Best Journalism Courses Vancouver Near Me

1. UBC Graduate School of Journalism - University Endowment Lands

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UBC Graduate School of Journalism
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Address: 6388 Crescent Rd, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z2, Canada

Schedule: Closing soon: 4:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-822-6688

Business type: University department

UBC Graduate School of Journalism: what do users think?
Kobe Auer: Great place
CaptainPotato: Can't overclock this building.

2. Vancouver Institute of Media Arts (VanArts) - Vancouver

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Vancouver Institute of Media Arts (VanArts)
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Address: 333 Terminal Ave #400, Vancouver, BC V6A 4C1, Canada

Schedule: Open until 4:30 PM

Telephone: +1 604-682-2787

Business type: Art school

Vancouver Institute of Media Arts (VanArts): what do users think?
Deepesh sachdev: Female Respresenatative of vanart india was mean,rude,disrecptful. No Apology came from van art. was also asked to take down my bad review about van art for being brutal honest over social media in threatful way.
Prachi Bapat: I recently completed my Web development and Interactive design program from VanArts. It was an intense program. The professors are really supportive and give you ample of time answering your questions. Classes are small. You get lots of professional advice in your one to one sessions.Its a very hands on, project-based program were you get to learn from your professors who are experts in this industry.I would totally recommend this program to anyone who want to pursue their career in Web development industry.
Lisa Millerd: I took the web development course in 2021-2022 and had an excellent experience. It's a very hands on, project-based program where you work closely with your instructors who are professionals in the industry. Classes are small and you get lots of one-on-one time with instructors when you want to work through a problem or ask for professional advice.
sachi goto: I completed the Web Development and Interactive Design program in August 2022. You will definitely benefit from this program if you can dedicate yourself for one year and put your best effort into all the projects.This program is intense so you can easily fall behind if you are not committed to this program but you will gain a comprehensive understanding of web development, from UX/UI to SEO to multiple different programming languages if you dedicate yourself to this program.The head of the department, John Manoar, is dedicated to teaching us and constantly reminds us to ask questions if we are unclear. He is very approachable. He is up-to-date about technology and you get to learn cutting-edge technology from him.The way John taught us programming was particularly impressive to me. He is very thorough and he is more than happy to repeat until we understand.Throughout the program, I was very grateful that he is the heard of the department.I recommend this program to anyone who is willing to dedicate a year to being a developer.
Yuka Yamamoto: I am a student of web development & interactive design at VanArts.There was a head teacher change from my class and there seems to be a big and good change in the program.The teachers are very supportive. They are always flexible and willing to take the students' opinions and try to make the class suitable for our situation. The classes are always step by step and if there is a lot that we don't understand, they give us time to work on it. Taking advantage of the small class size, if you ask for feedback or follow-up after class, they will give me time to talk one-on-one.All classes are project-based, giving me more hands-on skills.The course content tries to help me study the rapidly changing front-end trends.Since this is a one-year course, there are many hard parts of the course, but my teachers and classmates are always very supportive!
Techy Ted: Critical:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,ValueSTAY AWAY... especially from the Web Development course. It is useless and the teachers don't care about you or your future! This college is mainly attended by rich kids looking for a student visa so they can stay in Vancouver. BCIT is around the corner go there and get your moneys worth!
Pigeon Man: Critical:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,Valueif you aren't a social person, you won't do well here
Risako Futagawa: I am actually a full time student in Van Arts Web Development program. This is the most relevant information I can provide. About 3 weeks ago our department head suddenly left and we have not been able to get a proper education. We all pay the tuition and we should be able to get a high quality education. Since the instructor changed, one of the instructor for PHP and Javascript never came on time, he will not teach us enough. Also he will never give us break and continue the class past our lunch time. Because of his delay, we have not been taught enough in term2 so far. All the students are frustrated, worried and concerned about the situation. We have been sending emails to school but nothing has been better. Another instructor started teaching us PHP from this week but he seems like he does not know what we have learned so far... None of the communication has been done between instructors. We thought this new instructor will be better. But he does not answer questions from students and finish the class early. My classmates and I really want to change this whole situation because we take our education seriously. We emailed this new instructor to have a talk on Friday. He said he will make time but he did not show up.... I am very upset about how school is handling everything and no one cares about our education. My classmates and I are trying our best but nothing has been working well. I hate to write a poor review but this is the reality and I do not recommend anyone to go to this school. When you have problems, none of the instructors are there to understand or support you. I do not think it is worth to pay an expensive tuition and get nothing from it. I do not know about other programs but I do not recommend web development program. It is not a good school.
Dave S: Horrible experience in my opinion. Towards the end, the school became cheap and unprofessional. They even crack a joke at your expense when you leave. I have personally not recommended this school at all.
Jessica Everington: I did the Web Development & Interactive Design course 2019-2020. The teachers were really knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. I felt comfortable raising any issues and the department head listened to any concerns we had. They really care about nuturing you, and were genuinely excited to watch us grow and develop our skills.I didn't have any issue with the facilities there. They are basic, but you're there to learn not chill out in the break room. I had access to all the software and programs required for the course without needing to buy anything except a $15 domain name where we uploaded our projects.The school itself is in a central location and easy to get to by bus or train.I'd recommend this course to anyone considering a career in web-something. I say "web-something" because it's a holistic course that goes beyond "just" web development. I shopped around a few different schools and ultimately chose this one due to the fact they also cover design, business, project management, and SEO. I'm so thankful I went here - I went in thinking I wanted to be a full-stack developer and fell in love with SEO instead. Now, I'm a digital marketer. I don't think I'd have had that opportunity at another school.If you are considering the webdev course, just know that you need to put the work in or you'll get nothing out of this course. The webdev course is REALLY hard and you can't coast along. It moves at a breakneck pace because there is just SO MUCH you need to learn in a year.Pro tip: always remember that every project you do will eventually go in your portfolio. At job interviews they will test your skills, so don't put anything on your portfolio that you can't code by yourself.
Maria Lavetkina: DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY AND TIME.I wish I invested my money in the stock market than wasted them on Web Development program.Instructors make you believe you can be a full stack developer but that's not true. That's not how the market works. Yes, the program covered a lot of courses, but nothing went in depth.A couple of instructors were professional and good, the rest of them weren't.One instructor took really long to check the homework or other projects. And when I say long, I mean 4 months, no joke. The same instructor kept talking about his dating life. So I learned a lot about it but not much about PHP and JavaScript.Instructors tell you to email them when you have questions, but they rarely reply.They are great example of who you should not be.One instructor said that VanArts is a business. Well, then I'm not satisfied with a quality of service VanArts provides.The only one good thing about my time in VanArts is the other students, some of them became my friends. Most of the students in my class also thought it was a waste of money.I DO NOT RECOMMEND web development program.There are better schools in Vancouver.
Jacob Green: Positive:Professionalism,ValueSpeaking on Photography: a school that is invested in an individual's success outside of grades on a sheet. Helps by creating a professional environment, they can help guide real-life opportunity, with real-life working professionals, and an admin team that listens to their students
Anirudh Garg: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,Value
Arthur “The Old Arthur” Marto: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,QualityAwesome school and people!! I loved the Game Art and Design Program. I learned everything I needed to be in the industry. Thank you so much VANARTS! :)
Salman Ali: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,ValueCame with mediocre skills..learned a lot in span of one year.
Ian Manuel Hernández: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,QualityGreta! I completed the VFX program and learned A LOT, great for all levels of students.
Rohaan Allport: I'm a graduate from the Game Art & Design March 2019 batch. VanArts was in many ways what I expected, and in many ways not. I learnt a lot. Learnt industry standards, processes and became proficient in a lot of software. And I made many new friend with similar career interest. However after being guided and taught the basics, myself, friends and colleagues feel that program needs to be updated. Newer tools, and methods to accomplishing a task have since developed, An example would be making hair and adding hair dynamics.
Gabriel Antoniosi: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,ValueLovely place. You will learn tons of stuffs in just one year program.
Mathews Gijo: If I had a time machine and were given the option of either travelling to one of the best moments of my life or back to that one year at Vanarts, I wouldn’t have to choose...they are both the same. This place is not just a school. It’s more. Vanarts is familia. The fast and furious kind. Besides all these, the staff is extremely helpful and kind. They are also a few of the best in their respective industry. The environment is very friendly and calming too. I for one have learnt a lot in one year that another student would take years to learn.I’d give the school more stars if Google gave me more stars XD

3. Centre for Digital Media - Vancouver

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Centre for Digital Media
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Address: 685 Great Northern Way, Vancouver, BC V5T 0C6, Canada

Schedule: Open until 4:30 PM

Telephone: +1 778-370-1001

Business type: Graduate school

Centre for Digital Media: what do users think?
Z 2: Fantastic program for learning the skills you need to find a job in the tech, art, ui/ux, and project management field. The connections you can make here is incredible and absolutely makes this program worth it.
Daniel Furguson: This place is a scam.
Julia Read: The faculty members and students of the MDM program are a community of extraordinary people on a mission to better themselves, and lift up others on their way. I absolutely loved it, 14/10 would recommend.
Farbod Tabaei: I graduated from the CDM in 2020 and am glad to be a member of this unique and professional community. The university's knowledgeable professors and extensive network of industry connections have left a deep impression on me. A great place to learn and practice soft skills.
José Alejandro Castelán Ibarra: I graduated from here on 2020. It was great meeting people from so many different countries and backgrounds and working together in different projects.The academic focus of the Centre for Digital Media shifts away from hard operational knowledge and aims to develop soft skills that are currently in high demand for technology based companies. I would say that if you come from a technical background it's good to do a refresher on how to prototype things quickly in your framework of choice, I would highly recommend checking out Unity, Processing and Wordpress as these may be quickly deployed and fit well within the projects from the course.The school has ample connections with Vancouver based companies that helped me kickstart my career. But beyond that it is a really friendly place for international students, they provide housing for students on the same building and most of the student body is made up of people that are just coming to Canada or Vancouver, it makes it easy to make friends and support because everyone else is on the same boat.To wrap this up, the diploma is backed up by the 4 biggest universities in Vancouver which makes it a really valuable experience in your CV.
Z Pan: Outstanding professors, comprehensive curriculum, beautiful campus, and strong industry connections that paved the way to my internship and employment. I enjoyed every hour I spent learning here.
Jater Xu: I got my master degree, close friends, industry connections, and also the job I like here :) Thanks CDM.
Keira Xu: Great program. Learned a lot of soft skills by collaborating with classmates with different backgrounds! The network support from CDM faculty also helped me landing my first&dream job in Canada. :)
Gabriel Reis: Great school. Really enjoyed my time there. Teachers and infrastructure are excellent. Perfect place to learn about and get into Vancouver job market. The staff is always there to help you and offer tons of connections
Ghazal Jenab: A great place to improve your soft skills and step into the professional world!
Samuel Phipps: Don't trust the positive reviews. They are all lies. This place is a scam. Don't waste your life.
Simon G: I had a review related to the property management that was dealt with, so this has been updated to reflect that.
Jiesi Huang: Graduated from CDM in 2018 as an international student from Singapore, it's a place to exchange ideas with great minds. The faculty are supportive, and classmates are motivated. We work in multidisciplinary teams with real clients such as Microsoft and Telus. More than hard skills, CDM teaches us how to work effectively in a team, to resolve conflicts and to communicate with clients. The Master's programme will prepare you for work in the real world, and not just theories. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in CDM, and would encourage anyone considering taking the plunge to connect with the school to find out more.
Dan: An art school, good for buying a degree. If you need real skills, don't bother going, go take an intern.
Mr Ait: Well maintained venue equipped with good tech if you wana organize a tech event somethings like that that s you r spot
Anthony Duffy: A confidence building, fail-safe, industry integrated working degree that fuses hard and soft skills together to prepare graduates for the digital work world. Instructors have deep industry experience and the client projects (in my case Mercedes-Benz and Telus Digital) were a real highlight.
Jack Cooper: A comfortable hall.
Hang Yuri Yang: Everyone is so nice here! This is a great place to learn things (They will teach you methods and give you directions, which means you will have to learn by yourself. If you expect teachers teach you, this is not a place for you).
Kai Young: Went to TMDM, was Great.
Hunter Clement: Great institution for digital media enthusiasts and professionals in the making.
Ahmed Alghamdi: Work ready campus..will take you on a journey of success after another

4. Nimbus School Of Recording & Media - Vancouver

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Nimbus School Of Recording & Media
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Address: 238 E 2nd Ave, Vancouver, BC V5T 1B7, Canada

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +1 604-875-8998

Business type: Music school

5. Great Pacific Media - Vancouver

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Great Pacific Media
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Address: 3410 Lougheed Hwy. #201, Vancouver, BC V5M 2A4, Canada

Schedule: Closing soon: 4:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-688-3937

Business type: Video production service

6. The University of British Columbia - University Endowment Lands

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The University of British Columbia
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Address: Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-822-2211

Business type: University

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