Best Radiodermatitis Specialists Vancouver Near Me

1. BC Cancer Agency - Vancouver

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BC Cancer Agency
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Address: 600 W 10th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Z 4E6, Canada

Schedule: Closing soon: 4:30 PM

Telephone: +1 604-877-6000

Business type: Cancer treatment center

BC Cancer Agency: what do users think?
Bumblebee: The care my Mom receives here is phenomenal. Dr.Smrke is excellent. The reason for the 3 stars is the with the department that does lab work. Something needs to be done about the long wait times. It’s not fair for very sick chemo patients to come in and have a very lengthy wait to get blood taken. Combined with chemo it makes for an extremely long day. I understand the shortages but as a province let’s figure out a solution on the strain our healthcare system is experiencing.
nikki chow: It seems that there is never anyone working at the front desk (2368 ext). I've tried to call in several times, within their opening hours and all I'm hit with is their pre-recorded message. So, I decided to leave a message, but they never got back to me... The following day I just let the call through, for the general line, they say they can only transfer me back to the (2386 ext) desk. Where I'm listening to the same pre-recorded message again.
v l: They do the best with what they have. The facility shows signs of age (frequent elevator or WC out of order) but still well kept.
Maria Tujal: My experience has being very positive ✨️With the BC Cancer Volunteers
leslie mark: I would like to Express my opinion on what had happened these past months.First off I would like to give Thanks to you for taking your time in "wait for a call" 4 months ago when my family had reached out in hope for my mom who has cancerIt took 2 MONTHS for a phone call back.My mom could have gotten the help she needed before the cancer got worse.Now she is on her death bed and I now have to say goodbye to my mom.We had reached out to alot of places and this is one of the many. Give better care to everyone in need.
Samantha Bacchus McLeod: Omg, the kindness of the medical staff here is incomparable. Once you actually get into our system, you are treated like gold with the utmost respect and compassion.
Avery Gillick: Always helpful and organised. A great service to the community
Silver Lining: I am receiving excellent care from our cancer agency. All doctors and staff are professional, helpful, and pleasant. We are very fortunate in our province to have this care. Beverly
William Andrusco: Freshly caring staff
Chantal R: As a cancer patient with children, BC Cancer has consistently given me less than a week to sort out childcare for my appointments and treatments. During Spring Break, I was given 3 days to find childcare for my chemo infustions during Covid. When calling, you will never get to talk to a person, you have to leave messages, but the answering machines are FULL! When you do talk to a nurse, they can't tell me anything and tell me to keep trying to leave a message on a full answering machine. 1st class treatments, 3rd world administration of the treatments. Unacceptable.
Edward Eng: It's a hospital. I have had annual MRIs here and I usually am relaxed enough inside the machine that I get 45 minutes of nap-time after work
Bryan Thorp: Saved my life!
Edmund Kropf: "You are truly an exceptional group of people."To all the Dedicated Doctors, Nurses, and Support Staff, Thank you ever so much for all that you have done for me! You are truly an exceptional group of people. Thank You! Thank You!! Thank You!!!
Lovely Athwal: Awesome people that Work there and care for the patients, in my experience since coming here 2017. During my Chemo 2017 nurse Paula was so caring and compassionate 👍This week had a little scare again and my Ultrasound Technician Annalise and Mammogram tech Sarah were so caring and made me feel at ease.I'm moving to Toronto soon, hope I find the same care as BC Cancer 👏👏👏
R Yensen: My husband was told he was cancer free March 20-2017. I remember how happy he was on this day. He passed June 21-2017 (three months later)It was found through a new doctor at VGH that he was FULL of cancer so NOT cancer free. Had they done a more thorough scan they would have seen it. As a result he is gone and suffered terribly at the end. The cancer agency told me that it would have been microscopic at the time. Well from what I have read over the past TORTURES two years that he could have had good results had they checked!I now raise our boys alone and my husband is gone! He didn’t want to go!
Eric Turpin: Excellent care. All the staff are very knowledgeable and extremely helpful.
Joshua Dods: Volunteers are very caring. They ask patients and their families if they are hungry almost every hour. Nurses are very nice too. They take good care of the patients during their difficult time.
LISA SHOARE: So good to me :)
Lawrence Kwok: I don't recommend you listen to the assessment or advice of Dr. LaVoie until you've had three other opinions.
Heather Kennedy-MacNeill: Big thanks and hugs to Dr. Diego Villa for all his superb and compassionate care, and thanks to all his colleagues and staff who have been so supportive. I can't express how comforting it has been to have such a team!
Judy JACKSON: I was at Unit C for RT for 5 weeks finishing on July 4th - I want to say right from the beginning including my CT Scan (Olivia) and PET Scan (Mary) and having met Dr. Lim, Dr. Paul Hoskins, Dr. Manacos and the staff I found everyone to be very well organized and knowledgeable at their jobs. I felt welcome and reassured by all the staff in Unit C during my RT and have not forgotten them. I feel very fortunate to have had Dr. Peter Lim as my Radiation Oncologist who did an excellent job for me setting up my treatment plan for me. I am very thankful and pleased with the results without any serious side effects.

2. BC Cancer Research Centre - Vancouver

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BC Cancer Research Centre
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Address: 675 W 10th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Z 1L3, Canada

Schedule: Closing soon: 4:30 PM

Telephone: +1 604-675-8000

Business type: Research institute

BC Cancer Research Centre: what do users think?
zolbayar c: Great customer service
Derek Dix: It has been a repeated journey...
Daryl G: Thanks for your support
Duyoo Gong: Researchers.
Lisa W: What more need I say.
Dianne Hale: The staff and doctors are very caring and interested in the well-being of their patients. I couldn't be happier with the way they've treated my autistic son. You do need to arrive early and be prepared to wait at times. Critical care patients and emergencies do get priority, but everyone is taken care of in turn. :)

3. Vancouver General Hospital - Vancouver

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Vancouver General Hospital
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Address: Jim Pattison Pavilion, 899 W 12th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Z 1M9, Canada

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +1 604-875-4111

Business type: General hospital

Vancouver General Hospital: what do users think?
Jessica: I came in for a CT and found the two information desk staff to be incredibly rude when asked for directions and a face mask. I know health care workers are overworked and we are grateful for your service but.. Isn't the point of an information desk to provide information?
Assefa kebede: Excellent
David Jolivet: Easy to get around and nice staff.
Peter Clark: Busy
Ron Gallant: Easy to get around no stress
Marshall Miller: Great people 👏 👍 👌 fast service people are beautiful there 👏 may God bless them 🙏 they know what they are doing ty very much 😀 for all ur help I appreciate it
kathryn stewart: The medical teams at VGH are the best you can get. The care and attention they gave my son after his accident was top notch. We are forever grateful 🙏
Kevin Strome: I am currently in right now with an abscess in my throat and it has cause me a lot of pain and it’s been very hard to swallow I want to thank the nursing staff her for being very kind and very helpful and intuitive ion helping me figure out every way possible to take my pain meds SHOUT-OUT TO THE NIGHT STAFF AND DAY-So TAFF
nicole travassos: Clean,friendly staff covid friendly.
Jonine Rochacewich: I recently had ankle surgery, I spent three weeks on the orthopedic/trauma floor. The doctors and nursing staff were wonderful and professional, I know their jobs are especially challenging during Covid-19 and they work very hard. I cannot say the same for the two physiotherapists assigned to me; one was extremely rude with no bedside manner. Also, the hospital was not very clean. I realize the cleanliness could be a result of the hospital being short staffed.
brigitte cavanagh: Everything look fine. I had many small surgeries and 1 bigger, some nurses were not nice....but there is not much i can do about their staff.
Keith Johnstone: Well run. No hot water in some of the public washrooms tho
JOHN SHINNICK: This is a major component of Vancouver General Hospital.
Brenda Sachse: I can't thank the Doctors, Surgeons, and especially the Nursing Staff enough for the amazing work they do!

4. St. Paul's Hospital - Vancouver

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St. Paul's Hospital
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Address: 1081 Burrard St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1Y6, Canada

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +1 604-806-9090

Business type: General hospital

St. Paul's Hospital: what do users think?
Ramtin Lahooti: Very knowledgeable staff
Adam Blender: Last week I was admitted to St. Paul's for an ablation which is a procedure performed inside the heart. All of the nursing staff, as well as the doctors were friendly, empathetic and made me feel at ease. After hearing and seeing some of the horrible patients they have to deal with there, I have even more respect for them then I already had. Dr Yeung performed my ablation and with any luck it was successful, only time will tell. Their staff did an excellent job as far as I'm concerned and recommend the Heart Centre at St. Paul's to everyone in need of medical services for their heart.
Patrick Lee: Good job calling a 2nd waiting room fast track when people here are waiting up to three hours. Definitely fast track!
brashmarko: Ask for a little privacy and this what i get so I could sleep after having a stroke. I will be leaving tomorrow morning. How many people would take a pee in a plastic tube on video? *
Ricou: La jolie infirmière du 1er étage n'a pas voulue coucher avec moi quand je lui ai montrer mes fesses. Je ne comprends pas pourquoi, c'est honteux!
N Bala: I have been living in Surrey and on hearing about the ER through friends and social media, I landed up at St. Paul’s and believe me that was one of the best decisions in my life preferring over the nearest ER. Staff from the greeter station to front desk to back room all were exceptional. Nurses, doctors, technicians were all superb. Turn around was pretty quick and my total thanks to the doctors Daniel Shi and Christopher DeWitt for the right advice and direction and concluding my visit an amazing experience. I had to change my mind totally that not all ERs are alike. There is outstanding one here which strives to take care of the patients utmost and make sure that when you leave, you are totally worry-free! Once again thank you doctors. A special mention about the nurse Bobby who attended to me nicely. Other ERs should consider this one as their ideal example to follow.
Joy Cabigting: Amazing care! Amazing doctors and nurses!
Bobbi k: Respect full
Verna victoria Mclaughlin: I am so disappointed in the way I was treated at this hospital. And I won't be returning.
Nikki Toma: I would avoid this place at all costs. I was literally kicked out of emergency for trying to advocate for myself. Asked for a second opinion and they threatened to call security on me…I literally did nothing wrong but patiently wait there in agony. I have a rare condition called Neurogenic Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. When it flares up I have to go to emergency but NEVER AGAIN. Shout out to Dr. Stoian. Thanks for literally treating me like nothing more than a piece of garbage. It’s scary that you are even practicing medicine. Please avoid this Dr. I don’t want anyone going through what I did today. He’s all ego and doesn’t care at all!!! MENTAL HEALTH IS REAL!!! #BEKIND
Spencer Quimby: Had an outpatient procedure with the GI clinic. Everything went very smoothly. Nurses were fantastic, super friendly, helpful and reassuring. Doctor went over everything with me until I was absolutely satisfied I knew what was going on. Took what could have been a stressful morning and made it A OK. Thanks all!
Dark Simpson: it's where my doctor's office is too
Love Peace: Turned me away with a dislocated finger after mocking me that it was my nail that was broken instead. Horrible excuse of a medical institution.
viviene thomas: The most amazing staff. From receptionist to surgeon the whole team is amazing. I felt so cared for and I would travel back again from Toronto to get amazing customer service.
TV Ted: The ceo Dalton should be ashamed of herself. The managers are liars and treat their staff like garbage. Liars from the top down. Shame. And this is healthcare!
siobhain Coopman: Thanks to the amazing staff in the cardiology unit at St Paul’s Hospital ! The Dr’s and nurses gave exceptional care to my Mom . They were attentive , kind, caring and their bedside manner did not go unnoticed . Thank you 🙏
YAN YAN TSO: Really nice visit today. All things considered. Injured in transit and the ambulance took me here. Didn’t even know it was that close. Walking distance to workplace actually. And very different experience from ER as a walk in. Coming in by ambulance was definitely less wait time. Maybe almost 1.5-2 hrs total time in the hospital. Partially dislocated my shoulder. The X-ray staff super nice took things slow. The “student” that took the X-rays did nice job.
Ken Glen: A very positive visit/experience even though this valuable asset is set in the middle of a portion of Vancouver which many City Administrations have ignored for decades....
Clara Andreoletti: Io son nato in questo ospedale e quindi gli son molto legato.
Maria .S: A well known hospital with knowledgeable, compassionate staff members 💜
Jim Ervin: I must give this hospital at least a five star review since I've been told that the paramedics actually saved my life there in 2021 when I went in with heart problems. It's quite disturbing for me to think of it now considering how perfectly normal I feel. I could complain about other things such as an increasing lack of a callback when I leave a message. But this place really came through for me in the crunch. And of course, that should be the same for anyone at any hospital.

5. CüR Laser and Skin - Vancouver

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CüR Laser and Skin
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Address: 1062 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6H 1E6, Canada

Schedule: Open until 5:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-662-7368

Business type: Medical spa

CüR Laser and Skin: what do users think?
T TTWT: Absolutely awesome experience with Dr Kumar S. Got an appointment in a timely fashion for a consult and then a time for the procedure (dermal filling) shortly after with wonderful results. Dr K was courteous, knowledgeable and amazingly skilled. Super happy with the results as a first time patient of cosmetic procedures. 100% would recommend. You are in good hands with Dr K.Service:JUVÉDERM treatments
Laila Paiman: Dr. Kumar is a legend with his professionalism and the confidence he can give you at the end of the job, isn’t something that you can experience at any clinic. Staff are super friendly and helpful. I’d definitely suggest this center to my family and friends.Service:Lip fillers
Marie Alaimo: Dr. Kumar is the best in town for lips. My thin lips are so plump, and natural looking. I first went in 2018, and found myself looking back at photos from that time because my lips were amazing. I finally pulled the trigger and went back again; and am just as happy as 5 years ago.Service:JUVÉDERM treatments
Tina Doig: Wow!! In one visit Dr Kumar has completely transformed my lips. I can’t stop staring at them!! He has a very gentle and precise technique that results in natural but upgraded lips. He also took plenty of time to thoroughly explain the process and hear my concerns as a first timer. Thank you, Dr Kumar!Service:Lip fillers
Emma Burton: Dr. Kumar is amazing! He is very detail oriented and truly cares about his patients.
sanly lotf zad: I had a great experience with Cur Clinic! Dr Kumar was so nice and friendly! We had a good time talking and he gave me good recommendations about what method is the best for me! He also explained the details of the process by showing pictures and videos So that I felt so comfortable during my injection.Service:Lip fillers
Carrol Healy: I had the Volite skin boosterHonestly, from the moment I saw myself in the mirror, I could see results!I was so happy!!! My face looked full and youthful!!My skin was glowing!!!! I noticed fine lines were diminished! I felt pretty and confident!Dr.Kumar is amazing!!!
D D: As a first timer for lip fillers, I had a great experience with Dr. Kumar! He made me feel at ease about the process and comfortable with the fact that my lips would still look natural. His approach of building the lips over time is great and allows me to achieve my lip goal.Service:Lip fillers
Annalisa King: Loved my BBL facial with Rosalind. They treat you very well, do a full analysis beforehand and took care of all my needs! Love the CUR team!Service:BBL photo facial
Dave Kwok: Friendly professional staff.
Miss B: Dr Kumar isAbsolutely a master at his art .. highly recommend him to anyoneService:Lip fillers
Chelsea Mork: BelaMDGreat service! My skin looked hydrated healthy.
Laurel Richardson: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,QualityI've been a client of Dr. Kumar's for a year now and have been very happy with the work that I've had done as well as my experience at the Aesthetic Centre. The staff are professional and kind. Dr. Kumar is an attentive listener, a great communicator, and highly skilled.
Agata B: Service:BBL photo facial
Madison Faith: Super clean, super nice staff, great results and convenient appointment times.Service:Laser hair removal
Mandy Parmar: What a phenomenal team and Dr. Kumar is the best! I felt at ease right away after talking with Dr. Kumar just a few minutes. I was very nervous going in and he walked me through the process and explained every step. The results of my lip filler blew me away! They look amazing! In fact, I'm going back for a touch up because Dr. Kumar is so good at making sure you are comfortable, he didn't push me to do more! However, now I see how just a bit more will help! I can't wait to go back and I would highly recommend Dr. Kumar for any cosmetic needs, he is so knowledgeable, personable and fun!Service:Lip fillers
Rosina Lal: Dr. K is amazing! I’m extremely happy with the results. He is knowledgeable and experienced. I really appreciated his honesty about the expectations.Service:Lip fillers
Carmen Kaufmann: I have never experienced such incredibly compassionate, informative, patient and generous care. This team goes the extra 1000 miles to ensure your satisfaction, comfort and confidentiality. I am a loyal customer for life. Try them…I guarantee you will NOT go anywhere else. Services:BBL photo facial,Microneedling,BOTOX treatments
Vincent Cruz: Having Dr. Kumar treat my crows feet around my eyes with dysport was beyond what I had hoped for result wise. Within a day after the treatment my crows feet had disappeared well beyond 50%. Another 1-2 days following that they were completely gone from from the surface. I will not only be back for this service but others that are offered.Services:Dysport treatment,EmSculpt treatments
Sameera Ismail: Great experience. They do a great job and provide honest advice about treatments and expectations. Very happy with the success of my laser treatments. Would 100% recommend getting laser hair removal treatment with Cur! Real results!Service:Laser hair removal
Ambre: I had a great time at CuR Laser and Skin, I was with Alina, she is really nice and all my questions were answered. The place is clean and the staff really professional, I can't wait to come back !

6. Canada West Veterinary Specialists & Critical Care Hospital - Vancouver

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213 reviews
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Canada West Veterinary Specialists & Critical Care Hospital
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Address: 1988 Kootenay St, Vancouver, BC V5M 4Y3, Canada

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +1 604-473-4882

Business type: Emergency veterinarian service

Canada West Veterinary Specialists & Critical Care Hospital: what do users think?
Xu Jiang: honestly, very expensive, but worth it. I chose to be here every time.
Candice Sharpe: Our border collie was attacked by a pitbull on Saturday morning. I brought him into Canada West at 8 am. He spent the day here with such a great team. I am so grateful for how amazing they took care of him. They were extremely kind, and fast acting. After such a traumatic experience I'm grateful this was so positive. Thank you to everyone who helped with Yogi!! He is recovering well!
Stefanie Woewoda: We found out by chance through my home vet that my 9 year old Cockapoo had a gallbladder mucocele and needed to have it surgically removed. I had a few choices for surgery. A few people I trust had only good things to say about Canada West. We made the trip over from Vancouver Island. From the minute we walked through the door we felt welcomed. Every point of contact we had from reception, to the nurses and the surgeons was professional and kind. Our surgical consult was with Dr King. He was a wealth of knowledge and we immediately felt that our dog was going to be in the best hands. Our surgeon day of Dr Horntje was also wonderful and called me before and after surgery to keep me updated. My dog has separation anxiety and it sounded like she got the best loving one-on-one care. Sure it was a big bill, but if you actually take the time to think about the services that are provided and everything that goes into a surgery like this, they are not over charging. They are getting paid their worth and it is worth every penny to have my dog around for as long as possible. If I could give you 11 stars I would. Thank you so much!
Arica Hsu: I went here regularly for 5 months. The admin staff did not demonstrate competency in their work and were very focused on money, including unreasonable and unrelenting harassment for payment despite the claims already approved by insurance. They would call daily, and sometimes, twice a day because they do not communicate with each other internally. Techs did not demonstrate basic understanding of biology and pathophysiology, and made many medical errors. Doctors were more focused on inflating the invoices, prescribing - at times - unnecessary or inappropriate treatment (including premature euthanasia). I’ve made multiple attempts to speak to the managers, including CEO, and they have demonstrated a lack of insight into their own practice as they do not take accountability for their inappropriate and unprofessional conduct. They deflected my concerns and did not express willingness to improve their practice, especially around patient safety. To elaborate, they have refused repeatedly despite medical errors happening… and by the way, racial profiling is not ok.
Daniel: About as fantastic an experience as one can hope to have late at night at an emergency hospital :) We brought our dog Tokyo here last week because she was limping and experiencing tremors and clearly in pain. From the moment we walked in, the staff (both administrative and medical) at were incredibly kind, patient and sympathetic, taking time to examine our doggie very thoroughly, explain the diagnosis and our options, and offer further advice for home care. The bedside manner here was so much better than anything we’ve encountered at other clinics (or even with our own veterinarian). We also phoned again the next day with some follow-up concerns about Tokyo’s medicine and symptoms, and again the staff were incredibly helpful, patient and communicative, and their advice turned out to be excellent. We 100% recommend this place. And though we obviously hope our dog won’t medically need to come here again, knowing we can bring her here gives us serious peace of mind. Thank you!! 🙏🏽
Alyx Hough: Was it way more expensive than a laundry list of other vet clinics? Yes. Was it worth every penny? Yes. I do not write this review with a light we sadly still ended up saying goodbye to our little cat. But I do honestly believe that they did everything they could have. They were professional and kind; honest and openly communicative. Your pet is in good hands here-- no matter who helps them.
Danny Vaughan: Timmy was all but finished when we were referred to this hospital for his Kidney failure. He had 1 blocked ureter and another stone in his other one.All signs pointed to him dying of kidney failure within 24 hours of us rushing him in.Every step of the way, we were given honest and detailed information about his situation. Timmy is the reason why I am still here today. He gave me something to fight for when I had nothing else. He’s my best friend. My little brother. My buddy.On Tuesday we were told that he was not going to make it, and that we should plan to say goodbye to him. We kept him there overnight hoping for a miracle with his blood work.On Wednesday morning all of his family came to say goodbye to him as we waited in the visit room for the doctor to brief us about his results. They were positive and his kidney values had started to move in the right direction.We gave him another night to fight, then another, and another. Fast forward to Monday morning when the doctors told us that he can continue his recovery at home. We are so lucky and ecstatic to be able to have our boy home with us.Dr Drolet, Dr Quinlan, and Dr. Henricksson were honest at every step of the way. They did not try to upsell us on anything and even told us about all of the dangers of each individual treatment plan, actually steering us away from a very expensive surgery that would have fixed the short term problem, but also make Timmy’s quality of life difficult.Along with their support staff and Technicians, I felt that Timmy was respected and loved at every single turn. I wish I could think of all of the Tech’s names, but I do have to give a special mention to Jane. Jane did more than care for Timmy. She gave my fiancé hope when she had none, and she helped her remain calm during the potential loss of our best friend and furry son. Jane is a saint of a human being and I do hope to be able to tell her that personally.We have a long road for recovery for our little lad, and the reason why we can still fight for him are these incredible people at this hospital.From the bottom of my heart, thank you all.
Jason Lo: Some people in the clinic are super nice but other will give you attitude. They are very slow not saying that they aren't doing their job but I waited 1 hour when I was placed in a room for a doctor to come speak with me prior to that I waited almost 3 hours also keep in mind their consolation fee is $225 so you would expect better. But the worst part about my experience is that after talking to the doctor I waited another 45 mins - 1 hour for them to print me a form. I already ask the lady 2-3 times if she ready with the form and everytime she said they will be right with me but just kept me waiting. If your pet is having an emergency I wouldn't recommend this place, also pricing is kinda expensive at this place, my puppy was quoted $6,800 for surgery here but other places quoted as low as $3,500 like Atlas hospital along***(41st and Fraser)*** and also have a much faster service and also don't have those ridiculous regulations where you can't leave until they see your pet which is like in a couple hours so you are forced to sit there.
Malgorzata Lukasiewicz: Today, I am finally calm enough to respond to the situation in their office concerning my dog, Luna, health. I am disappointed with the hospital and one of the oncologists as a "specialist". It upsets me that I trusted her as a medical professional and believed she would help our family.When explaining our situation to other specialists, everyone told us that it was insane how we had to wait one month for Luna's biopsy results, which only happened because my husband kept asking for them. Furthermore, she kept pushing the next appointment back, which others agree is cruel. She knew something was wrong with our dog, and she waited until the last moment to see her.We called the hospital and informed the secretaries about the rapid increase of Luna's tumours begging for a faster appointment. Still, they ignored all of our cries for help. When we got Luna's biopsy test, she had stage 1 mast cell cancer that could be treated immediately with chemo. (90% of the cases can be curable). However, they postponed appointments which worsened Luna's cancer and became stage three. It took TWO AND HalF MONTHS to have an appointment that was not an appointment for chemo, it was just another appointment to go and pay for. Even though the hospital had all documents for Luna, they did not do anything faster to save her. Luna already had a second surgery, and the hospital knew about the aggressive nature of her cancer because the second surgery was done in this hospital. However, they still cancelled our appointments and ignored our needs. When my husband came to the appointment, the oncologist said she was sorry. After such a long waiting time, "I'm sorry" is laughable. She could be sorry if she tried to help Luna, but the chemo did not work because the cancer was unpredictable, but she did not even try to help her. We just got an estimate for the treatments with a 0% success rate. I am not saying that we had a 100% success rate before. It is cancer, and we understand that the fight is not easy, but there is a much bigger chance if you react faster. But once again, the oncologist never pulled through on her promise of early chemotherapy, killing our dog in the process. They let us down repeatedly, and because of their negligence, we are now constantly scrambling to save our dog. For this oncologist Luna was one of the many patients, for us, Luna is one of the members of our family. We love her and we would do everything for her. And we really regret that we trusted this hospital.Presently, Luna has stage three cancer, with numerous spots all over her body. My entire family has to rearrange our lives to care for our sick dog; nothing is the same in our home. All of this is because we trusted the wrong specialist at the most crucial moment in Luna's battle with cancer.
Koala: My little Shiba Inu was so collaborative today during the checkup for the first time at the hospital. The staff was really friendly and professional in handling the dog. Really appreciate the staff and the doctor.
Rina Liddle: This place has the best customer service. All their staff, including the veterinarians, were compassionate and kind, and really took the time to get all right information and explain all the issues and options. Little Georgie was super well taken care of, and for a dog, she’s a scaredy-cat! I hope I never have to come again, but this will be the first place I come to for any pet emergency in the future. Thanks so much!
Amy Xu: Canada West Vets hospital is excellent. I was called two times for my dog emergency, bite by another big dog and is bleeding.I’m very worried for my dog and is my first time had experience with this. I was cry and anxious don’t know how to deal with bite wound.I search on social media and lots of good review for Canada West Vets and is 24 hours open.I called on late night around two o‘clock,the reception operator was very patient listen to me and ask me what situation.Told me now is busy and the estimate wait time will be two hours. I have something to do tomorrow morning, decided to contact pet hospital that I went before. But they are too busy today and told me go to another hospital. I‘m anxiously and called Canada West Vets hospital again, the reception operator Catherine she is dedicated and careful to ask about the situation, and told me hospital is busy this time, I can send picture through email and doctor will see the pic when they are available. And they called me back after doctor see the picture. As a customer I fully recommend this hospital, is pretty nice and with good service attitude.
Nadia Langenberg: Always amazed by the dedication and care of staff. My dog is extremely fearful and not an easy dog to provide care to (and who needs a lot of it unfortunately). Staff at CanWest have made our many trips so much easier. Have never had anything but a positive experience with them.
Amy Sabharwal: Too expensive.
Steven Guo: I was worried sick about my dog when he had canine bloat, and Tanna was empathetic, caring, and very knowledgeable about everythingThank you Tanna!!
Carmen Saucier: Just an outstanding team of providers and clinicians. Will ALWAYS trust them with a sick animal. Grateful to have them close by.
Mack W: Such a wonderful experience during a stressful time. The technicians genuinely cared and loved my senior cat making sure she felt as comfortable as possible during her weekend stay. The doctors and nurses were in-depth with their diagnostics, and I was always assured I could call for check ins as much as I wanted. A very professional and warm environment. Cannot recommend this hospital enough!
Consuelo Fernandez: It was the worst experience ever. I took my dog to the emergency and they did nothing for him. He was dehydrated, with fever, not eating and they did nothing. The only thing they did was charge me almost $300 cad.
Matthew Green: They give you an estimate, everything "goes as planned" but then the final invoice is nearly doubled when it comes to settling up. Appalling behaviour.I get an estimate is just that, but to jump from ~$2,000 to $3,800 is odd.Avoid if possible.
Megan B: We’ve had outstanding care at Canada West on multiple occasions (different dogs, two separate emergency visits). Both of our pets received professional, compassionate and quality care.100% recommend-You should take your pet here if you need emergency care.
Alison Rasberry: Can't say enough good about this place. I was desperate in a moment of crisis and they were amaaaazing. Kind and helpful and wise, (even on the phone beforehand) knew what was wrong right away, didn't charge me for things that weren't necessary. And a calm and comfy place to wait while my loved baby is being cared for. So grateful.

7. Little Mountain Homeopathy - Vancouver

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13 reviews
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Little Mountain Homeopathy
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Address: 351 E 39th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5W 1K3, Canada

Schedule: Open until 5:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-677-7742

Business type: Homeopath

Little Mountain Homeopathy: what do users think?
TJ K: Sonya's service is exceptional! Making healthy resources available to customers.. very accommodating. Extremely appreciated!
Tera Rosa: I’ve been patient of Sonya since 2015. I have very aggressive stress related allergy that has no cure in conventional medicine. I can only take antihistamines to temporarily calm it down. Sonya was the only person who was able to help me in 2015. I reached out to her after 6 month of unsuccessful attempts to treat the allergy with antihistamines. Things got better within a month! 4 years after she did the same magic. This time I reached out within a month, and luckily we were able to treat the case within a month. Sonya is very compassionate and emphatic, she really cares and I am very impressed by her observance and attention. I would definitely recommend Sonya as a high profile professional and experienced homeopath.
Astrid Fox: ​Sonya's homeopathic treatments has been an integral part of my healing. I started to see Sonya in 2014 in hopes of furthering my healing with Ulcerative Colitis, to be honest, I had little expectations because the nature of the disease is so unpredictable. Within a short time, the remedy Sonya suggested helped me release deep emotional blocks that neither diet nor lifestyle improvements could address. It humbles me to see my health improve once I addressed the root cause of my sickness, which is fear, instead of treating symptoms alone. Even though my remedy worked really well and fast for me, I continue to learn to be patient with my process.
Ache Brasil: Sonya's treatments have been very helpful to our 3 year old grandson. It works very fast!
Dr. Rehanni “Dr. Rehanni, Holistic Vet” Khaseipoul: Natural health is my passion. Although I am a Homeopath myself, I too see a professional Homeopath for my health and for the health of my family. I find Sonya to be extremely professional, kind, caring and compassionate. She understands the patient and takes her time to find the best treatment for each person. She has helped myself and my family with our health when others could not. She is a star in our profession and I consider myself fortunate to have found her. Thank you Sonya.I hope that you continue to be a Healer for many years to come so that others too can benefit from your expertise.
Copper Dove: I'm a person who hasn't been helped much by either conventional or alternative doctors, beyond treating symptoms temporarily. Before I consulted with Sonya, I had tried homeopathic remedies a few times, purchased at a supplement store or via an ND. They didn't help me so I was very skeptical about homeopathy. Then I read a study about the possible benefits of taking arnica to reduce bruising after surgery, so I decided to give that a try, consulting with Sonya to get a custom made arnica tincture instead of buying something over the counter.Following Sonya's dosage instructions, my bruising was very minimal compared to what most people experience with the same surgery. After that, I felt open to try another remedy prescribed by Sonya to treat a few health problems that I had been experiencing for a long time including hair loss, various skin problems and anxiety.I'm impressed by how thorough Sonya is, and how personalized her recommendations and dosing instructions are. During the first consult, and follow ups, she has asked questions that MDs and NDs never asked me (and definitely should have!). She's very down to earth, open minded, clear, kind, and she has a clever sense of humour. She's also very innovative and she knows a lot more about nutrition than most health practitioners - huge pluses.With the remedies she has prescribed, my hair, skin and problems with anxiety have improved in ways that I haven't experienced with other treatments. I usually notice a psychological effect first after taking a remedy, then the physical changes happen. Some changes are quick, others gradual. I now have a better understanding of my body and psyche thanks to Sonya's help.
Natalia PVF: Sonya was a pleasure to work with. She treated my three year old daughter with true compassion. She went the extra mile to find the best treatment and was always supportive and encouraging, which is a great help for a first time mom. I highly recommend her.
Igor Sisgoreo: Sonya at Little Mountain Homeopathy is amazing! We took our little girl to Sonya to do her immunization program. Sonya was very thorough and always answered all of our questions. She is compassionate and intelligent. We are very happy with our decision to pursue homeopathic immunizations for our daughter. Thank you Sonya!Igor, Rachel & Thea
Tim Jones: I have read the fake review on Sonya McCloud's page. I am a satisfied client and none of the information is true. Sonja is a professional practitioner who operates in a clean and attractive office and maintains the highest of standards. She helped me overcome recurring ear infections and gave me great advice about other health issues.
Cheri Rauser: I have found Sonya and her premises to be nothing short of professional. Her office space is the envy of anyone who works from home. Clean, bright and decorated with amazing art, which made me feel safe and comfortable. I was referred to Sonya by another homeopath who felt that she had the right approach and experience to be of service to me. And of service she has been. I would not hesitate to recommend Sonya's services to anyone.
Julia McKinley: I met Sonya three years ago when I was looking for some help with allergies and a traumatic experience for which conventional medical help was not working. Sonya is thoughtful, caring and does an excellent job of taking the case and prescribing in a consultative way.She has provided care for me and my young children including homeopathic vaccinations and some help for my child who suffered from the drugs given to me at the hospital during birthing and an unplanned C-section.I have always found Sonya to be available to me when I need advice or help and to be very responsive and an all round professional family practitioner. She was very supportive to me additionally in my second pregnancy and offered to provide on-call support during labour for remedy selection. Although, I did not end up calling her, just knowing that I had her support and that my husband or Doula could call if they needed advice made me feel cared for and supported.I would not hesitate to recommend Sonya to anyone and I do so to any indivdiual or family struggling with conditions for which conventional medical treatment is either not available, not helpful or fraught with risks and side effects. Homeopathy has a long 200 year history of successfully helping people heal and overcome obstacles to health whether physical, mental or emotional.
Almaz Nanjappa: I have been a patient of Sonya over a year now and I am very happy with the results. Homeopathy is a must try for everyone. The basic idea is that the body is capable of healing itself. Sonya is an excellent. She carefully noted my health history before prescribing test doses. She would check up on me to get feedback and accordingly adjust my doses. Homeopathy did wonders for me and I am much better now. The original symptoms almost vanished. Thank you Sonya !!!
Elfina L: I have been a client of Sonya's for over a couple of years now and the review below is completely false. Yes she runs her business out of her home but it has it's own entrance and is very welcoming and cozy. I always feel very comfortable when I go to see Sonya. She is very good at what she does and makes the appointments and picking up remedies as convenient as possible. I will return to Sonya when I am requiring her services for myself and my family. I would recommend Sonya to those who want to be treated with homeopathy.

8. UBC Physical Therapy and Research Clinic - University Endowment Lands

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2 reviews
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UBC Physical Therapy and Research Clinic
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Address: 2177 Wesbrook Mall #244, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z3, Canada

Schedule: Closing soon: 4:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-827-6959

Business type: Physical therapy clinic

UBC Physical Therapy and Research Clinic: what do users think?
Daisy Zhang: I’d give this place six stars if I could. I worked with a few students, and all of them deeply cared about my care. It’s been a couple years since I made my last visit, and I still think about some of the sessions I’ve had at the clinic.
Melissa Giesbrecht: By far the best physiotherapy clinic I have ever attended. Clean, efficient, affordable, and friendly. Everyone I've met has been skilled and knowledgeable and I have received tangible relief from ongoing treatment tailored to my disorder. Gavin is a miracle worker.
Sartaj Singh: Super great price and services. Came in to fix my neck snd Alyssa really made a difference! Huge discounts for UBC students, love that they’re not limiting service in lieu of price. All the other staff are quite nice too! Facilities are clean and COVID protocols feel very safe. Highly recommend checking them out!
Athena LIU: Affordable, professional, effective physical therapy located on the UBC campus. Although treatments are given by PT students in training, the quality is the same as professionals, if not better. A professional physiotherapist supervises each session and checks to make sure we are on a good track. I visited here for my shoulder injury for 5 sessions and the exercise programs and massage therapy they gave me have been very helpful in terms of building strength and reducing pain. Each session is 1 hour long and with my UBC student discount & insurance plan, I only need to pay $15. I’ve had physiotherapy at professional clinics for $80 for 30 minutes and the quality of treatment is about the same. So I would highly recommend anyone, especially UBC students, who has mobility and strength issues to give this UBC clinic a try!

9. Eternal Skin Care Inc - North Vancouver City

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212 reviews
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Eternal Skin Care Inc
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Address: 100 1st St E #120, North Vancouver, BC V7L 1B1, Canada

Schedule: Open until 5:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-974-0111

Business type: Skin care clinic

Eternal Skin Care Inc: what do users think?
Robert Ly: Shipping was quick and thorough. 10/10 recommend the shop!
D: Bad.
Denise Blahut: I always order my shunly products from eskin. They are reasonably priced and come quickly. What more could you ask for.
Morgan Westphal: Got my order in a timely manner
Soraya Britto: I love this product!
Valerie Hoffman: My product arrived very promptly and right on schedule.
Crystal Shang: I have always like to come to Eternal Skin care, not only because of the effective laser genesis sessions but also the welcoming atmosphere. But today is different, it took the new technician an incredibly long time to wear a head towel on me; while she was making overwhelming comments about my face, I don’t know whether is her finger or the machine, but something kept poking my goggles. I would rate a 5 star for the nice front desk, products, and the other technician Cindy. But the technician this time is truly a 2 and I’m been generous.
VillageKettleValley: I placed an on line order for hair products and was very pleased to receive a well package delivery and in good time. Thank You.
Aman Purewal: Worse service ever!!! We previously tried using services here and paid for a package upfront for which we were required to do so at the time. However due to personal reasons we could no longer proceed. We have contacted these guys on multiple occasions everytime their excuse for a refund changes. First it's" "we can give you a giftcard to use here" but we never hear back, next the excuse is "we will get back to you, we are working on it" and now the latest one seems to be "oh we thought you no longer wanted it because we didn't hear back from recently". Believe it or not, I do not have time to contact you all the time. Once I have contacted you I expect to hear back with some sort of resolution. I am sick and tired of going round and round in circles with you guys especially when its my hard earned money you are stealing. It's even more laughable when the owner is replying back to your review saying it's fake and telling you that they have no record of this incident as i have not contacted them when I have evidence of the times I have. I do not and definitely will not recommend this place to anyone!!!
Ken Laframboise: Need refund because of customs issue. Thought this was a Canadian company.
KArine Collin: Malheureusement 2 des produits que j'ai achetés étaient à moitié comprends maintenant pourquoi ils étaient en spécial !
Janice Wall: Fast and great pricing
Shelley C: Took some time to arrive, but items came just as described. Thank you!
Maryann Eichenlaub: First purchase from ESkinStore and so far I’ve been very happy with the product and customer service!
Donna Tellez: It took a little longer than usual, but I did receive the correct product.
Paula Woodward: I order the circadian full spectrum eye care (day and night cream). I received the order shortly after I put it in, which I appreciated. Unfortunately the day cream only lasted a month. From previous experience with the exact same product, I should have it for 4-5 months. I've emailed them twice and called during business hours to try and resolve the issue and haven't heard a peep back. Hence the 2 star review.
J E: I had an amazing experience with Eternal Skin Care! I felt like a Queen,! The products they used are high-end! Highly recommend for your North Vancouver skin facials, ipl, laser, injection. You can even buy your favourite skin products.
Ada Lo: I came here 3 months ago for the first time for their mini lip treatment and the doctor at the time was great at making me feel calm during the procedure. I went there again this past weekend for another mini lip treatment and had a great experience. I don’t live in the North Shore but I still make the trip to go to their clinic
Тетяна Поверляк: I love this store, since I can buy favorite brands secure and confident in its quality.
Soosie Forrest: Absolutely love purchasing from here!! The product selection, prices, free samples and shipping are awesome!! Thank you so much!!
Karen Nothacker: Ordered Lippmann 2 second nail primer - arrived intact - no damage - prompt service and shipment.

10. West Vancouver Foot Clinic - West Vancouver

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56 reviews
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West Vancouver Foot Clinic
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Address: 1873 Marine Dr, West Vancouver, BC V7V 1J7, Canada

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Mon

Telephone: +1 604-913-3668

Business type: Podiatrist

West Vancouver Foot Clinic: what do users think?
Juan Chen: My son has been treated for corn here since February 9 of this year. Total is five times. Since my son is a student in elementary school, I always ask that treatment time can be in afternoon after school. The receptionist used to be a man, and he was very nice and very cooperative. But later the receptionist changed to a woman and the nightmare began. She is very rude and arrogant. She didn't manage my time property last time. And today, she said there would be available after 3:30 pm for the whole of May. We tried to talk to her more, but she was very impatient the whole time. We even fewl discrimination. She ignited us very angry. So we decide to give up treating here.
PS L: 🌈🏳️‍⚧️💋❤️Dr. Shenin Mohamed and her staff offer the ultimate in professional and courteous service.I visit the West Vancouver Foot Clinic monthly…sometimes bimonthly…to maintain healthy foot hygiene. 🌈friendly ensures my comfort.March 06/2023 Monday: just returned from myMedical Pedicure.Such relief! My feet are alleviated from discomfort…feel soft and comfortable!Visit the clinic for your foot problems!
Kendall Walker: I am very glad that I visited the West Vancouver Foot Clinic. Dr. Mohamed is exceptional. She is intelligent, hardworking and a nice person. I tried a lot of other formulas to fight my nail problems and she was the only one who was successful.
Alayah Harris: Dr. Mohamed is an excellent podiatrist with great humanity, caring , meticulous attention to her patients . Dr. Mohamed has literally saved my foot and has gone the extra mile in making certain I am not crippled, I cannot speak highly enough of her integrity.
Blake Hanson Verma: West Vancouver Foot Clinic is one of the best practices I ever visited! Got foot pain? Go see Dr. Shenin Mohamed ASAP. Excellent bedside manner and a good, smart brain on that one.
Carson Gilbert: Dr. Mohamed renews my faith in medicine. She is direct, non-interventionist and truly empathizes with the patient...a rare find. Just wish I had gone to her sooner. It would have saved a lot of pain and aggravation. I highly recommend her.
Walter Hammond: Clean facility, personable, skilled doctor, and professional staff. I've heard every horror story about having foot surgery, however my experience was relatively easy and not half as bad as people tried to warn me. I guess they should've gone to the West Vancouver Foot Clinic!
Alaia Mckinney: Dr. Mohamed is a highly skilled, patient, communicative, and attentive doctor. She came highly recommended from a doctor with whom I work and I can see why. She was thorough in her assessment and diagnosis of my mother's foot condition, and presented her with detailed information on all her treatment options. My mother's results are amazing and a welcome surprise after being told by many others such an outcome could not be achieved.
Kayden Bailey: Phenomenal is just a start to my description of Dr. Mohamed and her team. If I could clone her for all of my medical needs, I would. She is warm, smart, direct and competent. She operated on me to fix my hammertoe and even came in on a Saturday to check on my bandages post-op.
Harper Bailey: I've been seeing Dr. Mohamed for years and can't say enough about her. She spends a lot of time with you and I've never had trouble getting in quickly when necessary. Also they have never asked for payment up front and do take my insurance.
Matt Lee: The best service you'll ever get from a medical centre! I recently came here for my partner's appointment. Not only did they wait for us when we were stuck in the Vancouver traffic, they also took great care of my partner. Dr. Mohamed was an excellent surgeon and the other nurses provided exceptional service. They all stayed overtime to complete the surgery too. Overall, outstanding clinic and I would definitely recommend.
Reign Hall: Amazing visit!!!! Dr. Mohamed is one of the best podiatrists I've ever met. My daughter's foot has been hurting her for months and she knew exactly what was wrong. She's straight to the point and gets the job done. My daughter feels very comfortable in her care. I would recommend anyone to come see her.
Ryleigh Evans: Dr Mohamed was the best!!! It was my first time seeing a podiatrist, and she made everything seamless and efficient. Really broke down my diagnosis and how to care for it. Entire staff was great. No wait time and a very positive experience.
Brooklynn Foster: Amazing doctor and staff. On time, professional and answered all my questions! Such good bedside manners!! I will be returning to see Dr. Mohamed!
Kennedy Holmes: Dr Mohamed was friendly, attentive, helpful and very efficient. Her exam was thorough but not too time consuming. She made recommendations for small issues and gave advice on treatments. She was very knowledgeable about broad issues but especially with regards to my sports related as well as my diabetic issue concerns.
Aubrey Wood: They worked their magic on my daughter's foot! I am truly grateful I went to them for their services. Very clean atmosphere and reliable, honest people.
Callie White: Dr. Mohamed is awesome! I called her with serious ingrown toenail pain, she personally answered the phone and was extremely accommodating, I saw her 45 minutes later. She truly is gentle and kind. I would not hesitate to go back or recommend it to anyone!
George Mcconkey: Shenin Mohammad is the worst doctor I’ve ever met. I visited her three times and she gave me a different diagnosis every time. I finally got a referral to a specialist from my family doctor and my issue got resolved without any setbacks. She is not knowledgeable and unprofessional. Stay away from this clinic
Andrea Adams: I was referred to Dr. Mohamed. And I was compelled to leave a review because she was so great. She was quick (and fast-talking, which I like), and thorough. She diagnosed my issue quickly, got rid of a callous for no charge and answered all my questions. She's clearly knowledgeable, practical and fun to chat with. I'm a fan! Thank you
Benjamin Schultz: I went to Dr. Mohamed for a second opinion on issues that I was having with my right foot, and I ended up with the right diagnosis and a reliable doctor to fix it. If you're having any type of foot issue, Dr Mohamed should be your first stop for treatment.
Andrea Perez: West Vancouver Foot Clinic has helped me with my plantar fasciitis. I was unable to walk and had a lot of pain while walking. After seeing Dr. Mohamed a few times. I am now pain free and no longer have an issue for many years now. I really wanted to thank Dr. Mohamed and her amazing staff for always going above and beyond for patients.

11. The University of British Columbia - University Endowment Lands

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1542 reviews
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The University of British Columbia
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Address: Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-822-2211

Business type: University

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