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1. Dr. Krista Moyer, Naturopathic Doctor Virtual Care - Vancouver

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Dr. Krista Moyer, Naturopathic Doctor Virtual Care
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Address: Vancouver, BC V6J 5G4, Canada

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12PM Tue

Business type: Naturopathic practitioner

Dr. Krista Moyer, Naturopathic Doctor Virtual Care: what do users think?
Taylor Tuson
Taylor Tuson: Amazing Naturopath, with some life counselling as a bonus!
caleb ng
caleb ng: The best
Kathleen Murdock
Kathleen Murdock: Krista is great at what she does, and is an amazing communicator. She has helped me understand my body and brain so much better (as cheesy as it may sound). She gets to know her patients well; her observation and listening skills lead to helpful discoveries. For example, she has been able to flag my skin issues before dermatologists did. She recently made me a tincture that I was skeptical of and has worked wonders for me. I feel like I can go to her for nearly any health problem and she would find a solution.
Wade Moore
Wade Moore: I had never considered going to see a Naturopathic Dr until I was referred to Dr. Moyer. I was having issues with my neck, shoulders and back. Through adjustments, acupuncture, and even guidance in changing of my diet, I feel considerably better and pain free. She has taught me so much with her knowledge in naturopathic medicine and general health.
Hesam Deihimi
Hesam Deihimi: Dr. Moyer has helped me recover from a few injuries and other health related issues over the years. She has a very thorough knowledge of her field and cares immensely about her patients. I have referred her to my friends and family and they were all very happy with their results.
Julie Perkes
Julie Perkes: Dr. Moyer is professional and very knowledgable about naturopathic medicine. She has a love for her work and it shows. She has made a difference in my life and helped me with various health issues that I have had in the past. Thank you for everything Dr. Moyer!
Ian Mc Walter
Ian Mc Walter: Amazing, professional, knowledgeable and life changing. Dr. Krista Moyer has not only been one of the most positive influences in my life, but also the lives of many of my clients.She's passionate about what she does and to date, has been able to help me with a variety of different personal issues. You're an amazing and motivating person Dr. Moyer and I'm happy to have you in my life.
Lauren Boyes
Lauren Boyes: Dr. Moyer was instrumental in my recovery from an extremely hard time in my life, when I was looking for assistance in dealing with a variety of issues that had been dismissed by my regular medical doctor. Dr. Moyer was incredibly knowledgeable and was always 100% engaged and compassionate during my visits/treatments. I not only felt so well taken care of by her, and trusted her suggestions and treatments, but I genuinely felt she cared about my well being, She opened my eyes to a new world of health options and practices, and supported me fully when I needed it most. I could not recommend her more highly to anyone whether new to the naturopathic world or otherwise.
Jane Stoudenikina
Jane Stoudenikina: I had the pleasure of having Dr Moyer as my Naturopathic Physician last year (I unfortunately had to move but would highly recommend her to anyone in the greater Vancoucer area). Throughout our time together she was very knowledgeable, scientific and yet compassionate and understanding. She worked with me to come up with a treatment plan that I could stick to and helped me achieve long term health benefits. She also took the time to explain everything to me - I learned more about health and my body with her then I ever have throughout school. She was and continues to be a great resource for me and I would recommend her to anyone in the greater Vancouber area.
Sean McDonald
Sean McDonald: Working with Dr. Moyer was sincerely one of the most clinically relaxing experiences I've had in a long time. Vocalizing numerous discomforts has never personally been so professionally cared for with the short time I had to work with Dr. Moyer.The extended knowledge she wields within her field is something I can clearly feel she is passionate about and it bleeds through her work ethic and service. As a consumer and as an active enthusiast in the health and wellness industry; I understand the benefit behind these qualities.I'm happy to say that I will continue to speak very highly of Dr. Moyer towards all family, friends and clients! Way to go Broadway Wellness!
Corrine Chinfook
Corrine Chinfook: Dr. Moyer is passionate and so knowledgeable. She has helped me understand and go through my symptoms of inflammation and adrenals so that I can face the day with ease. She is a great listener and has made a difference in my daily life. As often as I see her, every visit I learn something new that can help me on my path to healing. She has magic hands for acupuncture and really moves my blocks. Thanks Dr. Moyer!
Chandra Moyer
Chandra Moyer: While I was pregnant with my second child I became very ill with flu like symptoms that lasted for months. I couldn't take it anymore because there was nothing I could take to feel better without putting the baby at risk.So I contacted Dr. Moyer to get some advice on how I could safely relieve my symptoms. She was very thorough and knowledgeable. After two days of taking the supplements she recommended I felt so much better! I could have cried because it was such a relief!And now I continue to use her advice and expertise to keep my body healthy and keep up with my two boys!Thank you so much Dr. Moyer !

2. Electra Health - Vancouver

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404 reviews
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Electra Health
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Address: 970 Burrard St MZ1, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2R4, Canada

Schedule: Open until 8:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-685-4325

Business type: Chiropractor

Electra Health: what do users think?
isaac oommen
isaac oommen: Top class place - I've had two massage therapists here, and both are excellent. They even helped me when I showed up a week early by accident. Great service, wonderful front office staff and stellar practitioners.
Ludmilla Ferreira
Ludmilla Ferreira: Excellent Physio clinic! I highly recommend Joe as a Physiotherapist from Electra health. He has a lot of experience and offers great hands-on manipulation and IMS treatments to treat a variety of soft tissue injuries.
Jason Bonett
Jason Bonett: I was there to conduct business and there was a Fake lips female at reception with another shubby Caucasian female who kept rolling their eyes and giving me attitude for no reason. They were Gossiping about the clients once they went in very unprofessional i will be posting a short video i took on social media so people can know how they behave behind their backs
Hillary Tufford
Hillary Tufford: I was in Vancouver for a few months for a work contract and regularly saw Cole Majoros for massage therapy. Cole is a wonderful, fun, and warm person and he is also hands down the best massage therapist I've ever been to! As a professional singer/performer it is really important for me to find as much physical balance and freedom as possible. Cole helped me release a lot of physical tension, which ultimately allowed me to find a better postural alignment, more freedom in my movement, and more vocal resonance. Cole also gave me fantastic home care suggestions to compliment and maintain the treatment results. Cole's treatments are more on the intense side of the pressure scale, but he is very sensitive and responsive to what one needs. I can't recommend enough!Thank you so much for all of the laughs and chats Cole, and of course for the great treatments too!
Leonora Gaylor
Leonora Gaylor: Amazing session with Dylan. Looking forward to the nxt. Leonora
Mac B
Mac B: spotless rooms! very friendly staff! definitely will be back!!
Paz del Olmo
Paz del Olmo: I have been desperately in pain with sciatica. The summary: I walked in like a robot and walked out like a person! Amber's work was spectacular, she explained everything and recommended exercises for home.
K Y: Wendy and Stephen are amazing! Thank you both for being such great RMTs
S M: Dylan is a great kinesiologist to see for active rehab. I have a-lower pain on my back and neck pain that I’ve been dealing with for a long time.I’ve seen Dylan over a year now and he is really gentle and doesn’t push me too hard. He also gives me some homework exercise to do at home and the pain is getting better slowly now. He gives me a hope that my body actually might go back to normal in near future. I was covered by ICBC.I also see Doina and Eliza for massage , Elena for acupuncture. They are also great!
A V: I have a problem with grinding my teeth and upper shoulder/right trap pain and went to electra for treatment for these problems. Ive been seeing Rudy for acupuncture for the muscle pain. I felt instant relief after one session, he is incredible, it was like I never had the pain in the first place. I also see Thibault for osteopathy and he has been amazing with posture related approaches to reduce tension I have never considered before. Everyone at Electra down to the reception staff is very kind, on point, and the treatment they provide can’t be better. Thank you!
Sean N
Sean N: If you’re looking for a physiotherapist with a focus on running, Chris is great
Ive's Fotos
Ive's Fotos: Absolutely love this place. Excellent practitioners. The owner has done a great job developing the culture here. I've been going to Electra Health for 10+ years. Reception staff and extremely efficient and personable. It's the kind of place where you'd want to work. 💕
Rach: Have had a very positive experience with Electra and have enjoyed all of the staff I have worked with over my time in the PAARRC program. Thanks guys!
Jake Fraser
Jake Fraser: Ive been meeting with Dylan for kinesiology and Gabe for Physio for the past 6 months recovering from a car accident. Tremendous improvement thanks to Dylan. and Gabe im not great with doing the exercises on my own having Dylans help has been tremendously motivating and Gabe has been instrumental in diagnosing the crazy brain damage eye damage all the musculature tears etc and developing an appropriate doable recovery plani have been to other therapists and clinics like canadian brain performance trying to find a workable recovery plan. all terrible in comparisonthis team has been incredible, besides the therapy behind the scenes making sure i had notifications so i would remember to show up that is a huge deal with brain damage, dealing with icbc in such a way i didn't even know they were looking after the funding aspects that icbc makes nearly impossible for most people on their ownYay Dylan Yay Gabriel Yay electra health!Yay being able to take the meetings via video /telehealth !!! i wouldn't have been able to do any of the sessions without itthank you All!!!
Huna Yoo
Huna Yoo: I highly recommend RMT with Hailey Rho.I thought generally RMT is not worth it and not the most effective treatment due to my past experience that I've been disappointed for every time until I got Hailey's treatment. Her skill is completely different than other RMT. I will be certainly coming back.
Melissa Mewdell
Melissa Mewdell: I recently booked a few appointments with Harsh (RMT) to tackle a recurring issue I have with pain in my right arm. He was super quick at identifying the underlying cause (actually originating from a pesky muscle near / under my collar bone), and got right to work. I felt 80% better after appointment 1, and 100% better after appointment 2. Harsh is a personable practitioner who really knows his stuff. He's an excellent RMT, who can work on anyone...but I was delighted to learn that one of his areas of expertise is seniors' massage, which is a whole other set of skills. I'll be booking him next time for sure. Electra Health: you guys rock because you've got great, talented folks working for you.
Ahmad El Nakhala
Ahmad El Nakhala: Awesome work by Hailey. She got a muscle which I never even knew existed..which was the root of my pain. Had this issue for 3 years and no one has done it like her. I highly recommend Hailey, she’s amazing at what she does
Yvette shen
Yvette shen: Sica is amazing - her technique is so soothing, and so much fun too! I feel so relaxed and she is such a lovely person - i feel 100% times better - Yvette hoping to see her soon. And the clinic is great - super clean and parking nearby , very soothing experience overall!
Rosslynd G
Rosslynd G: I swear Janet is a miracle worker, my back hasn’t felt this good in years. I’ve had chronic back pain ever since I was a teen and I’m honestly in disbelief how relaxed and light weight my body feels. Also, really appreciated that she walked me through the steps of the massage and what factors were impacting the pain I’ve been having and gave me advice on exercises I can practice at home. I can’t recommend her enough! :)
Nicola Lim
Nicola Lim: I’ve been coming here for active rehab as well as massage therapy for the last couple months and I highly recommend Hailey as an RMT as well as Dylan as a Kinesiologist! They both do an amazing job!
Gal N
Gal N: Excellent place with good professionals. The receptionists are charming and efficient. I highly recommend about acupuncture with Rudy. I came to the clinic because of bells polsy and within a month and a half my face was back to normal. I also had two sessions with the physiotherapist Simina and she was also great. I highly recommend the place.

3. Vitalia Naturopathic Doctors Vancouver - Vancouver

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52 reviews
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Vitalia Naturopathic Doctors Vancouver
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Address: 2184 W Broadway #460, Vancouver, BC V6K 2E1, Canada

Schedule: Open until 5:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-566-9355

Business type: Naturopathic practitioner

4. The University of British Columbia - University Endowment Lands

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1542 reviews
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The University of British Columbia
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Address: Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-822-2211

Business type: University

5. Nesters Market - Vancouver

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713 reviews
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Nesters Market
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Address: 990 Seymour St, Vancouver, BC V6B 3L9, Canada

Schedule: Open until 10:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-682-3071

Business type: Supermarket

Nesters Market: what do users think?
Sonny M
Sonny M: It's a cute little grocery store that has a bit of everything it's a little pricey for my taste but competitive prices still
Mahsa Adib
Mahsa Adib: I shop here often and have been very happy with their products. Friendly staff and a great management.
Neil Lewis
Neil Lewis: Good quality cooked food and amazing grocery items . Would certainly recommend and utilise the store again in the future.
Barney Andersen
Barney Andersen: I live nearby. Now that it's owned by the Save On Foods group, I can use my Rewards Card.
Guilherme Guedes
Guilherme Guedes: Just an amazing market. They have a friendly and helpful service, fair prices, fresh food and you can find a lot of healthy items there too, including healthy snacks, waters with different pH levels, a wide range of fruits and a lot more. I'm definitely coming back, it has become my favorite Vancouver market so far. It is not a place you want to go is you are in a hurry, though.
Mohammad Nasr
Mohammad Nasr: Great shopping, some prices are high than other shopping, totally acceptable
Jc Ten
Jc Ten: Pretty expensive but good quality and everything is fresh. Vegan items are really marked up!
Dana Sullivan
Dana Sullivan: Used to really like this grocery store - they don’t have a big selection of obscure/specialty foods but they carry all of the necessities and the options are still pretty good given the relatively small area. The ready-to-eat meals and bakery are both good but not great, but worth it for the price. The bakery desserts always look exciting, but the execution is sometimes underwhelming - the cakes are too sweet for me. I have always gotten excellent bread from the bakery though.Staff is mostly pretty nice. Occasionally I’ve met employees who seem unhappy to be having to deal with me, but those are a minority.I say I “used to” like Nester’s because today I came here to grab a quick dinner, and as I was leaving, a mouse ran out from underneath the condiments/trash counter in the eating area, running right into my foot before scurrying out of sight again. Seeing that this is apparently an ongoing issue, I think I’ll be avoiding this store for a while. I have to leave just 1 star even though I do still like their food because I cannot recommend a store with a rodent problem in good conscience.
Michael Williams
Michael Williams: If zero stars were possible I would give that rating. The produce department is a disgrace and looks like they are trying to sell product that Safeway threw away days ago. Wilted kale. Rotten carrots. It’s an embarrassment. Their deli staff are rude and avoid eye contact at all cost so they don’t have to serve customers. I fail to understand how this store stays in business. Save your money and frustration, go one block down to IGA. We will never, ever be back.
Christopher Wilson
Christopher Wilson: I know downtown stores are more expensive, but this place definitely gauges you. Also their produce is constantly low quality and old. I don't understand how other larger chains and even Choices down the street have fresher produce. At Nestors the berries are soft and mushy, the peppers wrinkled, and the avocados either rotten or the greenest ive seen. Do they not use the same supplier as the rest of the Pattison Group?
Vlad Zymovin
Vlad Zymovin: They have mice running around, inside the store
Tony murphy
Tony murphy: The store is riddle with a mouse infestation.
GKcoding Admin
GKcoding Admin: Store is great and well kept. Lady on the counter now (Feb 28, 2022, 7:55pm) is very rude though. I dread being at her counter whenever she is there. Barely answers simple questions about missing products (which Nesters leaves notes about around the store asking you to tell the cashier), huffs and puffs when you ask about rewards, and very simply is not a pleasant face to an otherwise great store.
denise trepanier
denise trepanier: They are changing all the stock,always running out of items mid week,the only good thing about this store is the staff,and the prices are over the top.If I want to pay high prices I will go to urban fare or choices.Very poorly managed
Andrea Tate
Andrea Tate: They usually have what I need to find, but it’s sooo expensive to shop downtown. I only grab things here when I really need a quick item and not for a full grocery shop.
David Lunn
David Lunn: Close to home, convenient and good service
Shan Liu
Shan Liu: Their store is speechless. I mean, what can I say. I used to come here often until one day i bought stuff, I feel so terrible that need to go to the bathroom, they pretend they don’t have it.They only earn your money without caring about you, food you buy or whatever. Daemon. I mean, food place like this who know what they put in your meal.
Phil Abraham
Phil Abraham: It's peak time after work (5pm) and they only have 2 cashiers on and they have line up 20 people long. No sense of urgency. My salad had a $2 markdown sticker on it, and they forgot to reduce it on my bill, didn't notice until I left. I live across the street, so I end up here often but it's the worst grocery store. Go to IGA if you want quicker service and better prices.
Thomas Dafinger
Thomas Dafinger: This little supermarket was located just next to my downtown hotel I was booked in. I found everything I needed for my hotel stay. Unfortunately there were no self-checkouts so that I had to wait in line for some minutes during my shopping tour.
Mark Matt
Mark Matt: 1 cashier working 8 people in line.
Aman Manglik
Aman Manglik: Do not buy cooked/perishable food from here. I found salad containers with stacked labels with packed date and best by date advanced by a whole week selling after the best by date of the original sticker

6. Nesters Market - Vancouver

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803 reviews
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Nesters Market
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Address: 333 Abbott St, Vancouver, BC V6B 0G6, Canada

Schedule: Open until 9:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-688-7550

Business type: Supermarket

Nesters Market: what do users think?
John Waldner
John Waldner: My worst nightmare when it comes to grocery stores, the produce looks awful, the prices are sky high and there is rarely more than 1-2 cashiers, who are always less than friendly. If I didn’t live just around the corner I would never come here.
Kaley Merritt
Kaley Merritt: This is the closest grocery store to where I live that has the largest selection. However it is still a fairly small grocery store therefore they may not have all the items you are looking for or a wide selection of each item. But considering how small it is they do have a good selection compared to other grocery stores in the area. The biggest complaint I have is that their items are pretty expensive but I guess that’s normal for grocery stores in the Downtown Vancouver area.
Priscilla Antoine
Priscilla Antoine: I do alot of my shopping at Nesters for my everyday meals. The prices are good and the service there is excellent. No problems here. I shop there everyday and I have a nice visit there all the time.
David Rickert
David Rickert: Its okie, but very costly to shop there
David Jolivet
David Jolivet: What can be said about Nesters? One word: expensive!
Katie Catterall
Katie Catterall: So expensive and the fruit goes bad fast
Dianne Brisson
Dianne Brisson: not going shopping there as often anymore,feel extreme anxiety and get nervous because security guard follows me around everywhere & looks like she's gonna smack me around any minute so I just want to exit store as fast as possible.Glad I'm not alone,thought I was being a bug.
Robin Adie
Robin Adie: I have been shopping at this market for about 6 years now and I have found it to be a good market.The staff for the most part, are very good. The store is always clean and bright, the shelves are always stocked,and everyone ALWAYS wears a MASK !! I have only 1 complaint and it is about the DELI DEPT. It used to be top drawer, but, something has changed because the QUALITY of their hot foods & BBQ chicken has gone down so far that I have stopped buying anything hot . Now I do not know if it is a poor staffing or just complacency. This really needs to be addressed !!!!!!! I think the MGMENT changed the deli manager or staff is not up to their usual standards.Over all I find this store easy to navigate, easy to shop & go.Sincerely, Robin AdieI would like to add that I had a very, very bad interaction with one of the SECURITY PEOPLE. The female guard at this store followed me around , peeking around shelves and generally made me feel really uncomfortable! This person has tried to have me " barred" from shopping their simply because I told her the truth !!!!I usually spend about $ 750.00 / month on groceries in this store ! ISince this incident occurred I have noticed a complete change in attitude towards me & other patrons from security !! I don't know what occurred but I do know that I am ALWAYS treated with the it most respect every time I go there and I go there almost every day!!!
Raju Johal
Raju Johal: Prices always too high in comparison to other Grocery Stores.
Louise Boilevin
Louise Boilevin: Its inside Woodwards . its a good groceries store . Prices are somewhat expensive depending & similar to safeway prices. Its got lots of verity and carry somethings different then other stores . Its got a accessible ramp to use . No free customer parking lot here only pay parking spots around. Its next to public transportation nearby like right outside the door . It has a deli & bakery. It has organic & natural stuff here as well.
Valeen Sentry
Valeen Sentry: Since Save On bought out Nesters, it's gone down, down, downhill. New florescent lighting causes migranes, terrible selection, dirt on packaging, stale bakery items, overpriced on EVERYTHING, miserable staff (unless they're chatting with coworkers). The original remaining Nesters staff are friendly, smile, welcoming, kind & helpful. I quickly buy 2-3 items, then complete shopping elsewhere. Miss good old Nesters!
b f
b f: They overcharged me. It happened b4. So disappointing
samantha ramsamy
samantha ramsamy: Found it nestled in a neat welcoming are, staff are friendly and was shelves were neatly packed
sandy dhaliwal
sandy dhaliwal: Deliveries under ground . Big Rig ok
Laura Letendre
Laura Letendre: Located in the poorest neighborhood yet is the most over priced rip off ever !True definition of POVERTY TAX
Cosmo Kwan
Cosmo Kwan: Happy to start shopping at our local Market in Gastown. So happy that their new Rewards program is ( Save On Foods ) awards programs. Love this newer programs ( find it much easier to earn points than previous rewards program ). So little points and abit confusing and hard to earn points previous. Will be back again shopping. Similar is Buy n Low ( same Rewards program ) by Save On. Amazing! Friendly staffs!
Drew Amy
Drew Amy: Soso
Kel Green
Kel Green: It was a quick visit to the grocery store. I didn't need any help so I didn't interact with any staff. There were two security guards standing against the door. I guess it's not the best neighborhood. The store seem clean and no concerns about stocking levels. Couple good deals on meat.
So_golden_ _
So_golden_ _: I bought a sandwich yesterday and a man made my day. It was a typical day, and I dropped by to buy something I could eat. A grey hair gentleman at the deli part received my order. After he warmed up my sandwich, he could just pass it over the counter which he did not. He came out from the counter and gave me the sandwich to not flip over. I had a most beautiful day as he said.
Pete P
Pete P: Pricey but convenient. I was looking for San Marzano tomatoes but the shelves were half empty. Also missing a few other specific products I was looking for. Not sure if this is due to Covid supply issues or what the deal is.

7. CBC Vancouver - Vancouver

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122 reviews
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CBC Vancouver
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Address: 700 Hamilton St, Vancouver, BC V6B 4A2, Canada

Schedule: Open until 7:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-662-6000

Business type: Television station

CBC Vancouver: what do users think?
Hola D
Hola D: Government funded media
mrjordan: No freedom of speech left in canada
Pauline Byrne
Pauline Byrne: Sad to say my listening time has dramatically decreased. The CBC I once knew, and could not live without, has vanished. Just cannot handle the Sunday mornings anymore, the morning show from 5 am is a sad reflection of what it used to be, the cackling traffic reporter, well! The host appears to have reinvented himself, also. Miss Sheryl McKay on Sat., and Sundays. I realize,people cannot go on forever, but, please! You have had men reading the traffic report on the A M show, made a huge difference, it was clear, concise, understandable, no cackling included. Whew! So I will bid you adieu for now
Alissia Katie
Alissia Katie: Vancouver
Dev: These are the useful idiots that soviet defector Yuri Bezmenov warned us about in the 1980s.
Trevor Linden
Trevor Linden: Defund the Cee Bee Cee
Guy Stone
Guy Stone: Killing Canada's democracyThey asked Trudeau twice on live air if he would give them billions more of our taxmoney (George s and Gian g).... Trudeau agreed and now CBC basically works for him. They block comments which are anti-Trudeau on their website - even just basic comments such as "spending is too high". They have no issue with Trudeau mocking black people with black face. Bunch of hypocrites with their non-stop woke nonsense that hinders the people they claim to defend
Eng Hani
Eng Hani: 👍👍👍
Liam ONR
Liam ONR: Defund the CBC. I want to see everyone who works there homeless and
Dominik Plempe
Dominik Plempe: I LOVE CBC Radio 1. I get everything I need from them: the News, happy ending stories, cultural programs, educational stuff, everything! Never a dull moment on CBC Radio 1. I've learned so much! I'm a true fan. Who needs television?
Dave Kattler
Dave Kattler: CBC News Vancouver offers a far more balanced approach to reporting on all issues, particularly important breaking news and news of public safety. CBC steps up to the plate as need and when needed. Good work CBC.
Kent James
Kent James: Busy place full of professionals.
Mike Loehndorf
Mike Loehndorf: Very cool history
David Black
David Black: So much history being inside the studios. I could not think of a better establishment to fund!
C T: Last day, I saw CBC news which made wrong information on social media. The news must be impartial. CBC news lost a viewer.
Derek Martin
Derek Martin: Fast and very responsive team. I recommend this for everyone
Travelwithzen: Convenient locations, right downtown Vancouver
Synto Derrick
Synto Derrick: fast service! done under an hour. definitely coming back here
Jaquelaine Gelderblom
Jaquelaine Gelderblom: C"étais comme à Montréal
Jennifer Breakspear
Jennifer Breakspear: All the cool kids listen to CBC
CONLAN Conlan: Excellent facilities.

8. Nesters Market - Broadway - Vancouver

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96 reviews
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Nesters Market - Broadway
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Address: 288 E Broadway, Vancouver, BC V5T 0H7, Canada

Schedule: Open until 9:00 PM

Telephone: +1 236-477-0821

Business type: Grocery store

Nesters Market - Broadway: what do users think?
Evan O
Evan O: Staff is friendly and they have some good local and unique brands. Store is always clean. Prices aren’t amazing but Nesters is supposed to be the upscale IGA so I’m not surprised. Unfortunately due to lots of grocery stores being within a 5 minute drive and lots of competition, there aren’t a ton of customers that shop here. I shop here when I don’t feel like driving to get groceries. It’s good for no lineups but a shame for the business…..and some products are close to expiry due to low overturn and them not being able to sell products quickly enough. For example, I’ve bought bacon here a couple times that was close to being expired and it smelled funky when cooking it. Didn’t make me sick but just smelled weird. Most bacon in other stores with a high turnover rate will expire in about 3 months and is much more fresh. So I always look at dates here. Again this isn’t the store’s fault really so that’s why I still give 4 stars. I like their baked goods but again, their bakery section is only half-functioning due to not enough customers. I hope it gets better as it’s good for ppl in the area who don’t want to shop at Buy-Low Foods across the street which can be very hit and miss IMO…and can be more expensive than Nesters, despite the store’s name.
Graeme Boyd
Graeme Boyd: Nice newish store. Larger than any other Nesters I have visited, but much the same selection as the tiny Yaletown store - just spread out more. Lots of space, but few people. Wait! I found them all lining up to pay. I think they need more staff on the registers.
Gary Glans
Gary Glans: So 2 + years into operation and they still can't stock product. 90% of the time I go there I have to go across the street to fiahish shopping as Nesters is always out the staff are great., Product inventory is the worst in the city. Awesome dry good selection but quite possibly the worst meat and produce in the entire mount.pleasant area. Their sister store buy low across the street has superior meat and produce which is a shame for this new store. An example is they don't even carry fresh garlic. They have a few packs of dried out organic garlic and rotten purple garlic for 17 bucks a pound but no regular fresh garlic.After over a year in operation nothing has improved. The deli has almost zero healthy fast food selections. -all deprived Chinese food, and the produce is still painfully small. The meat department is the worst in th city and good luck finding anything on a weekend.
Enza D
Enza D: overpriced garbage no self checkout
Jodi Jackman
Jodi Jackman: Very clean and well Stocked store but they need to have more vegan choices
Lucy Cillo
Lucy Cillo: Terrible customer service, no hello, no thank-you , especially with the younger girls
Kendell Plett
Kendell Plett: The new Nesters on Broadway is a very beautiful store. It seems to have a good selection of merchandise, and good quality produce.The prices were similar to the buy low and save on foods in the neighbourhood. Some were better, some were worse.
Cheyenne Watson
Cheyenne Watson: Fave spot in the hood. They'd have everything I need if they'd just restock the watermelon nuun tablets a bit more often 😇🤸
Mr. Ochoa
Mr. Ochoa: Hi there !! 🙋🏻‍♂️I really like this store !! 👍🏼everyone here is very nice and so kind !!The day I visited the store I had a doubt and they guided me to what I was looking for 👏🏻#NesterMarket !!
Robert Sutherland
Robert Sutherland: Remember that one time you went to Nesters? This will be the exact same
Tyler Horsman
Tyler Horsman: Great staff, beautiful store!
Maryam Houshmand
Maryam Houshmand: Salad bar is back now!😉
Hyekjun Kwon
Hyekjun Kwon: This store/company does not know what it wants to become.Edit. Upgrading to 4 star because they offer really good meats (mainly steak). Keep it up.
S M: 5stars because the actually have wraps/sandwiches in the deli without bacon!! Love that for us non pork eaters.Have different health items that I will be back to try..
WP Z: Friendly staff
J L: I've been in this location multiple times, in line with mask less shoppers. Not only did the security ignore the mask less shoppers, they were allowed to purchase items without the topic even being brought up. I guess Nesters is ok with people breaking the rules, go figure...
K M: Loved doing my weekly shop here, so many options, huge aisles, clean, quiet and friendly staff. Hope it stays open as I’d like it to be my local.
Thomas Morison
Thomas Morison: Security thought I was shoplifting because I have special needs. Thats harassment
Chelsea Noel
Chelsea Noel: First off, I don't know why John is bashing the music in this store. I think it's refreshing to hear something different than what grocery stores typically play. I love shopping at Nesters and love the softer lights and clean, tidy shelves. HOWEVER, I am always disappointed with the quality of the produce. It's always bad and never fresh; you know it's bad when you prefer buying produce at Costco. I really hope they can sort that issue out because we've had to toss so many fruits and veggies that were unknowingly rotten.

9. Dr. David Duizer ND - Noble Naturopathic - Vancouver

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14 reviews
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Dr. David Duizer ND - Noble Naturopathic
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Address: 2480 Spruce St g104, Vancouver, BC V6H 2P6, Canada

Schedule: Open until 5:30 PM

Telephone: +1 604-734-7760

Business type: Naturopathic practitioner

Dr. David Duizer ND - Noble Naturopathic: what do users think?
Sara Elisabet
Sara Elisabet: I held off on writing this review but I feel like it's only fair to others who are in search of a naturopath. This was my first time looking for a naturopath and was referred to Ana Lopez by my grandmother. The appointment went well, apparently the wifi that day was acting up so Ana had to resort to handwriting notes which is not a big deal. It felt alright, definitely pricey for a first session and wish I would have called for a phone consult before hand.Was given this hormone testing kit and I was just a bit caught off guard on the price ($395) and on top, the initial fee to see a naturopath ($180). When I went to go make a payment, I told Karen if I would just be able to pick up the kit another day as I was only expecting to pay $180 for that day and paying $575 was a bit over my budget but she suggested I could make a partial payment and I told her I can pay $300 on the spot and the rest will be paid in the next two days. She was confused on calculating my total for some reason and explained math isn't her strong set... but it almost seemed more of a hassle doing this and felt bad with how flustered she got. After a few minutes of her trying to get it in order, I was off with the kit.The next day, I called the location to make a payment over the phone and assuming it was a new lady at the front desk because she has zero idea I had a balance owing from looking at my file and had to look back on the email Karen sent me explaining my remaining balance. I successfully paid and received my invoice via email for insurance purposes.4 days later I received a call from the office and it was Ana, she asked me to make the remaining payment as "I'm overdue" and that " I should have called to make that payment on Friday and I never called" (it was Monday when she called and I paid on Wednesday.) Her tone was a bit accusatory/condescending & I explained how I got my invoice and paid, when she checked she thanked me and I responded "no problem". Even my friend who was sitting beside me hearing that phone call had a wide eye look of "awkward..." This felt unprofessional primarily because of the tone (felt like I was stealing and being treated like that) and the lack of organization/communication which would have prevented the receptionist being confused on the last payment and Ana not needing to call me in the first place. I'm sure she's a wonderful naturopath but first impressions mean a lot to me, especially at a place that I'm paying almost 200$ each visit for out of pocket (as my insurance needs to be submitted manually).I hope the next appointment will be a bit better, my grandmother seems to really like Ana so I'm going to keep a hopeful mind the next session I have. :) Trying hard to transition to naturopath from western medicine...
Gustavo BM
Gustavo BM: Bad first experience. Booked a test a week ago and a day before the test got a call saying doctor won’t be in for the week. I needed the test to be done this week. It sounded like dr decided today only video calls will be done.
M K: Dr. David is an excellent and caring practitioner. I highly recommend his services.
Judy Gough
Judy Gough: The best Naturopath I have ever been to! He took the time to do an extensive health history and diagnosed my condition, after running some tests, that I had been suffering from, for over a year.
Ashley Vaughan
Ashley Vaughan: After moving to Vancouver and trying many different naturopathic doctors, I found Dr Duizer and I can’t recommend him enough. I feel like as I journeyed through my 30’s my body was falling apart. My blood sugars were high, My hormones were crazy, including hormonal acne, I tried and committed to every fad diet possible and couldn’t lose any weight, I tried different gym programs, my moods were unpleasant and i just felt miserable. Dr D was able to do a metabolic test which showed what my heart rate needed to be to burn fat, and tested my hormones to see which were imbalanced. 7 months later I feel incredible, was able to grow stronger and lose those stubborn pounds, my hormonal acne has cleared up and those nasty pms mood swings are gone, I wish I found this guy sooner!!! Dr. Duizer is so professional and you can tell that he really cares about his patients. He makes you feel super comfortable, even when when talking about awkward things like your period ha!!
Wendy Quan (The Calm Monkey)
Wendy Quan (The Calm Monkey): I feel so lucky to have found Dr David Duizer! He's knowledgeable, evidence-based, really takes the whole person into consideration, kind, explains everything at the perfect level (explains options, pros and cons, the reason for his thinking), AND has no ego. I just can't say enough great things about him as a doctor and a human being. Probably the best way I can show my gratitude for his help is by referring friends and family to him, which I do with every chance I get!Thank you David, you're a gem and thank goodness you're doing what you do!
Mira Filipovic
Mira Filipovic: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality
aly g
aly g: Dr Duizer is a wonderful doctor. He is caring , empathic and so generous with his time. He is very intelligent, he is meticulous and is always researching and learning more. He has so much compassion for his patients and passion for what he does. He has a wonderful energy. He is special person. He really is amazing and i highly recommend him.
upperkits: Dr. Duizer is one of the most attentive, intelligent and kind doctors I’ve worked with. He is up on the latest research. He has such a wonderful disposition and has helped me with some issues and also several people that I have referred to him. I highly recommend him. Thank you Dr Duizer! Yvonne
michelle patrizio
michelle patrizio: Dr Duizer has been amazingly supportive this last year. I have been struggling with a fustrating digestive issue. After numerous test through the conventional system, I was still having no relief and no answers.Dr Duizer, has never given up and has been relentless in his persuit to help me feel better.He has answered all my emails, he provides me with in-depth knowledge every time I see him, and is so very compassionate.I am feeling better and I am completely confident that I will get to the bottom of my issues with his direction and unwavering support. I highly recommend him.
Karen Ryan
Karen Ryan: Dr. Duizer is thorough, compassionate, and, most of all, relentless. He has helped me through so many side effects due to cancer treatment and has given me a much better quality of life.
Nathaniel Marshall
Nathaniel Marshall: I have consulted with Dr. Duizer on a number of occasions and with regard to a variety of health issues. I am always thoroughly impressed with his breadth of knowledge, insights, and ability to communicate clearly. He is passionate about his work and treats all of his patients with the highest degree of professionalism. I highly recommend Dr. Duizer to anyone seeking comprehensive and effective naturopathic care.
Marjorie Scott
Marjorie Scott: Dr. Duizer has provided me with excellent care concerning inflammation and my diet! With his help and guidance I am on my way to a healthier and pain free lifestyle. Thank you
Susan Hubele
Susan Hubele: My experience with Dr. David Duizer has been very positive. He is caring and knowledgeable, and always willing to listen. He worked with me to develop a program for reducing Hashimotos antibodies and heavy metals. I can recommend him his services without hesitation!

10. BC Children's Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre - Vancouver

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BC Children's Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre
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Address: at BC Children's Hospital's Healthy Minds, 4555 Heather St Building #85, Vancouver, BC V6H 3N1, Canada

Schedule: Open until 5:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-875-2084

Business type: Mental health service

11. Acubalance Wellness Centre Ltd - Vancouver

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31 reviews
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Acubalance Wellness Centre Ltd
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Address: 888 W 8th Ave #208, Vancouver, BC V5Z 3Y1, Canada

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Sun

Telephone: +1 604-678-8600

Business type: Acupuncture clinic

12. BodaHealth Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine - Vancouver

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36 reviews
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BodaHealth Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine
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Address: 1245 W Broadway #302, Vancouver, BC V6H 1G7, Canada

Schedule: Open until 9:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-733-2632

Business type: Acupuncture clinic

13. Cross Roads Naturopathic clinic - Vancouver

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37 reviews
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Cross Roads Naturopathic clinic
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Address: 507 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V5Z 1E6, Canada

Schedule: Open until 6:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-568-6899

Business type: Naturopathic practitioner

14. British Columbia Poison Control Centre - Vancouver

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16 reviews
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British Columbia Poison Control Centre
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Address: 655 W 12th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Z 4R4, Canada

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: (800) 567-8911

Business type: Public health department

15. Nesters Market - Vancouver

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383 reviews
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Nesters Market
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Address: 4475 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5V 3R2, Canada

Schedule: Open until 9:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-709-8014

Business type: Supermarket

16. Seymour Health Centre - Vancouver

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111 reviews
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Seymour Health Centre
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Address: 1530 W 7th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 1S3, Canada

Schedule: Open until 6:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-738-2151

Business type: Doctor

17. SIBO Testing and Treatment Clinic - North Vancouver City

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3 reviews
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SIBO Testing and Treatment Clinic
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Address: 88 Lonsdale Ave #102, North Vancouver, BC V7M 2E6, Canada

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Mon

Business type: Laboratory

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