Best Shows Dance In Vancouver Near Me

1. Goh Ballet Academy - Vancouver

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Goh Ballet Academy
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Address: 2345 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5T 3C9, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-872-4014

Business type: Dance school

Goh Ballet Academy: what do users think?
Morgane: A great place for your child to learn ballet.
Sizai Zhong: Very professional academic institutions, very considerate service, temporary cancellation of courses, can also make up again, too considerate! Great love!
Jimena Roche: Everyone is so nice. You feel welcomed.
Christine Kerr: Ms.Tanya Phelps adult ballet classes are beautiful, empowering and uplifting.
KIT LIU: I talked to Goh ballet after my daughter attempted first class that we are still concerning about the covid situation. We would like to get credit and pay the tuition for the future use when Covid is over.The administration office wants us continue to pay and not going to make it as credit even if we are not attending class during this special COVID circumstance. Asking people to sign an unreasonable contract during COVID is selfish. I don't think I am the only parent who has this kind of concern and request. If Goh Ballet only cares about money during COVID and no show of human kindness, we will yield nothing to unreasonable demands. I even asked what if we caught up COVID at Goh Ballet, the administrator told me that we will not get COVID because they are following safety protocols. How can someone who isn't in lemology be so sure about this??? This just shows ignorance, arrogance and irresponsibleness. I am following safety protocols which suggests people not go out unless it is really necessary.
Kit Morris: My 10 year old daughter, Mikayla, has been dancing at Goh Ballet since she was three years old. It all started with the themed summer dance workshops - Cinderella, Swan Lake and Frozen. There were twinkles in her eyes every time she danced. I knew then Goh Ballet was the right place that would nurture her passion, creativity and the desire to excel.The teachers at Goh Ballet were all top-notched. They are all very talented, patient, caring, creative, supportive and disciplined. Mikayla learned so much at Goh Ballet. We are grateful that she was given many opportunities to perform on various year-end shows, the Goh Ballet Nutcrackers and different competitions.Mikayla has danced in the Nutcracker for the last five years and she absolutely loved the experiences. They usually spent close to 3 months to practice and rehearse for the shows. It really is the best Nutcracker production in town! This year, because of COVID, they changed the format into a film production. They managed to complete the project within all the restrictions due to the COVID protocols. Kudos to all the teachers, the staff, the students and the production team. We are so excited to be part of a great show and we can't wait to see the final film!
Geoffrey Hainstock: We are so impressed with how Goh Ballet quickly transitioned our daughter's ballet classes to an on-line format during the pandemic. With all of use largely indoors during this time, the teachers were able to continue their instruction in an engaging and enjoyable manner... our daughter was so happy to "Zoom" into her classes every week! Thank you everyone at Goh Ballet for your support and kindness during this time!
gillian: When my daughter Gillian was in kindergarten at Crofton School, Goh Ballet's teacher came once a week to give these girls a head start. Gillian fell in love with ballet from then on, so when she was 9 years old, she asked us to send her to our school. Over the past year, she has not only mastered a lot of ballet skills, but also has a lively personality and a beautiful figure, and has also made many good friends.I like Goh Ballet's course design from shallow to deep, with both popularization and improvement. Intensive summer classes allow children to receive uninterrupted and systematic training throughout the year. The classroom accompaniment by professional luthiers enables children to get full musical edification in the graceful dance. The teachers are professional and dedicated, not only teaching by words, but also teaching by example. Before the exam, they will also arrange targeted special counseling and mock exams to help children strive for perfection and make full preparations.Goh Ballet also arranges mid-term and end-of-term performances, as well as an annual Christmas performance of The Nutcracker. It gives children the opportunity to perform on stage with professional dancers and apply what they learn to serve the community.Sincere thanks to Goh Ballet for his careful teaching of the children.
Jane Huang: It's been five years since my daughter learns ballet and Chinese dance in Goh Ballet. The teachers are very experienced and responsible. They not only can inspire the kids, but also can maintain a precise curriculum. I like the school culture which makes a very good balance with high standard for techniques and sparkles kids enthusiasm for dance.
mewling li: My daughter Ame...Y. Has been in goh ballet since age 4 ( for almost 4 years till now) . She had got much discipline and confidence in not only dancing but everyday life . She is never afraid of tackling challenges although she is now only 8. We love the friendships made in annual performances and routine classes. Goh teachers are professional and nicely strict ( good for us parents ha ha ) , such as Ms Phelp , Ms. Smith , Ms zhang , Ms pan .... we feel lucky to have all of them as our teachers in past years .... good to share ... Jessica
Wendy Wu: My daughter has learned so much about ballet at the Goh Ballet Academy. All the teachers are so kind, supportive, patient, caring, and hopeful in the students that there going to be an astounding dancer one day. The Goh Ballet Academy is surprisingly incredible. The dancers there are all so passionate about their talent in dance what new and thrilling activities the Goh Ballet Academy can offer to them. We never chose other academies other than Goh Ballet Academy. Goh Ballet Academy is always the best choice for dancers.
Qi Jin: My daughter has been studying dance at goh ballet for five years. I think we are all very lucky to have found such a professional dance school.Once we transferred to another school because the school was too far away from home, but after arriving at the new school, we found that we couldn’t compare with goh ballet in terms of teachers’ professionalism, sense of responsibility, or school’s norms and management. . So we resolutely turned back. My daughter has been studying ballet for 5 years and Chinese dance for 2 years. I have witnessed her growth and progress with my own eyes, which is inseparable from the teacher's professional guidance and strong sense of responsibility for her.In addition to having more professional teachers in goh ballet, the school also provides children with a variety of stage performance opportunities. In Vancouver I haven't seen any dance school perform better than goh ballet. No matter in terms of stage background, or scale, or choreography, goh is undoubtedly the best.So if your child deeply loves dancing, goh ballet will be your best choice.
Joyce: I had a very disappointing experience at the ballet shop. One of the ladies was impatient, which made herself look unprofessional. I left without even asking about the programs in this academy.
Shawn Davidson: Unimpressed with the academy
Shreyas Patankar: It’s a great location and the studios are really nice. I really liked the adult ballet class - but the classes are quite a bit more difficult than the description on the website. Beginning 1 is definitely not for those with “little to no ballet experience”.
Nathaniel Craig: The Goh Ballet Academy is wonderful. I started my ballet training two months before my 16th birthday, with no previous dance training to speak of. After a year and a half of detailed instruction and hard work I'm currently in the first year of their senior program. I think that should speak for the superlative level of training the Goh Ballet Academy provides to it's students.
Miss T-Fab: Great school
Gunnit Randhawa: I so you at a school
Maxime Deslauriers: My child did not enjoy the experience. the teacher`s were inexperienced and all smelled awful. i don`t recommend this to anyone. Kappa

2. Ballet BC - Vancouver

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Ballet BC
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Address: 601 Smithe St, Vancouver, BC V6B 5G1, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-732-5003

Business type: Dance company

3. Biltmore Cabaret - Vancouver

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Biltmore Cabaret
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Address: 2755 Prince Edward St, Vancouver, BC V5T 0B5, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-676-0541

Business type: Live music venue

Biltmore Cabaret: what do users think?
Jeff Raimondo: This place has always been a great venue to see a live show! Great sound, nice space, close to the action, room to dance, good bar with decent prices. The private security is kind of a bummer because they don’t really seem to understand or appreciate the organism that is a live music performance (telling people they’re standing in the wrong space, being a bit standoffish when it comes to traffic redirection of the crowd) but it’s not enough to ruin your good time. Long love the Biltmore!
James Duncan: This dirty little basement venue is the place to see artists before they get big. Such a fun time here, highly recommend supporting bands and comedians on their way up, out or wherever… the photo is of Tommy Newport and band.
Gonz VonLog: Love watching live shows here, I’ve seen so many great ones. Only downside is the stage being at ground level, makes it hard to see when crowded
Nathalie Mila: Fun shows, kind staff.
Renu Singh: Friendly staff from bartenders to front door team. Awesome venue for intimate shows! Drinks on the pricey side.
Chaz Williams: Most intimate concert venue, always an amazing show whenever I've visited.
Kelsey Morris: Always a good time! Friendly staff and great music
Karl Poldre: This place rules. Amazing live music. I came in on a Saturday for my Birthday and both the manager, Matt, and the band playing went completely above and beyond to make sure I had a good experience.I will absolutely be back!
mary s: War and TreatyWhat a fabulous showVenue was great
oaksound studio: Great atmosphere and awesome sound system. I love playing here
Vanessa Mousavizadeh: So enjoyed the Jake Wesley Rogers show this March. Fantastic show. Comfortable space, nice ambiance, standard drinks. Really nice, welcoming staff. I would have been so grateful if you'd offered food options. A girl has got to eat! I'll definitely be back but might bring some takeout.
Kurt Yesilcimen: Hard to find the entrance and a bit of a crammed feeling but it's nice to see a smaller venue with decent enough drink options and pinball machines. Came for an event and the seating arrangements were a bit odd. Will have to go back to see it in a different setting.
Scott Alexander: The Biltmore Cabaret cares greatly about their guests hydration and as such has a self-serve free cold water tap. I’d give them 6 gold stars for this alone, but their staff are also friendly and the concert environment is top notch. I do wish the stage was a bit bigger, but its smaller stature provides a more intimate experience.
Chelsea Bowers: One of the best music venues in Vancouver
Nic Bachleitner (Suprastitious): No parking, $8 for a can of lucky and they ask for a tip...acoustics were great but they over sold for seating and numerous people were standing around complaining. Go early if you want to get a seat
Anastassia Zukova: I thought this place was great for a comedy spot. The only less than ideal thing about it is that the entrance is in the alley and it seems to often have homeless here and there (generally, Vancouver seems to have quite a problem with this). But if you come let’s say about 15min before a show, there should be other people in line and that feels much less dodgy. That said I am a female and was waiting by myself because I got there about 30 minutes early, so definitely felt a little uneasy. Other than that, the inside is super Cody and the drinks were good enough. Fun time all in all.
Jesse Neudorf: Awesome place to see a band you like. Good beer. Smaller venue
Byron Pelly: Pretty enjoyable experience, venue was nice. The drinks are a little expensive. They do offer a free water station. I would come back for another event.
Izi Kavazo: Dark and tight, but in the best possible way. It's a great place to see a small band. It feels intimate, but not awkward. There are good nooks and crannies to sit in on the edges and you can see the stage from almost every one.
Hannah Jarvis: Was there for NYE and it was the worst DJ experience of my life. The transitions were brutal and it was really hard to dance to.
mason lemons: Very nice place for live shows

4. The Happening Dance Co. - Vancouver

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Address: 5460 Fraser St, Vancouver, BC V5W 2Z3, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 3:30 PM

Telephone: +1 778-379-3577

Business type: Hip hop dance class

The Happening Dance Co.: what do users think?
Mariska McLean: My daughter has been going to the Happening for dance classes for a few years now. She really enjoys it, the dancing is fun and good for her, as wel the interacting with her friends in dance.
Michelle Casavant: The absolute best instructors. Making each kid in the class feel welcome and wanted.The organization of the front office is stellar. So much information to answer all the questions before you even think of a question. 100 plus stars. 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
SJ Coleman: The Happening is totally where its happening for kids dance in Vancouver. The studio and staff are open, inclusive, hard working, talented and friendly. Did I also say they are organized, have wonderful communications to the parents and create the most supportive environment for kids and families? Kimberly and the crew care deeply not just about teaching dance but also about cultivating a healthy dance culture. We are so glad we found The Happening.
Cameron Matterson: This is the best dance studio ever! I have been a part of the Happening for 7 years and I can only say the most positive things! It is very inclusive, appropriate and is perfect for any age or skill level! If your looking for a dance studio this is the place for you!
Celie Joffe: a really positive, fun and inclusive space to learn and create!
Hayley B: The Happening Community has become such an important part our our family’s life! A very special environment where our kids are challenged, encouraged, engaged, and nurtured.
Kimberly Matterson: Amazing place for kids and teens to express themselves while being both active and creative! Many options offered in well organized, thoughtful and welcoming environment. A great way to start and to try out dancing/performing or a terrific space for the advanced student as well...the whole range and possibilties for everyone.
Rachel Oleksyn: Ever since I joined the happening dance, I have not only learned amazing and fun dance moves, but I have learned to make closer connections with people and have a community. I know that when ever I enter those doors, I’m entering a family of people who I can trust and be my self around.
Laura Kirchner: A wonderful community to be apart of!
Melanie Kuxdorf: We love The Happening! Excellent teachers, great community, and a really supportive and creative school. Came highly recommended and doesn't disappoint.
Amy Wilson Roberts: My daughter has loved this dance studio. They are able to hold excellent skill and acceptance of all levels of dancers so well. This is our first year but we are hooked.
Stephanie James: We absolutely love The Happening. The instructors are so creative and passionate about what they do. It is an ALL inclusive studio and the instructors bring out the best in their students. The classes are different all the time and super fun. You must see the end of year show, it is always incredible!
Jen Rose: We are so grateful that we found the Happening. Kim and her team are incredible, the community is so supportive and inclusive, and the kids all love it. It's been a dream come true to see my daughter connect with something she's so passionate about.
Michelle Murphy: We absolutely love dancing at the Happening. We tried other dance studios but the core values of this studio make it the most inclusive, friendly, fun studio to be at. We drive across the city to dance at the Happening instead of our local dance studio. It’s that good. All the instructors are top notch, choreography is outstanding, classes are fast paced but everyone is carried along with no dancer left behind. My child’s dance level improved 1000% after one term. And, they have classes for adults! I’m on my second 9-week hip hop class and I love it! It’s the best hour of my week. Ms Kim and her staff have done an incredible job of providing la creme de la creme dance instruction while keeping it fun and engaging and making everyone feel so good about themselves and their abilities. It’s happening at the Happening!
Riley Park Piano Studio: Wonderful space and fun instructor who trained in the National Ballet School
J E: The adult classes here are awesome! It's nice to do a progressive class instead of just drop ins. It's also nice not to have to worry about being good and just have fun. They've handled covid-19 very professionally and I always feel safe.
Jonathan Wornell: Kim is a most-awesome teacher! Love this dance studio!
Rob Trendiak: I have worked alongside Kimberly Stevenson and the Happening dance for many years and have watched her grow her students from 9 to 180. She pours all her heart and soul into her students and her dance. It has been amazing to watch her students skill level and passion for dance grow exponentially. Her students now are winning all sorts of awards at dance competitions. If you are thinking about entering your kids into dance, look no further, The Happening Dance is the best place in Vancouver hands down!
Mark Boyland: The best dance studio that I have ever been to! And has the best shows!

5. Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Vancouver, Canada - Vancouver

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Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Vancouver, Canada
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Address: 505 Hamilton St #200, Vancouver, BC V6B 2R1, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 1:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-684-2477

Business type: Dance school

6. Fox Cabaret - Vancouver

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Fox Cabaret
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Address: 2321 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5T 3C9, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 8:00 PM

Business type: Bar

Fox Cabaret: what do users think?
Logan Wicks: I haven't danced this hard since I saw the demon barber of fleet street
Jonathan Harris: I came here for 2 nights of a metal festival and was pleasantly surprised at how good the sound quality was for the small space. Cosy venue with limited seating, friendly staff, and quick service at the bar. Definitely worth checking out if there's a show coming up that catches your eye!
Kao Lew: Went here for a metal fest. The stools were a little uncomfortable, but you're meant to be rocking out. Staff was nice and parking was easy to find.
Robert Piddocke: Good place to catch a show. Acoustics are ok.
Shaida Joukar: always fun vibes and great energy!
METALHEAVEN CANADA: The venue itself is small. The stage area is great and so is the service but compared to Toronto or New York venues, it is small, very small.
Shade Henderson: Great vibe, perfect small venue!
Mitchell “MaravillosO” Undurraga: Great local spot for drinks and dancing. Staff is exceptional and welcoming.
Danyel M: Great place to watch live music and home to a phenomenal team! Ciji was great in helping arrange event details for the projection room.
Manizha A: Came here for the first time for a friends birthday party. Our bartender upstairs was very nice and friendly, and good service downstairs as well. The place got pretty packed after 10pm. Good choice of music and overall had a great time. The SkyTrain station was about a 15 minute walk back.
Nicholas: Great vibes
bee keepness: We attended the impov there and we had a great time. Service was great, show was funny. Will definitely be checking out more shows.
Comedy In Kitsap: Great venue, staff, and drinks!
April Petry: We're visiting from Edmonton and stumbled on a show playing at Fox Cabaret (Wares who turned out to be from Edmonton and we will definitely go see preform back home), Kamikaze Nurse and Soyjoy. The venue was so cool and the bar/cocktails were great, I would highly recommend for live music! My only wish was for more chairs and tables to have a seat for a bit!
Tim Swanson: It was a blast! Went for 4 for 4 and Shimbashi Station was rocking!
Christa Siminiuk: I went dancing with some friends here last weekend and we had an awesome experience! The door staff were friendly and welcoming. The music was great and the water station was a cool perk! I will be back :)
Stephanie Sun: This is the worst place to go
Maxwell Chan: they cut someone's set 15 minutes early even though we paid to see her. they weren't even behind schedule. they just wanted to bring their dj in early at 1030
Natasha Lynne: Great little place! Good for live music and drinks!
Lauren Tremblay: We bought tickets to see Wallice and Jawny. Wallice was on for about five songs before they cut her off with fifteen minutes left. Completely unprofessional and disappointing to the artists and the people who bought tickets.
Jayana Devathasan: Great music. Shout out to Tom!

7. Harbour Dance Centre - Vancouver

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Harbour Dance Centre
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Address: 927 Granville St suite 301, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1L3, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 9:30 AM

Telephone: +1 604-684-9542

Business type: Dance school

Harbour Dance Centre: what do users think?
isabelle t: rachel ginter is quite rude and unhelpful, don't recommend her at all. very unprofessional
jennifer brouse: I feel like I found my mother ship. I have lived in Vancouver almost as long as Harbour Dance has existed, but for some reason, I never took the leap. A few years back tried a couple of intermediate classes with Nathan (so fantastic!) after he subbed hip hop at my gym. I was mostly able to keep up with that level, but I ended up injuring my foot (because I did it in heels the second time and wasn't ready for that!) and then the pandemic happened.I have returned to HD this month with much trepidation and anticipation. The intro classes are challenging, but they are doable and engaging, with cool, current choreo. All the instructors are very supportive and encouraging of intro level students. The pace is brisk and the classes are full, but I am meeting so many new people. In a city that can seem cold and unfriendly, this studio is an oasis of like minded people passionate about music and movement. I don't have a formal dance background, but have danced all my life, been active with fitness and yoga and fine art modelling. Choreography can be intimidating, but I am going for it!I am so excited to have begun this journey and life long dream. My favourite classes so far are Intro Keep it Sexy with Trey on Mondays and on Thursdays with Carlo. I am also taking as many classes with Eric as possible. The staff are so kind and friendly. You will learn moves and have fun here! Don't be shy! Everyone is self conscious, if you chat you'll make friends so easily here. Even the experienced dancers are super friendly to beginners.
Celine Pio Roda: For everyone saying HDC isn't for beginners, do try Laura Kirchner's Heels class or Heels Progressive Workshops as they do a good job teaching you the very fundamentals of jazz funk/heels/femme dance styles. For Hip Hop, do try Ken Yung or Ritchie. Speak to the HDC staff to figure out which beginner classes would be a better fit for you as not all beginner classes are the same in difficulty level. The great thing about HDC is you grow exponentially fast in your dance journey when you train here.
95 Stoney: be sure to never be late for classes here for whatever reason. The receptionist is so nice that she would just hung up the call while you are explaining the reason for being late.Amazing customer service.
ZHEN CONG: Pretty nice to have this place to learn dancing. Real beginner friendly. ❤️
D C: Echoing other reviewers that this studio is NOT beginner friendly. Purchased the intro offer but only went to one class because of the stand-offish and judgmental vibe. For the record I took the intro class with Mary Gavilan. If you're a true beginner who feels shy and intimidated, I recommend trying Formation Studio instead.
NONO SHEN: Best dancing studio i have found in Vancouver. All teachers are so friendly and amazing - they made me not only fall in love with dancing, arts but also life.
R Pono: I can't emphasize enough how much of a gem this studio is in the city. There's really no comparison with other dance studios. They have the best classes, incredibly talented and skilled teachers and really aligned with the current industry. Whether you're a professional seeking to upgrade or polish up your skills or an absolute beginner looking to explore the joys of dance, there's a class and teacher here for you 💕
Olivia Boon: Amazing, amazing, amazing - this studio is my home away from home. My dance journey has been filled with love and positivity thanks to the wonderful teachers, owners, and staff at Harbour. Try a class or a training group, I promise you won’t regret it!❤️ Thank you Harbour, for everything! ❤️
Ingrid Oliveira: TLDR: Unfortunately, the reviews stating that this place is not for beginners are true. It is also not a place for people who only dance as a hobby. It feels more like a place for very experienced dancers to practice their skills rather than a place to learn.I bought the "new student" package to take ballet classes and, after my first class, I don't feel like coming back. I've danced ballet for a few years in the past, but only as a hobby. Since I didn't want to start from zero (beginner class), I booked the intermediate class which is described as "for dancers with anywhere from one to four years experience who enjoy a slower-paced class with less complex dance steps."While the dance steps aren't very complex, the class is really fast-paced. Most "students" are actually professionals or highly experienced dancers or have been taking classes with the instructor for a long time. So it is easy for them to memorize long and fast sequences, but if you are new to HDC, you just stay there trying to catch up while feeling lost and dumb. In addition, because the class is so full, the instructor is unable to do hands-on corrections, and there is also no interest in the new students' backgrounds to make sure that they keep up with the class. The least that could be done is to place the new students near experienced dancers at the barre so they could have a reference during the barre exercises. Even giving the new students slower variations to get used to the instructor's style would be enough to make us feel more comfortable in our first couple of classes.I also asked about the beg/intermediate class, hoping that it would be a better fit. However, the instructor said that it was basically the same as the intermediate class. So what's the point in giving it a different name? As the schedule for the beginner classes* is impossible for me, I've decided not to use the other classes from the package that I bought. It was a highly uncomfortable experience for me, I've never felt more out of place and just wanted to leave the class asap.*The beginner classes are clearly not for beginners, since they would be more of my level and I do have previous ballet experience.Note: the instructor, staff, and dancers were all super friendly, the music used in class was great, and the choreography was beautiful. However, I'm just too dumb to pick up fast-paced sequences after a 5-second explanation in my first class.
Sizhuo Qi: I’ve been taking ballet beginner class at UBC and I find the ballet beginner class of HDC isn’t for beginner students.The instructor didn’t teach any basic hand positions or feet positions, she just did all techniques combined directly assuming everyone is familiar with the terms and movement. I felt like it’s a more intermediate class.I noticed most of students in the class can already dance well and they could follow and memorize the practice movements with no problem even the instructor went through what we need to do for the practice really really quickly, the students don’t look like beginners to me.Anyways, it’s hard for a real beginner with no dance background or experience to follow the class.
Candice Zhang: Great studio but my only problem is that it is not necessarily beginner friendly - for context, I’ve been dancing as a hobby for around 2-3 years now (on and off), and the beginner classes are still pretty difficult for me! It also doesn’t help when a lot of the students in beginner classes are obviously professionals who can do full splits and very advanced techniques! It would be great to have more true beginner classes.
Reene Weston: My daughter went and she really enjoyed the variety of the attendees
Ann: TLDR: Great studio for confident dancers, not great for beginners.(Context: I danced from when I was age 5-17, and started taking beginner Hip Hop classes at Harbour Dance during university. So I have a lot of experience dancing I was not professional or particularly exceptional. I took Harbour Hip Hop beginner classes for 3 years, on and off.)Fantastic staff and instructors. Some really fun classes to take with incredible niches being represented. There's a lot to be desired, though, in terms of overall infrastructure and accessibility (though I don't blame them directly, finding real estate in Vancouver is difficult at best, but I think it's important to mention as it affects your experience).I think they are victim to their building's restrictions as it does not fit the number of people coming to the classes. Both the change rooms, classrooms, and reception area are incredibly cramped. You are also always brushing shoulders with professional dancers, which is quite intimidating when new to the studio. It's hard to dance full out when your classmates are only a meter away from you. The classrooms get very hot and stuffy, especially the downstairs studios.There's a particular gamble you take when paying for a class. Eventually, I had to stick to one teacher because it wasn't clear what kind of music/style other teachers were going to teach (likely a common gamble when taking a class broadly called "Hip Hop"). I once got stuck in an hour class with a teacher who was especially harsh to beginners (the most anxiety I've ever experienced in a dance class).It's hard to bond with an instructor because of how many students attend a class and the instructor is often racing off to somewhere else after class (home or another class) so there's a lack of rapport unless you push your way into talking to them. I mean, I can imagine how hard it is to connect with the hundreds of students they teach alongside providing quality teaching, I deeply sympathize.Another thing that was very stressful was how the seasoned company dancers would join beginner classes. It has the same effect as graduated students visiting their high school teachers, it's very off-putting and defaults the spotlight to them. I imagine they envision themselves taking on a sub-teacher position so more dancers can see the choreo (wouldn't be necessary if they had smaller class sizes) but their relationship with the instructor can make attendees feel othered.If you're used to dance culture, you likely won't find any of what I've said off-putting or anxiety-inducing. Having experienced dancers join your class could be fun and exhilarating if you don't experience insecurity about your own skills. But I think overall when you're catering to beginners, having everyone take humility in their ability is really important. You sign up for a beginner class to be surrounded by people like you, equally unsure and vulnerable. So when a very experienced dancer comes in it can be upsetting and unexpected.All that being said, I've moved on from Harbour because the amount of anxiety and intimidation I felt from being jostled around in the cramped and stuffy reception area to professional dancers joining beginner classes was too much. Unfortunately, Vancouver has a meager selection of quality Hip Hop Drop-In Adult classes and leaving has left me with very few options (Culturally Defined has been one option I've thought about due to their more restrictive registration, individualized growth focus, and beginner friendly progressives). What was inaccessible about Harbour can't truly be changed unless someone buys them a gigantic studio and encourages a more welcoming environment to new dancers of all ages (though professional dancers coming to class + the high school graduate metaphor seems like an issue that far exceeds a dance school and is a personal ego problem). I wish the best for them and all the dancers there, it was a fun couple years but I am far too tired to cope with the roller-coaster of anxiety this studio is.
Mia November: Absolutely love Eric malapad's grooving class
Terri Critchley: Groovy vibe, excellent selection of classes taught by reputable professionals, fun from start to finish! Highly recommended.
Yunduz Rakhmangulova: Tried ballet intro class. It was quite fun, good energy, good speed.
Kirsten Thomson: I have really enjoyed coming here and it has reignited my love for dance! The teachers are are very talented here and have great choreography, and the studios are quite large and nice.My reason for 4/5 stars is because some of the Intro level classes are truly beginner friendly, and some are not. I think once you find your favourite teacher (for me it’s Sydney!) you can have the most fun, because even within the same style of dance the classes are really different depending on the teacher.
Symone Dhariwal-Verma: Welcoming, challenging classes for all levels and styles. Had a fantastic time
Tim Hu: Harbour Dance Centre is my favourite Vancouver dance studio! Every teacher is so friendly and I just loved the open and welcoming atmosphere of the studio. Definitely a great place to dance and meet people in the dance community. Incredible variety of classes. Lots of great year-round and summer programs for dancers seeking more of a commitment. The location is great and very transit-friendly.
patrykaj: Salsa dance teacher is a good teacher and very funny

8. The Dance Centre - Vancouver

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212 reviews
new review
The Dance Centre
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Address: Scotiabank Dance Centre, 677 Davie St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2G6, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-606-6400

Business type: Arts organization

The Dance Centre: what do users think?
Bita Nejati: I watched two performances on the international dance day and I loved them both.The staff assist the audience with respect and kindness.
Aseem Sharma: Great resource for dance 💃 community of Vancouver. Good instructors and facility.
Roberto Hernández Spencer: Muy adecuado y confortable, y muy funcional local.
Raven Mack: The presentation itself, was excellent, however there were some technical difficulties and it started after a long delay. The seats are not very comfortable. There is an elevator and the washroom is wheelchair accessible. There are lower soap dispensers, which is helpful, however the sinks seem quite high, which is not great.
Gerald Joe: Comfortable theatre in the basement to enjoy many dance shows. Elevator access and washrooms. Sometimes a small concession area in the basement lobby. Good location for walking or transit access.
Vesna B.: A great space for dancers! Equally good for watching.
Maddy C: Friendly staff and really nice studios. Seems like they have a lot of casual beginner interest classes as well as professional ones. Yoga as well.
K A: This business is never considerate of their neighbours around. Parties from the rooftop with excessive loud music is a non-sense. I called the receptionist 3 time in one hour. Nothing was done. They left me with no other choice but to call the city of vancouver and file a complaint as well as another complaint with VPD. Many neighbours are having a conversation to try to address this issue with this business for good. This has been on going for a while ...
Peter Leblanc: A great commitment to dance
Kelsey Primar: Lovely space! Class rooms are large, spacious, well lit and always clean. The studio is in a convenient location that's easy to get to from anywhere downtown.
Junkie rat goof Skanky unloyal slut: The woman who works here with the black hair and the accent is extrely aggressive and horrible to homeless people. She lies to the cops in order to try to have them arrested
Tony Mauro: Nice facility. Our daughter did a spring dance program here and she was quite happy with the program and the location.
gemma caban: Great place to be creative
Li Chun: Little one loves the program here. Very friendly and welcoming
Delilah Joseph: It's dope got insurance too it dope it's very beautiful love it the lights they have is awesome love it very nice sweet.
Pearl Wong: Great spaces for dance classes/workshops. It's sort of a rental space with many rooms available and many independent dance teachers/organizations hold their classes here.
Paloma Guimarães: I had a great time in Kpop class today!
Yunduz Rakhmangulova: Taking ballet classes here. Studios are nice to dance in with good floors and mirrors.
toughcookie one: Very clean and modern building, great classes with amazing teachers. But unfortunately it is badly managed. Would be nice to have 15min gaps between classes to avoid lineups. There is a nice lounge area with water fountain on the 5th floor.
Greg Dombowsky: The overall idea of the place is great however many of the studios are designed only for ballet because the floors are very sticky and not good for other types of dance.
Frank Trent Watts: Awesomeness

9. The Landing Dance Centre - Vancouver

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27 reviews
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The Landing Dance Centre
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Address: 270 SW Marine Dr, Vancouver, BC V5X 2R5, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 11:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-325-8653

Business type: Dance school

The Landing Dance Centre: what do users think?
Denise Mak: My daughter loves attending her ballet class every week! We love the beautiful studio and the teachers :)
Travis Chiu: Staff & dancing instructors are all very friendly, welcoming, & talented!
Tanya Pawlikewich: My teenaged daughter just tried her first ballet class at the Landing. Before going, she was very nervous as she hadn't taken dance classes anywhere since she was 6. She loved the class and can't wait for her second! Lovely teacher. Exciting environment. Friendly and quick responses to questions from staff.
Anson Li: The place for professional dancing... Even for kids. Parking can be tricky when there's a class switch. The studio is very nice and accommodating to student needs. There's a study room and kitchen for the times when your kids are waiting. All studios have cameras. There are male and female change rooms.
Kirsten Warneboldt: I enrolled my three year old daughter in the parent tot 6 week class, to see how she would like it. She has a gross motor delay (hypotonia) and isn’t able to jump yet. Her delay was no issue at all in Miss Molly’s class, it was a great experience and so good for her development. Even though my daughter tended to “do her own thing” in class, Miss Molly was always encouraging, and Kiki was always having fun. By the fifth class, she was practicing the exercises and we have a home practice now. She met new friends and gained confidence. No one took it too seriously, yet the kids all learned how to line up and follow instructions. I also loved the morning exercise and fun music and scarves! We will likely be back (after she finishes up soccer - always trying new things). One thing - the parking and studio gets crazy after 945. Luckily this was a 915 class :)
Eileen Li: Fast response and good follow up. Just went for a trial and teacher and environment seemed friendly.
Katy G: They offered us the free class for both my kids, and they both loved it! Signed up 1 day later.
N. S: I signed up for their free trial class as my daughter has never done any ballet before but I was really hesitant to enroll her in classes before finding out whether she liked it or not. This is probably the only place I could find that offered a trial class. My daughter LOVED it. I decided to stay and enroll her..the staff are amazing, kind and really patient. I love the fact that you can sit and watch them dance.
Isac Oliveira: My daughter loves her dancing classes! The staff is super friendly, the facilities are great, the teachers are kind, and Show Day is so beautiful and gets everybody so excited! How much the LDC staff loves and cares for what they do really shows.
Candy Tsang: I took my daughter to LDC in August 2022 for a trial pre-school (ballet and tap) class. Parents were not allowed into the studio/dance space so I appreciated that there were cameras in the studio and monitors for parents to wait and watch in the lobby area.#1 - the front desk staff were so kind and gentle to my 3yo daughter in getting her fitted for ballet and tap shoes.#2 - Ms. Emma and Ms. Trisha were wonderful and patient. They both had their magical ways in helping the new dancers get comfortable and listen. I was happy and surprised that my daughter was able to listen and follow along.#3 - Brenna and Prerna were so helpful over text and email to answer all my questions regarding enrollment.I'm excited to have my daughter join LDC and start her journey as a dancer!
julie huang: Our experience with the teachers and staff at the studio has been so amazing. The Landing genuinely cares about the students and it shows through with every interaction we’ve had with them! From fitting of shoes and uniform to classes and performance, they believe in helping the students be their best while being mindful of everyone’s learning styles.My daughter was very shy and hesitant to join the classes in the beginning. The teachers were encouraging but not forceful and I think that really helped her feel safe. We’re excited to continue our dance journey here at The Landing and can’t wait to see what kind of dancer they’ll shape my daughter to be!
E Y: The staff and instructors here are amazing, they are patient and friendly. We've enrolled our 3 year old for ballet and tap lessons and she adores her classmates and instructors. Sign up for a trial class to see for yourself, you will not be disappointed!
J Barnetson: Our favourite dance studio, we’ve tried a lot to find a good fit! The staff are great and the inside is wonderful! We look forward to our upcoming years!
Shannon Copeland: My daughters instructors were sweet - but I pulled my 3 year old child out of the studio after Trisha walked by her and told her out loud she wasn’t wearing her tights properly. I was completely put off by the lack of friendliness and professionalism. Not a good vibe, and not a place I wanted to have my daughter advance in as a dance community. I moved my daughter to Boogaloo and she is taking 3 yearly classes plus event classes and having a really good experience. This is a much friendlier all inclusive studio in the same vicinity with more dance offerings, and a way better vibe. I highly recommend Boogaloo!
Tatiana Parrott: I enrolled my children for trial classes for ballet and hip hop. I initially chose The Landing because it looked professional online and it was one of the only dance schools I could find that had trial classes without having to pay hundreds of dollars for a year (before knowing whether your kids even like it!). This is a smart business idea and I think they will only benefit from this set up. My experience so far has been really good. Everyone is super friendly and supportive and the teachers provide honest feedback about your child's participation in the class and whether that type of dance is a good fit etc. I would definitely recommend The Landing to anyone looking to experiment with dance or continue their dance journey...whatever stage they are at.
Xiong Shaw: We tried the trial class, the teacher was very kind and patient. Can't wait to join the long-term study here.
Brianna Van Riet: My daughter had her first contemporary class at The Landing this week and it was such a great experience. The staff are so sweet and helpful, her instructor was exceptionally warm and welcoming and she absolutely loved it! We’re excited for her to continue her training with such a great group of people.
Letty oey: We had our first trial class last week, my girl enjoyed a lot! The staff/ teachers are nice and the environment is good! I believe my daughter will enjoy the rest of the lessons.
JP Dunford: We had a great first experience at Landing Dance Centre. Teachers are helpful and kind, and the studio is beautiful. The front end staff are also very welcoming and easy to talk to.
Angela Liao: The staff here is wonderful, the facility is beautiful, there's parking on site, and multiple dance studios. My 4yo enjoys her ballet sessions here and we look forward to trying other dance genres here.
The Truth: This place has a high turnover because Brenna is a bully and narcissist. She doesn’t pay her staff on time or at all sometimes. Brenna justifies her bad behaviour by belittling everyone around her. She has been known to tell Asian parents that their kids will never be a great dancer due to genetics. Her inflated ego makes me laugh! It’s like dealing with a grown child having a permanent temper tantrum. Instead, take your kids and your money to a healthy learning environment. There are other really good dance studios nearby.

10. Just Dance - Vancouver

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25 reviews
new review
Just Dance
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Address: 2114 W 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6K 1N6, Canada

Business type: Dance hall

Just Dance: what do users think?
Adam Lipsky: Great healthy dancing
Daniel Linhart: Absolutely the best place in Vancouver to just dance! ;) Safe space for everyone to express and move their bodies however they feel in the moment. Very open and playful environment for all ages. Come and dance with us! :)
Sandra Minnis: Good folks and grooves to dance to
Mia November: Just Dance is a space to feel completely comfortable in who you are and what you need, in an environment filled with joy and love! Whether you feel like dancing your socks completely off, or just sitting on the periphery, talking or silent, Just Dance is a place without any judgement or pressure, and you can feel the collective release throughout the evening! What a gem. Feels like going to therapy! Thank you so much to the organizers, musicians, volunteers, and everyone who shows up to make this such a special place!
JC Cagungon: Awesome place. So fun to dance. Washroom needs a little freshening. But all in all. Pretty good.
Anya Torina: Barefoot yogic dancing :)Dance like never before...
Eric Elli: Authentic and welcoming space
Shar Cuthand: This is a great space for me as a sober dancer. There's usually a lot of love and respect within the dance floor. People of all ages go. Feels great to let go and get into the flow.
Book Worm: So great to just dance! Very inclusive and fun
HU MAN ANGEL: Happy freedom dancing barefoot
Alex Dundas: A wonderful community of kind and open people surrounded by otherworldly music
Jonathan Elkins: As Mary, a first time dancer, said to me (and I paraphrase) "This is what I was looking for" It's a place to enjoy moving to music with kind open people of all ages.
Jai Aquarian Kydd: Just Dance celebrated its 25th Anniversary last night. It's staying power owes to the fact it's one of the best dance floors and most unassuming slivers of community in Vancouver.
David R Yates: One of the best spots in the city for all ages, barefoot, non-judgemental, free form dancing to global electronic beats!
Niko Nesin: Best place to dance! If you are tired of pubs and looking for a conscious substance free dance location - with awesome music, filled with amazing people this is it!
Jennifer Marie Luce: Absolutely love that there's a safe, dry place to go to to dance..and barefoot without them getting filthy. I always feel welcome and the Dj's are so vast in their music it's always a delight and joy. Yummy natural eats are a great addition.
Kaye Chapman: Wonderful inclusive event. I come here for the regular dance nights as well as the guided journey events - my favourite are the guided Journeys which are really immersive, positive experiences. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to reconnect with their body, embrace a spirit of play, and just dance.
Kristin Fedoruk: Great times dancing with nice people all around- good clean fun minus drugs and alcohol...kambucha and bliss balls instead
Brent Joly: ultimate sober dance venue. amazing music, lighting, and community

11. Celebrities Nightclub - Vancouver

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378 reviews
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Celebrities Nightclub
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Address: 1022 Davie St, Vancouver, BC V6E 1M3, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-681-6180

Business type: Night club

12. The Roxy Cabaret - Vancouver

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1184 reviews
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The Roxy Cabaret
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Address: 932 Granville St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1L2, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-331-7999

Business type: Bar

13. Vancouver Latin Fever Entertainment Ltd - Vancouver

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22 reviews
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Vancouver Latin Fever Entertainment Ltd
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Address: 1180 Howe St #100, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1R2

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-722-1559

Business type: Event management company

14. D2 Dance Studio - Vancouver

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64 reviews
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D2 Dance Studio
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Address: 55 W 8th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Y 1M8, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 6:30 PM

Business type: Dance company

15. Pacific DanceArts - Vancouver

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6 reviews
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Pacific DanceArts
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Address: 3626 E 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5M 1M3, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-738-8575

Business type: Ballet school

16. Baza Dance Studios - Vancouver

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93 reviews
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Baza Dance Studios
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Address: 1304 Seymour St, Vancouver, BC V6B 3P3, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 4:00 PM

Telephone: +1 778-379-2292

Business type: Dance school

17. Seymour Dance - District of North Vancouver

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25 reviews
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Seymour Dance
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Address: 808 Lytton St, North Vancouver, BC V7H 2T1, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 3:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-929-6060

Business type: Dance school

18. Boogaloo Academy - Richmond

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24 reviews
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Boogaloo Academy
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Address: 8410 Ontario St #101, Vancouver, BC V5X 3E8, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-805-0558

Business type: Dance school

19. Luminesque Dance - Vancouver

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89 reviews
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Luminesque Dance
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Address: Glow Studios Vancouver, 1026 Davie St #400, Vancouver, BC V6E 1M3, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-423-4335

Business type: Dance company

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