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1. Fantacity - Vancouver

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Address: 1133 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6E 1V9, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 2:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-899-0006

Business type: Karaoke bar

Fantacity: what do users think?
Peter Coles
Peter Coles: Great place for Kareoke however the lady that was the hostess was not nice at all. She did not make us feel welcome.
Anael Anael
Anael Anael: I came there to celebrate with my girl friend After being told that it was possible to arrive after 11. We arrived at the place and were informed that we had to wait an hour until a room became available. They could have said it in advance and saved time. bad service
Daeun Chung
Daeun Chung: Worst customer service ever.An employee in front was nice, but a lady looks like a manager was super rude.While we were singing, she opened the door without knocking and saying we had 5 mins left and she took a remote control. We could've had another song.Highly not recommend unless you really want to sing
KC subs
KC subs: Love this place, Im wondering if they can be open until 2am every day in summer lol Im going with my friends almost every week
dk delrey
dk delrey: Karaoke equipment sounds great but really old version. Very lmited song selections. Need more songs to compete with other Karaoke bars.
Jane Kim
Jane Kim: 후….
Olga Goncharko
Olga Goncharko: Customer services is absent here.No ‘welcome’, no ‘goodbye’. No eye contact.Old cracked couches, glitching remote, dirty list of songs. Microphones with extra echo, so don’t bother singing much. Asked for tequila with lime and salt- got old dried limes, and no salt. Napkins were also extra 🙈.But the motivation for this review was that they asked us to leave 5 min earlier. You may feel like it’s not a bug deal, but it is, when you pay $60per hour plus tax. BTW, they charge AND ask for tips BEFORE you’re even in, so I’d recommend not to leaves any. They do not deserve your money.
Sum Dawg
Sum Dawg: Really bad mic quality, attendants walk in without knocking
Christian Molina
Christian Molina: If you have any kind of deep voice, this place is not for you. Also, the service was terrible. 10 minutes before our time was up, they came and took the controller. 5 minutes before our time was up, they turned on the lights and exactly 2 minutes before, they came in to take us out in a very rude manner. Would not go again.
Alberto medina
Alberto medina: No customer service in this place, the hostess are so rude as they were doing you a favor, there is no place that worths to be mistreated, many places better in this friendly city
Gigi Diep
Gigi Diep: this is my go-to! prices are reasonable compared to most places elsewhere, good song selection and easy system to navigate for queuing songs. Associates do their job kindly and w a smile (sometimes lol) i recommend this place to everyone going in groups of 2-5
Anthony Fu
Anthony Fu: In the ten years I’ve been here, I’ve noticed two things. We will gladly line up for 1+ hours outside restaurants for food and gladly accept mediocre Asian food/services. I can’t believe this place has even a 3.5+ rating because even I felt some second hand embarrassment for how shockingly “retro” this place is. The front desk/lobby/bar area felt empty, bare, and frankly uninviting. The washrooms are third world, and there wasn’t even air conditioning in our room. Anyone who has been to karaoke knows how quickly a group of passionate singing people can heat up a room. Most embarrassingly, however, is the karaoke system. With no touch screens, you order songs by looking it up in a book of number coded songs (like yellow page) and entering the code though a book sized keypad full of buttons. I’m not sure what World War Two supply room they retrieved this telegraph-era technology, but even a third rate city in china back in 2010s used touch screens and modern software. There was no option for original voice track (because everyone can obviously find the key of the song from memory), the dial for mic echo was decorative, and, worst of all, clips of natural geographic was used rather real music videos. I found myself singing along to Paul McCartney and some of the greatest expressions of humanity while looking at clips of hippos.
Deborah Monkman
Deborah Monkman: Sucked !! Could not find ! We’re from Surrey stayed in a North Van Hotel … Saturday night looking for keriokie… drove around and around for an hour. NOPE No Such place
Joseph C.
Joseph C.: Fun lil spot. Clean and polite servers.
Rexton Gabriel
Rexton Gabriel: Place was nice but service was terrible. We said we were going to be there for an hour but like before it was up we were planning on adding on one more hour. The lady that was working there just went in our room not saying anything and just snatched the remote and song list. The man working there was no different too, when we decided to pay for the next hour he just handed us the paying machine and didn't even reply when we said thank you. Overall bad experience and wouldn't come here again
Joseph Gregory
Joseph Gregory: Overpriced and they will kick you out not a minute past your time after interrupting repeatedly to let you know there are 10, then 5 minutes left, then last song as they take the controller away, even if the rest of the rooms are empty and it’s well before close. Staff are annoying and song selection is very limited, missing classics even though they have a few new songs.
Tom Weiler
Tom Weiler: This place has great music for karaoke, but the pizza is legit just frozen pizza from superstore..... for $17
Aaron X
Aaron X: The terribly old-fashioned system. Had to choose songs with a actual “dictionary “
Sean: Private room is great but prices are crazy. $40 for a pitcher of beer. I won't be going back anytime soon but on occasion when you want to belt out your fave songs (they have a very large library) in a private room with just your friends it can be worth it.
Mohamed Almohamed Alfaris
Mohamed Almohamed Alfaris: I always have a good time at Fantacity. They have a massive song collection in a variety many languages.
Coral Chan
Coral Chan: Convenient location, we had a lovely time!

2. Millennium Karaoke - Richmond

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Millennium Karaoke
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Address: 4451 No. 3 Rd #201, Richmond, BC V6X 2C3, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 7:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-273-0005

Business type: Karaoke bar

Millennium Karaoke: what do users think?
Rozhin R
Rozhin R: Watch out for hidden fees
OOPS CECI: Good place in general
Chan Billy
Chan Billy: Great people
San'wal Durrani
San'wal Durrani: Fun spot to hangout 🤩
Carrie Chan
Carrie Chan: Who don’t like singing? At Millennium Karaoke, they offer All you can sing from 7pm - 2am, Monday to Thursday, only $20 per person plus taxes. Millennium Karaoke also serves alcohol. They offer a wide range of songs you can choose, from the latest to the oldies, from Canto Pops, Mandarin and Cantonese oldies, English, Korean and to Japanese… and you can even find some quirky songs from their karaoke system. For those who don’t really enjoy singing, they can play dart and snooker. Millennium is a wonderful place to de-stress yourself. Go there with friends or on your own,all your call. Have fun.
J Robinson
J Robinson: Told my party planner that it was six dollars per person when we arrived their signs kept saying $15 per person and we ended up paying $23 per person which would’ve been nice to know ahead of time. Menus for food and drink said is excluded gratuity yet they took 12% gratuity out of all of our orders and some of the people were tipping an additional 18% Since a bunch of people who are drinking and not paying attention to these things The karaoke itself was great. The party had a blast, but be aware that they do not disclose their fees exactly. Please update your signage for your menus and be more specific with what your per person requirements are. Thanks for an overall good time.
V S: The place is nice and clean.
Kevin Chiang
Kevin Chiang: They've upgraded their facility since I was last there years ago. The quality is actually pretty good now, the place is just on the expensive side and you are required to buy food/drinks.
Chloe Ren
Chloe Ren: A little difficult to search for songs and singers on the machine. But overall reasonable price and good equipment and service.
Rinn: Pretty updated song list. Remember to order $15/ per person if not they will still add the money to your bill on top of the room charges
Ken Lai
Ken Lai: I came here for my birthday on a Sunday, love the upgraded system and the food is quite good.
Lyndsay Amat
Lyndsay Amat: Plain karaoke place and the prices are okay. ~20$ for a Sunday night with a good selection of English and canto songs. The mics died an hour into the night.
Jack Zhang
Jack Zhang: Be aware, they charged a 12% gratuity for a group of 4. Their website says that they charge 10%, where did the 2% come from?
Quaila Trang
Quaila Trang: The person working in the front was extremely rude. We brought 1/4 bottle of soju with us as we forgot to throw it out. Lady came in and was extremely rude about it and never returned the bottle at the end of the night (we can understand the rules, but did not expect such rudeness). Extremely watered down shots. Charged a gratuity fee on 4 people for two hours (when there was no service). Expect to pay a lot for poor customer service. The ramen tasted purely like broccoli. Do not expect much.
Kevin: One of the best places to sing and drink. The staff is awesome, friendly, and really nice. Always a good time.
leesa tran
leesa tran: Average place for karaoke. Staff were super nice! However I didn’t like how the machines were so glitchy and it was hard to work.We also had the option to connect our phone to use Spotify or YouTube which was good but it kept disconnecting.Also thought that the rooms were not the biggest. It also would’ve been more nice if we could have more than just two mics.
Sarah Lopez
Sarah Lopez: My friend and I decided to try this place out for fun and it wasn’t the greatest experience.The charges were ridiculous so many extra fees, we were given a receipt so were confused with the high price paid. When we phone to have this explained lady who answered was rude, I kept having to ask for each individual charge as she would say one and stay silent. The music was fine, the rooms just weren’t private at all. What’s the point of a private room if everyone can see and hear you. Won’t be retuning that’s for sure.
Pauline Guarin
Pauline Guarin: my friend and i went here to have a good time but felt like we were robbed.the song selection was good, but that was about it.the rooms were not sound proof and the doors were see through glass so everyone can see and hear you.we stayed for about an hour and 5 minutes and had 2 shots each - the total came to $106. they just kept adding charges on charges and we thought maybe we got billed for the wrong room. we called to ask and the girl on the phone was very condescending and can still go to try it out for yourself but we definitely will not be returning.
Ekta Gill
Ekta Gill: Super cool karaoke place!! Will return for my birthday!
Felicia: Explorer
Agnese Reinika
Agnese Reinika: It was fun

3. Funky Winker Beans - Vancouver

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530 reviews
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Funky Winker Beans
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Address: 37 W Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1G4, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 12:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-569-3515

Business type: Karaoke bar

Funky Winker Beans: what do users think?
Kent Heggart
Kent Heggart: Wonderful atmosphere and staff members. 1st time there for karaoke. I crooned much fun.
Simon Cleary
Simon Cleary: Terrible, horrible, awful and miserable hovel and pathetic excuse for a public location. BarTender, super rude, karaoke host ( they do have karaoke 7 nights per week ) also super rude and prefered to sing herself than allow guests to sing, many of the customers doing god knows what kind of things in the washrooms. All in all, a foul place and would never recommend it to anyone!!!!
진현주: 한국 노래가 거의 없어서 실망이에요
michael sosnowsky
michael sosnowsky: Great place. Nice people. Cheap drinks
Liam Morrison
Liam Morrison: Best place in Vancouver
Roxanna: Karaoke every night, very reasonably priced drinks, pool tables, friendly people. Recommend!
Makayla Peredery
Makayla Peredery: Definitely fits the neighbourhood. Not a place to bring your mom or your diva friend. A dive bar that knows it’s audience. Those who love it love it.
Darren John
Darren John: My go to dive bar in all of VancouverSure the bathrooms smell like piss and wall panels look like they've been falling out but the drinks are cheap, the people are awesome, and the raised stage hosts karaoke every night of the week.If you've never been then do yourself a favor and just take a peek at what the dirtier side of Vancouver can offer. I promise you won't be disappointed.
BriGuyBby: Great atmosphere, fun vibes and amazing staff. Speaking of Brandi, is the best bartender ever! So much enthusiasm and she really lights the place up. I've gone so many times just to have her brighten up my day. Love this place and I highly recommend visiting!!!
Mauro Varas B
Mauro Varas B: We had a great time!! we were a group of friends having fun at the bar! but we had an incident… there was a guy asking for his jacket and looking for it where all our stuffs were… even though I told him there was nothing from him there, he came like 3 times till he gave up lol it was crowded and people started to get drunk and loosing things… so you need to be alert lolI would go back again and recommend this place cause KARAOKE WAS SO MUCH FUN SINGING ALL TOGETHER AND BEERS WERE GOOD PRICE TOO…THERE ALSO POOL TABLES :) 😹🙌🏽
Paul Kootenhayoo
Paul Kootenhayoo: The bar is gross and if anything it's in the worst place to visit would not recommend
Orlando Blacksmith
Orlando Blacksmith: Very friendly and inclusive bar with a cool punk vibe. Karaoke DJ is fantastic. A bit of a dive but I love this place
Jarrod Hillman
Jarrod Hillman: Ive been coming here since...i shouldnt have been allowed to come here haha. I played my first shows here so this place will always have a special place in my heart. Anita is a sweetheart and the drinks have improved. I miss the more punk rock sensibilities but u cant argue with the results
Brad Apple
Brad Apple: Great when they have staff that know who the regulars are and who isn't.Overall fun with karaoke and cheap drinks
Johannes: Thats how a Karaoke Bar should be! Great atmosphere, unbeatable prices. But the place reeks quite a bit.
Rumana Akhter
Rumana Akhter: The staff was super rude! The place has cheap drinks but my friend got Covid and I got bronchitis after visiting. Cheap place for karaoke but would not go back.
Dylan F
Dylan F: Funky chill friendly people. Low quantity of beans. Top quality hard winks
jaz z
jaz z: excellent grease
Geri Carey
Geri Carey: I’m the queen who sang underneath the bridge. lol :) I enjoyed my time here.
Heinstrung: Rope Access Solutions Chris Heine
Heinstrung: Rope Access Solutions Chris Heine: Great karaoke, and a solid dive bar. It's a little hidden gem on the downtown east side. Do expect the local area to be a bit interesting, staff are lovely and welcoming
Sola: Waited in line for a while, chatted with Paul, lovely guy, great chats. The entire security team was pretty awesome, got us in quick regardless of the big VIP line

4. K-Fever Karaoke - Richmond

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228 reviews
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K-Fever Karaoke
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Address: 8300 Capstan Way, Richmond, BC V6X 4B7, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 2:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-821-1278

Business type: Karaoke bar

K-Fever Karaoke: what do users think?
zach 1502
zach 1502: You sit in room and sing, as expected.
Adrian Lee
Adrian Lee: Nice clean environment. Cash only. Easily booked a room over the phone on a weeknight and had a great time. Good selection of old and new English and Cantonese songs. Interface was pretty easy to use, but didn't seem to have direct artist search so you need to search for a song first and can then click into the artist. Didn't try food or drinks so don't know what's on offer there. Parking can be busy during meal times.
Anson chow
Anson chow: Cheap rates for rooms and all you can sing. Not a big selection of English songs but has a decent amount of older 2000s songs. Not the most intuitive search function but good enough.
Anne CZ
Anne CZ: $28 (including tax) for an hour in a small room (1-3 people). They have a good selection of songs and artists in various languages. It can get busy easily so make a reservation in advance if you can. Was pleasantly surprised that all of the songs we selected showed the actual music videos. Would definitely come back.
dabossdud: good songs where?
M Yuan
M Yuan: 一般
Jo Tan Sun
Jo Tan Sun: Want to have a sing til you drop experience, coke to K Fever! I know my lungs max VO2 increased after one sess.
Sally: Sound proof was bad.
Aiden Luo
Aiden Luo: 价格是Richmond 最便宜的了吧,但是设备有着老旧,歌曲也没有及时更新
Kal Leung
Kal Leung: Cash only, low volume, mixed up drink orders, limited song choices, weird search functionality. Decent otherwise.
Echo Lau
Echo Lau: Fun
HJ Marshall
HJ Marshall: One of the everlasting karaoke in Vancouver. I had been singing there since I was a bratty teenager. It definitely felt awkwardly weird yet nostalgic bringing my family to one of my rebellious places.The place freeze in time, and they still only accept cash. I have my suspicions on why, but I’ll stop here.Song wise, they are still great, however categorized Taiwanese singers and songs under Chinese 5-star flag deserves -1 star.
甜磕: 环境很好 一进门就感觉音乐的氛围 饮品也还不错!下次还会来!
Ariel Ma
Ariel Ma: I really love this place! Recommended coming here again
ALICE wong
ALICE wong: Large song variety and reasonable price . Staff is helpful as well. Highly recommended
Mark Lee
Mark Lee: Most songs based on Chinese title or Chinese spelling. Very difficult to find a song to sing. If you aren't Chinese, I highly not recommend this place.
E: Price point: ~$30 per person for all you can sing (after tips and tax)Payment type: cash only, which is awkward and extremely inconvenient... are they trying to avoid taxes?Environment: Clean and friendly, the staff is sometimes really respectful and sometimes you can encounter real jerksEquipment: Not the best! You can't really get good sound quality here, but hey, I guess it's cheap.
Gin Din
Gin Din: Went there for a staff appreciation party last week. The service is good, staff are very friendly. They have a great selection of songs. Food menu will be resumed in mid July. I’m looking forward to it. Will definitely recommend.
Annaa Zhouu
Annaa Zhouu: Amazing karaoke atmosphere with incredible customer service. Songs were quite updated and the sound system was great! Decent price on considering they do offer All You Can Sing. I would 100% recommend friends and family to this place. The staff were super patient with me while guiding me through selecting songs. Not only chinese songs but variety of songs in different languages.As one thing I may need to concern about is that, it is cash only and not allowed to bring your own beverages or food. However, they do have an ATM and drinking menu available. So it's fair~~Better yet, you don't need to be 19+ like majority of other karaoke places to enjoy a night of singing with your friends.
Wilson: The staff were super friendly and they were also very patient with teaching me how to select songs. Their prices are also very reasonable, would highly recommend their all you can sing!
Felix Chan
Felix Chan: To start off, I am a regular customer of theis establishment who has been here many times over a 10 year span. I was at this establishment on Saturday May 14th, 2022 at 2pm (when they open) and left at around 5:40pm.Overall experience was absolutely horrendous. The music constantly cut out in the middle of singing was the least of their many problems.Service is beyond repair. When the employee working approached me and the first thing they mentioned was the price a long with the additional costs mandatory costs. While I had no issues with price and I knew what it would cost me beforehand, it made me feel cheap and looked down upon in a way where the employee made me feel as though I could not afford to pay their listed price.While we are still on the topic of price, in order to pay for the mandatory additional fees, we ordered some drinks. To our dismay, not only did he bring us half our drinks and say he would bring the rest, he pursued to completely forget about our order and insisted that we did not order and acted as if we were crazy for thinking that there was more to our order.Additionally, while inquiring about certain technical issues we were having, we were completely ignored while the employee just walked out the door. Keep in mind we asked this question twice during one visit from the employee.To wrap this joke of a customer service experience up, after paying while waiting for my change, the employee insited that my payment dis not include a tip. For the employee working, a tip is something that is earned not expected especially while providing especially lacking the basics of customer service.

5. Pub 340 - Vancouver

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485 reviews
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Pub 340
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Address: 340 Cambie St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2N3, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-602-0644

Business type: Karaoke bar

Pub 340: what do users think?
Natasha Jordan
Natasha Jordan: The 340 is a great place to get a drink with friends and a good place to meet singles
GJoe LOGO: Closed since Covid
Nic Oquias
Nic Oquias: 7cool
Kinjal Patel (Kinu)
Kinjal Patel (Kinu): Closed due to covid
David Hennigar
David Hennigar: This bar closed when covic 19 Broke out and has no planes of reopening.
Melissa Hanson
Melissa Hanson: Love catching live shows here
James Johnston
James Johnston: It is a wonderful and easily to get to bar. The staff are well knowledgeable on all local beer.the clientele are well versed in the local area.
Jamie Coull
Jamie Coull: I love this place! Wanna have a night out see live music and not break the bank? Then look no further! From Drew and the crew behind the bar to Nate the sound master behind the board, and all the colourful characters you meet, this is a great local hangout!! Thank you and see you soon!!🍻
Jeff Johnson
Jeff Johnson: Wicked Punk and stoner metal
Tamilyn Severin
Tamilyn Severin: They have pinball machines ,we enjoyed those
Joey Chaos
Joey Chaos: I was banned once
Devan Cayer
Devan Cayer: The guy that was covered in puke seemed friendly but the lady talking care of him was a bit crass
Monserrath Guillen
Monserrath Guillen: Good!
Laura Schneider
Laura Schneider: Friendly punk dive with pinball
Amanda Empey
Amanda Empey: Honestly, I didnt even order anything. When I looked online it mentioned food but they have no kitchen and the bathroom stalls do not lock. Waitress said I could order food in and enjoy the beer prices so maybe they are good but I didnt stick around to check.
Darian Syde
Darian Syde: Pretty good venue for live shows. Great music, decent price for drinks. Definitely my favorite downtown pub
Colin Furness
Colin Furness: This place rocks!! Always loved it in there.
jamie paynter
jamie paynter: Rocking
ANGEL LA FLACA: Its was goood i love it and had an good time with my boyfriend there
LV ENVY Drew: Best bar in Vancouver...cheapest prices, best ambiance, best bartenders in the city...hidden gem of Vancouver.

6. K Pop Karaoke Pub - Surrey

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169 reviews
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K Pop Karaoke Pub
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Address: 14914 104 Ave, Surrey, BC V3R 1M7, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 4:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-587-5767

Business type: Karaoke bar

7. Charqui - Vancouver

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248 reviews
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Address: 1955 Cornwall Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 1C9, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 3:00 PM

Telephone: +1 778-990-9207

Business type: Bar & grill

8. The Roxy Cabaret - Vancouver

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1184 reviews
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The Roxy Cabaret
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Address: 932 Granville St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1L2, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-331-7999

Business type: Night club

9. Monster L Karaoke (燃.) - Richmond

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157 reviews
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Monster L Karaoke (燃.)
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Address: 8400 Alexandra Rd #130, Richmond, BC V6X 1C3, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 7:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-821-1800

Business type: Karaoke bar

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