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1. Yaletown Express/Canada Post Yaletown - Vancouver

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Yaletown Express/Canada Post Yaletown
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Address: 1146 Pacific Blvd, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2X7, Canada

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM

Telephone: +1 604-566-9858

Business type: Post office

Yaletown Express/Canada Post Yaletown: what do users think?
Maggie Medjuck: They are so quick and efficient! So glad they are close.
Mary L: Rude, ignorant customer service
Michael Kuehn: Amazing service. I couldn’t be more impressed.
K L: Staff was rude and condescending. I came in to mail a letter and wanted to clarify my understanding about postage rates. She cut me off when I was speaking, raised her voice and rolled her eyes at me. I don’t expect friendly service but you should treat customers with the basic respect they deserve.
Jason Birring: Super friendly staff at the post office section.
P L: Very efficient services
Bee Barkley: Very horrible service.
joy: There are six canada post locations that are closer to my home, and I’ve been to all of them enough times that I know the best choice will always be yaletown express.All of the staff are consistently friendly and hardworking. If there’s a lineup I know I won’t have to wait too long, even ever since CP’s whole computer system changed last year and significantly slowed down service at every other location.They work hard to make sure our packages are securely packed, even helping with boxing and taping - which are generous services that I do not take for granted. I also see them making sure I get the best prices and discounts, and taking care of everybody else in the same ways.I’m so grateful for the good folks working here - shipping can be daunting and stressful, but they make it fast and easy.
J Lee: Always had great customer service experience for all my visits. Super fast, knowledgeable and friendly! Thank you :)
Elyse Yan: The clerks there are very polite and helpful. Good services!
Frances Tan: Friendly and fast services.
J Shai: great service and very efficient! Love this place!
Karla Vargas: The staff are extremely rude and have no idea what customer service should be like. I spoke to them in a respectful manner explaining that I had a medical exemption to not wear a mask. They would not honour my medical exemption. On the BC Human Rights Clinic website it states “When a person cannot wear a mask for medical reasons, but still wants to access a service normally available to the public, the service provider has a duty to accommodate that person to the point of undue hardship.” It’s unacceptable.. and through reading the other reviews I’m not the only one who has had a negative experience with the staff.Reply: I’m only speaking of my experience no one else’s so not sure why you’re bringing up problems with someone else. I simply let the staff know I was not able to wear a mask Due to medical reasons and it was not respected.
Grace C: Fast, efficient & friendly staff at this Canada Post!Go-to location for anyone downtown.💯
Ken Yu: I came to this store to buy Canada post mailing supplies. I provide my business solution card to get a supplies discount before I made the payment. The staff told me I don’t receive discount at all and I have to pay full price.This is ridiculous and unacceptable. There is no problem when ever I visit other retail postal outlets. Since I have worked at retail postal office for many years, I understand the work process and procedures more than unskilled staff.I will never use their service after this unpleasant experience.She also has a strong Mandarin accent which I have a difficult time to have a conversation.
Zhuo Chen: My favorite post office in this country. Sent bunch of Christmas packages for my company, they did it professionally and faster than I expected.
Morgan Wu: Super friendly and efficient post office, they work smart and do the best to help
mengyuan zhang: I don’t know why people keep complaining on this location, for me they are the best office I have been used. Efficient and friendly
Nate Allison: Staff are rude
Maria G. Hernandez: I have to agree with the other comments on this thread. Some of the people that work here are super friendly and welcoming, specially the younger gentleman that works there. But the older lady that is there in the morning is rude and obnoxious. If you like to know what customer service should *not* be like, see her! Hope Canada Posts opens up another shop close by, or this location does something with its customer service.Chris O. Lee
Maryannashanti Womenandwisdom: Today August 5th at 9:30 i went to this post office. One of their staff after opening store and already customer was in she was doing vacuuming .very loud sound and other one was mapping . They didn’t stop and ask us what they can do .I was in rush couldn’t stop longer hardly could hear the voice of assignment with mask and loud sound i asked her can you stop for a second till im done ?Very politely . First of all she did ignored then she rudly start accusing me and asked me to go other pist office to do my pist 😱 she didn’t stop continued and continued why you don’t bring more client why you do here …. I’m still in shuck !! I’m the owner of company and be in retail for 20 years and number rule is “customer service “. And cleaning before closing not front of customer.i’m old and loyal customer for this branch .Every week for last 2years even during Covid i was giving them business and support them with sending all my online sales through them rather than fedex company which come to our building .I love those two other staff but this older one will run the reputation of the owner soon.

2. Canada post - Centre Point Post office & Print express - Vancouver

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Canada post - Centre Point Post office & Print express
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Address: 9-2949 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5T 3G4, Canada

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9:30AM

Telephone: +1 604-876-9590

Business type: Post office

Canada post - Centre Point Post office & Print express: what do users think?
Savanna Bobyk: Such nice employees that work here! I needed a digital passport photo and it couldn’t have been easier .
Florence Fianza: This is the best shop & post office I went to. Owners & workers are very approachable/friendly and with lots of patience in assisting me in photo copying my email - PDF, especially that I'm behind high technology.
Gordon Glanz: Friendly staff.
MW: This Canada Post has the best service in the lower mainland. Everytime I visit, I always get great service. They helped me find my missing package as well!
Justin88 Llama: 這裡的職員友善,禮貌,笑容滿面,詳細解答每一個問題,認真負責的工作態度,令我感動!下次還會光臨!謝謝!
Katie-Ellen Humphries: The service here is unmatched. Their so thoughtful and friendly. They phoned to let me know a package I wasn't aware of was being held for me. They help everyone as swiftly as possible and always with a smile.
Jaspal Marwah: Always nice and helpful
Caitlin Morris: Great service, friendly staff, they’re great to work with, quick, & efficient! Happy that it makes picking up my packages a nice experience rather than something to dread, especially around the busy holiday season!! Thank you Centre Point Postoffice!!
Naoise Gallagher: The service here is incredible, I made a mess of my flex delivery and the team here (Charlie, Mark and Ahamad - sorry if I misspelled the names) really helped me out, they went above and beyond to help me receive my parcels (which were coming from Ireland for Christmas) I can’t thank them enough, they were so kind and helpful throughout it. I would thoroughly recommend using this service. They are amazing!
Jessica Farrow: I always have the best service here! Friendly and helpful.
Anukriti Tewari: This is the best Canada Post in the city only because the staff are extremely helpful and go above and beyond in their customer service.
Matt Liliefeldt: Mark and Charlene were great! So friendly and supported me in getting my shipping sorted smoothly. Fantastic.
Joseph Alvaro: The staff at Centre Point Postal Outlet are very helpful and always friendly.It's a treat in today's service orientated world.Getting a phone call about a parcel laying around there for a bit is not what one expects today.A shout out to Mark and Charlie for making the extra effort.Thanks
Caroline S: Tanvir, Charlie, and Sukarno were incredibly patient and kind and helpful as we tasked them with processing a whole bunch of unpackaged items. Thank you for your excellent service!
Elizabeth Horcajo: Very fast and friendly at this location.
Nate D: Alyssa & Mark are the best! Excellent service.
Dez May: Obscenely friendly and helpful staff!!
Tessa Veikle: SUCH great service - for printing and postal services. They are quick, efficient, friendly & kind.
Gavin Hollebakken: Great service from Mark and team
Jordan Haftner: I love this place, they have been nothing but friendly to me. Alyssa & Mark are very professional, friendly and efficient. Definitely will be keeping this as home base for all my post office needs. Thanks guys :)
Heman Ly: First visit: outstanding! Alyssa was affable, polite and helpful. Had concerns about having Amazon parcels delivered there as King Edward p.o. ceased receiving Amazon. Mark and Alyssa reassured me that they would work me if any issues arose. This is my new post office!!

3. Deloitte - Vancouver

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Address: 939 Granville St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1L3, Canada

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 4:30PM

Telephone: +1 604-669-4466

Business type: Accounting firm

Deloitte: what do users think?
Paul Bernardo: A highly toxic workplace in general. Refer to Simu Liu's story from spring of 2022. They like throwing around terms like "team player" and "value-added" service. The employees are just as sketchy as their managers/partners. Sociologically speaking, accountants generally lack social skills and have a very small group of friends (if any). This is their social profile from a historical perspective. "Look at me; I do tax/auditing. I'm so special". Sorry to break it to you, but your lives are meaningless and worthless in the grand scheme of things. There is no purpose behind your existence. The CA-CPA thing is an outdated profession. It's not 1980 anymore.
L & J W: Partners here only care about money and their shark surfing sales technique and slogans are boring.
Frank Lee: Why else would you rate less than 5 stars for Deloitte?
Harrison Chow: 👌
Periodic X: Great firm with smart staff and management who cares. I run a tech company, and my company has been a client for years.
Candy Chan: Deloitte doesn't know how US stock options work in Canada. My husband works for a US company in Canada and he keeps getting his T4 wrong because his company hires Deloitte to handle their canadian employees taxes. Since Deloitte know little to NOTHING about US stock options, my husband keeps getting his T4 wrong and we still haven't been able to do our taxes this year. If my husband can GOOGLE and get the answer, so can YOU DELOITTE... DO SOME GOOGLING, YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING! STOP MESSING WITH OTHER PEOPLE T4!
Tony Simon: Just read a morally bankrupt opinion piece by Lisa Ethans in the Aug 25 Vancouver Sun. It should be enough to disqualify Deloitte from doing First Nations audits.

4. BC SPCA Provincial Office - Vancouver

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BC SPCA Provincial Office
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Address: 1245 E 7th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5T 1R1, Canada

Schedule: Opens soon ⋅ 8:30AM

Telephone: (800) 665-1868

Business type: Animal protection organization

BC SPCA Provincial Office: what do users think?
Dominik Plempe: I adopted my dog at the SPCA one month ago now, and it's been such a joy to have him in my life!SPCA staff are friendly, knowledgable, and helpful. They really care about the animals.
Rian O Maol Chonaire: They abducted my dogs from Vancouver Animal Services falsely claiming they were in distress there.
Juana ordonez Sanchez: Is good 👍 came to visit
GR86 Canada: On a short notice, a Japanese visitor and animal protection advocate friend wanted to visit SPCA. We had a thorough introduction and visit of the facility. Jody had years of experience and knowledge she willingly shared with us. This topic of animal care is different in other countries. The culture and the mindset of owning an animal is different. The essence of caring for animals is the same. So, our friend will go home to Japan with much eagerness to share her observation here. It would be awesome if we could share and develop in Japan from what SPCA here managed to do over the years. Thank you for your time to educate us, from, my initial call handled by Loey to the receptionist and Jody at SPCA in Vancouver. Your compassion was felt by us all today.
Tomlin,Turner, Muldoe, Danes Bro. Turner: Love animals
Tammy Hynes: Never called me back
AndrewJ Dick: Great Service but Should Change Phone# on here because it brought me to Victoria office then they transferred me to a different office and no answer :( now I have to bring my Cat back Home then back here again in a few hours :'(
Tracy Carey: Hi I think you are missing Victoria's pointI have also been trying to get a dog for a little more than 3 months and it seems to be an impossible thing. I get everyone is busy but we don't even get a response whether or not we will ever get a dog. Not sure if my applications are written poorly and I will never get a dog or if there are just too many applications
kevin casey: Nothing was done to provide help for the dog
Victorian McLaughlin: I can't seem to adopt a dog i have been trying for three months now and no one is making it possible i don't understand why I am having such problems when I have so much love to give a puppy/dog i just want to start living a dog as soon as possible seems like such a waste when I have an open loving home
Tamer Negm: Very expensive to adapt a pet
dave lee: They destroy healthy animals behind closed doors, and volunteers have to sign a form so they cannot discuss this with the media. They have lost contracts in many BC cities as a result. They are supposed to be an adoption agency and place animals in suitable homes that match the pets personality. Do not support this dreadful organization.
Sharon L.: Meow
Bran-tastic: This building is the provincial administration office, which is not where you take your pets to the vet or where you adopt a pet. Those services are offered at their hospital and shelter, which are a few more steps down the block and around the corner on Keith Drive.
Alex Chan: Super helpful and Nice people
Jocelyne Chan: My family has adopted five kitties between 1986 and 2013. I'm sure the staff and volunteers see a lot of horrible things in animal rescue, and they really work hard to help every animal that goes through their doors, so utmost respect to them.We really appreciate the work the shelter staff do to make sure each potential adopter can be matched with an appropriate animal - all of our cats have been a perfect fit for us. The SPCA is the first place we'll come to when we decide to adopt another furry family member.
Danielle Sharp: Saving animals every single day 3
Andy Guo (IKnowDontevenTry): Treats everyone there with respect!
Ryan Konesky: The staff and organization of the SPCA are truly pet lovers. Thank you for treating these animals with your fullest amount of care.
Val Weir: Great experience with all the staff I have spoken to. We have been looking for a dog for months now so I have spoken to lots of your staff.

5. VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation - Vancouver

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162 reviews
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VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation
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Address: 855 12th Ave W #190, Vancouver, BC V5Z 1M9, Canada

Schedule: Opens soon ⋅ 8:30AM

Telephone: +1 604-875-4676

Business type: Foundation

VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation: what do users think?
Lisa Williams: It's the most beautiful hospital I've ever been in. From the totem poles to the art work on every wall, and the plants too! Stunning! The nurses and staff are all so friendly and accommodating. Everyone is just so pleasant and jovial. Lovely place to visit even if you aren't there for medical reasons
Wendy pearson: Almost all nurses and staff are caring and compassionate. But some are blinded by polices and rules take away the human and empathetic situation needed in a hospital setting. Can't let one bad apple have all the glory. So I'm giving them a 5 for everyone else who went over and above. Nice going nurses on floor 8 your a good bunch of people.
Kenneth Chaffer: The doctors, nurses, therapists, and all the other great people we dealt with showed top notch health care and compassion!!!
Maxwell McQuillan: So glad the crack heads have beds over my elderly mother. Such a beautiful system.
Annalyn Tabara: I work here so its just right to give 5star , the cleanest hospital I have even been , excellent staff
John Ma: $$$$ donations welcome, always. 🤣
Dawn BKind: VGH is an excellent hospital. Wonderful care & amazing staff. Knowledgeable, kind, incredibly hard working and efficient.
John McClane: These young doctors are geniuses! Thank you Dr. Forbes (Urology) 🙏
Mark Kazazian: I felt bad giving it a 3* because the people in the MRI department were fantastic. They definitely get 5 stars. I gave it 3 stars because it is so difficult to find where you're supposed to go to get your test completed. The signage is terrible and confusing. Even when you find the correct wing, no signs direct you to any kind of check-in area. Perhaps it's only the specific wing I needed, but that was my experience.
Daniel Wong: Dr. Luke Chen (Hematology) and Dr. Jason Park (Surgeon) are fantastic physicians! All the staff who treated me are very caring and empathetic. I would give more than five stars if I could.
gerry foran: Saved my life love them
Glenda Bowley: Family member receiving good care.
Ty Col: Worth contributing to
Lynn Purych: This is an awesome hospital to be in when you require surgery like I did. You receive excellent care from the Dr's and nurses. 5 star team work.
Jerry Thomas: Can't say enough about the health care workers. They are the real "super heroes" of the pandemic. Our hearts go out to them.
Randy Brown: The nurses work very hard and long hours.Keep up the good work.
Roy Wilson (Pup Bigbad): Parking can be a nightmare. So far over $200 paid for parking and it doesn't look like they have a monthly pass option. With my spouse in hospital for approximately another monthand no end in sight. Would be nice to have an option for those that have long term stays in hospital. Had process are best enough without the cost of parking when transit isn't an option.
Mary Deane: I went for a MRI, and everything went well and the nurse working on that afternoon was superb,so nice and kind
Szefung Chan: It fundraising for VGH.
Norah Guthrie: Get staff,

6. Deloitte - Township of Langley

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Address: 8621 201 St Suite 600, Langley, BC V2Y 0G9, Canada

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 5PM

Telephone: +1 604-534-7477

Business type: Accounting firm

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