruger: Great finds
Josie Ferguson
Josie Ferguson: I was absolutely floored. This store was 6 levels. 6!!!!!!!!
Dale Brash
Dale Brash: Went to the Zellers section, basically has product for bed, bath, kitchen, women and children. But I did get my bedsheets at a good price.
Paul Newstead
Paul Newstead: God help you if your in need of a salesperson because every time iv shopped there it's a long wait for someone to have time to help.
Nigel Kellett
Nigel Kellett: Great service and reasonable prices
Osvaldo Missio
Osvaldo Missio: Não funcionou para mim, embora tenha sido muito bem recebido por um Senhor que trabalha no local.
Mohammadreza Bagheri
Mohammadreza Bagheri: AL at (men’s suits) , just only go to find him to find the best fashion and style for men’s clothes specially suits and he knows how to style you as a expert person (stylist) , he has multiple skills, best of the best experience with (AL)
B Naylor
B Naylor: I get it, it’s hard to find staff, but at the very least, make it easy to find an OPEN cashier so I can buy something! I spent over an hour self-shopping and couldn’t find any staff to check me out until I was leaving the store. The clerks were so passive aggressive and the sound of non-stop security alarms was so annoying, that I just gave up and walked out. Good luck, your business model is busted.
Shyann Destinee
Shyann Destinee: Great sales!
Keshaw K. Sinha
Keshaw K. Sinha: Excellent place for shopping with family and friends.
Darcy Liam
Darcy Liam: No complaints about the service it was very good but the prices are ridiculous for jeans there there is no way I'm paying over $100 for a pair of jeans also they don't really have sizes for larger people if you need a suit hit Moores
zahra Mohammadshahi
zahra Mohammadshahi: I bought a raincoat paying $100 with gift card and $94 with my own card. It was not fit for my son and I returned it and they returned all my money to gift card. Is their policy reasonable? If I paid $900 by my card and $100 their gift card, Then I had to shop $1000 with their gift card from Hudson’s Bay!!!
Lara Larinha
Lara Larinha: Just left Vancouver downtown store and staff was helpful but I could barely hear them because the music on the main floor was too loud. Thought it was a department store, not a club.
Jake warner
Jake warner: I find it very overpriced, in all departments
Jordan A
Jordan A: Great experience. Special thank you to Nadira for going above and beyond to help me find the right fit. If you need new office clothing I highly recommend this location!Ps: Don’t forget to ask about the Hudson’s Bay Mastercard at checkout.
Hardeep Purewal
Hardeep Purewal: I went to the Jewellers, and had a great experience with professional and curtious staff, I would definitely recommend to take advantage of the 60% off deals 👌🏼👍🏽👍🏽

10. Dutil Denim - Vancouver

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162 reviews
new review
Dutil Denim
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Address: 303 W Cordova St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1E5, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 12:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-688-8892

Business type: Jeans shop

Dutil Denim: what do users think?
ellen altenburger
ellen altenburger: I was there yesterday and the guy working there was very helpful! I didn‘t know what size I had because our sizes in europe are different so he really helped me out with that. He gave me some different options to try on and i found what i needed! So happy with the shorts!
Johnny Electra
Johnny Electra: Bought a pair of samurai 511xx 19 Oz there today. Adam was very helpful and made sure I got what I needed
Jorden Edmondstone
Jorden Edmondstone: Super knowledgeable and friendly people here, I asked their names to put here and immediately forgot them, but they were great!! I've grabbed so many pairs of jeans and chinos from here.
S CS: Unbelievably helpful and kind staff, they go above and beyond to help customers. Top notch.
Steve Abram
Steve Abram: Been buying jeans here for years. Recently I took in 3 pairs of my old Levi's I bought elsewhere and they did a great job fixing (patching small holes & blowout) and altering (adding a taper to straight cut) them. Recommended.
Scott Sattler MD FACS
Scott Sattler MD FACS: A great denim shop ! The guys helped my wife get fitted into her first pair of N&F self edge denim. She looks 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Jonny Warkentin
Jonny Warkentin: So many incredible jeans, and the customer service was amazing. If you ever decide to purchase a pair of denim that will last you a lifetime, this is the place to go.
Mateo Hinojosa
Mateo Hinojosa: First time customer: I had a pair of Gallery Dept jeans which ripped across the butt because the denim was wearing out, upon recommendation of multiple people on Facebook I decided to try out Dutil for the repair. The repair took roughly a week and a half (as I was quoted) and I got a text today to go pick them up. When I picked them up I checked the repair and it was absolutely perfect, felt very sturdy and ready to start wearing again.Highly recommend this place for all your repair needs. They are quite cheap, fast, super friendly and great at what they do
Paul Kendrick
Paul Kendrick: Super helpful staff, shop stocks fantastic bands highly recommend
Liam Tengelis
Liam Tengelis: Awesome selection of jeans. Staff are awesome. Awesome store.
Matthew Muncaster
Matthew Muncaster: Had a fit issue with a pair of jeans and the store manager (Charlie? I'm not sure his name) was extremely helpful and made sure I was satisfied. There isn't a better place to buy jeans in Vancouver. 10/10. Thanks again Dutil is awesome!
clay nickerson
clay nickerson: Do yourself a favor and visit Dutil in person. Knowledgeable and welcoming staff offering non judgmental advise within your price range. Best denim shop in van. 5 stars hands down.
sean strugnell
sean strugnell: Very helpful staff
Leonardo sh
Leonardo sh: Started my raw denim journey here, brought my first pair of APC jeans. Then went to Naked and Famous, rogue territory, Iron Heart, Pure Blue ... demin jackets, workwear shirt and leather belt. All the jeans are brought in this shop. Over the years, Dutil's staff providing constant wonderful services and knowladgable advices. Had all my worn jeans repaird in the shop, and Dutil's repair job extended my jean's life. A must be place for any demin-head.
Octavio Rodriguez
Octavio Rodriguez: A local business with a very good selection of denim for the knowledgeable and/or fan of this classic fabric. The amazing stock at Dutil includes jeans with denim woven in Japanese mills and made in that country (Samurai, Iron Heart, Pure Blue Japan). You will also find raw & selvedge denims that use this fabric made in Japan but tailored in France (A.P.C), Canada (Naked & Famous), etc. Available at Dutil as well, there is a curated inventory of denim jackets & shirts. Check their website for a full list of brands, types of denim, sizes, and prices. Worth a visit, but also keeping an eye for their sales! At the store the service is friendly and will respond to all your questions about their line of products. Their options cover a wide range of price points, but obviously reflecting the quality of the fabric & brands. Please wear a face mask when you visit the store.
A H: Very helpful staff. Large selection
Cai Holm
Cai Holm: After buying my Rollas from dutil my world turned around. My skin cleared up, my hair got shinier, people would stop me on the street and ask for my autograph. For realz shopping at dutil makes you feel like your dads favourite off duty rock star. Shout out to a Pascal, my denim guardian angel, for changing my life.
Wes Inaba
Wes Inaba: Denim, denim and more denim. Always stop here on my trips to Vancouver. Some of the most amazing pairs of jeans. Naked & Famous, and Nudie are some of the amazing lines they carry. The staff are so friendly and take do much time to make sure you find the right color, feel and fit. I've never had jeans that fit so comfortably. 👖👖👖👖
Graye Williams
Graye Williams: Kind, knowledgeable, and skilled! These folks are always welcoming when I go in, with an amazing selection of denim from creators I actually want to own. They rescued my decade-old pair of AGs and repaired them to daily driver status. I couldn’t be happier. ❤️🙏
Will Reiher
Will Reiher: Great place get a buy-it-for-life pair of jeans or well made denim jackets or shirts. I've purchased a few items online but this was the first time I've been able to visit the shop. They're super friendly and are happy to help you find the perfect pair of jeans. They also do all alterations in-house for a reasonable rate.
bradley sanche
bradley sanche: I experienced poor customer service.. but the owner responded to this review with concern.

11. Designer Outlet Vancouver - Richmond

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11124 reviews
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Designer Outlet Vancouver
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Address: 1000-7899 Templeton Station Rd, Richmond, BC V7B 0B7, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 10:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-231-5525

Business type: Outlet mall

12. Stanley Park - Vancouver

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34905 reviews
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Stanley Park
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Address: Vancouver, BC V6G 1Z4, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-681-6728

Business type: Park

13. Harry Rosen - Vancouver

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273 reviews
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Harry Rosen
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Address: 700 W Georgia St, Vancouver, BC V7Y 1E8, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 11:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-683-6861

Business type: Men's clothing store

14. Vancouver Aquarium - Vancouver

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7458 reviews
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Vancouver Aquarium
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Address: 845 Avison Way, Vancouver, BC V6G 3E2, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-659-3474

Business type: Aquarium

15. Nordstrom - Vancouver

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4617 reviews
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Address: 799 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V7Y 0A2, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 10:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-699-2100

Business type: Department store

16. lululemon - Vancouver

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403 reviews
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Address: 970 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2E7, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 10:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-681-3118

Business type: Sportswear store

17. Advantage Aluminum Products Ltd. - Richmond

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5 reviews
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Advantage Aluminum Products Ltd.
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Address: 14488 Knox Way #143, Richmond, BC V6V 2Z5, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 8:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-276-2323

Business type: Manufacturer

18. Tiffany & Co. - Vancouver

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213 reviews
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Tiffany & Co.
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Address: 723 Burrard St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2P1, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 10:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-630-1300

Business type: Jewelry store

19. Habitat for Humanity Enterprise ReStore - Burnaby

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187 reviews
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Habitat for Humanity Enterprise ReStore
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Address: 7977 Enterprise St, Burnaby, BC V5A 1V5, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-420-1618

Business type: Building materials store

20. Closets by Design - Vancouver - Port Coquitlam

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103 reviews
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Closets by Design - Vancouver
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Address: 1515 Broadway St Unit 700, Port Coquitlam, BC V3C 6M2, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 8:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-475-7200

Business type: Cabinet maker

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