Best Singing Bowls Classes Vancouver Near Me

1. Christa Lynn Healing Studio - Vancouver

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Christa Lynn Healing Studio
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Address: 1089 W Broadway #18, Vancouver, BC V6H 1E5, Canada

Schedule: Open until 4:00 PM

Business type: Reiki therapist

Christa Lynn Healing Studio: what do users think?
Nataliia Minov
Nataliia Minov: Excellent!!Great experience!!
Malin Pernilla
Malin Pernilla: I love Christa! I came here for healing sessions, and they were absolutely wonderful!Christa has meant so much to me. I highly recommend her.She has also great videos about crystals and their benefits on Youtube.
Tatiana Balashova
Tatiana Balashova: Christa Lynn is a wonderful reiki practitioner, crystal healer and shaman, with great energy and friendly personality. She looks very young however has 20+ years of esoteric and healing experience. I haven't taken any session yet, took a few workshops for crystal healing with her and also a 2-day shamanic journeying workshop - they were amazing. Her studio is peaceful and has soothing energy, located in a central Broadway area, very easy to get to by public transport ... If you are considering a healing session with Christa, I've heard it is best to contact a few weeks in advance, however maybe you will be lucky to get a window with booking last minute.
Laure Sabini
Laure Sabini: Christa Lynn is a passionate, knowledgable, calm, and inspiring crystal and reiki healer. I greatly recommend her services as a healer and teacher!

2. Banyen Books & Sound - Vancouver

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796 reviews
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Banyen Books & Sound
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Address: 3608 W 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6R 1P1, Canada

Schedule: Open until 8:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-732-7912

Business type: Music store

Banyen Books & Sound: what do users think?
Vivienne: whimsical
N D: Staff is always pleasant, polite, and eager to assist as well as knowledgable. The only drawback is they tend not to have new releases for about six months to a year. However, if you’re looking for a book that was published in the last five years, they have excellent bargains. The environment is warm and welcoming and comfortable. Definitely a local treasure.
Andie: Very cool place with so many book options!
BBisson: I love the atmosphere. They have every kind of book you could imagine. I like that they have a wall of tarot cards, wind chimes, candles and jewelry as well.
Jahanbanoo keshari
Jahanbanoo keshari: Go there for nourishing your mind and soul....
Toby Lermer
Toby Lermer: Great alternative local book store. Very helpful staff.
Fathom Gathergood
Fathom Gathergood: I love coming here, we stopped in for nearly 3 hours
Amber Roth Mauk
Amber Roth Mauk: Beautiful book store with lots of spiritual tools.
Lozen Osecap
Lozen Osecap: Very informative, deliciously spiritual refreshing energy. Lovely staff and good overall atmosphere ❤❤❤
Gandhinath Swaminathan
Gandhinath Swaminathan: Great energy. Cannot find such a unique spiritual collection in US.I could find books on Hinduism to reiki to alchemy and all Carl Jung collection. A day is not enough.
Candice Neveu
Candice Neveu: I've been wanting to go here for awhile so on my solo trip to Vancouver, I made the stop. Took transit from downtown, super easy. The bookstore is amazing. Great depth so plan to take your time an savour. I just browsed but coming with a list would be good too. Left with 4 books, a Hafiz oracle deck and a few bits for my sacred space at home. Pleasant staff, lots of little reading nooks.
J M: I've lived in the neighbourhood for over a decade and would probably visit once or twice a year. Lately though, the last few times I went into the store I was followed and watched by an employee, a brown woman in her late 30s or early 40s. I don't know if she thinks she has some sort of "intuition" or can read "aura" of people because she works in a store with spiritual trinkets and books, but if she does think so, it's way, way off (sorry but you're not a psychic just a profiling bigot). I have never shoplifted in my life, and judging by the other 1 star reviews here I appear to not be alone in my experience. The complete irony of people believing they are "spiritual", "empathic" or "good" yet appropriate so much from other cultures, and are really just a bunch racist spiritual narcissists.
Julie Bond
Julie Bond: Fabulous selection. The hippy in me loved the selection and ambience!
Kent B
Kent B: If there is an adventure worth finding. It's here
OB3 ALVA: Love Banyen, it just has almost everything you would need and if not they're willing to look it up for you. All ecletics and traditionalist of all varieties should give it a shot.
Carmen: Love this store ❤️🙏 always has what I need when I feel called to visit.
Josh Heatherington
Josh Heatherington: Always a great vibe
Gregory Kehm
Gregory Kehm: A rare gem. A classic bookstore with a peaceful ambience to experience, browse and embrace the wonders within the written word.
Mel Sword
Mel Sword: Oh good God, this is my favorite book store of all time They not only have books but everything to help you with crystals, taro cards, meditation.I can spend all day in here
Victor APT
Victor APT: Unique place.
Sid: Holy moly. What a cool store. As an English teacher and occult fan, the perfect combination was a book store with tarot and oracle and cauldrons and spellbooks. So cool. Dangerous store for me to walk into... my poor wallet.

3. Gandharva Loka World Music Instruments Inc - Vancouver

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50 reviews
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Gandharva Loka World Music Instruments Inc
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Address: 1650 Johnston St, Vancouver, BC V6H 3S2, Canada

Schedule: Open until 5:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-683-7733

Business type: Musical instrument store

Gandharva Loka World Music Instruments Inc: what do users think?
Krish Rengachari
Krish Rengachari: Amazing store that has unique musical instruments!
Jessica: Love this store! Very friendly and knowledgeable staff.
Neil Brian Guzman
Neil Brian Guzman: I stopped by on a whim and glad I did. Dude behind the cashier was really helpful and informative. I was just curious of all the instruments there and he helped me out and talked about the instruments I was looking at. I want to visit again to buy a mandola or one of those other stringed instruments.
Rahul Sati
Rahul Sati: Great place, prices, and employees.
Roser Castella Aribau
Roser Castella Aribau: Oasis de instrumentos músicales en Grandville. Amplia oferta, precios razonables y amabilidad por parte los dependientes 🎸🎼 . Recomendable 100% para amantes de la música, coleccionistas o personas con sensibilidad artística
Kate C
Kate C: Cool music store.
Sharla Sauder
Sharla Sauder: The staff are friendly, knowledgeable and they have great prices. I love my crystal singing bowls!
Nakita: Excellent
Jennifer McAfee
Jennifer McAfee: Very cool little shop. The owner was very patient and informative. The kids had many questions!
N D: I don’t know who is working at this store now but the woman I interacted with was extremely curt and rude in comparison to the people who I have interacted with in the past who have worked here. I used to come to this store all the time 3-4 years ago and always had incredible interactions and usually made a special purchase. Today, this woman promptly kicked everyone out of the store at 6pm with a passive aggressive tone that is sadly becoming the norm for “Vancouverites”. The store hours online say 7pm, and when I said that I received a pointed reply that they should not. As soon as I walked in the store I could see she was ready to be finished her work day as she was counting cash from the register and closing up - I understand the frustration that can come from working in customer service and I know many people come into this store to window shop and that must be irritating. But when someone shows genuine interests in the instruments as I was doing I do expect a little better treatment. Very disappointed and I am sad I will no longer be a patron here.
Aatu “Tom” Karjala-Fox
Aatu “Tom” Karjala-Fox: The fellow behind the counter when my husband and I visited, Sean, was the most engaging and attentive person I've ever interacted with in a music store, much less a busy and small space! He answered any and all of my husbands' many questions with enthusiasm and patience, and made the experience very enjoyable while teaching us a great deal about sitars (& the struggle to import them) and wood flutes.I've never been in a space that had so many 'niche' (by Western standards) instruments, and it was a delight to see! We were permitted to play around with a sitar & see how they look and feel, which is very graciously appreciated!We ended up leaving with a beautiful native-made cedar wood flute that we were assisted in selecting. We were shown the difference between different flutes, their tones, their techniques, the wood they're made of, and the differences that those minutiae create. I had always wanted a wood flute, but could never find one nor did I have the expertise to acquire the right one- thank you!We definitely will be back, hopefully with more money next time when we're in Vancouver, to visit that beautiful sitar (& Sean!) :^)
Guy Morgan
Guy Morgan: I called the shop today and the owner answered every question I had about harmoniums. He was very knowledgeable and honest about the instruments. Even though I wasn’t physically in the shop he took the time to explain everything. Will definitely be coming soon to pick up a harmonium! Thank you for the great service
Luc Briede-Cooper
Luc Briede-Cooper: Very many cool and obscure instruments
Tanya Leibel
Tanya Leibel: I was looking for a tongue drum and Sean pulled them out and we played them all on the floor.It was awesome to be able to compare the sounds of each one and he was very knowledgeable about them all. After buying one I asked him about a wooden head for my flute to play some Celtic music with. He contacted a company that makes wooden flutes in the Maritimes and emailed me the information….above and beyond! Thank you Sean for the excellent customer service!
Varsha: FANTASTIC store with a variety of musical instruments. The clerk was quite knowledgeable and very helpful! Will likely go back when I visit Vancouver again!
Naomi M
Naomi M: Drove all the way from the Okanagan twice with the intention to purchase multiple instruments to add to my collection for my Sound Healing Studio and both times was shocked by the extremely unwelcoming staff. After being ignored for most of my visit and made to feel like I was just in the way, I asked to try one of the bowls and was informed very rudely that they were expensive ... my budget was 5K. When I told her I was there to purchase instruments for my studio she handed me a mallet (wrong one for the bowl I was asking to hear) and turned her back to me again. I left with nothing, both times. I even emailed ahead of time asking if they had certain instruments in stock and still haven't received a response over a month later.... so sad.
Duke Jivetalker
Duke Jivetalker: Like a "world music" CD exploded. Great flute selection. Check it out.
Mark K
Mark K: My brother recently discovered the drum circles at Spanish Banks and elsewhere, so we decided to buy instruments to participate.This place is much smaller than, say, Long & McQuade which had lots of options, but Gandharva has a really nice vibe, a very friendly/helpful proprietor, and a surprisingly generous selection of quality drums and percussion instruments at reasonable prices. They also have string instruments if you're looking for a uke, guitar, or sitar.
Qadgop the Mercotan
Qadgop the Mercotan: Couldn't drag the Mrs. out of this place, she was enchanted. I thought it was interesting and nice, but then I have all the musical ability of a blocked nostril, myself.
Haley Jane
Haley Jane: I am now the owner of a set of 7 beautiful quartz singing bowls and I could not be happier!! Tim was so helpful and gave me an *AMAZING* deal, I still can't believe how lucky I am. The bowls sound absolutely beautiful and they carry a strong resonance after you play them. I am a complete beginner and Tim was able to answer all of my questions. The store has so many beautiful instruments for healing the soul, I will definitely be back to add more to my new collection. Thank you again to everyone that helped me begin this new journey of sound healing, my heart is so full! :)
Genique Baker
Genique Baker: I’ve had quite a terrible customer service experience that I am so exhausted by I can’t even write the details but just know they are way over priced. I bought a tongue drum which I later found for $200 cheaper. I was sold a $60 bag in the price of my drum which I was told was a gift with the drum not part of the price and when they explained that I paid so much because the bags purchase was $60 they would even let me return the bag even though they never told me they were selling it to me. They went on to offer me 10% off of a chime which I have at no point shown any interest in. Check out Long and Mcquade for instruments $200 cheaper. I’m all for supporting small businesses and paying a little extra but not when the sales are done out of integrity and have incredibly poor customer service.

4. Williams-Sonoma - Vancouver

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Address: 2903 Granville St, Vancouver, BC V6H 3H8, Canada

Schedule: Open until 6:00 PM

Telephone: +1 778-330-2581

Business type: Kitchen supply store

Williams-Sonoma: what do users think?
Paula Lyons
Paula Lyons: Incredibly helpful staff & manager on a purchase I made but needed to return. The manager, Sam, was great to deal with. Beautiful store and staff that go out of the way.
Kelly P
Kelly P: Surely it’s not hard to update store hours on Google.
Inge Mueller-Langer
Inge Mueller-Langer: The store itself is pretty enough and offers good quality items but the customer service is the worst I’ve ever experienced in my life. And I’m not exaggerating. They didn’t have a complete set of dish ware in stock so they CHARGED me to have the missing items brought in. A restocking fee. Isn’t that a normal part of owning a business that you ensure you have the product a customer wants to buy? And I was spending more than $1,000! I had to pay up front, then my order was cancelled REPEATEDLY by head office. I kept getting messages that my items were no longer being delivered as my order was cancelled. I had to deal with store staff (very unhelpful) head office staff, pretty much useless, and go online numerous times to try and get dishes I had paid for more than a month ago. Store staff couldn’t have cared less. Head office gave me bad information and I once waited 20 minutes on the phone as the sales associate tried, unsuccessfully, to log into the computer (apparently they have an old system). In the end it took close to three months to receive the product, in fits and starts, and I even had to go back to the store twice to pick up items I had paid to have delivered. One time I arrived and they couldn’t find the package in the store though I had been phoned by store staff and told to pick it up. Horrendous. Only buy what they have in stock. Save yourselves a lot of grief!
ur- gash
ur- gash: Great place if you want to spend $100 on a measuring cup while staff act like you're the gum on the bottom of their shoe. Skip this store.
Olivia A
Olivia A: Came in after an oncology appointment to cheer myself up with a small treat. Left upset with my day ruined after a large, elderly employee followed me around with her arms crossed like a thief. I have never felt so intimidated and judged. Considering there are so many other stores with kitchenwares in the area I'm not sure why they are literally chasing customers out. Stopped into Victory Bakery for something better anyways! :)
Kyle Rask
Kyle Rask: Absolutely abysmal customer service. Checked online for a product and it said there was 8 available. Showed up to pick it up and the employee goes to try to find it and comes back 4 minutes later and tells me “I didn’t see it. You should just order it online for in store pick up and then come back another time to get it”.Didn’t spend ANY time finding it after going out of my way the day before Christmas eve to pick this up. And then, 20 minutes after doing said online order I get a notification it was ready. Already home. Can’t make it back in time. Just the worst customer service and total lack of care I’ve seen in long time.Oh yeah, and should be mentioned that after the whopping 4 minutes of looking they also thought it best to suggest just going over to Ming Wo 2 doors down to get it there. This employee got to go.
Jenny Lo
Jenny Lo: 2022/12/03 10am returning an item that I didn't realize was final sale. The Asian female staff was dismissive and walked away while I was talking to her. I suggested to let customers know at the till or change the sign to 'final' sale. I like Williams Sonoma so much but this staff makes me not want to go back.
Jason Ellis
Jason Ellis: Ordered pans in March. Seven months later and still no pans. Spoke to reps on no fewer than 4 occasions. Finally cancelled order. Useless company. Will never order from them again!
marc leblanc
marc leblanc: I had a great visit today. Very attentive staff. Super quality products and prices are fair. It was nice to see the manager was absent so i could enjoy a visit.
Joshua Baerg
Joshua Baerg: I had a fantastic time while shopping at Williams-Sonoma. The staff were friendly and patient with me. They were excellent when helping me to select kitchen knives that were a good feel for me. They helped me to test and use each of their display knives so I was confident in my choice. I will be returning there to shop again in the future.
saber n
saber n: An incredibly special place for individuals interested in culinary arts. Unique products and cooking tools
Kaylee Kozyniak
Kaylee Kozyniak: Best store ever! Amazing customer service from Emily and Nancy!
Zaid: Staff were unhelpful, and kept trailing behind my wife and I the entire time we were in the store. Very uncomfortable.
Myles Mcdonald
Juan Leano (JD)
Juan Leano (JD): The associates were incredibly helpful and accommodating with a request I had. Very grateful for their help! The store has great selection. Prices are on the higher-end but quality is at par.
Caitlin Jesson
Caitlin Jesson: Thank you Basha! (sorry if I misspelled)You were super helpful and patient with me picking out a knife set for my Mums 70th birthday. She will love it.
T Ming
T Ming: Replacement was damaged in transit again, I’ve got my refund
Richard Cannon
Richard Cannon: They were great no pressure great staff and the coaches were amazing
B Naylor
B Naylor: No tap payments… what is this, 1997?
David Finch
David Finch: Helpful staff but didn't have the required items in stock.
K. B. in Vancouver
K. B. in Vancouver: CUSTOMER SERVICE from Williams-Sonoma is appalling. I ordered an Emile Henry Ruffled Pie Dish, which had no Emile Henry item number attached. The item was $39.95 and they charge an outrageous $29.95 shipping fee. The item itself was on sale, so I decided to go ahead. The next day I called to possibly cancel the order because the dish I wanted had a much deeper ruffle and I realized that on looking at the photo. They would not let me cancel the order, despite it showing that it hadn’t shipped. They said I could return the dish when it arrived, HOWEVER THEY ABSOLUTELY REFUSED TO REFUND THE OUTRAGEOUS $29.95 SHIPPING FEE. AS MANY HAVE EXPERIENCED, IT IS OBVIOUSLY WILLIAMS SONOMA COMPANY POLICY TO BE UTTERLY UNCONCERNED WITH CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. NORDSTROM’S, IN CONTRAST, BASES ITS WHOLE REPUTATION ON CUSTOMER SATISFACTION, which is as it should be. I WILL NEVER SHOP WITH THEM AGAIN.

5. Science World - Vancouver

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9327 reviews
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Science World
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Address: 1455 Quebec St, Vancouver, BC V6A 3Z7, Canada

Schedule: Open until 5:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-443-7440

Business type: Science museum

Science World: what do users think?
julien crible.
julien crible.: Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended YesMore
Tyson Kliem
Tyson Kliem: Kids loved it, staff are amazing, lots to do… the place and activities are starting to look a little tired
deedo hk
deedo hk: Endroit sympa avec plein d'expérience scientifique à expérimenter !Très bien pour les enfants !
Emily Greco
Emily Greco: Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended NoMore
Henry Chen
Henry Chen: If you have a kid, it’s best to just buy a family pass so you can take your kids here regularly.So much to do and see here. It has lots of interesting interactive installations as well as some cool gallery. Throughout the day, there are different science shows.Spending half day here is easy and you and your kids can learn a lot.
Dustin Garvey
Dustin Garvey: Awesome!Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended Yes …More
michael gray
michael gray: Was expecting more, I've been to better science center.
kurtis Hartwell
kurtis Hartwell: Always a fun visit to science world. My kid loves all the activities and talked about it all the way there telling us what we were going to do. Very busy as we were there on a long weekend. Bring your own food if you are there during peak time waited 30mins for whitespot. Skin exibit was neat and seemed small compaired to other exibits in the past.
Christopher G
Christopher G: An absolute must see if you are in Vancouver! Great time for both the kids and the adults with something for everyone to see. Located right on the ocean, there are plenty of places to have a nice picnic when visiting or take a walk on the sea wall. Accessible by transit. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable. It can be a little expensive to visit so keep this in mind when doing so.
Connie Ono
Connie Ono: This was my first visit and I'd have to say it's not what I expected. I was looking forward to their Reptile World Exhibit where you can "feel" the skin of the various cold blooded animals but was disappointed, since most of them were interpretations to the real thing... It felt like the Telus Science Centre in Calgary but with more space and things to interact, but in all honesty, this is more for the younger generations to explore and build a love for science.As for parking, I HIGHLY recommend going early to get a parking spot, especially if it is near the science centre because the space is really crowded that if you are driving one of those big Ford trucks, you wouldn't be able to park if it's jammed packed to begin with. Otherwise, it is best to take a subway or sky train, or the aquabus to get here.And yes, purchasing a ticket in advance is always best to avoid waiting in line.
Pietro Biondo
Pietro Biondo: Il museo è sicuramente ben fatto. Lo consiglio per famiglie con bambini. Agli adulti potrebbe risultare un po' troppo bambinesco per i miei gusti.
Barbara Leao
Barbara Leao: It is wonderful for kids because there are lots of fun games that can teach them science, but not as much for adults. I thought it was more a museum type of thing, but I was mistaken. I think it is an amazing place to go if you have children between six and 12. They will enjoy it for sure. It is not an adult solo activity.Visited on Weekday Wait time 1 hr+ Reservation recommended No …More
Selene Wong
Selene Wong: Visited on Weekend Wait time Up to 10 minMore
Renlee Weir
Renlee Weir: Visited on Public holiday Wait time Up to 10 min Reservation recommended NoMore
Christine Styles
Christine Styles: It was awesome to seeVisited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended No …More
Olufikayo Olowoyo
Olufikayo Olowoyo: Lots of activities to occupy the kids and curious adults as well. Prepare to go early so you can explore most of the activities.Visited on Weekend Wait time No wait Reservation recommended Not sure …More
Jay D
Jay D: Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended NoMore
Stan Watt
Stan Watt: Awesome Adult Date Night every 3rd Thursday of the month. Friendly efficient staff and a safe secure time with exciting performances by entertainers.Visited on Weekday Wait time Up to 10 min Reservation recommended Yes …More
kezia abraham
kezia abraham: Visited on Weekend Wait time No waitMore
Damian Graham
Damian Graham: Always fun and informative!! Sadly so many of the displays aren’t working or glitchy. Wish there was better upkeep :(
imam haryadi sadat Firtanto
imam haryadi sadat Firtanto: Visited on Weekend Wait time Up to 10 min Reservation recommended YesMore

6. One Yoga for the People - Vancouver

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41 reviews
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One Yoga for the People
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Address: 150 W Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1G8, Canada

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10:30AM Sat

Telephone: +1 604-710-7267

Business type: Yoga studio

One Yoga for the People: what do users think?
Monika Reinhold
Monika Reinhold: Thank you 🙏
J I: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,QualityOne has been my happy place for five years. The front staff is warm and sweet, the instructors are brilliant, and my fellow yogis attending practice are always lovely.
Christopher Szado
Christopher Szado: This is my favorite space in Canada to practice. The instructors are all great. Even the newer instructors have a very high standards of practice and the best of the best in Vancouver congregate at this studio. Could not appreciate and value the space and people more. Highest recommendation possible
Jenny Yao
Jenny Yao: Dubious honor of delivering the worst digital classes that I have ever attended: 1. Zero effort put into the set-up (instructor's upper half was cut off - can probably find better streams on YouTube); 2. Verbal cues only for a good chunk of the class - not really beginner friendly; 3. Felt like you didn't matter if you weren't a regular - where's the community feel?
Tomoko Mikuriya
Tomoko Mikuriya: My favourite yoga studio! I highly recommend their in-person and virtual classes.
Brainy Bungler
Brainy Bungler: Tried a few studios in Vancouver. This one has the best vibe.
Amin Rezapour
Amin Rezapour: Best in town
Josephine Greene
Josephine Greene: Love this yoga studio
Kyle Wisniewski
Kyle Wisniewski: Excellent.
Mike McLean
Mike McLean: Great classes, space and teachers.
Cristina W.
Cristina W.: One Yoga is my favourite yoga studio in town with, in my opinion, the highest caliber of teachers.Most of these teachers have devoted their lives to this practice and are the kind of teachers who teach other teachers how to be an amazing teacher.Check out Christine Price Clark for a beautiful and intentional sequence. See Clara Roberts-Oss for unique and enlivening breathwork and forms. See Mari Dickey for a vinyasa class that will leave you feeling like a new person. See Risto Duggan for a rocket/vinyasa class that will encourage you to reach your full potential. See Shelley Tomczyk for her spiritual energy and heart-lifting sequencing. Those are just the teachers I can remember off the top of my head. Go find out for yourself how awesome they all are!Sliding scale payment system makes practice more accessible, which I am very grateful for. Wonderful space as well, red brick walls, deep brown wooden flooring. Homey vibes.
Sarah D (EatEnergizeEvolve)
Sarah D (EatEnergizeEvolve): I went to the 10am and it was packed, but spaced out well. Fantastic class, fantastic instructor and the front desk staff were super nice.
Ralitza Dimova
Ralitza Dimova: The studio is very new and modern and all the staff are fantastic. The only reason for the 3/5 stars is because the last three 4:15 classes I have attended have been so packed that the space between the mats is limited to 40-30cm, and they’ve run out of equipment every class (blocks and/or straps). So I’ve had to hold my leg up instead of using straps for a large portion of the class, which has been frustrating and has left me feeling like they care less about ensuring they are providing enough equipment for the poses in that class and more about selling as much space as possible. I found this wasn’t the case over the summer but it’s gotten worse since fall started.
T ngg
T ngg: Amazing instructors. Beautiful space. Hidden gem.
L Klein
L Klein: Home away from home :) The teachers at OneYoga are, in my opinion, the best in town. The atmosphere of the studio is relaxing, yet professional. Perfect mixture. Caters to many different needs- classes are taught pretty much morning-night on most days, with varying types of classes being offered. Can only recommend.
Anirudh Kansal
Anirudh Kansal: The staff and volunteers here are suuuuuper nice! They have a really strong community feel and the culture of service is really obvious when talking with anyone there. It's a beautiful studio, one of the best in Vancouver!
F. Dini
F. Dini: Great yoga studio. The noon classes are a perfect lunch break option if you want to relax and calm down for the rest of the day.
Andreas Lerch
Andreas Lerch: Great staff with a nice open clean space
jmhughes: Wonderful space and friendly staff. The class I took with Clara was superb - she focused on alignment and working at your own level within a well balanced flow class.
LAZER HAWK: My favourite yoga spot in van,really great vibes in this studio.
Terezie Strnadova
Terezie Strnadova: love this studio, teachers there are so inspiring, fun and have so much experience. staff is friendly and helpful and the studio is beautiful. my favorite in Vancouver.

7. The University of British Columbia - University Endowment Lands

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1542 reviews
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The University of British Columbia
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Address: Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-822-2211

Business type: University

8. London Drugs - Vancouver

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534 reviews
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London Drugs
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Address: 710 Granville St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1E4, Canada

Schedule: Open until 9:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-448-4802

Business type: Pharmacy

London Drugs: what do users think?
SYDWAD: Tech literally never answers their here phone if you call them, so dont even try.
Kei Alaba
Kei Alaba: Waited at the cashier for the cash back then he said I have to go to other cashier because he don't do that. So I waited again until HANNY said they don't do cash back. I went outside to withdraw money because I really need it for bus, I came back to HANNY again for a $20 change and she gave me $7, I keep coming back because she keep giving me not enough change. I think she needs training how to count?. And please she needs a customer service training. She's so rude.
Sneha Sree
Sneha Sree: John is really Good .
Christopher McDonald
Christopher McDonald: Placed an online order, was contacted the next day to say I was not getting my product at that price. False advertising.
eishasn y
eishasn y: Didn't expect to give ratings to a pharmacy usually, but after three tries to other drugmarts in vain, i was really happy and relieved to have finally found what I was looking for at this shop ~.~
Calvin Hill
Calvin Hill: Abishai completely made what would have been a nightmare a dream by helping me use crummy ministry vouchers that nobody wants to seem to treat as legal tender.Completely respectful and easy thank you much.
John Eyitayo
John Eyitayo: Good customer service at the Tech department, the staffs are friendly too.
Fabio Pfrommer
Fabio Pfrommer: Some products are disgusting
Heather Tremblay
Heather Tremblay: You have to be weary about ordering photos online and in store because they tax you twice at the checkout. They add the tax to the total but at checkout they charge tax on top of the tax they had on the online order
William Hunter
William Hunter: Security person Arun was very professional and friendly!!!William H.
Tony.: Riesen Auswahl an Drogerie Produkten, auch ist hier eine kleine Apotheke vertreten.
Faidra Berda
Faidra Berda: Yesterday I went into the cosmetics department at London Drugs on Granville and had one of the best customer service experiences ever. Nanda was so knowledgeable about all of the products and she recommended some fabulous skin care and make up that I just love. While helping me she noticed someone trying to shoplift and she politely asked me to wait a moment while she alerted security then she quickly returned to helping me. I was so impressed by her calmness and professionalism. Any employer would be lucky to have Nanda working for them. I will definitely be back to see her the next time I need new cosmetics.
Harran Shi
Harran Shi: Massive London Drugs. Got everything I need however I wish their Milka chocolates can be more consistent. I like that they offer Milka cookies which is very rare. They have huge chocolate section now. About four isles of pure goodness. I also like their camera section, they display the cameras very nicely.
Jorge Ramos Ferreyra
Jorge Ramos Ferreyra: Came to refill my prescription at 6:00 pm and they said they aren’t refilling prescriptions because they close at 7:00. Great customer service
Kenneth Lai
Kenneth Lai: Candy bars are on sales.
Julia Hornyak
Julia Hornyak: They have almost everything here and friendly workers...
Sean Morse
Sean Morse: Waited 1 hour to be told I couldn't return my item. Worst customer service I have experienced in a long time. Tech department and customer service desk are beyond useless and management is unresponsive.
Jason Kjorlien
Jason Kjorlien: Conveniently located on Granville Street (right downtown!).Can buy soft drinks (Cans or plastic bottles), various chocolate bars, toiletries,etc.
Jodi: Same discriminative downtown is known for, if you are in you 30-40's expect a babysitter by your side cause covid 19 protocols doo not apply when it comes to your personal space, makes me wonder why they ever bronner installing those fancy security systems that were supposed to make it so that they have on their eyes on their store without having to single out individuals with arcaic tactics such as chasing stalking and staring and I never to me you feel so uncomfortable that you leave rather than in finish all going to save already decided that you do not have money to be shopping there in the first place.
Guadalupe Salinas
Guadalupe Salinas: Ya no es como hace años, le hacen falta articulos
Kristy Kaye
Kristy Kaye: Love! Excellent customer service and friendly staff. It's a big, two level store televisions, stereos, beauty products...I could spend hours in this place.

9. Rubble Rock And Gem - Vancouver

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181 reviews
new review
Rubble Rock And Gem
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Address: 284 SW Marine Dr, Vancouver, BC V5X 2R5, Canada

Schedule: Open until 6:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-353-5949

Business type: Metaphysical supply store

Rubble Rock And Gem: what do users think?
Kari-Ann Levere
Kari-Ann Levere: Amazing place
Ariel Lewinski
Ariel Lewinski: Very cool gems and fossils
Naziya Brider
Naziya Brider: Absolutely my favorite place to buy my crystals and rocks love everything!!
Kandi: Wow, this place is amazing! So much selection, it's hard to choose which it how many. Love it!
Jacqueline Weighs In
Jacqueline Weighs In: Not only do I love visiting this shop, with an AMAZING selection of rocks and gems, knowledgeable staff in both the geological side and the metaphysical side, but there’s a healing room that can’t be missed.Special shout out to Tara and her healing room. Genuinely wonderful human being, so easy going and personable. Her reiki and channeling sessions have been such an immense help in better understanding myself, and my healing journey.10/10 would recommend everyone take the time to visit them, there’s a little something for everyone.
Sarah Scoular
Sarah Scoular: Beautiful crystal shop with a HUGE selection!! Some amazing crystals I've never even see before, and a local BC selection as well.
pamjy bhajji
pamjy bhajji: Finally, an overdue review! I am new to crystals and gems, hence needed to revisit to meet with Tara (as she doesn't work on Sunday) at the store to learn before I buy. Tara used her psychic abilities to read me and spent couple of hours with me, patiently answered all of my questions, recommended the right crystals for me based on what I want to manifest and for my blockages. Tara also offers Reiki healing and crystal reading, eagerly awaiting my reading. You got to have self-control, as this can become an addiction- these crystals are GORGEOUS. Thank you so much for your time and squeezing me into your schedule for my upcoming reading Tara- excitedly looking forward to our appointment and thank you Adam for advising me to come back when Tara is around. :)
Iona Ng
Iona Ng: thanks for all your help tara! went in without anything in mind but eventually settled on a couple rings.
Mackenzie Carlson
Mackenzie Carlson: I love coming to Rubble Rock and Gem, such a lovely environment and wonderful selection! Tara is kind, knowledgeable and extremely intuitive to what crystal you might need if you are just browsing! Always love my experience here!
Jessica Szeto
Jessica Szeto: The store has an amazing selection and variety of stones, fossils, rough and jewelery grade stuff. Tara is very knowledgeable and patient with questions! There's some extra security (putting bags behind the counter) which I totally understand and appreciate. Friendly staff, highly highly recommend! Huge cabochon selection and GORGEOUS jewelry too!!
Amy Sager
Amy Sager: Lovely shop, amazing selection and Tara was a delight. Felt super welcomed and definitely will be coming back
Iskra Zamalloa
Iskra Zamalloa: Amazing place!!!I was hesitating to go because "rocks" right... BUT, I got slapped by the beauties that this place has.If you have a chance go and prepare your eyes and mind to see the most amazing things
Rebeca Vespasiano
Rebeca Vespasiano: Amazing store, great selection and extremely friendly staff. Definitely will be coming back!
Lauren Silver
Lauren Silver: Great experience shopping here. Very helpful service by Tara!
Hdecas: Always a treat coming to Rubble Rock and Gem! The biggest variety my partner and I have seen and they work hard to answer any questions we have. Today, Tara helped us out with some bumble bee jasper and some other great specimens:).
ViZa LaufLas
ViZa LaufLas: Just had a healing with Tara.I have never had a healing before andthere aren't words that accurately describe the journey we went on, but i will endeavor to try. The catharsis, validation and weightless feeling I experienced while she worked on me was a Rollercoaster of emotions that she guided me through in a safe space of healing.Her ability to connect with not just her guides but my own is something I've never experienced. She was able to pinpoint areas that I was trying desperately to mask but couldn't hide from her. Lol. This is just a testament to her ability and skill set.Thank you Tara. ❤️
Li Ta
Li Ta: Beautiful assortment of crystals. My go-to Crystal store
Beatriz Zarzosa
Beatriz Zarzosa: Tara is wonderful, love this place
Andy Tian
Andy Tian: Amazing selection of rocks and minerals. Tara was very helpful and friendly!
Janelle Segui
Janelle Segui: Great customer service provided by Tara! And excellent products
Aneeka Fatema
Aneeka Fatema: Great store which caught our eye whilst walking on Marine Dr. They have a huge collection and definitely the biggest shop of its kind I have seen. Tara was very helpful in finding what we were looking for. Definitely recommended.

10. Oxygen Yoga & Fitness Yaletown - Vancouver

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58 reviews
new review
Oxygen Yoga & Fitness Yaletown
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Address: 525 Smithe St, Vancouver, BC V6B 6H1, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 8:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-620-0062

Business type: Yoga studio

Oxygen Yoga & Fitness Yaletown: what do users think?
Ghazal: Oxygen Yaletown is the second Oxygen studio that I’ve been to and it turned out to be better that the first one (Surrey Center studio).They are located at Richards and Smithe. The girl at the front desk was nice and helpful.The washroom, showers, and lockers are located in the fitting room. The lockers have locks on them already so you don’t need to bring one.I went to the HIIT and Sculpt class and was happy with both the class and the instructor, Carlos.The room was really packed though. There were at most 10 inches of space between the mats and that made some of the movements very hard.The room is heated so make sure to hydrate we’ll be the class and bring water with you.Overall, other than the number of people in the class, I was happy with the experience.
Nitin Goyal
Nitin Goyal: Rude receptionist! Other Oxygen Yoga places are way better, do not waste your money here.
Aaron Ottho
Aaron Ottho: Great instructors who are clear in instructions. Always a good workout. Bring your water bottle.
Keisha Gratton
Keisha Gratton: The customer service skill at this location is highly lacking compared to the other locations I have been to. It takes over a week to get a response via email and that's only after repeatedly following up and asking for a response. Accidentally signed up at this location instead of the one in my neighborhood and even though I did not attend a single class they still refused to give me a refund for the first month. For a place that is claiming to uphold such positive values this is beyond disappointing and greedy.
Katherine Cornelius
Katherine Cornelius: I am so grateful for the staff and other members of the studio. This morning after class my vehicle was broken into and everyone was so kind and helpful. My apologies for not getting her name, but the woman working the front desk was SO HELPFUL.Not only are the people amazing… the classes are great too.
Amandeep Gill
Amandeep Gill: Very friendly staff. janissa did an awesome job running the class, great work out. Highly recommended visiting this studio.
Adrián Ramírez Romero
Adrián Ramírez Romero: Lovely place and instructors, definitely your place to go if you're downtown and want to relax and spoil your soul and body.
Maria Cruz Hernández Arroyo
Maria Cruz Hernández Arroyo: For the price you paid they should limit the amount of people in the studio. The room is way to small to fit us all plus all our belongings now that the change rooms are closed. The classes and teachers are great but the yoga mats are spaced literally 10 cm. It is really hard to focus on the exercises when you are all the time trying not to hit anyone close to you. Also, even if we are all vaccinated, it doesn't feel safe to be in a heated room with no social distance at all. Hope they reconsider the number of reasonable spots that room actually fits.
Emily Phillips
Emily Phillips: I LOVE businesses that promote vaccine passports! It makes me feel safer knowing those around me in a smaller confined INDOOR area are also taking precautions to avoid getting sick. Thank you!!! Looking forward to joining your fitness studio soon
S LD: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality
Caroline Cavalcante
Caroline Cavalcante: Will never support a business that promote vaccine passports and segregation of our society. Shame on you all. Not healthy practice at all. What will you do and who will you blame when these vaccines keep continuing the transmission between the ones that comply??
Shayna Populos
Shayna Populos: Positive:Communication
Maggie Sung
Maggie Sung: Clean studio, great classes and high quality instructors
Ivan Lys
Ivan Lys: Critical:CommunicationThey Don't reply to emails. I'm sure the studio is good but having basic questions answered is not possible. Not professional.
Grace S
Grace S: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Qualityrevised review: They found the issue, reverted unauthorized payments for me and apologized, very rarely for gyms/fitness studios these days. Fitness classes are awesome and hope to come back after pandemic is over.
Ron Stevens
Ron Stevens: Local fitness studios are tough businesses to run, especially now but so useful and valuable to a community! At least until Amazon figures out a way to destroy that business too.Since the return and new distancing protocols are in place that limits classes to 15 people, this studio manager did a good job of navigating through the issues and got much better as a result. The new changes only improved the overall experience and even without changeroom usage, it's just better!The teachers did a great job with the online classes and are even better now in live classes. The front reception and management are all very good, patient and pleasant.Suggestions.Offer some new quiet classes without music or classes with no loud music, only calming music that appeals to everyone.
Tara Williams -she, her - Vancity
Tara Williams -she, her - Vancity: The trainers at Oxygen Yaletown are amazing! So energetic and leave me in puddles on the floor by the time I’m finished one of their workouts! ❤️🙏
Heather Valentino
Heather Valentino: Visiting from Toronto and had a great time at the fast and furious class this morning!! Thank you for being so welcoming!!
Jen Han
Jen Han: One of the yoga instructor that I don't know if she usually practices yoga for her self.The class was mess. She explained the gesture only with words, so the students were busy seeing other people's movements. In the middle, the teacher finally did some moves, but he could hardly do them. I doubt if she really enjoys yoga and does her own training to share good energy with us.
A Kaushik
A Kaushik: Very rude staff. I have been trying to call these girls to book something and every time I call I get rude unhelpful replies. Since we get corporate discount hence I was trying to call them to see that may be today my luck may shine and someone will reply in a positive helpful way but No. they r really rude and when u ask them name so that you could take the matter to the manager they hang up on you.If this is how they treat initially I wonder how they would treat after taking money.
Geoffrey Scoates
Geoffrey Scoates: Great studio, the teachers are fantastic and the people are the front are friendly (special shout of to Kat and Larissa) and very helpful. Make sure you read the description of the classes before hand because some of the classes can be very different from each other, but they're all good.

11. Jaybird Studio - Vancouver

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52 reviews
new review
Jaybird Studio
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Address: 1232 Richards St, Vancouver, BC V6B 3G2, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-423-4077

Business type: Yoga studio

12. ZENDEN Meditation - Vancouver

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27 reviews
new review
ZENDEN Meditation
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Address: 33 Water St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1R4, Canada

Schedule: Reopens at 4:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-612-3355

Business type: Meditation center

13. Heartspace Massage and Healing Arts - Vancouver

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18 reviews
new review
Heartspace Massage and Healing Arts
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Address: 825 Granville St Unit 609, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1K9, Canada

Schedule: Open until 8:00 PM

Telephone: +1 778-819-6833

Business type: Alternative medicine practitioner

14. Magic Stronghold - Vancouver

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531 reviews
new review
Magic Stronghold
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Address: 3665 Kingsway #185, Vancouver, BC V5R 5W2, Canada

Schedule: Open until 8:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-568-6030

Business type: Hobby store

15. London Drugs - Vancouver

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250 reviews
new review
London Drugs
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Address: 3328 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC V5R 5L1, Canada

Schedule: Open until 10:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-448-4828

Business type: Pharmacy

16. VFS - Administration, Acting for Film & Television & Writing for Film, Television & Games - Vancouver

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199 reviews
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VFS - Administration, Acting for Film & Television & Writing for Film, Television & Games
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Address: 198 W Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1H2, Canada

Schedule: Open until 5:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-685-5808

Business type: Educational institution

17. London Drugs - Vancouver

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480 reviews
new review
London Drugs
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Address: 525 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V5Z 1E6, Canada

Schedule: Open until 10:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-448-4804

Business type: Pharmacy

18. Atkinson's - Vancouver

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33 reviews
new review
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Address: 1501 W 6th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 1R1, Canada

Schedule: Open until 5:30 PM

Telephone: +1 604-736-3378

Business type: Novelty store

19. Shadbolt Centre For The Arts - Burnaby

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105 reviews
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Shadbolt Centre For The Arts
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Address: 6450 Deer Lake Ave, Burnaby, BC V5G 2J3, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-297-4440

Business type: Music school

20. London Drugs - Vancouver

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186 reviews
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London Drugs
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Address: 1650 Davie St, Vancouver, BC V6G 1V9, Canada

Schedule: Open until 10:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-448-4850

Business type: Pharmacy

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