Best Robotics Schools Vancouver Near Me

1. Ten Ton Robotics (Robotics Academy) - West Vancouver

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Address: West Vancouver, BC V7V 2G7, Canada

Schedule: Open until 5:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-981-1100

Business type: School

Ten Ton Robotics (Robotics Academy): what do users think?
Gibran Alamgir: Learned a lot here!

2. Bodwell High School - North Vancouver City

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Bodwell High School
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Address: 955 Harbourside Dr, North Vancouver, BC V7P 3S4, Canada

Schedule: Open until 5:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-998-1000

Business type: Boarding school

Bodwell High School: what do users think?
SantiaXXX: la comida es horrible, las clases aburridas, study hall apesta, la mayoría de estudiantes son un montón de autocomplacientes niños de papa y no vale la pena en general pagar 50k por la estadía. hay mejores escuelas en Vancouver y homestay es mejor opción. Viva Mexico y Iran alv
behnood gholampoor: Anxiety,stress in one package. They literally do not care about student life and mental health. As a student who was there for more than a year, i can say most of us were dealing with stress and anxiety the whole time.For a extrovert person like me Bodwell is prison.
Vicke Lash: It is very important
serenella: My daughter had a wonderful experience at Bodwell.She had the chance to meet outstanding teachers,wonderful staff and new friends from all over the world.A perfect organization, based on strict rules with a kind approach,a perfect educational setting.She will remember for ever the year spent at Bodwell.
Xin Li: good
Darren: Best school for academics!!!!! Come, if you have the money.
M E: Tuition is not cheap, but it worth!I graduated from this school in 2010s. I'm happy to see this school is expanding and offering more of programs to students from all over the world :)
soudabeh mousavi: For the past three years, my son has attended Bodwell School as an international student. Officials at the school have been accommodating and supportive throughout the process. Due to Covid 19pandemic, this was quite remarkable, and I can conceive of the following as positive aspects of this collection:well organized administrative structure, professional academic advisors, particularly Ms. Arian Talvardi (Iranian consultant), oversight of students' educational and moral concerns, and support and expert guidance for choosing a good college and excellency's unparalleled compassion, effort, and effort in education and the transfer of valuable information and experiences, as well as establishing an intimate and friendly relationship with students' seekers and creating a pleasant environment for acquiring knowledge and understanding the conditions of students last year, were greatly appreciated by my family. Finally, I'd like to express my gratitude to anyone at Bodwell High School who has supported and directed our children throughout their education, particularly Miss Talwerdi, Miss Zandi, Mr. Chaffey, Mr. Goobie, and Mr. Hallis.
Sahar Bazgir: My son has been an international student at Bodwell School for two years. School officials have guided and helped us a lot in all stages. Among the positive points of this collection, I can name the following:very regular administrative system, responsible academic advisors, especially Ms. Arian Talvardi, supervision of students' educational and moral issues, support And professional advice for choosing college and university.
Ayub Mohamed: Hi I am from Africa kenya,Their is so much poverty here . I have so much knowledge and my school is closed due to terrorism , I would like to learn in Bodwell high school if there is any space here .pleased🙏🙏
Dor Faraji: This school is totally great? I just wanted to know how much is the tuitionPlease answer me soon
Peggy: The teacher SORAYA RAJAN is the most awful teacher ever. Not only does she have no clue how to teach, she is very unprofessional, she doesn't know what she is teaching and has a clear biase and discrimination upon certain students. I was in one of her classes, and I have no idea how she managed to become a teacher in the first place, a lot of students and by a lot I can def say that almost all the students in her class have gathered together and filed a compliant(s) against her, but apperantly the school doesn't want to do anything about it. She is not good at her job at all, please sack this teacher and get a btter one
Max: !I have been studying here for 2 years! Pros of this school: A lot of professional teachers, clean, lots of space, they provide computers for those who can’t afford them. Cons: other staff doesn’t care about you, the nurse is not a professional and she doesn’t care if students are ill; I was forced to attend school with fever, students are not isolated if sick, so your child will anyways get infected along with all other students. Cleaning staff are stealing students property. Mr. Macintosh was threatening me, saying that he will “lower [my] marks”, that he “already hates [me]” and that if I will get his course in the future I would better drop it, and all of this is because I brought water on the assembly, bless god it was my last days in this school. Counselors that suppose to help young student to adapt to the environment to the most parts don’t care about students, so the poisonous environment in school is killing mental health of young generation. The school will try to pull the money out of your pockets in any way possible, for example they will charge you for the free insurance (800 bucks) (the MSP was free before 2020). And probably they won’t return your deposits.
Marimiusic Xy: Hello, my name is Fabiola and I would like to request information and requirements since I would like to study in that place and I am from El Salvador. Thank youHola . gracias
Libing Cao: The school environment is very good. A variety of facilities are available. The management here is said to be very strict. This is really helpful for students who want to improve their grades. It is close to the sea and the scenery is good. But public transportation is somewhat inconvenient. The school provides a school bus service.
Cyrus Owrangi: The boarding system provides a nurturing enviroment that paves the way for you to get your act together and discipline yourself.The community is amiable and you'll find people from all around the world in uneven porportions.It's a good choice if you have the money.
Sazzatur Zaman Ovi: I'm from Bangladesh. Can i study in this School? I want to complete my 11-12 from it. Can I do it?
Naomi Etukudo: After a few days at Bodwell, I felt right at home. Sure, different people might have different experiences but I can honestly say that some of my happiest moments in life thus far were made possible because of the 8 months I spent in Bodwell.Like anything in life, the school isn't perfect and there's always room for improvement but the experience is about what you make it. For me, it was honestly everything. From the amazing people I developed strong bonds with very quickly - students and staff included -, to the fact that they gave me the opportunity to discover my passion for volunteering and performance poetry; I will never forget my time spent there.Even when I go back to visit, it still feels like home. Sometimes, I even just call the front desk or boarding to talk to staff who have remained from when I was there and it brings me so much joy. I learned so much about myself while I was there. I cherish every moment - from hours spent after school with Miss Jinny, Miss Amber, and Miss Bailey at the front desk, to deep, self-reflective, fun conversations with Miss Mercedes and Miss Dalziel, and being genuinely interested (which rarely happens for me) in classes with Mr. Chiu and Mr. McMurray.So, for all the unforgettable moments, I really appreciate all the staff at Bodwell and all my amazing friends who have graduated or still go there.
Mark - Slava Ukraine: Yo guys school is actually lit
Alex Shahbazfar: Bodwell has been one of the most valuable experiences for me in my life. It has helped me meet a great number of amazing people-student peers, teachers, counselors, and so on. Personally, the citizenship office at Bodwell is my home. Ms. May and Ms. Mercedes are always there to help you with WHATEVER that is going on in your life besides academics they can help you highlight and discover your aptitudes in the community and in your own life. The student counselors in bodwell are really amazing— Ms. Kim and Ms. Dalziel have always helped me in selecting my courses, finding the right universities, and guiding me in and about my academic career. My teachers were absolutely wonderful, they were all experienced and educated in the field they were teaching and I always enjoyed staying after school or after class to talk to discuss with them class non-relevant matters and I have gained so many insights and perspectives in doing so. I have made so many best friends and have learned so much about different cultures around the world, including my own.

3. West Point Grey Academy - Vancouver

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West Point Grey Academy
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Address: 4125 W 8th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6R 4P9, Canada

Schedule: Closing soon: 3:30 PM

Telephone: +1 604-222-8750

Business type: Private educational institution

West Point Grey Academy: what do users think?
Sam King: Cool, they have free wifi with the name wpga-72 and the passwd w1pg23456aThe other network like “secure” or something takes your data and tracks you, so make sure that you use this one to keep your information private and secure. I learned this the hard way when my data was tracked!
lu jiang: Applied for the school for JK as we live in the neiborhood. Teacher who is on the video interviewing the kid was rude, arrogant and unprofessional. Without self introduction, speaking fast with poker face and ended the session rudely without basic manner. I emailed head office but they did not care to response. I guess there is the atitude they want to show.
Bradley Jones: Exception staff and learning experience. I have had the pleasure of dealing with staff and students at WPGA. The school is a model of educating minds as well a model of inspiring spirit. Education is more than addition and regurgitation it is an experience of how to think and work with team members and the community. If all schools could create this experience our next generation would be so much better off.
cecilia: besttt
Monika Herrmann: Best private school in BC.
PoopScoop: idk I come to this school sooooo it's good enough?
Freddy Huang: Friendly staffs, top school in BC.
Bella Carter: Such an amazing school, so lucky to have been apart of it for the past five years
Cyrus Behroozi: Good quality of education. Somewhat strict with formalities
han ji: Yo
Aaron Bohnen: Definitely the best secondary school experience I've seen. A strong ethos of achievement and compassion infuses the whole organization. Students are energetic, faculty are passionate and parents are supportive. It's a privilege to be part of.

4. Crofton House School - Vancouver

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Crofton House School
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Address: 3200 W 41st Ave, Vancouver, BC V6N 3E1, Canada

Schedule: Open until 4:30 PM

Telephone: +1 604-263-3255

Business type: Private educational institution

Crofton House School: what do users think?
ching won lee: very like this school,it was incredible and amazing,the school have the greatest education resource and the school also help student to find their hobby and love,all the learning condition is very comfortable
Julia Chen: GREAT SCHOOL!!!
Maleah Alexander: They bit my child’s fingers off and they think they have the right to abuse her
Esmee Alexiadis-Beech: Went to Crofton for 12 years. Made lots of friends in that time, intake years can be a bit chaotic with new people and the general academic aspect of the school gets WILDLY competitive between students in grades 11-12. However, the university counsellors really help relieve some of that stress, of the 12 schools I applied to I got into 11, so if there is any stress around getting into universities, don't worry, you'll have guidance the entire way. and fear not if you decide to take some time off or not go post secondary, you'll get support with that too. The Junior School is great for setting a foundation of forming friendships and allowing the students to slowly find out what they're passionate as they go up through grades 5-7. The variety when it comes to clubs and athletics is extensive, so there will always be something for someone. Keep it up CHS!
zoe holden: We made the right choice to choose Crofton for our kids - curriculum, emotional guidance, physical's all here.
raafa abdulla: Can't believe that most comments are from my students who graduated. Totally agree, Crofton is the best school to teach, to learn and simply to have fun ;).
Sophia .Z: I love your guys school it's awesome !!!
RADLEY Prep: Crofton House is a forward thinking School with an amazing community.
Ciara Mahaffy (2021): Teachers care about every student! Classes are always engaging.
Peter S: this place slaps
Faith Wei: This is a great school!
Megan Verchere: We have found the school to be incredibly inclusive and warm. My daughter suffered fro paralyzing anxiety at the start of her grade 9 year. The counsellors and teachers were incredibly supportive and she has come full circle, Single sex schools are not right for all children so do your research and make your decision for your child. Our experience has been amazing - Crofton House has helped bring out the absolute best in our daughter.
Ritisha Jhamb (2021): I felt so welcome here in all my years. The teachers and students are kind, amazing and they are always there for you. Love this school and I woudn't go anywhere else!
Rachael McKay (2021): Crofton house is a place where I feel like I can get the education I need and everyone deserves to succeed in life. It fosters support between students and teachers and is a wonderful environment to learn in. I would not trade my time at crofton for the world and I look forward to finishing my high school career here.
Akarty Dhesi (2021): Awesome people, caring teachers, and a very supportive environment. I've met some awesome people and have learnt so much from my time here so far :)
Jessie Liang (2021): great school, supportive staff, and loving friends
Moira O'Donoghue (2021): Great school! Changed my life:)
Isabelle Reynolds (2021): Crofton House is such a great school with supportive teachers, classmates and other staff!
Amy Xu (2021): Amazing school! Kind students! Responsible teachers!
Vanessa Kahkesh (2021): I love crofton house
Natalie Boll: I enrolled my daughter in Crofton House after researching schools in Vancouver. I believed this would be the best school for her formative years but was the single-handed biggest mistake I made in my daughter's life. This school is toxic. My daughter suffered. The school covers up bullying and asks for parents to keep it confidential, so many parents didn't know the full extent my daughter suffered. I would not wish this school on any girl during her development years.

5. The University of British Columbia - University Endowment Lands

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The University of British Columbia
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Address: Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-822-2211

Business type: University

6. Gladstone Secondary School - Vancouver

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Gladstone Secondary School
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Address: 4105 Gladstone St, Vancouver, BC V5N 4Z2, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-713-8288

Business type: School

Gladstone Secondary School: what do users think?
Eepies: The school vending machines never work
Katy Tucker: Simply the best.
Eryushidēta: I can thank the school, staff, and students for making me who I am. It was an unique experience going through my HS years here
Roberta Baptiste: Attended the Cinderella Project there.. how exciting..wish I was graduating 🎓. Nice seeing my old high school
Azad Yavari: amazing
Elijah Fong: This is a nice school, wait I don't go here. I'm SD41. Not SD39. Still nice though
Thomas Li (Simple_man): I never went here but a lot of my friends did and they seem pretty chill
rethinking. #3552: seems cool.+repseems amazing-rep 5 stars
Brian Huang: Great school! I’m so lucky to be here! The principal gave me opportunities, staff here are supportive. Best secondary school! ❤️
Mclaran Ma: Hi my name is Mclaran Ma as you know I graduated Gladstone at 2006. I never like this school because I never really fit in and I don't have anyone as a friend. Now as an adult it's harder to make any friends. Your happiness and social life is determined by your high school life as the friends at high school is most likely there for you when you need. I don't have any of that and I'm always alone and unhappy.
Evil WolfeKilla75: I heard about Gladstone that its amazing there and the teachers are good and friendly.
Mai Mai: This school is the best in town.
S B: Can I study in this school without taking maths in 11th and 12th grade ?
Sarahpatch santos: It's a nice school
David Yule: Good for locals but the declining enrolment means it is on the chopping block to close
Nam-Anh Andy Pham: I heard some good things about this school and the teachers here.
Herp Derpenson: The robotics elective/club is the best! But the school has a bad case of "Phone-obsorbed-teenagers"...

7. Templeton Secondary School - Vancouver

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Templeton Secondary School
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Address: 727 Templeton Dr, Vancouver, BC V5L 4N8, Canada

Schedule: Open until 5:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-713-8984

Business type: High school

Templeton Secondary School: what do users think?
Lilo Lalo: Me and lil K and a Cc be running from the ops hella. Please invest in anti op security so no ops will be here
Aidan Moise: If I wanted to come by one day and see the interior just because I love diary of a wimpy kid movie can I?
Long Kyle: Ms. Voth was one of my favorite teachers. Very kind. Wonder if she's still there.
Chism Mitchell: Diary of a wimpy kid movie was filmed here.
Natalie Truong: I miss the school so much :.
mochi: I was in crutches once and I got locked inside by some gr. 8's then the fire alarm got pulled. I feel unsafe.
Ni Smik: Free koa
Hie O: There's always free gum under the tables, it's great!
Mick T: bad vibes :(
Marissa Skinner: no.
Ithank Nguyen: Nice school
Beavermon: Not the school but the field. Amazing field great grass.
albert kwan: What else are you going to say after 2X years? It was a good time in the 90s trying not to learn here. I thought I had won but didn't realize that I learned to keep learning so... Templeton Secondary, you win... We win. If you're reading this, I hope you stay "in the pocket" in life where it stays challenging and fun at all times.
ChairmanMeow: bad
Micah N: the school wifi doesent let me read the elden ring wiki
Daniel Pu: It's pretty chill.Sometimes in the winter it's too chill.
A Cure For Happiness: Went to the mini school once. Was good
Charlotte Van Halen: i got shot here once
Steven Ho: why is there gum under every table here just like mountains of them when i wanna just grab the bottom of the table
jtalks: gotta have a better rating than britannia :)
Max Righello: If I could rate it less then 1 star i would

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