Best Specialized Physicians Clinical Pharmacology Vancouver Near Me

1. yYoung® Medical Clinic - Vancouver

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yYoung® Medical Clinic
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Address: 1721 Main St #1, Vancouver, BC V5T 3B5, Canada

Schedule: Closing soon: 4:30 PM

Telephone: +1 604-914-8888

Business type: Medical clinic

yYoung® Medical Clinic: what do users think?
mahera patel: Ryan Leo is the most useless and incompetent doctor. This clinic gives phone appointments for eye and stomach infections - how do they expect to look at symptoms and treat people is beyond me. The clinic is a joke! Ryan Leo tells me he can’t prescribe any medication for my stomach bug. Well, how would he on a phone call anyway - he basically just made money from my call and there was no resolution to my illness. The front desk staff is lazy and inefficient.
Siarez: They don’t accept walk-ins despite their sign saying otherwise.
James: Great clinic, friendly staff and good doctors + pharmacy. The masks provided are appreciated. Limited parking around the area, you may need to park a block or two away.
Patricia Rudichuk: My experience with the doctor went well, but the unhealthy condition of the room was unacceptable for a Medical Clinic-water stains on the ceiling tiles, thick dust on the base boards and dirty floor The owner needs to care
Janjan: Just got my new Covid 19 booster!
Katie: Dr Hirji is the best!
Juan Sebastián Londoño: A walk-in clinic that does not take any walk-ins, beware !
Sheldon Todd: Good doctor. Good pharmacy. No complaints so far!
Amna Israr: It was a nice experience to begin with last year, until recently when I’ve noticed that they probably are over-booking. So thay don’t have enough time to listen to your complaints & address them properly. You’re to wait for the doctor beyond your appointment time & then he’s in a hurry too.
Carlos Aparicio: Been doing online appointments with the clinic for over a year and all seemed well. That is till I really needed help and needed a same day appointment and then I was told earliest they could help was 6 days later. I dont follow or understand what other industry can survive on saying to their client "hey you want our services now, we cant help you but come back 6 days from now and we will be happy to help you". What other industry would service such a relationship with their customers! Absolutely absurd! Unrealistic expectations and the justifications used are equally ridiculous! This industry is broken, it needs to have a minimum standard of service that clients can expect. There must be some oath doctors take to provide services. Or Maybe this is just a bad day for me only, but I don't think so, unfortunately
Lindsay Frame: Fabulous family practice that provides compassionate and attentive multi-disciplinary care; we are so lucky to have them in the neighbourhood.
Donna Brock: Amazingly efficient practice. Went to this clinic for my annual physical. Both the front staff and doctors went out of their way to help me. Everyone is friendly and goes above and beyond to get all done. My husband and I were more complicated as we are Canadian and not BC residents. We were visiting our son and needed our physicals. Would give more stars if possible. Highly recommend.
bob bardsley:
Review Master: Dr. Leo is a negligent doctor. He never seems to worry about your symptoms, and sometimes he has almost no idea about some medical procedures.He will tell you that getting medical exams done are “unnecessary” and a waste of resources if you are not dying from it. Turns out when you look for a second option you need at least 3 exams done. Take your conclusions about this doctor.
Rick Branston: Could not get to see a Doctor, I phoned the Doctor here at Y young, and he improved my quality of life, in just one swoop. They are the bomb. They care.
Susan Liu: Very friendly and efficient service
DebM: This was my first in person appt with Dr Leo, after becoming his patient over a year ago. Everyone was friendly, professional, prompt and caring. Plus the Make An Appointment online system is super easy and glitch free.
Komalpreet Kaur: Very bad experience. The expect us to wait for them 10-20 minutes but I was late by 3 minutes only and they did not attend us and said that they can not give shot to baby.
sahil sran: awful service, my experience here was terrible. I was late by 3 mins (due to traffic) and was refused service, while other appointments i always come early but end up waiting for several minutes.
Scott Maclean: Me and my GF came to Yyoung medical Clinic because we saw the good reviews on google. I recommend you to STAY AWAY from this clinic at all costs. They charged us $200 for a consultation after they said they would help us get the medication we required which we were fine with as my gf does not have MSP and they said they would help us. We got the doctor visit, had the blood tests to prove that we needed this medication as soon as possible, but after receiving the blood test the clinic told us to go to a different clinic. Basically they charged us $200 just to tell us to go elsewhere. It was a terrible experience and I tried talking to the manager about getting some sort of refund because we were not given the help we were promised and she was extremely unhelpful and rude. This is a time sensitive medication too so not only did they not help us, they wasted precious time. 0/10 do not recommend.I was rude to the staff over the phone but that was because they told me to do more research next time? You said you would help us. Instead we signed up with a different office on our own without the referral. Just awful.
Karan KP: Listed as Walk In Clinic but at arrival doctor can’t see you without appointment. Please remove walk in option.

2. Dr. Tasnim Adatya - Vancouver

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18 reviews
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Dr. Tasnim Adatya
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Address: 988 W 22nd Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Z 2A1, Canada

Schedule: Open until 6:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-224-2124

Business type: Naturopathic practitioner

Dr. Tasnim Adatya: what do users think?
Rachel Rozanski: She improved my GERD 80% and gave me the knowledge i needed to get off PPI's entirely, all from one appointment, and I can eat so much now. Really incredible, and I'm a skeptic.
Taya Triffo: I am so very grateful for Dr. Adatya!I recently saw Dr. Adatya to help me work through some ongoing gut-related issues. I loved that she treated our session like a conversation. She asked thorough questions to understand my situation, considered possible root causes with me, and discussed a number of very helpful options for treatment. Her advice was clear and specific, with a strong emphasis on dealing with root causes first.I am already feeling so much better and brighter. Thank you!
Hana Weinwurm: I am a health and wellness fanatic and look for the best team to support my health journey. From my last two years with Dr. Adatya, I feel her professional wisdom, direction and advice keeps me on top of the game in my health. I come in with many questions and Dr. Adatya suggests ways I can apply healthy ways to up my game in my current health and being proactive in prevention. I am not an average gal looking for average information and this is why Dr. Adatya suits me. She is an extraordinary practitioner full of helpful and cutting edge knowledge and practical advice 👌🙏👏
Linda Ly: I just had a similar experience as a previous reviewer in that Dr. Adatya seems more intent on maintaining a good reputation than to help someone who may have an extraordinarily challenging situation. She did not want to take me on because my intake form was very complex and because she did not want me to not be happy with her if naturopathic medicine wasn’t going to improve my condition.This was actually the second conversation that we had that didn’t go well. The first on the phone 6 months ago had her recommending my son’s ND (who I wasn’t seeing myself) instead of her starting to work with me. It was a 30 minute call that resulted in a partial refund. But I thought that after 6 months of being with my son’s ND and my condition getting worse that I would try to work with Dr. Adatya again. Hence today’s call. So that’s actually twice that she’s chosen not to work with me.I think because she is so sought after, she can pick and choose her clientele and would rather not take on anyone who seems to be challenging.
Marsha G. Clarke, RMT, BHSc: Dr Adatya is sincere, honest and dedicated to her patients. You can trust in her care. I do!
Deidre Macdonald: Fantastic doctor! Dr. Adatya is insightful, knowledgeable, and kind. Her advice has made an enormous difference in my health.
Luke Jackson: To the person who gave a 2 star review, you should not be leaving a review on services you didn't recieve.
Grace McDonald: Dr. Adatya is extremely knowledgable and competent, and I would definitely recommend her. She keeps herself current and well-read on the latest medical research. She is professional and wants to provide optimal care for her patients. I am glad to have her in my life, as she has greatly helped my whole family. Thank you!
genevieve wisdom: Dr. Adatya is a knowledgeable professional with years of experience behind her patient protocols. I always recommend her with excellent feedback.
Suzanne Reinhardt: I had a brief phone conversation to determine whether Dr. Adatya and I would be a good fit. She talked at me and disregarded what I said then she decided that we wouldn’t be a good fit and cancelled my appointment.
Jodie Lightfoot: Dr. Adatya made such an impression on me, with her remarkable knowledge, sage advice and spot-on recommendations that even years later, when I moved thousands of miles away, and was expecting my first child, she was the first doctor I thought of to reach out to for advice. She was incredibly responsive via email and went well beyond the normal expectations of quality care and attention you'd receive from a busy naturopathic physician. She's a keeper!
Thomas Gulay: It has been amazing to be able to eat without feeling pain. I recommend Dr. Adatya 100%.
Isabelle Bertrand: Accommodating, knowledgeable, trustworthy, dedicated, passionate, supportive... I can't say enough about Dr. Tasnim Adatya. Unequivocally, seeing Dr. Adatya was the best health decision I've ever made. No matter your situation, I would recommend her to anyone in hopes of hearing similar success stories.
Anouk Boutin: After my first meeting I walked away with a specific and comprehensive action plan targeted on correcting my issues. Dr. Adatya instantly earned my trust and confidence. I wholeheartedly and without reservation recommend her.
Kyra Janot: Despite a rigorous skin routine and active lifestyle, I have suffered from acne for most of my adult life. Dr. Adatya was able to quickly and effectively narrow down the root cause, and put me on the path towards an appropriate diet for my skin type. Additionally, she has several times picked up on underlying hormonal and nutritional imbalances that other doctors failed to notice until it was brought to their attention. Tesnim is both knowledgeable and thorough, and her newsletter has been an invaluable source of information to me in maintaining a healthy lifestyle day to day.  She delves into the most up to date, cutting edge research, while effectively simplifying and summarizing for the general reader. Her methods and manner inspire both comfort and confidence in me, and I look forward to continuing to work with her.
Yvonne Kost: Before I met Dr. Adatya I suffered from chronic stress that contributed to countless digestive issues, anxiety, chronic fatigue, and infections. At first I tried some conventional pharmaceuticals with little to no improvement in my symptoms. I became deeply unhappy; I felt like my body was my enemy, and I woke up every day only to fight with it. In addition to addressing my mental and emotional needs, Dr. Adatya guided me to better health with food sensitivity testing, herbal and nutritional supplements as well as lifestyle and diet modifications. Today I can happily say that while I still experience stress, I do not have the same physical and psychological symptoms as before. Dr. Adatya is extremely knowledgeable and thorough in her assessments. She listens attentively and inspires confidence in her patients by acknowledging that we know our own bodies best. I feel fortunate to have her as my doctor!

3. Sina Pharmacy & Health Centre - Vancouver

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90 reviews
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Sina Pharmacy & Health Centre
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Address: 505 Smithe St, Vancouver, BC V6B 6H1, Canada

Schedule: Open until 7:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-336-7462

Business type: Pharmacy

Sina Pharmacy & Health Centre: what do users think?
Dona Jindo: Kind service !
王逸凡: 1). I have been with this clinic for over 2 years now. It was a horrible experience. They often faxed my prescriptions with wrong spelling of my name to doctors and my treatment procedures are delayed for a month for that. As patients, you are basically responsible to constantly follow up with them and hopefully they send your prescriptions! do not trust them.2). It was tough to get in contact with them. Their phone options do not even work. As patients, you cannot even reach this clinic by phone. I was told to write an email to the admin of this clinic to help sort out their phone problem while I was just calling to see a doctor.
AHMAD SHAVANDI: Pharmacy manager needs more training on communication skills. I just reported this to the pharmacy and wished them good luck with the future of their business with their managers false behaviour and inconsiderate use of offensive words.Lack of respect while a patient is on the phone, cutting the phone on the patient and also incapability of the pharmacy manager to elaborate pharmaceutical practice and procedures to a stressed client (this time my spouse) is by no means acceptable to me.As part of my commitment to the betterness of the community, I am stopping my purchases with this business.
N d'Oliveira: This place is great and is very fast. I needed a high priority skincare refill and they reshuffled their work schedule to help me out.
Ali Tahmoorespur: Completely satisfied.Professional and kindCalm atmosphereRecommended!
Ana Raescu: I come to SINA for vitamins and natural health supplements, but I get always a very professional service. Pharmacists are highly educated, and provide the best advice.Thank you for being here!
Shadi Sajjad: the pharmacist at Sina are great ,helpful and caring .While clinic is not as great.
Andrew Overend: Didn’t have a great experience
parisa solati: This location has great set of people,they are wonderful and soon as you request for refile medicine they provide for pick up or free delivery.thank you so much ❤️
Giselle Lefebvre: Great family owned pharmacy. They have everything you need and more. They do special compounding and carry a full dispensary of professional brand supplements. Best pharmacy in Vancouver!
Marco Pennino: Wonderful and caring pharmacists! They give details about my meds, help fulfill last minute/emergency refills, and I get the feeling they care and want to help. Happy to be with them!
Emanuela Silvestri: When Sina was just a pharmacy it was perfect, now they have too many things on their plate and often make mistakes. I had a Pap test two weeks ago and no one told me that the doctor used the wrong swab! Therefore I will have to repeat the exam one month after the one already done .. in the last month I have been visited several times and I was never able to be visited properly because the time available was too short and the doctor told me to come back next time. Time is precious especially in diagnosis, if the doctor doesn’t act in a timely manner, the risk is of having seriously ill patients.
Julie Moore: Thank you so much Fatemeh for taking such amazing care of us!
ML: 5 different drug prescriptions and no info with them, a little concerning.
Troy McColman: Fatemeh the pharmacist at Sina was absolutely awesome. We encountered a problem with shipping a product from Canada Post. She was more then accommodating, going out of her way to ensure our product was sent by another courier. She was pleasant and patient and made our experience great. I would recommend Sina to anyone.
Pat Wiley: Great service, very knowledgeable and they really do care about helping their patients. One example: A family member requires an in-person daily medication and staff members meets them at the pharmacy on holidays including Christmas and Boxing Day!
Rawaa Almokyed: I wish if there’s Zero I would give it to them. Pricy for nothing, even the service is bad. No return or exchange although I bought it half an hour ago.
Jad Bou Mattar: A very good pharmacy
Zosia Cassie: The staff and doctors who I've interacted with are all helpful and knowledgeable. I go there routinely for my naturopath appointments and supplements. Thank you!
Waseem Al-Nuaimi: Excellent service, friendly and knowledgeable staff. I have been there many times and every time I have the same great experience. Definitely recommend
Christine Matroud: Helpful staff, very professional doctors.And they are fully stocked with immunue boosting, natural supplements. Highly recommend.All other pharmacies pale in comparison, no jokes!

4. Lynn Valley Medical Center & Pharmacy - District of North Vancouver

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56 reviews
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Lynn Valley Medical Center & Pharmacy
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Address: 1200 Lynn Valley Rd Suite # 102, North Vancouver, BC V7J 2A2, Canada

Schedule: Open until 6:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-988-5389

Business type: Medical clinic

Lynn Valley Medical Center & Pharmacy: what do users think?
Faranak Zaravar: I like it , quiet, not busy
Dr Mo N.D: Zauhreen was amazing and got me in as soon as she could. She was so attentive and helpful. Dr. Sharma was a great help.
Swoldier Nation: They never answer their phone, automated only suggesting to book online. Set up a Phone Call appointment. Never got a call back :(
GP S: Sent my mum here when she was feeling very sick. Dr.Sharma diagnosed and addressed her cough within 15minutes. Nice Doctors, staff and professional clinic. Highly recommended.
Mike Harris: Always helpful and professional.
We Me: I have nothing but good things to say about the doctors here. The staff are excellent and answer your questions in a friendly manner. They book on-line and you don't have to wait too long in the waiting room. We need more clinics like this one.
Howard Moody: Impossible to speak to a live person.
guvurergsueru: Never open and can’t leave messages. Impossible to reach anyone. Even the walk in clinic now requires an apt.
Dan M: Would give 0 stars if that was an option!Was black listed for being “rude”. The doctor would only give me a 60 day supply of the medication I need to survive. Also under what my insurance would cover effectively costing me money. Asked if this is how they treat diabetics. This place is a joke would recommend avoiding at all costs.
Jacques Malan: This is falsely advertised as a walk in clinic. It is appointment only. Dont waste your time driving out here like i did.
Hannah Yang: I booked an appointment online. They didn’t call me at my appointment time and the proceeded to charge me 50 dollars for a missed appointment.
Ehrika Poje: Closed at 5pm on a Saturday. 2 different hours advertised. Beware.
하영화: Dr.Jiwani Azim is the best doctorI suffered from eczema on my fingers.He gave the best treatment with all his heart.Thank you so much!
Brent Ski Bike Ski: Dr Mona Lee is the worst. She barely works, she never sends referrals and is always late for appointments. I guess we’re all so desperate for a family doctor we’ll settle for whoever we can get.
Big Wallahi: They don’t even answer their phone. I know Covid is scary but people have other issues they need to be assisted with. Answer your phone.
Shabnam Saeiarasi: Worst experience ever. Doctor calls me an hour later than my appointment. Super rude and told me the staff would contact me today for an Xray. While I am sitting here waiting for my Xray the clinic closed and the staff went home. Very disappointing
Danette Massaro: Zero stars please! I have given them SO MANY opportunities to improve the experience and it just keeps on getting worse and worse. I've seen many different doctors in that clinic. They would charge even if you call to ask what ahappened with their follow up... and will charge you again when they finally call back with the results.. It is very frustrating. I haven't had anyone taking the time to actually go through what's going on. Front desk is even worse. Rude, unprofessional.
Didaviski R.: Had a phone appointment, just on time. Dr. Corwin is a very knowledgeable doctor. Highly recommend.
Alexsandra Aulin-Haynes: Had an absolutely horrendous experience today in this clinic. A male Dr. completely diminished my medical situation claiming, I was fabricating my ER experience and referral. I came to the clinic today by recommendation of two ER doctors at lions gate hospital and a chiropractor to get a referral to see a surgeon so I can get an MRI. He barely examined me and after 2 minutes of roughly handling my knee, he claimed I was “completely fine” and would not require an MRI. In addition, when I tried to explain why I would like an MRI regardless so that I can rule out the potential need for surgical repair, he berated me about how an MRI would not be able to scientifically show whether or not I would need surgery. Furthermore, I continued to explain how I know the surgical process for knee injuries as my younger sister has torn her ACL twice and have been told by 2 ER doctors and a chiropractor that I should get a referral for a surgeon (a specialist in their field… not a general practitioner) so that I can get, at the very least, properly examined and potentially get on the waitlist for an MRI. Even after telling him I was willing to pay for the MRI, he proceeded to tell me how to spend my money as he considered it a waste. I am an athlete and this injury is inhibiting my life as well as my mental health. I am incredibly disappointed in this service. I would never recommend him as a doctor to anyone. He made me feel insignificant in both my pain and as well as a person. To end my amazing experience, he followed me to the lobby and continued to berate me in front of the rest of the clinic, further attempting to humiliate me. Never in my 28 years of life have I experienced this type of treatment. Attached are photos of my swollen knee as well as my laying in the ER bed at the hospital.Update: ACL is torn.
Fernando de Almeida Barana: Horrible experience, Dr Azim Jowani did not even look at me when I clearly came with a problem. 5-min consultation just a waste of my time. Now I’ll need to look for another GP to get my abdominal hernia checked. So frustrating. Don’t waste your time there.
Lucas Fleming: Receptionist was super friendly and the doctor was great! Minimal wait, too - was in and out within 20 mins

5. The University of British Columbia - University Endowment Lands

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1542 reviews
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The University of British Columbia
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Address: Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-822-2211

Business type: University

6. Tia Health - Online Canadian Doctors, No fee $0 with health card - Vancouver

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199 reviews
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Tia Health - Online Canadian Doctors, No fee $0 with health card
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Address: We're available online only, at - Across, Canada

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Business type: Medical clinic

7. Dr. Helen Karimirad | PRIMARY CARE PRACTICE - North Vancouver City

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19 reviews
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Address: 137 17th St W #1, North Vancouver, BC V7M 1V5, Canada

Business type: Doctor

Dr. Helen Karimirad | PRIMARY CARE PRACTICE: what do users think?
Coach Coach: Dr. Karimirad has seen me and family for over 2 years and we have experienced great care.
Sean Alexander: Dr. Karimirad is the embodiment of a true healer. She literally has saved my life. I am so fortunate and blessed to have her as my doctor. And I’m proud to say Dr. Helen Karimirad is my family doctor.
Atian Moghimi: Very rude and unprofessional Dr! Also you can never reach her, nobody picks up the phone.
ozra hassan zadeh: Dr Helen is very professional and smart at her job her diagnosis is very most of time accurate!I lik my family Dr!
Atieh Entezaralmahdi: She doesn’t care about her long time clients!!!!! Just care about money people pay for beauty!!! crazy! Waiting time for 1 hours and 40 minutes to visit with appointment!!!!!!!
Soheila Ghodsieh: The best Dr that anyone can have and ask
Sam: Wrong diagnostics. Wouldn’t care enough to hear the description of my health problem.
parisa aghakarimi: To reach her is a big problem. She is never there. No one answers the phone. I have to look for another doctor
Mahnaz Hatai: Dr. H. Karimirad is a very intelligent and kind lady who feels for her patients. She always does her best for them and her work is amazing! The office secretary is also very accommodating and friendly.
Neda Abb: NO CARE At ALL. She doesn’t have regular schedule. When you need her she is not available. She is focused on beauty patients and she doesn’t have care for regular patients. Not recommend at all
Angela Lee: She advertised on Groupon. I tried to make an appointment to redeem and she told me it would cost $1000 to get my services done, and that the Groupon didn’t apply. She is rude and I would never trust someone who appears to only be in it for the money. Do not use her!!!
Shannon Chalifoux: Dr. Karimirad has been an amazing doctor to our family. We are very grateful for her professionalism and compassion. We are so blessed to have such a kind and caring doctor. Thank you Dr Karimirad!
Reza Faghihzadeh: One of the worst doctors in town.front desk lady is very rude and impolite.They never answer the phone and always go to voicemail.
Shideh Oveisi: She is a very kind dr in North van.God bless her🌹
mike k: Absolutely awesome doctor! She diagnosed me with multiple sclerosis after 6 years of Miss diagnosis going to the hospital.. I wish I knew about her sooner
Farnaz Sarkhosh: During last couple weeks I called many times and tried to reach her, even I was not able to leave a voice message. SO FRAUSTRATING!!!!
Elmira Mousavi: Extremely rude… only Persian community can tolerate her, unbelievable!!!
Faramarz Keyvanskhou: 2 bad there is no option for no star
B S: I won't even call her a doctor, she should stick with Botox and filler. she is a cosmetic practitioner not a doctor.extremely rude and offensive when confronted. never had anybody talking to me so disrespectfully. just not a decent person in general. someone should look into her practice. I am surprised that she has not been suspended yourself a favour and stay away from this place.
pooyan Keyvan: STAY AWAY!oh Wow,the way she talkes to people its just wrong.she made my mom cry, lirterly.extrimly rude and only care about her cosmetic practices.i mean just look at the reviews. its nuts that she is till in business.I would not call her a Doc. i wish there was a 0 star option.
SJ: One of the worst doctors in this city.Almost killed My Mom and Dad with terrible advice. They trusted this woman to take care of them and she was completely ignorant.Both my parents needed emergency surgeries and she recommended to go home and relax with some unrelated pills.My mom had a serious sepsis and my dad had a full symptoms of a brain blood clot forming.The icing on top of the cake is that I had a fully torn ACL which she told me to go workout on and its fine... until the MRI came and said something completely different.They don't even have the decency to call you when your MRI's are in. I believe they are ghosting my calls when I'm in pain.We will peruse legal action for her wrong doings and the thread to public health.Just a heads-up to other people, go elsewhere unless you need botox.

8. UBC Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences - University Endowment Lands

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23 reviews
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UBC Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
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Address: Pharmaceutical Sciences Building, 2405 Wesbrook Mall, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z3, Canada

Schedule: Open until 6:00 PM

Business type: Faculty of pharmacy

UBC Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences: what do users think?
Deepesh Singh: Such nice architecture in this building.
賴俊傑: A professor named J.Chen gave me the new perspective toward my topic.Thanks for your help.As well as Tim Cheng, one of my best friends.What a good day!
Chris Cargill: The interior common spaces in this building are stunning. Bright daylight enters the space from many angles illuminating massive wood inlays accentuated by their natural grains and light colourings. It is worth a quick peek if you are in the area even if you don't have any pharmaceutical interests.
robey H: Very nice building. Easy access via parkade on Thunderbird Blvd.
Qurrat Ul Ain: I love it, awesome management, awsome building. Love it’s architecture.
Nasa Rouf: Spacious lobby, lots of space to work for people from outside of this faculty
Hamed: A modern and beautiful building with an interesting info in the lobby about pharmacy

9. Omnicare Pharmacy Ltd - Vancouver

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9 reviews
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Omnicare Pharmacy Ltd
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Address: 1 E Cordova St #130, Vancouver, BC V6A 4H3, Canada

Schedule: Open until 5:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-633-1289

Business type: Pharmacy

Omnicare Pharmacy Ltd: what do users think?
michael V. L. graham: This is the only pharmacy that I use all the time and I use it every day and I would advise you to use this pharmacy if you are in this area because I feel it is the best one in this area there are overBecause there fast and efficient in the job done right every time.
Ashley Kay: These are good pharmacists
Lance Luthor: Wonderful service and staff. Can't say enough good things!!!
Cat Magic: Great staff, these people are the best. Kind and accommodating.
Jacqueline Paul: They are very pro they are very professional team and I like the way they
George Williams: Looked for your number,it was easy to find
paul edwards: i have all ways got good help and the staff are kind . they have helped me when i was in need . have herd nothing but good from all that i have talked to
Lucie Proverb: Omnicare always has all my favorite prescriptions in stock. The little brown pills are nice, but sometimes they make me a bit sleepy.

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