Best Specialized Physicians Cardiovascular Surgery Vancouver Near Me

1. Dr. Cook, Richard Chung-Sop - Vancouver

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Dr. Cook, Richard Chung-Sop
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Address: 1081 Burrard St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1Y6, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-806-9601

Business type: Cardiologist

Dr. Cook, Richard Chung-Sop: what do users think?
Lisa Masi: Thank you Dr. Cook for saving my mom’s life. You did your magic and gave her a new life. We haven’t seen her this energetic and happy in years.
majid mojganian: Best dr ever gave me new life . Best care . Best team
Stewart Richardson: 51 year old male, Had 4 blocked arteries, so had cabg July 19th 2018, Dr cook is a very calm person he makes you feel comfortable, the nurses at VGH are second to none, I had the best care there. Thank you all.

2. Bonnie Catlin - Provincial Heart Failure Clinical Nurse Specialist - Vancouver

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Bonnie Catlin - Provincial Heart Failure Clinical Nurse Specialist
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Address: 1033 Davie St #518, Vancouver, BC V6E 1M7, Canada

Schedule: Closing soon: 4:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-682-2344

Business type: Heart hospital

Bonnie Catlin - Provincial Heart Failure Clinical Nurse Specialist: what do users think?
Jeremy Baker: Amazing group of drs! And I dont have to travel across the city to see St Paul's hospital either!

3. Specialist Referral Clinic - Vancouver

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13 reviews
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Specialist Referral Clinic
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Address: 555 W 12th Ave #121, Vancouver, BC V5Z 3X7, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-737-7464

Business type: Physical therapy clinic

Specialist Referral Clinic: what do users think?
jordan bray: never returns calls. I was put on a year(+) long waiting list (b.s. as im a risk for colon cancer since i was a toddler) and when my appointment was eventually booked it came and went and nobody contacted me... I have been trying to get an appointment since and nothing. I'm furious with this useless operation.
Marge Urbani: Terrible!
JD Projects: this place never return calls or answer emails.
Mar Clanuzzi: This is an excellent clinic. Dr. Rod French was so caring and helpful with my husband's ganglion cyst and wrist arthritis. So thorough in his explanation. An amazing doctor. And the staff were courteous and helpful.
Corey Doell: After living in pain and fighting with the public system for 1.5 years on a botched hernia surgery the team at SRC and Cambie surgical repaired me. They are fast( 24 days start to finish) , efficient and increadible professionals to deal with. Called after to make sure I was OK. I would highly recommend them!
kami Ra: I visit my specialist after my torn 3 ligaments in soccer .Dr Saswah said no surgery I decided to get second opinion and I visit Dr day about month ago he told me come back in month they called me back after 10 days and arrange another visit I went back to Dr Day , like last time he was very kind and respectful and kindly exam me and he said keep going no surgery and again offer me follow up in 3 months for $550 this great man allowing me to visit him for 3 rd times ,what else I should expect ? Dr day thanks so much for your effort and honestly .Both times you spent more than enough time with my knee
CT M: After paying close to $1000 for a consult I can’t get them to call me back or Email after 6 attempts in 4 weeks. Waste of time and $ that I could be using to heal instead of get taken advantage of.
Breezie Lee: Wow! Excellent Service. Professional, kind, compassionate and very organized. I decided to see Dr. Alastair Younger regarding my ongoing issues with my right foot/ankle as I had an accident/surgery in Costa Rica nearly a year ago and have been in terrible ongoing pain. Dr.Younger is a leading foot/ankle surgeon, and I really wanted his opinion. And I was right! He was so patient and empathetic, he spent a significant amount of time going thru my MRI's, X-rays and all other medical reports. Plus, he examined my foot/ankle thoroughly and explained what he believed was going on. Furthermore, he reviewed all my options so I could make a decision on my recovery moving forward. I cannot recommend the Specialist Referral Clinic enough. The receptionist that I booked the appointment with, Evangeline was so sweet and extremely organized with my instructions for pre-xrays and other necessary documents in order to properly prepare for my consultation with Dr.Younger in advance. I highly recommend the Specialist Referral Clinic to anyone dealing with health concerns. It was the best decision I have made since I got home from Costa Rica and simply couldn't handle the pain anymore and needed answers. Our health is in our own hands! Listen to your body. THANK YOU Specialist Referral Clinic. I greatly appreciate everything you did for me.
M T: The service is mediocre.
A T: Extremely Unprofessional, Poor and Unethical management. It is Unbelievable how they treat their patients. They do Not care for their patients. They take advantage of the patients' desperation to see a doctor because of the waits in the public system. This is wrong. It is not worth the headache and stress . After three and half months of stress and frustration, I did not get any result. No patient should go through this. This is a private medical Clinic!! Act like a medical clinic. The office manager did not respond to patient's emails for weeks, either ignoring them or arguing back and forth about any routine patient questions. The only reason I endured the way I was treated by him for three and half months was because the doctor I needed to see only works at this private clinic. It was extremely negative and stressful experience to deal with this candidly unprofessional management. I did ask him repeatedly to speak to the director for over three months. He said that he conveyed my message. But, I was not given her email and she did not email or call me- a patient of their clinic !! She could take a few minutes to resolve this unnecessary nonsense issue which was created by her staff , which should not be an issues for any patient in the first place. I would have not written a review if the management/director had taken a few minutes to call the patient , listen to them and address the issues. This is simple Wrong. No patient should go through this headache.

4. Cambie Surgery Centre - Vancouver

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46 reviews
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Cambie Surgery Centre
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Address: 2836 Ash St 1st Floor, Vancouver, BC V5Z 3C6, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-874-1349

Business type: Surgical center

Cambie Surgery Centre: what do users think?
R N: Overrated.
Deni M: Excellent service and quick turnaround. As a result of a MVA I required nose surgery and was treated with kids gloves during the entire procedure; excellent follow-up as well. I fully support Dr. Brian Day and the Cambie Surgery Centre.
Maxwell McQuillan: They fixed my son up for me. Thank you Dr day and team for never giving up your fight !! As a parent thank you thank thank you tremendously.
B L: Crème de la crème. Top surgeons and nurses in bc.
Sharon West: Cambie Sugery Centre is exceptional. I'd give them 6 out of 5 if possible. My surgeon, Dr. Emile Woo, was exceptional doing my cholecystectomy lap along with the anesthesiologist Dr. Thobani, along with all the supporting staff. When I woke up and throughout the day, there was no need for any pain killers...unbelievable. My pain level was 2 out of 10 with only minor discomfort. I believe this was due to the talent of all the staff and their team involved in my care. I would highly recommend!
Angela Mestrovic: I had such an amazing experience. I was nervous about having surgery, but the nurses and dr were all so caring and comforting. The staff are all wonderful. I had an pain-free comfortable overnight stay. Thank you!
Greg Stirling: Dr. Chin, was the attending physician. After a 20 minute exam with no MRI or Cat Scan, Dr. Chin recommended an osteotomy which is performed on the tibia or the femur either by taking a wedge of bone out or putting a wedge in the bone. Statistics show this procedure to have about an 80% success rate and a life span of 5 years before a full knee replacement is warranted. This suggestion by a Doctor dressed in a expensive business suit seemed barbaric. Luckily I got a second opinion. Dr. Stone at the Stone Clinic in San Fransisco. A partial knee replacement done 11 months ago was the correct path. I am paid free and doing all the things I could do ten years ago. So am I a fan of the Cambie Surgical clinic or Dr. Chin? NO. That place is a business, not a medical facility. Seek a facility which cares about the patient and less about the fees.
Bradley Meyer: Had my first surgery ever here. Amazing experience. Everyone was super professional and accommodating. Made sure all my questions were answered and I was comfy from the moment I walked in till I left the next day. I had no issues and my pain has all but disappeared. I was very lucky to be able to get my back fixed here through WorkSafe. I almost didn't want to leave! While I obviously wouldn't want to have to visit again, I certainly wouldn't hesitate one bit.
Sydney Graham: Just got surgery done here. Normally I wouldn't leave a review but my experience was exceptional. The intake nurse was lovely and calmed my nerves. She gave me heated robes to put on which were as comfy as hospital clothes can be. My anesthesiologist was also very kind and obviously did a great job. I had no nausea or negative side effects afterwards. Everything was spotless and clean. I woke up in the recovery room to kind nurses making sure I was comfortable. They even called me the day after to check up on me. 10/10 experience I wish I could get every surgery done here
Liam Woodland: Should seize the building and give it to doctors who uphold our medical system. Move to the US if you want to get rich on medicine.
Armi Seif: Excellent service.
hanifa hairan: Cambie surgical centre is an amazing place with amazing people. I’m so happy with my experience in here everyone was awesome including doctor nurse and stuff. They took great care of me. After my surgery I feel way better.
Rose Kaur: Chose CSC after Ontario partially stopped knee surgeries (people are still getting knee replacements?) and we were in & out of public hospital emergency rooms begging for surgery for two months. My brother had a FULLY torn ACL after an accident, he is only 22, waiting for the public system to pick up and finally get him in would only prolong his recovery. We reached out to the Specialist Referral Clinic, Dr. Day had us scheduled for surgery within two weeks. We had a pre-surgery assessment via Zoom with Dr. Day who assured us it is a common procedure, what to expect, PDF files of information with diagrams etc. His surgery was done in a few hours and now he is on the road to recovery. We would've had to fly to the U.S. for the same procedure! We are thankful to Dr. Day, Cambie Surgery Centre for being an option available, his staff & the Specialist Referral Clinic!
Steven Klassen: Staff is great they spend extra time with you make sure your most comfortable. Food is great. Pick from a cafe own private room with cable TV.
Shahrnoush Sadeghi: It’s a crime for not letting us choose and have private servicesThe public health is broken and Corrupted
Frost: Great experience! They treat you very well here. The nurses, anesthesiologist, and doctors are fantastic! Top notch and they love what they do. If you need a surgery, this is such a nice spot. I couldn’t believe how well I was cared for throughout my whole surgery.
Mikhail (KosakDragoon): If I could give 10 stars I would!! Had a cervical discectomy and fusion yesterday at Cambie surgical centre. The staff was amazing, very caring. They helped to calm my nerves before the procedure and the overnight care was excellent!! Thank god for places like this in Canada!! If it wasn’t for this place I would have waited years in excruciating pain. It is criminal for governments wanting to stop private care and let people suffer for years in a public system!! Private care is a human right ! Thank you to all the staff at Cambie !!
Ellice Daniel: My 4 year old went in for a dental procedure this morning. All the staff were incredibly caring and patient when explaining each step. They gave me a chance to ask questions and answered all my questions thoroughly. I was kept informed of every step and given a detailed explanation of the plan as well as the outcome/work that was done. The Anesthesiologist FaceTimed with me when we got home so he could see my daughter and even followed up at the end of the day, as he promised.My 6 year old is scheduled to go here in 2 weeks and I have no reservations based on my experience today.
Janet Mader: I came down with a major systemic infection which required intravenous antibiotics a week after the surgery, and the surgeon wouldn't talk to me for follow-up support until I said I wasn't interested in suing him, I just wanted to get well. The public health care doctors at the emergency room were quite clear that follow-up care was the surgeon's responsibility. And if y'all want to sue me for defamation for saying this, I suggest you check Cia Wilson's email records for February 10, 2017 first. I have my own records to back up the rest. For the record, the reason why I was a Bad Canadian and went with a private provider was because I would have been off work on disability for the better part of a year if I hadn't, due to Alberta's enormously underfunded healthcare system.
Brenda C: Amazing staff!
lisa sutherland: I was waiting in alberta bc for back surgery for over 8 months. They had me on drugs to take away the pain and injextions into my spine. I wanted my life back. I aent my information to the cambie surfery centre. Flew out out to verify my assessments which were done in Alberta. Met with my surgeon (dr ramesh sahjpaul) and booked my appointment. As soon as surgery was done i enjoyed a fine meal, went through discharge and flew back to alberta. No more pain. I made a complete recovery and within 3 months i was back to riding/jumping horses, no painkillers, no other drugs, running and exercising as normal. I am so grateful for the surgery. I was in such agony, bad headspace and unable to work during the time while i had waited for alberta to book me in to speak to a surgeon. It was a lot of money for me at the time (i think in total worh hotel/airfare etc it was 13k.) But i was also able to claim it on my taxes that year so i technically got some $ back. worth every penny spent (yes pennie were around when i had it). I had my surgery in july. The accident that caused the initial injury occurred in december the year prior (7months). Then in february 1 yr and 2 months from the time of my accident i received my appointment to meet with the neurosurgeon in calgary to discuss about setting an appt for the surgery. Thank goodness for Cambie is all i can say.

5. Vancouver General Hospital - Vancouver

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480 reviews
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Vancouver General Hospital
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Address: Jim Pattison Pavilion, 899 W 12th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Z 1M9, Canada

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +1 604-875-4111

Business type: General hospital

Vancouver General Hospital: what do users think?
Jessica: I came in for a CT and found the two information desk staff to be incredibly rude when asked for directions and a face mask. I know health care workers are overworked and we are grateful for your service but.. Isn't the point of an information desk to provide information?
Assefa kebede: Excellent
David Jolivet: Easy to get around and nice staff.
Peter Clark: Busy
Ron Gallant: Easy to get around no stress
Marshall Miller: Great people 👏 👍 👌 fast service people are beautiful there 👏 may God bless them 🙏 they know what they are doing ty very much 😀 for all ur help I appreciate it
kathryn stewart: The medical teams at VGH are the best you can get. The care and attention they gave my son after his accident was top notch. We are forever grateful 🙏
Kevin Strome: I am currently in right now with an abscess in my throat and it has cause me a lot of pain and it’s been very hard to swallow I want to thank the nursing staff her for being very kind and very helpful and intuitive ion helping me figure out every way possible to take my pain meds SHOUT-OUT TO THE NIGHT STAFF AND DAY-So TAFF
nicole travassos: Clean,friendly staff covid friendly.
Jonine Rochacewich: I recently had ankle surgery, I spent three weeks on the orthopedic/trauma floor. The doctors and nursing staff were wonderful and professional, I know their jobs are especially challenging during Covid-19 and they work very hard. I cannot say the same for the two physiotherapists assigned to me; one was extremely rude with no bedside manner. Also, the hospital was not very clean. I realize the cleanliness could be a result of the hospital being short staffed.
brigitte cavanagh: Everything look fine. I had many small surgeries and 1 bigger, some nurses were not nice....but there is not much i can do about their staff.
Keith Johnstone: Well run. No hot water in some of the public washrooms tho
JOHN SHINNICK: This is a major component of Vancouver General Hospital.
Brenda Sachse: I can't thank the Doctors, Surgeons, and especially the Nursing Staff enough for the amazing work they do!

6. St. Paul's Hospital - Vancouver

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333 reviews
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St. Paul's Hospital
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Address: 1081 Burrard St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1Y6, Canada

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +1 604-806-9090

Business type: General hospital

St. Paul's Hospital: what do users think?
Ramtin Lahooti: Very knowledgeable staff
Adam Blender: Last week I was admitted to St. Paul's for an ablation which is a procedure performed inside the heart. All of the nursing staff, as well as the doctors were friendly, empathetic and made me feel at ease. After hearing and seeing some of the horrible patients they have to deal with there, I have even more respect for them then I already had. Dr Yeung performed my ablation and with any luck it was successful, only time will tell. Their staff did an excellent job as far as I'm concerned and recommend the Heart Centre at St. Paul's to everyone in need of medical services for their heart.
Patrick Lee: Good job calling a 2nd waiting room fast track when people here are waiting up to three hours. Definitely fast track!
brashmarko: Ask for a little privacy and this what i get so I could sleep after having a stroke. I will be leaving tomorrow morning. How many people would take a pee in a plastic tube on video? *
Ricou: La jolie infirmière du 1er étage n'a pas voulue coucher avec moi quand je lui ai montrer mes fesses. Je ne comprends pas pourquoi, c'est honteux!
N Bala: I have been living in Surrey and on hearing about the ER through friends and social media, I landed up at St. Paul’s and believe me that was one of the best decisions in my life preferring over the nearest ER. Staff from the greeter station to front desk to back room all were exceptional. Nurses, doctors, technicians were all superb. Turn around was pretty quick and my total thanks to the doctors Daniel Shi and Christopher DeWitt for the right advice and direction and concluding my visit an amazing experience. I had to change my mind totally that not all ERs are alike. There is outstanding one here which strives to take care of the patients utmost and make sure that when you leave, you are totally worry-free! Once again thank you doctors. A special mention about the nurse Bobby who attended to me nicely. Other ERs should consider this one as their ideal example to follow.
Joy Cabigting: Amazing care! Amazing doctors and nurses!
Bobbi k: Respect full
Verna victoria Mclaughlin: I am so disappointed in the way I was treated at this hospital. And I won't be returning.
Nikki Toma: I would avoid this place at all costs. I was literally kicked out of emergency for trying to advocate for myself. Asked for a second opinion and they threatened to call security on me…I literally did nothing wrong but patiently wait there in agony. I have a rare condition called Neurogenic Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. When it flares up I have to go to emergency but NEVER AGAIN. Shout out to Dr. Stoian. Thanks for literally treating me like nothing more than a piece of garbage. It’s scary that you are even practicing medicine. Please avoid this Dr. I don’t want anyone going through what I did today. He’s all ego and doesn’t care at all!!! MENTAL HEALTH IS REAL!!! #BEKIND
Spencer Quimby: Had an outpatient procedure with the GI clinic. Everything went very smoothly. Nurses were fantastic, super friendly, helpful and reassuring. Doctor went over everything with me until I was absolutely satisfied I knew what was going on. Took what could have been a stressful morning and made it A OK. Thanks all!
Dark Simpson: it's where my doctor's office is too
Love Peace: Turned me away with a dislocated finger after mocking me that it was my nail that was broken instead. Horrible excuse of a medical institution.
viviene thomas: The most amazing staff. From receptionist to surgeon the whole team is amazing. I felt so cared for and I would travel back again from Toronto to get amazing customer service.
TV Ted: The ceo Dalton should be ashamed of herself. The managers are liars and treat their staff like garbage. Liars from the top down. Shame. And this is healthcare!
siobhain Coopman: Thanks to the amazing staff in the cardiology unit at St Paul’s Hospital ! The Dr’s and nurses gave exceptional care to my Mom . They were attentive , kind, caring and their bedside manner did not go unnoticed . Thank you 🙏
YAN YAN TSO: Really nice visit today. All things considered. Injured in transit and the ambulance took me here. Didn’t even know it was that close. Walking distance to workplace actually. And very different experience from ER as a walk in. Coming in by ambulance was definitely less wait time. Maybe almost 1.5-2 hrs total time in the hospital. Partially dislocated my shoulder. The X-ray staff super nice took things slow. The “student” that took the X-rays did nice job.
Ken Glen: A very positive visit/experience even though this valuable asset is set in the middle of a portion of Vancouver which many City Administrations have ignored for decades....
Clara Andreoletti: Io son nato in questo ospedale e quindi gli son molto legato.
Maria .S: A well known hospital with knowledgeable, compassionate staff members 💜
Jim Ervin: I must give this hospital at least a five star review since I've been told that the paramedics actually saved my life there in 2021 when I went in with heart problems. It's quite disturbing for me to think of it now considering how perfectly normal I feel. I could complain about other things such as an increasing lack of a callback when I leave a message. But this place really came through for me in the crunch. And of course, that should be the same for anyone at any hospital.

7. Vancouver Dental Specialty Clinic. Prosthodontist, Periodontist Specialists Dentist - Vancouver

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142 reviews
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Vancouver Dental Specialty Clinic. Prosthodontist, Periodontist Specialists Dentist
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Address: 3488 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6R 2B3, Canada

Schedule: Open until 5:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-336-0958

Business type: Dental clinic

Vancouver Dental Specialty Clinic. Prosthodontist, Periodontist Specialists Dentist: what do users think?
Emma D: Sylvan was very friendly. I'm always very anxious about my dental appointments but it went very smoothly with his guidance and humour. Thanks!
Ramin Ghoreishi: Highly recommend. We had good experience with their professional dentists.
Soraya Ezharie: I had a great time in my Hygiene with Silvan at VDSclinic. 🙏
Youran Weng: I had the dental implant surgery two weeks ago and everything went well. Both Dr Noroozi and Dr Zaeimdar were very patient to answer my questions and highly skilled to provide great dental care. Other staff were also friendly. I was given detailed instructions about what to do before and after the surgery.
golnaz Mdzh: Thank you so much for the excellent dental care you've always given me
pınar özcan: I found VDSC five years ago after moving to Kitsilano. I have been their patient since then. They provided me services such as filling, crown, hygene and root canal. I left the clinic satisfied each and every time. I love how professional and friendly everyone of their employees. I moved first to Vancouver downtown and then to north. I continue to be their patient and I believe it says much :)
Olivié Bouchard: I cannot recommend this place enough, six stars if I could. The clinic is modern and clean, the staff is professional, kind, comforting. Dr. Zaiembar has been the dentists I’ve ever had, alongside Sylvain, Joyce and Sonia who all seem to be so in sync to make sure their patients have the most seamless experience. It’s also refreshing to see a team with mainly women….They rule the world! THANK YOU!
Maurice Pagano: Have been a client for a few years now and writing this review based on continuous customer service that always exceeds my expectations. They’re simply outstanding in every way imaginable, professional yet approachable very organized and clean. By far the best service in any healthcare/clinical environment I receive before, during and yes after! I enjoy going to this dentist more than I do my hairdresser. Happy Holidays Team and see you in the new year - Maurice Van Veen
ambrosiaM8: Great experience here! I enjoyed my time with the dentist from Montreal, he was very kind and helpful!
Jo L: Highly recommend VDSC for everyone!I have coming here for 3 times and all staff members here have been so professional and friendly. did my cleaning with Sylvain and the procedure went prefect. The admin team is also very welcoming!
Young Ji Tuen: So warm and attentive! I appreciate their personalized care.
Rebecca Savory: Been coming here for years, lovely staff, super friendly and professional, very thorough. Would recommend to anyone
Jessica Miller: Truly the best dentist in Vancouver with even better hygienists. An extra star to the hygienist from Montreal - he’s the absolute best at what he does and is so kind and caring. I’ve been to a few dental offices in Vancouver and always come back here.
Negin AsemKaffash: I had a great experience with Dr. Provencher. He is so kind and careful about the patient. He provides good tips on how to protect teeth
Clinton Large: Their Hygienists are amazing, both Sylvain and the woman before have been fun and thorough :D
Ebony Smith: Good dentist and team
Ehsan Vaghef: Very well organized, great diagnosis and examination, your doctor shares the status of each of your teeth’s health with you and lets you know what can be done.
Hooman Hamidifar: As an old classmate and current colleague, I was very happy to take my wife to Faranak's professional clinic for dental work. The way she treated and worked was much more than I expected. All the clinic staffs and assistants were very professional and skilled. The whole clinic is super clean. I highly recommend this sophesticated dental clinic to eveyone in Vancouver.
Tracy Joy: Dr. Coil fixed a tooth whose looks have bothered me for years. The tooth required me to have gum surgery and then internally bleach the tooth. Dr. Coil made sure I didn’t feel the needles he needed to give me for freezing. He fixed my abscess, his instructions we’re great, and I had no pain in the recovery. Then he drilled the tooth so we could whiten it from the inside. Thank you very much!
soudabeh b: Dr Faranak, is very knowledgeable and caring.My teeth have major problems and always is very hard for me to find a dentist who I can trust. I will continue my treatments with her and I’m very confident to recommend her.Thank you Faranak 😊
Adelle Bernadette: This was “by far” my best dental experience EVER!!! I am so grateful to have found this place! This dental office has very high standards of care and they are incredibly caring and compassionate.

8. The University of British Columbia - University Endowment Lands

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1542 reviews
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The University of British Columbia
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Address: Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-822-2211

Business type: University

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