Best Red Cross Courses Vancouver Near Me

1. Canadian Red Cross - Vancouver

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Canadian Red Cross
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Address: 209 W 6th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Y 1K7, Canada

Schedule: Closing soon: 4:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-301-2566

Business type: Non-profit organization

Canadian Red Cross: what do users think?
Terry Vickers
Terry Vickers: What a pleasure dealing with this red cross. Very accommodating and very helpful in doing an exchange with a broken piece of equipment. Easy 5 star.
B L: They supplied me with everything I needed after a total knee replacement without charge. A doctor's request is all I needed. Great service, near downtown Vancouver.
Bill Vanderveen
Bill Vanderveen: Take your used items like crutches, walkers, scooters, etc and donate them.They will provide you with a tax receipt for the value of your donation to use on your tax return.
Vincent Lee
Vincent Lee: New experience for me. We were nervous about coming. The whole place is run by volunteers can you believe. They help us out and help us put the equipment we have on loan in our car. Thank you for you service 🙂
Columbia Queenbee
Columbia Queenbee: Very difficult interaction with staff here. I returned a raised toilet seat to exchange it for one that fit our toilet and was repeatedly refused service without another prescription through VCH which could take daysss. Absolutely no understanding or acknowledgement of the need for a raised toilet seat for someone who had just been released from hospital after having a full knee replacement.Please explain to me why I couldn't exchange the wrong toilet seat for the right toilet seat. This is not service. This is outright refusal to consider the needs of the user.If the Red Cross here in Vancouver treat people the way the staff member treated me in what should have been a simple situation, how do they treat people they are supposed to be supporting in countries who are experiencing devastation? How do donors - like my family - know what the Red Cross is doing with our money when it appears that their mandate is to decide who needs what and when whether or not it relates to the needs of the user?
Safa Teimouri
Safa Teimouri: Thank God for the amazing staff at Canadian Red Cross, very helpful. God Bless you all.
Gareth Llewellyn
Gareth Llewellyn: Courteous.Were able to provide the needed equipment at short notice.Took time to show me how to use the equipment and to help me stow it in the car.
shahnaz akoy
shahnaz akoy: I appreciate for all equipments which u gave me for about one week after my surgery.Great service , great people , and great hearts.God save you.
Connie Hammick
Connie Hammick: Friendly staff. Very helpful
Mary Schoening
Mary Schoening: Very helpful and pleasant 😊A good experience.
Andrew & Louise
Andrew & Louise: Loaned us a kid wheelchair for 2 months that was in fantastic shape. What a great service!
Barry Welford
Barry Welford: Good service in every respect
vince disalvo
vince disalvo: Very helpful staff
Shelly Ingram
Shelly Ingram: Iam disabled and can no longer walk I have long past forth stage COPD and breathing is a terrifying problem most days suffocating into unconscious is the most terrifying way to go so anyways iam permanently in a chair and they said I could only have it for six months!! And hounded me non stop to return it so shortly after it broke and I needed a new wheel chair same deal constant harrassment to return it after six months!! I've heard stories from Africa and other countries of the great things the red cross do but as many times as I've asked them for help not once have I gotten anything that was helpful !! How is that in this country of privilege Canadians can't receive the slightest bit of help except for a blanket or so and yet in Africa they perform surgery's and provide bone replacement and transplants and housing food and furniture but here nothing I think the CEO's stick there greedy hands so deep into the pot and take that there's nothing left for people who really badly need help,and never get it!!??????! Why
Neil Allen
Neil Allen: Great program. I phoned ahead but still needed to wait a while for my product. The information sheet provided all the information I needed for the installation. Loan program is ninety days. Plus easy drop off.
Jose Carlos
Jose Carlos: Needed a wheelchair for my mom and were helpful providing one for her use
Rose Joseph
Rose Joseph: Phoned ahead to confirm a pick up of medical supplies for my daughter and they had it ready when I arrived. Thanks 😊
Ray Jang
Ray Jang: Friendly staff, who are attentive and kind. The equipment we borrowed was in excellent condition and clean. Great COVID-19 safety protocols. This is a great service in our community.
James Zickmantel
James Zickmantel: If you have a referal they are able to help. Thanks to the team at CRC!
Lyndall Mccormack
Lyndall Mccormack: Dropped off a loaned item in the conveniently placed return tub outside their office, totally contactless and painless!
Mr. Cole Gallant
Mr. Cole Gallant: Aw, I love the red cross!

2. Canadian Red Cross - District of North Vancouver

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14 reviews
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Canadian Red Cross
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Address: 600 W Queens Rd, North Vancouver, BC V7N 2L3, Canada

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Mon

Telephone: +1 604-988-7115

Business type: Non-profit organization

Canadian Red Cross: what do users think?
Keli Gletsu
Keli Gletsu: I was there to pick up some great equipment, for my frail and elderly 93 year old grandma.She has fallen 3 times recently, and she still lives in her own home. Alone.A very helpful physio therapist strongly recommended different equipment, that the Red Cross would kindly loan us, to hopefully lessen her risk of falling again.Therefore, also allowing her to remain independentMy grandma could not believe these expensive things, were not going to cost her anything, that all of it are free of charge, for the next few months.I have never had to access the Red Cross before, and I am blown away, by what a life saving organization it is.I now regularly donate to them.Everyone that can, really should as well.
ramin aghajanzadeh
ramin aghajanzadeh: Admire all volunteers who dedicate their time and energy to a greater cause, helpings the others, I'm greafull for having them around. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Brad Lee
Brad Lee: Easy to donate to the Ukraine.
John Nairn
John Nairn: This is a place where you can get equipment you need if you get injured and they will give it to you on a loan basis for a small donation very helpful to many people
Lisa Renee Sloan
Lisa Renee Sloan: Very nice and helpful for all the your needs
Ron Barker
Ron Barker: Exceptional service to our community. Volunteers providing outstanding service.
Chrissy Mason
Chrissy Mason: Friendly staff!
Jeff: Staffs are nice. Check the schedule before you come. It usually closes early.
masoud hamzehi
masoud hamzehi: I couldn’t find this address
David Potter
David Potter: This is the Red Cross loan cupboard where you can borrow walkers, wheelchairs etc for up to 6 months after your surgery. The volunteers are absolutely awesome and really helpful
Kim Babela
Kim Babela: Good place
Blue Heron Environmental
Blue Heron Environmental: Attended a First Aid and CPR course. Very helpful and engaging instructors! Thank you!
John Fex
John Fex: Took the course and it was great...recommended!

3. Pacific First Aid Ltd. - Vancouver

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109 reviews
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Pacific First Aid Ltd.
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Address: 1170 Glen Dr, Vancouver, BC V6A 3M6, Canada

Schedule: Open until 5:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-638-1228

Business type: Emergency training school

Pacific First Aid Ltd.: what do users think?
Dave Druid
Dave Druid: I was put onto them by ProSafe when I needed a piece of First Aid Gear.Their Office is not as nice as ProSafe's Facility but they did have the piece of First Aid Gear that I required and then gave me prompt courteous Service.
Vladimir M
Vladimir M: Great into to emergency first aid and CPR. Covered all the main points
Wilson Kwan
Wilson Kwan: Bryan always goes above and beyond no matter the task. Always a pleasure working with him.
Rachel Norwood
Rachel Norwood: Jo Chen was the best instructor! He made our first aid course fun and enjoyable. I will definitely do my renewal class with him.
Steffi: Joe is awesome!
Chris Otisi
Chris Otisi: Great session with Joe Chan. Energetic and fun to learn from. Highly Recommend
Leona Szeto
Leona Szeto: The CEO Bryan always goes above beyond the mark for his team and community. Always happy to support his business. I appreciate his leadership and teamwork training. Will definitely participate in his trainings again!
Alec Yu
Alec Yu: Pacific First Aid provided one of the most incredible first aid training experiences I've had. Taught all the crucial skills, checked personally multiple times to make sure my technique was accurate, simulated high pressure situations well. In comparison to my other experiences with different first aid companies, this was truly above the mark.
Billy Lee
Billy Lee: Would recommend this training organization to anybody! This is where I started my career as a First Aid Instructor, where Bryan was my Instructor Trainer. Even though Bryan knew that I was opening my own training organization, he was willing to help via WhatsApp, email and phone call to help me start my career and business. Bryan is genuinely one of the nicest Instructor, Instructor Trainer and a Mentor that you will meet.Note: I am not associated or employed with Pacific First Aid.
Li'l Inayat playzone
Li'l Inayat playzone: I am Supreet and I recently took my first aid Instructor course from Pacific First Aid Vancouver .Both the instructors BRYAN and ADAM were really good. They were pretty engaging, informative and approachable. The facility where they organised the classes was well ventilated and big enough.They provided a variety of things for refreshment. ALL in ALL I highly recommend Pacific First Aid for the First Aid Instructor courses.
Cate Curtis
Cate Curtis: Great instructor, very knowledgeable andpersonable. Great handouts too.
Ekrtz Nekrtz
Ekrtz Nekrtz: The CEO Bryan Wong is arrogant. Don't waste your time at this place. There are a lot more better places.
Andrew Dunham
Andrew Dunham: Amazing red cross school! The instructing is professional and helpful! Wonderful experience would absolutely recommend Pacific First Aid to anyone!
Zhendao Tsai
Zhendao Tsai: Bryan is hot
Lisa Hale
Lisa Hale: Ordered first aid supplies from Pacific. Great service, fast and worked with me when one of my items needed to be returned. Highly recommend them.
Sony: Great course, informative, knowledgeable, and fun! Bryan was awesome!
Tanna Po
Tanna Po: Instructors have fantastic improv skills, very immersive and keep things interesting. So realistic you'll forget you don't actually have a spinal injury.I took off a half star for lack of candy-based incentives, but put it back because I learned critical skills that may help me save the lives of my friends and family.
PARISA ZOLMAJD: They are very clean and good place.stafes are knowledgeable .easy is near to buse stopped.
Vickie Hall
Vickie Hall: Great curriculum, and very funny presenters.Also free coffee :)
David Prochera-Best
David Prochera-Best: Had some problems with a course being cancelled last minute, but the company went out of it’s way to make sure I had the training I needed in time. The course I took was excellently delivered and had a good range of training aids. Very impressed overall.
Gab Aujla
Gab Aujla: Great course and fun instructor. Best way to get first aid certificate.

4. Link2Life Emergency Training - Vancouver

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50 reviews
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Link2Life Emergency Training
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Address: 2378 Alberta St, Vancouver, BC V5Y 3K7, Canada

Schedule: Closing soon: 3:30 PM

Telephone: +1 604-428-1870

Business type: Emergency training school

Link2Life Emergency Training: what do users think?
Rayneth Law
Rayneth Law: Quick and easy quantitative mask fit with Debra
michelle t
michelle t: but was unable to get ahold of her. Between Tuesday and Wednesday I made 22 calls to her, left 4 messages, sent 3 e-mails and even went to the office in person (which is btw closed despite Google saying they're open
Tajia N
Tajia N: Them having an “emergency after hours line” is absolutely useless. Or at least it doesn’t work on weekends 😣
Heather Low
Heather Low: Fantastic First Aid instruction - best instructor I've ever had, and this was likely the 5th or 6th time I've renewed my 1st aid. The administrative process was also very crisp and the other attendees also described being extremely satisfied with the course contents and delivery. Highly recommend them
Kay Slater
Kay Slater: I would highly recommend Link2Life as a training solution for your corporate training. They were extremely professional and also respectful and attentive in the administration/pre-booking phase, so we went into the training feeling confident. The training itself was hosted in our facility so we could practice within a space that felt safer to our employees, and it was seamless. They allowed us to use our own accessibility tools, and worked with us so that everything ran smoothly. Our instructor, Kathleen, was patient, and friendly without being overly familiar, and modelled the behaviour and patience that was so important to the content.My 4/5 start rating is not a reflection of lower service quality but to recognize that red cross first aid training is going to be done from a medical-wellness perspective, and as someone who supports Disability justice, Disability culture, and QTBIPOC perspectives, I hesitate to give any institution 5 stars as a way of acknowledging that work still needs to be done within our overlapping professions. Link2Life provided a safer and more inclusive experience than any first aid training I have ever had in the past 15 years.
Alex Moroz
Alex Moroz: Attended a full day First Aid course the other week and had a very pleasant experience. This was the best first aid course I’ve ever taken (which says a lot, as I’ve done many years of these courses due to my work). Diana, the instructor, was fantastic! Approachable, concise, and great at explanations. Thank you for the great experience, for something that is usually quite tedious!
Ali Joy Cross
Ali Joy Cross: Great class! Really knowledgeable instructor, clean new equipment and very nice environment. Had an issue getting ahold of them but when they called back, took a couple calls, all was resolved. Highly recommend
Efraim Christia Barlaan
Efraim Christia Barlaan: Hello! I have been trying to contact you to clarify the course Im about to register to as your website is very confusing, and I dont want to risk booking the wrong course and come on the day only to find out In not eligible. I’ve tried all your lines, emails etc, been calling everyday for 5 days now but no response. Are you still opened?
Melanie Struve
Melanie Struve: Just took my BLS recertification here as a blended online/in person course and I was really impressed! The delivery was efficient, concise and digestible. Lots of applicable/useful tips too. Will definitely be coming back to re-certify next year!
Lisa Hudkins
Lisa Hudkins: Our worksite has had link to life in for the last three years; they provide excellent classes. As a recertification group of health care workers the classes were efficient with the right balance of lecture and practice time.
Precious Muñoz
Precious Muñoz: Smooth process.
Betsy Chan
Betsy Chan: Took the BLS course renewal Feb 2021. Every participant was spaced apart, with masks on, with lots of sanitizing of equipment. Will probably take it again for the next renewal. Instructor Breanne was up beat and made the course more fun
S H: Horrible service and they do not care about their customers. I was 11 minutes late for a mask fitting test. When I arrived they told me I could not get my appointment because of their 5-minute late policy (which I pointed out was not clear on their website - the website only stated a 5-minute late policy for classes, NOT mask-fit tests- and their only response was "sorry, I will update that to be more clear", proving that it was not clearly stated to begin with). I tried calling several times before my appointment to their normal line as well as after-hours line and shocker, no one picked answered. In addition, a first-aid class had already started during my scheduled time (my appointment was a 25 minute time period, and the class was already in full swing by the time I arrived), which is another reason I was turned away. I was also told prior to my appointment that this class would not be until 45 minutes AFTER my appointment (my appointment was for 8:45, I arrived at 8:56, the class after me was not supposed to start until 9:30), so there should have been no overlap into my scheduled appointment time. They put all the blame on me and were very rude. They also did not offer a refund, despite them double-booking themselves and not having a clear late policy. The receptionist Debra was extremely rude and provided horrible service. The only responses I received included "sorry you were late to your appointment" and "promptness is essential". In addition, when I asked for contact information for her manager, she took over a month to respond; very unprofessional. Other reviews here also have complaints about Debra. The worst customer service I have ever experienced. Do NOT go here.
Jensen Wong
Jensen Wong: Well organized CPR course with online component and hands-on practical course, while adhering to Covid-19 safety precautions. Especially good training for team rescues. Option to add an N95 respirator fit test. The fit test also included information on use and storage of N95.
Sigrid Quilala
Sigrid Quilala: Have renewed my Heart and Stroke Basic Life Support here this year and last. Definitely coming back next year. I recommend this place to my co-workers because of its location, availability of courses and times, and excellent staff. As a RN renewing my CPR annually for over ten years, I have received the best quality of education here.
Tristan L'Esperance
Tristan L'Esperance: Great instructor, good COVID safety, informative.
Fern Goncalves
Fern Goncalves: A shout out to Derran for being a great instructor! Kind, knowledgeable, professional and fun! Thank you for making CPR C training great!Definitely recommend this school!
Paula McCready
Paula McCready: My husband and I attended an infant CPR and first aid class and it was excellent. Signing up online was easy and the staff were so helpful, prepared, and knowledgeable! We would definitely take another course through them and recommend this company.
Stephen Leung
Stephen Leung: The instructor was knowledgeable and explained all procedures clearly. He was actually a dentist from India about to write a dental board challenge exam. All the past instructors I had under Link2Life were equally qualified and I came away assured from my renewed training.
Georgia Lee
Georgia Lee: Wow, what a difference the right teacher can make. It was so unfortunate we didn’t have Bre as our first instructor.Julia really struggled to connect with our group and her sarcasm was slightly off putting- not a lot of us felt comfortable engaging only to be ridiculed for the wrong answer. This was surmountable, until she began gossiping to the receptionist, Debra about our incompetencies two metres away from us preforming scenarios designed to challenge our critical thinking. Needless to say, it was a bit distracting.On the other hand, Bre was fantastic. Maybe it was her teaching style, but the class was three times as large, and in this one- everyone passed. Couldn’t say enough great things about her, she really was so sincere & super helpful. Thank you for the incredible experience Bre!
Harvard Dental Lab
Harvard Dental Lab: We had a great experience with Link2life.Debra is amazing

5. Canadian Red Cross - Richmond

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34 reviews
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Canadian Red Cross
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Address: 3850 Jacombs Rd #101, Richmond, BC V6V 1Y6, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-270-4224

Business type: Non-profit organization

Canadian Red Cross: what do users think?
Christine Chang
Christine Chang: Staffs are very courteous.
Nick Kehayas
Nick Kehayas: The Red Cross has been instrumental in providing equipment to our mother on several occasions. The staff is excellent and very supportive.
blondie b
blondie b: Excellent services provided.Staff and volunteers so a great job helping people out.
Richard Zhu
Richard Zhu: Staff is goodness
Gunner Ling
Gunner Ling: Staff are very helpful and nice.Smooth transaction and eayto deal with.
Terry Mitchell
Terry Mitchell: I am visiting from Nova Scotia. I have borrowed wheelchairs and walkers from the Red Cross in Dartmouth, NS and St. John’s Newfoundland. In both offices I was not required to “prove” that the equipment was required. I certainly did not think that such a document would be required at the Red Cross facility in Richmond. There is nothing to suggest that on your website either.And as an aside, my mother, Evelyn Mitchell was highly instrumental in establishing a Red. Ross facility in Dartmouth and serves as provincial vice-president for Nova Scotia and featured in “ Online search finds a Red Cross treasurePosted December 19, 2017 by Red Cross Talks - Red Cross bloggerBy Melanie MacDonald and Dan Bedell, Canadian Red Cross”So needless to say, I am extremely disappointed that I was not able to borrow a walker from your HELP service
Cecilia MacLean
Cecilia MacLean: They are very kind and courteous people at this site! Good service.
ding virginia
ding virginia: Very friendly service. Staffs there prepared all equipments I need.
Davina Hall
Davina Hall: Helped my dad out with a bed rail and a seat walker. Good for times when in need. Thank you.
Bhupinder Dhillon
Bhupinder Dhillon: people are very very of the best place to borrow equipment for your needs. i borrowed there equipment lots of time for my dad that’s 96 years old. good people good equipment. thank you Red Cross for the good provide to the elder people.
Rich H
Rich H: Be patient. Such a valuable service and the staff are great.
Daniela Stockfleth-Menis
Daniela Stockfleth-Menis: Fast and friendly serviceThank you!
Mr. Merle Pyke
Mr. Merle Pyke: It was a great experience. The Covid-19 protocol were in place. The gentleman was very kind.
Barbara Snell
Barbara Snell: Always ready to help and do it with a smile. A pleasure to deal with.
Michele Bidaud
Michele Bidaud: Wonderful volunteers
Mohawk First nations
Mohawk First nations: I dont believe any place is non profit or they would be out of bussiness
Miss Mouse
Miss Mouse: Very helpful volunteers! Top notch equipment- like new condition.
Cathy Barlow
Cathy Barlow: I was returning loaned equipment and the parking was easy to find and the volunteers were helpful just like the volunteers at the Vancouver branch. I am grateful for the program.
Sam L
Sam L: Nice people
Dennis Bellia
Dennis Bellia: When my daughter broke her leg we were referred to them to get a wheelchair and other supplies. We borrowed the equipment that was recommended and it was all free. Very convenient and a great service at no cost. Great for the community! Thank you!
Warren Oikawa
Warren Oikawa: They have most of ones needs after surgery, very nice and helpful staff

6. Canadian Red Cross Society - Burnaby

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12 reviews
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Canadian Red Cross Society
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Address: 3400 Lake City Way, Burnaby, BC V5A 4Y2, Canada

Schedule: Open until 4:30 PM

Telephone: +1 604-709-6600

Business type: Non-profit organization

Canadian Red Cross Society: what do users think?
Carl “Budd” Stymiest UE
Carl “Budd” Stymiest UE: Need to borrow medical equipment for your recovery? Red Cross has almost everything to help you recoup.
Micheal Hamel
Micheal Hamel: One of the Best
Dan Bourgeau
Dan Bourgeau: Very good people
Paul Tim
Paul Tim: Very helpfull. Go out of there way to help you out.
Margaret Rowlands
Margaret Rowlands: Very good had what I required
Tenzin Lhawang
Tenzin Lhawang: Excellent.

7. Canadian Red Cross - Port Coquitlam

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27 reviews
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Canadian Red Cross
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Address: 1776 Broadway St #104, Port Coquitlam, BC V3C 2M8, Canada

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Sat

Telephone: +1 604-944-9042

Business type: Non-profit organization

Canadian Red Cross: what do users think?
Jaja Kelowna
Jaja Kelowna: Very customer service orientated.
Jytte Frost
Jytte Frost: Totally organized. I was in and out of there in no time.Friendly staff.
H. Craig Boyle
H. Craig Boyle: Outlet was difficult to find.
Annicheng: Thanks very much for providing health equipment we need!!
MARTINA DILLON: Excellent service supplied by volunteers.
Richard Lee
Richard Lee: With doctors prescription, one can get many equipment for elders. Staff always ready to assist.
Shahpar Mohtadi
Shahpar Mohtadi: Courteous staff/ Volunteers
Tajinder Gill
Tajinder Gill: Best driving school in lower mainland!Reasonable classes price !
Tracey T
Tracey T: If when in need for a walking, wheelchair, bathroom, or any other aide, they are so helpful. Volunteers are amazing, and very accommodating. Don't forget to leave your donation to support them for supporting you and so many others.
ian small
ian small: This place is amazing. They really helped out with the safety equipment my family needed and I can't thank them enough
Steve Inglis
Steve Inglis: Freindly service and quick on meeting ur needs
rene boudreau
rene boudreau: It doesn't get any better than that it was awesome
Arnie Carr
Arnie Carr: Great organization people helping people
Valentin Stoiu
Valentin Stoiu: Very understanding, excellent help. Thank you!
Lanny Volkman
Lanny Volkman: Great service.Aiways helpful.
Mike Hamer
Mike Hamer: Great place excellent friendly helpful 👍👍
Dan Bourgeau
Dan Bourgeau: Very helful for the recently disabled...
Krishan Sharma
Krishan Sharma: Very helpful staff to make life comfortable for needy.
Michael Methot
Michael Methot: A shower bench for Mom, with a scrip from the doc, no charge. If we had to buy that item, well, it’s just too expensive for the amount of time it’s needed. If I was a billionaire, I’d donate all I could to organizations that do this kind of philanthropy.
Nathan Henczel (Nate)
Nathan Henczel (Nate): Very friendly.

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