Best Specialised Physicians Pathological Anatomy Vancouver Near Me

1. Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine - University Endowment Lands

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Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
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Address: 2211 Wesbrook Mall, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z7, Canada

Business type: School

2. College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia - Vancouver

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Address: 669 Howe St #300, Vancouver, BC V6C 0B4, Canada

Schedule: Closing soon: 4:30 PM

Telephone: +1 604-733-7758

Business type: Medical school

College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia: what do users think?
mehjabin patel: I have waited months to book an appointment and finally we got booked for my daughter regarding autism But the day we had appointment she called us that dr is not feeling well so we will book you for another day and I said okay so book us the day when dr is coming back so she responded that those days are booked so you will have to wait another month to see a dr. Now can anyone tell how it is our fault that we have to wait for another while other patients booked after us get to see dr first. She then responded then you can go ahead and complain where ever you want. Very unprofessional and bad attitude. I am officially filing complaint to board of physicians and surgeons.
JenNDaHaus: I've changed my mind about the CPSBC. It's fantastic because it's run by champagne socialist lizards, like myself. We're so WOKE, while you're all BROKE. Yay, Justin Trudeau!
Paul R: The College is a completely useless establishment. They didn't bother reading my complaint and started discussing something irrelevant altogether. Dr. Siavash Ganjbakhsh at Hilltop Medical Clinic completely lied in his response to my complaint, and when this was brought to their attention, they simply ignored it.The college did not address my actual complaint and only looked to assert the lies of this so called "doctor". They basically ALWAYS side with the doctor as if their word is that of a god and no person is allowed to challenge them. I genuinely do not know why this organization even exists. There's a reason the reviews for the college are so low. It's full of very lazy investigators that simply do not do their job, or bother reading complaints appropriately.
Kyler Markle: Joke establishment, no anonymity for reporting abuse. Do I want the person who I'd like to see their medical license revoked to know where I live? Obviously not. Doctors in BC claiming they perform "miracle healing" and trying to get people to attend their church, and this college does nothing.
C vdM: They don't take complaints about doctors seriously.
Sean Lehmann: Lots of complaints from patients. Doctors aren't happy with the College either. They seem to exist to only complicate matters for Physicians. Constant requirements and regulations. The very definition of bureaucracy. Doctors are drowning in BC. The College doesn't care.
Schmoobear XOX: Worst establishment. They won't answer questions. They evade facts because they don't want to bit the hand who feeds them. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation...the new so called "vaccines" are killing and gravely injuring people. Zero stars.....
darlene yee: Organization needs serious overhaul or shut down.What is the point of an organization that does nothing to resolve serious issues.
Katey Mason: Intimidating doctors who write exemptions for those who had extreme adverse reactions to any of the jabs, threatening to pull their license. Very corrupt!
steven loewen: Nice to see a doctor willing to fight for what is right.
Rose: Be warned- they won't do anything if you complain that Dr. Paul Milanese is abusing female patients if you don't make the document viewable to the abuser too. Absolutely no protections or shielding measures are available to victims.
Brian Verishine: Probably the worst govt agency i have dealt with. In 1 hr i accomplished more than they did in 8 months.i had the worst hip replacement in vgh history. Im now severely disabled. Dr clive duncanfalsified all my medical records. I told college my gp has the truth. They refusrd to contact my gp. The investigator basically asked me to take the lead on my own investigation. Ive withdrawn my complaint cause i refuse to be neglected any more. Total waste of time and energy. They should be ashamed of themsrlves for cashing a pay cheque.
Frank B.: I live in Ontario but I am hoping to live in BC sometime in the foreseeable future. But my situation is different in that I am learning disabled, have Aspergers, etc. I intend on applying for social assistance out there. Now, IF I'm lucky enough to get my own personal physician, then ok. BUT if I am forced to get a walk-in clinic doctor, then that will be fine too, at least I hope.. Anyway, we'll see how that goes. Of course, I can't get my hopes too high up because realistically, the likelihood of getting a new doctor out there is quite slim.
Jivan Grewal: Stop protecting surgeons with racist views. Do the right thing and license only competent surgeons that are fit to treat all patients with the same level of respect and service. Stop playing with the lives of citizens!
Paul Priest: I filed a complaint with the College about my family physician, Dr. E.E. Stockenström. The week after I had a myocardial infarction, I asked Dr. Stockenström to check my medication. He refused. As it turned out Shoppers Drug Mart had failed to dispense Brilinta. In his letter in response to my complaint, Dr. Stockenström asserted that it was not his job to check his patients' medication. The College disagreed. At the time I informed Dr. Stockenström I was filing a complaint with the College, he informed me that I could no longer be his patient. The College said Dr. Stockenström did not meet their expectations as he did not provide bridging. While I am happy with the conclusions of the College, I note that they lack transparency when compared to the College of Pharmacists of BC where I also lodged a complaint.
Brent Steele: Very unsatisfied. Still waiting for a decision - after a year. Is there any accountability ? I would file a complaint ith the BC Ombudsman ... but they are no better in my experience. Perhaps the local MLA ? We got rid of the College of Teachers when they lost credibility. Is it time again ? Beware people.
PS: Protected by the Canadian Medical Protective Association's $5 billion dollar war chest, of mostly tax payer money. This college does as it pleases, regardless of the law in my opinion. This self-regulating college refused to answer my questions about the complaints process when I called on multiple occasions. Instead, transferring me to a recording. Which instructed me to leave a detailed message, and someone would get back to me. No one ever did. My written complaints were submitted via courier, and signed for by staff. The complaints then went missing. The Chief Registrar refused to investigate the loss of the documents. My follow-up complaint against the Chief Registrar for obstruction and breach of trust were immediately dismissed by her friends. This self-serving college has demonstrated a compete lack of respect for the Health Professions Act in my opinion. I do not recommend wasting your time and money filing a complaint with them. As the outcome seems to be pre-determined in my opinion.
MrRythcan R: Absolutely useless organization like most governing bodies. Called to inform them that a walk-in clinic near me is using used urine specimen containers. There has even been complaints on google from others too about the issue. Potential health risk to others and contaminated tests. The collage didn't care unless I went through the whole formal written complaint process. What is this the 1980's where they can not take a complaint over the phone where it is recorded or online?????? Really it is 2019. Age of computers and cellphones lol. Good Job collage for failing the public once again in protecting them. Let use an outdated process that can take weeks to months to protect someone's life. talking to their receptionist is like most governing bodies. Robot with a script. She didn't care that there is a health risk to the public from a walk-in clinic. All she cared about is that it had to be written. If anyone has medical issues with used urine containers in Burnaby let me know. I informed the Collage they didn't care it is on them now.
Vicky Isdabomb: Dear college of physicians, I think it is of huge urgency that you investigate the Medlife clinic in North Vancouver. I believe from the rudness and disorganization of the receptionists that they have uncertified staff handling peoples private medical files. Please read the Google reviews about this clinic to see how many patients are complaing about the staffs rude and abusive behavior. Apparently the staff manager is also not certified to be working in a clinic yet she is managing staff in a medical clinic!!! I asked the reseptionist to talk to the office manager and she said no you can't and hung up on me. This behavior is beyond unprofessional and needs to be addressed. If I find out untrained/uncertified staff have had access to my private medical files at Medlife clinic legal action will be taken.
S Dedic: Why does this organization even exist if they can't do anything. They exist so u can make complaint so public think there are there they can discipline or do something about your case, WRONG!Had complaint about malpractice, even had other doctor that gave us second opinion write them a letter in support of my claim, as result they silenced doctor that supported my claim and did nothing to the other doctor even though they admitted the malpractice...We are making complaints in vain of course they do nothing, lets just ignore evidence they protect their own.Will sue doctor privately and will see if I can sue them as well.
D Bourassa: I am finding that more and more patients are being referred but they are handling the referral process. in my MOA days, the MOA would fax off referral for doctor. But i hear more and more clients booking with a referral in hand. Too many new physicians not knowing the process and only medical receptionists being hired.

3. Vancouver General Hospital - Vancouver

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Vancouver General Hospital
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Address: Jim Pattison Pavilion, 899 W 12th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Z 1M9, Canada

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +1 604-875-4111

Business type: General hospital

Vancouver General Hospital: what do users think?
Jessica: I came in for a CT and found the two information desk staff to be incredibly rude when asked for directions and a face mask. I know health care workers are overworked and we are grateful for your service but.. Isn't the point of an information desk to provide information?
Assefa kebede: Excellent
David Jolivet: Easy to get around and nice staff.
Peter Clark: Busy
Ron Gallant: Easy to get around no stress
Marshall Miller: Great people 👏 👍 👌 fast service people are beautiful there 👏 may God bless them 🙏 they know what they are doing ty very much 😀 for all ur help I appreciate it
kathryn stewart: The medical teams at VGH are the best you can get. The care and attention they gave my son after his accident was top notch. We are forever grateful 🙏
Kevin Strome: I am currently in right now with an abscess in my throat and it has cause me a lot of pain and it’s been very hard to swallow I want to thank the nursing staff her for being very kind and very helpful and intuitive ion helping me figure out every way possible to take my pain meds SHOUT-OUT TO THE NIGHT STAFF AND DAY-So TAFF
nicole travassos: Clean,friendly staff covid friendly.
Jonine Rochacewich: I recently had ankle surgery, I spent three weeks on the orthopedic/trauma floor. The doctors and nursing staff were wonderful and professional, I know their jobs are especially challenging during Covid-19 and they work very hard. I cannot say the same for the two physiotherapists assigned to me; one was extremely rude with no bedside manner. Also, the hospital was not very clean. I realize the cleanliness could be a result of the hospital being short staffed.
brigitte cavanagh: Everything look fine. I had many small surgeries and 1 bigger, some nurses were not nice....but there is not much i can do about their staff.
Keith Johnstone: Well run. No hot water in some of the public washrooms tho
JOHN SHINNICK: This is a major component of Vancouver General Hospital.
Brenda Sachse: I can't thank the Doctors, Surgeons, and especially the Nursing Staff enough for the amazing work they do!

4. St. Paul's Hospital - Vancouver

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St. Paul's Hospital
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Address: 1081 Burrard St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1Y6, Canada

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +1 604-806-9090

Business type: General hospital

St. Paul's Hospital: what do users think?
Ramtin Lahooti: Very knowledgeable staff
Adam Blender: Last week I was admitted to St. Paul's for an ablation which is a procedure performed inside the heart. All of the nursing staff, as well as the doctors were friendly, empathetic and made me feel at ease. After hearing and seeing some of the horrible patients they have to deal with there, I have even more respect for them then I already had. Dr Yeung performed my ablation and with any luck it was successful, only time will tell. Their staff did an excellent job as far as I'm concerned and recommend the Heart Centre at St. Paul's to everyone in need of medical services for their heart.
Patrick Lee: Good job calling a 2nd waiting room fast track when people here are waiting up to three hours. Definitely fast track!
brashmarko: Ask for a little privacy and this what i get so I could sleep after having a stroke. I will be leaving tomorrow morning. How many people would take a pee in a plastic tube on video? *
Ricou: La jolie infirmière du 1er étage n'a pas voulue coucher avec moi quand je lui ai montrer mes fesses. Je ne comprends pas pourquoi, c'est honteux!
N Bala: I have been living in Surrey and on hearing about the ER through friends and social media, I landed up at St. Paul’s and believe me that was one of the best decisions in my life preferring over the nearest ER. Staff from the greeter station to front desk to back room all were exceptional. Nurses, doctors, technicians were all superb. Turn around was pretty quick and my total thanks to the doctors Daniel Shi and Christopher DeWitt for the right advice and direction and concluding my visit an amazing experience. I had to change my mind totally that not all ERs are alike. There is outstanding one here which strives to take care of the patients utmost and make sure that when you leave, you are totally worry-free! Once again thank you doctors. A special mention about the nurse Bobby who attended to me nicely. Other ERs should consider this one as their ideal example to follow.
Joy Cabigting: Amazing care! Amazing doctors and nurses!
Bobbi k: Respect full
Verna victoria Mclaughlin: I am so disappointed in the way I was treated at this hospital. And I won't be returning.
Nikki Toma: I would avoid this place at all costs. I was literally kicked out of emergency for trying to advocate for myself. Asked for a second opinion and they threatened to call security on me…I literally did nothing wrong but patiently wait there in agony. I have a rare condition called Neurogenic Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. When it flares up I have to go to emergency but NEVER AGAIN. Shout out to Dr. Stoian. Thanks for literally treating me like nothing more than a piece of garbage. It’s scary that you are even practicing medicine. Please avoid this Dr. I don’t want anyone going through what I did today. He’s all ego and doesn’t care at all!!! MENTAL HEALTH IS REAL!!! #BEKIND
Spencer Quimby: Had an outpatient procedure with the GI clinic. Everything went very smoothly. Nurses were fantastic, super friendly, helpful and reassuring. Doctor went over everything with me until I was absolutely satisfied I knew what was going on. Took what could have been a stressful morning and made it A OK. Thanks all!
Dark Simpson: it's where my doctor's office is too
Love Peace: Turned me away with a dislocated finger after mocking me that it was my nail that was broken instead. Horrible excuse of a medical institution.
viviene thomas: The most amazing staff. From receptionist to surgeon the whole team is amazing. I felt so cared for and I would travel back again from Toronto to get amazing customer service.
TV Ted: The ceo Dalton should be ashamed of herself. The managers are liars and treat their staff like garbage. Liars from the top down. Shame. And this is healthcare!
siobhain Coopman: Thanks to the amazing staff in the cardiology unit at St Paul’s Hospital ! The Dr’s and nurses gave exceptional care to my Mom . They were attentive , kind, caring and their bedside manner did not go unnoticed . Thank you 🙏
YAN YAN TSO: Really nice visit today. All things considered. Injured in transit and the ambulance took me here. Didn’t even know it was that close. Walking distance to workplace actually. And very different experience from ER as a walk in. Coming in by ambulance was definitely less wait time. Maybe almost 1.5-2 hrs total time in the hospital. Partially dislocated my shoulder. The X-ray staff super nice took things slow. The “student” that took the X-rays did nice job.
Ken Glen: A very positive visit/experience even though this valuable asset is set in the middle of a portion of Vancouver which many City Administrations have ignored for decades....
Clara Andreoletti: Io son nato in questo ospedale e quindi gli son molto legato.
Maria .S: A well known hospital with knowledgeable, compassionate staff members 💜
Jim Ervin: I must give this hospital at least a five star review since I've been told that the paramedics actually saved my life there in 2021 when I went in with heart problems. It's quite disturbing for me to think of it now considering how perfectly normal I feel. I could complain about other things such as an increasing lack of a callback when I leave a message. But this place really came through for me in the crunch. And of course, that should be the same for anyone at any hospital.

5. The University of British Columbia - University Endowment Lands

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The University of British Columbia
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Address: Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-822-2211

Business type: University

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