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1. Three Bags Full Knit Shop - Vancouver

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Three Bags Full Knit Shop
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Address: 4458 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5V 3R3, Canada

Schedule: Open until 6:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-874-9665

Business type: Knit shop

Three Bags Full Knit Shop: what do users think?
Ruth Johnson: Such a great place to buy yarn online!! This was my second time placing an order. The yarn was not only beautiful but was shipped incredibly quickly. I will definitely order from Three Bags Full again!
Fqhbug123 THATDUDE: Great place with nice yarn. Only question is if they sell knitting needles
IRHrok Hinds: We didn’t buy anything but the person there was nice and the selection was good. I look forward to going back and buying yarn
Olivia: Friendly and knowledgeable staff, great yarn choices!
Danielle Pierog: I am new to using patterns so I came here specifically to have a sales person help me find the right yarn for my project. I knew it would be expensive, but I wanted guidance and I was ready to splurge. Unfortunately, the sales person sold me a sport weight yarn, rather than a light worsted/DK weight yarn like I'd asked for, and at the time I didn't know the difference. I trusted that she'd offered me the right yarn, but after crocheting most of my project I realized that the yarn was lighter than I needed and my project quite a bit smaller than expected. I also had a question about my pattern, but the salesperson told me she was more into knitting and that she wouldn't be able to answer any questions about crochet. I'm not sure if they have a yarn ball winder, but the salesperson did not offer to wind my skeins into balls and I forgot to ask, so when I got home I had to do it myself by hand. The yarn is good quality and I am happy to support ethically sourced materials, but as a crocheter I was disappointed in the customer service that I received, especially considering how much money I spent.
Rebecca O'Brien: They sell wool for knitting and felting supplies. Lots of different colours. In 2021 they have very good covid protocols, two at a time allowed in the shop
Francesca Benedetti: This is my go-to knit shop. The yarn is of the best quality/ natural fibres. The staff is very knowledgeable and the classes have proved integral to my growth as a knitter.
Linden Kerr: I love this shop but the star are the online knitting courses! Melissa has taken the time to research learning methods, learned zoom, has a special set up for hand demos... all incredible. Also the specific classes chosen are to allow for a successful knit class. I love that I can still take my classes, make new friends, and learn new knitting techniques and skills - all from the safety of my home!Also, the ability to call or email the shop, then have my supplies packaged up for quick cut side pick up- outstanding!
Elizabeth W: It is a nice store but pretentious. They do not have a good selection of affordable yarn. They mostly carry expensive yarn compared to other yarn stores in Vancouver. The staff are passive aggressive.
Christina Sylka: This wonderful store has a fabulous selection of beautiful yarns and notions. It is always a pleasure to visit. The knowledgeable staff are really helpful and welcoming.The classes offer rich learning environments where you learn new techniques, build your skills, connect with other knitters, and complete some truly, great projects. Whether you are new to knitting, returning after many years, or an expert yourself Three Bags Full values and encourages the individual approaches of each knitter.
Maureen Wicken: I have been shopping at TBF ever since it opened and have come to love a place that provides me with a much-needed pseudo-therapy!When browsing was curtailed due to the pandemic, I was able to email and consult online with the employees and owner, order over the phone and pick up. And when the store opened again, it was a joy to be able to come in and browse again.Shopping for knitting supplies is not for those in a rush EVER and even though I do have to line up sometimes now, I have met the most delightful fellow knitters as I wait.I highly recommend the knitting classes as I took one recently online which worked surprisingly well!Over the years, a group of us have taken classes together and we set up our own weekly virtual knitting group which has sustained me during these difficult times. Kudos to Three Bags Full for building community and coping with the all the restrictions with grace and patience!
Megan Marks: While the shop has a few nice things, customer service is not their strong suit in the slightest. I have visited the store three times in the past year and have been ignored each time while the employees are deep in non-knitting related conversations with each other. I may as well be invisible. It's especially frustrating when you have something in your hand and are ready to buy, only to be ignored. This has happened too many times now and I will not be going back.
Abby C: The staff always seem very friendly but I recently witnessed a woman answering a few very basic knitting questions for a customer who I overheard was her first time knitting. She seemed really friendly until she turned around and walked away rolling her eyes. I was shocked. The customer didn't seem annoying and only asked a few simple questions. Give people who are learning to knit a break.
Michelle Oh: I wanted a quarantine project to fidget with so I went in here yesterday looking for some yarn to make a dishcloth. I'm pretty new to knitting so I had a lot of questions but the kind lady at the shop was helpful and patient. They have a ton of selection and love that they have fair trade, non-bleached 100% cotton yarn! I picked one up with some knitting needles and I'm excited to have something to do with my hands. Will go back for some more yarn :)
Mary Beckett: Friendly staff. Nice accessories.
K M: I love going to Three Bags Full. It’s a beautiful shop with inspiring projects displayed, and the staff are lovely and very helpful.Thank you knit team for making me fall more in love with knitting and answering all of the silly questions I have while learning! ❤️
Kristen Dyck: My favourite yarn shop in Vancouver. I took my first knit classes here years ago and learned enough from the beginners class to teach myself the rest and take on all kinds of projects. The staff is great here, and always keeping up on your projects. They’re also very knowledgeable knitters, helping you with a challenging pattern or mistakes, helping you find patterns to go with your yarn or vice versa. They also have a wonderful selection of natural yarns - no synthetics!
B Lee: It's an ok store. The first person who greeted me was nice and I told her I was looking around, and she left me to browse. Then I had a question and asked a different person and her customer service was not very nice or helpful. It was like pulling teeth. I was going to buy yarn but felt uncomfortable with the service so I left. I hope I have better luck at the other yarn stores in the lower mainland.
Girl Six: Nice shop with really helpful sales associates.
Ashley Lambert-Maberly: Marvellous selection, super friendly safe, fun location for window shopping after!
Mia Nater: What a fantastic yarn shop and lovely ... I mean LOVELY ladies working there ! I’m an avid knitter, I recently moved to Vancouver and what I treat discovering this gorgeous shop! Quaint and splendid yarn and stunning colours ! You made my month

2. Urban Yarns - University Endowment Lands

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71 reviews
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Urban Yarns
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Address: 4437 W 10th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6R 2H8, Canada

Schedule: Open until 6:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-228-1122

Business type: Knit shop

Urban Yarns: what do users think?
Sonya Powell: I was a bit of a problem child today trying to match 15 year old mystery Rowen yarn to something else to finish off a sweater. Gentlemen clerk provided excellent service, good product knowledge, and a positive attitude! I’m happy with my purchase.
Anna Manna: Had such and easy time shopping here. I was able to get my yarn delivered straight to my house free of charge and very neatly packaged 😊
Jonathan Miner: Friendly staff with a good memory. I always enjoy biking out this way and buying some beautiful yarn or notions here.
Jacki Mayo: Great service. Expedited and delivered in time to finish crocheting my garment. Pleasant personnel and very helpful. Will order with them again.😊
Stuart Ho: Very helpful staff. This quaint store has all your needs for yarn crafts. Located in the far Westside of the city.
oakley kang: i got really uncomfy vibes from one staff member and reading the other reviews, i guess i wasn't the only one. i walked in and the lady immediately snapped at me to leave and wait outside because there was a class going on. there were no signs outside or anything and the lady was so madedit: there was a max capacity sign outside but the class was held somewhere else in the building and the shop looked empty from the windows. behind the closed entrance door there was a chained sign that asked to wait outside but i wasn't even given a second to read it before the staff aggressively held her hand up and told me to leave. i thought it was a little weird but didn't think too much of it. however, i was waiting with another customer and she pointed out how odd and kind of rude it was and i had to agree. as someone who also works in customer service for a small business, i understand that it's not easy to be cheerful to customers all the time, especially if you're having a bad day. i'm just leaving a review to let you know my experience with the current system set up!
2.42 Four Two: I don't live anywhere close to the store (in fact I find it a little out of the way) and yet I've ended up buying my yarn there time and again.The selection is good, and they sometimes have good sales online which convince me it's worth the trip out to UBC to pick it up. I've always been happy with the yarn I got from them. I've even been in there once, embarrassingly soaked from riding my bike in the Vancouver rain to pick an order up. I tried not to touch anything and the staff were nothing but kind to me. I feel you do need to know a bit about what you are doing as the staff are unlikely going to help you with a pattern beyond what yarns might be suitable... but I guess there's youtube for that.
Robyn Peters: It's small but well organized. I was delighted that it was open on a Monday, and open late enough that I could get here in my limited time on my first day in town. Perfect help to find exactly what I needed for a travel project. Great start to my Canadian vacation. Thank you, friends.
Kati Rodzon: Such a beautiful store with such a selection! I drive from north van to here and it's worth it every time
Paul Hung: I have always loved visiting the store and spending way more money there than intended, haha!! During my latest visit, the owner and one of the employees were lovely. However, I was "greeted" by another employee with "oh typical," who then walked away with an eye roll because I said I was here to wind yarn. If the store has a specific yarn-winding policy, to make it clear, she could simply tell me that it's only for yarn purchased in store. Or, it is 30 mins for however much I have to pay to use the winder; I would be more than happy to pay for.As well, the entire time I was there, after purchasing my yarn and needles (with the help of the friendly and knowledgable owner), this employee would constantly come by and say "just so you know, you need to leave as soon as there is a line up" or "we are at our capacity so you should get ready to leave" as I wind my yarns when there was only me and one other person in the shop, which made me really uncomfortable... I feel very confused after this visit. My entire time there I see her only helping caucasian women and wasn't very interested in helping the Asian ladies as well?! Because of her attitude, at first I thought she was the owner and I was so sure will never come back again until I met the real owner of the store!
Lise B: Not a huge shop, but they have a great variety of wools/yarns, including some delicious natural ones to drool over. I'm still learning and they were very helpful answering my questions patiently. Ordered wool from them and it was a breeze. Happy to support this woman-owned local business!
Nazanin Hosseiniansereshki: Unpleasant, unfriendly. Very disappointed.
Karen Peterson: Decided to try this store for a second time only because it’s close to me. I walked out the first time because the service was almost non existent and what I did get was just rude and they could not have cared less. So for the second time I again left and took my business elsewhere. They lost out on two large sales as I was making blankets.
Joshua Harris: Wide variety of imported wool and yarns, helpful staff to assist beginning knitters.Knitting accessories available.
Elizabeth W: Great selection of yarn and helpful staff!
S HOOVER: Very fast shipping, order arrived ahead of schedule. Packaged up nicely in tissue wrap with candies, very nice touch. Absolutely will be ordering again.
Annie Groeninger: I love this shop! The staff is super helpful and there are so many beautiful yarns and patterns to choose from.
CG: Very knowledgeable staff and well stocked store.
Inge Nielsen: I have now been to the Urban Yarn store in Kelowna. They are extremely helpful and I Can recommend this store to everybody. They are locaed on Lakeshore Drive in The Mission areaof KelownaInge Nielsen.
Rochelle de la Giroday: For many years this was my neighbourhood yarn shop and where I spent my yarn $$$. However my last visit was horrible. I walked in with a very small problem (sewing the pieces together) and asked for assistance (I was the only customer and the manager didn't appear to be terribly busy). Before I could even show my project I was told 'that's a lesson'. I've paid for one-to-one help in the past, and disagreed - it really was a small problem. In the end after being told repeatedly 'that's a lesson' without once actually looking at my project I left in disgust. Though I'd had good service in the past, and they have a lovely selection of yarns Urban Yarns will no longer be getting my yarn $$$. I ended up at Wet Coast Wools where, even tho I hadn't ever purchased yarn from them, they generously gave me their time and solved my very simple problem....
Katie R: Great selection, website and overall experience. Had to deal with a warranty exchange on a set of Addi needles, and they made it really easy on me. Will absolutely be a customer again.

3. Wet Coast Wools - Vancouver - Vancouver

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43 reviews
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Wet Coast Wools - Vancouver
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Address: 2923 W 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6K 1R3, Canada

Schedule: Open until 6:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-568-0011

Business type: Yarn store

Wet Coast Wools - Vancouver: what do users think?
Kaylah Zander-Nuñez: This place has so many beautiful mohair options! Plus gorgeous imported Japanese yarn and unique, local Canadian brands! Staff are also lovely and helpful
Samantha Huntley: I went into the store to browse and wasn't even acknowledged by the person working there. They were talking to another customer, but couldn't even say hello or wave. I would have bought a couple skeins but left because I felt so unwelcome.
Anastasia: I've been to this yarn store many times at different times of the year, on different weather and part of the day. Never did I experience any form of mistreatment from the staff, yet there is no doubt that there can be people working in service and behave outright disrespectfully. And it's hard to imagine it would ever happen to anyone in the way some people describe it to at this yarn store. We are all just human, life is beautiful and yet we all experience struggles every now and then, including people who work in service (obviously). And I find it so unfair that many people expect any more than a human in a store. Like baby drooling over yarn? Doesn't matter how small of a corner, although I'm sure it wasn't a tiny speck, therefore of course it is fully mother's responsibility to pay for it without a question. I have a very curious child myself and whenever I come to the store with her I am fully aware that if she ever even misplaces an object - it isn't staff's responsibility to clean up after her even though they'd be happy to offer help with that. I am sorry Wet Coast Wool's staff has to navigate situations like that and many more, left feeling like they've done something wrong, my compassion goes to you. Our life is our responsibility, our emotions are ours to manage, yet those who are looking to get offended will always find a way...or two.
Anna Jiang: Very good service😍😍😍beautiful yarn
Yannan Zhu: It’s a nice and cozy store with a wide selection of wools and tools. The staff are super friendly and helpful, and spending time selecting yarn in the store is just satisfying💙
Joseph Wu: I went to the shop today, the staff were very friendly I definitely recommend it to friends with knitting needs
Daman Chawla: I just started knitting and knew nothing about yarns. The lady helped me choose the best yarn. Quality of the yarn is unmatched.
Har Arora: Best quality yarn with such a wide variety! Great customer service and very helpful staff.
Zinnia: Amazing variety and such great prices. This is my go to place for all my yarn shopping. They have such amazing quality! It helps that they have the best customer service and the most helpful staff!
Milanpreet Kaur: Best quality wool. Very reasonable prices. And the friendliest staff ever! Definitely coming back for more supplies.
Simran Chawla: Best quality wool with an amazing variety of colours. Highly recommended!!
jillian irvine: Really disappointing and frankly, baffling experience attempting to shop here. The staff were so rude and unkind, I was shocked. But now that I have seen the owner's responses to reviews similar to mine (...yikes!!), I shouldn't be surprised. The interaction lacked common decency, let alone professionalism. Save your money and support a small business that actually values customers.
Megan Chang: Customer service really unhelpful and unfriendly, walked out empty handed. Now that I’m reading the business’ responses to their customers’ feedback on Google, I’m glad I didn’t buy here.
Valerie Ward: Cute store with a nice selection of yarns. While I was drooling (figuratively) over some of the beautiful yarns that I wanted to buy, my infant accidentally drooled on a small corner of the yarn I was holding, and I left the store with yarn I had not intended to purchase instead. Unfortunately, as a mom of an infant, and the stores new drool policy, added after our visit, we will plan to shop elsewhere for our knitting projects!
Samantha K: Friendly and helpful staff, wide selection, and fair prices. Couldn’t ask for more!
Helen M: I'm so proud and happy to call Wet Coast Wools my LYS. I love visiting this bright and colourful shop. The last few times I've been in, the shop has been so busy and lively, which fabulous because I only want the best for the Wet Coast team. Truthfully, I want time to chat with Margaux about yarn and knitting because she's so nice and knowledgeable!
Julia Manitius: Wet coast Wools stocks a wonderful collection of yarns not found in other yarn shops. The new owner took over the shop around May 2021. She is knowledgeable, patient, and helpful.
Yvonne Sun: This has become my FAVORITE LYS now! They carry a wide range of gorgeous yarns, and always getting new yarns. The lady working there is EXTREMELY friendly and everytime I speak with her I get more inspired by yarny projects.
Susan Cormack: Wet Coast Wools has an excellent selection of yarns. As well service and assistance is outstanding! There is a wide variety of yarn, books and accessories. Staff is exceptionally skilled and always willing to provide assistance with colour selection in addition to help with patterns. Wet Coast Wools is my first choice of yarn stores in Vancouver. Yarn selection is continuing to grow and a few very hard to find yarns are available at Wet Coast Wools!
: J: I just recently started knitting and came to this shop to grab some extra supplies. The staff at the counter was super nice and gave me lots of advice. Will definitely be back to grab some wool on my next project!
Anne Fischer: Very helpful staff. Found exactly what I was looking for.

4. Baaad Anna's Yarn Store - Vancouver

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150 reviews
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Baaad Anna's Yarn Store
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Address: 2667 E Hastings St E, Vancouver, BC V5K 1Z5, Canada

Schedule: Open until 6:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-255-2577

Business type: Wool store

Baaad Anna's Yarn Store: what do users think?
Jeffrey Wonser: SUCH a cute store! Excellent selection!We arrived right at 1100a and found the store open. The lady inside was very nice and cheerful! We're tourists, but always like to take in local stores. This one's a gem!
Katie Morgan: Recently took a trip to Vancouver and stayed downtown. I was hoping for walking distance which wasn't the case. I was unable to visit the store as I would have to drive and there was a large homeless population on the street around the shop. 5 stars regardless as I'm sure I would have loved it. I hope they change location soon.
Rebecca W: Incredibly helpful staff and great selection.
Nicholas: Really nice and took the time to explain the differences in materials to me
Becky Bub: Thus is the best place for me to buy my fibre for felting. I love to come to buy what i need for my felting hobby. Staff r very friendly they have a good selection of fibre and yarn and whatever u need to felt, knit,crochet, weaving or spinning. This is my go to store. I love coming here.
A Lavoie: Always a fantastic stop in Vancouver, not just for knitting but most fiber related crafts.
Chad Rattie: Excellent experience! Very helpful staff and lots of yarn 😊
Lynda Marie Neilson: Awesome LYS with tons of cool hand dyed and local dyed yarn! Leave your credit cards behind and window shop!
Catherine Rogers: There is a very nice selection of unusual yarns, well organized. Other related wool products to such as felting g kits are also available along with gift items and accessories. I found just what I needed, very pleased.
Mia Thegreat: Smaller then desired selection of hooks and needles but huge selection for parts to spin, twist, weave yarn. Considerate and knowledgeable staff and lots of locally made nick nacks like stitch counters and darning needles for sale.
Carolyn T.: Great variety of merchandise (including needle felting supllies) and super helpful.
Tania Colina: Fun yarn shop with a great variety of local yarns, books and lots of knitting accessories. Great selection of needles and crochet supplies, fun embroidery kits and very knowledgeable staff.
Barbara Hoodspith: I thought I had found my new local yarn store. First 2 visits were great. Today? Infuriating. I was there at 5 minutes to opening. 2 others joined me. 2 clerks in the store. Great …. Nope. They looked at their watches and walked away ( 1 to straighten tags). Kept me waiting (why???) until exactly 11 am on Christmas Eve. The 2 other customers left. Acknowledgement would have been nice. Better = to not walk in front of the door several times. ( just yo be sure we saw they were ignoring us) Best = open 4 minutes early ( before the other 2 customers left). So …. New customer = gone. I’ll drive to my favourite or shop online. Tags come first here. No accommodation for customers. Had I not Needed the yarn I bought today ($100+) I too would have left. But I won’t be back. I want to shop where customers are wanted … not an inconvenience to tag straightening.Were they wrong. No. Just zero accommodation to customers. They can do so much better.
Andy Sandberg: Extremely helpful!I needed a very specific yarn to mend a jumper, and at first I wanted to browse on my own (that's my default preference anywhere) and the woman attending the store left me to it with zero fuss, but as soon as I did need assistance she was immediately super helpful and found me exactly what I needed.The selection is fantastic, and the people are Wonderful.Also important to note that the shop recently doubled in size (they haven't moved, just added the nextdoor shop) so the range that's out and available is even wider than before! So exciting.
Jeannie Magenta: This store is full of the most exquisite yarns in so many fabulous colors. The staff are super helpful and great to answer any questions you may have. I would highly recommend going for a visit.
Peter Rolfe: Totally Bodacious Yarn Shop! Fantastic selection! Great Prices. LOTS of hand dyed yarn. Amazing staff!
Kevin Wu: Lovely little shop for all things knit related. Staff were very helpful and friendly.
Sarah LeSage: My partners go-to yarn store. They have tons of varieties and colours and brands, and they have recently expanded their floor space.They also have equipment rentals, just ask! We rented a spinning wheel once and it was a lot of fun. :) They sell instructional booklets, accessories, felting needles, embroidery and cross stitch kits, buttons, and many different knitting needle sizes and types.An excellent store for the knitter, crochet-er, felt-er, and general craft lover. 👍
Emma: Gonna be nice place for those who started crocheting🤟🏻
Sylvia vanderHeide: Great selection of locally made products. Very knowledgeable owner. This place was very worth my detour!
Mia November: Loooooooooove this store and adore the name. Super helpful staff and just really nice people in general. Great yarn selection!

5. Cosy Yarns - Knitting Classes, Supplies & Gifts - New Westminster

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22 reviews
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Cosy Yarns - Knitting Classes, Supplies & Gifts
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Address: 810 Quayside Dr, New Westminster, BC V3M 6B9, Canada

Schedule: Open until 6:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-220-4794

Business type: Shopping mall

6. Chu Chu - Vancouver

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23 reviews
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Chu Chu
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Address: 1630 Pandora St, Vancouver, BC V5L 1L6, Canada

Business type: Art studio

Chu Chu: what do users think?
Vicky Tra: Serena helped me organize a few private classes for my work team (string painting, resin painting) and it has been a fantastic experience for all of us to be creative and bond. She is a patient, thorough and very obviously experienced instructor - we can't get enough of her studio and will be back soon!
Ewa: Serena is a great instructor, very passionate and friendly, provides tips and feedback during the classes, I highly recommend :)I took two pottery workshops, minimalistic tableware and cherry blossom, classes were a lot of fun and now I have beautiful, self-made plates to use at home.
Natasa-Christina Baka: I took a hand building minimalist tableware pottery class and I absolutely loved it! Serena is a fantastic instructor! Her directions are clear and she has a great energy and enthusiasm that makes classes really fun. Also the classes are small so it’s great for getting individual help and guidance. This was my first time ever working with pottery. In just two sessions I learned a ton and I’m really pleased with how my pieces turned out. I will definitely be taking another class with Serena!
Deborah: I discovered Serena in January and am on course #2 already. She is a wonderful guide to the craft of pottery. Opportunities in this day and age to see the end result of your work are becoming rare. Making something satisfyingly functional or simply whimsical is a gift to our creative selves. Thank you, Serena, for your encouragement and sharing your pro-tips!
Sandy Marji: Took a pottery class with Serena. She’s a great teacher! Very detailed and attentive. Really helped me understand what I’m doing wrong.
Kelly Boyd: I've taken her Fluid Pour Painting and her Holiday Ornament Pottery class and have loved both. Serena is an excellent instructor, she explains the work clearly and helps out when you run into problems. She is very friendly and personable. I would definitely take another of her classes again.
M Ley: Serena is an extraordinarily fine teacher. Her instructions are clear, accessible and fun. She was available when help was needed and encouraging of creativity and learning at all times.We took her glass fusing on pottery 2-night class and I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Amazing quality and value for your investment.I selfishly hope she continues to offer classes in my area at times I can partake. I highly recommend her classes!!
Mahfuza Sreya: Serena is a fantastic instructor! I had never done pottery before, but her instructions were clear and the workshop was very beginner friendly! She’s very approachable, experienced and provides excellent feedback. I would definitely take another class with her in the future!
Maria King: I absolutely love Serena's teaching style: bubbling with laughter, joy, kindness, ingenuity, goodness... it was a priviledge and honour to be in her class!
Julia Carr: Serena's botanical ceramics workshop was fun, relaxed, and I walked away with a real nice sense of accomplishment. Something you can attend on your own or with a friend.
Siona Eile: I took a beginner's pottery class with Serena, and she's an amazing teacher. Her instructions were clear and easy to follow, and she's really warm and encouraging. The atmosphere in the class was great - friendly, relaxed, and a lot of fun.
Masheed Salehomoum: I loved taking pottery classes with Serena. She's a really great teacher plus she'll keep you entertained the whole time. I'll definitely be signing up for more :)
Johanna Ward: I took a beginner pottery class with Serena at the West End Community Centre and she was just fantastic. Super friendly, engaging, and an excellent instructor. I can recommend, and will be enroling in future classes!
A W: Had a great time taking Serena's botanical print pottery workshop! Serena is not only a great teacher who provides really wonderful guidance, but is also a very warm and friendly person to be around, making her classes fun and approachable. Would absolutely take another class with her studio.
Rhi Yee: I've done 2 classes so far (Intro to Fluid Pour Painting and Holographic Crystal Resin Pendant Class) with Serena and they have been such wonderful experiences! My friends and I had a great time creating art together Serena is an amazing instructor and so creative! We really enjoyed it and look forward to taking more of her classes in the near future! Cheers 🤗
Amanda Matfin: Serena was a stellar instructor. This was my first time doing a pottery class. Her tutorial was straightforward and helped to get us all rolling along at our own paces. I felt comfortable working with the clay and she was always right there to answer questions and assist as needed.
Hannah Nieman: Had a blast learning how to paint with string and do liquid pour painting! Serena was a great teacher and explained all the steps and guiding us as we painted. Would definitely recommend taking one, or multiple, of Chu Chu's classes.
Vanessa Siemens: I took the string art painting class and it was a lot of fun. The location was easy to find and there was lots of street parking available. Serena gave a thorough demonstration and explanation of how to do the painting, giving different examples and full freedom to paint whatever we wanted, with a large palette of colours to choose from.Since the paintings are quite wet by the end, there are drip trays provided for taking your painting home. It was a fun evening of creativity with a fun piece of art to show for it. Looking forward to trying some other classes there in the future.
Dennis Anthonipillai: I took the Intro to Fluid Painting Class which I booked off Groupon. It was an incredibly fun experience. Serena spoke clearly about how to start fluid painting, spoke about techniques we could use, and helped everyone in the class through the process. A wonderful instructor!
Christine Chan: Came here with my girlfriend to do the paint pouring class and we had a blast! The instructor was very nice and informative. She gave us lots of freedom but also great guidance thought out the experience! It's a great class for people that aren't very artistic but want to make something beautiful!
Sonja LeBorgne: Had a terrific time with Serena’s pottery class, she’s enthusiastic and supportive, everyone had a chance to learn from her and she encouraged students to share and help one another. Great experience!

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