Best Eclampsia Specialists Vancouver Near Me

1. BC Women’s Hospital - Vancouver

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BC Women’s Hospital
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Address: 4500 Oak St, Vancouver, BC V6H 3N1, Canada

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7AM Mon

Telephone: +1 604-875-2424

Business type: Women's health clinic

BC Women’s Hospital: what do users think?
Paayge Antivist: Thank you to the lovely staff who helped me during my stay. 💖 my family is so grateful
Steve Kasica: Both of our kids were delivered here, 10/10 would recommend again.
Bonkowskiart: The staff are excellent and most of the facility seems nice but SWEET BABY MOSES! The arbutus wing is trash. 3rd world hospital conditions. Apparently at this hospital 70 % of births here are done by c-section those who endure that hardship go to a recovery ward in the tiniest rooms all ghetto trashed with violent toilets. New father's like me have to sleep on the floor and some of the rooms have windows into hallways?? Please rebuild this wing.
Samantha McIntosh: I had a procedure done here recently and the staff in the surgical unit were amazing. I was an anxious mess and they were all so friendly and made me feel so at ease. I’ve never seen a group of staff so calm that treat you like a human and not just a patient they need to get in and out. They also made sure I had the right next steps and medications I needed to be as pain-free as possible. I have absolutely zero complaints.
Gabrielle Cholette: The nursing staff is incredibly supportive and attentive. They were kind and informative. The Dr. was effective and very good at his job but a little bit cold. Overall, would highly recommend this clinic to other women.
mafe garmon: Kind Emergency staff , doctor, nurses and triage. Thanks
Obie O: Weird vibe
OneFiveThreeSixTwoFour VR6: Wonderful place to give birth however I've had 2 bad experiences during my first and third birth. I don't want to sound sexist but the first lady who was trying to give me an epidural in 2008, told me to sit still and shut up or she wont be able to give the epidural.. I was shaking in fear as it was my first birth at just 20 years old... the nurse handling my premature baby was very rough... very bad experience. 3rd birth in 2020, the doctor on call which was also a woman, wasn't compassionate at all. She was annoyed... and told me to go home as there was nothing she could do. I had an emergency c section 2 days later...... 1st lady was blonde, nurse was east Indian and the last was Chinese... I never liked Chinese doctors. No compassion or any bedside manners. (I am Chinese so I'm very aware of how our culture is despite what white people say)Anyways, I've held in my experience long enough and I feel much better.
Sergei Lenkov: I would say first that all the nurses and doctors were very professional and caring and this is the most important thing you are looking for when you and your partner are about to have a baby. Special thanks to nurse Ling for detailed explanation on how to properly do the breastfeeding to my wife! They also gave us an extra day to stay for my wife to recover from unplanned urgent surgery - made a difference. She was also provided with food and all necessities for her and our baby.The building itself is in good condition, all the equipment was modern and had everything that might be needed. You can also buy a meal and/or coffee at the cafeteria or buffet if you're hungry.The minor things to improve are a lack of place to sleep for father in the room (had to sleep on mattress on the floor - although I did not care after 24 hours of no sleep), waiting for anesthesia an hour extra cause anesthesiologists were busy and waiting for urgent surgery cause there was another more serious surgery going on (still my wife was constantly checked on her condition)...But all in all, everything went good and our experience was very positive and I would recommend the place for meeting with your baby!
marcos almeida: My wife arrived at the hospital pregnant (8 weeks), bleeding, and they told us there was no available ultrasound. Guess what? The doctor said:” the ultrasound team will call you through the next week and book a day for you to take the ultrasound.” This is unbelievable and unacceptable! Because she was bleeding on the weekend, we must wait until Monday. I’m wondering how this place which called itself a woman hospital, does not have an ultrasound for pregnant available for emergencies? It's reasonable and more than necessary an improvement for them.
Jasmine Carlson: I had day surgery today and every single staff member that I interacted with were so so lovely. I have never had such a calm time at the hospital, everyone really helped me not feel anxious in the slightest even having an IV in which is a huge phobia of mine went smoothly and didn’t cause me anxiety like it usually does. There was even a dog that came to say hi beforehand which was so great for calming any anxiety I was having. I had anxiety when I got to the hospital but by the time I went into the OR all of that anxiety was completely gone. 10/10 staff ☺️
Marcia Matchett: The best I have ever been treated and I finally feel Amazing after years of struggling.
Deniz Soykurum Çetin: I have had mammograms and biopsies at this hospital. The doctors, operators, nurses, and anyone working here is lovely and caring. They explain everything, they make you comfortable. Best care. Always grateful.
Gail Latowski: If you are just getting a Covid test and not pregnant or you don’t work in health care don’t go to this clinic. They will send you to 1290 Homer St. and now you have to pay for the test- $45. or $65. depending on what you are getting.
Megan: We received OUTSTANDING care, attention and guidance throughout the delivery of our first baby at BC Women's Hospital. Thank you to Dr. Rosengarten, Dr. Wong and all the maternity nurses and support staff. Absolutely fantastic health care teams at this hospital!
Enzo Guo: Great Doctors and Nurses, but the tiny parking stall is annoying, almost guaranteed door ding. I got a Tesla and I can tell people are being very careful but however I still got door ding on both side.
David Howell: I just wish I could give BC Women's Hospital 10/5 stars. The staff were down right incredible for the birth of our first child. Can't imagine that experience without them.
RobJamie Lee: We had an AMAZING experience delivering at BC Women's. This was our 2nd child but first time delivering at BCW. EVERY nurse we worked with were pleasant and professional. Everything was organized and we felt were were under the best care possible. We were also pleasantly surprised how good of the food was and how we get to pick what we'd like. We are so grateful to have the opportunity to stay at BCW this time. THANK YOU BC Women's and the entire team we are so grateful for you.
Kevin Cooper: My wife had 3 beautiful and healthy babies here and our experiences were absolutely wonderful and perfect. Especially considering babies 2 and 3 were twins! (Thank you, Dr. Blumenthal). Thumbs up!
Muffet: born here
Kim J: Please investigate well enough for the case, recent accident, the loss of 2 persons, a mom and baby.

2. PCRM Fertility Clinic - Vancouver

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PCRM Fertility Clinic
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Address: 507 W Broadway #330, Vancouver, BC V5Z 1E6, Canada

Schedule: Open until 4:30 PM

Telephone: +1 604-422-7276

Business type: Fertility clinic

3. Electra Health - Vancouver

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Electra Health
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Address: 970 Burrard St MZ1, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2R4, Canada

Schedule: Open until 8:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-685-4325

Business type: Chiropractor

Electra Health: what do users think?
isaac oommen: Top class place - I've had two massage therapists here, and both are excellent. They even helped me when I showed up a week early by accident. Great service, wonderful front office staff and stellar practitioners.
Ludmilla Ferreira: Excellent Physio clinic! I highly recommend Joe as a Physiotherapist from Electra health. He has a lot of experience and offers great hands-on manipulation and IMS treatments to treat a variety of soft tissue injuries.
Jason Bonett: I was there to conduct business and there was a Fake lips female at reception with another shubby Caucasian female who kept rolling their eyes and giving me attitude for no reason. They were Gossiping about the clients once they went in very unprofessional i will be posting a short video i took on social media so people can know how they behave behind their backs
Hillary Tufford: I was in Vancouver for a few months for a work contract and regularly saw Cole Majoros for massage therapy. Cole is a wonderful, fun, and warm person and he is also hands down the best massage therapist I've ever been to! As a professional singer/performer it is really important for me to find as much physical balance and freedom as possible. Cole helped me release a lot of physical tension, which ultimately allowed me to find a better postural alignment, more freedom in my movement, and more vocal resonance. Cole also gave me fantastic home care suggestions to compliment and maintain the treatment results. Cole's treatments are more on the intense side of the pressure scale, but he is very sensitive and responsive to what one needs. I can't recommend enough!Thank you so much for all of the laughs and chats Cole, and of course for the great treatments too!
Leonora Gaylor: Amazing session with Dylan. Looking forward to the nxt. Leonora
Mac B: spotless rooms! very friendly staff! definitely will be back!!
Paz del Olmo: I have been desperately in pain with sciatica. The summary: I walked in like a robot and walked out like a person! Amber's work was spectacular, she explained everything and recommended exercises for home.
K Y: Wendy and Stephen are amazing! Thank you both for being such great RMTs
S M: Dylan is a great kinesiologist to see for active rehab. I have a-lower pain on my back and neck pain that I’ve been dealing with for a long time.I’ve seen Dylan over a year now and he is really gentle and doesn’t push me too hard. He also gives me some homework exercise to do at home and the pain is getting better slowly now. He gives me a hope that my body actually might go back to normal in near future. I was covered by ICBC.I also see Doina and Eliza for massage , Elena for acupuncture. They are also great!
A V: I have a problem with grinding my teeth and upper shoulder/right trap pain and went to electra for treatment for these problems. Ive been seeing Rudy for acupuncture for the muscle pain. I felt instant relief after one session, he is incredible, it was like I never had the pain in the first place. I also see Thibault for osteopathy and he has been amazing with posture related approaches to reduce tension I have never considered before. Everyone at Electra down to the reception staff is very kind, on point, and the treatment they provide can’t be better. Thank you!
Sean N: If you’re looking for a physiotherapist with a focus on running, Chris is great
Ive's Fotos: Absolutely love this place. Excellent practitioners. The owner has done a great job developing the culture here. I've been going to Electra Health for 10+ years. Reception staff and extremely efficient and personable. It's the kind of place where you'd want to work. 💕
Rach: Have had a very positive experience with Electra and have enjoyed all of the staff I have worked with over my time in the PAARRC program. Thanks guys!
Jake Fraser: Ive been meeting with Dylan for kinesiology and Gabe for Physio for the past 6 months recovering from a car accident. Tremendous improvement thanks to Dylan. and Gabe im not great with doing the exercises on my own having Dylans help has been tremendously motivating and Gabe has been instrumental in diagnosing the crazy brain damage eye damage all the musculature tears etc and developing an appropriate doable recovery plani have been to other therapists and clinics like canadian brain performance trying to find a workable recovery plan. all terrible in comparisonthis team has been incredible, besides the therapy behind the scenes making sure i had notifications so i would remember to show up that is a huge deal with brain damage, dealing with icbc in such a way i didn't even know they were looking after the funding aspects that icbc makes nearly impossible for most people on their ownYay Dylan Yay Gabriel Yay electra health!Yay being able to take the meetings via video /telehealth !!! i wouldn't have been able to do any of the sessions without itthank you All!!!
Huna Yoo: I highly recommend RMT with Hailey Rho.I thought generally RMT is not worth it and not the most effective treatment due to my past experience that I've been disappointed for every time until I got Hailey's treatment. Her skill is completely different than other RMT. I will be certainly coming back.
Melissa Mewdell: I recently booked a few appointments with Harsh (RMT) to tackle a recurring issue I have with pain in my right arm. He was super quick at identifying the underlying cause (actually originating from a pesky muscle near / under my collar bone), and got right to work. I felt 80% better after appointment 1, and 100% better after appointment 2. Harsh is a personable practitioner who really knows his stuff. He's an excellent RMT, who can work on anyone...but I was delighted to learn that one of his areas of expertise is seniors' massage, which is a whole other set of skills. I'll be booking him next time for sure. Electra Health: you guys rock because you've got great, talented folks working for you.
Ahmad El Nakhala: Awesome work by Hailey. She got a muscle which I never even knew existed..which was the root of my pain. Had this issue for 3 years and no one has done it like her. I highly recommend Hailey, she’s amazing at what she does
Yvette shen: Sica is amazing - her technique is so soothing, and so much fun too! I feel so relaxed and she is such a lovely person - i feel 100% times better - Yvette hoping to see her soon. And the clinic is great - super clean and parking nearby , very soothing experience overall!
Rosslynd G: I swear Janet is a miracle worker, my back hasn’t felt this good in years. I’ve had chronic back pain ever since I was a teen and I’m honestly in disbelief how relaxed and light weight my body feels. Also, really appreciated that she walked me through the steps of the massage and what factors were impacting the pain I’ve been having and gave me advice on exercises I can practice at home. I can’t recommend her enough! :)
Nicola Lim: I’ve been coming here for active rehab as well as massage therapy for the last couple months and I highly recommend Hailey as an RMT as well as Dylan as a Kinesiologist! They both do an amazing job!
Gal N: Excellent place with good professionals. The receptionists are charming and efficient. I highly recommend about acupuncture with Rudy. I came to the clinic because of bells polsy and within a month and a half my face was back to normal. I also had two sessions with the physiotherapist Simina and she was also great. I highly recommend the place.

4. BodaHealth Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine - Vancouver

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36 reviews
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BodaHealth Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine
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Address: 1245 W Broadway #302, Vancouver, BC V6H 1G7, Canada

Schedule: Open until 9:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-733-2632

Business type: Acupuncture clinic

BodaHealth Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine: what do users think?
Anna Chen: This clinic is fantastic. After Arica cupped me, I felt my back warming up quickly. In addition to that, she also unblocked my back meridians and her tuning fork was very interesting. Arica was really enthusiastic and knowledgeable and taught me some TCM tips that were very helpful. Jeda is also very nice and professional. This the clinic will change its name to Friday Clinic and all the staff are still here.
Daisy: Yuan cares about her patient and it comes from her heart. My body feels much better after Yuan's treatments and she always made me feel relaxed and welcomed.
Olive Wu: The clinic is clean and neat but massage was disappointing
Precha Mok: I’ve been seeing Jeda throughout my pregnancy for acupuncture and herbs, and it’s been great. She’s very knowledgeable and caring, and always makes sure I’m comfortable with the positioning of my belly and what not. Before this I had never tried acupuncture before but I believe it’s helped with many aspects of pregnancy, and I’ll continue with her and I’m sure it will assist me in having smooth natural birth as well.
Rebekah Waite: This clinic is so lovely. From the moment I entered the office, I felt at ease. The office staff are all kind, compassionate, and discreet. I saw Emily for fertility support, and I feel that I gained both a provider and a friend. Emily cares about my whole self, not just my reproductive system or my water intake. It is obvious that Emily is passionate about her clients and her work, and I benefitted greatly from her passion and care.
Leela Holt: I don't think I could think any more highly of Arica Zhong. She has helped me through a very difficult injury, going above and beyond every time. I recommend her to everyone I know because I really think she is the best health practitioner I have ever been to (and that includes doctors, physios, etc.) I will never go to any other acupuncturist now that I have found her!
Zhenni Wu: I like Dr. Arica Zhong's energy!! Also, She integrated aromatherapy, magic tuning forks in acupuncture treatment, very unique style. I felt super relax and being supported even after the treatment. Great experience!
chris yang: Really love this place. The whole team is so keen on helping you
Eva Li: Arica Zhong and her team are great. She gave me accurate evaluation, and the treatment was amazing. As I accumulated so much stress from work and life, I finally can feel much lighter after the treatment. Will definitely come back.
Johann Russell: I am so impressed with Boda Health and Dr. Boughton. Her clinic is professional and well managed with on-time appointments; she has created a welcoming environment that is super clean with great clinic protocols. Dr. Boughton is a masterful healer, she takes great care in understanding what the health concern is, treats accordingly and I found relief immediately. I truly appreciate her care with acupuncture, cupping and appropriate herbs; plus the comforting ease of her style with extra measures like a call button. I highly recommend her and her team and am confident that you will feel better in a comforting, safe space that is designed for healing.
Kirstin Richter: I have been seeing Dr. Boughton for over 15 years and cannot recommend her and BodaHealth highly enough! The level of care, expertise and professionalism at the clinic is topnotch. The beautiful view from the treatment rooms is an added bonus.
Salma Jamal: There are some people in this world who are natural healers. They have this energy that is really unique and calming, and other people gravitate toward them. Dr Boughton is one of those people. I have seen her for a couple of years now; she is exceptionally skilled. I recently suffered an injury and she was able to diagnose it immediately. I had a combination of LLLT and acupuncture and walked out of her clinic with a substantial reduction in my pain levels. I honestly could not believe it myself. I am definitely a "need to see it to believe it" type and she never ceases to further my trust in the alternative medicines she provides. Rest assured, if you see her, you will be in the hands of a true healer. I also appreciate that she suggests what she thinks is the right course of action, but she always, always, asks your permission to move forward with that plan.
Var dh: I am so thankful I’ve found Yuan Li, the gifted therapist, who uses care and compassion in her practice. She has the uncanny ability to find those knots and sticky spots quickly, and she works gently, with focus and intention to get my body back to balance.Yuan is absolutely terrific.She is such a kind and warm person, she always makes you feel right at home when you come over. The kind of empathy she exhibits makes me feel like I'm visiting an old friend. Her treatment is at par with any experienced RMT. She helps with stretching techniques and ensures that I follow it regularly, special kudos to Yuan Li
Kaitlin Straker: Boda Health is absolutely fantastic. Dr. Boughton changed my life and the way my body was reacting to multiple issues. She is fantastic for women's health, and I believe was instrumental in helping me to get and stay pregnant. She also worked her magic on me before I was due and kickstarted my labour! She is gentle, knows her TCM, and helped me greatly with hip flexor and back pain. Except the herbs, those are horrid. I mean, they work like she said they would--but still horrific. THANK YOU Jeda! You guys rock!
Graphic Society: I swear by trigger point injection and my doctor's office is closed on the weekends so I went to Bodahealth. The 45min radiation did absolutely nothing. After 5 min trigger point injection by the end of the day you feel half of the pain is gone.
Marc Harutunyan: Lynn Rhealth really helped my back, she is amazing! I highly recommend her. Place is nice and clean and rooms have a great view.
Krista M: I have been going to Dr. Broughton for Fertiltity Acupuncture for about two years. I have always had the best care and sessions with her. If you are looking for a new acupuncturist. I highly recommend checking out Boda Health.
Marica Krikler: Boda Health has a great atmosphere, calming energy and the staff are always kind and helpful. I've been seeing Emily Lewis for the past few years and she is fantastic. She cares deeply about her patients, makes you feel at ease, and listens to your concerns each time.I feel serene during my treatments; I often doze off or meditate, leaving me calmer and less anxious. The combination of needles and cupping releases lots of tension from my body, making it easier for me to be more productive - and it definitely helps me sleep better at night! If you're looking a place to go for acupuncture, Boda is the place to be.
Meghan Watchorn: I have been going to Emily Lewis at Boda for the past six years. Boda is a place for healing, rest and is filled with caring, friendly folks that make you feel generally welcome and at ease. The rooms are comfortable, the views make it feel less clinical and what happens during a session is unreal.Emily Lewis, bar-none, is the kindest practitioner I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She deeply cares about the health and well-being of her clients. When you go into a session, you have a brief chat, and then you are made to feel comfortable as Emily pokes (not painful) and lets you chill. She makes you feel safe and at ease, and I just totally zen out. I often meditate; depending on the week that I have, I usually have a power nap. Depending on the session, sometimes emotions come up. Still, often I feel like my body transforms into the ocean, and I feel waves (sometimes shallow/occasionally large) sometimes crash over the top of me.By the end of the session, my brain is calm, my body is chill, and I am so thankful for the experience. Sometimes, I feel energized; other times, I need to rest and repair. I would highly recommend Emily, and Boda to anyone. Whether you think you are feeling burnt out, suffering from a broken heart, or mental health, I would highly recommend adding Boda into your path to well-being.
Tee Tam: I have been seeing Emily Lewis for just under six months. In that time, my life has changed immensely. Emily is so kind, caring and knowledgable. Her care is unrushed, professional and always welcoming. I feel as though I'm going in to see a long lost friend every time. The treatments have helped with my mood, the anxiety I have and my overall health. I only wish I had started seeing her sooner. I am so blessed to have found this amazing practitioner. Thank you Emily!
Neil Halson: Wow! The team here really know the body and how they can help ease stresses, anxiety to bloated bellies!! I’ve only had treatments from the awesome Jennifer however the team have all been very personable when I have dealt with them.100% recommended, which I already have to colleagues! Thank you team Bodahealth

5. South Vancouver Physiotherapy Clinic - Richmond

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140 reviews
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South Vancouver Physiotherapy Clinic
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Address: 350 SE Marine Dr Unit 10, Vancouver, BC V5X 2S5, Canada

Schedule: Open until 8:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-282-7110

Business type: Physical therapist

South Vancouver Physiotherapy Clinic: what do users think?
표우중: More of a psychological help rather than actually pain reduction
Maged Aziz: It was a great time with Doctor Ronak Kapadia (Physiotherapy)
MITESH DODIA: I was training for 21km Half Marathon from past 3 months and just 3 weeks before Marathon I got an IT band syndrome on my right leg. I visited a Physio in Kitslano but other than talking and apply band aid he did nothing and I tried running after the visit, I could barely run for 2kms. Then I fortunately came across Dr. Ronak Kapadia and looking at the symptoms he immediately suggested a treatment. I was able to run 6km after the 1 session and he recommended 3 sessions overall. I was then feeling confident about my half Marthon as I was almost about to give up. Dr. Ronak Kapadia is very knowledgable, friendly and professional physiotherapist. He is very kind and down to earth person. I would definitely recommend him as he's one of the best physio in my experience. Finally, because of Ronak, I was able to run and complete 21Km :) A big THANK YOU to Dr. Ronak !!
Jiemha Chow: Parmeet was great. She helped me with my ongoing issues with my left shoulder. I felt better with only 3 treatment.
Aisha Zerbo: This is a lovely establishment! The staff is so friendly and easy to talk to. Would recommend to any one and everyone! Parneet is especially a wonderful physiotherapist and I have grown so fond of her
Tara R.: My sessions with Trevor were very effective in helping my elbow heal. He is very knowledgable, open minded and has a very kind presence. I highly recommend him.
Nonito Divino: Joey, RMT. He’s so good. 1st time to Joey and he did an exceptional service. Knows what to do and he perform his duty based on your needs. My new RMT.. thanks…
Hernandez Senor: Love it, Amazing sessions very chill.🤠
Shenna Cazenas: I go to this clinic regularly and everyone is very nice and professional. Jonathan and Harman helped me with my back and neck pains after my accident. They are consistent with following up as well with the treatments and the exercises. I would highly recommend them to everyone.
Saubhagya Raizada: My friend was speaking highly of Joey (RMT) and recommended me to see him for my trigger points on the upper back! As soon as the session started he was very methodical and knowledgeable of how to approach these points. He did not just increase my mobility substantially he even recommended daily good practices.I highly recommend Joey!
Shelda Pedro: I have tight muscles on my neck , shoulder and lower back. Joey did a good job!I highly recommend him.
no one: Been going to Joey. He’s very good RMT. Kind and helpful.
darren Constantino: Joey is knowledgeable and a very skilled RMT. I highly recommend him!
Merv Wihnon: Harman is an excellent RMT, I strongly recommend him
Angela Snyder: Friendly staff
Haoxuan Zhou: All people are super helpful and friendly! Best pace I ever had! Great message that is given by Harman every times !
J C: I've been at the clinic for months, seeing a variety of specialists for my ICBC back injury claim.I want to give a special shout-out for Joey, my massage therapist. He made me feel what 'normal' is supposed to be like in just the first session! Amazing work and attitude.The rest of the physiotherapists, massage therapists and active rehab specialists are all nice.
Andaleeb Reaz: How to start and what to write because not all actions, help and support could not be put on paper. But i will try to justify the help and support i received from this clinic especially from my physio Jonathan during my entire tenure of rehab by writing my experience. I have been off work due to my back injury which not only pushed me physically but mentally also as the previous treatment from other clinic and physio failed. The first day of my visit i asked Jonathan that "would i be able to get my life back"? He assured me in a very positive and calm way that i would be and have to be patience as it would take little time. Within 1 month i saw tremendous improvement in me and by the day i got discharge which is today i feel like and i am in a completely different world. He ensured that i recover not just to go back to the work but my overall well-being was his priority. He not only showed the exercises but used all the various treatment measures. I big thank you to Jonathan and the clinic. I wish i could give more than 5 stars but there is no other options. Once again, i would say that not all the words can describe my feeling which i am having today. Hats off. It was a bit of emotional moments for me to get discharged as Jonathan became a part of my family during those several weeks. Bye...................
Louie Resoso: It's the best Physiotherapy and Massage clinic in town. All Staff are friendly, helpful and accommodating.They deserve more than 5 stars!!!..Louie G. Resoso
Katarina Mauro: Ronak Kapadia is knowledgeable and helped me so much with my SI joint injury. I highly recommend this clinic!!!
jonathan qian: Highly recommend Joey Huang of South Vancouver Physiotherapy Clinic. He is extremely patient and understanding towards our needs.Joey was very kind and knowledgable toward my mother Lilian Xu I would recommend Joey as an RMT to any individual.

6. Genesis Fertility Centre - Vancouver

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Genesis Fertility Centre
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Address: 1367 W Broadway #300, Vancouver, BC V6H 4A7, Canada

Schedule: Open until 4:30 PM

Telephone: +1 604-879-3032

Business type: Fertility clinic

Genesis Fertility Centre: what do users think?
Shayla Borik: After having a friend tell us how amazing this clinic was, we asked our family dr for a referral and we're excited that the first appointment was only a couple weeks away from when we were contacted. We were then contacted days before our appointment letting us know the dr was going on a leave of absence and our appointment had to postponed to March. We were not super happy as this meant a further delay in our fertility journey but took the appointment for March. We received a confirmation text this morning and were very excited to have our first initial appointment and then received an email stating our appointment had to be cancelled again with no alternative options and no new date. Fertility is already such a heartbreaking and sensitive thing to be dealing with, and to have both appointments cancelled 72-48 hours prior is extremely discouraging.
Olivia Adams: My partner and I came to Genesis in 2021 for fertility treatment.We found the care and service provided by Dr. Soniya Kashyap and the nurses to be both professional and respectful.My partner and I were told what outcomes were possible and were always provided with great advice when necessary, along with a clear plan for treatment.We are very happy to be able to say that our treatment was successful and we welcomed our daughter to the world this year.This would not have been possible without the help and care of everyone at Genesis.
Maryam N: I have been meaning to post a review for some time now but due to my pregnancy, yes! pregnancy thanks to Genesis, I’m finally able to share my success story as an "older" mom.My IVF journey was not an easy one. All the odds were against me. I was 42, had moderate to severe endometriosis (only discovered while under Dr. Kashyap’s care), and was looking to have a baby with my own eggs. Yet notwithstanding all these challenges, Dr. Kashyap and her team were able to make my IVF journey a successful one. I'm now 8 months pregnant!I had undergone IVF at age 38 at another "leading" clinic where the outcome was very poor. I felt my protocol was not tailored to me and upon each visit I was examined by and spoke with a different doctor.I would see a different doctor each time. I felt like I was just another number to them and the doctors were just going through the motions without addressing what is right for me. They diagnosed me with "unexplained infertility".Disappointed and defeated I was referred to Dr. Kashyap and Genesis through a close friend at age 42.What makes Genesis unique and a standout compared to other facilities is that there is only 1 doctor - Dr. Kashyap, and an excellent and outstanding one at that! She directed my IVF process from start to finish.Dr. Kashyap had her medical training at one of the most leading fertility facilities in the US, is extremely knowledgeable and clearly abreast of all the new literature and research. She personized my protocol based on my unique profile, specifically addressing my age and advanced endometriosis. (something she diagnosed)Dr. Kashyap was always available to answer my questions and when I asked about “chances of implantation” or “number of eggs that may be retrieved” (these questions always inevitably arise and are central during IVF) her responses were always supported with statistics and studies... and not always what I had hoped to hear or sugar coated!There were times I had hoped Dr. Khashyap would be more enthusiastic, empathetic or positive but I understand and appreciate that she has to manage expectations and is reticent to promise something she cannot deliver which may lead to disappointment.That being said, she ALWAYS overdelivered time and time again.She knows exactly what she is doing and leaves little to "chance".I went through a few rounds of IVF in part due to implantation failure (caused by the endometriosis) and in order to retrieve as many viable eggs as possible before my own eggs were no longer viable due to age. I felt confident and had trust in Dr. Kashyap and she delivered RESULTS!At each round of IVF Dr. Kashyap would tweak my protocol and discuss with me the research and why she was making slight modifications. I could also see that she took personal pride to do her very best to achieve an even better result each time at each retrieval!She was able to achieve better egg count and embryo quality at each round!Dr. Kashyap is the VERY best at what she does, is knowledgeable and up to date on the leading research.The nursing team was incredibly kind, responsive, and answered all my questions. There were so many wonderful nurses that took care of me and I'm incredibly appreciative of all of them.A big thank you to Dr. Kashyap and her entire team including all the wonderful nurses and embryologists for helping expand our family. THANK YOU
Abhijit Suryavanshi: Some people might feel Dr. Soniya Kashyap is not friendly but we are not going to the doctor for friendship.She delivers the result.This was our first IVF in Canada but it was our 7th attempt in the last 9 years in other parts of the world. and the first time we got success.Dr. Soniya Kashyap is very well aware of what needs to be done in each individual case, She sounds pretty confident to me from day one,our experience was great with Dr. and clinic staffwholeheartedly thanks for entire team.
Cathy Tam: My doctor send a referra to them. Then receptionist contact me saying the consultation people will call me. But no one call me never ever at all Unprofessional.
mariya javan: I really got disappointed of them, they have terrible customer services after spending 8 months I couldn't sign my paper, even do with them IT they couldn't fix my sign-in problem, I studied computer and its so funny to me when I explained to them they pretend I don't know how should work with comport. to be honest your TIME which is very important it doesn't matter to them at all.
Jasmine Jennens: My girlfriend and I had a wonderful experience with Genesis Fertility. The nurses were always extremely helpful and supportive whenever we had questions.We went in for our first appointment July 2021 and by September 2021 my girlfriend was pregnant. We welcomed our beautiful daughter in early June on her due date.We have embryos still in the freezer and will continue to use Genesis to grow our family.Thank you everyone at Genesis for all your help in creating our family!
jim z: couple years ago we spend over 30k here and a family friend did so - no result for neither of us?which we cannot blame any one, but when we try different place then we realize we were in wrong place which was about money not our futurei suggest seeing different doctors and offices before make ur decisionFriends won’t put money in my account neither show when we are in hospital !They can only give free advice which they may get benefits from their referral?
ikki Zheng: They only contact you when they need you pay bills, no service no follow up at all.
Jacui Macneil: We were recommended to Dr. Kashyap through a friend of mine who ranted and raved about how amazing she is/was. Our entire time with her and her team was VERY disappointing to say the least. Poor Poor Bedside Manner, Poor communication and poor direction when taking tests we paid over $600 for. We would probably already have a newborn if it was not for the incompetency and lack of professionalism of mostly all in this clinic. To the nurses team, lab team, directors and the actual Dr I would NOT Recommend this clinic to ANYONE. We are near the end of our Journey and have dropped this clinic and moved onto PCRM, where they treat you like a HUMAN.
Arrthy Vyas: Worst experience ever. It hurts to explain and I am just going to leave it at that.
Edward Sweater: After speaking to the front desk staff I was excited about my first appointment at what I assumed would be a friendly and warm clinic. I was gobsmacked by the rudeness of the doctor. I was left wondering if I had horribly offended her, if she judged me for my situation, or if she commonly interrupts patients mid sentence and blunty makes upsetting statements before getting the information a doctor would need in order to make those statements. In any other industry this style of communication would have you out of a job. I found the experience extremely upsetting. I came away feeling hurt and disgusted.
Delei Shi: Dr. Kashyap and her team did it!!With an AMH of 0.29ng/ml and three failed IVF rounds at two other clinics, I had all but lost hope to have a baby of my own, and started thinking about egg donation.Dr. Kashyap started with a very different approach. At previous clinics I was given full dosage, and but only ended up with one bad quality embryo, which failed on implantation. Dr. Kashyap’s strategy was to give me a much smaller dosage, that actually had a much better result: four grade A day-3 embryos. And the first implantation resulted in a pregnancy!Dr. Kashyap is very assertive, and modern in her approaches, and she also taking the time to understand your situation and create personalized plan. For example, the clinic that I was at before also to me not to exercise, which really had made my life miserable, while Dr. Kashyap said I could exercise since I only got 2–3 eggs anyways. I really like how Dr. Kashyap gives me very certain answers, because during that journey you can use some certain answers, otherwise you will go mad.I also liked that you know that it’s clear that you’re dealing with Dr. Kashyap the whole way. In other clinics they would swap out doctors to do egg retrieval, and another one to do implantation, so it would be impossible for them to understand your unique situation.Finally, I’d like to praise the nurse team at Genesis — they have been super nice and helpful. Going through IVF can be nerve-wrecking, but they are always patient to answer my questions. Their kindness had made my journey much more enjoyable.For women who have a specific problem, like very low ovarian reserve (POR) like me, you need doctors like Dr. Kashyap who takes the time to understand the peculiarities of your situation, prepares a suitable personalized plan, and confidently guides you through it.I am so glad that I finally found Genesis and Dr. Kashyap, and heartily recommend them to everyone!
Shao Meng: As I read the various 1 star and 5 star reviews, I say readers be aware. IVF is a complex process. Here is my story. I started IVF at 37 years old. I had 8 years of infertility, 2 stimulation cycles, 3 embryo transfers, 3rd embryo worked, 1 full term pregnancy, 1 healthy baby boy, and 1 more stimulation cycle, and preparing for next FET. I came to IVF with a war mentality, and Dr. Kashyap was and still is my General. She gave proper diagnosis and trouble shoot along the way. She is one of the smartest people I know, and smart people have a plan and execute on that plan. You also have to be an informed consumer. She has many patients to take care of (I didn't want a doctor who is not sought after) and her commitment is to create babies, that is a monumental task. She is simply the BEST at what she does. Even when the FET didn't work the first two times, I knew and trusted that everything can be done has been done. Did I worry yes, did I stress yes, and I knew she is my best shot. I have referred people in my life to her. I have been with her when the pregnancy test was negative and I have been with her when it turned positive. The one thing I know, she was always with me.
Aisling Bell: Just don’t waste your money.They don’t care.They all knew they messed up my embryo transfer but they did nothing.Such a waste.Poor technical skills everywhere you look or everyone is starting their first day of work.I wish I had gone with my gut and gone to another clinic.
Anna Sutherland: I can’t say enough positive things about everyone at Genesis fertility clinic from the front desk, nursing team, embryologists and of course Dr. Kashyup herself. She is beyond brilliant and is so well researched and educated that I fully trusted her and I confident she would help us grow our family and the baby I dreamed of would one day happen. She helped me stay positive and to stay the course when it was really hard to do so. I did 3 IVF cycles and I appreciated that she tweaked my protocol each time which resulted each cycle in a better outcome than the last. I’m now finally pregnant with a PGT normal tested embryo and I’m feeling hopeful that this will be a successful pregnancy. Another thing I really like about Genesis is the personalized care you get from Dr Kashyup since at Genesis you won’t end up seeing other doctors like you do at the other Vancouver Clinics. Many of my friends at other clinics really dislike how they don’t have one doctor following their care and instead they see a different doctor for each procedure. At Genesis, Dr. Kashyup always knows my case well and is prepared for my visits. I truly believe Dr Kashyup cares about me and all of her patient’s outcomes and tries her hardest to make all of us parents!
Laura Black: STAY AWAY. Do your research. There are much better clinics that offer better support and have more up to date technology and care. They're shockingly unprofessional and rude. They misquoted me. They made mistakes to my medication and refused to return my email asking for information. They are never around when you have an important and timly question and there is no system for helping people. They don't educate you on what you're doing they just give you a one-size-fits-all video with information that does more to confuse you than help since it's generalized. They don't have a good system for organizing the process and overall I really regret it. I was so disappointed with how they handled things and it was a really upsetting experience. Some of the nurses are rude and it seems like none of them have any people skills. They all seemed to be new and nobody ever had the answers to my questions. I could go into more detail but it's too brutal to share.
Evex Safety: I am just starting my journey here and they have been truly incredible. -sarah power
Laura Westgate: After many years of trying to have another baby with no success we were referred to the Genesis Fertility Clinic. IVF is a challenge and a task within itself, however the overall results and treatment I am very happy with, especially given the challenges COVID has raised during my treatment time and the clinic's transition into adapting to deal with that situation.Dr. Sonya Kashyap managed to extract 4 eggs, I am 40 after all.On transfer day I was told they were transferring 1 embryo, which meant the others were not successful. When the nurse left me to get ready I tried to hold back the tears, IVF is such a hard, expensive and emotional journey. I knew at this point the odds were likely not in my favour. I dried my tears and tried to compose myself, however the kind nurse could still tell I had been crying and acknowledge how emotional of a time it can be when told there is only 1 embryo, then she showed me on the paper work that my embryo was rated 4A (at this time I had no idea about what the ratings meant) and told me she did not know fully what it meant, but that she knew they did not give out this rating often and that it was a very good rating. I wish I could remember he name, she tried to life my spirits and give me positivity before going in.During transfer you can watch the ultrasound screen and Dr. Sonya Kashyap explained the little bright speck was the embryo coming down the tube and then as it was going in I was given the moment to make a wish or prayer as it disappeared off screen.This was my first time trying IVF and I came out successful, thank you to Dr. Sonya Kashyap. I am now 17 weeks pregnant.
A H: Thanks to Dr. Kashyap and the entire team at Genesis, we welcomed our beautiful baby boy into the world this past August. After years of infertility we are so grateful to have gone through IVF at Genesis. We can't recommend enough. Thank-you for everything!
Anda Tudor: We started our IVF experience in February 2019 and in June I gave birth to our precious baby boy. While IVF is an emotional experience and for women over 40 like myself chances are reduced to have a successful IVF, we were successful with one embryo & implant. We thank Dr. Kashyup for her professionalism and support.

7. The University of British Columbia - University Endowment Lands

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The University of British Columbia
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Address: Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-822-2211

Business type: University

8. UBC Student Health Services - University Endowment Lands

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UBC Student Health Services
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Address: 2211 Wesbrook Mall, Vancouver, BC V6T 2A1, Canada

Schedule: Closing soon: 4:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-822-7011

Business type: Community health centre

UBC Student Health Services: what do users think?
A B: This 5 stars rating is for the receptionists here. Not for the doctors.Receptionists are amazing. Super professional, caring and efficient. Very easy to work with.
Flora Huo: The nurses who looked after me are super caring and fantastic! I happened to have a heat stroke walking in and was about to pass out at the front desk. The nurses took me inside and checked my vitals. They also gave me lots of juice and water to cool me down. I’m very grateful for them!
Olivier Lee: TRASH service. Unaccommodating, unhelpful and just useless in general. Don't waste your time
jimin jung: Never picks up phone, never available. Idek why this service exists at all if it’s absolutely inaccessible to students..
Matt: I'm a student at UBC and have had constant struggles connecting with my doctor - these impersonal experiences range from having my sentences cut off, to being judged for the paper work I bring to have filled out regarding mental health and disability. It's been a pretty horrendous experience so far by "health professionals".UpdateThe new doctor has a much more approachable demeanor. I'm not sure if this experience was due to a chronic case of compassion fatigue but it seems like a one-off.
Z M: horrendous experience with reception. very difficult to get an appointment as others mentioned
Nathan Bailey: They told me to update my insurance information, so I updated my info within 15 minutes and called to reschedule but my spot was already given up and the next available slot isn’t for a month.
Aelin Luna: Several of our BIPOC students have been waiting 9+ months for appointments. They will call in and get left on hold indefinitely; the most recent one was left on hold until closing time and it hung up. If you are experiencing the same thing, either go to Urgent Care or seek a competent doctor in the community off campus. Do not wait. It does not get better.
Mem Johnson-Owl: After waiting two months for my appointment, the doctor called 10 mins late, unfortunately I missed the call by 2 minutes so I immediately called the front desk only to be told I’ve been marked as a no show and the doctor has already moved on to another patient. Next appointment is not available for a month. Their psychiatrist department is also extremely dismissive and I wouldn’t recommend any assessment through them.
will k: spent a year on the psychiatry waitlist to have the physician make snarky, ableist remarks at my concerns. if you're in this situation, apparently there's literally nothing the desk or even the director can do to help you except for putting you right back at the bottom of the waitlist, even if you're graduating before then. astonishing waste of my time and energy.
Forough P: UBC should be embarrassed by the horrible health service it provides to its students. They don’t even take calls during working hours and I have to wait for two months to get a refill if I want to book online.
Amber Williamson: I’ve called three times to make an appointment only to find that the line is dead. On my fourth attempt I was told that the earliest availability to see a physician was a month and a half out. As an international student, I’m finding UBC’s healthcare to be negligent and a joke at best.
Leo Zhang: Took 4 months to release my medical records.
Reena Mandaher: I booked an appointment for an assessment of chronic arm pain and told them it would have to be done in person. However, they booked me for a telephone appointment which basically ended in the doctor telling me he "couldn't assess me over the phone" and i'd have to come in for a physical exam.I waited two weeks to see Doctor Fisher and the appointment lasted 10 minutes, where in he didn't really listen to my concerns or even ask me many questions, nor did he do a thorough physical exam -- I was basically guiding him through the process and trying to give as much detailed info as possible to help lead him in the right direction. I ended up not getting any diagnosis as my issue was "to vague/difficult to diagnose".This was my first bad experience with UBC health, i don't recommend seeing this doctor.
Howard Wang: Overall good when you need them.So wont complain too much.
Yan Wang: Easy booking and efficient service. Parking available right in front of the building for a max of 2 hours.
Ray Hempell: My son received a vaccination there. Service was okay but the cost was high. If you are Canadian shop around. This vaccination can be done for free as a basic BC medical service and its not okay to just charge it to your extra benefits if you have them.
Lauren: I have received courteous and attentive service from all staff I have encountered here. Always a pleasant experience and worth the wait (which in and of itself is sensible given the number of students needing to be served).
Annika Naylor: As a student, this is one of three options, and while it is the best option it is the worst health care system I have ever been in.
Emily Logan: I have had nothing but wonderful experiences with UBC Student Health Services. They are very punctual with appointment times, the atmosphere is very good, and they are professional. Yes, it can be a wait to get an appointment, but worth the wait. Dr Ramsey is amazing!
Mikaela Norkus: I went here to see a doctor and had to wait in line for about 20 minutes, which I was expecting because it was the beginning of the school year.Sadly, when I went up to see the middle aged blonde woman she refused to give me an appointment at any time. I even asked if I could schedule one for a month later and she told me that I needed to leave immediately because they couldn't help me.I have NEVER experienced anything like this in my life - I'll never go back to this place!!!

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