Best Private Law Universities In Vancouver Near Me

1. Peter A Allard School of Law - University Endowment Lands

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Peter A Allard School of Law
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Address: Allard Hall, 1822 E Mall, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 8:00 AM

Business type: Law school

Peter A Allard School of Law: what do users think?
Sujit Kumar: I have been noticing about this university, its really awesome university for candidate who is looking their future in Canada.
J Graham: Beautiful modern law school with views of tower beach, the ocean and the mountains.
Tiger Leonard Williams: I enjoy teaching my culture of cedar weaving
Alex Pinto: Such a blessing to go here.
Bhavneet Bhangu: A great place to learn. My professors are really really amazing and hold great knowledge about their fields.
Arshdeep Kaur: I am so impressed and suggest others to join .
Yuvraj Ghai: Although I'm doing my graduation but I would love to study law in this school.
Patrice: Loved the library.

2. The University of British Columbia - University Endowment Lands

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The University of British Columbia
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Address: Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-822-2211

Business type: University

3. Indigenous Community Legal Clinic - Vancouver

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Indigenous Community Legal Clinic
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Address: 148 Alexander St #101, Vancouver, BC V6A 1B5, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 8:30 AM

Telephone: +1 604-684-7334

Business type: General practice attorney

4. University Canada West - Vancouver

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554 reviews
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University Canada West
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Address: 626 W Pender St #100, Vancouver, BC V6B 1V9, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 8:00 AM

Telephone: (877) 431-6887

Business type: University

University Canada West: what do users think?
Thandiwe Zimba: I am greatful to have been accepted for MBA at UCW. I thank Larissa Nerves my student advisor who has been so helpful with my admission process. It is like having a sister helping you, quick response and explaining things in details. The Team you are the best. Thumbs up!
Raju Tamang: I still don't understand how come this university smaller than a town house is consider as university.
Kourosh ramezanian: Responding to emails is supper slow
Sushil Gaurav: It was great experience to share, specially Priyanka Vatti (one of the official from UCW) who helped me every time i needed and now i got my visa. I would like to thank her again when I'll meet her at campus.
Birdaman Singh: 👍
Sophia Sandel: The worst experience I have ever had in a University. Staff doesn’t care about students, and most of the time are in a bad mood.Most teachers only read PowerPoint slides, and academic advising staff always contradicts each other.If you are planning to come to Vancouver to study, please look for other University. I wish I have read real comments about here before paying my tuition.
Hervé WAGOUM: So beautiful place to be
Osemudiamen idemudia: The experience has been great. Friendly advisors, easy to contact also very helpfully and understanding.
Ahmad Majidi: It has been two months since I requested a meeting with the university officials due to a problem in the contract, but no one is answering me. I think this university has no leader. Unfortunately, only this university knows money and does not care about students. I have to file a complaint against this university. Choose a university that respects you.
Yashoda Rani: University is really good.
carol Sandhu: The Finance Department staff are very unknowledgeable and unhelpful.
Cecile Pauline Cruspero: As a student, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at university. The academic environment is stimulating and challenging, and the professors are knowledgeable and passionate about their subjects. The campus offers a range of resources and opportunities, from research facilities to student organizations, that have helped me grow both personally and professionally. Overall, my university experience has been rewarding and has prepared me well for the future.
Ishwar Singh: Fabulous
Diana Romero: As a student, I love UCW because it has allowed me to grow, meet people and, of course, learn everything about business administration with the MBA. I would like to run a company in the future, and I would like to apply all the knowledge that I have gotten from here to have a better income and quality of life.
Gihan Chathura: Good campus
Arvind Cv: I'm worried about the negetive reviews that the university demanding extra fees by few students and family members.Ucw team has been replying to all 5 star reviews that now looks self made.I'm sure that they wouldn't miss the negetive reviews that affects the enrollments. Request the UCW Management to respond to the negetive reviews as well in an elaborated manner to understand this issue from both the sides. Thanks.
Nasser: I really appreciate my experience at UCW, especially the fast and clear response to enquiries. I'm grateful to my student support advisor Swati Gandham, for her guidance, friendly attitude and for being so helpful with my concerns during the admission process.
Navindu Sri Deshan Subusinghe: Worst University ever don’t go there for any ProgrammeThey are only after Money They don’t care about our education only the MoneyWorst Place ever
Osarugue Usoh: Priyanka, You are a 5 star general in student affairs. My encounter with you during the admission process is quite phenomenon. quite relentless to seeing things work out. you are certainly the best.
Mbanefo Cosmas: I really had an amazing experience and great response from PRIYANKA VATTI she made everything go seamlessly
Augusto O.: Dear future international students considering the University Canada West (UCW),I recently completed the MBA course at UCW, and unfortunately, it was one of the worst learning experiences in my life. While the professors were extremely good, the management of the university was the worst service I have ever experienced, which is ironic considering it is a management school.One major issue I faced was that every term, classes would switch professors or even schedule after enrollment. The enrollment process was also quite shady, as some students were given priority registration without any disclosure of how they deserved it. It was especially frustrating to see students from some preferred nationalities always getting their way with their buddies working at enrollment, which made it difficult for students not from that specific group to enroll in their desired classes fairly.Another major issue was the university's tolerance for slackers. In group projects, it was not uncommon for one or two members to contribute significantly less than others, yet everyone received the same grade. The university also never graded anyone over 80%, which made it difficult to receive genuine feedback on really good work.Furthermore, once I graduated, I had to wait forever for the necessary documents. The university seemed to turn a blind eye to this issue, and I had to exchange emails with them for an extended period since there was no phone number to speak to a person.Lastly, the learning itself was very superficial. It seemed like the course was more like a bachelor's in administration. 60% of the course content was already covered in a few administration courses in my bachelor's, even though I am an Engineer. I also had to take the "pre-MBA," which cost an extra 20% of the course value, even though I noticed various BBA students had much worse knowledge of the basics but never had to take the "pre-MBA." Unfortunately, it felt like the university was creating rules and pushing students around.I know I am not the only one with these issues, and I fear that some day, some unlucky student will hurt themselves over all these problems that UCW just doesn't seem to care about. Therefore, if you are an international student considering coming to Canada, please do your research thoroughly. UCW may end up being a burden on your mental health, so I advise you to consider other options.I hope this review helps you make an informed decision.Editing to address the reply:Priority is given to certain students, the registering hours vary and no one knows based on what. It was based on merit (GPA) for a single term, but now there is a system and no one knows how it works, as they refuse to disclose it.Many students have achieved grades higher than 80% - many is a VERY broad term. I will leave you guys with this: I've had a professor tell me my project was the best in class, he only had one very small suggestion for the project. Then he showed me the grade, it was 76. And this is not a single case, this happened over and over, with different classes and professors. I still don't understand how a nearly perfect project deserves only 76, but then again, I've heard from professors that they cannot have the class average above a certain value, or they get into trouble with management.The "specific timeline" for diplomas is not respected. They will take weeks or months more and will refuse to provide a reasonable solution (or charge extra for documents you never received).The preparatory program will be mandatory for people with over 5 years experience in the market but who are engineers - It is a cash grab. I see no sensible explanation why I had to take the course and STILL help various colleagues fresh out of a BBA course (so they did not need the preparatory course) how to do accounting on Excel.Unfortunately, the values for them are so switched up, they cannot even understand what is wrong. They also do not even address half the issues I have mentioned. And their suggestions to discuss further is (surprise) an email, no phone number.

5. LaSalle College Vancouver - Vancouver

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170 reviews
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LaSalle College Vancouver
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Address: 2665 Renfrew St, Vancouver, BC V5M 0A7, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 7:00 AM

Telephone: (866) 717-8080

Business type: College

LaSalle College Vancouver: what do users think?
Komalpreet Kaur: Really disappointing experience with this college. I’m trying to call them from last week neither they are answering my call properly ,nor they are replying to my any mail😵.
Eva Braam: Good food, and absolutely outstanding hosting 10/10
Sofia Prado: Really disappointing experience. They sell the idea of preparing students for outside opportunities and a chance to network with industry which was never true. 7 months prior to graduation, and many students (including myself) are unemployed. Unfair that they only care about the money. I never felt a supportive environment during my studies neither after graduation.
jagraj singh 0190: Its really awesome all the staff is very respectful and helps me in very polite way
Debs WC: Their agent on WhatsApp is very rude, I am only asking just to make sure that everything I need to know before applying is correct, but the person got annoyed by my questions. Very unprofessional. Take down your WhatsApp if you do not want questions and inquiries from future applicants.
Daljeet Singh: Scam college
nhạc sàn hay: Never recommend this school for fashion design studying. This school will put u in a passive position that u have to cope with quick and superficial lectures with unreasonable tuition fees.
Duaa Yamani: I am a fashion student and would like to mention about our best draping teacher(Julia) she is knowledgeable, professional and always trying to teach us different techniques and ways to do creative fashionThank you JuliaAlso would like to mention about the receptionist and person who works in the book store are super friendly and always available to helpThank you
Alex Alex: By far, the best media arts and design school!
Manjot kaur: Best College!
Jun Yu: 再多一眼看一眼就会爆炸自信一点靠近点快被融化
Ben Wang: 这是什么?
曹震宇: 我是 你的,你是 我的谁
Eddy Liu: 你干嘛~诶呦~
Huang Alex: 小黑子露出鸡脚了吧!
Tommy Wong: 迎面走来的你让我如此蠢蠢欲动
Wenhan Xiao: 乱搞名称的人真缺德
JINFENG ZHANG: Can I see iKun here?
gustavo sdjgjsdfjd: It’s supposed to be open during sundays but they are very often opening late and not telling students, i just have sundays for working on most of my assignments and this does not help at all.
AJ Maybe: Great school! Teachers are friendly and open to help, and I find the environment quite welcoming.
madison jarvis: Great school if your looking for smaller class sizes and one-on-one learning experience.Starbucks is just across the street which is great when I need an energy-boost.I am half way through my Architecture and Interior Design Degree, and from my experience what I can say is you will get what you put into it.If you are a hard worker and you strive for success... that will be recognized amongst the instructors and they will do everything and anything to help.If you want to do the bare minimum and "get by" well then, sorry... this isn't the industry for you because its very competitive and requires hard work, haha.If you're the kind of person who has leadership qualities and would like to be involved in the student life on campus then I recommend that you join the Student Representative Committee.When I was reading through the previous comments from 2+ years ago (this was before my time), I can honestly say that from my experience I can't agree or relate to anything that those people were concerned about. The school switched ownership years ago and as a result many things have improved.

6. St. George's Senior School. - University Endowment Lands

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St. George's Senior School.
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Address: 4175 W 29th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6S 1V1, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-224-1304

Business type: Private educational institution

7. Alexander Academy - Vancouver

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22 reviews
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Alexander Academy
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Address: 602 W Hastings St #100, Vancouver, BC V6B 1P1, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 8:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-687-8832

Business type: High school

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