Best Preparer Of Children's Competitive Examinations Vancouver Near Me

1. The University of British Columbia - University Endowment Lands

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The University of British Columbia
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Address: Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-822-2211

Business type: University

2. Aspire Learning Academy - West Vancouver

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Aspire Learning Academy
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Address: 2428 Haywood Ave, West Vancouver, BC V7V 1Y1, Canada

Schedule: Open until 9:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-281-0507

Business type: Private tutor

Aspire Learning Academy: what do users think?
Kate: Since I posted negative review two years ago the provider repeatedly refused to work with my child or address the issue , providing explanation like: " Children here are learning through competition and if you are not comfortable with this , it's not for you" . I'm just puzzled, how come other customers have different experience? Here is my review, I posed when my daughter was 6: "I was hoping Aspire Math will add some fun to learning math and my child would enjoy it. However, she was only happy at the beginning of the class until the teacher started using a timer to time how fast she was adding numbers. This also looked like a competition between her and another child in the class. When my child started crying and I tried to address the issue with the timer the provider advised that I seek professional help for my child's anxiety. They were not able to address my concerns or adjust their routine."
Genevieve Hassan: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,ValueAmazing tutoring, our three boys are engaged, happy and thriving with Aspire Learning Academy. Thank you!
Jodi Pallan: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,QualityOur daughter has worked with Aspire tutors for 3 years. The company is well run & professional. The tutors are knowledgeable and very good at assisting students to learn & grow confidence in learning. Thank you.
Serge Salager: Highly recommended for any parents wanting their kids to improve their maths and ace other academics.
Ally and Jackie: What a great team at Aspire! Their tutors are amazing and really know their stuff. Highly recommend!!
Kathy Liotta: My children are very skeptical of new activities and environments. We were referred to by a friend to try Aspire Math Academy, as her daughter absolutely loves it! The director was extremely helpful and thoughtful of my children's academic needs and emotional concerns. They have loved every teacher they have ever worked with at Aspire Math Academy. Thank you for all that you guy do for our family!!

3. Sylvan Learning of Vancouver - Kerrisdale - Vancouver

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Sylvan Learning of Vancouver - Kerrisdale
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Address: 5687 Yew St ste 303, Vancouver, BC V6M 3Y2, Canada

Schedule: Open until 8:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-283-9414

Business type: Tutoring service

Sylvan Learning of Vancouver - Kerrisdale: what do users think?
Tricia Raeburn: We started our daughter at Sylvan to help her catch up on her English skills as she switched from French immersion in Grade 4. In the short 2 months that she has been there, she has blossomed and her reading has improved immensely. The teachers are all wonderful.
Hailey Le: My son love this learning center, teachers have fun activities to encourage kids to studying. We so glad to send my son here
Damon Ding: Good staff,comfortable learning environment.They love to go there learning🙂
glenn chua: Contacted about 5 other tutors. They know what they are talking about, plus they don’t ask for a commitment/contract unlike others, just goes to show that they are confident. I am bringing my other child for tutoring.
Jacob: This is a recommended place to teach kids how to read and write. thank you so much for teaching!
Harman Li: The best Sylvan branch in town! My 5-year old enjoyed inclusive learning with friendly teachers and staff. With only once a week English literacy class, my daughter get "L" in her kindergarten English reading which well exceeds her age level. Thumbs up for the professional teachers and kind staff at Sylvan Kerrisdale!
David Poon: My son joined the Sylvan Reading program 4 months ago and we have noticed great progress. Not only can he pronounce the words but he is also very confident when reading to his classmates at school. This is why he is always excited to attend the lessons twice a week.Thank you to the teachers who make it fun for him to learn.I highly recommended Sylvan for parents with kids that need some extra support or just want to stay ahead!
C. H.: We have been sending our kids to Sylvan Learning for almost 10 years. Our kids have benefitted immensely, because Sylvan’s program is very in tune with what is being taught in the school system. Their reading, writing, and math programs have given all of our kids the confidence they need to excel academically. We have so much faith in their teachers that we never feel the need to request specific ones. We trust Sylvan, especially the directors at this location, to help our kids build a solid foundation of academic skills, study habits, and work ethic. They are truly invested in each and every student.
Mahbod Chehrazi: Sylvan is amazing at bring knowledge to my brain and is amazing at making me smarter and a better writer
Lindsay Silbernagel: My child is happy to attend as he is making progress with kind and engaging tutors. The director, Brenda, is helpful and responsive. The environment is clean, bright and welcoming.
K A: My 9 year old daughter started attending Sylvan (Kerrisdale) this year. She's been attending for a few months and is really enjoying herself. We have seen some progress in her skills and abilities thus far but most importantly she is feeling confident and happy. She is always excited to attend class at Sylvan Kerrisdale and looks forward to working with all her teachers. We hope to continue in the program for the long run and also thinking about having our youngest daughter join.
Katherine Chan Sison: My son and daughter recently joined Sylvan Kerrisdale - we cannot thank all the teachers and directors enough. We send the kids three times a week - they have been enjoying every single lesson and they always look forward to their next session. We are very impressed with how Sylvan manages to keep “every child’s learning personal”; the directors are very on top of our monthly review which we truly appreciate. We have also been referring our kids’ friends to enroll in the amazing Sylvan program! Upwards and onwards!
Suzanne Stewart: I have found the Executive Director of the Kerrisdale Centre to be very supportive of my son's learning journey. His specific needs are being addressed and their writing program has been tailored to meet my son where he's at. Although the year at Sylvan hasn't shifted his marks at school, it has shifted his mindset, which is the first (big) step.
Poonam Preetika: It is a great learning institution for children.I am so glad that I put my son for English Learning classes as I can see improvement in his learning and I hope He excels more.Thank you to the teachers.
J Ip: We started Sylvan learning for our daughter 2 years ago to help her reading and in just one year we saw an incredible difference. She no longer needed extra help at school and in fact was commended by her teacher for being above grade level! This year she has had both virtual and in person tutoring to help her math. She finds her lessons fun and engaging and reports that they are improving her performance at school. We have been thrilled and impressed with all of the staff, from Brenda who is the head and coordinator, to all of the teachers. The token and reward system works really well as the toys are awesome and keep our daughters very excited (we were so happy we added our older daughter for extra learning) . I would highly recommend Sylvan without reservation, whether it's for assisting a child with learning difficulties or a gifted child who wants to get ahead.
Justin Peng: Sylvan is very good at teaching my son. Thanks!
Jordana Dodek: This is great place to go for your child to learn additional skills to supplement their in school learning. It is not the same as a tutor they don't work on school work there is a real focus on working on beefing up skills that might be lacking or weak. There are regular updates to see your child's progress. They also use a token system that helps to motivate your kid. Highly recommend this place.
wioletta putko: Thank you!
Alice WANG: Our daughter started with Sylvan when she was 4 years old in the early reading program and now she is one of the most efficient readers in her grade. We recently switched her to the math program and are trying to get more advanced in math. Both programs are very systematic and thorough, and have been helping my daughter build essential skills and confidence. Most importantly, it is making learning easy for her. We like how the Sylvan Director proactively reached out to us on a regular basis to update us on my daughter's progress, and to listen to our goals and providing advice based on that.
Ingrid: Very accommodating. Excellent tutors. My daughter made it through 5 years of high school math because of Sylvan.
MING YUE KE: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality

4. Sylvan Learning of West Vancouver - West Vancouver

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Sylvan Learning of West Vancouver
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Address: 1425 Marine Dr #230, West Vancouver, BC V7T 1B9, Canada

Schedule: Open until 6:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-670-9681

Business type: Tutoring service

Sylvan Learning of West Vancouver: what do users think?
Sarah Tam: Learned so much here! Bhavani and Zahra were the best tutors I have had and they helped me excel in my school subjects!
Kathy Wu: Positive:Communication,Quality
Mario Francis: Sylvan is a wonderful institution and their teachers genuinely care about the development and progress of my child. They are understanding, flexible and experienced, especially when dealing with students with learning disabilities. I am glad Sylvan is here to help support. Without them, my child would be academically unmotivated and frustrated with school. I highly recommend Sylvan if you want to see confidence grows and results improve.
Irma Schiele: I went to Sylvan Learning of west Vancouver during my last high school years, it was an enriching experience to say the least! Tutors Bhavani & Zarah were always willing to adapt assigned work to better suit my learning style, in fact they went above and beyond to make sure I was prepared to learn future assignments. They were patient and provided a positive scholar environment for me as well as my two siblings. I was able to work individually while receiving frequent feedback alongside other students whom were dealing with the same assignments, thus creating a communicative & inclusive relationship between tutor, student & study mates. I would highly recommend Sylvan Learning of West Vancouver to any struggling student, Bhavani & Zarah helped me move forward in History and Math, they will always be two of the most memorable tutors I’ve had!
A Z: Positive:Professionalism,QualitySylvan has been a great tool for my son to learn and grow academically in his studies. I would like to commend Sam for his professionalism and patience with my son. He has been a great help to allow my son to enjoy and have confidence with his academics. Thanks again!
Bob Zou: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,ValueI am a current high school student, I enjoy learning here, and the best teacher here is Bhavani because she is caring and talks to me about school and life.
equuxstylez: took my kid here and he finally started getting As. I'm very happy with this place!!
Herman Ng: Positive:Professionalism,Qualitygreat service, and created a special catered program for the kids. Exceptional service and follow up with the parents
Iona Macintyre: I am a student here at Sylvan, and I have been attending for over a year now. Sylvan has been really helpful to helping me reach my academic goals. I have been coming here for reading and writing. My tutor Bhavani works specifically on reading and writing and she is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced. It is a good opportunity to work with her because she has a good understanding of the subjects and is very patient and kind to me. Teacher's always go above and beyond to explain the skills and lessons to me even if I have trouble picking up the concept.
Tony Le: Sylvan helped me with my math and English so that I could do better in school. When I started math in grade 8 I didn't really know too much and it was very difficult for me. When I started learning math at Sylvan, my teachers helped me a lot. My favorite teacher is Sam because when I have some trouble with my math questions he helps me figure it out.My other favorite teacher is Bhavani, she's always nice and makes me laugh when I'm doing my work.
S L: Sylvan learning has helped my family so much! We enrolled into their reading and writing program and I immediately saw changes to my niece's and nephew's grammar and vocabulary. They have gained so much more confidence in school now and don't feel behind or confused. I owe so much to the teachers. They are patient and understanding and genuinely care about their academic progress.
Rick: Positive:Communication,ProfessionalismBrought my niece here for english and math. She's doing so much better now, I have to commend the work ethics and organizational skills the staff has to offer. Cheers to Sam N.
Justin Chan: What a great experience we have had with Sylvan. Especially with Sam who really helped my daughter.
Oscar Hung: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,ValueSam N was super helpful when it came to helping my son. I was able to see the difference in my son not only in his English but his confidence with speaking in public!
Ms Dundas Video: Not enjoyible at all!!!
Team Oxford: NOT GOOD
Evoke7K: Very Rude teachers and didnt help me get better at all.
Tristan Taylor: The teacher were very rude
Linda Jando: I love that the program is tailored to each child after doing a detailed assessment.

5. Sylvan Learning of North Vancouver - North Vancouver City

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Sylvan Learning of North Vancouver
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Address: 145 17th St W Ste 100, North Vancouver, BC V7M 3G4, Canada

Schedule: Open until 6:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-265-8356

Business type: Tutoring service

Sylvan Learning of North Vancouver: what do users think?
R Singh: My kids have loved coming to Sylvan. The lessons are engaging and fun. The kids continue to be motivated to learn. The teachers are very adaptable for times when the kids need extra help with homework or to study for a test that’s coming up at school. Their programming has helped both my kids improve in math and reading/writing at school.
Nicole Jenkins: Our 10 year old is engaged and learning. The team at the North Vancouver location are fantastic!
Sarra Gau: Sylvan in North Vancouver has done a great jog of building my daughter's skills and confidence in Math. She started out frustrated and confused in Grade 9 with big holes in her basic Math knowledge. She just finished grade 11 pre-calc with an A grade. She'll be back at Sylvan for grade 12 pre-calc. To put this in perspective she was told in grade 9 that she was not pre-calc material and should stick to Foundations of Math.
Anita Rudge: Sylvan learning centres are breaking barriers with children ! Especially my child who has a severe learning difficulty. We had almost accepted that after 3 years of trying to teach him to read or write it may not be posible .After attending sylvan since the summer not only is it possible he loves going there and is not frustrated when learning like before . He loves the way they teach and looks forward to going and earning rewards for learning . Tanya and Allison do a fantastic job and he leaves smiling every time 😊
DxrkXEditz: very good!
Yukimasa Kondoh: Cool

6. Cahill Chartered Professional Accountants - North Vancouver - North Vancouver City

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33 reviews
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Cahill Chartered Professional Accountants - North Vancouver
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Address: 145 15th St W Suite 103, North Vancouver, BC V7M 1R9, Canada

Schedule: Closing soon: 5:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-985-0123

Business type: Tax preparation service

Cahill Chartered Professional Accountants - North Vancouver: what do users think?
Jamie C: Incredibly prompt and helpful service. Taylor was happy to talk though my situation and he provided helpful resources and accurate figures. The team was easy to reach via email or phone and the client portal is easy to use and secure. Highly recommended.
Selim Yilmaz: Unfortunately this firm's good reputation is being dragged down by Shannon Hampton. I wish she was more respectful and caring. After all, we all live in the same community.
Nicole Phillips: I've been doing my taxes with Cahill for a few years now and I highly recommend them. They are fast, efficient and very helpful with all my self-employment tax questions.
C H: Excellence from everyone with whom we dealt with these last few weeks during our first experience with Cahill. Taylor was insightful, responsive, patient and professional. Oddly looking forward till next tax season. Would not hesitate to recommend the team for both individual and corporate returns.
Domenic Brini: Our family has been dealing with Cahill Accounting for years. My elderly dad is always the first one there at the beginning of tax season. Shannon always takes care of him; even writes out the amount owing on his cheque and mails it to the CRA for him. Many thanks for your wonderful customer service.
Hilary Jones: Very satisfied with the efficiency of Cahill's annual income tax returns for my husband and me. It is a load off our aging minds.
Susan E Chester: We have been Clients of Cahill Accountants for over 10 years. Each tax year brings details that require special attention. Cahill has never failed to answer queries in a timely manner and provide all paperwork required promptly. We are so pleased with the Staff and always helpful attitudes that greet us each year.
Rocky Mountain Environmental: A first class organization to work with from receptionist to owner.The attention to detail, instructions to clients and the overall service is second to none and very refreshing in today's environment!
Jack Ong: I've been working with multiple representatives of Cahill for more than 20 years now on a wide range of topics and their advice has been consistently professional, responsive and knowledgeable.
Grace Love: After my father died, there was a lot to do. Jasmine and Janice walked me through the entire process, then sorted and completed all of the complicated financial matters that needed to be done. They were professional, extremely thorough and efficient, and very knowledgeable with years of experience and expertise in matters of estate. They also responded to my emails and phone calls kindly and immediately. I highly recommend Cahill Chartered Professional Accountants.
Rita Correa: My family switched accountants 2 years ago and it has been an amazing experience having Matthew helping us with our business and personal taxes. He is very attentive, kind and always quick to help any time we send him an email with questions. If he doesnt have an answer right away, he replies to the email with a timeline to keep us in the loop. This helps us tremendously because we are always confident that we will get our questions answered in a timely manner. During Tax season he takes his time to explain our taxes to us, we never feel rushed. We are lucky to have Matthew and the whole Cahill team as our accountants and would not hesitate to recommend him.
Youssef Jardaneh: Great Accountants and professional firm! I have been their client for 4 years now. Taylor handles my file and explains things in a simple way. The process is smooth and personalized to your needs. I definitely recommend them to anybody that has a business or for your personal taxes. They work as a team and treat people like real humans and not like numbers.
Karina M.: I had to deal with finishing off the Final Tax return for my late father's estate. I spoke to Jasmine who helped me with the process by offering efficient service and easy to understand next steps. I always felt that my questions and concerns were taken care of with clear communication.Thanks for making the entire process stress-free!
Bryan Shane: Cahill has been diligently preparing our returns for several years, and Jordan has competently consulted on tax matters of varying complexity for us. The service at Cahill is absolutely top tier, and they most certainly take a client centric approach to their business. Having used several mediocre accountancy services in the past, we are delighted to have finally found a firm that provides such a consistent and favorable experience. Cahill delivers exceptional value at very competitive rates.
Lindsey Abbott: Exceptional service from an extremely proficient team. I will definitely use this company again.
Andrew Dear: Great people to work with. Janice is the best. Don't hesitate.
Justin Mcintyre: We have been using Jordan at Cahill CPA for two years now and could not be happier. Wherever you are in the lower mainland Jordan makes the usually stressful tax season a very hassle free experience. If you are looking for a new CPA, for a business or personal, I would highly recommend Cahill CPA!
Tanya Jarrett: For any individuals or businesses looking for the services and support that Cahill provides, I strongly recommend these amazing human beings. They are professional, friendly, patient, and always so willing to help even when they are crazy busy. Also, they bring dogs into their office and honestly, how can you not love a company that loves dogs!? The Cahill team is AWESOME!
Steve DeWitt: We have been dealing with Cahill for some years now. We have been through good times and bad over the years. I cannot stress how thankful we are to have organization like Cahill backing us. Thank you Taylor Cahill and the Cahill team!
steve miracle: Taylor and the staff at Cahill Chartered Accountants are prompt, professional and a real pleasure to deal with. They really know there stuff.They always take the time to answer all your questions and respond quickly , usually on the same day ... Been doing our taxes for years and will continue for the years to come ... Thank you Taylor and Staff .. Keep up the excellent work
Adam Reynolds: I've been a client for a couple years now with my small business. The staff are always responsive and helpful with any questions I have. They're really easy and friendly to talk to - makes filing my taxes a breeze!

7. University of British Columbia Graduate School - University Endowment Lands

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University of British Columbia Graduate School
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Address: 6371 Crescent Rd #170, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z2, Canada

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8:30AM Mon

Telephone: +1 604-822-2848

Business type: Graduate school

University of British Columbia Graduate School: what do users think?
王國泰: nice school
해피데이: 크고 넓은 규모에 놀랍다. 게다가 비치옆에 있다니. 마치 마을같다.

8. KEY Education - Vancouver

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KEY Education
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Address: 5750 Oak St, Vancouver, BC V6M 2V9, Canada

Schedule: Open until 6:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-638-5398

Business type: Educational consultant

KEY Education: what do users think?
Alex Li: 总体来讲是不错。通过不到半年的课程学习(孩子)和面试培训(孩子和家长)进入到了所有申请学校的面试阶段,最终顺利拿到了理想学校的offer。它的收费不便宜,不过也是市场价。从服务质量的角度而言,也是不错的。虽然期间也经历了换顾问、换客服的事儿,但人员流动大也是这个行业的特点吧。我们后来的顾问是特别认真负责,还专门为我们做加场的面试培训。我们从一开始就知道孩子能否拿到Offer,取决于诸多因素。对于我们而言,孩子能够最终拿到Offer, 在Key的学习和培训是非常重要的因素。 在此,感谢Key Education的顾问、老师和客服们!
Liu Yang: From the experience the kids had with Key education, they not only gained great improveness in their acedemic study, they alsoachieved success to be admitted to their top dream private schools. All the staff and the advisors are nice and responsible helping the kids' plans. Thanks to Key education for supporting and helping the kids achieve their goals. I will definitely recommend it to friends.
teresa zhang: Key education在申请学校方面很专业也很负责,从每个助理,顾问,培训老师都给与了我和我孩子特别多的帮助,让申请整个过程都非常顺利和简单轻松,key education非常值得信任的机构,只要你积极配合,我相信大家都能有所收获[呲牙]
Robert Orban: Very happy with our experience using Key Education’s services. They provided us with a detailed plan that covered all aspects of our application.When we first started working with them, our son would have separation anxiety going into class. After taking their classes and speaking with their teachers, there was a noticeable transformation in him. When we saw him going into the assessments, he was happy and confident.For our application, they exceeded our expectations in terms of how comprehensive and detailed their plan was. We followed their recommendations and they were always there to provide us with thoughtful direction in the circumstances we faced through the application process. The statements reflected what we wanted to say about our family and we believe that their interview coaching made a huge difference. We felt so prepared and at ease when it came to our opportunity to be interviewed. We wouldn’t have approached some of our answers in the same way without their help and we knew from the interviewers’ comments and expression that we did a great job.Our son was accepted to our top choice schools. We would highly recommend Key to anyone who wants to get their child and themselves prepared to be accepted by top private schools.
paul k: Provide professional consultation and advice to parents, very experienced teachers to improve students' holistic level
Kathy Wang: Key is a great facility to have your child educated and prepared for private school education. It’s curriculum program is well articulated and useful. Both of my boys flourished in their program and got in their dream school. The staff is always nice. The adviser is easy to reach and very informative about everything. I cannot thank Key enough for my children’s progress. Will definitely recommend friends.
Bunder Ted: 极差,不要相信!交了钱就不再负责任
Hector Donaldson: Paying absolute garbage rates to freelance writers to literally pen entire personal statements for applicants is not only immoral but they can't even be bothered to ensure a good product with their cheapskate offshoring of work. Not copyediting, not brainstorming, not guidance. Straight academic dishonesty. Good luck, those essays are gonna be terrible.P.s. They "smartly" tuck away their Google reviews but these practices will catch up to them one way or another
George Yu: 我花了9000咨询上好的私立学校,最后一个好的学校都没考上。还上了他们的补习机构,也是贵的吓人。他们的性价比实在是太低了!
tong ye: We consulted this place and also paid roughly 9000 dollars to expect having some 'useful' information two years ago , for my son applying a good private school,and I have to say it's not only disappointed, it's kind of hard to say.....we paid 9000 in order to meet Education director Bryan, and when he advised me to carry a ' Valuable hand bag' to the private school interview showing we are rich........oh my god, we just left, we didn't ask refund , we just left......the reason I write this comment 2 years after, because i accidentally hit in to google search and see there are 4.5 score google review of this consultant company, I have to say big surprised, this company has very different funny values.

9. School is Easy Tutoring - Burnaby

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14 reviews
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School is Easy Tutoring
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Address: 4111 E Hastings St Suite 298, Burnaby, BC V5C 6T7, Canada

Schedule: Open until 10:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-439-1790

Business type: Tutoring service

School is Easy Tutoring: what do users think?
Sadra M: I asked for a math tutor for my kid. The first tutor though very friendly did not communicate with my kid really well so they kindly change the tutor to a more suitable one. I want to thank the management to be so friendly and flexible and I definitely suggest them to anyone looking for a place with great tutors and affordable rates.!
Dr. Sina Mahabadi: The best place to approach for tutoring. The staff were superbly kind and tutors are professional.
Max Rashadaty: My sister was tutored by one of the most professional tutors provided by this company. She managed to to go to a top university in Canada thanks to these guys. Highly recommended !!!
shahrzad amirgol: I cannot express my gratitude enough for the exceptional work done by the educational center with my autistic child. From the very beginning, it was evident that they truly cared about my child's well-being and were committed to providing the best possible support and education.The staff members at the center are nothing short of amazing. They possess an incredible understanding of autism and its unique challenges. They approach each child with patience, kindness, and unwavering dedication. They took the time to get to know my child individually, building a strong rapport and tailoring their teaching methods to their specific needs.What truly impressed me was the center's comprehensive approach to education. They not only focused on academics but also worked tirelessly to develop my child's social and communication skills. They provided opportunities for my child to engage with peers, promoting socialization and fostering friendships. The progress I have witnessed in my child's social interactions is simply remarkable.Additionally, the center maintained open lines of communication with me, ensuring that I was involved in my child's education every step of the way. They regularly shared updates, progress reports, and sought my input. This collaborative approach made me feel valued as a parent and reassured me that my child's needs were being met.Thanks to the educational center's exceptional efforts, my child has grown in leaps and bounds. They have gained confidence, independence, and a genuine love for learning. I cannot recommend this center highly enough to any parent with an autistic child. They have made an immeasurable impact on my child's life, and I will forever be grateful for their outstanding work.
Yale Wu: I like the tutoring from School is Easy.
Sandra Reis: School is Easy is a great tutoring services for students of all ages. The tutors are friendly and knowledgeable. Super helpful and invested in student success.
Leah Wong: My son comes away from sessions saying ok now I understand my homework. He is a capable student but struggles with paying attention in class. Working one on one with knowledgeable and understanding tutors has been so valuable.
Andry Ranjatoelina: We are very happy with the services provided by School is Easy. The teachers who were sent were very professional and made our son willing to learn new things. We are really glad we have found out about this company!
Mario S.: We are happy with School is Easy. Susan did a great work to help us to find the right tutor, Brittany, who is very professional as we can see she has experience on the area. We're looking forward to see our kid making progress. Thanks!
Li Li Pan: Great service
Yvonne Soo: A note that I would like to mention is that the tutor, Isabelle, has been very instrumental in seeing my son through his Grade 9 math. She has been very patient, and easy to work with. Punctuality too I must add as being her other strength. Thank you for matching her to us.
Jeanette Dyck: My sons are well supported with their tutor. We've been very happy with their progress. My oldest has already finished all his Math for the entire school year, with a 92%, which is astounding. (he hates math) Thank you!
Steph Rodrigue: I called Susan the night before frantic to learn my son wasn’t going to pass Science 9. He was missing 2 major assignments. She had a tutor here the next day. The tutor was phenomenal and helped him complete both to give him a passing grade.
Jaswinder Uppal: Easy Tutoring service is very helpful and supporting. Teacher supports the student in the area as needed. We are happy to select them and we recommend them for tutoring needs. Since my son has service from that centre my son improve lot and he is very happy . He has more confidence. He is getting very good mark and less stress. He is not struggling like before. I really appreciate for there service.
Maria C: Positive:Communication,ProfessionalismIt is the best decision that I made for my child's education; I am happy with the outcome.
Zarina Van Damme: I have been using their services for a few months now. Their paired my son with a great Tutor that is truely helping him.Highly recommend.
Sabrina Sumar: Positive:Communication,ProfessionalismI highly recommend this tutoring service as it is very professional, and the main focus is supporting the students in every way possible.
Sally Yung: Very helpful for finding a suitable tutor that was knowledgeable in the subject and willing to spend time with my son. The tutor also spent lots of time talking to me about my son's progress and the work that he must put in, in order to succeed. I am pleased with the outcome and the results from this company . Thank you to Susan for the recommendation.
B Nesbitt: Really made a difference ! Great teachers and service.
Lisa Turunen: I highly recommend this tutoring service. Very professional tutors teaching. I wouldn’t use any other tutoring service. School is Easy is the best. Thank you for helping my child exceed in learning.
Adam Lee: A truly remarkable company, built on kindness, generosity and professionalism! It is the most wonderful tutor company I have worked with.

10. Accenture - Vancouver

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Address: 510 W Georgia St Suite 2075, Vancouver, BC V6B 0M3, Canada

Schedule: Closing soon: 5:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-646-5000

Business type: Business management consultant

Accenture: what do users think?
Alexander Michalew: Best employer in best location
ashish kumar nayak: Office is in the 20th Floor

11. Sylvan Learning of Vancouver & Burnaby - Vancouver

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Sylvan Learning of Vancouver & Burnaby
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Address: Champlain Square, 7116 Kerr St, Vancouver, BC V5S 4W2, Canada

Schedule: Open until 8:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-434-7323

Business type: Tutoring service

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