Best Flamenco Fusion Venues In Vancouver Near Me

1. the Kino - Vancouver

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the Kino
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Address: 3456 Cambie St, Vancouver, BC V5Z 2W8, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 5:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-875-1998

Business type: Performing arts theater

the Kino: what do users think?
Andrew Butler: The voicemail greeting says the there will be no more flamenco or comedy. New owners are taking over. So sad 😔
Arash Salamati: One of the most legendary places in Vancouver from live music and comedy show to the great drinks they have. It's really unfortunate they'll be leaving the space after more than 20 years of being there
Katherine: What an amazing place! It's got a heartbeat. Which, in a city like Vancouver, is a bit rare. Steve is a gem. So sad it's closing.
Jas Bhachu: Great spot for an amazing comedy scene. The owner Steve is one of the nicest people you'll ever come across. Highly recommended for the atmosphere and entertainment.
Ross H: If you haven’t seen the flamenco dancing here, you must. On top of that they get in a lot of good local comics. Highly recommend.
Mark Stockbrocks: Along with legions of other fans of the Kino I sure as all heck we will all bear witness to the next iteration of this cherished and beloved destination venue 🤣🎙️🏆💃🏻
Dulce Lopez: This place has been always a jewel in the "vanilla" Vancouver. It has a bright spirit, A huge heart. You feel alive with the vibrant energy of flamenco. The staff is amazingly friendly and make you feel like having a party in the living room of their home. When I'm homesick this is my place to go to uplift my mood and also to celebrate when I'm happy too.It'll be a big loss having this place closedDear Steve, wherever you go, let us know, we'll follow you.
shahrokh sharifi: Such a cool place
Nick Challis: Always have a great time at The Kino. Steve is a lovely bloke. I'm sorry that Bonnie Henry and her staff (all whom have guaranteed jobs) have made life hard for you.
Alexander Hanna (Endo): Been coming here off and on for decades. Actually. It's a staple place if you want to slink into a corner and listen to gypsy music and sip.
Tyler Norman: The Kino is the business that is at the heart of the Cambie Village. Without it, Cambie Village would lose its character. Live comedy, live performances, friendly staff, a respectable beer list, and a comfortable atmosphere make this bar one of the most welcoming places you'll ever walk into. Steve, the owner, is a great guy. He'll come and chat with you at your table and he'll make you feel right at home.
Kalman Schubert: I have no memory of this place.
Chef Menajem Peretz: Nothing is more local around Cambie Village like Kino, nothing more unique. From comedy all the way to the flamenco shows, each day a visit to this place is a day to remember. Totally rustic and down to earth, full of visitors but with a bar also with regular. For a full show or just a late afternoon bite and drinks. The place that must be visit around Cambie village
Yoav Engelberg: The best venue for live performances. Friendly staff too.
Monika Jesenicnik: This is a very welcoming and cute gem in the Cambie Village area. This bar has few taps (but Guinness is one of them), no fancy cocktails, but I do highly recommend their sangria. Also recommend the spinach dip or the nachos! The staff, and especially the man who runs the whole thing - are always very nice and attentive. They have stand up comedy on some nights. Its not very big which makes it cozy and very "local" like.
Richard Hammerton: It has Soul, you feel welcome, people in the bar are arty there's comedy you get large beers what more do you need?
Brandys Evans: Wonderful venue to enjoy yourself. Steve, the owner, is a great man, out there to simply bring some joy and happiness to the people of Vancouver.
Arun Kumar: I went for dino comedy show at this place, the owner Steve was funny and so polite , happy to be hear
Lisa Littlewood: My new local! The patio is great for a few drinks and the Guinness is lovely, glad to see the Kino open again!
Eric Morley: Lovely atmosphere great pints !
W T: Always eclectic , the kino has late week maracha and gypsy dancing as a common attraction. Beer selection is decent and food is good but its hard to know they serve food when you walk in. You gotta ask as they dont usually have table servers to infirm you.

2. Rickshaw Theatre - Vancouver

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Rickshaw Theatre
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Address: 254 E Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1P1, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-681-8915

Business type: Performing arts theater

Rickshaw Theatre: what do users think?
Lucas Mol: Really cool old theatre that books some fantastic artists. Drink options are pretty limited and cash only. But who cares? You're here for the music. 🤘
Ryan Tindall: Great venue. Great sound. Great staff
rafael alves: Best place in Vancouver!!
Zaking: I come here a lot for metal shows and this place rocks. Friendly staff and security, you can go in and out as many times as you’d like, and a can of beer isn’t even 6 dollars. Easily my favourite music venue in Vancouver. 5/5
Milk: Went there for the first time with a buddy of mine. Had one of the best nights of my life.Despite the place being much smaller than I expected, all my other expectations were positively shattered.The volume was at levels I have never expierenced before. They were at a level where I felt my ribcage vibrating aggressively. True noise cancellation as I couldn't near anyone around me, except for the bands.The staff were very friendly. I quite enjoyed the conversations that were had between performances. The people attending were incredibly friendly too. I was slightly caught off guard. The audience was a bug factor in making the night worth remembering.Went for the @archspireofficial show. All the bands prior to the main show were brilliant. Enjoyed all of them.As for the best part that got me fueled were the moshpits and wall of deaths. New concept to me, but loved every second of it. Had my testosterone & adrenaline levels spiking to the sky. Instantly had me hooked.Definitely coming back for future shows. 10/10
markus keinhorst: Obviously the band made the night, The Heavy were as expected a great show. Cash only peeps....decent choice of drinks.....
olim82: I love this venue. It's a smaller sized venue so you have great site lines no matter where you are and the staff there seem friendly and accommodating.
Byren Koelling: Great staff, reasonable prices for alcohol and the best metal venue in Vancouver
Justin: The venue is on east hastings and you will need to wait out side with all sorts of addicts and occasional violence before entry to a show. It’s also pretty dirty and dingy. The security also jumps across you if you are unfortunate enough to sit in the wrong seats. Unfortunately it’s the only place to go for a lot of metal shows.
Jonny Ray: I really enjoyed the atmosphere. Staff was very friendly. Had a great time during a concert. :)
peppertomb: Assisted my wheelchair-bound friend to a Watsky show. The staff is incredible here, everyone is crazy nice and went out of their way to make sure we had a good time. Special thanks to the beefy bald security dude, who repeatedly came up to check in on us and let us know about close accessible washrooms (the rickshaw's are up a flight of stairs)
Maria Vervena: Amazing venue, I’m definitely looking forward to my next visit. The staff were also amazing. All around fun night.
J Harnett: Very friendly security! This place has so much character. I love that it's an independent venue that brings in a lot of alternative, punk, and metal acts. Tough part of town and sad to see, but if you mind your own business you'll be fine.
William Shakesbeare: Great sound. Classic Vancouver scene vibe. 👌
Jasmine Lysenko: Very fun venue.
Kyle Lawhead: Great place to experience live shows
Kao Lew: Amazing Venue, staff was so nice, I liked how the seating is placed so you have somewhere to relax after rocking out.
Michael Windeyer: Good room to see a show.
Gord McCaw: Have seen many great shows here, tremendous venue and owner Mo Tarmohamed is a standup guy...
Sávio Vilela: O Rickshaw Theatre em Vancouver, Canadá, é uma joia escondida no cenário musical da cidade. Este espaço de shows intimista oferece uma experiência única aos amantes da música ao vivo. Com uma capacidade para cerca de 200 pessoas, o Rickshaw Theatre proporciona uma atmosfera íntima e acolhedora, permitindo que os fãs fiquem próximos aos artistas em um ambiente acolhedor e autêntico.O Rickshaw Theatre é conhecido por sua acústica excepcional, tornando cada apresentação uma experiência sonora incrível. O palco é bem posicionado, oferecendo uma excelente visibilidade de qualquer ponto do local. Além disso, o espaço possui uma pista de dança espaçosa para aqueles que desejam se mover ao som da música.A atmosfera do Rickshaw Theatre é única, com sua decoração vintage e estilo urbano. A vibe descontraída e underground é perfeita para quem procura uma experiência autêntica de música ao vivo. O local também possui um bar bem abastecido, com uma seleção de bebidas para atender a diversos gostos.A programação do Rickshaw Theatre é diversificada e abrange uma ampla gama de gêneros musicais, desde rock e metal até eletrônico e hip-hop. A variedade de shows e eventos torna o local interessante para diferentes tipos de público. A equipe do Rickshaw Theatre é amigável e prestativa, proporcionando um excelente atendimento aos visitantes.Uma das principais vantagens do Rickshaw Theatre é sua localização conveniente, no coração de Vancouver, com fácil acesso ao transporte público e estacionamento nas proximidades. O local também é conhecido por seu compromisso com a sustentabilidade e a responsabilidade social, implementando práticas ecologicamente conscientes em suas operações.No entanto, o espaço do Rickshaw Theatre pode ser considerado pequeno para alguns, e a falta de assentos pode ser um inconveniente para alguns visitantes. Além disso, como muitos locais de música ao vivo, o nível de ruído pode ser alto, o que pode ser incômodo para algumas pessoas sensíveis a sons altos.Em resumo, o Rickshaw Theatre é um local de música ao vivo em Vancouver que oferece uma experiência única e autêntica para os amantes da música. Com sua atmosfera íntima, acústica excepcional e programação diversificada, é uma escolha popular para aqueles que buscam uma noite memorável de música ao vivo.
Cam Riva: My second home in Vancouver. Great place, great people, great music! I’ve been going to the Rickshaw for years now and have only had great experiences - whether a sold out show or just a hundred or so people its always a blast

3. Fox Cabaret - Vancouver

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Fox Cabaret
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Address: 2321 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5T 3C9, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 8:00 PM

Business type: Bar

Fox Cabaret: what do users think?
Logan Wicks: I haven't danced this hard since I saw the demon barber of fleet street
Jonathan Harris: I came here for 2 nights of a metal festival and was pleasantly surprised at how good the sound quality was for the small space. Cosy venue with limited seating, friendly staff, and quick service at the bar. Definitely worth checking out if there's a show coming up that catches your eye!
Kao Lew: Went here for a metal fest. The stools were a little uncomfortable, but you're meant to be rocking out. Staff was nice and parking was easy to find.
Robert Piddocke: Good place to catch a show. Acoustics are ok.
Shaida Joukar: always fun vibes and great energy!
METALHEAVEN CANADA: The venue itself is small. The stage area is great and so is the service but compared to Toronto or New York venues, it is small, very small.
Shade Henderson: Great vibe, perfect small venue!
Mitchell “MaravillosO” Undurraga: Great local spot for drinks and dancing. Staff is exceptional and welcoming.
Danyel M: Great place to watch live music and home to a phenomenal team! Ciji was great in helping arrange event details for the projection room.
Manizha A: Came here for the first time for a friends birthday party. Our bartender upstairs was very nice and friendly, and good service downstairs as well. The place got pretty packed after 10pm. Good choice of music and overall had a great time. The SkyTrain station was about a 15 minute walk back.
Nicholas: Great vibes
bee keepness: We attended the impov there and we had a great time. Service was great, show was funny. Will definitely be checking out more shows.
Comedy In Kitsap: Great venue, staff, and drinks!
April Petry: We're visiting from Edmonton and stumbled on a show playing at Fox Cabaret (Wares who turned out to be from Edmonton and we will definitely go see preform back home), Kamikaze Nurse and Soyjoy. The venue was so cool and the bar/cocktails were great, I would highly recommend for live music! My only wish was for more chairs and tables to have a seat for a bit!
Tim Swanson: It was a blast! Went for 4 for 4 and Shimbashi Station was rocking!
Christa Siminiuk: I went dancing with some friends here last weekend and we had an awesome experience! The door staff were friendly and welcoming. The music was great and the water station was a cool perk! I will be back :)
Stephanie Sun: This is the worst place to go
Maxwell Chan: they cut someone's set 15 minutes early even though we paid to see her. they weren't even behind schedule. they just wanted to bring their dj in early at 1030
Natasha Lynne: Great little place! Good for live music and drinks!
Lauren Tremblay: We bought tickets to see Wallice and Jawny. Wallice was on for about five songs before they cut her off with fifteen minutes left. Completely unprofessional and disappointing to the artists and the people who bought tickets.
Jayana Devathasan: Great music. Shout out to Tom!

4. Firehall Arts Centre - Vancouver

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Firehall Arts Centre
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Address: 280 E Cordova St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1L3, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-689-0926

Business type: Performing arts theater

Firehall Arts Centre: what do users think?
ShaZaM 604: Firehall Arts showcases diverse viewpoints and is a space for creative expression. We saw a show this week and we’re weary of parking our bikes outside. Then we were surprised they had a safety person who watched bikes during the show and offered to walk people to their cars. Cool 😎
Shane Fraser: A great community space run by great community members. Definitely worth supporting any events here!
Brionne Asham: Great place to watch theater. White Noise was superb
Rico Morales: Enjoyed the White Noise production, a message that needs to be heard.
Kathryn O'Leary (nee Kathryn Cooke): Beautiful venue for performance. My only criticism is that the washrooms are split between two levels- not ideal for those with mobility issues.
Deirdre Keohane: Our Ghosts was brilliant!
Lynn Foster: Love going here. Beautiful, historic, inclusive and great stage shows ❤
tyler erhardt: Great place to see local shows, seating is perfect to see the stage no matter where you sit, Saw Fado there, and it was a very enjoyable experience!
Joyce Lubert: Lovely show. The singing was heartfelt, the musicians were great, the story showed the struggles of people who emigrate and never really feel completely at home in the adopted country nor their country of origin. It was a nice evening and a wonderful way to understand what Fado is.
Jeff Paxton: Saw Christmas CarolFantastic heart warming ❤️
Jaci “JB” Benson: Wonderful little theater! I had no idea this location existed until we saw our friend perform at a comedy show recently. I really enjoyed the space (nice little bar, decent sized theater), especially the outdoor lounge area. Can't wait to see another show here!
Carlyle Natrall: Nice lil theatre good acoustics
M Malarky: Nice place, clean and staff are very friendly.
Vincent Lee: My first public outing since COVID-19 began can you believe. Service was great. The play WHITE NOISE was amazing.Too many stairs for my disabled body to go up and down on. Wheel chair accessable till you get inside.Will be back for sure. I love the intimacy of the plays.
Mark McKinney: Good shows, seats are not that comfortable but just fine for a 90 min show. Staff was curious and polite.
Joe Callahan: We saw Men express their feelings last night. I only went on a recommendation from a friend with two of my friends. One of my friends got sick and had to use the washroom 10 minutes into the performance. We were told at the beginning that if you had to leave do so by the rear doors and staff would get you back in . My friend left to use the washroom and was told she could not return by an outside staff member. Not a good way to do business. We will never go back there again and will make sure to not recommend it to any of our friends or acquaintances.
Robert L Duncan: Love this theatre venue!! Great professional theatre with an intimate feel. I've never been disappointed attending a show here.
Jayme Andrews: Would reccomend seeing "Men Express Their Feelings" it was phenomenal, the writing, the acting, the lighting! Everything. The staff at the venue were very sweet, and the drinks were well-priced. I got the house red and was not disappointed. Additionally they have a very nice outdoor patio area.
Tom Chin: Been enjoying theatre here for over 35 years! (This is their 40th Anniversary.) Always enjoy Productions that challenge mainstream thinking. This theatre has always worked to represent diversity in the city - both culturally and socio-economically - even when it wasn't a grab for diversity grants. This is a theatre with soul, and supporting the Firehall will be good for yours.
Travis Green: Absolutely a great little place.
Hesquiat delorey-tully: Lovely place for a music show. Accommodating staff :)

5. Vogue Theatre - Vancouver

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1615 reviews
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Vogue Theatre
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Address: 918 Granville St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1L2, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-688-1975

Business type: Performing arts theater

6. Malkin Bowl - Vancouver

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200 reviews
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Malkin Bowl
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Address: 610 Pipeline Rd, Vancouver, BC V6G 3E2, Canada

Telephone: (855) 985-5000

Business type: Amphitheater

Malkin Bowl: what do users think?
Dylan Jones: Decent sound at a scenic, outdoor location.
Chris Hut: Amazing venue in the middle of Stanley Park!Saw a great show by Nora en Pure here and they even let me bring in Toffife!
Brandon Yttri: Saw the Avalanches here, arguably my favorite venue in Vancouver. The only downside being that there's a curfew of 10:00 p.m....
Avery McLean: Love the Malkin Bowl. It was the perfect venue to see one of our favorite artists. I love how you are surrounded by trees while being comfy and entertained. Can't wait for the next event!
Helene Childs: Wish they had more concerts here!!!
Colin Craig: Such a fun venue!! Dress appropriately tho - it can get cold after the sun goes down.
David Chao: Nice venue for outdoor concert.
Chennille Gingera: Atmosphere was great, love outdoor venues
West Side Films (Lucas Koop): Perfect venue, only thing is the sound was a little too quiet for a concert, understandable though as it is outside and sound regulations exist.
Alex Pinto: Beautiful venue right in the middle of stanley park. Entrance was quick and line up for drinks, although big, was very orderly and moved fairly quick. Came to see Nora en Pure and hope to be back soon.Venue has a hard cut off at 10pm which is a bummer, but we’ll work with what we have.
Andrew Sanders: This was a great venue, we saw Lane 8 here. The line up was long to get in which I think was a product of the show being a no video show. The drink line up was a little bit long at times but generally flowed fairly well. The venue did a fantastic job of illuminating the trees creating an intimate venue. Would not hesitate to come back for a show in the future.
Tim M: Nice outdoor venue for concerts!
Pat Trinh: Don't get me wrong, the Malkin Bowl is a gorgeous outdoor concert venue and is visually stunning, especially as the sun sets while you're watching your favorite musicians. However, I'm giving the company behind the venue a 3 star review, because management needs to step their game up on behalf of ticket holders to provide a more efficient way for people to buy booze. Some people could end up paying upwards of $150 for a ticket for this venue. Shows typically start at 6PM and end at 10PM, and time passes by so quickly. Patrons shouldn't need to wait 30+ minutes in the booze line up, to pay for overpriced drinks ($9 for 5 or 6 ounces of beer or wine), while they're missing out on the music. The kicker is that each person is only allowed to buy 2 drinks at a time, but they allow you to buy as many drink tickets as you want. But because of the nature of their space and the amount of time for the show, along with how they've set up the drink line up, it's practically impossible to get more than 4 drinks without missing out on the entire concert. I found that the staff was relatively rude here. I don't blame them too much, as the processes in place, along with strict rules on what people can or can't do during the event, make for a difficult work environment.
Plamen Apostolov: Fantastic place for a venue. Bring your whole family.
J.D. Dueckman: Loved seeing TUTS there! Even with some pre-show rain, they had ponchos ready for everyone and hot beverages available at concessions. You could even get Bailey's with them, which was a nice touch.
Cory Couture: Fantastic show and Malkin Bowl is such a beautiful spot to enjoy some theatre. If you have not done this I recommend you look into booking one of the TUTS show. I saw Something Rotten. It was so much fun and well done. I hear We will Rock You is great too.
Kenneth O'Grady: A unique viewing experience and definitely worth trying out. I found myself wishing the lights were brighter and the sound louder. But it’s well set up with bar and portable washrooms. If walking from the city, you get to enjoy the rose garden and Lost Lagoon too, which is always nice.
Molly Girod: Great performance! Well organized! And lovely setting!
Ellie Khoo: got to watch a TUTS show (we will rock you) and had a lovely time
Keith Robertson: Watched a Theatre Under The Stars performance at the Malkin Bowl. Great atmosphere and seating. Make sure to bring bug spray!
David Nishi-Beckingham: A great place for a play. Stanley Park is nice to walk around before the show. Come early and have a picnic on the grass. Don't forget to bring your bug spray and a sweater it gets cool after the sun goes down.

7. Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage, Arts Club Theatre Company - Vancouver

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633 reviews
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Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage, Arts Club Theatre Company
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Address: 2750 Granville St, Vancouver, BC V6H 3J3, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-687-1644

Business type: Performing arts theater

Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage, Arts Club Theatre Company: what do users think?
MS: Great theatre to check out a live play at! They have a bar and accessible entrance and washrooms. Also, easily accessible by transit which is always a plus.
Jennifer H: Awesome show,fabulous theatre
Charlott-Isabell Witt: I went to the “Georgia McBride” Performance. And it was awesome, such nice performance and actors.Loved it !!
Fern Abercromby: loved the performance The Legend of Georgia McBride, highly recommend it!
Bay Hollander: All I can say is it was absolutely amazing!
Will Anderson: What a lovely theatre!
Marilyn Massoud: Great shows/actors
Abby Nicole: I saw The Legend of Georgia McBride and it was AMAZING! Clearly a good set up for lights & audio. Everywhere is a good seat & seats are comfy.
Kent B: Honestly i would have to say one of the best theatre experiences i have had
B. Smith: Most productions rate 8 or 9 out of 10. once every couple years, something jumps up to 9.5 or 10. Solid.
Mary Pat Thompson: Lovely vintage theatre.
Eddie W: I've been to this venue many times now. Beautiful old theatre. All staff that I've ever dealt with in person or over the phone have been great. The seats are comfortable. Lots of leg room for the average person. There is enough of an angle on the rows and scattering of seats from row to row, at least in the orchestra section that if an average size person sat in front of your view, is still good. I'm not sure what seating in the balcony is like.
Sandrine Ribaille: The seats were quite uncomfortable for someone tall.
Heather Main: Attended a performance of "Sense and Sensibility" on a Sunday afternoon. There was a mix up at the box office (my friend had accidentally booked the wrong day), Glenda (I think) managed to sort it out, she was very helpful and friendly. The show was lovely, beautiful set, beautiful costumes, and extremely well acted and directed. It was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.
Dan Davies: An elegant experience in a beautiful venue! We have seen several productions here and it was great to be back.Few people were wearing masks and distancing is not possible.
Emylee Todd: Stunning theater, in the art deco style. We sat off to the side but still had a good view of the stage, so I'd bet that most of the seats had a good view. The production of sense and sensibility was excellent, the dialog was easily heard even in the quieter moments of the play. All in all a great venue for any play you'd want to see!
hui huang: We're a season subscriber and throughly enjoy our show every time we go
nick hadfield: Beautiful theatre! Seats were nice and close to the stage.
Jacqueline Jongkind: Always amazing venue and performances
Cassandra Anderton: Great venue for the performing arts. The Arts Club Theatre utilizes this stage and their shows are extremely well executed. Check the yearly line up and book ahead! Some great places to grab a drink and a bite, try the Stablehouse or Impostori.
Sarah HANNOU: I went for 3 shows and they were all different and great!If you like plays and musicals, I recommend you check out this theater.

8. Vancouver International Guitar Festival - Vancouver

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5 reviews
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Vancouver International Guitar Festival
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Address: 1888 Main St A1, Vancouver, BC V5T 3B7, Canada

Business type: Festival

Vancouver International Guitar Festival: what do users think?
J Lee: Amazing show, incredibly talented luthiers and gorgeous city!

9. West Point Grey Community Centre - Vancouver

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17 reviews
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West Point Grey Community Centre
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Address: 4397 W 2nd Ave, Vancouver, BC V6R 1K4, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-257-8140

Business type: Community center

10. Guu with Garlic - Vancouver

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1138 reviews
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Guu with Garlic
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Address: 1698 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6G 1C7, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 11:30 AM

Telephone: +1 604-685-8678

Business type: Izakaya restaurant

11. Embarc Vancouver by Diamond Resorts - Vancouver

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129 reviews
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Address: 1001 Hornby St #2951, Vancouver, BC V6Z 3A5, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-893-7444

Business type: Resort hotel

12. Kwantlen Polytechnic University - Surrey

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277 reviews
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Kwantlen Polytechnic University
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Address: 12666 72 Ave, Surrey, BC V3W 2M8, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 7:30 AM

Telephone: +1 604-599-2100

Business type: University

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