Best Microbiome Test Vancouver Near Me

1. Microbiome Insights - University Endowment Lands

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Microbiome Insights
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Address: The University of British Columbia, 2405 Wesbrook Mall #6206, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z3, Canada

Telephone: (833) 624-8378

Business type: Biotechnology company

2. SIBO Testing and Treatment Clinic - North Vancouver City

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SIBO Testing and Treatment Clinic
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Address: 88 Lonsdale Ave #102, North Vancouver, BC V7M 2E6, Canada

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Mon

Business type: Laboratory

SIBO Testing and Treatment Clinic: what do users think?
Brandon Gencher
Brandon Gencher: Do not go here. There is zero care for patients at all. Nobody cares here about you. DO NOT GO. Nobody answers the phones, nobody calls you back after doctors tell you they will, find another clinic that will be happy to look after you!
Baby Gwen
Baby Gwen: The doctors here are so lazy. I have severely infected tonsils and I was told to just drink tea by Dr. Carla..... it's so unprofessional to just brush off a patient. Unbelievably lazy service I had to go in the next day to beg for a swab test they wouldn't even let me see a doctor?? (I went in the second they opened) and sent me home with a swab test to bring back in, which is a complete waste of time, my tonsils are so infected a doctor would just need to look at them for a second to know I need antibiotics. It takes way too long for them to get anything done here. I've been in excruciating pain unable to swallow or talk and I have no idea when or if they will even prescribe me antibiotics. My friend had almost the exact same experience as me 2 weeks ago when she had strep. I recommend going anywhere else for help this place is so useless.
Natalia Petlitsyna
Natalia Petlitsyna: Such a great service! Receptionist I was talking to was absolutely officiant and kind!Thank you for understanding my situation and booked appointment for me with Dr.Bieg .Dr. Bieg is so knowledgeable, professional and helped me immediately.Thank you very much!Will definitely come back and recommend your clinic to my friends and family!
Leif Nielsen
Leif Nielsen: Website booking was simple. Appointment within 3 days becuase of the long weekend.
Ruby Tv
Ruby Tv: Complex process for walk ins. In order to book a visit, you'd need to have a negative covid test as of April 2023. Odd because I can go to urgent care, ER, regular physician's clinic, dentist, lab, etc without requiring a covid test. Then they will schedule a call. If the doctor thinks you need a throat swab, you'd need to book to go to their clinic, and swab it yourself. There's no option for a health professional to swabit for you.
Caleen Ross
Caleen Ross: My Doctor is Dr. Kim, who is amazing, but been coming to this clinic for years and the staff and all the doctors that I have seen there have been complaints at all.
Mark Gibson
Mark Gibson: I absolutely love the ladies that work at the front desk. They are incredibly helpful and efficient with everything they do. Many thanks.
Carly Victoria
Carly Victoria: Rude staff and impossible to book an appointment.
Jim Hadden
Jim Hadden: HelloKim who runs the office is awesome, friendly and professional.Dr Joe Goodman my Doctor for fifteen years is one of the finest medical practitioners on the North Shore.
Mastaneh Fey
Mastaneh Fey: I had appointments with few doctors in this clinic. Everyone in this clinic looks professional and kind.The reception is really nice and she always follows up my requests. Recently I’ve been seeing Dr. Madeline. She is such an incredible, knowledgeable and caring doctor. She always goes beyond to help me out. She gets me urgent appointments, sends referral and follows up with other clinics immediately. She provides 5 star care! I absolutely can’t say enough about how wonderful she is.
Golnar Moeini
Golnar Moeini: Unbelievably rude, disrespectful and unprofessional (virtual appointment) .
G M G: Great
Stacy Yao
Stacy Yao: I’m honestly shocked by the negative reviews. My experience as a walk in patient has been very positive for the following reasons:1. They actually pick up the phone quickly. This one alone already puts them above a lot of medical clinics out there, where you are on hold for eons.2. I can always get an appointment on time. I have a family doctor but the earliest appointment is always weeks away. Half of the time I go to Lonsdale and 19th/17th for urgent matters, who will usually have a same day phone appointment and in person within a day or two.3. The doctors always arrive on time, which actually makes this clinic a unicorn since almost all doctor appointments at other places make you wait.4. The staff is incredibly kind and knowledgeable. I’ve had numerous experiences, where they went above and beyond to get me an appointment or some record that I needed.5. They seem to have very good systems. Vaccination records are uploaded directly to the government’s website, amongst other things. Just none of the painful, paper pushing stuff I’ve had to deal with at other clinics.The people running the Lonsdale and 19th/17th are doing a fantastic job. I actually think other clinics should learn a thing or two from them. Thank you for taking care of my family and for being so reliable when the medical system seems to be in disarray. Just knowing that you are able to talk to a doctor when needed is a huge relief.
Garth Sylte
Garth Sylte: Hours advertised on Google say they are open till 9:00 today. Unfortunately they were actually closed. Maybe my expectations are unrealistic but I thought doctors were a little smarter than this..
vera lynn
vera lynn: Noone answers the phone x
Elham Shahbandy
Elham Shahbandy: Clean place and helpful front line staff. Doctor Shams is kind and paying attention to patient
Katalin Egri
Katalin Egri: I come here for 30 years i'm so very happy and pleased with my Family Physician Dr Maura Cormack . She is an awesome doctor. I'm moving to Comox and I'll miss her deeply . There is NO other doctor like her. Thank you for your hard work Dr Cormack. I'll still come back if I could.🙂
Bill Andrews
Bill Andrews: Great staff, well organized, compassionate and caring
ramin aghajanzadeh
ramin aghajanzadeh: Easy, fast and convenient
Jannie Xu
Jannie Xu: Saw Dr. Robinson two days ago and it's not a good experience. Waited for more than half hour even though I had an appointment. She did not care about my concern and she was not very patient to listen. At last, she just said you sounds healthy. I have other patients so I have to go. Excuse me, sounds healthy is not science.
Ellie Je
Ellie Je: Christna was so kind, she did her best to help us. I give her my best thanks!!!

3. Vitalia Naturopathic Doctors Vancouver - Vancouver

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Vitalia Naturopathic Doctors Vancouver
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Address: 2184 W Broadway #460, Vancouver, BC V6K 2E1, Canada

Schedule: Open until 5:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-566-9355

Business type: Naturopathic practitioner

4. Canexia Health - Vancouver

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Canexia Health
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Address: Suite #1, 3661 W 4th Ave W, Vancouver, BC V6R 1P2, Canada

Schedule: Closing soon: 4:00 PM

Telephone: +1 778-379-2931

Business type: Biotechnology company

5. Olive Fertility Centre - Vancouver

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131 reviews
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Olive Fertility Centre
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Address: 555 W 12th Ave #300, Vancouver, BC V5Z 3X7, Canada

Schedule: Closing soon: 4:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-559-9950

Business type: Fertility clinic

Olive Fertility Centre: what do users think?
Direne F.
Direne F.: So far, I have a very positive experience with Olive Fertility Clinic. Specially with Dr. Hitkari’s Patient Coordinator, Julija. She is very responsive and very helpful. She actually helped me booked my HSG at UBC when I told her I couldn’t get any available slots at other hospitals I have been calling. I really I appreciate it immensely that she took time to look and call for other hospitals to get a spot. Thank you.
QI “Superpuff”
QI “Superpuff”: Very professional and helpful.
Ruth Sweeney-Magee
Ruth Sweeney-Magee: Medically, everything is straightforward and efficient, however, the experience can be impersonal with little to no follow up.
Sophia J
Sophia J: Everyone was very honest and kind. Had a very positive experience!
WANER happy family
WANER happy family: Great! highly recommend
Tara Matthews
Tara Matthews: Very nice and always professional
Hilary Wu
Hilary Wu: Did 3 IUI there 2 years ago. Every time it was done by a different nurse. The first time it was uncomfortable but okay. The second time it was painful. And the third time that nurse was super caring and light handed and I didn’t feel any discomfort at all. I would not recommend doing IUI at Olive because the 3 IUI were all unsuccessful and 2 times out of 3 times I had bad experience. Not to mention, the doctors were always (more than 30min) late when we had video chat appointments. I also inquired about IVF and they do not offer general anesthesia for the egg retrieval procedure. Based on my experience with the nurses, I can say I am almost certain I will suffer so much if I don’t have general anesthesia so I decided not to do an IVF at Olive Fertility.
Emmanuelle Dupuis Bolduc
Emmanuelle Dupuis Bolduc: Olive was amazing. The whole experience went smoothly. From reception, accounting department, pharmacy staff, nurses and the doctors. I have nothing bad to say. They make you feel welcomed, important and valued. By far one the best experience!
Qudratullah Sahak
Qudratullah Sahak: The staff and doctors are extremely incompetent. I had an appointment at 10 o'clock. They were not ready to see the patient at 11 o'clock either. The front desk employee is always busy on his cell phone.
Julia Bousfield
Julia Bousfield: The office is inviting, comfortable, and clean. Dr Taylor was so kind and answered any questions I had. Would definitely recommend this clinic to anyone!!
AND: I was unsuccessful in getting pregnant with Olive after three tested embryo transfers and no glaring medical conditions as to why I couldn’t get pregnant on my own. I started the journey so hopeful, and walked away heartbroken and confused as to why it didn’t work. I was told nothing but positive things the whole time, but I wish they were a bit more realistic. After getting the incredibly devastating news each time I had a failed transfer, I was surprised that they had no advice on how to cope. I asked if there were any resources and was told they don’t know of any. It also took a couple weeks to speak to my doctor after receiving the news of a failed transfer. The doctor had no explanation except that I was one of the unlucky ones. The staff are all very nice, but I felt like a number throughout the whole process. The clinic is always super busy and felt very impersonal. It’s been 6 months since my last failed transfer, spent $40,000 for nothing except sadness.
JenNDaHaus: Let me be clear, Olive Fertility uses the best practices to deliver excellent results. It's not like all the other healthcare facilities in Canada, which just launder taxpayer dollars to push the 'Woke' agenda for the Trudeau government. They are all for filling their pockets with YOUR money but Olive is different. These guys are all about patient-centered care... NOT profit and control. Thank you, Dr. Taylor and Dr. Hitkari, you are definitely NOT 'lizard people' and it was a pleasure meeting you!
I.H H: Staff at Olive are very nice and professional. They are quite friendly. You will feel reflex when you are having treatment. Dr Nakhuda is very professional and provide knowledgeable advice.
Gillian Wadden
Gillian Wadden: I have nothing negative to say about my experiences so far! Communication has been very thorough, timely, and transparent. More importantly though, the care I have received (through email communications, phone conversations, and in person) has been very personal and attentive.
Olga Valchenko
Olga Valchenko: Everything was perfect! The doctor is 100% professional, particularly considerate, patient. HyCoSy had scared me a lot, but I didn't feel a thing! The staff is very polite and helpful. It was definitely worth the money.
Alexis Povelofskie
Alexis Povelofskie: I sincerely cannot say enough about the incredible care I’ve received at Olive. From the beginning of our journey in 2020 to have our first to our complicated journey in 2022/2023 to have our second, the compassion and kindness has been so heartwarming. My doctor at the clinic, Dr. Nakhuda, is thorough, thoughtful, kind and gentle while also being honest and clear about what to expect. In fact, every single doctor and nurse I’ve dealt with in my time at Olive has gone above and beyond and made me feel cared for at every turn. I am so thankful to Olive for the ways they’ve added to my life.
Helen Whitworth
Helen Whitworth: Successful ivf experience with Olive, had my son with my first embryo transfer. Sadly miscarriage for number 2 but nurses have been in touch everyday to keep me informed. Doctor Tallon very clear and knowledgeable.
Tatsiana: Everything is beyond my expectations so far. Every team member in Olive doctors, nurses, pharmacists, accounting, lab are kind, professional and compassionate. They understand what you’re going through and support you each step of the way. I did have a couple of minor issues with treatment instructions I’d been given but I decided to mention them here just to let other people know that if something comes up Olive team members resolve any issues very quickly and professionally. All my calls and questions are always answered and never ignored. I was called at least 4 times if not more after a medical procedure! I never got so much attention and care from medical staff ever in my life. Thank you Olive Team for doing such an amazing job!!
Lulu Kim
Lulu Kim: People are very kind, considerate so far positive exprience
bahar eslami
bahar eslami: I have consultation with too many great dr s in Iran and USA; they all said you have normal level of Eggs in age 37 ; and you might need second round too, which i was ok. This clinic, after few emails and online consultation, made appointment for Sono; i went there and totally got hopeless! Such a non sense way of speaking to patients!they didnt even stay to describe the reason of their hopeless speeches! My number is 1.9 which if u ask any pro dr, they will say its normal! But this clinic, they made me completely hopeless and disappointed! Lack of communication and lack of empathy!so sorry for this huge clinic with too many rewards!
Anie Fernandez
Anie Fernandez: Employees are approachable,kind and friendly .especially the doctors mabuhay kayo thank you all

6. Dr. Annie Gibson, ND - Vancouver

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3 reviews
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Dr. Annie Gibson, ND
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Address: 956 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, BC V5L 3W7, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 8:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-258-9186

Business type: Naturopathic practitioner

Dr. Annie Gibson, ND: what do users think?
Hanna Badger
Hanna Badger: I have been seeing Annie for alittle over a year and she is absolutely fantastic. She creates a safe space and makes you feel like she genuinely cares. She has helped me with my acne, anxiety and depression and I feel so thankful to have found her. If you are looking for a new naturopath she’s your girl😊
Mahnaz Akson
Mahnaz Akson: Dr. Gibson is a very caring doctor. I was told by my family doctor that all my blood test result was normal. However, l felt that something is not right. Dr Gibson, with only one appointment found out my problem and give me the neccessary pills. She spent enogh time talking to me about my history. It feels good when a doctor pay attention and don't want to end the session quickly. I totally and 100% recommend her
J Lane
J Lane: Dr. Gibson is a very caring and wise doctor, and I am amazed how quickly she was able to help me. She seeks out the root of the problem and is very comforting and easy to talk to. Highly recommended.

7. Northshore Naturopathic Clinic - North Vancouver City

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9 reviews
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Northshore Naturopathic Clinic
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Address: 889 Harbourside Dr #120, North Vancouver, BC V7P 3S1, Canada

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Mon

Telephone: +1 604-986-7774

Business type: Medical clinic

Northshore Naturopathic Clinic: what do users think?
rick bold
rick bold: I would highly recommend Dr Moshtagh.She is very thorough and a great listener and gives a personal approach to your health concerns. I was diagnosed properly and the treatment worked for me. Also she does her best to keep the cost at a minimum!
Tandis Torkoladi
Tandis Torkoladi: For years I had dealt with issues of bloating after meals. After seeing Dr Bahareh and her recommendations my bloating dissapeared almost instantly. I keep telling my family who knew about my bloating I cant believe I had been living with this for so long. Dr Bahareh is amazing at what she does and has a great deal of knowledge and expertise.
Steve Kunkel
Steve Kunkel: Dr. Moshtagh has a personal touch that is refreshing in a mostly digital world. I am looking forward to seeing what comes of her recommendations. Steve
Marshall James Lee
Marshall James Lee: HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! The changes in my life have been positively amazing since working with Dr. Mushtagh. I have greater mental clarity, more sustained energy, better mood and every area of my life has improved. Friends and family have even noticed incredible changes in me. If I was operating at 40% of my potential before, I feel that I am closer to 80% now. I can't recommend Dr. Mushtagh highly enough. Working with him is one of the best investments I've ever made in my health, well-being, professional life and personal relationships as every area of my life has improved. Worth every penny!!! Thank you Dr. Mushtagh!!!
Mansoureh Salmasi
Mansoureh Salmasi: This is a late review but the experience has never left me since last year. I had a bad allergic reaction and I called the clinic to see if they can help. After checking with Dr. Mushtagh they told me that they can. I arrived on time, but found out that they had another appointment at exactly the same time. Dr. Mushtagh saw me after a while and gave me some homeopathic medication, assuring me that everything will be fine and then prescribed some detox medications as well, I paid around $270, I guess. But my situation just got worse and worse and when I texted him explaining my situation, I received no call back. My face was so swollen and red and it burnt so bad after the homeopathic treatment that even my family doctor was shocked when she saw me. I was on steroids for a while. Maybe I called the wrong clinic, but they could have told me that they cannot help.
Sleep Time
Sleep Time: Doctor was late for my appointment then the office closed on me.I waited 1 month for this appointment.
Marty Carew
Marty Carew: Dr. Mushtagh is the real shining star of this place! smart, dedicated and caring .. highly recommended. thank you !
Steve & Renata Allen
Steve & Renata Allen: I saw Dr. Matsen for help with PSC, primary sclerosing cholangitis - which is a rare liver disease. His treatment helped me make great strides in getting my liver back to near normal. I would highly recommend him.
MomsDayOut: Super convenient parking and wonderful doctors!!
Brayden Williams
Brayden Williams: Dr Matsen is extremely enlightening, very caring and helpful. He's also a fantastic author with multiple great books. Following his advice you can change your life and reverse chronic disease. So What are you waiting for???

8. Westcoast Integrative Health - North Vancouver City

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21 reviews
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Westcoast Integrative Health
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Address: 88 Lonsdale Ave #102, North Vancouver, BC V7M 2E6, Canada

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Mon

Telephone: +1 778-340-1114

Business type: Naturopathic practitioner

Westcoast Integrative Health: what do users think?
M Carol W
M Carol W: I have been seeing Melita on and off for many years for as many different reasons. For example she has treated my chronic lower back pain and post-anesthetic reactions. In my experience osteopathic treatment itself is non invasive and gentle, and Melita is extra gentle in providing effective treatment. She is very knowledgeable and experienced and keeps up with the latest through continuing education. Even though it will normally be a problem I go see her for, I always look forward to my visit and treatment.
Fiohann Shanahan-Dover
Fiohann Shanahan-Dover: Martin is a fantastic Osteopath. Very insightful and willing to teach you about the body if you want to get technical. I am extremely active, participating in high impact sports and I tend to build up tightness around certain joints quite quickly. After just one session I feel like I am walking normally again after adjustments to my hip, ankle and neck.The clinic is also very clean and well maintained. I will definitely be coming back for tune ups throughout the year!
Mark Russell
Mark Russell: Anne has twice helped me with a chronic neck problem, and I've always left feeling 2" taller and much straighter! Very professional and caring - I would recommend her to anyone looking for an osteopath.
Addy Starr
Addy Starr: I've seen Anne, Melita and Suzanne and they are all amazing. I am a dancer and they have healed all my injuries. They are super friendly, patient and are generous with their time.
frank geiger
frank geiger: I was really impressed about how much time Melita took with me on my first visit. I have a lot of lower back pain from my desk job and pain killers didnt cut it anymore. Its definately better than it was. Thank you so much.
Annie LA
Annie LA: This rating is strictly for the poor operations of the clinic, not any treatment from a practitioner. I found West Coast Osteopathy through a Google search. Wanting to see an osteopath as soon as possible, I called and was able to get the one appointment available the next day at 6:10pm. Received an email confirmation of appointment which included a lengthy and detailed description of how to find their office, where to park. Day of appointment I called to ensure I knew exactly where I was going as I was not at all familiar with the area. The girl gave me instructions detailing what to look for to find the doors to their building. Upon arriving a couple minutes prior to appointment, I could enter the lobby but discovered the elevators were not operational. I looked for a buzzer, I left the lobby to search for stairs, all external doors accessing the building were locked at that time and when I tried the lobby door again, they were now locked. I called and called, hoping someone (the osteopath, Anne) would hear the phone, but could not reach anyone. Now 10 minutes past appt time I hoped Anne would call to find out where I was. Another 5 minutes of waiting I decided to leave and left a message explaining that I could not access the office. Driving home, now 30 minutes past appt time, she called. I expressed my dissatisfaction and frustration of wasting my time driving to the office, unsuccessfully trying to get in, and finally leaving - with no treatment or relief from the pain I was dealing with. Anne apologized and explained that there is a specific buzzer to access the building for appointments after 6pm. Confounded, I asked why the girl who booked the appointment AND the girl I spoke with day of appointment - when I specifically said time was 6:10pm - did not immediately and expressly explain how a client can get into the building. It was then I learned they use "virtual" assistants who obviously, don't have all of the information. NOTE to any clients who book appointments after 6pm, obviously the onus is on you to get the correct information rather that expecting satisfactory and definitive customer service from someone - virtual or not - who represents this business.
Dustin Vioen
Dustin Vioen: Suzanne has instrumental in my recovery over the years. I came to here in so much pain I could barely stand for 30 minutes at a time, but over the years, I'm now more active then I was in my 20s!
Sarah B
Sarah B: Outstanding care from a brilliant and caring therapist, our whole family has immensely benefited from coming here. I highly recommended this clinic to anyone.
Gillian Smith
Gillian Smith: I had a disc problem and I went to this clinic three months ago. Within hours of my treatment, I was in debilitating, through the roof pain. I called the next day and was told this was "normal" to have extra pain after a treatment. Well, now I am three months afterward and I live with terrible, horrible, chronic, stabbing pain that I never had to this degree before that last treatment. I regret every day that I went there and wonder if I am ever going to get better. Can't find a comfortable sleeping position, can't grocery shop without being in agony, and I am taking all kinds of medication that I never had to take before just to try to get by.
Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith: I would highly recommend Melita. Having seen many different osteopaths, Melita's knowledge, technical ability and experience really stand out. Effortlessly got to the root of my symptoms with minimum fuss giving relief from my pain that others couldn't fix.
Stacey Desaulniers
Stacey Desaulniers: I Suzanne a few years ago. I didn't know it then, but I have TMJ syndrome with a C1 neck issue. I got progressively worse with Suzanne. She knew I was getting worse, but didn't think to refer me to anyone. During my time with Suzanne, I had to give up work and school, went on pain medication and basically had a rough experience.
Michelle V.
Michelle V.: Three years ago my backpain caused by degenerative disc disease had become severe and nothing seemed to work. My family doctor told me to give up my pet grooming business, start taking heavier pain killers and accept that I would only be able to walk and swim the rest of my life.Than I found Melita....A few days after the first treatment, I was relieved of half my pain. Within three treatments and doing her excercises in between appointments I was pain free! I am able to do my work, hike, downhill ski, climb and kayak. Once or twice a year I need one or two treatments and that is all.Earlier this year I could not wait until Melita had an opening and booked an appointment with Lucas. His treatment exceeded my expectations by far. He is also amazing and very skilled.Thank you Melita and Lucas for your great care.
Bubo Le Bleu
Bubo Le Bleu: I saw several osteopaths in my life. In France, in Germany , in Canada. Luca exceeded all expectations. He fix the problems. A great professional. Welness is back because of him after years and years of neck and back pain.
Andrea Faught
Andrea Faught: I saw Lucas for a long standing injury keeping me from running for over 2 years. In 4 sessions he was able to greatly improve the pain I had been having and I am now back running! Lucas does a great job assessing and treating and you really feel like he is listening to you. He has a magic touch!Thank you Lucas!!
Mel: Melita is a Body whisperer! She is intuitive and so knowledgeable, also kind and overall excellent!

9. BC Children's Hospital Research Institute - Vancouver

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16 reviews
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BC Children's Hospital Research Institute
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Address: 938 W 28th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Z 4H4, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-875-2345

Business type: Research institute

BC Children's Hospital Research Institute: what do users think?
Amy G
Amy G: I love working here! Parking sucks though
Kayla Shayne
Kayla Shayne: Professional folks doing important work!
Richard W.
Richard W.: This research institute does alot of good in and out of the community.
Gemini bois
Gemini bois: Very good hospital provides the best health services for new born babe and children together with BC women's hospital in the same location provides the best health care for pregnant women and special cases very clean hospitals and organized crews (Drs. And nurses and stuff) they're covered everything related to women and children..A lot parking areas little expensive but part of the fee go to support the hospitals
david liu
david liu: Very friendly staff, complete and advanced facilities, quiet and clean environment.
A O: Well equipped

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