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1. Locked Canada - Vancouver

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493 reviews
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Locked Canada
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Address: 1050 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC V5V 1N9, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 3:00 PM

Telephone: +1 778-737-1822

Business type: Escape room center

Locked Canada: what do users think?
leesa tran
leesa tran: Great service! The guy that was helping us gave us great help and hints. Good experience.
Amy Tran
Amy Tran: Very fun! Craig was a great guy that helped us!!!
Miriam V
Miriam V: Been to Locked Canada twice and the service and experience has always been great. The staff are helpful, very approachable and enjoyable to talk with. The rooms are set up well.
david williams
david williams: the room was a huge challenge but my wife and i had a great time and the staff were amazing we did apocalypse
Jennifer Yoon
Jennifer Yoon: AMAZING EXPERIENCE!!! 10/10 would recommend to a friend. Craig has great customer service skills :) thank you
D T: Really friendly staff!
Jennifer Marie
Jennifer Marie: Have been here 3 times and have never had a bad time. The scenarios are always very well thought out and challenging. All the clues are the perfect amount of difficulty and the ability to ask for hints is nice.The scenarios are my favourite when compared to other escape rooms. Love it.
J. Donchi
J. Donchi: Fantastic experience! The props were very realistic and the rooms were very detailed, the staff were super friendly. We were terrified the entire time! Would for sure recommend and we will be going back!
Paul Chiu
Paul Chiu: It was terrifying! But exciting and fun!
Trina Prince
Trina Prince: Always such an amazing time at Locked Canada! We have visited every room available and love each one! Great gamemasters and fantastic experience! Couldn't recommend it enough!
leanne poon
leanne poon: Had a great time at Locked escape rooms! What made the experience the best was how accommodating the staff were to our group. I definitely will be back to try more rooms. Thank you Locked Canada!!
Molly B
Molly B: Always a great experience!!!! Staff is super upbeat and helpful, and the rooms are intricate and really challenge you. All-around fantastic!
Jodon Karlik
Jodon Karlik: I've been to this place a few times and this is one of the only places that constantly rotate their rooms and each time I've found it better than the last. The staff were excellent and encouraging each time we asked for help.
Selena L
Selena L: Loved it. Free birthday game. Tried abduction and passed! The service is great.
Kristine Naldoza & Thomas Yip
Kristine Naldoza & Thomas Yip: Back again .... and same room... hope we get out this time.. they've made changes and different puzzles
Raymond Salazar
Raymond Salazar: Great escape room! Definitely reccomend for a first timer or experienced player. Host was patient and helpful
Jasper Mordeno
Jasper Mordeno: Great staff! Puzzles were difficult but relevant and made sense. Keep an eye out or they’ll get you with the jump scares.
Justine Bhattal
Justine Bhattal: We had a great time at locked playing the asylum room! It was both spooky and fun and we can’t wait to check out the other rooms!
Anne Ukkonen
Anne Ukkonen: So much fun!!! We got abducted and fought our way out! The staff is friendly and awesome!!! So worth it!!
Riley Hill
Riley Hill: I hate escape rooms in general but like my family liked it so it's probably good
Coco Dong (Coco)
Coco Dong (Coco): Great experience here. We played “Abduction” room, with scare factor 1/6(this is the reason we choose this room😂). Clues are clear and easy to speculate passcode, and finally we cleared. Staff are helpful and nice, we will be back for sure!

2. i-Exit Vancouver - Vancouver

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539 reviews
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i-Exit Vancouver
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Address: 1129 Granville St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1M1, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 3:00 PM

Telephone: +1 778-379-8828

Business type: Escape room center

i-Exit Vancouver: what do users think?
Rebecca McMonies
Rebecca McMonies: Excellent escape rooms with lots of puzzles to deal with. Particular enjoyed the Pirate and Vegas themed roomsVisited on Weekday …More
Sam Marshall
Sam Marshall: The pirate room was a very high quality immersive escape room that really tested us! There was a really diverse range of puzzles to solve, and thinking outside the box logic was needed. We were buzzing afterwards.Wait time No wait Reservation recommended Yes …More
Nick O
Nick O: Great staff. Very friendly and helpful. We failed miserably at the escape room, but it was still tons of fun :-)
Faysal: The game was really fun and the staff were really nice and friendly. We weren’t able to finish the Vegas one with 2 people even with some extra time, so I would recommend bringing a few more people.Visited on Weekend Wait time No wait Reservation recommended Yes …More
Ekaterina Vasileva
Ekaterina Vasileva: Were here yesterday with friends. We chose Vegas room and we had great fun!
Cristian Hinz
Cristian Hinz: The Matrix room was amazing!
Robert L Duncan
Robert L Duncan: Super fun experience with several escape rooms. We did the Vegas experience and our team loved it. The staff are really friendly and welcoming. Didn't even know this was in downtown Vancouver. Check it out!!
Katarina Moehring
Katarina Moehring: I’ve been at i-Exit 3 times and enjoyed the puzzles in each scenario! Unique tasks that always get a person thinking. I do recommend coming in a group for the harder themes so you have more perspectives in your group. All I haven’t tried yet is the hardest theme: Matrix!
Olivia Koval
Olivia Koval: So much fun! The hint system works very well and the game had lots of fun twists as well as balance to make sure every person in the group could contribute. I'll definitely be back to play the other rooms!
Kristine V
Kristine V: We were looking for something else to do in Vancouver that was inside because it was cold, windy and rainy out. This was a fun escape room place. Very modestly decorated.We did a room that was a bit easier and had a higher escape rate because there were 2 people in our group that hadn't ever done an escape room before. We completed it with 3 minutes to spare. Staff was friendly
Leigh Bacon
Leigh Bacon: Explained wellGreat fun
Polina Cherdantseva
Polina Cherdantseva: We rented out all 4 rooms for a large event and had a lot of fun! The staff were very friendly and sweet and the rooms were very creative. Would definitely recommend!
Don Madlung
Don Madlung: Escape rooms are always good. The room we did has good, unique puzzles. Not just a bunch of boxes with locks on them.
Seonjae Im
Seonjae Im: Pretty average room escape, but it needs a little more gimics.We tried Patry in the studio theme.The room itself was quite simple but not straightforward. There are lots of stuff unexplained and tricking, so we spent more time on what is part of the puzzle and not more than focusing on the puzzle.Also, there weren't that many to solve, so it wasn't really worth it.Maybe our group just had a bad run, but I don't think we will come back here.Good luck on your business!
Ronnie Fuentes
Ronnie Fuentes: Our company booked all four escape rooms, which vary in levels of difficulty. Everyone had a great team-building experience. However, we had to request the help of the host from time to time as some of the lock combinations and gadgets didn't work, but overall, each had a fun time looking for clues and solving puzzles. Highly recommended.
Lucas Dohyun Jin
Lucas Dohyun Jin: It was a great time with my students. We have so much enjoyed. Thank you!
Ruslan Rybushkin
Ruslan Rybushkin: Very nice place, riddles are good!
Mahesh Vanga
Mahesh Vanga: Super friendly staff and the game we played was really fun and challenging, worth to go explore with your friends.
Lupita: Awesome customer service and a ton of fun for adults and kids!
Stephanie: Great little Chill lay back
Anthony Carrara
Anthony Carrara: Great room

3. EXIT West Broadway - Vancouver

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272 reviews
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EXIT West Broadway
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Address: 309 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V5Y 1P8, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 2:30 PM

Telephone: +1 778-379-4730

Business type: Escape room center

EXIT West Broadway: what do users think?
Josephine Ma
Josephine Ma: My husband had been to an escape room before but our daughter and I had never been to one. The three of us tried one together at EXIT in Vancouver, on West Broadway. They have different escape rooms to choose from. There are different themes for the rooms, and different levels of difficulty. We were given 50 minutes to escape the Escape Room. If we wanted help, they would stop the clock on the 50 minutes and come in to give us some hints to help us move forward with solving the different puzzles. We called for help several times but in the end, we weren't able to solve all the puzzles. We did make it 70% of the way though, and we had a ton of fun in the process!We got to snap a photo afterwards, holding up these signs with different phrases on them. While everyone contributed something to the problem solving process, I was the one who solved most of the puzzles so I chose a sign that read "Carried the Team" on it!Service: GoodParking: Paid parking on the streetsLocation: 309 West Broadway, Vancouver
Andie: So much fun! 10/10 would recommend the Horcrux room.
Jaime McDonald
Jaime McDonald: I highly recommend this location for escape rooms. Go when Shane is working. I ended up stuck in one of their rooms, in the wall, after removing a grate or something. And it only took Shane two days to find me. I’ll definitely be going back so soon!! Thank you so much Shane!!!
Lenore I
Lenore I: Shane is the best
Just Tessa
Just Tessa: Shane was amazing...I got stuck in the walls and he saved me after a couple of days. And he gave me water. And snacks. Shane deserves a raise!
Matthew Gailey
Matthew Gailey: Shane provided the best customer service on the phone when calling about the best room. Wish I could give more than 5 stars. Still stuck in the Harry Potter room, it's too good.
Monique Chokr
Monique Chokr: Shane saved my life in an escape room. I got trapped 😂 Excellent service it was so fun
Chris Hut
Chris Hut: Great themed rooms with fun puzzles
Alana Oyama
Alana Oyama: My friend and I came in on our shared birthday to play the Arcade Frenzy room. The staff we're super accomodating and gave us a little extra time at the end since we were so close to finishing the room. We had an absolute blast. Thanks again for making our birthday fun-filled!
Juming Lai
Juming Lai: The overall experience was so so among the 30-40 escape rooms we played. Players need to walk all the back to entrance to request a hint through a bell in a multi-room game room and a staff would come to give you a hint in person(not role playing), which seems old fashioned. We weren’t clear who our game master was or the whole team was as different staffs helped us through the whole experience. They were very friendly tho.
A B: Really great fun but some of the props didn't fully work which made us use hints and waste a little time. Staff were great though
J: My friends and I had a blast here! The staff were kind and came quickly when we asked for hints. The escape room we chose was difficult, but also doable. At another location, some of the things didn't work properly, so I'm very pleased that at this location, I didn't have this issue. Looking forward to coming here again!
W T: Excellent staff! Great experience!
Tanya Leung
Tanya Leung: I went with my coworkers and did the avalanche one which was super fun. One concern was that the 3rd rooms door was completely open so we had our team spread across two rooms doing tasks and we didn't realize the 3rd door wasn't supposed to be open until staff came to check.The staff was nice enough to give us an extra 10 minutes so we can solve the escape room but I can't help but to think our experience would have been totally different if we were contained in the second room working more together vs having our team of six spread between 2 rooms. There were some puzzles that we kept moving back and forth between rooms cause we weren't should how they fit.I think I would have appreciated if staff offered some sort of discount to a future booking instead of giving us extra time cause this seems to have been a big mistake on their end.
Joshua McCormack
Joshua McCormack: Took our team from Yum Sweet Shop here for a post-holiday excursion and had a blast. The team working was super informative and accommodating. Will definitely be back for future outings!
Emma MacEntee
Emma MacEntee: Highly recommend Exit West Broadway and the Arcade Frenzy! Really kind staff. 3 small rooms of interactive games and challenging puzzles. We were a mixed group of adults/kids and all ages played a part in our escape.
Peter Peek
Peter Peek: Very scary
Thomas McGrath
Thomas McGrath: Pretty fun. My friends and I were able to escape the arcade room, but the last room could be a bit confusing on how you interact with the puzzles.
Mack Dickson
Mack Dickson: Haven’t done anything yet but the sign told me to give five stars.
An CrLi
An CrLi: My son had his 13th birthday party at the West Broadway location. He just told me that during their session one of his friends opened a box that shouldn’t have come open. She is a mature 13 year old girl with a gentle personality, so I sincerely doubt she opened it forcibly. Nonetheless it was not supposed to have come open but fine - mistakes/accidents happen. Anyways my son reported to me that an adult female staff member then entered the room and proceeded to scold the children and threaten that if they continued to misbehave their session would be cancelled. Ok so it is one thing to give guidance when children need it, but quite another to intimidate them. It is heartbreaking to hear a child tell you they spent the rest of their birthday party nervous and stressed that something else might get broken accidentally. From the other reviews it seems clear that the hardware is very chintzy or in a poor state of repair. So with this known recurrent issue, what kind of cruel hearted person tries to pass the blame onto a group of naive children and threaten to cancel their birthday party? Shame on you.
Ksenia Belova
Ksenia Belova: It was a great experience, thank you! :)

4. Find and Seek - Vancouver

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175 reviews
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Find and Seek
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Address: 88 W Pender St #2075, Vancouver, BC V6B 6N9, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 12:00 PM

Telephone: +1 778-379-7727

Business type: Escape room center

Find and Seek: what do users think?
Renlee Weir
Renlee Weir: We escaped the Madame Zita room and it was fantastic! We had to move at a quick pace (2 people) but that made it fun as we each had lots to do. The room had a great variety of interactive puzzles that required communication but were clear in intention. Will definitely be back to complete the other room!
Zeeroll: Our group has done multiple escape rooms before and we were pleasantly surprised of how Find and Seek's delivery of the story, the puzzles and the overall simplicity in their creativity was seamless. Be prepared to throw everything you know about escape rooms out the window because this is not your average experience! The staff who assisted us was Russell, his charisma and his enthusiasm really helped set the tone for the room. A challenge nonetheless however you leave the place feeling accomplished regardless of the outcome.
Lena Hofmaier
Lena Hofmaier: Very fun escape room with nice and varied puzzles. Some elements were very worn/broken hence the one star reduction. Staff is very friendly.
Ayrelea Nimchuk
Ayrelea Nimchuk: Very fun experience, so many puzzles to work on and multiple people could be working on the puzzles at the same time. James was an amazing help and gave our team really good tips and hints! Would definitely go again!
Matthew Larsen
Matthew Larsen: Really fun escape room! It was creative and just the right level of difficulty to be challenging but still fun!I was impressed with the staff who has everything running smoothly. Shout out to James for making it a fun time!I definitely recommend this for someone looking for a fun group activity!
Luke Matson
Luke Matson: Sick escape room, definitely one of the better ones I've been to. Shout out to James for saving us with some hints and getting us out just barely on time. Definitely would like to come back again sometime!
Zion Nimchuk (hcorion)
Zion Nimchuk (hcorion): Was a great experience, some tricky puzzles, and great aha! moments. James, the staff who handled our experience, was excellent! Everything was explained clearly and concisely, and gave us a little help when we needed it.Would highly recommend!
Lama “Xen” Algharni
Lama “Xen” Algharni: I really enjoyed the game,what made it even more enjoyable and fun is having James as our host !,he really did a wonderful job with declaring the rules and hosting us .Although I was playing with people I just met,James made the situation completely comfortable and helped us to understand the rules of the game.The game was really interesting and fun,I didn't feel the time passing by while playing!!and the rooms were big enough for a group of 10 to walk and run comfortably.It was my first time playing escaping room and it will not be the last!!Thank you Find and Seek and thank you so much James!I'm definitely going back there 😁👍.
cc chubey
cc chubey: Was a great time, James did a great job of hosting us, I think he’s probably one of the best people to host an escape room I’ve ever encountered!!
Michelle Renee
Michelle Renee: Wow, we had so much fun in this room!! We had a group of 7, ages 11 to 52 and everyone got involved and had a great time! And we made it!! The attention to detail in the room was incredible, the puzzles were unique and varied with lots of hands-on work, and we all had to work together to make it. Our host was very engaged and fun and made sure we had a great time. We will definitely be back!! I only wish they had more rooms so we could come back again and again!!
Gavin Clarkson
Gavin Clarkson: This place is awesome! I've been burned by some escape rooms which are cheaply decorated and uncreative, just grinding to unlock multiple luggage locks. That's not how they do it at Find and Seek!The rooms here could be a movie set, and the puzzles are creative and varied. Really immersive and cool experience, and catered hints are provided on a screen if staff notice you're struggling. Will definitely be back.
Al Biz
Al Biz: Amazing detail and experience! Our group of 9 was immersed in a different world for 45 mins exploring and working as a team to tackle The Curse of Madame Zita. Awesome props, excellent puzzles that really move you around the room and keep your senses sharp. It's a must for any escape room lover.
Amber Bright
Amber Bright: Great way to collaborate, bond and work as a team. Intriguing brain stimulation, fun adventure. Mina is an excellent host and communicator.
Shannon Tinkley
Shannon Tinkley: Such a great experience!!! I brought my 8 year old cousin here today and we played THE MYSTERY AT THE MAJESTIC THEATRE - the puzzles were great and we especially appreciated the unlimited clues ☺️ The staff went above and beyond and even let us finish out the last couple of puzzles. We had a blast and my cousin can’t wait to come back and try the other room!
Yaz G
Yaz G: Did both rooms pre covid, my favourite escape room around ‘Vancouver’ and Vancouver island, best production value by far - it felt like being in a movie, especially Zita’s room - and I wish more places incorporated the hint system used here as it keeps the flow going, and in my experience was very attentive and helpful and even had a smiley face :) Careful coming here for your first room, only because it’ll set high expectations for the rest of them haha
Traci Chung
Traci Chung: Recently I booked Find and Seek for our team building activity. The experience was amazing from the moment we walked in - warm greetings, secure locker for our belongings, and our game host was both immersive and informative. The escape room was done immaculately - much better than the other ones in Vancouver. Highly recommend!!!
Christian Gobrecht
Christian Gobrecht: Fantastic escape room! We did " The Curse of Madame Zita's Curiosities." Very smooth puzzles with clear audio cues when something is unlocked. The puzzles felt natural but inventive, and everything was very cleanly designed with no ambiguity. We never once felt like our time was being wasted by faulty mechanisms or bad clues, but the room was still tense and challenging for two people to complete within the time limit. My wife and I have done tons of escape rooms in several different countries, and this was the most mechanically polished one we've done so far. 10/10
James Jang
James Jang: Fun corporate event but I think new parties need more time
Vincent Lee
Vincent Lee: The puzzles are cohesive with the theme. Each room feels like a whole production.
Grace: My favourite escape room experience I have tried! The puzzles are so well-designed, spooky, and incredibly satisfying to solve. Very interactive. Highly recommend!
yvette y tang
yvette y tang: Fun. Decor can be a little better. Puzzles r good thu

5. Time Escape Vancouver - Richmond

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345 reviews
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Time Escape Vancouver
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Address: 3471 No. 3 Rd, Richmond, BC V6X 2B8, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 2:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-232-9775

Business type: Escape room center

Time Escape Vancouver: what do users think?
Anton Burdin
Anton Burdin: Want some quality time with your family, friends or colleagues - look no further. The place is great. Lots of creativity and skill were put into this quests.Do not force the mechanisms - help is always available. Have some fun!Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended Yes …More
James Gilhespy
James Gilhespy: Decent puzzles and rooms but nothing that special. We beat the "20% completion rate" room with 15 minutes leftover.
Peggy: Ashley is so nice !!!! We really enjoy the time here and we will definitely come back !
AR: Came here with my coworkers as a team building exercise. Everyone’s experience was amazing and so much fun was had. The rooms here are so well thought out, the designers of these rooms are genius. Thank you time escape! will be back ◡̈
Clayton Blair
Clayton Blair: Good escape room, had decent size rooms.
R&L L: Had a great time! Family and I went and loved how it was not just pad locks and very immersive.
Justin 2112
Justin 2112: Old. Been here twice and both times things broke or didn't work as intended. Staff were nice but that doesn't make up for the money spent on a very unimmersive time
Susan Rochefort
Susan Rochefort: We did two rooms: the prophecy and 2055 and both were excellent! We play alot of escape rooms and these are by far the best with well thought out puzzles and opening mechanisms instead of locks. This is the second time we've been and will contunue to make the drive from Coquitlam. Excellent staff who are friendly and very helpful.
Petr S
Petr S: Stuff was kind of beat up but it was still a lot of fun. We didn’t get out. At first I thought 50 mins was gonna be a long time but it flew by.Great double date idea
Noah Zakaib
Noah Zakaib: Excellent customer service, reasonable price, interesting rooms.Overall Great experience.
Felix Hutnyk
Felix Hutnyk: This is my second time visiting here. The first time was great, however on my last visit, we did the 2055 room, and there were two aspects of the puzzle that were broken. This really ruined our experience as after that there was lots of second guessing if other things were not working correctly. Staff were super kind.
Brave At Heart
Brave At Heart: One of the best escape room places in the Lower Mainland!
Faizal Karim
Faizal Karim: I took my son (7.5 years old) to Time escape for his first escape room. The staff was SUPER friendly. Gave us some extra hints and extra time (!!) so that we could escape. It made my son's day. These folks really care about wanting their customers to have a great experience. Highly recommend.
Svetlana Eremenko
Svetlana Eremenko: The best! So engaging, just the right amount of challenging. Just super cool designs and atmosphere is so well thought out. And the staff!!! The staff is just the friendliest and so attentive. Cannot recommend enough.
Fraser Wallace
Fraser Wallace: Fun place! Have gone multiple times with friends.
Jeremy Chu
Jeremy Chu: Everything was great! The room was extremely fun, with no manual locks and everything automatic! The girl at the front was also extremely helpful, fun and made the entire experience so much better! I am definitely coming back!
Victoria Lu
Victoria Lu: Wonderful and pleasant service! Staff was friendly and welcoming throughout the entire experience. Thank you Eunice for your encouragement and thoughtful guidance. I will be back :)
Alex: Really fun! Super friendly and kind staff
Greshin Francis
Greshin Francis: Went on my birthday with my friends. Really liked the place. We didnt finish it still enjoyed the vibe and it was fun and reasonable rate for 50minutes. Will try another game soon
Ashlee Tam
Ashlee Tam: These escape rooms are a lot of fun! Very friendly staff and unique puzzles to solve. Would recommend.
Vismay Avadhani
Vismay Avadhani: Family friendly and a fun place to rack your brain🤪 Love it!

6. SmartyPantz Escape Rooms | Vancouver - Vancouver

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409 reviews
new review
SmartyPantz Escape Rooms | Vancouver
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Address: 289 Abbott St #100, Vancouver, BC V6B 2K7, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-974-9293

Business type: Escape room center

SmartyPantz Escape Rooms | Vancouver: what do users think?
Guillermo Castillo González
Guillermo Castillo González: I will write this review in Spanish for Latin Americans living or visiting Vancouver.Ayer visité Smarty Pantz con mi esposa y una amiga, hicimos dos juegos (Thirst for murder & Morning never comes). Lamentablemente solo pasamos uno. Sin embargo, recomiendo ampliamente Smarty Pantz, todo el staff es muy amable y profesional, aunado a que siguieron al pie de la letra todas las políticas del gobierno sobre la pandemia.En cuánto a la ambientación de los cuartos, me parece muy buena aunque puede mejorar, aún así sigue siendo una gran experiencia. Es muy probable que regresemos a jugar sus otros cuartos.
Kowshik Gurram
Kowshik Gurram: It was fun. Go with the right people and it's worth the while if you like puzzles
Markus Akert
Markus Akert: Loved it! Just great.
Sonia Bashash
Sonia Bashash: I had great time both times I've been there. Great props, the stories are fun, and the puzzles are well thought of. The staffs are so friendly and awesome at setting the moon before you enter.
Bounty Hunter Neo
Bounty Hunter Neo: Our family has done several escape rooms elsewhere, and we struggle on the easiest ones, LOL. So, we tried Morning Never Comes this past weekend, and we solved it without any hints, with only 6 minutes to spare!The host was very professional, and SmartyPantz follows proper social distancing guidelines during these COVID-19 times.Our family enjoyed the experience, and would recommend them for a group activity!
Mikio-Yves Matsuo
Mikio-Yves Matsuo: We did a quick family outing to Smarty pants for my daughter's bday. We had a great time, the staff are great and the one room we did was not too scary and while challenging very feasible for our 12yrs old as well (Morning Never Comes).
Kapil Tijare
Kapil Tijare: The guy who was our host was very rude and accused us of losing some of the puzzle parts when we told them that one of the puzzle pieces was missing. Very unprofessional, go some place else.
Grady Cahill
Grady Cahill: Very fun atmosphere. The employees are there so you have a good time! It really gets the adrenaline pumping
Kyle Warkentin
Kyle Warkentin: Omg this place was amazing! We did thirst for murder and managed to solve it (with two hints lol) in the Knick of time!! So many good surprises!! Def recommend, however my only sadness from this is that it is not wheelchair friendly- it was not easily made aware on the website- I was going to bring my grandmother and mom to this who both quite enjoy for their birthday however they could not mange the stairs so they waited behind as my partner, myself and my aunt and cousin did the room.The character was fantastic!
John Connor
John Connor: 50% success rate! Very fun times. Dreamscape is a wild time!! Has really fun puzzles!
María Inés Parnisari
María Inés Parnisari: Awesome!
Hui-hong Lin
Hui-hong Lin: I really enjoyed the escape room we did here. There were some unique puzzles and the puzzles didnt necessarily have to be solved in a linear fashion which I prefer. However it did result in some confusion and more lookkmg around, but that’s part of the fun. Their staff get into costume and character to lead you into your escape room, which is fun and different compared to some other escape rooms. Will definitely try to come back for the other themes.
Herman Lam
Herman Lam: Really challenging rooms and a lot of fun.
Patricia Ortiz
Patricia Ortiz: Awesome experience
Justin Bargiacchi
Justin Bargiacchi: One of the best escape rooms I've been to in the lower mainland
Annie Luo
Annie Luo: We didn’t solve it but the staff is really nice oops will come again next time maybe we won’t be dummy dumbs next time.10/10 would recommend.
Vince T
Vince T: Very fun place for a gathering and team outting. Puzzles were well thought out and staff is friendly. I would go again!
Jerome Oregas
Jerome Oregas: So much fun!!!
John Janzen
John Janzen: Our host was awesome. Stayed in perfect character, helpful with puzzles. Friendly staff and great price.
Inna Sekirov
Inna Sekirov: I took my daughter and her 3 friends (all age 11) to the Morning Never Comes room. The level of difficulty was very good for our group. The staff was friendly and helpful. The room is not actually locked, which also worked out well for one of the girls who was a bit nervous and liked the opportunity to come out for a little breather a couple of times. Our "host" wasn't dressed up in any particular way, but my husband who was waiting for us in the waiting room got to see some wild and wacky characters from other escape rooms, which he said looked like fun.
David Han
David Han: Badly designed rooms. Too much looking around. Not smartly designed.

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