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1. Blanche Macdonald Centre - Uptown Campus - Vancouver

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Blanche Macdonald Centre - Uptown Campus
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Address: 555 W 12th Ave #100, Vancouver, BC V5Z 3X7, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-685-0347

Business type: Beauty school

2. VFS - Makeup Design for Film & Television - Vancouver

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VFS - Makeup Design for Film & Television
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Address: 1248 Franklin St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1K1, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-685-5808

Business type: Art school

VFS - Makeup Design for Film & Television: what do users think?
Montse Latrach
Montse Latrach: :v

3. Blanche Macdonald Centre - Atelier Campus - Vancouver

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Blanche Macdonald Centre - Atelier Campus
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Address: 410 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6B 0H3, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 8:30 AM

Telephone: +1 604-685-5560

Business type: School

Blanche Macdonald Centre - Atelier Campus: what do users think?
Jenna Bittle
Jenna Bittle: I want to say a big thank you to the faculty at Blanche 💗I’m a personal shopping assistant at Holt Renfrew in womenswear and menswear department. I feel so prepared and equipped for this job because of the information from my wonderful teachers. It wouldn’t have happened without the opportunities I received while attending Blanche!I miss you all 💗💗💗
Richard Tan
Richard Tan: As a graduate from Blanche Macdonald Centre, they gave me the foundations in order to professionally execute all aspects of the Fashion Industry. I had the privilege of meeting and learning with creative individuals.Everything about this school was inspiring. When you can't put it into words it speaks volumes to how appreciative I was attending the 1 year course for Global Marketing: Fashion and Social Media.They say when you figure out your passion in life no matter what field it is, it'll never feel like work to you. Being at Blanche was its own Utopia for me. My classmates and teachers motivated me every single day to give it my all.I love that each curriculum challenges you, and that's what life is all about. Taking a chance on yourself, because you never know unless you try. I am grateful to have been a Blanche Macdonald student in my lifetime.I wanted to personal thank each and everyone I came across during my time here. Whether we became friends or it was a quick hi, I wouldn’t be here without the help and guidance from everyone I met. I thank you all for my successes and future endeavours in the world of Fashion.If you're willing to put in the work and have the appreciation for Fashion as a whole, Blanche Macdonald Centre is for you.
Priscilla wan
Priscilla wan: Don’t waste your time here. This was my first time coming and wasted my money and time as they can’t do anything UNLESS you have virgin hair. When I made my appointment, I mentioned I have blonde highlights. Day of appointment, I go in requesting for dark brown hair. The student proceeded filling out a consultation form, only to call out to the instructor later. 30 minutes into the appointment, the instructor came by and was very rude. The instructor laughed at my request for brown hair and stating that nowhere else, not even a regular salon or school can accommodate the color I want….. dark brown hair. Of course I went to another hair salon and guess what, it was possible to change my full head hair to dark brown.
Vanessa Miner
Vanessa Miner: I absolutely love Blanche Macdonald! This is the second fashion school I've attended as a Fashion Marketing student. While my last school mostly focused on just the business aspect (things like buying, wholesaling, starting a business, etc.), Blanche Macdonald taught that as well as things we need to know that are specific to the fashion industry itself. Things like history of fashion trends and also the history of fashion houses and their creative directors throughout the years. We were also taught things like different silhouettes and garment details so that we could go into the industry with not only business knowledge, but fashion knowledge as well.
Zahoor Hassan
Zahoor Hassan: I attended the Global Fashion Marketing Program and would recommend it to anyone wanting to start their career in fashion or beauty.My favourite classes were public relations, sustainability and business entrepreneurship. The program gives you an inside scoop into all the different parts of the fashion industry. Great internship and job opportunities while studying to prepare you once you graduate. Instructors are super helpful and knowledgeable!
sierra: The way they portray the global fashion marketing program is very misleading and far from what is what they actually teach you. Lyndi (a sweetheart) but she retaught the same information in all three classes I took. the social media teacher Lindsay has a very millennial approach that is very inaccurate and outdated. Peggy is incredible but her fashion elements class, certain parts are quite irrelevant to what you actually need to know about the fashion industry. Ex: the date of the years certain designers worked for certain brands. It’s just a way to make it seem like the people who graduate know more when it reality they don’t. They make it seem like it’s very hands-on but it isn’t. The only teacher who was hands-on in my opinion was Briana and Arshnoor. Everyone else just expected you to sit in a chair for 3.5 hours and listen while not taking into account that every student learns in a different way. Ps why are the classrooms so bland for a school that’s supposed to be a creative fashion space. It’s not worth the money because most of the places you apply to post-grad know how much of a scam it is. Every single friend of mine who went there (even past admission directors) know how terrible this school is. Don’t go into debt for a school that won’t help you get a job after. @mel and @tais
Shantay Dennis
Shantay Dennis: With my instructors at Blanche being so passionate about what they taught and so encouraging to us as students it was a really inspiring and great learning experience. Blanche provided me with skills in all areas of the fashion, business and marketing industry. There was not one day I did not learn something new and valuable. Everyday I was learning and applying the skills I was taught into my life outside of school. I have developed a great sense of what it means to be apart of the fashion industry and what you need to successfully build and grow a business from scratch. Blanche always encouraged creativity from all students whether it was through assignments or class discussions and I feel that really helped me in discovering my own personal branding. Since graduating from Blanche in September 2022 I have left with a great skill set and deep knowledge on all the fashion and marketing essentials. I’ve started an internship at Banana Republic working with their incredible Visual Merchandising team. I am so excited for this new chapter of mine as I start my journey in the industry building my career, creating new experiences and meeting amazing people!
Sydney Pazurik
Sydney Pazurik: The first time I came here was great, it took 8 hours but I was fine waiting.Today I was humiliated, they looked at my hair for a minute or two before telling me they couldn’t bleach it because it had been dyed and that would require a “colour correction”. They refused to work on my hair and I had to leave the salon. Unless you have perfect, healthy, virgin hair, DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME COMING HERE. The students were lovely but the two teachers were so rude and judgemental. I took the day off work to come here, now my day is ruined.
Van Guy
Van Guy: Since the COVID 19 pandemic began, I have been going to Blanche MacDonald Centre beauty school for inexpensive haircuts.Earlier today I needed grooming for my facial hair as opposed to a haircut. I had a student, Priyanka instructed by Holly who had suggested different ideas/techniques on how to style my facial hair as I needed to look sharp for a gala event I am to attend later.Although it is a beauty salon school, I was impressed at Holly’s knowledge of styling beards as I had been more accustomed to barber shops pre-pandemic, with the same style.I appreciated Holly was passionate about teaching students, in essence giving back with all her expertise she learned from.My beard looked great with a new style I never had before.I felt I was ‘giving back’ as I had a lot of time to offer… as the students are learning and training in a new occupation, they need the extra time to practice what they are being taught.Thanks Holly. By teaching you are coming full circle by passing on everything you have learned with the added experience of being a hair stylist for a new set students to graduate. Keep it up! 😉
Amelia Paczynski
Amelia Paczynski: I went to Blanche Macdonald for fashion design. It was a really great experience! Instructors were helpful and had a lot of knowledge and real world experience to share about the fashion industry. There is support for finding a job in fashion after you graduate. Mel and Brianna are super helpful, I was hired within 2 months after reaching out to them. Overall my experience at Blanche was a lot of hard work, I learned so much, and it was a great step towards becoming a fashion designer!
Brandon Mitchell
Brandon Mitchell: I was very lucky to meet and Alicia and Holly at the Blanche Macdonald Centre. Alicia is in the process of learning to become a barber and Holly was instructing a course on how to do it, Holly is an extremely patient and friendly instructor. Alicia was extremely polite, friendly, and an amazing student. I was so impressed by Alicia's success through the program, she told me that she had started in June and that I was her 8th live haircut from the time she started the program.Alicia washed my hair, cut, buzzed, trimmed, and even finished off with a warm towel shave. It was a relaxing experience. I have to say I was a bit concerned at before going in for a cut and shave due to past experience at a different hair school many years ago, but thanks to Holly's guidance with the program Alicia did such an amazing job, it is by far the best cut and shave I have had in a while that is right on par with all the local professionals with many years of experience!So happy to support their efforts and wishing many years of continued success, keep up the hard work!-Brandon
Lexi S
Lexi S: As both a previous student and now an employer, I can say that Blanche Macdonald empowers its students with a vast foundation and knowledge of the fashion industry. We look to Blanche for students interested in retail, styling, event management, PR and more. The career centre has been more than generous helping us find the appropriate students for our needs. I have personally reviewed my own studies from Blanche throughout my career, especially when I started my own line and opened our first flagship retail location.
Raman Toor
Raman Toor: I graduated from the Global Fashion Marketing Program 4 months ago and it was amazing! The classes are very diverse so you truly get a great insight into the entire industry. All of my teachers were amazing, incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about what they were teaching, truly made the experience that much better! The projects double as portfolio pieces, leaving you with content to present employers post graduations. This program challenged me in the best ways possible and I 100% recommend it to anyone considering it!
Susan Ellahi
Susan Ellahi: Can’t be happier .now I’m a salon owner and blanch is the best .
Kimia Kashani Momtaz
Kimia Kashani Momtaz: attending Blanche Macdonolad fashion program was a very good decision because it is a truly inspirational fashion school.
Victoria Baranowski
Victoria Baranowski: I took the global fashion marketing program and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. The teachers where so fascinating. I learnt so much and not just about marketing but public relations, film industry, manufacturing and more. I graduated June 24 2022 and the Blanche staff has helped me get an internship in the field I wanted, and from this I landed a full time position. Thank you to all the staff and all my new friends I’ve acquired.
Laila A
Laila A: I can't speak enough about the great experience I had at blanche Macdonald, from day one everything was perfect. The admnistration makes every step easy. I did my registration with Susan and she was so kind, thoughtful honest and everything was explained with a total honesty I felt so confortable with her. The teachers are helpful kind and very patient.The school is in a great location, it's a small classes so we have a lot of attention from the teachers. I looked around and I could not find better.
25324 Meira
25324 Meira: When I decided to study fashion in Canada, I was told some options, but I ended up choosing to do it at BMC and I am very happy to have made this choice, I already have a fashion education in Brazil, but taking the one-year course helped me a lot to retrain and improve technically, the teachers and staff are wonderful and I am grateful to all of them. After graduating, I was invited to join the team as an assistant teacher and also an introductory sewing instructor, BMC has become more than a school for me and I have no doubt it was my best choice.Beatriz Gontijo - BR
Dylan Wiens
Dylan Wiens: I had a great experience with Blanche Macdonald and their Fashion Marketing course. Everyone at Blanche truly cares about our careers and go the extra mile in trying to set you up with work once you've graduated.
Aashna Nanda
Aashna Nanda: I love blanche macdonald have been enjoying my classes a lot so far. Teachers are really kind and understanding, and the environment is friendly, creative and supportive! my mom went to blanche before me and loved it as well, if you're a creative person or interesting in any program blanche offers, i would highly recommend going here!
Chanel Korol
Chanel Korol: I am currently attending Blanche Macdonald for the Fashion Marketing Diploma. All of the teachers have been helpful, professional, and highly knowledgeable. The community between the classmates is amazing. Blanche really prepares you for the industry.

4. Biotouch Canada Inc - Vancouver

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130 reviews
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Biotouch Canada Inc
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Address: 750 W Broadway #1212, Vancouver, BC V5Z 1H1, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 9:30 AM

Telephone: +1 604-873-3636

Business type: Beauty salon

Biotouch Canada Inc: what do users think?
Ti Shi
Ti Shi: It was very patient and friendly service!
Amira Strain
Amira Strain: I took their PMU and paramedical tattooing courses in November. I did learn a bit, but after leaving and actually working in the field, a lot of their methods are outdated. They really push their own products on you, and to be honest there are so many better alternatives out there (especially don't buy their pigments, they're a rip off).The instructors and everyone that worked there were lovely, it was just the quality of products given in our kits and then also the quality of products they sold me.
Rachel: I loved learning here. It was fun and informative!
Biba Singh
Biba Singh: I was rather apprehensive following my negative experience from a previous center. The staff here reassured me and took time to answer my numerous questions patiently. As a nurse, I was pleased with the way equipment was being cleaned with effective disinfectants. The staff donned protective gowns, gloves, masks... it was like an OR. I had some concerns post procedure, these were addressed professionally. I am highly pleased with my eye brows and would not hesitate to recommend this center to anyone.Service:Powder brow styling
Rowan M
Rowan M: I suffer from a number of skin conditions , and i decided to jump on Biotouch's promo deal for their IPL treatment. on top of being so friendly and knowledgeable , To say the least i am thrilled with my results! just after one treatment on the lowest setting, my skin has completely evened out, and it feels less irritated . i had no down time other then a "red face" for about an hour after the treatment. and my skin is very sensitive.highly recommend giving it a shot !
William Chambers
William Chambers: Services:Powder brow styling,Microblading,Permanent makeup touch-ups,Microshading
Hu Brietkopf
Hu Brietkopf: Very caring and very nice. Took time and lots of patience in getting the procedure done.
Tazarova Tatiana
Tazarova Tatiana: Super nice, friendly, professional teacher.I always enjoy coming for participating classes as a model.Thank you very much for very good job.Services:Microblading,Permanent lip makeup,Eyebrows
Melinda Aldrich
Melinda Aldrich: I was surprised at how " medical " the office appeared. It made me feel a lot more comfortable.Everyone was very friendly although I was never actually introduced to any of the people doing my procedure. I was uncomfortable with one of the students. She appeared more interested in starting a business than what she was suppose to be doing. The instructor was amazing with both myself and her students. She appeared very knowledgeable and willing to share. I would be more than happy to suggest any one use Biotouch.Service:Eyebrows
susannah pierce
susannah pierce: Positive:Cleanliness,Professionalism,Punctuality,Quality,ValueBest micro blading for eyebrows I have ever had. Very professional and clean. Can’t say how happy I am with the service and treatment.Services:Eyebrows,Microblading
Jainab Chowdhury Shomaila
Jainab Chowdhury Shomaila: Positive:Cleanliness,Professionalism,Punctuality,Quality,ValueI have taken hydra facial and Julia did a great job. I instantly got a glow on my face and a refreshing look. I will definitely recommend this place. I got a holiday offer but still the prices are pretty reasonable compare to their services. I’m looking forward to take other services from them.
Soliel Fairfield
Soliel Fairfield: Positive:Cleanliness,Professionalism,Punctuality,Quality,ValueWonderful service and experts in what they do. Julia is amazing!Service:Microblading
Jane Ulmer
Jane Ulmer: Services:Permanent lip makeup,Eyeliners,Permanent makeup touch-ups,Ombre eyebrow styling,EyebrowsPositive:Cleanliness,Professionalism,Punctuality,Quality,Value
Alma Pauw
Alma Pauw: Positive:Cleanliness,Professionalism,Punctuality,ValueJulia is an excellent instructor with obvious experience and expertise within this industry. The students seemed well prepared and knowledgeable.Service:Eyebrows
Olivia Craggs
Olivia Craggs: Positive:Cleanliness,Professionalism,Punctuality,Quality,ValueJulia was remarkable. I am so happy with my service and eyebrows.Service:Microblading
Joan Shipp
Joan Shipp: Positive:Cleanliness,Professionalism,Punctuality,Quality,ValueI had my eyebrows done . Julia did a fantastic job . She matched the colour perfectly to my hair . She was very friendly and professional .Services:Powder brow styling,Eyebrows,Microshading
Bree Cronin
Bree Cronin: The staff at Biotouch are fantastic!!!! Both myself and my daughter have had eyebrow Microblading done at Biotouch and both experiences were fantastic!!!From the moment you arrive until the moment that you leave, you feel important, cared for and comfortable enough to be able to give input about your treatment. I would recommend Biotouch to everyone !!!!Service:Eyebrows
Mahnaz Aldewood
Mahnaz Aldewood: Service:Ombre eyebrow stylingPositive:Cleanliness,Professionalism,Punctuality,Quality,Value
William Chang
William Chang: Positive:Quality
Magdalena K
Magdalena K: Services:Eyebrows,Permanent makeup touch-ups,MicrobladingPositive:Cleanliness,Professionalism,Quality
Chanelle Robson
Chanelle Robson: Positive:Cleanliness,Professionalism,Punctuality,Quality,ValueThe service was amazing and I am so happy with my laser hair removal results!! Strongly recommend!Service:Laser hair removal

5. London School - Vancouver

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49 reviews
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London School
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Address: 114 W Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1G8, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-685-4121

Business type: Educational institution

London School: what do users think?
Jackie Spurgeon
Jackie Spurgeon: I have been here for a cut and 2x for color. I was very happy with the results. The color was one of the best I have ever had. The supervisor is fantastic and really knows color and cut and really duplicated what I wanted.It definitely takes longer. But the results and price are just great!
Dishant Patel
Dishant Patel: Worth for money.
Trae Rey-Coop
Trae Rey-Coop: I had been walking by this place the last few months and I decided to give it a try today. Definitely didn't regret! If you're ok with students taking their time, learning (hair school, after all) then this place is great! Prices great. Instructors are there monitoring and making sure they are doing things correctly and what you asked for. Took a little longer than expected but again they are students and learning! I'll definitely be back!
JLC: The instructors are knowledgeable and hands on. The classes are small so you get more one-on-one time with the instructors, bonus! Kerry, who runs the school helped me land my first nail tech job! 😊
Kurt Hoffman
Kurt Hoffman: The best Barber Academy in the country. Teachers who actually care. Real clients to work on. Plus a long history with strong connections to the city.
amber hawse
amber hawse: Everybody is so welcoming and do exactly what you're asking for. Tiffany cut my hair and she's such a sweetheart. Did amazing on my hair as well.
Karen Lo
Karen Lo: I just finished the barbering program at London School.I was enrolled in 2018, but couldn't finish because of illness and had to resume the course in 2021. However, the school was always very understanding and accommodating. The education focuses not only on hand-on skills but also business and self-marketing strategies, including utilizing social media which is the dominant way of general marketing nowadays.The instructors there are very good at assisting students according to each one's strengths and weaknesses. They have many regular clients whom have been coming to the school for many years, which proves the quality service London School has been guiding their students to provide.Kerry is very devoted when it comes to assisting the students to find jobs. She did much more than I had expected. Kerry personally makes contacts to shop owners to introduce the graduates. Moreover, she also puts forward considerable effort to find right fits for her students and wants us to work in shops we actually like. I cannot be more thankful about this. 😇❤The last but not the least, I do want to say haircutting is a very individual experience. Everyone will find what techniques works best for them and everyone will encounter their own unique obstacles while learning, so it is very important that you communicate clearly with your instructors about your confusion and areas you feel you need to work on. Keep this in mind and I am sure London School will lead you to the future you desire. 😊😊
Brett: LONDON SCHOOL BARBER PROGRAMI am just finishing up the last few hours of my barber course at London School. My experience has been incredible. I wholeheartedly know that I made the right decision coming to this school for my barber education. I did a lot of research and even visited a few other campuses. One presented as a beautiful package with impressive brand new facilities but felt empty. Speak to alumni of that particular school and you’ll see for yourself a great many of them are disappointed with their experience and don’t recommend it.I was drawn to London School for its long standing great reputation and the authenticity of the owner/director. The instructors here are top notch practicing barbers. Each offering their own nuggets of wisdom and offering exceptional guidance. I was surprised and a little nervous to be applying my learned skills on clients within a short couple of months but with the instructors helping you along through the process I found my confidence and skills growing.As far as job placement goes, other schools may say they help their students find jobs, but fall short. Every recently graduated student that I met from London School found jobs at amazing shops that really fit who they were. Kerry the owner/director is authentic in her assistance. She has been an integral part of the barber community for many many years. Talk about being connected! I approached her just a couple of days ago about helping me find a job. She reached out to a few shops that she felt would be a good fit for me and set me up with interviews. Each place that I will be interviewing with are absolutely incredible opportunities.I made great friends, found amazing mentors, and developed solid barber skills at London School.Kerry is the real deal. Authentic, kind, knowledgeable, connected. If you are considering a barber education here in Vancouver - do yourself a favour go to London School. I guarantee will be happy you did!
HereForYou: I would come here again for a haircut! They are super awesome!!! They only accept cash or debit.
Viral Tagdiwala
Viral Tagdiwala: Mind blowing attention to detail for quite literally a fraction of the price compared to other shops! There’s an instructor around to ensure your haircut doesn’t go south - 10/10 would visit again.
Amber Marple
Amber Marple: I have used this school for hair services and nail services. I like going to the school because the students are eager, ambitious, and have all of the techniques fresh in their minds. I always get great service. They give a great massage with pedicures! The prices are great if you don’t mind having a student perform the services, there is always an instructor to do a once over and I have always received good service.Keep in mind if you are booking a service with students that it may take some extra time. For a full set of nails it took about two hours, they look fantastic and I was happy with the results and especially the price!
Parminder Singh
Parminder Singh: New students, take little bit longer for services but cheaper than normal.
Nico Bortolin
Nico Bortolin: Had a great experience - everyone was super kind and supportive. My hair turned out absolutely amazing, and I would certainly recommend to everyone!
Martin: This hairdressing place is a school to train potential hairdressers. They allow people to walk in for haircuts during certain times. They give low cost haircuts. If you don't mind trainees cutting your hair, it's a great place to go
Jennifer Smith
Jennifer Smith: I had a great experience!!! The teacher (Theresa) was very hands on with all the students if needed and all the students were great!! Energy was great and atmosphere was relaxing. I received a cut and full head of babylights. I will definitely be going back again to keep my blonde! Pics to come!
Jessica Cochran
Jessica Cochran: Im very please with my London School shampoo and cut. The shampoo was thorough, relaxing, and nicely aromatic. For the haircut, the student asked for guidance or confirmed her approach with the instructor before proceeding. The whole process took about 50 minutes, which I think is great!
Tayfun Sonsözlü
Tayfun Sonsözlü: Alex,she is the best.Thanks for everything:)
Dr Jennifer Smith
Dr Jennifer Smith: One of the best haircuts I have ever gotten. The instructor knew exactly how to deal with my rather difficult hair. The student was given clear instructions and the end result was sensational, really really happy with the results ! Thank you so much!
Jesse James
Jesse James: I love this school's ability to teach the patience of the teachers.. the knowledge I learned for the old fashioned Barber course was excellent.. I loved it so much I decided to take the hairdressing next.. if your thinking about school's I definitely Suggest going here..
Yula: I have done with Nail Service and it was pretty good. My nail technician ( student ) worked really hard, hygienic but the instructor she was just sitting down and kept chatting with others.No feedback unless student has questions. It didn’t look professional at all!
Cathe Smith
Cathe Smith: THE STUDENT THEY WERE GOING TO GET TO CUT MY HAIR DIDN'T SPEAK ENGLISH!!!When I told him he should have learned English before coming to hairdressing school they kicked me out because They said I was being disrespectful to multiculturalism!! 😡UNBELIEVABLE!!

6. Faye Smith Agency - Vancouver

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68 reviews
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Faye Smith Agency
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Address: 73 E Cordova St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1K3, Canada

Schedule: Open until 8:00 PM

Telephone: +1 778-788-3552

Business type: Make-up artist

Faye Smith Agency: what do users think?
Natalie Aron
Natalie Aron: I got my bridesmaids their hair or makeup done as a gift. I had 10 bridesmaids and every single one of them looked stunning! We were all VERY impressed. Thank you so much!Service:Bridal makeup
Leila Daipour
Leila Daipour: I used Faye Smith Agency for my wedding in January 2023. They were very responsive, helpful, and were flexible with the changing needs of my wedding party. For their costs, I thought it was fair for the service and quality of professionalism I received. I would recommend Faye Smith Agency to brides in Vancouver who want an accommodating team of makeup and hair stylists there to make your day beautiful (and not such an early morning!!).Services:Hairstyling,Makeup services
Stephanie Loo
Stephanie Loo: Faye Smith Agency from start to end was an amazing experience. The customer service was just impeccable, from me inquiring about rates, booking the stylish and trial, and finally getting my bridal hair done. I browsed through their list of hair stylists on their site and thankfully, Angela, my first preference was available. I requested Hollywood waves and she nailed it. She was such a professional and a pleasure to be around. She took my feedback (even when I wasn't quite sure how to describe it) and patiently worked with my hair to get it just right. There is nothing quite like being in the hands of an expert! Thank you Angela and Faye Smith Agency.Service:Hairstyling
O M: I would like to thank very much Jess for a wonderful job she has done recently. The hairstyling was done fast and with a lot of care and professionalism. I was looking amazing and stunning, getting a lot of compliments at work and even from strangers. Jess' work - very impressive and above any expectations. Will recommend to see Jess to anybody who wishes to look like a movie star :)Service:Hairstyling
Melissa F
Melissa F: I hired Faye smith agency to do my hair and makeup for my big birthday (so did my twin sister) and they did an amazing job! I got Anastassiya and Jess and they were exceptionally professional and super fun and made our day extra special! I’m so happy that I went with those artists as I haven’t felt that beautiful in forever!Will use again!Service:Makeup services
Andrea Penney
Andrea Penney: Great place for brow lamination
Helen Levitsky
Helen Levitsky: Amazing make up services, love it ❤️❤️❤️Service:Makeup services
T K: I had Faye for my bridal hair and makeup and her work was perfection! She is so lovely and I can’t speak more highly of her as a person and her work. My hair and makeup was perfect! We had other team members (Jess, Anastasia, Farrah) for the bridesmaids and moms. They were phenomenal and went above and beyond. They all contributed to a fun atmosphere and made the day so much more special! I strongly recommend Faye Smith agency if you need professional hair and makeup done for any event. An absolutely excellent company that is very professional.Services:Hairstyling,Bridal makeup
Kelsey Primar
Kelsey Primar: My usual hairdresser unfortunately needed to go out of town on my wedding weekend, and she recommended I try reaching out to Faye Smith Agency. I sent them an email and they promptly replied the next day.After providing some information about our wedding, I was provided with three portfolios to choose from. I liked Cherrie's style and decided to book a trial. The trial went great! I asked for a half up-do with a braid and she nailed it. She also made the awesome recommendation to rent hair extensions (which were a fantastic price) to make my hair look even better. I had to reach out a few times to change my appointment time and schedule a color match for the extensions but the Coordinators were awesome and always super quick to reply. I highly recommend the Faye Smith Agency. They will make sure you look absolutely amazing no matter the occasion.Services:Hairstyling,Hair extensions,Private makeup lessons
Jessica Johnson
Jessica Johnson: Faye, Kym, and their team completed our wedding make up for two brides and four bridesmaids. Faye brought my vision to life for my dream wedding hair, and I loved it. Everyone's hair and make up looked incredible. They were also a lot of fun to work with, and very professional. We were in very good hands.
Libby Willoughby
Libby Willoughby: I really enjoyed working with Faye Smith Agency for my wedding. The artists did an incredible job on my own hair and makeup and my Bridesmaid's makeup. I felt wonderful, and so did my Bridesmaids! I worked with Sima, and she was so skilled, warm, and lovely to chat with. Highly recommend!Services:Hairstyling,Hair extensions,Bridal makeup
Olga Sizykh
Olga Sizykh: I've had my makeup done by Faye Smith and Kym Davidson from Faye Smith Agency on a number of occasions and I'm always so happy with the outcome. It's always a perfect balance of still looking like myself but elevated! So gorgeous, I can't wait to for another event where I can work with them again 3Service:Makeup services
Rebecca Jagroop
Rebecca Jagroop: The FSA team went above and beyond to make sure my wedding day hair and makeup was perfect. They responded to my messages very quickly whenever I had a question and made adjustments as needed in a timely manner. My mom, bridesmaids, and I had a pleasure of working with Betzy and Victoria. They are both wonderful artists! My bridesmaids loved Victoria. She took her time to make sure everyone looked flawless. I absolutely loved having Betzy do my bridal makeup and hair! Her skills are honestly so amazing. Everything stayed put although it was a very hot and humid day. They were both so friendly and easy to get along with. I'm so glad I found the FSA teamServices:Hair extensions,Bridal makeup
Kathryn Easton
Kathryn Easton: Faye is so freakin' talented!! I worked with Faye on a shoot inspired by the 70's and she did a fantastic job! She is hardworking, kind and soooo good at what she does. If you are considering booking her, I highly recommend you book!Services:Hairstyling,Makeup services
Synth S
Synth S: Got to work with Faye and her team just twice recently on different occasions and always have been really pleased with her work :)  We are team of wedding photographers and it's really important for us that they get our bride of course stunning looking but also on time. Not only they took care of these on 100% but also our brides were relaxes and ready to get married with love of their livesServices:Hairstyling,Makeup services,Bridal makeup
Danny Pugh
Danny Pugh: The Faye Smith Agency were my choice for wedding hair and makeup just last weekend. They were key players in getting myself and my bridal party done up for the day. A team of three artists journeyed all the way to Bowen Island on an ungodly early ferry to meet up with us and get us sorted for a brunch wedding, for which I'm wildly grateful. Despite the early hour they were on time, friendly and immediately set to work. Each person in the bridal party had very different wants and needs aesthetically, but the artists were up to the task and everyone looked fantastic when they were done. Better than that, we were done ahead of schedule and didn't have to worry at all about running late. As the bride, I was thrilled with their work on my friends and myself. I had the pleasure of doing my hair trial with the same stylist who did my hair on the wedding day. She especially was fantastic, walking me through multiple styles and letting me choose what I liked best. She was so sweet. I would not hesitate to work with them again.Services:Hairstyling,Makeup services
Snejina Stoilova
Snejina Stoilova: We have worked with Faye Smith Agency a few times and have only had a very positive experience. Faye herself is very kind, diligent, and responsive. She has amazing creative visions and high-end MUA expertise. We highly recommend working with Faye Smith Agency!Services:Hairstyling,Makeup services
Freda Maideen
Freda Maideen: Awful makeup! I had my makeup done for myself on my wedding day and for 4 bridesmaids. The artist put so much foundation on me that it didn't even match the rest of my body so now half of our wedding pictures are ruined. She worked so slow that it pushed the rest of our itinerary back by 1 hour and we ended up running late for the first half of the day. My bridesmaids' makeup was also awful as their fake eyelashes started coming off halfway through the day. The artist also kept asking me what my ethnic background was because we had a multi ethnic wedding which was extremely invasive and annoying. She then had the audacity to post about doing makeup for our multi ethnic wedding on her social media and got our backgrounds completely wrong which was so insulting. We would've been better off doing our own makeup.Services:Hairstyling,Makeup services
Leslie Luu
Leslie Luu: Faye Smith Agency is amazing! I am a wedding planner and when clients ask for make up/hair recommendations they are my go -to. They're professional, friendly, and will take the time and detail to ensure the work is done properly and well. They are also very organized and respond in a timeline manner. They use excellent quality products and clean their tools well. Another huge bonus!
Melista Bahler Photography
Melista Bahler Photography: I’ve used Faye for hair and makeup and she exceeding all expectations! Her work is amazing, she is super sweet and her timing was on schedule which is typical ally pretty important for hair and makeup!If you are thinking of using Gaye Smith Agency to glam you up, do it, you won’t be disappointed!!!Services:Hairstyling,Makeup services
Chelsea Hartwick
Chelsea Hartwick: I went to Faye for hair and makeup up for an editorial photo shoot - I walked away feeling like a work of art. Faye’s knowledge and attention to detail makes for an extremely polished look whatever your style may be. Faye is kind, easy to talk to and accommodating. (She also did one of my best friend’s wedding hair and makeup and the results were stunning.) To say Faye is an absolute pro would be an understatement!Services:Hairstyling,Makeup services

7. Paige Griffith Makeup Artist - Vancouver

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30 reviews
new review
Paige Griffith Makeup Artist
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Address: 68 Smithe St, Vancouver, BC V6B 0P4, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 7:00 AM

Telephone: +1 780-690-2590

Business type: Make-up artist

Paige Griffith Makeup Artist: what do users think?
Kat Medes
Kat Medes: Paige is absolutely fantastic at what she does. She’s beyond professional, and went out of her way to make sure I looked the way I wanted to (and felt comfortable), for the day of my wedding. The makeup looked natural but absolutely flawless.She even provided a ‘touch up’ kit for the wedding. Would recommend her to any bride; whether you’re eloping or having a large ceremony, Paige will make you look your best and make you feel like a princess.The only part I was not 100% happy with was hair styling (which was done by someone else), but everything else I loved.Service:Bridal makeup
Charlotte Ahern
Charlotte Ahern: I recently had the pleasure of working with Paige on a photography concept. She’s a joy to work with and an incredibly talented makeup artist. I appreciated that she took the time to listen to what I was looking for and delivered it flawlessly.Paige is friendly and professional and made me feel comfortable throughout the session, explaining what she was doing and giving me tips to help me maintain my look throughout the day.Overall, I can’t recommend her enough, her passion for her craft shines through in her work, and I loved my makeup.Service:Photography makeup
Doris Tan
Doris Tan: First time Paige did my makeup and I was impressed. Easy to book, arrived on time, professional and very friendly, and she knows what she’s doing. I wouldn’t hesitate to book with her again in the future, and highly recommend. Thank you so much Paige. ❤️
Julie Jagt
Julie Jagt: Paige is an absolute delight to work with! She not only makes you look your best, but makes you feel your best too! She is very professional and always gives 110%. I would recommend her 1000 times over to everyone I know!Edited to add as she recently did my wedding makeup:I have worked with Paige many times in the past so having her be a part of my wedding day team was a no brainer. My makeup was FLAWLESS and lasted All.Day.Long. I received so many compliments and my bridal party (and my mom) were so impressed by her professionalism and expertise. She is simply the best! I can't recommend her enough!
vince florian
vince florian: She's the best
Olivia Selig
Olivia Selig: Paige did my make up (along with three other bridesmaids) for my wedding and I could not have been happier. I love how her style is natural glam. As someone who doesn't wear a lot of makeup, I still felt like myself. She was calm, fun and professional throughout the morning and afternoon getting ready. My makeup lasted through the tears and looked great in photos. I would definitely hire Paige again and highly recommend her to anyone.Service:Special occasion makeup
Corina White
Corina White: Paige is so kind and professional. She did an amazing job on my make up for a special event. Will definitely keep her services in mind for next time I need someone.Service:Special occasion makeup
PLNT LIFE: If your getting married or have a special event the best decision you can make is working with Paige! Not only is she extremely friendly, helpful and lovely but she always goes above and beyond to make you feel your best. She has a big heart and pours her enormous talent and passion into every client. Her smile lights up a room and she really elevates your day! Paige on behalf of Miho and myself we’d like to THANK YOU SO MUCH for making her wedding so special. We can’t wait to see you again soon!Service:Special occasion makeup
Sharona Mandagie
Sharona Mandagie: Paige did my make up for my wedding and she did such an amazing job! She made my makeup and skin look flawless, and I received so many compliments. I was very impressed with her artistry. Paige was professional, kind and very pleasant to work with. Anyone that hires her is in good hands!Service:Bridal makeup
Bettina Hussain
Bettina Hussain: We have travelled from the UK to Vancouver for a family wedding and have found Paige by Google search. Looking through her website and feedbacks from her previous clients made me very comfortable to book her. Communications with her was very professional and reassuring prior to our arrival and the service provided on the day was outstanding! Make up and hair for my mother in law and make up for myself. Another lady from Paige’s team has done the hair and Paige have done the make ups.. absolutely beautiful work they have done. Both, my mother in law and me felt like a million dollar :) I would highly recommend Paige and her team, professional team in every way, highly skilled and they have a fun, bubbly personality as well! Thank you!From the Hussain family from the UKService:Special occasion makeup
melody cooper
melody cooper: Paige and Sarah did an amazing job! Both so helpful when I did my make up and hair trials My makeup and hair was exactly what I had imagined for my wedding day. I will for sure chose both ladies for my next special event. My mom loved them too ❤️ 💕
Chantal Juilfs
Chantal Juilfs: My bridesmaids and I looked and felt amazing on my wedding day! I cannot recommend Paige enough.Her communication is fast and efficient, she is punctual and professional! She really listens to what you want (and what you don’t want). I was a very undecided bride and she worked with me to figure out the perfect wedding day look. Will definitely use her again for any special day makeup needs, and would highly recommend her for your wedding day.Service:Bridal makeup
M: Paige did mine and my mom’s makeup for my mom’s wedding. We didn’t have a solid idea of what we were looking for and Paige really helped us decipher what we wanted. The makeup turned out beautifully and we still felt like ourselves, just enhanced. Paige was also so very sweet and fun to have around while getting ready for the big day. We absolutely recommend Paige’s makeup talents for your special occasions!Service:Bridal makeup
Taylor Hui
Taylor Hui: Paige is absolutely wonderful, both as a makeup artist and human being. She is kind, thoughtful, attentive and always ensures you’re well taken care of while in the makeup chair! We’ve done multiple photoshoots together for editorials and her work is always flawless. Her communication is also great, which is fantastic when you’re on a tight timeline! Would recommend Paige 100x over.Services:Fashion show makeup,Bridal makeup,Hairstyling,Special occasion makeup
Ann Louise Irving
Ann Louise Irving: Paige provided my bridal makeup. Paige is lovely. She is very personable and listened to my wishes, vision, and skin type. She also recommended products that I could get to do my own touch ups throughout my wedding day. I would definitely seek her services and expertise again for any special events. Thank you Paige- Ann LouiseService:Bridal makeup
Tyra Moorcroft
Tyra Moorcroft: Review for Wedding Hair and MakeupI really appreciate the work your team did with hair and makeup, as the bridal party looked fabulous and they just loved how beautiful they felt when they were all finished.I was in heaven, getting such special treatment to become a glamorous bride for the day, instead of a tired / no makeup Mom, which is my usual look these days Lol.Lastly thank you for being easy going with how busy things got with me before I had to go down the aisle.Tyra xo
Calla Power
Calla Power: Paige and her associate Jessica did an amazing job with my bridal makeup as well as my bridesmaids. We looked and felt gorgeous! I had told Paige prior to the wedding that I wanted a natural look (not too heavy on the foundation) and she did it perfectly. She and my bridesmaids also convinced me to add eyelashes (I was VERY skeptical) but I'm so glad I did - it just amplified the whole look. My bridal party and I looked gorgeous right into the wee hours of the night.I'm already wondering when I could get Paige to do my makeup again!Services:Eyelash enhancements,Permanent lip makeup
Eunice Kwok
Eunice Kwok: I LOVE working with Paige! As a wedding photographer, we have worked together on a number of editorial photoshoots. Paige loves a natural glam look. She wants her brides to feel their most beautiful, yet still be themselves, looking flawless on camera and in person. She provides spectacular service, has super quick response times, and has amazing work ethic. She’s accommodating, always unfazed by any challenges that arise and is ALWAYS the first person to come up with solutions.
Erika Mitchell
Erika Mitchell: Paige is absolutely fabulous! She came to my home to do my hair and makeup for headshots and a branding photo shoot. She is super professional. Communication was great. Showed up and wrapped up in time and I felt so beautiful! She played off my natural features and made me look more glam than I do day to day but still natural. I can’t wait for the next occasion to work with Paige again. Highly recommend!
shadi adiban
shadi adiban: Outstanding!Paige is a real artist, she knows what is the best makeup for you , she did my make up for a big Christmas party , I could say everyone loved it , I will do my wedding make up with her.She is the next Bobbi Brown !
Melissa Marcinek
Melissa Marcinek: Positive:Cleanliness,Professionalism,PunctualityI have hired Paige a couple of times for makeup application, she is punctual, professional and amazing at her job! She is my number one choice for Makeup Artist in Vancouver.

8. Beauty Gateway Aesthetics & Aromatherapy School - Richmond

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7 reviews
new review
Beauty Gateway Aesthetics & Aromatherapy School
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Address: 8271 Westminster Hwy, Richmond, BC V6X 1A7, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-304-0508

Business type: Beauty school

9. Hair @ John Casablancas - Vancouver

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11 reviews
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Hair @ John Casablancas
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Address: 220 Cambie St #110, Vancouver, BC V6B 2M9, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-629-1602

Business type: Hair salon

Hair @ John Casablancas: what do users think?
Stella Kozak
Stella Kozak: Last visit I got the best haircut and highlight service ever, I was so happy I have been recommending this place to everyone I know. Returned today for a haircut and got my hair butchered beyond repair. Absolutely devastated.Beware, it’s not worth the risk.
Susan Dubois
Susan Dubois: Can't believe the cost. Great haircut always
Nadine: 10/10 for haircuts! Always gets it right and both student and teacher will double check if you're happy with it! Full wash, cut and style for $10 is unbeatable! Give the haircuts a go!8/10 for balayages, it's a hit or a miss. I usually go towards the end of the student's semester to make sure they've got it down as much as possible. They'll re-fix if you're not happy from my experience.The timing has been slowing down recently that they haven't had time left to style anymore like they did in 2018, but good experience anyways.There is one teacher that 2 students from different semesters/classes weren't too fond of. So hopefully another supervisor noticed and it gets dealt with.
Genny Mae Rowed
Genny Mae Rowed: Great way to get hair done for inexpensive prices!
Janhavi Ramaswamy
Janhavi Ramaswamy: Great haircuts! Just be ready for a 3 to 4 hour long hair appointment. But the haircut was just as I wanted and the student did a great job! The instructors are also very diligent and spend a lot of time teaching the students the right technique. Will be back.
Roxie Pepper
Roxie Pepper: Been going here for years. Haircuts are technically perfect, given the students get graded on them. Overall, expect a longer appointment than at a regular salon, but a great head massage, hair wash, cut, and blow out for a fantastic deal. No pressure to buy salon products, just have patience for the longer appointment time.
Courtney Parsons
Courtney Parsons: Great program, got a haircut here and it's not bad considering

10. New Image College - Vancouver

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22 reviews
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New Image College
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Address: 987 Granville St F2, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1L3, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-685-8807

Business type: Private college

New Image College: what do users think?
Eleanor Idelka
Eleanor Idelka: The worst management , the owner is not in her right mind !!! I applied for a job and she kept going back and forth ! Totally wasted my time. Not professional at all. Avoid this college.
Mark Stockbrocks
Mark Stockbrocks: I enrolled in NIC's Acting 101 course because I'd done some background performance work as well as a few audition submissions but I couldn't get booked for a role. Now I know that it was because I had no idea what I was doing, mostly just guessing and stumbling my way through the scripts I was working with. I knew I had it in me but needed guidance from industry insiders to gain the knowledge and practical techniques to make a bigger impact on casting directors...New Image College's intro to acting (Acting 101) course for beginners like myself was a huge revelation of insight into the vast world of acting. We were guided through a very comprehensive perspective of the countless skills required of a professional actor and in a way that made me feel extremely comfortable and allowed me to grow in confidence as the course evolved. Topics ranging from movement voice and speech to breaking down scripts through text analysis and delving deeper into developing and bringing nuance to how we superimpose a character's story onto ourselves to contribute as storytellers.Practical on-camera techniques for recording and submitting your own self-tape auditions from home (the newfound industry standard owing to the pandemic situation across the globe), collaborating with scene partners for in-class performances and analyzing a variety of texts to find the stories and personalities between the lines. All packaged with a group of incredibly genuine and talented working industry professionals who you can trust brings results that I never could have imagined by diving in and taking this class.I was a little apprehensive about trying an online format but I can tell you that it was actually quite enjoyable and after just a couple of hours I was already extremely comfortable speaking and participating in the group. The teachers are all world-class and dedicated to seeing you succeed inThis online delivery format allows for people all over the world to join in the development of your career. We had people in my class who were geographically dispersed across vast distances but felt like they were right next to you in the room.I strongly encourage you to try Newimage College's acting 101 course, it's one of the best things I've ever done in my entire life!
Joeseph Naabye
Joeseph Naabye: Love the environment
Sharon Bray
Sharon Bray: I believe in this school! I found for myself at least that there was a certain kind of magic that was there and in teachers that allowed me to open up and become who I truly wanted to be!It has been a life changer... Other's have seen it in me as well. I am more confident in what I do, and I am loving what I do...All because of, the teacher's helping me to truly understand the meaning of practice makes perfect...And now I know that to live a creative life, we must loose all fears of being wrong.Thank you, Amber, Mayra, Charie, Michelle and Cindy😇
Angela S
Angela S: I attended a nail tech program and was surprised how unprofessional they are. First, i made an appointment for my registration but she showed up late. Second time I made an appointment with another person and she changed our appointment 3 times om short notice and didn't apologize. When I asked her to email me a definite time, she replied very rudely, saying she was busy and that she had a full schedule. She completely disregarded and did not value my time as I have a busy schedule and had to flex to make the appointment. They also didn't teach us entire curriculum of the program we paid for.
Ime Vitela
Ime Vitela: Amazing teachers and classes, all the personal incredible people, excellent choice for a school.
Kyle Garsuta
Kyle Garsuta: The spa facial was great. Olivia was very knowledgable, friendly and made every effort to make my experience very pleasant.
Tiana Maguire
Tiana Maguire: I called and they where sooooooooooo nice. They provided me with all information I needed to attend there teen summer makeup program.
Dolly Vaid
Dolly Vaid: Charie and tatiana both are really adorable,awsome and friendly ladies. Excellent options available for different programs.
White Prisms
White Prisms: This is a really wonderful school! Though I don't attend it, I know several people that do, and they all have really great things to say about it. I've also been to several of the plays and productions that the school has put on, and each time I have been so impressed by the professionalism, creativity and hard work of the students and staff. Even though the school, and the facilities, are small, there is a wonderful atmosphere there and everyone seems to get along really well. I always love going there! :)
Desiree Monsurate
Desiree Monsurate: I have nothing but the utmost respect for all the staff and faculty members at New Image College of Fine Arts. I had the privledge of auditioning for Gemini Award Winner, teacher, director and phenomonal actor, Mr. Philip Granger, the extremely talented and well-known actor, Mr. Eugene Lipinski, and one of Vancouver's most sought after acting coaches, Mr. Peter Hanlon, who is an industry professional with a vastly ilustrious career as well. I also met with a very talented young actor and director by the name of Zahf Paroo, who created and directed the Student Play, The Impossible which was nothing short of amazing and is a absolute must-see. It was a great experience and what I loved most was the geniune interest each and attention each and every teacher showed me. Never have I ever felt such a warm and welcoming atmosphere from one of Vancouver's Top Film Schools. I highly recommend this school to anyone looking for exceptional one on one mentorship and I cannot thank everyone at New Image enough for all their support and professionalism. I look forward to working with each and everyone of the Academic Staff throughout my career. Thank you also to Mrs. Charie Van Dyk for my invitation to audition. She is a wonderful human-being and her love and compassion toward each and every students shows through and shines brightly.
Bob Jaffer
Bob Jaffer: Thanks for pampering my wife on June 9, 2014 and making her day! Andrea (receptionist), Christa and Alisha J you did a fantastic job!!! I will not hesitate to recommend you to all our friends and family members for providing great service, very good prices and above all creating such positive energy and experiences for your clientele.
Rikles Pickles
Rikles Pickles: I am so grateful I attended New Image. They helped me so much in the 1 year I attended. They provide many opportunities to work events which is a great feel of what to expect in the industry. From working these events I met great contacts and I gained a self confidence which helped me put myself out there to find amazing opportunities on my own. As a graduate they are still providing me with resources and contacts to develop my skills as an artist. I never knew I was as artistic as I am. I've learned so many amazing techniques from the teachers there. The people at New Image (staff/students) that I have met have altered my life for the better. New Image helped me find myself and for this I am truly blessed.
Borus Hautenfaust
Borus Hautenfaust: NewImage College was a blessing. I have just finished 50 weeks and will miss all the people I have spent the last year with. Don't come here to start a new career come because you love participating in the creation of films, the movie industry and all the people that make it possible. What I enjoyed most was not taught in the classroom, but what learned while filming feature films on location. Working with actual directors and real working actors.
Tori Kae
Tori Kae: I don't exactly know how New Image College may have functioned more then a year ago, but so far for me, in this year that is soon to be over - it has been great. I've read reviews and greatly considered not attending, but my best friend and pretty much sister - attended (and recently graduated) I trust her judgment. I got into the school with ease, and although I am a very pessimistic and brutally honest person (a personality that is difficult to get along with). I quite enjoy my time at school. Right now I have Megan as my teacher, and to be honest as I always am - I prefer her over Michelle (who was my teacher for the majority of my school year). The preference has nothing to do with her being a great teacher or not, I greatly respect Michelle for teaching us her techniques and skills - I simply didn't find myself compatible with her personality.Megan was chosen by my class to have her as our teacher, because I don't think anyone was open to having a person they didn't know at all, so suddenly be our teacher. She's been great so far and very fun. I enjoy that New Image can be very casual, and in turn a very comfortable environment - family like even. Charie did not pressure me into anything, I told her I needed time at first (as I am from a traditional Asian family, we aren't ones to think Art as a career..), and personally I was very enthusiastic to join the school. Charie tries to help to the best of her ability. I've been told that the arts in general is a highly saturated market, especially in the lower mainland (and I know this personally, I have self taught skills in graphic design, but never went to the costly Art Institute to get credit for these skills, because there are so many artists in Vancouver). I am attending New Image knowing this, I came to this school to learn what I wanted to learn, and grow the skills I gained (such as basic photography and special effects) for my personal interests.
Jean Polley
Jean Polley: Im a recent grad from the New Image College makeup dimplma program. i took the year couse and loved it. I've always loved beauty makeup and one of my friends suggested i check out this school since she had done some reseach about it and thought it would be a great place for me and wow was she right. i thought i new and did beauty makeup well and found that i had sio much more to learn that this school taught me. i had great teachers who actually work in the feild they teach like keely who had her own business and does wedding makeup and hair and Fay von Schroeder who works in the film industry. she held the class to high standers and pushed me to do my best and be detail. also i had ryan nickolson who was great and full of great advice a guidence on how to improve and get some where in the film indrusty. What i loved most was how i got to experence different teacher and work with differnt people in my class with all different stlyes. I have now work on 2 feature films and many other events and wedding makeup. The New Image school has given me the traing i need and put me in the right direction, but the hard work i put in at school and now is what is gonna make me succsesful. Its a great school with a great kit , teacher and staff but the being sucessesfull part is up to you and how driven, deticated, and how hard you work.
Robert Lintner
Robert Lintner: Well where do I start... Ok first off I was welcomed into the school as a makeup artist with a portfolio all my own in the field of out of kit effects and upon showing what I was capable of I was quickly introduced to the head of the makeup department and we hit it off. I singned up as fast as I could and started classes within 2 weeks. I was over excited and could not wait to get the rest of my life underway. I am now at the end of my term and have 2 feature films under my belt I have spent copious amounts of time working in the fields I love and have made many friends in the film and entertainment industry. I have just recently worked with one of Vancouvers leading talent agents, Carrie Wheeler, and I cant wait to move forward in the film industry. I am also looking forward to returning the favor that New Image has done for me by giving me the chance to expand my horizons and help me get to where I am today, with out the knowledgeable staff and the determination to push forward I would not be able to say that I can start a new life with great friends as well as great mentors. My name is Robert Lintner and I am proud of my school and accompishments.

11. Vancouver FX Studio - Vancouver

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13 reviews
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Vancouver FX Studio
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Address: 407-1701 Powell St., Vancouver, BC V5L 5C9, Canada

Telephone: +1 778-968-4776

Business type: Training school

12. JCI Institute - Vancouver

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74 reviews
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JCI Institute
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Address: 220 Cambie St #150, Vancouver, BC V6B 2M9, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 8:30 AM

Telephone: +1 604-688-0328

Business type: College

13. Vancouver Film School - Vancouver

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195 reviews
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Vancouver Film School
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Address: 198 W Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1H2, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-685-5808

Business type: Technical school

14. MAC Cosmetics - Richmond

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2 reviews
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MAC Cosmetics
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Address: 3211 Grant McConachie Way, Richmond, BC V7B 1W2, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-273-1708 ext. 1001

Business type: Cosmetics store

15. MAC Cosmetics - Burnaby

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63 reviews
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MAC Cosmetics
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Address: 4700 Kingsway Metrotown Centre Metrotown Centre, Unit 2130, Burnaby, BC V5H 4M1, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 10:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-451-5529

Business type: Cosmetics store

16. SEPHORA - Vancouver

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379 reviews
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Address: 701 W Georgia St, Vancouver, BC V7Y 1E4, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 10:00 AM

Telephone: +1 778-331-3942

Business type: Cosmetics store

17. BEAUTYINK® - Vancouver

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Address: 1529 W 6th Ave #406, Vancouver, BC V6J 1R1, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 11:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-639-3609

Business type: Permanent make-up clinic

18. SEPHORA - Vancouver

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Address: 1045 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2V7, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 10:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-681-9704

Business type: Cosmetics store

19. Vimo Wedding (Vimo Dresses & Vimo Beauty) - Vancouver

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Vimo Wedding (Vimo Dresses & Vimo Beauty)
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Address: 2162 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC V5N 2T5, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 11:00 AM

Telephone: +1 778-903-0123

Business type: Dress store

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