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1. Karen Flamenco - Vancouver

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Karen Flamenco
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Address: 60 W 7th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Y 1L6, Canada

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11:15AM Sat

Telephone: +1 604-721-4869

Business type: Dance school

Karen Flamenco: what do users think?
Merve Altundağ
Merve Altundağ: Amazing show!!!
Debbie Scott
Debbie Scott: I have been a student of Karen Flamenco for 11 years and highly recommend this experience. The dancing, opportunities to perform and the community of dancers and students is inspiring!
Dave Clark
Dave Clark: Grease at The Vancouver PlayHouse: 3/26/22Hola Cha Cha:Simply the Best Evening of Theatre Ever!! We applauded, cheered, laughed and cried. Mikela with the Manton, then the Pink Ladies, overwhelmed us. Hit a deep emotional chord there. Thank you.The blend of Flamenco and Tap worked perfectly. Our Kudos to all the performers. The Tap brought back my youth, wanting to dance like my sister.As Always, keep us in the loop,
Sonya McLeod
Sonya McLeod: This is a lovely little dance studio conveniently located near Broadway and Main St. My daughters both danced with Karen for a number of years and she's provided a lovely atmosphere at the studio. She is very positive and does not body shame the kids. I highly recommend this studio!
Katya Morenets
Katya Morenets: Fantastic dance studio. Classes are wonderful and tailored for the different skill levels from Beginner to Advance. Karen is outstanding teacher, sweet, wonderful and welcoming. She has several amazing teachers, who are members of Karen Flamenco Dance Company. I love the students show in the end of the year, it truly gives you an experience of being a part of the massive theatrical production. This school became my second home :)
Angela Monaghan
Angela Monaghan: From 2009 to 2013, I was a dance student at Karen Flamenco. I found the teacher and other students to be very friendly and inclusive. As an adult student with little dance background, I thoroughly enjoyed the physical exercise, the challenging choreographies, and the social aspect of the studio. One of my favourite things was showcasing what we learned at the annual student shows. Working with other students to prepare for the performances was always a very bonding experience. I would highly recommend Karen Flamenco to students of all levels and ages!
Aysha Majeed
Aysha Majeed: Amazing studio! I've been dancing here for over 10 years and have had nothing but positive experiences. Welcoming community of both adults and kids, and a range of classes for all levels :)
Veronica Hernandez
Veronica Hernandez: A great studio for all vancouver flamenco dancers! The community here at Karen flamenco is diverse with dancers from all ages, backgrounds, and dancing experience. I have been dancing here for several years as a student and performer, and I look forward to many more.
Eva M
Eva M: Amazing studio with a welcoming environment and inspiring teachers!This studio offers classes suitable to anyone from a beginner to advanced level as well as a variety of classes to choose from (technique, bata de cola, clasico, etc.). I've been attending the Karen Flamenco studio for around 10 years now and I've learned and grown so much as a dancer! Regardless if you're looking to just start flamenco dancing or take classes at a more intermediate / advanced level, I recommend this studio!
Zehra Rizvi
Zehra Rizvi: I am a photographer. Karen Flamenco stole flamenco images of mine, and then proceeded to benefit from the workshop without credit, or compensation. I reached out multiple times on facebook, email and left voice mails. They used the images, and deleted the facebook comments. Highly unethical to steal from one artist. I would have appreciated acknowledgement at the very least. You now have an outstanding invoice for images rendered.
Azahara Martinez
Azahara Martinez: Good studio for beginners and intermediate level but wouldnt recommend for advance dancers.
Inna Sekirov
Inna Sekirov: Great Flamenco dance studio with amazing teachers. Classes are still offered during the pandemic with responsible social distancing in studio and with zoom option.
Miralda Reyes
Miralda Reyes: Awesome!!! I recommend it throughly!!!!!! I am planning to go again!!


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Address: 677 Davie St #6, Vancouver, BC V6B 2G6, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-428-2990

Business type: Festival

3. Al Mozaico Flamenco Dance Academy - Burnaby

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Al Mozaico Flamenco Dance Academy
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Address: 3701 Hastings St #109, Burnaby, BC V5C 2H6, Canada

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7PM Mon

Telephone: +1 604-671-9182

Business type: Dance school

4. Vancouver International Guitar Festival - Vancouver

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5 reviews
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Vancouver International Guitar Festival
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Address: 1888 Main St A1, Vancouver, BC V5T 3B7, Canada

Business type: Festival

Vancouver International Guitar Festival: what do users think?
J Lee
J Lee: Amazing show, incredibly talented luthiers and gorgeous city!

5. Tapestry Music Ltd - University Endowment Lands

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169 reviews
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Tapestry Music Ltd
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Address: 4440 W 10th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6R 2H9, Canada

Schedule: Open until 6:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-736-3036

Business type: Musical instrument store

Tapestry Music Ltd: what do users think?
veruca spin
veruca spin: Quite delighted with this local Vancouver shop! Our new-ish to music family has rented school instruments from Tapestry as well as bought new, fun things, and we’ve always felt well taken care of!
Caitlin Frame
Caitlin Frame: I’ve been coming here for years. Staff are very friendly!
Clayton McKee
Clayton McKee: My 11 year old daughter and I have decided to learn to play the electric guitar together but were a bit intimidated by it all. John take amazing care of us - zero pressure but very attentive to our individual quirks. I almost bought something I shouldn't have but he showed me a much better choice for a fraction of the cost. We'll be back!
sheila li
sheila li: Prompt response and very nice service. Would recommend!
Sahar Kanani
Sahar Kanani: Tapestry on W 10th Ave: Great service, extremely professional & friendly staff, an amazing gem in a neighborhood which most other businesses are struggling. Please support local businesses in our city.
Andrew Pope
Andrew Pope: The store is larger than I thought, with a wide variety of instruments. The guys were helpful and friendly while helping me to rent a violin for my daughter, and advised me about drum sticks.
Amber Feng
Amber Feng: Nice place to rent and buying instruments for your kids. Staff are friendly and genuine. Just got a ukulele for my son.
Mark Rossum
Mark Rossum: I had an amazing spontaneous inspired purchase recently. This place is full of great energy. Love it and now my son and I have a place to build out our musical instrument experience.Thanks guys.
Michelle Tan
Michelle Tan: We did not know about Tapestry Music until we happened to be in the area, saw it, and walked in because we were in the market for a new flute for our child. We browsed the store while a customer was being serviced. And when it came our turn, we asked if they had a curved flute in stock. The assistant told us there wasn't one in stock at that location, and she said she could look it up to see whether their other store had it, and indeed, their White Rock location had one in stock. She told us that it could be transferred over. We did not have to put a deposit down for the transfer. We were called within 3 days that the flute was available for pickup. We picked it up and paid for it today. Everything went smoothly with the order. We would recommend buying from this local small business for the attentive service and customer care.
Tom Jones
Tom Jones: Friendly and knowledgeable service at a cool store.
David Kolawole
David Kolawole: Tapestry treated me with respect and politeness
Jessey Hua
Jessey Hua: Purchase my kids ‘ violin, viola and music theory books here. The staff is very friendly and professional. Recommend! Always give me the best service!
Li Li
Li Li: Very good music store and staff.
Marvin Bancouver
Marvin Bancouver: Thanks for letting me leave the postcards!
Linda Jones
Linda Jones: I ordered a Royal Conservatory of Music Voice book from this company a day or so ago. It has arrived today in good time, in great condition and well packaged. I cannot recommend this company more highly for ease of ordering and efficiency since I needed this book to practise with right away to be ready for a lesson next week. Would definitely re-order from this company again and highly recommend it.
Miriam Homem de Mello
Miriam Homem de Mello: Nice store, well organized and full of interesting instruments and books. I spent almost one hour playing guitars, trying different ones and it was an amazing experience to be there. Staff is very friendly. Highly recommend a visit.
Pauline Kung
Pauline Kung: Friendly and helpful staff, great place to buy or rent instruments.
Scott Shpak
Scott Shpak: I became aware of Tapestry Music recently online. When I saw the pickup combo on the Gretsch, I thought, "why not?" and ordered. The process was simple in online commerce terms and free shipping was a nice touch. I got a call later that day informing me of a factory flaw that bumped the guitar down to B-stock status and I was offered the choice of cancelling the sale or accepting a markdown. I chose the latter and I'm still looking for the flaw. Completely positive guitar purchase and I have no hesitation recommending Tapestry.
Diego Domene
Diego Domene: It was my first visit to the store. Even though I was only getting small accessories, the staff were super friendly and patient. They also gave me and my friend great recommendations.
J Wong
J Wong: Fast shipping
Inchang Hwang
Inchang Hwang: Great experience! The instruments were excellent, and I had enough time to test out the sounds. Most of all, the staff provided a kind and detailed explanation of the instruments. Highly recommended

6. Westcoast Guitars - Vancouver

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190 reviews
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Westcoast Guitars
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Address: 2741 E Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V5K 1Z8, Canada

Schedule: Closing soon: 3:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-682-4422

Business type: Musical instrument store

Westcoast Guitars: what do users think?
: I recently ordered a custom Tom Anderson guitar from Vancouver Westcoast Guitars for the second time, and I am extremely pleased with their excellent service and high-quality products. The staff was professional and passionate, ensuring my custom order met all my requirements. The craftsmanship of the guitar is exceptional, and the overall shopping experience was fantastic. I highly recommend Vancouver Westcoast Guitars for their outstanding service and top-notch guitars.
Ronald Driscoll
Ronald Driscoll: From out of town, called at 2:50pm on a Saturday cuz need a few things, dude said closing at 3 but what are you looking for? Said never mind. But happened to drive right by the store at 3:15 or so, ppl inside said “Just slide the gate aside” and let me in. Cool ppl. Cool store. Bad Cat head and cab lookin inviting, then Glen (owner) shows me a row of Custom Shop LPs in cases, *all* 59s. Said he went to Nashville and picked them out. Nice. Wish I had more time and brought something to trade. But next time I’ll be ready! Seems like a pro clientele, but friendly to whoever comes in. And the ppl hanging out in the shop after hours was just, well, like musicians do. Highly recommended.
Mike Rae
Mike Rae: Brought in my headless silent acoustic for a difficult setup as the bridge needs to sit perfectly flat with the mic in the guitar. They were honest with me that they didn't have the immediate ability to do it but offered to take my guitar to someone with the specialized equipment needed. They had it back to me within a week and it plays perfect. They went over and above to help me out, I'll absolutely come back.
M D: Bought my bucket list guitar from Glen and Shannon. Had some phone conversations with them. They sent me pics of guitars through email. Based on my preferences they recommended a specific guitar. I listened to their advice. Received it in the mail and I could not be happier. Will definitely do business with them again.
Trista Liu
Trista Liu: Amazing staff! Partner and I went in today to purchase a Gibson Hummingbird, not only did we get a great deal but also had very personable service from Glen and Shannon ! 100% recommend ! Thanks
R L: Great place to buy guitars! I bought my last 2 here and you know you are getting a quality instrument for a great deal.
bonar harris
bonar harris: Some of the nicest, most knowledgeable and genuinely helpful folks in the business anywhere. This shop is a treasure. Top drawer.
the zakis
the zakis: I've been buying guitars and amps for longer than I care to say lol. Glen and Shannon were great to deal with and responded quickly to my emails. I received the guitar and it's an amazing addition to my family. I wouldn't hesitate to order from Westcoast. Thanks so much.Greg
Mark Joseph Rebmann
Mark Joseph Rebmann: These guys are totally on point. Excellent customer service and attention to detail. I bought a beautiful Mosrite from them and let's just say that,"it was all good."
Almar Nijholt
Almar Nijholt: Good shop with very nice people. André was very helpful and interested in what suited my needs. He took all the time in the world (it was not busy, Glenn :-). Glenn and Shannon are the kind of people you wanna have as friends. Love the 2nd hand Nash 52 tele I bought there. Great guitar!
Gabe Nacario
Gabe Nacario: I bought some strings here a while ago and when I was restringing my guitar I broke a string. I called and told what happened and he said to come back and see what we could do. He was then able to find a singular string for me. They were super helpful and nice.
Tony Dong
Tony Dong: Nice owner, an amazing price and great service, happy to had a guitar there.Love my Cordoba C7 CE guitar.
Margaux Fonteyn
Margaux Fonteyn: Incredible service !Definitely the best instrument shop from far we've been to in BC ✨We found the perfect guitar, thanks for everything
Kyle McDonald
Kyle McDonald: Best Guitar Store ive ever been too and amazing service. Overall just a really cool and chill store.
Vishal S
Vishal S: My experience was AMAZING. I wish I could give more stars. Especially for Glenn and Shannon. (I hope I got her name right, forgive me if I didn’t. I am so bad at remembering names😅.) In fact, them and everyone else over there treat customers like family.I had just arrived at Vancouver and wanted to get myself an acoustic-electric. I am more of a beginner-intermediate player, but knew absolutely squat about getting a good guitar along with accessories. Glenn was more than happy to show me around, like the different price ranges, types etc.. and was more patient than my late 92-year old grandfather. I chose one of the mid-range Alvarez and it sounds simply amazing.They made coffee for me, and since it was Glenn’s birthday, Shannon also offered delicious icecream cheesecake! Oh and Glenn threw in a guitar bag and some picks gratis. They even invited me over for lunch etc. anytime. Even my mom hasn’t shown me so much love.Again, I was more than happy and would be dropping in sometime. It’s hard to find good people in life, but the people over there are definitely them. I am so glad I went there and if you are thinking about it, you should definitely drop by too.
Dennis de Ramos
Dennis de Ramos: All my email inquiries were answered promptly. Went to the store to pick up my order and was amazed on the cool guitars they have. Owners were very friendly and made me feel welcomed. I felt their passion on what they do. They even offered me something to drink. Great overall experience.One word to describe Westcoast Guitars Vancouver - "Wow".
Robbie Chen
Robbie Chen: Great staff service and probably the best prices anywhere in Canada! I live in Toronto and Glen was able to get my to guitar me in no time with free shipping.
C C: About 20 years ago someone asked my dad to throw away a guitar for them, he thought it was cool so instead he kept it in the basement for a couple decades.Since it turned out to be a 1978 Martin D-18 I brought it to West Coast to see what could be done about the body cracks, twisted neck, broken tuners and messed up frets. Thankfully they were able to save this guitar and make it play like new while keeping the "rescued from the dumpster" style I wanted to maintain and they pulled it off under budget! I couldn't be happier with how it turned out and I will definitely be bringing all my guitar repair needs to them.
Marshall Reid
Marshall Reid: Super friendly staff who know their stuff! Got a great acoustic at a great price. Couldn’t be happier that I decided to check them out.
Will Rascan
Will Rascan: Came into town and picked up a Fender FMT HH…beauty flame top in Amber color. Friendly service from both Glen and Shannon. Super hot day out and brought my dog in…no problem and gave her some water which was greatly appreciated 🙏🏻
Doug Carr
Doug Carr: Great, selection and staff.

7. Music Gallery - West Vancouver

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94 reviews
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Music Gallery
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Address: 1468 Marine Dr, West Vancouver, BC V7T 1B7, Canada

Schedule: Open until 6:30 PM

Telephone: +1 604-833-8123

Business type: Musical instrument store

Music Gallery: what do users think?
Anita Fit4mylife
Anita Fit4mylife: My daughter starts violin in this academy and we were so satisfy with the teacher, the management and the overall experience at this academy. very friendly staff and great environment, for sure I would recommend to others.
S KM: A review long overdue... I have been a customer for almost 15 years now at Music Gallery. Bought my guitar and piano here. They have provided great service all long. Fast, reliable and above all honest crew. Patience is a virtue at Music Gallery!! Always willing to help and reliable. I have referred many of my students here to purchase their instruments and will continue to do so as they have proven to be reliable, competitive and honest through the test of time!
Stanley Hung
Stanley Hung: Regina was very knowledgeable in helping my son choose his first guitar.Excellent selection of guitars.Also, very convenient to book music lessons.Thank you Regina.
herry shao
herry shao: 我今天到琴行给女儿买了新的二分之一的小提琴,还把前年买的小提琴替换,一共支付了249加币,我觉得价格非常合理。还有新的琴盒,我女儿非常喜欢。最重要的是Regina的服务非常好,耐心,细心,下次换琴我还会来这里。
Amir Karimi
Amir Karimi: Very good collection of different instruments, great customer service and wonderful, knowledgable and polite personnel. We found this store the best in the town!
Jack Ormel
Jack Ormel: Super helpful and very kind!
Javad Noori
Javad Noori: I had the pleasure of purchasing my piano from this shop, where Regina provided excellent customer service by offering valuable and informative guidance.
Haruka Sun
Haruka Sun: We’ve got our very first Yamaha piano from Music Gallery & Academy and the best experience of my life! Regina is very professional,knowledgeable and very patience with us. They also have great selection of digital piano. If you are looking for piano for yourself or your kids, highly recommend!!!
Katarina Nikolic
Katarina Nikolic: Michael was incredibly helpful regarding all my inquiries. He has extensive knowledge and experience regarding musical instruments, music lessons, instrument repair and provided me with top-notch support and assistance. I highly recommend The Music Gallery for all your musical needs.
Melody Kruppa
Melody Kruppa: Went in looking for what I thought I needed-an amplifier for my digital piano. The staff were very kind to me and went through my options in detail. I felt guilty about the amount of time they spent with me testing the amplifiers especially when, in the end they told me I don't need something that expensive. They recommended something simpler and more affordable-a portable speaker. I was really appreciative of the time they spent with me, their kindness and honesty. I could have easily been influenced to buy something I didn't need at a high price. I highly recommend this shop!
Andrea Dunn
Andrea Dunn: If I had to comment in as few words as possible, I would have to say my experience was “unreal”, or maybe “amazing” or “first-class” or “top-notch”.The service was impeccable. Michael helped me out and although I walked in knowing nothing about instruments, he took the time to sit with me and help me understand what it was I was looking for. He is so personable, it felt like I’d known him forever, He was as excited as I was about my new endeavour to learn the guitar so I could cross that off my bucket list. He showed me some tricks to get started with my learning, and assisted me in getting lessons in their academy. Not once did I feel pressured to buy anything or commit to anything.A week after my guitar purchase and first lesson with Arash (who is amaaaaaaaazing), Michael invited me back to see how my lesson went, and see if I needed any help with anything.He was so kind and helpful. He spent another good amount of time showing me a couple things to really focus on during my practicing at home.I’m so grateful I walked into the Music Gallery to make my purchase, as the service was next to none.
Rosie Mitchell
Rosie Mitchell: Wonderful experience purchasing my new ukulele from Music Gallery.
farshad mahnam
farshad mahnam: Wonderful music store with amazing staff.Mike is a real gentleman .I highly recommend them for buying any musical instrument or attending any musical classes.
Ghazaleh Azimzadeh
Ghazaleh Azimzadeh: ✨️✨️✨️✨️✨️5 Stars. The best experience of my life. I'm fall in love with my white Yamaha Piano😍 I would like to thank the entire Music Gallery team, especially Mr. Ehsan, who gave me the best advice with patience, good manners, and valuable knowledge, and it only took 4 days to place my order and get it. On the same day, the educational plan of my classes was also done. I recommend everyone to visit the music gallery to buy instruments or learn.🙏😊
Ghazal Taleb
Ghazal Taleb: Michael is a great person himself , so knowledgeable and patient with all your concerns and questions about musical instruments.We recently bought an acoustic piano from them, a Hailun HU120J, and he helped us a lot to find a good match with our needs and budget.Your help and advice are appreciated Mike.Highly recommended Music gallery, you will be in good hands there.
Shailene Daemi
Shailene Daemi: After many research about different piano brands, finally, we bought a Hailun piano from Music gallery today. Madam Regina helped us to choose a perfect piano based on her experience and knowledge. She is also very patient with kids. I highly recommend this store specially if you are living in North shore and looking for a lifetime piano.
cici zhang
cici zhang: Regina and Charle was very helpful and welcoming
Julia Zhou
Julia Zhou: I went to Music Gallery on Dec 28 2022 looking for a ukulele. Regina was very patient and helpful. She let me try a few back and forth, played for me to compare the sound and gave me professional advice on which one to choose. After staying at the store for an hour and half, I eventually decided to pick the concert ukulele which sounded louder and happier, and of course more fit for my hands. Regina also introduced a beginner book and suggested me to do some self-learning before I went to the private lesson two weeks later. I did follow her advice, and started to read the book. I can't stop playing for a few hours each day ever since and now I can play "Sweet Sweet Home" while chanting. It is so much fun. Thank you Regina!
Mark Condon
Mark Condon: I bought an electric drumset with Regina and Charlie’s help. It was a floor model so Charlie helped me to pack it away and bring it to the car. Regina was very pleasant to interact with
ming lei
ming lei: Regina provide amazing service and really patience. She explained everything in detail. Here there are a lot of music devices, like guitar, piano, ukulele, etc. Highly recommended. Enjoy music go ahead.
Vicky Lin
Vicky Lin: Amazing choices of musical instruments available. I went into the store looking for an Ukulele. Regina provided exceptional customer service experience and showed me all the options available for me to choose. I definitely recommend going to Music Gallery for any music related needs. Thank you once again to both Regina and Music Gallery for making the shopping experience a very positive one.

8. Pacey's Pianos - Vancouver

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21 reviews
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Pacey's Pianos
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Address: 11 E Broadway, Vancouver, BC V5T 1V4, Canada

Schedule: Open until 5:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-732-8835

Business type: Piano store

Pacey's Pianos: what do users think?
Yue Wang
Yue Wang: Worst piano house ever! Super slow replies! And every time I received a reply, the price was different!!!
Dominic Rechner
Dominic Rechner: A few weeks ago we were tasked with moving our family upright grand to a new family.Living in the neighborhood, I reached out to Pacey's piano moving to help us out. We were under a schedule to move our mum to an assisted living establishment. I called over and over, emailed Pacey's and was not able to get a specific quote or booking while the time was passing by. I even went to the establishment and met with a very nice technician to give him all the information. We were forced to find alternate movers on short notice and fortunately it worked out with an alternate fantastic piano moving company.
cujo312: I was trying to get an idea of the value of my late mother's piano for probate. I called out of the blue having no actual business to do with this store, and a very kind women took the time to answer my question as well as provide me with some additional information that was very helpful. This is the first time I've ever written a review, but her kindness and Pacey's Pianos very much deserves any future business coming their way.
Emma Dotto
Emma Dotto: Superb knowledge and customer service! Thank you, Paceys! After leaving a message about trying to decide wether to move and store or say goodbye to a piano, Sean heard my message (and overwhelmed tone!) and called me on his day off to give me his time and free advice. 10/10 would recommend to anyone needing any piano services. I’m glad my dad recommended Paceys to me, as he recalled the same amazing customer service he received from the Pacey family years ago.
Vincent Zhou
Vincent Zhou: Mainly new piano, yana introduced very carefully
Nathan Gallagher
Nathan Gallagher: Pacey's is the best. I have dealt with them twice now: once for a rental and once to buy. Both times have been fantastic.Sean is passionate, caring, and understanding throughout the whole process, and has a real love for the instruments.This is the best place to buy a piano.
Greg Andersen Music
Greg Andersen Music: I've been in several piano stores this past week and almost all of them I was seriously disappointed with the pushy commision driven mentality of the staff. My experience with Sean at Pacey's Pianos was the polar opposite. He took the time to understand my needs as a pianist and I got the sense that building the relationship was more important than making the sale.This is so rare these days! I highly recommend talking to Sean before shopping elsewhere as you will certainly leave the store with a greater understanding on what you're looking for, or you're dream piano!Greg.
Eugene Shmitsman
Eugene Shmitsman: Excellent service, knowledgeable staff, great location to source parts, if you cannot figure out the tuning you can count on them! Highly recommended.
Shirley Mao
Shirley Mao: Samuel is very nice, professional and knowledgable. He was patient with us and not eager to close the sale. The first time at the store there aren't many second hand upright pianos left to choose from and he suggested us to come back in a week to see the next piano shipments from Japan.We ended up buying a 20+years old Yamaha U1 from Japan at very decent price. Delivery & 1st tunning were covered from the purchase price. Delivery guys from Music Box & piano tuning by Bob Wilson are highly trained professionals. Highly recommended to others looking to buy new or 2nd hand pianos. We would definitely go back to Pacey's if upgrading our Piano in the future!
Brad Jessup
Brad Jessup: Samuel provided great sales service during the purchase of our piano. And delivery was very prompt. Great service, great price, great product.
Peng Li
Peng Li: Absolutely 5 stars! Strongly recommended! We have been to 6 different stores. We got our piano UX5 from them. This is the only store we have the experience beyond our expectations. Samuel is nice, professional and knowledgable. He was patient and not eager to close the sale. Thanks to Samuel for all the valuable information.
Katie Spencer-Lim
Katie Spencer-Lim: I worked with the incredible team at Pacey's on a recent work project and couldn't be happier. Their knowledge, customer service and commitment to finding just the right piano was so greatly appreciated! Highly recommend
Rena McLeod
Rena McLeod: Thank you Samuel for an efficient and very fast service!
Tomoko Mikuriya
Tomoko Mikuriya: Thank you Samuel for helping me find the right piano. Your patience, knowledge and passion for pianos made my piano shopping experience very pleasant and enjoyable. I highly recommend Pacey’s Pianos!
Sean Travels
Sean Travels: Buying a piano from Pacey’s Pianos was such a great experience. We came back 6 times and I started to feel a little bad. The wife can be super indecisive and I wanted her to really take her time and play all the pianos. We found the right piano and the price was good too. Highly recommend.
Thao Mulligan
Thao Mulligan: Very professional, they moved and tuned my piano, both the movers and the tunner came on time and did an excellent job.
Rachel Shen
Rachel Shen: Samuel at Pacey's Piano helped me with my piano rental. He was cognizant of my budget and type of use and recommended a beautiful used Steigerman piano with those two factors in mind. He followed up with me after our first meeting without being too pushy and exhibited humble and courteous customer service throughout the process. Thank you Samuel!
v mesana
v mesana: Had the initial pleasure working with Sam at Pacey’s pianos. Both Sam and owner Sean delivered great customer service and extended their piano knowledge and expertise towards us. Soon to be happy owners of a beautiful white baby grand piano!
최보람: I felt like I had to write this review, Sean was so helpful in finding the right piano for our family.Thank you Paceys Pianos.
Laura Cairn
Laura Cairn: I went to Pacey's Pianos looking to upgrade from a keyboard to a piano for my daughter. I was so impressed by Sean's knowledge of every piano in the store and the family-friendly environment of the place. He helped us find the ideal instrument for my daughter and I'd do business there again in a heartbeat! 5/5
Archie Lennon
Archie Lennon: Just thought I should write this review as I just my piano tuned again and they are helping me move the piano to Victoria.What amazed me the most about this store is how many people recommended me to Paceys.Sean is a great guy with lots of experience in the piano industry, and very professional. I must've spent hours just trying each piano at leisure, and Sean didn't mind at all. That's where I found the Mason and Hamlin that I personally adored. Gave me a free moving and tuning.In terms of piano service Pacey's Pianos has made a big impact on me. If I ever come back to Vancouver I couldn't think of any other piano store.

9. Tapestry Music Ltd - White Rock

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Tapestry Music Ltd
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Address: 1335 Johnston Rd, White Rock, BC V4B 3Z3, Canada

Schedule: Open until 5:30 PM

Telephone: +1 604-538-0906

Business type: Musical instrument store

Tapestry Music Ltd: what do users think?
Maria Mingot
Maria Mingot: I am very happy with my new purchase. People from the online store was really nice and all the time were answering my questions. The instrument arrived in perfect conditions and was very easy to track the package. I encorauge everyone buy your instruments here if you are looking for a good quality purchase.
Duo Del Mar
Duo Del Mar: Excellent service. Good stock. Super location. Good value.
chuck opavsky
chuck opavsky: They were very helpful and the uke is beautiful and plays beautifully .Chuck
Rosemary Simituk
Rosemary Simituk: Staff referred me to a flute repair shop that was able to repair a bent key on the spot!I really appreciate their great service.
Barbara Gleason Kyle
Barbara Gleason Kyle: What a great shop with very friendly, knowledgeable staff.
James Gordon
James Gordon: Awesome place. I broke the pegs while restringing my acoustic .They drilled out broken pegs, restrung and adjusted the action within hours of my drop-off. Very impressed.
Todd Bell
Todd Bell: Staff are very knowledgeable and great pricing for the guitar I bought. Also, taking lessons.
Gabby Harrison
Gabby Harrison: I bought the mini white jazz master and it came within a little over a week was in perfect condition and plays well.
Jane Margaret MacIsaac
Jane Margaret MacIsaac: Had the specific instrument I was looking for, shipped across the country and arrived in perfect shape. Thanks!
Shayne Ireland
Shayne Ireland: Communication was excellent. Set up of the instrument is fantastic. Delivery took less then a week from BC to Ont.
yusuf said kargı
yusuf said kargı: The asian girl was absolutely amazing worked she found the problem in my flute in about 5 second and she instantly fixed. Plus she didnt charge us money for that. Absolutely amazing work
Phil Hufnagel
Phil Hufnagel: Great shipping. Was the only store I could find in Canada that had Larsen Il Cannone strings in stock for cello. Really appreciate that. Thanks!
Björn Ulfsson
Björn Ulfsson: Tapestry is just like the music store I experienced when growing up in the 80s: personal service, great guitar technicians, great prices - and they even sell individual guitar strings! :) We’re lucky to have such an awesome music store in White Rock. I’d recommend it to anyone!!
Marco Poon
Marco Poon: I bought an electric ukulele online recently, before I made the decision, I had all my questions answered quickly through text message. The shipping was free and quick, and you can request for signature when arrive. The ukulele came well packaged and fully setup. I highly recommended this place and for sure I will purchase from them again!
Pierre Kitts
Pierre Kitts: Great price delivered quickly as advertised...will buy from them again
Paul G
Paul G: Good selection of woodwind and brass accessories, friendly and knowledgeable staff. Very reasonable prices
Frantz D. PIERRE-LOUIS Pl. Fin.
Frantz D. PIERRE-LOUIS Pl. Fin.: Very good services et advices. Yes you can use the stand to play adjusted to the lowest position. You need to be around 5.8 feet . I'm very happy and Tapestry Music advised me on that possibility. Very easy to order and fast delivery.
Maxime Duchesne
Maxime Duchesne: Great experience, fast shipping!
Miles George (Cu-Cu)
Miles George (Cu-Cu): This month I ordered a Flight Centurion electric ukulele for my wife through Tapestry Music in White Rock. The entire buying and shipping process went smoothly and they even kept me updated via text on my order information, which I found to be a nice personal touch! The ukulele arrived safely packaged and it sounds fantastic! Thanks again to the folks at Tapestry Music for making my wife's musical dream come true!
Bub Zulu
Bub Zulu: Excellent work by the team at Tapestry Music in White Rock . They worked on my B Bender Telecaster and it’s perfectly intonated . They fixed the spring so it’s tighter and when not deployed it doesn’t accidentally slip . Also the setup was perfect . I purchased a Jet Strat there and they did a great set up and loosened the springs on the whammy . Beyond my expectations . You can’t beat the price for a Jet Guitar !!! I look forward to putting many hours enjoying this guitar . They have some great Squires there as well . I had to put the blinders on and run away !!! BZ
Judy Paterson
Judy Paterson: Ordered form the east and my package arrived quite quickly (via Canada Post.) Store communication was very good. Have yet to use the purchase as it is a gift.

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