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1. Vancouver Sewing Classes - Vancouver

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Vancouver Sewing Classes
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Address: 1229 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC V5V 3E2, Canada

Schedule: Open until 9:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-879-2100

Business type: Sewing company

Vancouver Sewing Classes: what do users think?
Kyle Archibald: If you're looking to learn how to sew, not make a reversible bag, not sit in a class with 10 people waiting for your turn to ask a question. Vancouver Sewing Classes is A+1 on 1 clearly communicated instruction, all the skills to sew literally anything & you leave with some pieces that you never thought you'd be sewing right out of the gate.I can't wait to go back and learn more
MIKAELA CRISOLOGO: Class was insightful, knowledgeable and on point on learning objectives. Entire atmosphere was laid-back and friendly; Chris and Stanley are great instructors.
Emeraude Bonard: I received a fine education in the precise-detailing of couture, and I am satisfied with the results as a debutante.
Ariel Pineda: It was a pleasure to meet Chris and Stan I learned sewing skills and knowledge of tailoring techniques. I told Chris I have zero experience on sewing. They taught me how to use sewing equipment and the understanding of garment construction and pattern making skills. I learned more than the basic on sewing, they taught me the sewing foundations. Chris and Stan are both amazing they are more than 5 stars to me. Thank you Chris and Stan I had a great time learning sewing.
Tone Batt: Stanley and Chris at VSC:Impeccable Service.Outstanding delivery of content.One on one teachings with gentle supervision.Much value for money.For the Novice, it is positivley challenging...for the knower, I suspect....priceless :)What a ride; for my ego, my boundaries, but most of all: my wish to make and create 3Wow you guys, you Rock !!!Thank you _/|_Tone
TJ .A: Vancouver sewing classes is a school with great knowledge. I’ve learned all the industrial sewing techniques that is required for the fashion industry. Great instructors one on one time to has a vision all learning experience.. highly recommend to anyone wanting to be a fashion designer.
Fereshteh Shojaei: I just had my first session with Chris today; I’m very satisfied with the choice I made coming to this class, they teach you everything you need to know and no wasting time, if you are looking to learn , this is definitely the right place. In just one session I learned so much( and keep in mind I took one of the basic courses yet it is just very complete ) They teach you each and every technique. I’m looking forward to learn more.
clarissa ty: I took the beginner sewing class with Chris and Stanley they were amazing. The program is very hands on and you learn how to do stitches, hems, zipper, pockets and many more! Honestly, I cant thank them enough on the things that I learned and I enjoyed every single class I had with both of them. They are very passionate, knowledgeable, friendly, patient and one of a kind! So, if you are interested to learn how to sew. Take one of the programs they offer and you will be surprised on the amount of knowledge and confidence you will get after the program.
Fiona Wong: I completed the Sewing Techniques Short Program and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to sew either professionally or as a hobby! I started with no experience and was provided with everything I needed – from a sewing machine, to materials/tools, and the bestest instructors in Stenly and Chris – to successfully complete 4 practice and 2 final garments. Stenly was my primary instructor and he was patient, personable and encouraging throughout. The program was a great experience!
Bhakti Purandare: I am an IT professional having a keen interest in the fashion industry. But I always wondered where and how I would start from to understand the potentials of my interest. I started with the basic Sewing classes at VSC and it turned out to be a great entry point because in 6 classes I made 4 samples along with 1 skirt and 1 shirt for myself. I will recommend VSC for many reasons like you get one-on-one training, you make 6 garments in 6 classes, there is flexibility in time, and last but not least my instructors Stanely and Chris. They both are very humble and perfectionists, they teach you professional skills for sewing garments.
Linda Santoso: I had a wonderful first class experience with Stanley and Chris. The class is 1 on 1 , so you get all the attention you need to improve on your weaknesses. I had zero experience in sewing and now at least i know a little bit about it. You get one sewing machine to start with the class so that you could practice at home, and that was also a plus++. In addition, I was pretty slow but they made sure I could still get my project done by adding extra classes. I am definitely looking forward to take next classes with them, can't wait to meet wonderful people like them!
Dami H: I had inherited an old sewing machine and wanted to learn how to use it properly. I searched for various sewing classes and stumbled upon Vancouver Sewing Classes. I was a bit overwhelmed and excited with the various classes VSC had to offer that I didn't know where to begin. So I called and talked to Chris. I explained to him what I wanted to learn and he recommended I take the Professional Sewing Techniques Short Program. This program consists of six 3 hours classes that focus on the basic sewing techniques such as stitches & hems, seams, pockets & invisible zippers, sleeve plackets, cuffs and collars, waistbands, buttonholes, buttons, and closures. As a bonus for signing up for this program, I received a brand new sewing machine in the first class and Chris went over every single component of the machine and taught me how to use it and maintain it for the homework assignments. Yes, there will be homework after every class. Don't fret, they are fun homework. You'll receive extra fabric to practice the skills you learned during class, which inturn will help you on your garment-making project. I completed two garments by the end of the program that covered every sewing technique taught. The best thing about it is you'll get to wear the garments! I had an amazing experience learning from both Chris and Stenly. They are patient, knowledgeable, and a trove of industry wisdom. You can ask them anything about the fashion industry and they will have an answer for you. If you are searching for a sewing class, program or just want to learn how to sew, give VSC a call and talk to Chris, he will guide you to your sewing journey. Forget about the one day workshop or group classes, at VSC you'll get one-on-one lessons from either Chris or Stenly and you will have an unbelievable time! This program was exactly what I was looking for and more. Thank you Chris and Stenly and I look forward taking more classes with both of you.
Patricia V: I have been sewing for most of my life, but never learned how to professionally craft clothing. I had tried taking college sewing programs in the past, but was always confused and did not learn the basic principles that I needed to succeed.Chris and Stenly were enthusiastic and kind from the moment I walked into my first class. Not only did I learn basic sewing techniques, I was able to bring in items that I wanted to create, and learn how to master them properly.Chris and Stenly’s enthusiasm and encouragement gave me the confidence and knowledge that I needed. I particularly found the one on one instruction worked well for me.The Vancouver sewing school is a very special place, where you will learn and be encouraged to succeed.I am already planning on signing up for another course. This is my new happy place. My only regret is that I didn’t study with them sooner.
Daryl C. Hyun: I had been wanting to learn sewing for several ideas I accumulated over time. When I tried to learn from makerspaces, but it was super hassle to sign up for a membership, and availability of classes is not good. Vancouver sewing classes runs like a studio where a student gets a full access to all kinds of machines and learning experiences. Very hands-on experiential learning with homework as well. Chris and Stanley are very kind and eager to share their skills, tips and knowhows. Also, the facility is very nice that a student gets to learn how to use industry sewing machine & steam iron, home sewing machine, serger, large table, etc. and complimentary snacks and water. My etude is on insta @guineapigmall :) Highly recommend to those who wanna learn sewing and making garment!!
Sanoe Lubensky: When I came across Chris and his sewing programs, I was immediately willing to try because of all the positive reviews. I’m happy to say that the reviews are no joke. After signing up for the short program, I was taught by two of the best sewing instructors, Chris and Stenly :) I learned so much from the short program in such an incredibly fast time, and I got to take home a new sewing machine. After completing the short program, I signed up for the womenswear long program, and it’s been the best decision ever; it is crazy (in a good way) how much I’m learning in each class. Chris is the best teacher; he is teaching me to be so detailed and precise with my sewing. I have gone from 0 knowledge of sewing to a very proficient sewer within just a few months. I’m also even more pleased because with the long program, I got to take home a new industrial sewing machine, a new full body-form, a serger, a cover stitcher, a factory grade ironing board, and a factory grade steam iron. Take home and keep :) The program is so helpful, and both Chris and Stenly are truly dedicated to helping their students be the best! And they have become lifelong friends. I have so many binders full of samples, so many sewing tools, and so much knowledge about fashion design. The program is truly 5 stars and better than anything you’ll be able to find anywhere. Thank you Chris and Stenly for being the best! :) I will truly miss going to class when my program is over.
Z Ali: Just completely “wowed” by my experience at VSC and with Chris and Stenly! You guys are absolutely amazing. Your passion for the craft comes through in your lessons. I searched for months before I found your school and I am so happy I did! The way you design your lessons and your teaching skills surpassed all my expectations! Thank you! Looking forward to taking more classes over the coming year.
chan mavis lok yiu: Its a incredible experience.They are both good teachers which really teach you useful sewing skills.They provide different programs and help with your assignments.Very patient and friendly,Best place ever
Z T: What on earth would possess someone to pay $1k for a short sewing program and drive over 1000km round trip (5 hours each way), PER CLASS, to do it? Well, we did it. Because this is a unique program. Nothing remotely close to this exists in our own region. Because the instructors are excellent. Because my teen took their portfolio home to my mom, who has been sewing for years, and she gasped because the quality was better than anything my mom could do. Because this has been the only time I can remember where my teen will actually sit and do something for 3 hours at a time, not only without complaining, but walking away from each session encouraged and inspired. Even when mistakes were made and things had to be redone.If you break the cost down per hour, it’s similar to the cost of group horseback riding lessons in the lower mainland. Only this experience is 1:1, they send you home with a sewing machine and supplies worth hundreds of dollars, and you have a very useful lifelong skill set. Once you master the basics you can customize the classes to your specific interests, too. For us, that means corsetry is next.We are temporarily recuperating from the frequent long distance drives and look forward to continuing. Thank you guys for such an awesome (and useful) experience! 🙏
Addie Tinholt: I took the 6 session intro to sewing classes and loved it. Very in-depth, but also understandable and easy to grasp. Chris and Stenly are great instructors, not only thorough, but patient and inspiring. I can’t wait for my next course with them.
Dexter Chaisson: Learning with Chris and Stanley was a great experience. All the programs are very hands on and you get working on a project right away. They have great knowledge of the industry and the 1 on 1 aspect makes it easy to learn. Definitely check them out!
Karen Russell-Barley: I just completed the beginner short sewing program and my sewing skills have improved greatly. I'm kicking myself for not taking this class years ago. Although I have been able to sew clothes for myself I have spent years avoiding anything difficult. I now feel more confident knowing I can sew in a precise manner. Chris and Stanley were a pleasure to learn from. I liked that Chris has been in the industry for years and is a wealth of knowledge. The classes were very organised, structured and professional. There was flexibility in the day and time I could take my classes and that worked well with my schedule.

2. La Movida Fashion Design Academy - Vancouver

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La Movida Fashion Design Academy
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Address: 3625 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6R 2B5, Canada

Schedule: Open until 5:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-559-9296

Business type: Fashion design school

La Movida Fashion Design Academy: what do users think?
Cupcake Baby: This was my daughter’s first sewing lesson. She enjoyed it so much. She loves it. Thanks 😊
Laura Elgie: I did the intro to sew course and it was so much fun!! I had no prior experience sewing and am a classic over thinker but it was really easy to follow and a really empowering experience. I will definitely be back to learn to sew more!
Courtenay Gee: My girlfriends and I went to La Movida for the tote bag workshop and we had the best time! The class size was small and our instructor Samantha was really attentive, patient and knowledgeable. There were nice fabric colours to choose from and our bags turned out really cute. I would recommend this studio to anyone wanting to learn how to sew.
Alexa Bevis: Such a fun beginners class. Will definitely be coming back for more!
Eamon Lefebvre: Well that was awesome. Great value, exceptional instruction, and I walked away with a high quality bag that I made myself. Highly recommend.
Angel C: I took the intro class for adults at La Movida Sewing and it was such an awesome experience. The instructors were very informative and engaging, and the instructions they provided were clear and precise. Our class made a tote bag that we got to bring home which is so beautiful. The fabrics they provided (which is included in the price of the class) was amazing, and the sewing machines were all in amazing working condition. I'd highly recommend them if you're looking to pursue a fun little hobby.
Ella LV: I recently had my birthday party at La Movida, and it was the best birthday party ever! Our instructor was Laurie, and she was hilarious, passionate, and an excellent teacher. Most of us were beginner sewers, and she made the process of learning to sew incredibly fun and simple. This was an unforgetable and creatively enriching party, and I can't recommend this studio enough. I plan on coming back to take adult sewing lessons very soon!
Lauren Wong: I took the Intro to Sew class for adults and it was a great experience! Fun, informative, and easier than I expected. And I got to completely make something of my own and take it home!
Nalie Nilson: They don’t have enough experience and knowledge! It’s a scam
Nil A: Was not happy taking class here, they do not have enough knowledge to teach you how to sew and create what you love!
Debby DeJager: My daughters' have both loved taking classes here! Oldest even had a Birthday party, but I really loved the opportunity that I had to book some sewing time for MYSELF. Staff here is so knowledgeable and I really enjoyed the chance to work from some vintage patterns!! What a wonderful space, and it feels so wonderful to just get lost doing something creative and have guidance for the bumpy parts. Great Space!
R “Bro's Sis' Bro” W: This a good place if you want to learn how to sew. Be prepared to have to pay hidden fees (they were listed but weren't obvious at all) and lots of money. We complained to the owner about not being upfront about the cost but in the end, it's all about making the extra money for them, I guess. Kind of sad.
Patrick Burns: Not a fountain of advice.
Ramen Noodles: Sets you up really well for a life skill that's quite underappreciated.
Maria Gruschzak: My 9 year old daughter LOVES this place. They have great instructors and she feels proud of what she has accomplished. We highly recommend!
Gayle N: I finally, happily, created something that doesn't look like I made it. Thank you, Laurie.
Elle R.: Lovely newly expanded sewing studio that runs fantastic programs for kids, as well as adult classes. Took part in a beginners sewing course for adults. The 3h Intro to Sewing is great both for beginners and people needing a refresher, and you get to make a sturdy and fashionable canvas bag to take home. The beginner’s class that follows is also great fun! The shop owner is an experienced self-taught sewing genius with great character, and she employs lovely school-taught young women to help her teach. Their classes are very reasonably priced and you can pick any material from their shop or bring your own to sew with.
Cheylene Rondpre: Amazing, I had such a great time at the classes and am an infinitely better sewing since. HIGHLY recommend.
Lori Bamber: My daughter and I had so much fun learning basic skills while sewing a very nice tote bag. Our instructor was an gifted teacher and laugh-out-loud funny. It made a great birthday gift/celebration.
Paige Roeske: Creative, Fun and Vibrant Fashion Studio - I am so thrilled to work with such a creative and innovative set of Fashion Designers at La Movida Studios. All the instructors are professional and genuinely love what they do. The recent Designer BootCamps allow students to develop and pursue a collection of 5 looks. This includes lessons on illustration, sewing and simple pattern drafting. This is a perfect edition to La Movida's current classes!
DJ RockStarGirl: I think la movida is the best class ever i had a few classes there i have done a button purse, pillow, tunic, dress, beanbag and s backpack i thought i would never be able to make any of these but laurie gave me a helping hand so i thank you laurie from you know who :)

3. Sheila Wong Fashion Design Studio Ltd - Vancouver

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Sheila Wong Fashion Design Studio Ltd
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Address: 1020 Mainland St #122, Vancouver, BC V6B 2T5, Canada

Schedule: Open until 6:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-685-8997

Business type: Fashion designer

Sheila Wong Fashion Design Studio Ltd: what do users think?
Kristena Goulding: Sheila is a wonderful instructor! She is so skilled at her craft, and is so patient and helpful. She is a total wealth of knowledge and deeply passionate, 5 stars for sure!
Raji S: Positive:Professionalism,Quality,Responsiveness,ValueSheila is the best!!
Karin Hatch: I have had the best experience learning the process and skills of the architecture of sewing. From pattern drafting to sizing and hand sewing, I am working to create from sketch to wearable clothing. Sheila meets you where you are and elevates your competency, correctly. I appreciate how she cuts through 'the noise' to provide the right learning environment for me to grow to an advanced level in an inspired personalized way.
Lauren B: I've been seeing Sheila for lessons over the past year and always have a great time in the studio. She is great leading the learning and design process and is always open to ideas and questions. I always love the conversation and her professional demeanour when communication via phone, email or in person. I'll be taking lessons here for a long time!
Eric Corbeil: Sheila and her staff are amazing, friendly, and incredibly skilled instructors. I have been attending classes for almost a year now and have enjoyed every moment! I would recommend her classes for anyone from inexperienced beginners to experienced designers/tailors looking for help and inspiration.
annabelle burridge: I have had lessons with sheila for coming up to three years on and off and it was one of the best decisions I could have made! She has such a lovely warm professional manner and her expertise with drafting and garment construction are incredible. Ive gained more skills from coming here than i ever could have hoped for. All of her employees are lovely and the space is great and in a convenient location ( during the pandemic ive also had some great virtual lessons) thank you for all your help sheila!
Anita Early: I have been taking sewing/drafting lessons with Sheila Wong since April 2018. The process began with me relearning "how to sew", after many years of being away from a sewing machine. I started out by constructing a very cute pink mini-skirt, and over the last 2 years I have blossomed into drafting clothing for myself and my daughter. Sheila has taught me so much over these 2 years....and I am so grateful. She's a very talented fashion designer with an exquisite eye for detail. She's organized, punctual, kind and a patient instructor. I admire her talent for her creative abilities as well as for her keen entrepreneurship.I always have fun with Sheila when I'm in her Yaletown night we even shared a glass of rose on a cold snowy December Friday. We laugh, chat and also work hard. She is generous with the use of her professional sergers, and other equipment/supplies in her studio.Being able to sew, design and work with fabric is very fulfuilling for me. Wearing the clothes I have made gives me a lot of joy, especially when someone asks me "where I bought it?".I recommend Sheila Wong Fashion Design Studio highly to anyone who has an inkling to get creative.
Trevor Dogwin: Sheila Wong is a great teacher and her studio space is exceptional. I have been taking one on one classes since June of 2020 each time building on practical applications of sewing, pattern drafting as well as understanding garment construction. One of the main reasons I was drawn to SWFDS is that she listened to what I wanted to accomplish -Once we got past some basics in sewing she tailored each lesson towards my goal.Another thing to point out, especially in the current environment, is that her studio is SPOTLESS and she takes great care in cleaning and disinfecting.With all that being said, I highly recommend Sheila Wong if you are interested in learning all things sewing.
Claire Newton: Sheila's sewing lessons have gone above and beyond what I expected! One of my dreams was to learn how to draft my own patterns but I have always been intimidated by the process. I feel so much more confident now. I love Sheila's teaching method, she gives detailed instructions (with handouts!), demos, and homework which keeps me motivated to continue sewing in between lessons. I can't recommend enough!
Vivian Lee: Sheila has a very efficient way of making sewing easy and fun, I have attended a full year at her studio, and I have learned a lot of skills and it has always been a very positive experience for me. Her studio is well-equipped, and well organized, the atmosphere is relaxing and full of energy. I highly recommend having a one on one lesson with her!
Barb Lawrie: I have been a student of Shelia's for over 3 years. She has advanced my skills considerably to the point that I am now able to design, draft and construct my own garments. She has the innate ability to know when to step in and help and when to step back. The studio is beautiful and well set up with everything you could need. The staff are incredibly supportive and Shelia is stellar in all ways. I strongly recommend them
Diane Haarstad: I have always wanted to design clothing and create my own patterns.Together Sheila and I have brought dozens of my designs to life. I thought I was an experienced seamstress but the techniques I have learned from Sheila has taken me to a new level. So now, not only can I create patterns, adjust and adapt commercial patterns but I am also a more efficient seamstress. I enjoy my craft more than ever. Sheila's studio is a magical place where my life long dream of being a designer has come true. If you are even mildly interested in clothing design I highly recommend you invest in lessons from Sheila and her amazing team.
Sujitha Shivajothi: Looking for a place to learn how to sew? Look no further than Sheila Wong Fashion and Design Studio! I have been taking lessons here for just over a year and the wealth of knowledge I have gained is priceless.I had the privilege of starting my journey with Deanna. Her soft and sweet demeanor makes her the perfect instructor to teach beginners. Deanna helped build my confidence behind the machine and her patience is unwavering.Sheila Wong is the heart and soul of the studio. My time with her has been the most lucrative learning experience of my life. Not only has she helped me advance my skills but she constantly encourages me to push further and try new things. Her teaching method is unparalleled. Sheila takes the time to understand your goals and caters the lessons to achieve this target. Her passion for what she does, transcends to all aspects of her teaching and her sense of humor is the most welcomed bonus!The studio, is beautifully equipped with everything your heart could desire. Sheila constantly has new and innovate tools to share with her clients to make the creations of their projects much more special.You will be hard pressed to find anything remotely as wonderful as Sheila Wong Fashion and Design Studio! Call now and try it out for yourself :)
Jason York (Jork21): Amazing studio space for sewing projects. Sheila is a super chill master of her craft, ask her anything, she knows everything. A bright and inviting space with skylights that also offers a small kitchenette to heat up food or make tea. Definitely go here.
Elias Toca: Great one on one sessions. You walk away with so much with each lesson you book. Great pacing of content and well educated staff. The one on one lessons and special attention they give you is undoubtedly one of the best.The space they moved into is huge! well lit and always a clean and safe environment. Hope to see this business grow even more.
damien mcclean: What a great experience with Sheila Wong. Her Passion for fashion & sewing really shines through in the way she teaches & speaks. Pride & passion are 2 important aspects when it comes to any business & she delivers both, meanwhile holding a fun, clean & professional environment.I would recommend her to anyone looking to build their knowledge with-in the industry either as a hobby or even if your looking to take it to the next level. Cheers!-Damien McClean
LZ Urnot: Sheila uses the class time very efficiently, trying to teach as much as she can. She has tricks to make sewing easier, and has a good sense of humour to make classes fun. In addition, she can give clients some advice for their business. Highly recommend.
Stephanie Ribeiro: I've been training under Sheila for almost 2 years now. She pays such close attention to detail, is a wealth of knowledge and super fun and professional to train with!I highly recommend beginners all the way to experienced students to train with Sheila.
Luke C: Sheila is great at what she does. Attentive to detail and knowledgeable. Highly recommend.
Judith Lei: As a costume designer, I was searching for someone who would be able to take my skills to the next level. My business consists of custom pieces that requires not only an enormous amount of time, but an extreme attention to detail. Sheila is able to break down even the most complicated projects to small, easy to digest pieces of information. I always leave her classes so happy, confident and excited. I would recommend her to everyone from beginners to professionals.
Deanna K: I have known Sheila for several years, and she continues to uphold top-notch teaching values all the while taking your goals and concerns into consideration. Not only can she teach you what you want to learn, but she makes it fun and gives you a personalized experience in her studio!

4. Spool of Thread - Vancouver

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98 reviews
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Spool of Thread
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Address: 649 E 15th Ave #101, Vancouver, BC V5T 2R6, Canada

Schedule: Open until 6:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-879-3031

Business type: Sewing shop

Spool of Thread: what do users think?
jennifer huxham: Beautiful store, awesome selection and super helpful staff :)
stephen olson: Pretty good and large space for moving around and viewing products.
Frank Branch: I needed a special cut of fabric I couldn’t do myself due to a disability. They were so helpful got exactly what I needed. Definitely coming here was worth the drive.
Ly Nguyen: Staff was not friendly or helpful when I called about an introductory sewing class. When I asked approximately how much the supplies would cost in addition to the class fee and instead of explaining the options they said they would only send me the list after I’ve put down the non-refundable deposit. I decided to go with The Stitchery Sewing Studio in Port Moody instead; they allow online booking and have a clear outline of the materials you’d need for their classes on their website (not to mention you also get a discount for buying in store materials). I get that they have to pay their instructors and the rates are fair for what you get but providing friendly customer service over the phone shouldn’t be all that hard.
Zachary Abbott: Cute, clean and very well stocked.Polite and helpful staff.Will be back for fabric FOR SURE !!!
Peter Freitas: Leigha was absolutely wonderful to get customer service from! She greeted us immediately upon entering and continued throughout our trip finding fabrics for 4 different projects. She was extraordinarily friendly the whole time! On top of the service the quality and variety of fabrics was great to see.
Cassandra Ma: Went into the store and didn’t find the staff to be very helpful or friendly. They have a great selection of prints but it’s pretty expensive and I saw the exact same fabric I bought off Etsy from a local seller for a higher price. I’m sure the cost of rent and owning a business contributes to the inflated price, I understand. What I mean to say is if they charge a higher price for a store front and customer service, it would be helpful for staff to be friendlier and available to help and not be brushed off or on their cell phones at the front desk.Cute fabrics and prints but I would rather support other small businesses like Twoonine or DailyLike on Etsy or Blackbird.
HR: Good selection of fabrics. Spacious layout. Mixed experiences with staff, however. There are sewing machines at the back of the shop where staff are usually sewing when I enter the store. If I go to the till to look for assistance, I wait for a while, but then I need to call and ask, hello who is working here? Some workers are kind and helpful, but about half the time I get grudging service.
Jenny Paddon: Such a beautiful store...the most gorgeous fabrics...beautifully presented...fabulous range of interesting patterns...a tranquil inspiring place of creativityParking space Plenty of parking Parking options Free street parking …More
Lucy F: I went there to pick up my order. When I walked in the door, I saw one staff was sitting there minding her own business. I greeted her and thanked her when I was telling her the reason of my visit, but she never greeted back accordingly except that she gave me my order. Then I browsed the store a bit, when I was leaving, I heard her passionately greeted to two Caucasian costumers at the door. I thought it’s her personality but it’s a discrimination instead. All I can say is I despise this type of behavior, shame on you.
Joel Reynolds: very cool store, and very helpful staff
Andrew Bryson: Went in looking for a particular thing. Turned out they didn't have it and the staff person suggested an alternative which I appreciated. Unfortunately, the alternative would not suit what I needed. I asked if they knew of any place that had what I was looking for as they clearly could not meet my need and I was quite surprised by the response. One counter person just said no outright. As we were walking out, the second staff person walked up to us and quietly suggested a store up the road. It was very obvious that she didn't feel comfortable sharing an alternative store. If it is clear that the store has no way to fill my need, what is the issue recommending an alternative place?
Chanh Houang: Knowledgeable staff, beautiful selection of fabrics.
Danni: Great prices, lots of fun and cute prints. I placed an order for fabrics after their hours, my order was processed and ready for pickup the next day, when i went i saw this cute cat sewing box. The staff was also friendly
Mark Trischuk: Way better than Michael's for sewing supplies
Maya Credico: Great shop! Amazing selection. I Came in and knew exactly what I wanted, and they were a great help with me finding my supplies. I purchased the Florence dress pattern by merchant and mills.Thank you spool of thread!
Romy Zaidel: Staff are not very friendly. I walked in with my child who was behaving themself and they were pretty snotty. I've been in many times alone and I've never had a problem. There are other much better sewing shops to go to in the city.
Rosemary Lynch: Super nice fabrics , but unfortunately the worst service ever! I am a beginner and simply asked if I was getting enough fabric ? The gal passed me a ruler and walked off . Turns out I got all the way back to Whistler only to find out I did not , so disappointed
Lucia: Great variety of beautiful fabrics, and helpful staff! Would definitely recommend if you are looking for unique and interesting patterns
Kati Rodzon: Fun store with great fabric. Staff is helpful
M C: Really making an effort to shop local and avoid giving my money to big box stores/amazon, so i would have been really happy to buy from spool of thread. However, when I went in and asked for organic fabric for a baby project, the staff very unwillingly showed me some holiday prints (the only organic fabric they have apparently), and were in general pretty uncommunicative and unhelpful. I asked what other fabric they might recommend for a project for a baby and they said "we dont have any fabric for baby stuff specifically" and acted like it was a strange/annoying request. You're telling me no one comes in here looking to make baby gifts? Zero suggestions, no help beyond the bare minimum of what I specifically asked for. Enthusiasm and customer service are things people shop at small businesses for.The store is lovely inside, a really nice space. But the cold maybe snobby service? No thanks. I biked all the way over ready to spend my money, and I left empty handed.

5. The Cut Fashion Design Academy - Vancouver

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The Cut Fashion Design Academy
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Address: 1888 W 1st Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 1G5, Canada

Schedule: Open until 8:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-736-0897

Business type: Fashion design school

The Cut Fashion Design Academy: what do users think?
Nelson Dominguez: I am delighted to share my experience with The Cut Fashion Design Academy, which I have been attending as a mature student. I decided to switch careers, and this school has been an incredible support throughout my journey.The small group classes have been a game-changer for me. I have received individual attention and guidance from unique and talented teachers. The teachers have not only helped me develop my skills but have also been very supportive of my needs.The school has provided a conducive learning environment that has helped me grow and thrive. The curriculum has been well-structured, and I have learned so much from the program. The hands-on approach has allowed me to apply my knowledge and skills in actual practice, and I have already seen improvements in my understanding and reasoning to solve problems.I highly recommend this school to anyone looking to pursue a career in fashion. The staff and teachers are incredibly supportive, and the small group classes offer a unique learning experience that is hard to find elsewhere. I am truly grateful for this opportunity and look forward to continuing my journey with TFDA.
Star Quinn: Launch Your Line has been a great experience. I wasn't sure if I wanted to move forward with my brand but thank to Liza Deyrmenjian I am confident I will be successful.
Heather Ho: I'm taking the Fashion Design diploma course here. All the lessons are well-planned. The instructors are patient, knowledgeable and provide invaluable insider experience of the fashion industry. All the staff and students here are so kind and helpful. I would highly recommend The Cut to all those who are interested in fashion!
Julie and Andrew Crawley: This was the only school that had the 3D classes that I was looking for. Everyone from the administration, to the staff to the professors were so accommodating and knowledgeable. I always felt as though someone had my back. I am so glad I signed up as a student and am looking forward to taking more classes.
Kevin: I reached out to Liza to help me get my new golf shirt company off the ground. She has helped so much from the manufacturing off my product to new ideas and pointed me in the right direction so my company could stand a chance . She is amazing to deal with and has so much experience in her field. I am so grateful to have found her to show me the way.
Crystal B.: My teen daughter attended the week-long summer camp at The Cut & had the best experience. She learned so much in that short time, and left very inspired to continue on the creative path of fashion design. Highly recommend!
Maneh Madoyan: I took an online summer 2 week intensive and it was great! The instructor was very helpful and nice, as well as the work was not too hard or pressuring. Very informative class and highly recommend.
Ken Werner: A great, creatively inspiring school! I loved my classes here and look forward to taking more. Teachers were all very helpful and the location is perfect for my hectic schedule.Thanks again!
Roar 86: Is this good for international students who want to come on study visa ?
Sabina K: Liza has a tremendous wealth of industry knowledge and a gift for sharing her know-how in a clear, direct, and relatable way. The 6-week Launch Your Line course is the perfect launch-pad for anyone looking to start their fashion line. Liza covered all key aspects of the biz, shared industry tips, offered personalized feedback, and provided plenty of opportunities to ask questions. I thoroughly enjoyed, and greatly benefitted from taking the class!
Saito Daniel: Fantastic experience with lots of gain knowledge.I recommend it to everyone!Liza has plenty experience and provides useful tips.Fantástico, Muito conhecimento e muita atenção.Recomendo a todos.Liza tem uma vasta experiência e muitas dicas.
Randa Salloum: I learned many useful skills from the beginner's sewing class. I feel empowered to fix my own garments and look forward to taking their intermediate class.
Sergine Zougbédé: I love the Cut!I took the Pattern Making and Assembling Technique certificate and learned so much! Intensive but I found exactly what I was looking for : a short, high-quality training that would give me industry-level pattern making skills. I am so happy with what I have learned.The teachers Joana and Chay are absolutely amazing! A lot of experience, supportive, but also they push you to give the best of yourself. The small class size allowed to have an almost one-on-one training. The staff there is also super nice and great! Great memories and connection with my classmates. I loved coming to the school and meet my school family :))Liza, the owner and dean of the school, is wonderful! She brings you amazing job opportunities and connections. She is always looking to connect you with people in the industry. I am so grateful!
Prathibha Nair: I got an opportunity to take up 2 full time courses at The Cut. The 14 weeks courses are perfectly designed to get the candidates prepared for the industry. We had a small class size which meant personalised attention to each student. I was mentored by Liza, Jason and Joanna, who are some of the most knowledgeable people in the industry. We also got a chance to exhibit our capsule collection at the end of the course which gave the confidence to step into the Vancouver fashion scene. Liza, the Dean at The Cut also greatly helped in finding placements after completion of the course.I would strongly recommend The Cut to anyone who wants to learn from the best!
Layne Thullner: When I first applied to The Cut I had minimal drawing skills but a real passion for design. I took the fashion illustration course hoping to understand more about the design industry and learn useful illustration skills… turns out that’s exactly what I got out of the course and more. Both of my instructors (Jason & Kelsey) were very well experienced in design as well as being understanding and patient when teaching new students. The environment in person at The Cut is very friendly for both new and experienced students. The staff is very encouraging and nice, while remaining professional and driven to get the best out of you. I never thought I’d be able to draw like I can now after taking the fashion illustration course at the cut. I definitely recommend The Cut to anyone wanting to get a start in the design industry.Liza is also very helpful and kind with her advice from her experience in the industry.
Jennifer Thompson: Get specific knowledge without an entire degree. This is huge for self taught creatives. Took the 2 week pattern making intensive and loved it! Small intimate class size. Teacher was patient, easy going and relaxed. I already had taught myself basic pattern making but was still intimidated and found pattern making a chore. This class was exactly what I needed to fill out my knowledge gaps and get comfortable with pattern making. We completed so many drafts within the 2 weeks and now when I make patterns at home, I am confident and actually enjoy it. Travelled from Texas to take the class and had so much fun exploring Vancouver and Canada for the first time. Definitely would take another course in the future.
Clair McLaughlin: I have thoroughly enjoyed my courses at the Cut, so much so that I now have an amazing new career path!
Toza Weave: Wonderful school! I enjoyed every minute and learned so much as classes are small and it feels like private lessons..Teacher always had time to repeat and explain anything we need. it felt like a little family! Thank you everyone!❤️
Cara Sumpton: We love The Cut! My business Apparelmark has hired grads from Liza's programs and we couldn't be more happy with her recommendations for future talent! The school will give you a full picture of what it's like working in the industry, and not only that, she will help you with next steps after, from finding employment opportunities to starting your own label. It just might change your life! 🙌🙌🙌♥️♥️♥️
Cutting Room Patterns: I took the Technical Pattern Making and Gerber Accumark Certificate programs at The Cut and would suggest this school to anyone wishing to improve their skills in fashion design and development. The school offers a wide range of options from beginner courses to advanced courses. I was able to get a job at The Cutting Room as a pattern maker through the school and am now able to apply the skills I learned there. Would definitely recommend! Very professional and wonderful teachers and staff!
Tee Kay: Admissions staff helpful, kind and great communications. Looking forward to in studio classes in January 2022.

6. Made By Me - North Vancouver City

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Made By Me
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Address: 949 3rd St W #108, North Vancouver, BC V7P 3P7, Canada

Schedule: Open until 5:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-971-0940

Business type: Sewing company

Made By Me: what do users think?
Jennifer Lee: The instructor Christine was very helpful. My aunt and I made pillows (because we're beginners). The fabrics in the store are gorgeous ~ You could see how beautiful they are in the photos.
Helen Lee: It was a very nice environment. The instructor was kind and helpful. I made a pillow case, and had a good time. I recommend this place for anyone that likes to sew.
Rita Hernandez: This place is such a jewel in the North Shore!!! The facilities, the service and the staff are really amazing. My daughter has been attending the classes for 3 years and she has learned so much in a fun, respectful and safe environment.
isla b: I have been going to this sewing studio for at least three years now, and have loved every second! I've made things I could never find the time to do outside of this wonderful place. I'm filled wth pride every time someone asks me where I got my clothes and I can say "I made it!" Christine is so kind and patient and she deserves to be celebrated for the safe and creative environment she has provided for so many people.
Poppy: Such an amazing place. It’s a fun, supportive environment where the kids learn a great life skill. My daughter is hooked. She’d spent all her free time there if she could. It’s so great to see how proud they are of their creations.
Sharon Agar: This was my daughter's first experience with sewing and I am amazed by what she has created! Christine is an excellent teacher. We will be signing up again!
Janice Agar: Christine is an excellent teacher, and my daughter has learned a lot about fitting and sewing with commercial patterns.

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