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1. Williams-Sonoma - Vancouver

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Address: 2903 Granville St, Vancouver, BC V6H 3H8, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 10:00 AM

Telephone: +1 778-330-2581

Business type: Kitchen supply store

Williams-Sonoma: what do users think?
Paula Lyons: Incredibly helpful staff & manager on a purchase I made but needed to return. The manager, Sam, was great to deal with. Beautiful store and staff that go out of the way.
Kelly P: Surely it’s not hard to update store hours on Google.
Inge Mueller-Langer: The store itself is pretty enough and offers good quality items but the customer service is the worst I’ve ever experienced in my life. And I’m not exaggerating. They didn’t have a complete set of dish ware in stock so they CHARGED me to have the missing items brought in. A restocking fee. Isn’t that a normal part of owning a business that you ensure you have the product a customer wants to buy? And I was spending more than $1,000! I had to pay up front, then my order was cancelled REPEATEDLY by head office. I kept getting messages that my items were no longer being delivered as my order was cancelled. I had to deal with store staff (very unhelpful) head office staff, pretty much useless, and go online numerous times to try and get dishes I had paid for more than a month ago. Store staff couldn’t have cared less. Head office gave me bad information and I once waited 20 minutes on the phone as the sales associate tried, unsuccessfully, to log into the computer (apparently they have an old system). In the end it took close to three months to receive the product, in fits and starts, and I even had to go back to the store twice to pick up items I had paid to have delivered. One time I arrived and they couldn’t find the package in the store though I had been phoned by store staff and told to pick it up. Horrendous. Only buy what they have in stock. Save yourselves a lot of grief!
ur- gash: Great place if you want to spend $100 on a measuring cup while staff act like you're the gum on the bottom of their shoe. Skip this store.
Olivia A: Came in after an oncology appointment to cheer myself up with a small treat. Left upset with my day ruined after a large, elderly employee followed me around with her arms crossed like a thief. I have never felt so intimidated and judged. Considering there are so many other stores with kitchenwares in the area I'm not sure why they are literally chasing customers out. Stopped into Victory Bakery for something better anyways! :)
Kyle Rask: Absolutely abysmal customer service. Checked online for a product and it said there was 8 available. Showed up to pick it up and the employee goes to try to find it and comes back 4 minutes later and tells me “I didn’t see it. You should just order it online for in store pick up and then come back another time to get it”.Didn’t spend ANY time finding it after going out of my way the day before Christmas eve to pick this up. And then, 20 minutes after doing said online order I get a notification it was ready. Already home. Can’t make it back in time. Just the worst customer service and total lack of care I’ve seen in long time.Oh yeah, and should be mentioned that after the whopping 4 minutes of looking they also thought it best to suggest just going over to Ming Wo 2 doors down to get it there. This employee got to go.
Jenny Lo: 2022/12/03 10am returning an item that I didn't realize was final sale. The Asian female staff was dismissive and walked away while I was talking to her. I suggested to let customers know at the till or change the sign to 'final' sale. I like Williams Sonoma so much but this staff makes me not want to go back.
Jason Ellis: Ordered pans in March. Seven months later and still no pans. Spoke to reps on no fewer than 4 occasions. Finally cancelled order. Useless company. Will never order from them again!
marc leblanc: I had a great visit today. Very attentive staff. Super quality products and prices are fair. It was nice to see the manager was absent so i could enjoy a visit.
Joshua Baerg: I had a fantastic time while shopping at Williams-Sonoma. The staff were friendly and patient with me. They were excellent when helping me to select kitchen knives that were a good feel for me. They helped me to test and use each of their display knives so I was confident in my choice. I will be returning there to shop again in the future.
saber n: An incredibly special place for individuals interested in culinary arts. Unique products and cooking tools
Kaylee Kozyniak: Best store ever! Amazing customer service from Emily and Nancy!
Zaid: Staff were unhelpful, and kept trailing behind my wife and I the entire time we were in the store. Very uncomfortable.
Juan Leano (JD): The associates were incredibly helpful and accommodating with a request I had. Very grateful for their help! The store has great selection. Prices are on the higher-end but quality is at par.
Caitlin Jesson: Thank you Basha! (sorry if I misspelled)You were super helpful and patient with me picking out a knife set for my Mums 70th birthday. She will love it.
T Ming: Replacement was damaged in transit again, I’ve got my refund
Richard Cannon: They were great no pressure great staff and the coaches were amazing
B Naylor: No tap payments… what is this, 1997?
David Finch: Helpful staff but didn't have the required items in stock.
K. B. in Vancouver: CUSTOMER SERVICE from Williams-Sonoma is appalling. I ordered an Emile Henry Ruffled Pie Dish, which had no Emile Henry item number attached. The item was $39.95 and they charge an outrageous $29.95 shipping fee. The item itself was on sale, so I decided to go ahead. The next day I called to possibly cancel the order because the dish I wanted had a much deeper ruffle and I realized that on looking at the photo. They would not let me cancel the order, despite it showing that it hadn’t shipped. They said I could return the dish when it arrived, HOWEVER THEY ABSOLUTELY REFUSED TO REFUND THE OUTRAGEOUS $29.95 SHIPPING FEE. AS MANY HAVE EXPERIENCED, IT IS OBVIOUSLY WILLIAMS SONOMA COMPANY POLICY TO BE UTTERLY UNCONCERNED WITH CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. NORDSTROM’S, IN CONTRAST, BASES ITS WHOLE REPUTATION ON CUSTOMER SATISFACTION, which is as it should be. I WILL NEVER SHOP WITH THEM AGAIN.

2. ANN SACKS - Vancouver

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Address: 1616 W 2nd Ave Lecture Theater, Vancouver, BC V6J 1H4, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-742-2015

Business type: Tile store

ANN SACKS: what do users think?
CW Paul: Beware --- here is the variation you can expect when ordering tiles from Ann Sacks. The tiles we received are far from the quality and consistency of the ones we saw in their showroom and on their website.We ordered the Ann Sacks Provincal 4x4" tiles in Rose and White colour for our guest bath. The handmade tile in the showroom had a buttery translucent glaze that was masterfully applied, they were cut square (nearly perfect) and laid perfectly flat. The tiles we received are not even in the same category as the tiles we were sold. Our first batch was sent back and had to be re-made and this second batch is still nowhere near the quality of the tiles we ordered.Our project is significantly delayed and we are stuck with thousands of dollars in substandard tiles without a refund. They have deep vertical & horizontal lines that are not in the samples, the glaze application is mottled and the surface of the clay body is far more rustic than the tiles on their website or in their showroom. The tiles we received are warped and have not been cut evenly, it's impossible to lay these tiles as neatly as in the showroom and require up to 1/4" grout line. We've been advised that this level of variation is to be expected and fits within their acceptable range.Attached Images:1. Diagonal - Ann Sacks Showroom2. Horizontal - Ann Sacks Reality3. Horizontal - Ann Sacks First attempt (these are the tiles sent to us originally, why they were ever sent is beyond me). Ann Sacks said they fell within the 'outside range' of acceptable but took them back on our insistence. Our project was significantly delayed and we are on the hook to pay trades to return to the site to finish this work separately. It then took over 7 weeks for them to make and ship the next batch; which are admittedly improved, but still far inferior to the tiles we purchased and viewed in the show room.
Kirsten Hannah: Fantastic staff, service and products. I would highly recommend!
Sarah-Jane Chilton: Would highly recommend! Bought some beautiful tile for my new home renovation. Super friendly staff and so knowledgeable. Will definitely use them again. Top marks for service and product.
Caitlin Beland: I was impressed with the courtesy and the attention to detail of the staff. They really listened to me and because of them my reno turned out great! I modernized my older home but was able to fill it with style and charm. I felt safe visiting the showroom because of the Covid precautions they took. Everything from booking the appointment to my installer receiving the product was smooth and professionally executed. Would use them again in a heartbeat
Kim Hatfield: Professional, helpful, knowledgeable. Enjoyed my visit and would like to thank the staff for their patience with all of my questions.
Maria R: Don’t bother with this place. She wouldn’t give me the time of day. Maybe you need to be a big name designer to shop here. What an unpleasant 3 minutes.
Nader El-Ramly: Ann Sacks has a wonderful selection of tile. We have been all over the lower mainland looking at different tile stores and there products are by far the best we have seen. Great and knowledgeable staff were super helpful. Highly recommended!
Peter S: Thank you for the sample tiles for my partner's kindergarten class. They are fantastic learning materials. Thanks for being so friendly and accommodating.
Darina Mishkova: This is a smal store, but full of plenty of unique and elegant tiles. So different! The staff is very friendly. You can take a sample home.
Shelley Scales: These are simply beautiful tiles that make bespoke and artful interiors.
Stefan Ciotinga: Minty, just totally minty :)

3. Fontile Kitchen & Bath - Vancouver

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Fontile Kitchen & Bath
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Address: 270 Terminal Ave, Vancouver, BC V6A 2L6, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-683-9358

Business type: Tile store

Fontile Kitchen & Bath: what do users think?
Nick Dj.: The selection of tiles in the store is the only good thing I have to say about this place.But, it’s about people, isn’t it. And they were terrible in this case.After months of looking for tiles for our kitchen, we finally found tiles that perfectly match the rest of the kitchen.It also turned out that Fontile was clearing their stock of these tiles, so the price was very good.We bought 300 sq. feet that we were going to install a couple of months later. However, when the tiler finally stated the installation, it turned out that these tiles can’t be cut “normally”, by scoring and snapping. Every single time he tried, the tiles would break unpredictably, never along the score. He tried several other tiles that we had – no problems.The tiles were also bowed – some in, some out. So, in one word – unusable for something that is supposed to last.I went to Fontile to see what can be done about this, spoke to a sales girl, a day later spoke to the sales manager that spoke to the owner but I never got any response. I can kind or understand that they wouldn’t give me my money back, although it’s the issue with their tiles, not that we change our mind,but I also told them that the store credit would be fine. We have to buy tiles for the backslash as well. Still, no response at all.We had to find the replacement tiles asap, and all I could do was either to donate the Fontile tiles or to throw them in the garbage.A reputable store that is supposed to take this kind of donations told me that they have “no current need” for them, so the tiles ended up in the landfill. Terrible, isn’t it. 300 sq feet of unpacked tiles in the garbage.Or, to express it in the only language that Fontile understands – money numbers – $1300+ for the tiles, $125 for the landfill fees, $50 for the trailer rental, not to mention the price for the new tiles, going back and forth etc.So, Fontile, you owe me at least $1500. I know you don’t care, that’s why I write this review, something I normally don’t do, hoping that at least somebody will buy the tiles elsewhere, not in your store.
Avery Gillick: Great spot for tiles with helpful friendly professionals
Gregorio Bandeira de Mello: Amazing products and team!
Suet Suet Lau: They said they r open Sunday now 11-4 even on their website. I drove all the way there and it’s not open, took me 45 min to drive there. There was another man walking in the rain trying to get in as well. This is disappointing.
Ryan Sieber: This is the place to go if you need to do some serious tile shopping. We went here first before making a day of hitting up all the tile shops in Vancouver and Richmond. We had excellent service and more tile choices than the others combined. Wasted an entire day only to find we should have just made our purchases there.
aida danyali: The worse place to work ever. NEVER EVER RECOMMENDED.There was a manager whose name was Shawn. OMG he is the worse person I've ever seen in my whole life. Verrrrryyyyy BAD place to work. working there is like a nightmare. There was a lady there whose name was Mayblle, oh God Shawn and Maybelle were the worst people ever. Never ever apply for this company.
Jerry Thomas: Great selection of tile and prices are not through the roof. Good service and they have parking at the rear of the building.
Sally Wong: nice tiles
Julia Hornyak: Very friendly workers, helpful and a lovely selection of tiles.
Shane Healey: Great customer service friendly staff
APL Restoration: This place has very unique tiles
Damien Gamez: Nice tiles but the owner makes me think Jeff Bezos isn't so bad
Arash Yazdani: Great selection of higher-end, harder-to-find tile. They had a specialty tile I was looking for and couldn't find at other stores and even better, they had it in stock. James Gu was very efficient and easy to deal with. Pick up of the tile was also very efficient. The tile I bought was large pieces and awkard to transport, however the Fontile warehouse crew took care of loading it into my vehicle and making sure it was secure to prevent any damage during transport. Would recommend both Fontile and James.
yvette y tang: Lots of stone tiles, texture ....if u care about ur place go here, not home depot......
Hamid Reza Tabatabaeian: The worst management I ever seen. They can not do any worst. I think the manager hired by other supplier to bring the fontile down.They always lack in everything.I never go there anymore
Sina: You shouldn’t have to wait over an hour to pick up tiles
Mali DS: Best place to buy tile in Vancouver
Michael Henderson: I popped by here looking for a unique tile. They didn't have it, but they went out of their way to find someone else that might. That doesn't happen very often. Thank you.
Margaret Milo: This is based on our 2 recent visits. They have a great selection of high end tiles, the stuff you see in Architectural Digest, but still workable in our humble shack.The ground floor has some great bargains on their products, if you're flexible with the design/colour, this is a treasure trove! We got some fantastic backsplash tiles for $1/sq', down from $25!!Samuel was very helpful with our queries, even though he was up to his ears with paperwork.
Jackson So: Fontile is one of my favorite tile shop, you can find all types of tiles with different sizes and shapes. Even Versace too.
Ally Day: Really rude, tried to ask for assistance and were completely ignored. We asked the gentleman at the desk if he could recommend a style of tile and he basically kept working on his computer and didn’t even look up and said no. We then asked if he could provide a recommendation on tile, and he kept looking at his computer and said no - he was doing his best to let us know we weren’t welcome. As soon as other customers came in speaking his language he jumped up and ran to help them. Pretty disappointing, we left feeling bewildered since we’d been recommended to go there and we’d spent an hour to get down to the store. Definitely felt discriminated against. We then went to HL Tile Depot and had the opposite experience - very helpful and welcoming.

4. The Chinese Tea Shop - Vancouver

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The Chinese Tea Shop
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Address: 101 E Pender St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1T6, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 1:30 PM

Telephone: +1 604-633-1322

Business type: Tea store

The Chinese Tea Shop: what do users think?
CAI GAN XIAN Lucas: I really like the place. The owner is super nice and knowledgeable about tea. Donc expect to find cheap tea there, most of the teas are fancy and aged. Which make them very tasty but quite expensive.
Shelley T.: I can’t overstate how surprised I was to find a gem like this in Chinatown. I came in looking to find some tea for my dad — however, I was both overwhelmed by the varieties and unsure of what my dad would like. When I called my dad on the phone to ask, I struggled to understand the specific name of the tea my dad was referring to in Cantonese. Daniel (the owner) understood immediately and helped me find my dad’s specific favorite tea.Beyond helping with that, Daniel also gave me and my friends a very detailed explanation of the different varieties offered at the store and some suggestions of what we might like, along with some recommendations of sites to visit since we were touring Vancouver. I’ll definitely make time to come back here during my next visit to the city!
Lika Pika: Always good quality of tea and great service 🍵
Ethan G: Daniel was extremely helpful when it came to finding a tea pot within my price range. A great selection of puerh and oolong as well as tea pots and accessories. I can't recommend The Chinese Tea Shop highly enough and look forward to coming back!
Thomas Robson: The Chinese Tea Shop offers a great assortment of traditional teas as well as teapots and all the accessories necessary for brewing kung fu tea.The owner, Daniel, has real passion for tea and tea culture.
Edwardolardo Plays: First time here today. Felt super welcomed and had a great time picking some tea. Owner was super helpful
Tony Hegr: Awesome experience with the process of buying, support and quality of products.At first, I wanted to ship to the Czech Republic, but eshop hod no option for my country. I contacted the shop and their response positively suprised me. They added my country to the option. Later they refunded part of the shipping because it was cheaper to ship to my country then expected.The package was safely wrapped.I love the new YiXing. The quality and photos are as presented on the shop.One of my best experience shopping online. Thanks!
Richard Croteau: Very nice man. Was really helpful. I was buying tea for Xmas presents for my wife and don't know if much about tea. Very nice experience.
レーレヴィ: Knowledgeable and friendly owner. Great selection, will have to swing by to have a better look when time allows.
Cindy Xu: My order of Long Jing (Dragon Well) tea was in fantastic condition, freshly roasted with the pleasant aroma of green tea. The friendly owner also included a free tea sample 🙂.
Elsa McIntosh: Daniel has fantastic service and knowledge, plus an excellent selection of high-quality tea and teawares! He provided a wonderful gongfucha demonstration for me and my dad, and gave us several free items with our purchase :) I am excited to visit again when I'm in the area!
Komanduri: Love chatting with the shops owner, I try to get to this place at least one a year and pick up our teas.
Alex Stewart: top quality tea, and Daniel is a wonderful host. I stop by whenever I am in the area.
Dra. Rosa Alba Martinez López, IBCLC: Excellent shop!
Cecily Protsack: Authentic Chinese tea shop with very knowledgeable owner. Try the pu’erh tea!
Emily Myers: I walked 40 minutes to get to the shop and it was well worth it. So many interesting teas, and the shop owner was so kind, knowledgeable, and helpful. You'd be dumb not to pay him a visit and pick up some tea.
Jeff Chiu: Daniel, the owner and his wife run an amazing tea shop in historic BC Chinatown. Excellent selection of tea and tea ware, and more importantly Daniel was extremely knowledgeable and generous with his time, making sure to answer all my questions. Will go back again!
Brian Guanzon: Great service.
DM S: Daniel, the personable and friendly owner of the Chinese Tea Shop, is a wealth of information and experience for all things tea! We were welcomed into his shop and treated to a wonderful tea tasting as an introduction and practical means of answering our questions about the various teas, brewing techniques and serving/tasting. Daniel sells tea but this was not so much about selling tea as creating an informed appreciation for the subtle nuances of flavour and aroma, a very patient and knowledgeable man!
Eden Jager: Very helpful staff, large selection of fine teas, tea ornaments, and cups.
Thierry Marchildon-Lavoie: Daniel (owner) is always welcoming and ready to offer personalized service. Stick around for a tasting with other patrons and learn about Chinese tea.It's an experience, not a shopping stopover.

5. Pottery Barn Kids - Vancouver

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Pottery Barn Kids
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Address: 2935 Granville St, Vancouver, BC V6H 3J6, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 10:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-638-7494

Business type: Children's furniture store

Pottery Barn Kids: what do users think?
Kristina Setterholt: If I could give them a zero star rating I would. Ordered towels from them (as their site had a sale on them and then 40% on top of the sale). Apparently this was a glitch in their system. So they just cancelled the order. I called to speak with customer service and they explained that it's in the terms and conditions. No offer to even match the sale price of the towel at the time and then the lady hung up on me. They don't even contact you to notify you the order was canceled. Absolute garbage customer service. I will never order from them.
Congo: cancelling ligitimate order stating price error? if its $$$$ priced item selling for $, i understand but $ item for even less than that with your own coupon is price error? no wonder this company's review is so low.... dont bother shopping here, there are better options with better pricing
Lindt Koo: Terrible experience. They wouldn’t honour online promotion when a coupon was used -which was advertised on their own website! To make things worse, before the order was cancelled, they charged the full amount to my credit card instead of only holding a preauthorization. That is NOT allowed if they don’t ship! Lost a customer forever.
Inter: Bought a hooded towel during promotion and order got canceled few days after. Because of pricing error? What a joke! If you can’t afford then don’t even bother to run such promotion! Will never ever deal with such company cheating customers again!
Lisa Wong: Cancelled my online order (due to THEIR pricing error) but still charged my credit card. Now I have to make sure they credit me my money back. Worst experience ever.
SP Tang: Poor online experience. They would not fulfill an online order because a coupon was used. They advertised this coupon on their own website.
Kiky Tangerine: Would never buy from this place again; very poor customer service online.
Tamara Bingley: Online website is a scam. Buyer beware
Nicole Gerrard: Literally pottery barn is the WORST company to deal with. Paid $30 for shipping for items that took and entire month and they refuse to refund shipping chargesI have never had a great experience shopping with them and I will no longer be shopping with pottery barn. They make it impossible for their Canadian customers
Likes Eating: Lovely store with lots of pretty items; however, the staff who was at the cashier when we visited was very unfriendly. She looked like she didn't want to be there and looked upset the entire time. I was shocked to see how unpleasant she looked.
EC: Not friendly and not trained staffs. Either they don’t want to be asked or don’t know about their product.
Winnie F: Furniture and products are beautiful and well crafted, staff however were unapproachable, unfriendly and unhelpful. The store is very cramped and not stroller friendly which is surprising being that they are a children's retail store.I suppose with high-end stores comes with staff that have high-end attitudes. I thought perhaps it was a one time occurence, it isn't, I have been to the store several times and every time, it is the same.
Rajiv Bassi: Rude employees that dont even say hello or offer to help.
Min L: Not helpful, horrible customer service
Isabella Taba: I have ordered bed and bedroom setting for my child in September 2020, after getting cancelled just randomly and I had to go back to the store and re order, finally End of November I was assured the items will be shipped by latest beginning of Jan, and then in Jan another email, delayed to Feb and finally today the items were again cancelled.Horrible experience, so irresponsible, and why even this company stayed in business is beyond me? Do not waste your time and money.
칸델라Kandela: 친구/동료들 베이비샤워 선물 쇼핑을 여기서 많이 했는데요, 지난 일요일(21년 1월 10일) 방문은 충격적이었어요. 손님이 들어가도 인사는 커녕 눈도 안마주치고 계산대에 물건을 가져가도 쳐다보는둥 마는둥 하다가 겨우 계산해주네요. 쇼핑 내내 도움을 준다거나 말을 거는 직원은 한명도 없었습니다. 가게엔 손님이 거의 없었구요. 간간히 들어오는 다른 손님들에게도 그런 태도로 대하더군요. 예전에는 친절했는데 왜이렇게 됐는지 안타깝네요
Aqua Pacific Innovations: Bunch of thieves, I canceled an order from them back in July they sent me an email with receipt that the order was canceled. In September I received another email from them that the order is being shipped, confused I sent them an email with the original canceled order receipt showing the order was canceled. They apologize and send me another email confirmation that the order is canceled. Fast forward to November 13th , I received another email confirmation that the order has been canceled, I found this to be strange so I immediately checked my credit card and lo and behold on the the same day that they sent me a canceled order receipt they also charged my credit card for the canceled order. I've called the store and the costumer service line to try to get this resolved, for three weeks now I’ve only been getting the run around and they have yet to return my money. I have escalated this with my credit card company fraud department and will also file a complaint with BBB.
abc: Min $20 shipping fee
Laurenzo S: Good store but pretty small. More online.
Six Balloons: Shockingly poor service and attitude. I'm not sure if they're being actively rude to give off the cool/snooty vibe, or if they are just that incompetent and lazy. Sad to see such judgemental staff - the customers are probably more affluent than the workers, but it's the workers that are the ignorant snobs here.
Roxi EE: Everything is so late without any communication that I'm beginning to wonder if I'll ever receive anything. Meanwhile, my kid is sleeping in my bed. I wish I'd just gone to Ikea and got him a chipboard bedroom set, so we could go on with our lives. Thousands of dollars have disappeared into a black hole. I don't know if I'll ever get anything in return for my payment or if this is a scam to take customers past the return date and force them to keep defective merchandise. Save yourself the trouble! I wish I'd read these reviews prior to placing my order.

6. Bargreen Ellingson Restaurant Supply & Design - Vancouver

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Bargreen Ellingson Restaurant Supply & Design
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Address: 1040 Parker St, Vancouver, BC V6A 4B9, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 8:00 AM

Telephone: +1 778-452-2430

Business type: Kitchen supply store

Bargreen Ellingson Restaurant Supply & Design: what do users think?
Mario Aguilar: Very nice and professional personnel. It was worth the visit.
hardeep singh: Excellent products and pricing . Icing on the cake is service provided by Mr Ali Abbas !!
al dub: Wonderful sales rep. Proper communication. Great warehouse, clean and organized. Great staff, clear and concise. Product was as promised and that's all that matters.
Cansoy Gurocak: Excellent selection of equipment all of which at a very reasonable price point and shipping rate. Friendly and very knowledgeable staff, very well informed about what they sell. Definitely recommend David Sanders and Bargreen Ellingson Restaurant Supply & Design, great customer service!
Sature Lam: Great friendly service. Great items at reasonable prices.
Jeff Parno: Great service, tons of product.The guy working the front counter is an absolute stud!

7. Nordstrom - Vancouver

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4617 reviews
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Address: 799 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V7Y 0A2, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 10:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-699-2100

Business type: Department store

Nordstrom: what do users think?
Gilda Loreto Aceituno C.: Mall con tiendas, una gran tienda po4 dpto con muchos productos en mitad de precio. Buena accesibilidad, coneccion con expolina y Canadá line
Andrew Baucom: So sad to see Nordstrom leave Canada. I hope for the best for their team members!!!!
Olesia Trubnikova: It's too messy, probably because of the sales, but there's a wide range of brands to choose from.
A.M. Wolf: Everything must go!!!
André Harold Dancs: Great store, it’s to bad its closing. I bought some nice Tom Ford sunglasses here and thought the experience was great, the washrooms were superb and the waiter at the restaurant was nice and chill too.
mehrsa raeiszadeh: The best place to shop in town!
Victor Law: Sadly, this Nordstrom is closing along with the company itself across Canada. Too bad as they occupied a niche that provided luxury items from just above the Bay to Holt Renfrew.This Nordstrom had very nice items and a great location. It was profitable, too, but the other ones dragged it down.We came during its last days, and the sales were basically 50 percent off. They still had plenty of women's shoes, including ones that my wife spotted for $1000 each before the discount. However, the sheer volume of traffic meant that getting help requires receiving a number and waiting for your number to be called. Plus, the displays have literally been ransacked, and you shop by looking everywhere, including around couches and under tables.We will miss this Nordstrom when they close.
Pam Struwing: Very messy. Overpriced - items were over priced even with the clearance/ closing sale
Nancy Ho: I will miss this place so much. The most friendly sales people, welcoming environment to shop, great deals, and an array of price ranges. Devastated as there is no comparable option in Canada.
Lillian Sun: Got a new bag with 30% off discount!
Nico Harvey: Clearance sale..not much left
Geoffrey Abubakary: Wednesday, May 17, 2023.
Carrie Jeffels: I realize that the store is closing but staff could be a bit friendlier and the discounts could be a bit better.
Elsie Sands: Nordstrom is great, but the Vancouver location is closing. All the fixtures and mannequins are for sale.
Chi T: How disappointing! When I was checking out the clearance sale, I laughed! Even with their so-called clear out sale, i still couldn't afford to buy anything. Come on, Nordstroms! You can do better.
Steven Snidal: Went for the closing sales got some good stuff kinda sad to see it go.
3 1 5 7 3: I shop for cosmetics. Some staff helped.
Jose Antonio Fernández Asensio: Curioso
vishal gandhi: So called "clearance " prices are still ridiculous..
Md. Nurul Afsar: Crazy price. Not enough instock products.
Neda azouji: Good bargains, it’s so sad to permanently close

8. Rosewood Hotel Georgia - Vancouver

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Rosewood Hotel Georgia
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Address: 801 W Georgia St, Vancouver, BC V6C 1P7, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-682-5566

Business type: Hotel

Rosewood Hotel Georgia: what do users think?
Abdulla AlNaqbi: Charming hotel and signature land mark in downtown VANCOUVER. The room is very spacious with beautiful decorations. The view was to the Art building and Georgia Street. The staff are all friendly and professional.Rooms: Very spacious rooms with elegant decoration.Nearby activities: Very close to major shopping areas and attractionsWalkability: Good start for exploring the city by footFood & drinks: Very close to various dining options and restaurants
Alana D: I recently had the pleasure of staying at this remarkable hotel, and I must say it was truly an incredible experience. If you ever find yourself contemplating a stay at this establishment, I highly encourage you to go for it! The level of hospitality provided was truly exceptional, leaving a lasting impression on me. Also, Rachel at the spa was amazing!
Lucien: Very nice rooftop, very central, beautiful rooms
Gabriel Faucher: Had a great time in this hotel! Nice rooftop to eat at, staff is very polite and helpful.Beds are confortable and the huge bathroom with a bathtub and a separate shower is very nice to have!They also have awesome ballroomThe restaurent at loby is great too.Rooms: Great room with huge bathroom. Very confortable
tigger 122: The reception staff and housekeeping were exceptional.Rooms: Good size rooms with all needs catered for. Housekeep did a great job both cleaning the room and turning the bed down in the evening to make it more personal.Rooms: 4/5|Service: 5/5|Location: 5/5Hotel highlights Luxury …More
Jane Leung: I was very impressed by the service and accommodations at the Rosewood Hotel Georgia. The staff worked well as a team to meet the expectations of the hotel guests. The food at the 1927 restaurant and at the outdoor patio Reflections was very good. I was most impressed with the management and staff who introduced themselves to us. The hotel is in a central location with many ways to connect to shopping, dining and attractions like the Granville Market. I will definitely come back.Rooms: My room had a lovely view of the library. The bed and bedding were comfortable and I had a sofa to relax in. The bathroom amenities included a heated floor, generous-sized bath tub and shower, bathrobes and slippers. There is turndown service in the evening which was lovely. My room attendant had my slippers laid out by my bed with bottled water and biscuits placed on my bed table.Nearby activities: It is easy to take a taxi or Uber to all the city attractions.Walkability: It was easy to walk out of the hotel and find stores, coffee shops, etc.Food & drinks: The location is close to many restaurants and cafes. There is a diversity in the offerings. There is a bakery next door to the hotel.
Sarah Kazimi: Upon booking a deluxe king suite, I was disappointed to find the washroom covered in fingerprints and the floor dirty with unidentified white substances. To document the state of the room, I took pictures. Additionally, I had inquired about room upgrade options prior to arrival, hoping to surprise my fiancé for his birthday. However, the person I spoke to on the phone informed me that the only available room was priced at an exorbitant $4,000 per night, which I found to be quite insulting.Upon check-in, I encountered another issue when the front desk attendant not only requested my identification, which is standard as the booking was under my name, but also asked for my fiancé's ID. This struck me as peculiar since we have stayed in numerous hotels before, and it has always been sufficient to provide the ID of the individual the room is booked under. My fiancé felt profiled due to his African American heritage, further exacerbating the situation.After calling to express my dissatisfaction with the room's condition, the hotel staff kindly arranged for us to switch to a different room, which I genuinely appreciated. It is worth noting that I have previously attended several work events in Georgia and held a great fondness for this particular establishment. Regrettably, this experience has significantly tarnished my perception.
Agnes Saulewicz: WonderfulRooms: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Location: 5/5 …More
Linda Robinson: An absolutely beautiful hotel in downtown Vancouver! We love it there. The entire staff makes you feel like family. Excellence throughout.Rooms: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Location: 5/5Hotel highlights Luxury …More
Natalie Le: We have been traveled and stayed in 5-stars hotels so many times in our life. This is our best services that we received from a 5-stars hotel. we were surprised how good the services that we received during our stayed. Beautiful city view, comfortable room with all of hotel room supplies. we received the delicious welcome fruit plate, in-room water bottles, premium coffee, premium bedding & toiletries, etc. Great location in Vancouver downtown, it is very closes to cruise ship terminals. Excellent customer service staff.Rooms: Very comfortable room with all of premium hotel room supplies.Walkability: Shopping, train station, restaurants, waterfront.Noteworthy details: The best hotel Excellent staff services.
Grace Church: Excellent! Our room was a little late, so management gave us free drinks and free breakfast in the room!Rooms: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Location: 5/5Hotel highlights Luxury …More
fourdoorinthehouse: Beautiful, well cared-for, classic, historic hotel. Our friends chose the hotel, and until we arrived I did not know the treat we had in store for us. Wonderful surprise. The staff is superlative, so very helpful and accommodating, so extraordinary pleasant. Thank you to everyone at this beautiful hotel!Rooms: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Location: 5/5Hotel highlights Luxury, Great view, Romantic …More
Mike Seidl: Great location. Staff was very accommodating. Enjoyed the restaurant.The attention to detail on the woodwork inside was excellent.Architecturally, the overall interior, especially the ballroom, was done extremely well.While the warmth of the whole environment was obvious.Will absolutely stay here again on our next visit.
Paul Gabay: I loved the hospitality. Every staff members I interacted with were extremely welcoming and very helpful. My suite had everything I needed with the exception of a USB port. The room was clean and the bathroom and shower was really nice. I enjoyed my workouts in the fitness room. There was a great selection of equipment. I felt the hotels location was prime and there was lots to do in the area. I look forward to my next stay.
Kathleen Kaufman: I am extremely picky about hotels; this is one of the nicest I've ever stayed in. The hotel itself, including the room, is beautiful. And so many lovely little touches, like the heated floor in the bathroom, the nightly turn-down service with cookies, the thank you notes from the housekeepers for tips I left, and every amenity you could even think of. Every single staff person simply could not have been nicer or more helpful. This is the only hotel I'd use in Vancouver- I highly recommend them!Rooms: One of the most beautiful rooms I've stayed in. Lovely seating area with a couch. Gorgeous bathroom with heated marble floors.Walkability: Nice area to walk around in, with lots of shops restaurants.Noteworthy details: Gorgeous hotel and room.
yanzi Liu: Bad check in experience and room is not like the pic at all.Rooms: 1/5|Service: 1/5|Location: 1/5 …More
Jennifer Blaney: Wonderful staff and service, very clean, and the bathroom in particular was lovelyRooms: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Location: 5/5Hotel highlights Luxury …More
Josi Twigt: Stayed in one room with my husband and two young kids. This was the absolute BEST hotel experience we have ever had as a family! The service was amazing. Every single staff person we encountered was kind, welcoming, efficient, helpful, and fantastic. My kids felt safe and adored and my husband and I were relaxed and pampered. Thank you!!Kids got ‘their size’ robes, we were given complimentary snacks upon arrival, and after turn down service we found bookmarks by every book left out and screen wipes on top of my husbands iPad. It was above and beyond. Shower was WONDERFUL and beds and pillows were perfection.Walkability: We were able to easily walk around and discover the neighborhood. Visited a friend’s hotel by foot and walked to various restaurants nearby.Food & drinks: Room service breakfast was decadently delicious. And the coffee provided in the room was better then my fancy machine at home!

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