Best Photography And Digital Editing Courses Vancouver Near Me

1. Vancouver Institute of Media Arts (VanArts) - Vancouver

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Vancouver Institute of Media Arts (VanArts)
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Address: 333 Terminal Ave #400, Vancouver, BC V6A 4C1, Canada

Schedule: Open until 4:30 PM

Telephone: +1 604-682-2787

Business type: Art school

Vancouver Institute of Media Arts (VanArts): what do users think?
Deepesh sachdev: Female Respresenatative of vanart india was mean,rude,disrecptful. No Apology came from van art. was also asked to take down my bad review about van art for being brutal honest over social media in threatful way.
Prachi Bapat: I recently completed my Web development and Interactive design program from VanArts. It was an intense program. The professors are really supportive and give you ample of time answering your questions. Classes are small. You get lots of professional advice in your one to one sessions.Its a very hands on, project-based program were you get to learn from your professors who are experts in this industry.I would totally recommend this program to anyone who want to pursue their career in Web development industry.
Lisa Millerd: I took the web development course in 2021-2022 and had an excellent experience. It's a very hands on, project-based program where you work closely with your instructors who are professionals in the industry. Classes are small and you get lots of one-on-one time with instructors when you want to work through a problem or ask for professional advice.
sachi goto: I completed the Web Development and Interactive Design program in August 2022. You will definitely benefit from this program if you can dedicate yourself for one year and put your best effort into all the projects.This program is intense so you can easily fall behind if you are not committed to this program but you will gain a comprehensive understanding of web development, from UX/UI to SEO to multiple different programming languages if you dedicate yourself to this program.The head of the department, John Manoar, is dedicated to teaching us and constantly reminds us to ask questions if we are unclear. He is very approachable. He is up-to-date about technology and you get to learn cutting-edge technology from him.The way John taught us programming was particularly impressive to me. He is very thorough and he is more than happy to repeat until we understand.Throughout the program, I was very grateful that he is the heard of the department.I recommend this program to anyone who is willing to dedicate a year to being a developer.
Yuka Yamamoto: I am a student of web development & interactive design at VanArts.There was a head teacher change from my class and there seems to be a big and good change in the program.The teachers are very supportive. They are always flexible and willing to take the students' opinions and try to make the class suitable for our situation. The classes are always step by step and if there is a lot that we don't understand, they give us time to work on it. Taking advantage of the small class size, if you ask for feedback or follow-up after class, they will give me time to talk one-on-one.All classes are project-based, giving me more hands-on skills.The course content tries to help me study the rapidly changing front-end trends.Since this is a one-year course, there are many hard parts of the course, but my teachers and classmates are always very supportive!
Techy Ted: Critical:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,ValueSTAY AWAY... especially from the Web Development course. It is useless and the teachers don't care about you or your future! This college is mainly attended by rich kids looking for a student visa so they can stay in Vancouver. BCIT is around the corner go there and get your moneys worth!
Pigeon Man: Critical:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,Valueif you aren't a social person, you won't do well here
Risako Futagawa: I am actually a full time student in Van Arts Web Development program. This is the most relevant information I can provide. About 3 weeks ago our department head suddenly left and we have not been able to get a proper education. We all pay the tuition and we should be able to get a high quality education. Since the instructor changed, one of the instructor for PHP and Javascript never came on time, he will not teach us enough. Also he will never give us break and continue the class past our lunch time. Because of his delay, we have not been taught enough in term2 so far. All the students are frustrated, worried and concerned about the situation. We have been sending emails to school but nothing has been better. Another instructor started teaching us PHP from this week but he seems like he does not know what we have learned so far... None of the communication has been done between instructors. We thought this new instructor will be better. But he does not answer questions from students and finish the class early. My classmates and I really want to change this whole situation because we take our education seriously. We emailed this new instructor to have a talk on Friday. He said he will make time but he did not show up.... I am very upset about how school is handling everything and no one cares about our education. My classmates and I are trying our best but nothing has been working well. I hate to write a poor review but this is the reality and I do not recommend anyone to go to this school. When you have problems, none of the instructors are there to understand or support you. I do not think it is worth to pay an expensive tuition and get nothing from it. I do not know about other programs but I do not recommend web development program. It is not a good school.
Dave S: Horrible experience in my opinion. Towards the end, the school became cheap and unprofessional. They even crack a joke at your expense when you leave. I have personally not recommended this school at all.
Jessica Everington: I did the Web Development & Interactive Design course 2019-2020. The teachers were really knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. I felt comfortable raising any issues and the department head listened to any concerns we had. They really care about nuturing you, and were genuinely excited to watch us grow and develop our skills.I didn't have any issue with the facilities there. They are basic, but you're there to learn not chill out in the break room. I had access to all the software and programs required for the course without needing to buy anything except a $15 domain name where we uploaded our projects.The school itself is in a central location and easy to get to by bus or train.I'd recommend this course to anyone considering a career in web-something. I say "web-something" because it's a holistic course that goes beyond "just" web development. I shopped around a few different schools and ultimately chose this one due to the fact they also cover design, business, project management, and SEO. I'm so thankful I went here - I went in thinking I wanted to be a full-stack developer and fell in love with SEO instead. Now, I'm a digital marketer. I don't think I'd have had that opportunity at another school.If you are considering the webdev course, just know that you need to put the work in or you'll get nothing out of this course. The webdev course is REALLY hard and you can't coast along. It moves at a breakneck pace because there is just SO MUCH you need to learn in a year.Pro tip: always remember that every project you do will eventually go in your portfolio. At job interviews they will test your skills, so don't put anything on your portfolio that you can't code by yourself.
Maria Lavetkina: DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY AND TIME.I wish I invested my money in the stock market than wasted them on Web Development program.Instructors make you believe you can be a full stack developer but that's not true. That's not how the market works. Yes, the program covered a lot of courses, but nothing went in depth.A couple of instructors were professional and good, the rest of them weren't.One instructor took really long to check the homework or other projects. And when I say long, I mean 4 months, no joke. The same instructor kept talking about his dating life. So I learned a lot about it but not much about PHP and JavaScript.Instructors tell you to email them when you have questions, but they rarely reply.They are great example of who you should not be.One instructor said that VanArts is a business. Well, then I'm not satisfied with a quality of service VanArts provides.The only one good thing about my time in VanArts is the other students, some of them became my friends. Most of the students in my class also thought it was a waste of money.I DO NOT RECOMMEND web development program.There are better schools in Vancouver.
Jacob Green: Positive:Professionalism,ValueSpeaking on Photography: a school that is invested in an individual's success outside of grades on a sheet. Helps by creating a professional environment, they can help guide real-life opportunity, with real-life working professionals, and an admin team that listens to their students
Anirudh Garg: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,Value
Arthur “The Old Arthur” Marto: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,QualityAwesome school and people!! I loved the Game Art and Design Program. I learned everything I needed to be in the industry. Thank you so much VANARTS! :)
Salman Ali: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,ValueCame with mediocre skills..learned a lot in span of one year.
Ian Manuel Hernández: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,QualityGreta! I completed the VFX program and learned A LOT, great for all levels of students.
Rohaan Allport: I'm a graduate from the Game Art & Design March 2019 batch. VanArts was in many ways what I expected, and in many ways not. I learnt a lot. Learnt industry standards, processes and became proficient in a lot of software. And I made many new friend with similar career interest. However after being guided and taught the basics, myself, friends and colleagues feel that program needs to be updated. Newer tools, and methods to accomplishing a task have since developed, An example would be making hair and adding hair dynamics.
Gabriel Antoniosi: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,ValueLovely place. You will learn tons of stuffs in just one year program.
Mathews Gijo: If I had a time machine and were given the option of either travelling to one of the best moments of my life or back to that one year at Vanarts, I wouldn’t have to choose...they are both the same. This place is not just a school. It’s more. Vanarts is familia. The fast and furious kind. Besides all these, the staff is extremely helpful and kind. They are also a few of the best in their respective industry. The environment is very friendly and calming too. I for one have learnt a lot in one year that another student would take years to learn.I’d give the school more stars if Google gave me more stars XD

2. Professional Photography Program - Vancouver

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Professional Photography Program
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Address: 100 49th Ave W, Vancouver, BC V5Y 2Z6, Canada

Schedule: Open until 5:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-323-5511 ext. 2479

Business type: Photography service

Professional Photography Program: what do users think?
Jaime Larsen: I have not been a student at Langara (yet) however, I have had an amazing experience with the faculty and students in the Arts/Photography department that I would like to share. My wedding was coming up in 3 weeks, and my photographer (who is a pro, but also a family member) bailed on us. She wasn't able to travel to the wedding. We researched the top photography schools in Vancouver area and Langara is number one. We couldn't afford a typical $3000-$5000 wedding package, and we thought it would be a great opportunity for an eager student to get some experience. Surprisingly enough, the faculty at Langara responded right away, first of all to apologize on behalf of photographers everywhere! They agreed that it would be a great opportunity for the students. We received numerous emails from students, in a very professional manor, asking to take on the job. We decided to go with the lovely Laura Mohr of Belleza Pura Photography and SHE DID SUCH A FANTASTIC JOB!!! I can certainly tell that they are doing a great job of teaching new photographers, not just about the art, but the ins and outs of the business too. She also spoke very highly of the photography program at Langara. We are SO appreciative of the philosophy and ethics at this school. THANK YOU!

3. Vancity Digital - Vancouver

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Vancity Digital
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Address: 405, 1250 Homer St #405, Vancouver, BC V6B 1C6, Canada

Schedule: Closing soon: 4:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-300-3364

Business type: Internet marketing service

4. 24 Frames Digital Films - Vancouver

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24 Frames Digital Films
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Address: 15 E 4th Ave E, Vancouver, BC V5T 1E9, Canada

Schedule: Open until 6:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-877-2299

Business type: Video production service

24 Frames Digital Films: what do users think?
Shameer P: Amazing facility, service and staff! Highly recommend for all your post production needs.
Ryan Lacey: I needed small project edited and I wasn't sure where to turn. I called around Vancouver as felt as though I wasn't prioritized due to the size and scope of my project. However, When I called 24 Frames, they made me feel like I was their most important client!When I sat down with their staff to go over my project, they were quite conservative with the deadline. Even though they stressed to me how busy they were, they still made me feel as though I was important. They took any concerns I had very seriously.To my surprise, they finished the job ahead of schedule. They quoted me a completion date that was later than I had hoped, as they knew if they could get it done any faster that it would be tough to argue with their performance.For a project big or small, 24 Frames is the right choice!
Devon Boorman: Friendly, professional staff, willing to work on both large and small projects.
Derek Jones: A greedy organization that screws up peoples projects and doesn't even know the basics. Family businesses hire their relatives regardless of their lack of know how. Do business with these people at your peril.
J P: Friendly and attentive service. Pristine office environment. Excellent bathroom facilities. Offered quick, competent, and attentive help. I'm very pleased and would say it's the best post production facility in the Vancouver area.

5. EC Photo - Passport Photo Studio & Print Shop in Richmond - Richmond

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EC Photo - Passport Photo Studio & Print Shop in Richmond
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Address: 8888 Odlin Crescent Suite 1395, Richmond, BC V6X 3Z8, Canada

Schedule: Open until 6:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-214-8141

Business type: Passport photo processor

EC Photo - Passport Photo Studio & Print Shop in Richmond: what do users think?
Liann Sun: Eric is always so kind, professional, and efficient! We go to him for all of our printing needs. From posters to pamphlets to laminated items, he always gets it done wonderfully and he makes marketing affordable for us!
ERIC LEE: Located by the inner courtyard of Pacific Plaza. Friendly and helpful owner. Efficient and professional passport photo service. Child-friendly. Free plaza parking. Accepts credit cards. Will definitely return for future photo services.
Daniel Wong: Taking the passport photos was fast and good. Thanks!
Sophie Fast: BEST PLACE FOR INFANT PASSPORT PHOTOS!!! Do not bother going anywhere else. Trust me on this. We've recommended this place to our friends over and over and absolutely everyone has had a fantastic experience.
Jimmy Yu: Eric took a beautiful photo of my 1 year old son
Lai Wei: very professional and helpful. five star’s service :)
Phyllis Yan: I was recommended to this studio by my coworker. The owner is nice and helpful. He also knows all the requirements of pr photo. Good service!
Winnie Lai: I had my passport photos taken today and had great experiences with the service. The manager is very professional, patient, and courteous. I am very satisfied with my photos. I would definitely recommend their service to anyone. By the way, they offer also many other services related to printing, etc. as well.
Jayden Li: I went to take a few photos, and it was fast and good. The boss is also knowledgeable, and he is very clear about the specifications required for the photos.
Ying Li: Fast and photos are amazing ! Even provided paper citizenship application form for clients! Highly recommend
Dylan Wang: 几年前就来过 老板有礼貌效率高 一如既往 好评
Bitd: Service was fast. Photographer was fast and friendly. Got photos within 5 minutes.Quick, affordable and friendly. Works for me.
Brian Ching: The service here was great! The owner provided advice and reminded us what the photo requirements was. Recommended for anyone who needs a passport photo.
Annie Kao: The photographer was really nice and did a great job of my sons passport photo. Highly recommend and will be coming here myself when it is time for my passport renewal
Jingxin Yang: Today is my second time to go this photo studio, and the staff is very friendly and efficient. Compared to another studio in Lansdown, this EC Photo studio is strongly recommended.
Vivian Lam: The shop owner is very helpful and nice. He also provided the passport application form and also additional form as required for free! Great service and reasonable price!
Hansi: Very friendly and efficient, explained all the details of the passport photo and provided an application as well. Would recommend to anyone!
Feng Yie: Very professional services. Got my passport photos in minutes. Photos have good quality. Highly recommended!
Franklin Lam: Our photos were taken very well. We were very happy with how efficient the process was and how good they were with our child. This was way better than the bigger (even local) chains.
Zainab Ahmed: Amazing customer service by Eric
Tim Fung: Eric is very professional, kind and efficient. Glad I found this Photo Studio for my PR application. Definitely will come back again if I need to take photo next time. Gong Hey Fat Choi!

6. Deena Media - Vancouver

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Deena Media
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Address: 2949 Main St #14, Vancouver, BC V5T 3G4, Canada

Schedule: Open until 6:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-336-0321

Business type: Media company

7. The Lab Vancouver - Vancouver

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The Lab Vancouver
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Address: 295 E 2nd Ave, Vancouver, BC V5T 1B8, Canada

Schedule: Open until 5:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-876-1737

Business type: Photo lab

The Lab Vancouver: what do users think?
Tzvi Gomberg: Excellent service. They care about what they do and the quality of their work. Pay for the higher res scans if that’s what you care about, but tbh I’ve never had any issues.
Jose Gerardo Palma: Really high quality results on the same day. Prices are higher than the rest. Still if you want high quality come here.
M J G: Sadly, The Lab failed to live up to the hype. They are rude, unbelievably overpriced for what they offer and their condescending attitude was enough to ensure I will never return. Not worth it... for any reason.
Mingyang Chen: 价格稍贵 不过服务没得说
hooman nematolahi: The staff member was very very rude.
Henry Chen: Good price on film developing and scanning. Good quality on the job. Relatively fast service.
jack Zheng: 非常专业的胶卷冲洗印刷店,从我开始拍摄胶片为止就在这里洗胶卷,反转片洗的相当一流,就是现在店内只限一位客人有时候等待会比较久
James Stewart: My go to place for developing my 120 and 35mm film. Their scanning and developing costs are quite competitive and have a really good turn around time.
Adrien Royer: Scan quality for 35mm negatives is not good. Will have to send them somewhere else to get rescanned. They left a sticker on one of the shots before scanning as well. Turn around time was decent.
j davis: Excellent images from a finger drive all the way from Australia. Best place for custom work. Nathan(the technician who patiently walked me through each image for cropping, size, colour correction and paper choice) the quality of the images was amazing thank you. The photos represented different time periods up to a hundred years ago. Grateful and thrilled customer.
Genevieve Claire: I had high hopes for The Lab but was very disappointed.First, the customer service wasn’t great, and then when I received my film they had developed it in black and white instead of colour.Although they corrected their mistake free of charge the whole experience was a let down.
Andrea Barrios: Quality and personal service. I’m happy to support this business.
Carlos Miguel Braz Margarido: Ruined my honeymoon roll.Said "the machine had a problem" and that was it.We complained and got a refund, but didn't get a single sorry, apology or the like.
Zachary Schroeder: If you have film that needs development, photos that need printing, etc, the lab is THE PLACE. They have great pricing, wide variety of services, and everything they do, they do it well.
Aaron Smedley: Simply the best lab service in Canada. I will not trust my projects to anyone else while shooting there.Professional, knowledgeable, and great quality results.
Jeff and Nikki Burnett: Impressed! They process 120 film here!
mj Charlotte: Short of hands and poor service. Dropped by to see if they do ecn2 (I know it’s rare) and asked about it, but was questioned instead in poor manner. I barely write review and this is the first time, I was terribly intimidated. As if you don’t need respect if you’re not a local, and was not able to research thoroughly on their website before setting foot in the store. A middle aged Asian woman.
Alice de Crom: I only trust the lab with my film! Thank you for always doing such a great job
ben k: one of the last labs I trust to get my good old photo film developed and scanned.
Kamaira LeBlanc: While in Vancouver a few weeks back I sought out a place to get two rolls of film developed and decided on The Lab, as I felt more comfortable going to a specialty studio rather than chancing the quality of my photos with London Drugs / Costco.Summary: Photo quality is good, scan quality is OK, but experience overall was less than pleasant.I read reviews and made sure to look at the website for any additional information that might have been skipped on Google, and all seemed OK. Brought my film in at the beginning of the week and was told it wouldn’t be ready until the end of the week, which was a bit longer than I anticipated the turnaround being (understanding from the website that turnaround was dependent on workload). On the pick-up date I called to inquire about my order and a time, and was met with a rude attitude on the other end of the line; they asked what my name was and when they couldn’t locate my order they condescendingly asked why I hadn’t spelled my name out for them in the first place... but they were sure to verbalize to me that they weren’t being condescending 🙄Photos were ready to pick up only 1 hour before closing, which I was just able to accommodate. I had ordered scans and prints and was incredibly taken aback to see that the charge was $80+ (!!!) for my two rolls, seeing as the scans were ‘free’. — The prices online need to be updated!!I was told the link to the scans would be sent to me as soon as my payment was processed, however I did not receive the link until the next morning. I understand it was end of day, but surely it can’t be difficult to either give customers a courtesy ETA, or to have the emails ready to send out once payment is received like previously communicated?I’m not usually one to write negative reviews, and I always give businesses the benefit of the doubt, but even weeks later this experience still doesn’t sit right with me.
Cindy Taylor: Critical:ValueI recently took in 9 rolls of very old film to have developed to negatives and was charged $85 for 17 photos.

8. Langara College - Vancouver

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Langara College
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Address: 100 49th Ave W, Vancouver, BC V5Y 2Z6, Canada

Schedule: Open until 10:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-323-5511

Business type: College

Langara College: what do users think?
A G: My partner attends school here. The curriculum is TOP tier, and the Proffessors are very approachable.She is stressed, only because the possibilities for our future are SO great. Her class is similar to the course at UBC. And THAT is amazing.
Kay Matthew: For all the money they make in International Student tuition they sure don't put that money back into their staffing. The administration staff are terrible and have zero customer service skills. I guess working with International students who don't understand rudeness has created this weird acceptance among the staff that they are superior to their students. This school needs a major overhaul to match the beautiful campus and potential they have. Get your education and get out. No one walks around the world proud to be a Langara alumni, and that's pretty sad.
Thomas Yemane: Great instructors for math, physics, chemistry, was a regular at the Tim Hortons, big fan of the gorgeous T building.
B A: Outstanding institute
Kenneth Lai: The staff is friendly and helpful.
Arshit Verma: Worst college. Worst decision to get in here. Teachers doesn’t know how to teach , they make the easy concept by teaching it in a boring way. Even they do partiality. Also the courses of your programme are never available so no fun of choosing your programme because you never get your course.This college is nothing else but just a source of extra stress in your life. Never chose this college especially if you’re an international students.
Derrick Man: There are amazing and some bad instructors (some just read word-by-word from lecture slides and fail to explain the concepts).Since September 2021, if you send an EMAIL to some departments (Business, Registration...), they will respond: “We are experiencing a high volume of emails” or “We are experiencing a heavier load of emails” and will respond to your email within 2-14 business days.The business department used to not accept in-person service and didn’t allow students to walk into their department. One time, I tried walking into the business department. I heard people (Langara employees) inside laughing, chilling, and talking around with other employees. When I walked in, they were completely silent (lol), and they kicked me out of their department. They told me to send them an email (bruh, I sent them emails, and they never responded)No FOOD Options. Langara only has Tim Hortons, Starbucks, Triple O, and Subway. Those are considered basic food options (what a college is supposed to have). How are you supposed to survive 2+ years with these food options? 😂😂 You have to take a bus to Fraser in order to get more food options.TEXTBOOKS: When you don’t want to buy textbooks, or you borrow a textbook from a friend, they still force you to buy a package (ex: Pearson MyLab) that comes/includes the textbook. You don’t have the option to get a package that doesn’t include a textbook. If you don’t buy that package, you can LOSE 5-100% of your FINAL Grade.⚠️⚠️⚠️ Be CAREFUL when you walk to/from school at NIGHT. It’s pretty dark, and there are no pedestrian lights. I almost TRIPPed a few times while walking there. I already reported to the school, and they haven’t taken action.B Building is like a prison. Need to improve the design of classrooms and the building.Course Selection: there are few elective courses (easy to ok difficulty level).
HappyGirl1989: Oh boy, where do I start and how I can explain this. I am current kinesiology student, I wanted to know if my creative writing classes count as a prerequisite for kin 1150. The Dean of the department told me that is not a prerequisite for English 1123. I contacted the English department Noel Currie who is the advising for English courses. I showed her my creative writing classes, she gave me an override and waived it for me. I try to register for kin 1150 no success. I contacted the same person who is part of the English advising department. She doesn't even know why it’s doing this to me, she told me to contact the registers office. I call the registers office they put me on hold for over 5 minutes. I hang up and call back, they looked at my profile and told me that a prerequisite override has nothing to do with meeting the prerequisites of English 1123. This is only for if you do not get into the classes for English 1123 or any other type of English class. I am not sure what words to explain on how angry and disgusted I am on behalf of this entire college. I hope everyone is reading this and do not come here, do yourself a favour and go somewhere else. Don’t end up in the same boat like me, this is ridicule and unacceptable. Oh and to end my review, one kin prof called my message a spam. I think your whole college is a spam, take that Langara!
Paras Paras: They take 3 times more money from international students but no special efforts are made for new comers and they are expected to be at the level of domestic students who are used to the education system. Overall all of colleges and universities work together to loot international students which is how they've built the structures of their building.
David Balkanyi: Langara College is like Flair Airlines too bad for the few nice instructors
Sabrina Chang: Langara College owns a relatively small campus but still with beautiful architecture and views.
LV Long: They just want the $$$$
gurpartap singh: Very nice college
Jaskaran Jaskaran: Worst college.
giao alan: trash
Hòa Đoàn: When I had to study in an environment at Langara College, I felt very negative because of the way the teacher's teaching caused. Teachers are the first to be born, I feel very dissatisfied because of the teacher's actions. Of course, it was not only the teachers who spoke badly, but Langara University itself influenced me, the school took a lot of money from me and my friends. In my opinion you should not attend this school.
Abo Tufano: Langara has been freshly renewed so that now it can compete with other more famous public colleges of British Columbia.
Eren Yeager: Management is awful here at this school. Amazing teachers though.
Harpreet Singh: One of the worst ever college especially for international students because they just want your money. This college never respond to any application enquiry. They will tell you that general timeline is 4 to 6 weeks for application processing even after 12+ weeks no response from their side.
Tammy Young: Went to school here was a wonderful experience some of the best moments I have spent in my life was here. Some nostalgic moments never leave you I will always remember you my college!
Robin Brenner: Good College

9. Emily Carr University of Art + Design - Vancouver

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120 reviews
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Emily Carr University of Art + Design
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Address: 520 E 1st Ave, Vancouver, BC V5T 1E1, Canada

Schedule: Open until 11:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-844-3800

Business type: University

Emily Carr University of Art + Design: what do users think?
Pingguo Han: A university full of art
Peter Liu: 今天陪女儿来参加campus tour,感觉真是一个非常不错的学校。自由、开放、专业,是我对这个学校的感觉。女儿也很喜欢,但愿她有这个福气。
Jeff: Friendly environment for me as a current second year student. Many events with amazing people around the world, and we have multiple resources helping us make creative designs!
Tabatha Dee: As a professor teaching for the last 15+ years having visited many universities in my time, I have never been as inspired as I was visiting Emily Carr this week. Loved every corner and all the attention to detail. Well done ECU.
Dan Bilof: ~Now it was that I was going to apply,/attend Emily Carr; However it was so that I made several youtube playlists, in that plans stead: the youtube playlists will tell you everything Else you will Need to know; theyre all {Secretly in code}..." dsmfourtwenty " ; is the name of the youtube channel. ~Favourably Quool {☆}
Sergio Rioma: Very interesting university
BCCA Van: Emily Carr University 👍👍👍
Francesca Murray: The event was beautiful although a bit disorganized in relation to timing and communication. I enjoyed this event n looking forward to more.
Roni dude: Large balls located inside
Lacey Williams: I attended ECUAD for 1 year of graduate studies in 2015, while the new campus was undergoing construction and community 'consultation'. If nothing else, this 'university' needs to change its name. Emily Carr the artist would be rolling in her grave. This new campus is built on the former False Creek shoreline, where 59 pine trees (plus) were clearcut while the City was on its way to becoming the 'Greenest City by 2020'. Emily Carr was not for the destruction of trees and was about using her art to share the truth of the landscape and its inhabitants - not the erasure and development of them. We shared our concerns and ideas with not only instructors, but the developers and city planners at the time, and were only given lip service. What kind of forward-thinking art school doesn't prioritize environmental and social justice alongside the creative process? I ended up leaving because I didn't want my name associated with being a graduate of this school. (The only reason I gave it 2 stars and not 1 is because of some of the instructors and artists I met, who became my creative allies and friends).
Tario Sultan: Emily Carr is has so many advantages that you just can’t find in other schools. They have a career counselling service, career fairs, and an awesome co-op program. And the Canada 150 Scholarship is just the cherry on top.It’s definitely considered one of the great options out there for artistic and creative education.
yvette y tang: Library staffs r excellent. However not as open to public as before...
Silvia Martinez: Emily Carr is a great school, I’ve learnt a lot here. I don’t recommend this school for beginner artists. Develop a practice/specialty and you’ll be able to take a lot more from this school and it’s courses
Dennis Frost: Emily Carr have a nice bright and clean looking campus. Next time I am there I'll try to get a few nicer photos. I was just dropping my son off so can't speak to their level of education though I do work at a university myself in the Sciences and through my colleges I have generally heard good things about EC. We shall see.
Mr. Cole Gallant: Heard great things
Wendy Yu: 👩🏻‍🎓
El Pintor: Nice outside 👌
K.v H: complete waste of time studying here. go to career college or technical school instead!
Justin Somerville: Great exterior, skate friendly. Movie projected on an outdoor wall about the ocean.
Hannan Zhang: Even if you’re not an artistic person, you would still fall in love with the vibe.

10. The University of British Columbia - University Endowment Lands

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The University of British Columbia
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11. Capilano University - District of North Vancouver

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Capilano University
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Address: 2055 Purcell Way, North Vancouver, BC V7J 3H5, Canada

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