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1. Allan McGavin Sports Medicine Clinic Physiotherapy at Chan Gunn Pavilion (UBC) - University Endowment Lands

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Allan McGavin Sports Medicine Clinic Physiotherapy at Chan Gunn Pavilion (UBC)
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Address: 2553 Wesbrook Mall, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z3, Canada

Schedule: Open until 7:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-822-6833

Business type: Physical therapist

Allan McGavin Sports Medicine Clinic Physiotherapy at Chan Gunn Pavilion (UBC): what do users think?
Quality Improvement: Pretty bad experience with the doctors and administrative assistants here. The exam requested by the doctor was never sent to the appropriate Department. I only discovered this fact by calling the Department to check on the status of the request (when I discover they had never received it).
Laurie M.: Spacious, clean, calm. Knowledgeable physiotherapists, pleasant, capable staff. Working with some old injuries; many years of therapy to date, but I'm making significant progress here - without reinjury.They deal with the basics, based on current research. No esoteric movement systems, theories, or fancy machines, just a thorough assessment, possibly some manual mobilization and then home therapy/ exercises that are up to you to do!They don't promise to fix you, but they will guide you to help yourself.
Jasmine Defilla: Great service! Awesome team :)
Connie Clark: Reviewing Dr. Justin TingIt has taken me years to be able to write this review.I saw this guy, I had excruttiating pain, was scheduled to get a pain shot, he refused to administer. Never explained why.Not recommended!
Konstantin Kleiner: Saw Dr. Orenstein. He did an assessment and created a great action plan for recovery. Would highly recommend.Thank you very much!
Carl Baird: Not happy at allVery sketchyAggressive
Kelsey Klaver: Dr Orenstein diagnosed me incorrectly, had me wear a boot for 5 weeks that made my injury worse, waited several weeks to order an MRI despite worsening symptoms, didn't listen to me, was dismissive, and blamed me unnecessarily. He presumed I had a stress fracture despite a clear xray and presentation of symptoms and my physiotherapists' diagnosis being one of a sprain/strain. His wrong assumption and disregard for what I was telling him set me back about 2 months as I rehabilitate to walk again and miss races I've trained hard for. I'd recommend other athletes avoid seeing him and instead find a good physiotherapist who knows their stuff.
Vladimir Petrovic: Dr. Prasad showed me knee exercises that saved my sport season. Drop squots program.Amazing advice, Thank you, thank you!!!
Warren Meyers: Excellent PT care by Dallas Siemens. I'll be back.
M S: I visited this office over a year ago and was told that i was out on a wait list for an MRI scan and was told it may take up to 6 months to get one. After waiting over 1 year I still heard nothing. I emailed the office and was told that they would bring this to the doctors attention. After waiting a few more weeks I still heard nothing. I emailed a second time and was then told that they forgot to fax my original MRI requisition form over a year ago and that they would send it today.This office in my opinion has a very lazy, unfriendly and unprofessional office assistant. I feel like they simply just don’t care to make sure you get taken care of.
Tara Moon: EDIT: Since being told by the doctor here that there was nothing wrong with me, another doctor in a different clinic did an ultrasound and discovered I have cubital tunnel syndrome in both arms.The doctor I saw,  Dr.  Navin Prasad, was quite unhelpful and passive aggressive. I have suffered from chronic pain for almost 2 years and was referred here by a doctor.His only suggestion for me was IMS, and he suggested I go to a pain clinic, where they would also do IMS. He had no other suggestions. When I said I had done research with peer-reviewed studies and concluded that IMS was not very effective for chronic pain, he responded (passive aggressively): "if you've done all this research and know IMS doesn't work, what do you think the solution is?" this is also after I had told him I have seen a bunch of professionals and none of them knew what to do with me. He said if I wasn't going to do IMS there was no point in me seeing the physio at the centre, and physio in general was a waste of time.Also, after telling me that there was such a thing as a pain clinic (which I was not aware of, but I had already told him it was a good idea), he said, "you've been experiencing this pain for so long and you didn't to go to your doctor to ask for a referral to the pain clinic?"I have seen 4 physiotherapists, a neurologist, had x-rays taken, and talked to two different doctors. This is definitely the worst experience I've had.Essentially, don't go here for chronic pain.UPDATE: he sent his assessment to my regular walk-in clinic, and the doctor there said that "it seems that Dr. Prasad didn't think there was anything wrong with you"Considering I had explained to him that the pain has endured 2 years and keeps me up at night, preventing me from everyday tasks (such as computer use and writing), this comment almost prevented me from moving forward and getting a referral to the pain clinic.
Nick Steel: Booking system is broken
Christine Frim: I saw physiotherapist Russell Reding for a chronic shoulder problem. Russell evaluated me thoroughly, then gave me a treatment plan of exercises to get me back to everyday tasks and the gym. He is very good at explaining what you need to do, why, and how things could be improved.I also think his positive attitude and his attention to my concerns is what makes him a great physiotherapist. I would recommend him to anyone.
Kirsten: 2019 Update: Sent a complaint letter in January about my bad experience in 2018. Within 2 days the director, Dr. Michael Koehle, responded. Was able to get an appointment with him within a week and was very happy with the time he took with me and the treatment. With a physio and exercise plan in place and a follow up appointment in 4 weeks I'm optimistic. 2018 Review: Half a star for the new facility and half for the reception. Not sure if this is normal for the clinic or just with the particular doctor I was assigned. If seeing Dr. Cabrita be prepared to wait over an hour for your appointments plus 30 mins or more alone in the cold exam room. 1st appointment (Oct. 10th) took 90 mins, but was seen for only 20 mins by a student doctor. Dr. Cabrita did not examine me and sent me on my way with a prescription for an anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxant, and photocopies of exercises to do. After 3 weeks I visited my GP who should have received a report after a week of the appt., but hadn't. 2nd appt on Nov. 14th (5 weeks later as Dr. Cabrita is only at this clinic 1X/week) = Waited one hour in main area. During that one hour reception told me twice it wouldn't be much longer. No apology was forthcoming. Finally, I asked to reschedule with another doctor. Was told I could only come next week to see Dr. Cabrita again as they had a cancellation. I said no and left as I couldn't see doing the waiting game again with the chance only a student doctor would see me.
Pixie City: Spectacular doctors.I had the great fortune of being referred here by another specialist. The Sports Med doctors, Dr. Chng and Dr. Cabrita, are doing exceptional diagnostic and treatment work to help me recover. As an exceptional specialist, Dr. Cabrita approaches her work as a human with kindness and care. I know I am so fortunate to have her resolving my long-term pain. Her bedside manner is exceptional.Some of the reception staff really work hard at being nice. Even when their patience is tried, they stay focused on being kind (even if they do sigh in the middle of it all).
Kathy Banks: I've been seeing Greg (PT) at the Chan Cunn location since Sept 2018, after my left knee essentially stopped moving/bending, and any movement I did do caused intense pain - my Dr. and Greg said likely it was a medial meniscal tear - confirmed by MRI that it was. At my first appt. Greg tested my mobility, assessed my knee function, and discussed treatment options. He indicated that "I wouldn't like it" (some of the treatments) b/c they would be uncomfortable, but they would be effective - he didn't lie - I didn't like them, but they were VERY effective - by my second appointment I was bending my knee and able to "walk" much more like normal (albeit with a limp). Now, 4 months later, and 12 (or 13?) appointments later, I have almost returned to pre-tear mobility/function. I'm walking, squatting, dancing, and I attribute it all to his treatments (and my stubborn persistence as I continue to do all of the exercises he's given me at home to ensure I maintain the strength and mobility I've regained through treatments (trust me, DO THEM - you put in the work, and it will show)). I still don't like some of the treatments (cupping on my IT band!), but yes, they are super effective. Greg is always very professional, and he knows his stuff! I have recommended him to many people and will continue to do so #InGregITrust
Jd Aldwin: I was given the old address by reception, I mis my appointment because of the wrong info gave to me. My appointment was 8am in the morning
Veronica Ryan: I've had experiences with both the Sports Medicine and Physiotherapy professionals at this practice. The Sports Medicine doctor diagnosed a chronic pain issue I had been having for years (and had never found a cause for when seeing other professionals). Then I shifted over to physiotherapy. I saw Greg Cugnet and I cannot tell you how good he was to me and for me. I was very nervous and uncertain at first. He was always clear, patient, compassionate, and helpful. His attitude made me feel we were a team in getting back to a better level of health for myself. I saw him for 6 months and my issue is better now than it has been for the last 20 years of my life! Slow and steady wins the race my friends and Greg will be there with you if you stick with it! I wish I would have found this team years prior, it would have saved me much pain and emotional turmoil.
Ryan Berg: Always a positive experience with my physiotherapist, Greg. They do great work!
Nathan Van Woudenberg: Not sure why ppl are hating on this clinic. Therapist I saw was very knowledgeable and helpful.
blair satterfield: Great experience both times I needed help from people at the McGavin Sports Clinic

2. Kinematics Sports Medicine and Rehab - Vancouver

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Kinematics Sports Medicine and Rehab
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Address: 1100 Melville St #110, Vancouver, BC V6E 4A6, Canada

Schedule: Open until 7:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-423-9550

Business type: Physical therapy clinic

Kinematics Sports Medicine and Rehab: what do users think?
sima ashrafinia: The past 8 years I've been in & out of physiotherapy & rehab centres more times than I should. Unfortunately, my foot conditions remained the same till I discovered Kinematics Sport Medicine &Rehab & I thought I'll give a try one more time. I saw Dr. Ali Masoumi, he treated my like a person & I've been fortunate to have received care from the best chiropractor in lower mainland. My recovery wouldn't have been possible without his attention. Dr. Masoumi also referred meto Quinn Turner to continue my treatment through physiotherapy.I wouldn't be where I am today if it weren't for Quinn Turner's genuine care & knowledge. I was able to walk without pain within 2 months, my heels & achillies are pain free now. Thank you Quinn & Dr. Masoumi for labeling me to have normal life & enjoy long walks. Your receptionist teams are the best& know what they are doing.
AJ Em: After developing some lower back pain, I made an appt at Kinematics for massage and physio. Shayla was my massage therapist and Quinn was my physiotherapist and they both are fantastic! I was in so much pain and after my very first massage I was feeling an improvement. Quinn helped so much with the physio, providing stretches that made a world of difference. The combo of both worked magic in ridding of my pain and being able to be active and having better mobility than even before I developed the pain!I would recommend this clinic to anyone! From the front desk to the team helping you feel better and stronger. I am so happy with the care! Thank you Shayla and Quinn!
Enoque Panzo: This is one of the best Physio places in Vancouver. Jonanathan and the team here are fantastic and have helped me recover from many sports related injuries in the past 4 years since I have been visiting this place. The team takes a holistic approach to physiotherapy and are focused on helping the patient reach their goals.The RMT team is also great! I definitely recommend Kinematics Sports Medicine.
Brian Chan: Dr Ali Masoumi is LEGIT. I actually first started coming here to see Quinn for physio after a shoulder injury. Great guy with a great attitude and he really helped fix me up. After a while I had some neck and lower back issues so I started to see Dr Masoumi. He is the real deal. Unlike the previous chiro place I used to go to, there was no bs. He didn’t sell me on things I didn’t need. He didn’t make me pay for dumb bio structure exams which were a complete scam by the way. He also didn’t hound me for five star reviews or wanted to take pics of me holding up signs saying my appetite and sleep improved, just to put on their website. Three sessions with Ali, as opposed to twice a week for what seemed like an entire year with the previous place, was already enough for me to see actual long term results. Highly recommend this place.
Kellie Fontes: I've seen Brodie off and on for two years now for a variety of physical maladies. Brodie is very knowledgeable and approaches treatment in a very pragmatic, gentle way. What I really appreciate is the time he takes to really listen to me and explain the things he does and recommends in terms of rehabilitation. He also doesn't shame me when I invariable slip on doing my exercises. If that isn't enough to convince you he's awesome, he's also funny and has great fashion sense (you might be lucky to see one of his fun dog socks sometime!). Anyone would be so lucky to have him as their physical therapist.Special shout out to the front desk staff. They are always so cheery and helpful. They really make you feel welcome. Thank you for all you do!
juan camilo soto angel: I've been visiting Brodie for physiotherapy after I had an injury on my hip flexors while I was playing soccer. I have attended 4 sessions and I have improved a lot. I definitely recommend it. The front desk staff are nice and welcoming.
Wahid Gharbi: Great place for Sport Medicine and rehab. The staff is professional! Jonathan can work small miracles for sports injuries rehabilitation. Highly recommended!
Svetoslava Savova: Dr Masoumi is amazing. He has repeatedly cured injuries I have had. The whole team at Kinematics is highly professional and recommended.
Erica Leao: I love you everything about this place.Massage is amazing, she does lymphatic drainage which I wanna do every day
Eahssan Mayanloo: I've been dealing with this shoulder weakness and pain after a dislocation for 9 years. I've seen several health care providers in the last couple of years and it never got anywhere. The moment I entered Kinematic Sports Medicine, I was greeted very warmly. Dr. Masoumi is very knowledgeable and was able to identify the issue to my shoulder very accurately. Ive seen him for several sessions along with Quinn whom have really helped. I also had a very extensive session with Dr. Abouzant for some injections. He patiently answered all my questions and concerns and the session even went over the scheduled time.I'm glad that I'm finally getting somewhere with proper treatment for my shoulder. Thank you Kinematics Sport Medicine!!
Mike Li: I’ve been working with Jonathan Coelho since 2018. Jonathan is very knowledgeable and skilled - he took the time to understand my injuries and concerns, and he explained the underlying causes in a way that was easy to understand. Jonathan devised a personal treatment plan to fit my needs, and I quickly saw results. Jonathan is friendly and supportive during each session. I’d definitely recommend Jonathan and Kinematics!
Emily Andrechuk: Amazing place! I have been going to Kinematics regularly for over a year now. I have done acupuncture, chiropractics, and massage therapy. They work together as a team to ensure you get the best possible treatment. Each of them are extremely experienced and knowledgeable in their field. I have learned so much about self care from them that I don’t need to go as often, it’s not a money scoop they truly want you to heal!
Tanner Allen: Jonathan Coelho is an knowledgable physiotherapist and has helped me with pain and mobility tremendously. This clean and welcoming clinic is met with Jonathan's expertise and professionalism that make Kinematics all the more worth visiting. Thank you Jonathan for your hard work, you are a phenomenal PT.
Ludmila Nogueira: I had a fantastic experience at this clinic. I did acupuncture treatment with Einaz. She is so kind and professional, and she helped me handle my chronic migraine and my grieving process. I also did massage therapy with Faezeh (Shayla) and chiropractic with Ali Masoumi. Both are also amazing! And the staff team is also incredible. I totally recommend this place to everyone.
Tosh Elliott: These guys are consistently brilliant, been seeing Jonathan for physio for years and I regularly go for rmt and chiro. Just a great bunch of people and all very good at what they do
Ashley Reynolds: The clinic and practitioners are absolutely wonderful. I have been working with Jonathan for physiotherapy for over a year now. He takes the time to really listen to your issues and is super knowledgable for my aches/pains, with great aftercare instructions. Highly recommend him to anyone who is in need of a overall great physiotherapist!
Catherine O'Sullivan: I have been going to Kinematics for physio with Jonathan. He is very knowledgeable and has helped my with my injury. He has provided some great guidance for improving my running technique to prevent further injury. Would highly recommend Jonathan!
Christopher Mc Anenly: Top class care and excellent facilities. I met with the physio, Jonathan Coelho, for sport related injuries. He fixed an ongoing hip injury I’ve been struggling with for years.I also received chiro from dr. Ali who was excellent throughout my visits.Can’t recommend both enough.
Vic Cheung: Johnathan and Ali fixed my shoulder
Gene Wrankmore: I followed Jonathan when he left Dunbar Physio because he has continually repaired my aging body, to allow me to keep active. He reminds me of the young Peter Curtain whom I’ve known and trusted for many years. Jonathan is attentive, accomplished and sincere in his care.
Frances Simondac: I’ve been going to Kinematics to have massage therapy with Shayla, who always welcomes you with her cute smile. She has magic hands and never fails to distress and untangle muscles, applies good pressure, and works the knots and kinks out. I see her regularly and always walk out feeling very much better!The room is clean, the music is relaxing, and the massage table is comfortable.They have a great team with a very accommodating and knowledgeable Clinic Manager. Medical Office Assistants are nice and friendly too!Always a fantastic experience! I highly recommend Kinematics team!

3. MVMTLAB Multidisciplinary Sport & Health Clinic - Vancouver

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MVMTLAB Multidisciplinary Sport & Health Clinic
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Address: 55 Water St Suite #500, Vancouver, BC V6B 1A1, Canada

Schedule: Open until 5:30 PM

Telephone: +1 604-282-7393

Business type: Physical therapy clinic

MVMTLAB Multidisciplinary Sport & Health Clinic: what do users think?
Rebecca Konsolos: Have been seeing Chris Krammer after a few injuries and body realignment needs and he’s on point every time! Highly recommend if you are looking for someone who will go deeper than just the surface issue that you bring to your appointment. He really takes a wholistic approach!
Andy Kidd: I'd highly recommend Chris Krammer for physio work. He's deeply knowledgable, professional and very easy to communicate with as he listens well. Overall a great experience that has accelerated my recovery faster than anywhere else.
Krzys Orman: Jeff is a magician…hi expertise are beyond extraordinary. He will not only treat your pain, but will guide you to be happier, healthier human being.Long term and holistic approach!Strongly recommend.
Nathaniel Andre-Peirano: After one session with Chris Krammer, I felt confident that I can overcome the injury I sustained. I also felt that Chris could easily help me long term as a client that could use physiotherapy as a way to connect with the body to overcome injuries, day to day wear and tear, or stress built up over time. Chris has evidently built up experience and knowledge about the human body and employs it effectively. In addition, Chris has a mindset which supported my view and desire to keep physiotherapy as an option to build a better body, become pain-free, and stay pain free. However, as with all physiotherapy, the client has to be able to understand that treatment and rehabilitation becomes prevention and ongoing wellness and thus requires the client to continue what’s learned in the physiotherapy session.
Victor Freeman: Dr Chris Krammer is an excellent physiotherapist. He understood my issue by asking specific questions and taking notes. He then proceeded to assess the problem physically. Having all this information he proceeded to use different technique at different point that had tension and was able to make me feel better instantly. His approach to the healing process is wonderful . I highly recommend him and I will definitely be back to work more and understand better my body. Thank you Dr Chris
Paul Stapleton: Dr Jeff provided more than mere physical therapy, he also equipped me with empowering education about my body. Valuable work being offered at MVMT.
Barry Brown: Marieta is great! Super efficient, yet thorough and I always leave her appointments feeling better.
k d: Chris was very thorough during the assessment. Personable and informative. I have every confidence that his treatment plan will resolve my issues.
Michael Simpson: Always great service and treatment at Movement Lab. Jeff and the team are awesome! Highly recommend.
Claire Madill: I'll tell you what I tell Dr Jeff Almon everytime I see him: he's *the best*.And his music selection is always groovin'.
Devan H: Chris Kramer is the bomb! Really knowledgeable about body mechanics and he is always continuing to learn more about it. The best physio I have ever seen.
Danial Cheung: Chris was very attentive to the areas I was having issues with and was a pleasure to talk to. He made sure I understood what the problems were and explained everything he did. Great experience!
Jenn Napier: Chris is INCREDIBLE! I have seen numerous physios over the years, and this was by far the best experience I've ever had and the most hopeful I've felt. Chris is holistic in his views and treatment, easy to talk to, and extremely effective. He understands the body intrinsically. The space is also awesome - big and quiet (bonus - cool art on the walls), where you really feel the focus is on you and not getting people in and out the door. Chris also explains what he's seeing and doing calmly and clearly - I found it super helpful to truly understand what was going on within my body. In one session he treated my lingering vertigo symptoms, released overall body tension, increased breathing capacity, and began a treatment plan for my neck/back and other issues. Go see him! Highly recommend!!
Ece Unlu: I had my first physio appointment with Jeff- he was able to book me in right away as I had an injury and not only did I feel immediate relief after our session but felt a lot more knowledgeable about my mobility, muscles and nerves that are causing issues. I would recommend to anyone experiencing any discomfort to visit them!
Kevin Gault: Chris is great! Very knowledgeable about the body and release points. In 2 sessions my forearm and shoulder released and my mobility returned!! Doing exercises again I haven't done in a while. Makes me happy! :) I highly recommend.
Krishna Mann: Spencer is super knowledgeable, personable, and takes the whole person into consideration when providing treatment. Would definitely recommend!
Andrew Bentley: Awesome!
Juan Parra: I've been working with Spencer for many months and I'm very happy with his RMT service! I have very dense tissue that is very hard to access, but his technique (active massage) is great for me, allowing him to get deep into the tissue where other RMTs commonly cannot. In addition, Spencer takes the time to understand your specific situation, and continuously assesses you to ensure progress is being made. You can tell he really cares about his patients and that he enjoys what he does. His Kinesiology background allows him to get a deeper understanding of my issues and the overall body mechanics, thus making his treatment more effective. I highly recommend his services!My only feedback is: I wish they did direct billing! ;)
Stephanie Bowen: My first session at MVMT kind of blew me away - Jeff is incredibly knowledgeable and I saw immediate results. The space is also beautiful, warm & welcoming!
Jenna Rose: First time getting osteo and I was super impressed. Beautiful space and Adrian was a very kind & knowledgeable practitioner.
Christian Filice: Extremely helpful in assessing and diagnosing my knee problems, provided immediate relief and exercises to support my recovery, so grateful!!!

4. Allan McGavin Sports Medicine Clinic Physiotherapy at Plaza of Nations - Vancouver

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Allan McGavin Sports Medicine Clinic Physiotherapy at Plaza of Nations
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Address: 750 Pacific Blvd B103, Vancouver, BC V6B 5E7, Canada

Schedule: Open until 7:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-642-6761

Business type: Physical therapist

Allan McGavin Sports Medicine Clinic Physiotherapy at Plaza of Nations: what do users think?
kjf63: I have been seeing Alex since November 2022, after having had a knee meniscectomy. I have found Alex to be engaged, knowledgeable, and considerate of my specific needs. Having achieved significant recovery Alex is supportive and is now establishing therapies and exercises to ensure that I achieve my goals.
sweetmadness45: Highly recommend Daana Esfandiarpour!! I have a torn rotator cuff and her hands on movement of my shoulder has given me hope of a full recovery. She is very professional and knowledgable. One of the best Physiotherapists I have been to. The staff here are also very good. Very kind and welcoming. I strongly recommend this clinic! Hard to find good care, and so glad I came here. FIVE STARS FOR DAANA AND TEAM!
audrey: Highly recommend Alex Carrod ! A super knowledgeable and kind physiotherapist :)
Alexa G: I've been working with Alex Carrod for a while now following a long-term injury from a car accident. I'm quite insecure about how persistent of an issue my hip has been, but he's been incredibly patient, reassuring, and professional throughout the entire process. Honestly, sometimes my appointments feel more like visiting a friend than working on something that has brought me a lot of pain and self-doubt, and I really appreciate him for that. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a physiotherapist!
Stuart Bagnall: Alex Carrod is an amazing physiotherapist. He is currently helping me with a sports related injury. Alex’s approach/style is thought out and detailed; showing me on a screen the muscles that are injured. (I personally like to be able to see that and understand what is happening and where the pain is coming from). He is an effective physio with his assessments and understanding what the problem is and what to do to help it from not happening again.I would recommend Alex to anyone who is searching for a physio.
jess MacKenzie-Feder: I have worked with Alex Carrod for almost two years after a repeat ACL injury. He helped me build strength and mobility in pre-hab prior to surgery and has guided my postoperative recovery as well. He is very knowledgeable, professional and compassionate. He has kept me motivated throughout the process and I have appreciated his goal-oriented tailored approach. He identified some weaknesses on my un-injured knee and takes a systemic approach in terms of rehabiltiation and return to sport. I would highly recommend Alex!
Björn Tegelund: Alex Carrod helped me with a hip imbalance issue earlier this year. He assigned me exercises and helped me discover what parts of my lifestyle were contributing to the issues I was having. Most importantly, he helped me stay exercising, which was my primary goal. Highly recommended!
Zahra Seifollahi: I had couple of sessions with Daana for my neck and shoulder pain. She diagnosed the root cause of the problem and explained it to me with all details. She is very knowledgeable and skilled very well in making the situation understandable for me. I have a better sense of my problem and how to assess my progress. I always look forward to go back to her for my problems. I strongly recommend her to everyone. She is awesome.
Tobin Robbins: Daana Esfandiapour is a wonderful, skilled and caring physiotherapist. She has a strong educational background, including post doctoral training at the University of Alberta. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a first rate physio.
Jay: Alex Carrod is an excellent physiotherapist. He has helped me with several sports injuries thus far. I would describe Alex’s style as balanced. Not only does he have the requisite hands-on skills to be an effective physio, but more importantly, he has a realistic approach to injury and the proper steps to heal that injury. I recommend Alex to anyone who is searching for a physio.
Violet P: I've been going to see Alex Carrod for the past 6 months after I tore my calf and damaged some lower limb tendons. He's been absolutely amazing in helping me rehab the injury and get back to my usual lifestyle. With his help, I can now walk, run and hike without pain. He's also helped me get back to running in a way that will make it less likely i get re-injured. I feel much stronger and have better endurance & coordination than I did before the injury thanks to his rehab/training plans. Alex also really helped keep my mindset in a good place, especially when my mobility was limited. He understands how frustrating it can be for people to be unable to move their bodies in the way they used to/want to. He's been encouraging, positive, and realistic when framing recovery times and expectations. I recommend him to anyone needing a physiotherapist!
M R: I cannot recommend Thomas Scarr enough! I have worked with him for a long time in a variety of settings. While I was an athlete, Thomas helped me excel in baseball and work towards being healthy and staying on the field. After playing, Thomas has allowed me to remain pain-free while working on my hips and shoulder. If you are an athlete Thomas Scarr is the physio for you!
Lorie olynyk: I started working with Alex almost a year ago, after a ski injury was misdiagnosed for weeks and I had lost most of the mobility in my left shoulder. I was exhausted, discouraged, and in a lot of pain. Alex assessed my injury, started working with me immediately, and within that first visit I was already feeling more positive and more confident. Within 6 months, I was stronger than before my injury and more importantly, loving being back at the gym. Alex keeps me motivated and challenges me. He's super knowledgeable, thorough and professional. We even manage a few laughs at those 7am appointments. I would highly recommend him.
John Gilfillan: Highly recommend Alex Carrod!I tore my ACL and Alex was excellent at guiding me through my rehab and taking a tailored approach to my recovery.Cheers Alex!
Miguel Garcia: It's been three years having Alex Carrod as my physiotherapist and I think I couldnt have completed my ironman and ultramarathons without him. He didn't just treated my injuries; he helped me to learn how to avoid new injuries. Recommended!The clinic is nice too.
Laura Barreca: Dan is the best!
Justin Brown: While working through my knee injury I have had the pleasure of working with Thomas Scarr. He is very knowledgeable on the latest physiotherapy techniques and has helped me gain considerable pain free range of motion on the injured knee. Thomas truly cares about his patients and their ability to get back to playing the sports/activities they love and I would highly recommend him.
Dwayne Yaretz: Knowledgable and professional therapists.
Linda Kirste: Well highly skilled, dedicated, professional and caring staff.
Maureen Girvan: My experience at the Allan McGavin Plaza of Nations has been top notch for years now and has never faltered. Dan Wilson has been my therapist through herniated disc, a car accident and ongoing sciatica condition. Dan has always been highly competent, good-natured, encouraging, knowledgeable and creative and has often given me personalized exercises online to help recovery. I have had excellent experiences with other therapists at the clinic and have referred friends who have been just as impressed by the standards of work done at the clinic and by Dan. The front desk staff are awesome and could give courses to many doctors’ office staff. They recognize clients, are friendly and helpful and go the extra mile to meet the needs of the clients.Maureen
Kathleen Jones: Have had two amazing massages from Ivàn Cheng, for post-surgery hand therapy. Very personable, friendly & talented young man, and thanks to his knowledge & skill set, I'm finding pain relief and increased mobility with each visit! Many thanks, Ivàn!

5. SportMedBC - North Vancouver City

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Address: 1225 Keith Rd E #3, North Vancouver, BC V7J 1J3, Canada

Schedule: Closing soon: 4:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-294-3050

Business type: Non-profit organization

SportMedBC: what do users think?
Miles Sims: Great services!
t lo: Staff was very nice

6. Back2Normal Physiotherapy & Sports Medicine Clinic in North Vancouver - North Vancouver City

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215 reviews
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Back2Normal Physiotherapy & Sports Medicine Clinic in North Vancouver
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Address: 59- 935 Marine Dr Inside Capilano Mall, Marine Dr Main Floor, North Vancouver, BC V7P 1S3, Canada

Schedule: Open until 9:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-985-6662

Business type: Physical therapist

Back2Normal Physiotherapy & Sports Medicine Clinic in North Vancouver: what do users think?
Freedom: I recently visited Back2Normal Physiotherapy seeking relief from severe shoulder pain/injury, and I am thrilled with the outcome after just a couple of sessions. The staff were very welcoming, the facilities were top-notch, and the physiotherapist, Dr. Rezvani was very punctual and showed remarkable expertise. They tailored their treatments to target my shoulder pain specifically, combined with different exercises and treatments, I experienced significant improvement. I highly recommend Back2Normal and Dr. Rezvani.
Darren Klepsch: Went here for rehab after having knee surgery. Dr. Ahmed and his staff were personable, knowledgeable and flexible with my work/personal schedule. The treatments/exercises were varied and really helped with the healing process, as well as the regaining of strength and flexibility in my knee. I fully recommend Dr. Ahmed and this clinic to anyone on the North Shore looking for a good physiotherapist.
Mahsa Shabestary: I want to appreciate all of the amazing team work in this clinic but I would like highly appreciated to dr Malekzadeh, Neurologist and Acupuncturist at this clinic. Many specialists in Canada I know who are not responsible for treating patients while the health problems affect their whole life but Dr Melekzadeh not only as Acupuncturist as specialist and neurologist helps patients dealing with health issues with timely and correct diagnosis.
alireza jafari: This clinic is highly recommended, staff are professional, specially Dr. Ahmad Rezvani.I took my daughter there and I was truly satisfied with the service.
Mr. O.D: They keep promising my back will get better, but nothing happens. Icbc is paying for my sessions but just a waste of my times. They have no idea what they are doing. Will never come back!!!
Maybelle Laudencia: Siavash is a great massage therapist. We highly recommend him.
Kirstie Rapley: I go to Maryam for acupuncture and she has helped me so much! She is very compassionate and knowledgeable. I came in with really bad headaches and sinus pain and this is the only method that has given me relief.
Tabasom Hadavi: The service was great. The staff is always friendly. Instruments designed to help you feel good.And also I had experience with Maryam for Acupuncture which was awesome!
Francisca Uriarte Tejada: Thank you so much Forouz Sadeghi
Sara: It is a while I am going to Bach2Normal physiotherapy clinic, they are amazing all. I most going for massage therapy with Siavash, he is really professional and knowledgable in his field.I tried many massage therapy clinics, and spent too much money on that, he is the first one who really figured out what is the source of pain and help me to feel better. I most have pain in my shoulder and neck and going there with painful body and headache, I feel release and painless after each session. He gives me some tips and advices as well to prevent painful muscle cramps , he is amazing. I really thankful from Siavash and Dr Rezvani and their team 🙏🏻
Hossein Khodashenas: Siavash is a professional and experienced therapist. I feel relaxed and good after every session with him.
Roya Rahmanian: I had the worst back/neck pain and was suffering from vertigo.My mom is already a patient at the clinic and made an appointment for me. I saw Mr. Ahmad Rezvani who did an incredible job and relieved me from the most excruciating pain. He also corrected my vertigo which was making me feel quite ill. I can’t recommend Mr. Rezvani enough.I also had acupuncture done by Maryam and Sepideh. They also did an excellent job. I’ve never had acupuncture before and they did a great job.I would highly recommend coming to this physiotherapy clinic. Mr. Rezvani and his team are very skilled, compassionate, and follow up with your needs.
Arghavan: I really recommend them to everyone, who wants to be healed.They are experienced and professional. Also, they are supportive.Another important thing to me is they are flexible, which means I should not wait for a long time to have an appointment.In addition, being in a friendly atmosphere, with a great manager and staff and a convenient parking spot are cases. I am happy to find them and be loyal to them after changing lots of Physiotherapy Clinics.
Kathy Afshin: Dr. Ed is an incredible physiotherapist who takes the time to listen, make you fee comfortable, and collaborated with you to create your own individualized treatment plan. Dr. Ed is also extremely empathetic and supportive. He has an upbeat personality, and a great sense of humour. Dr. Ed provides one-on-one care and is not rushing around treating several clients at once when you have an appointment with him. You and your own well being are his sole focus.I am extremely satisfied with the treatments and care that Dr. Ed has provided for me, and I am happy to give the clinic 5-star rating. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Dr. Ed to anyone looking for effective and supportive physiotherapy treatment.
Abhishek Nain: Dr.Ahmad Rezvani is a great physiotherapist . The therapy I was given helped me get better in just 2 sessions. I had hurt my back and shoulder so bad that I couldn’t move . But just after 2 sessions I was feeling much better. Dr.Rezvani has great techniques I have been so far and understand his patients well. He is very flexible with the appointments lol. So you don’t feel like you’re a patient. He knows very well how to be kind and humours at the same time. Thanks a lot Dr. Rezvani.
Homeira S: Mr. Ahmad Rezvani is a very professional physiotherapist, He is very confident at his job and knows what he does to make his patients healing their pain and recover. I highly recommend him.
shraddha desai: Dr.Ed is very very polite and helpful. The therapy I was given helped me get better in just 2 sessions. I had hurt my back so bad that I couldn’t bend even 15 degrees forward nor could I walk. But just after 2 sessions I was feeling sooo much better. Dr. Ed is the most kindest doctor I have come across and he is really funny, keeps you engaged in conversation. So you don’t feel like you’re a patient. Thank you Dr. Ed.
Naseer Shaik: I had a terrible experience during my physio appointment. I saw Ahmed sometime back. During my appointment, he came 20 mins late and hardly took interest in understanding the problem. Instead of root causing the issue, he gave me a superficial massage and also had another person in the clinic give me subsequent acupuncture treatment. He even recommended that I see him 4-5 times to fix the problem. Which of course I didn’t, instead saw a different physio nearby and got the problem identified and fixed.
Kam Romeshi: The best result oriented team. I got into a rear ended motor vehicle accident and now receiving a treatment at the capilano clinic. I am feeling better and recovering slowly and surely. Well doneThan you
Ramtin Rajabinia: Dr. Rezvani is the best physiotherapist In Vancouver! He fixed my back that’s been bothering me for over 7 years. I highly recommend seeing him for any of your physio needs, he’s very easy going and a great doctor!
Amir Ahmadvand: One of the best physiotherapist I have experienced. Dr. Rezvani is so kind and so expert in his job. Thank you, thank you Dr. Rezvani.

7. Downtown Health & Physiotherapy - Vancouver

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263 reviews
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Downtown Health & Physiotherapy
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Address: 1136 Richards St, Vancouver, BC V6B 3E6, Canada

Schedule: Open until 7:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-558-3210

Business type: Physical therapist

Downtown Health & Physiotherapy: what do users think?
Liam Lau: I enjoyed my time and treatment at Downtown Health & Physiotherapy with Dr. Rezvani. He is kind and professional and also with a sense of humour. His treatments were able to alleviate my neck pains, and I would recommend the clinic to people who are experiencing similar issues.
Elmira Tavala: This clinic runs by the team of professionals who are very knowledgeable in their field. In a few massage therapy appointments, I’m fully recovered. Thanks to Hamid for the advices, he is truly a life saver.
Negin Kashani: I recently visited Hamid in Downtown Physiotherapy located at Yaletown and had an amazing experience. His skill and expertise in massage therapy are unmatched. Every stroke and knead was delivered with precision and care, targeting my problem areas perfectly.I left feeling revitalized, with reduced tension and increased flexibility. I highly recommend Hamid for an unforgettable massage experience. Thank you!
Hamed Zarsazi: I had an amazing experience with the massage service! Hamidreza Salahi was highly skilled and provided an exceptional massage. The ambiance of the place was soothing and relaxing, contributing to the overall calming atmosphere. I left feeling rejuvenated and my muscles felt significantly looser. The entire session was conducted with professionalism and care. I would highly recommend this massage service to anyone in need of relaxation and relief from muscle tension. I really recommend to have services with Hamidreza Salahi.
Ali Afshar: If you are looking for an expert and friendly sports physiotherapy and sports massae RMT come to DOWNTOWN HEALTH CLINIC. They are uncredible. Thanks to them im ain free now.
mehrdad gholipour: After a basketball incident that left me injured and frustrated, I was desperate to find a professional who could help me recover quickly and get back in the game. That's when I found [Physiotherapist's Name], and I couldn't be more grateful.Ahmad Rezvnai and Acupuncturist Fatemeh Ahmadvand possesse a profound understanding of sports injuries and their impact on athletes. Their knowledge, expertise, and passion for their work were evident throughout our sessions. They not only provided excellent physical therapy but also offered unwavering support and encouragement, which played a crucial role in my recovery journey.What impressed me most about Ahmad Rezvnani and Acupuncturist was their ability to tailor the treatment specifically to my needs. They carefully assessed my condition, identified the root causes of my pain, and designed a comprehensive rehabilitation plan that targeted both the underlying issues and my overall athletic performance.Their hands-on approach, combined with a deep understanding of the human body and biomechanics, resulted in remarkable progress in a relatively short time. With each session, I felt myself getting stronger, more flexible, and more confident. They skillfully guided me through various exercises, stretches, and techniques that not only helped in my recovery but also improved my athletic abilities.
Dayana Bravo: Muy contenta! La atención increíble y el Dr Reza Malekzadeh es muy amable y excelente Acupunturista! Recomendado 100% Agradecida
J: I have had severe tendon sprain and strain injuries on my shoulder from work related repetitive movements and recovered with treatments and rehabilitative trainings from physiotherapist Ahmad.Rezavani and his team.The recovery was fast and effective; even just after two sessions, my shoulder mobility have improved significantly. I also have had my custom orthotic insole from them, the insoles work very well and last long; they have been worn every day for about 2 years by now.I just simply googled and found this very welcoming clinic, the location is so convenient and 5 minutes walk to yaletown station of canada line if you don't drive.All staffs there are so friendly, approachable and considerate. They have individual private room for everyone visiting there .The prices are standard and reasonal, they do direct billing with insurance , and I havn't had any billing problem ...Thank you all who have helped my recovery there.
Maryam Abdar: I had a great session with Hoda, so professional a friendly! I am looking forward to my future sessions I felt much better just after a couple of sessions!
Babak Norani: I had severe back pain to the point that I could barely walk. I used the physiotherapy and acupuncture services at this location. Miraculously, at the end of the first session, I was able to walk again and 90% of my pain was gone. They were very professional and caring in regards to my pain, which I find very important in practices like this. Special thanks to Hoda for the physiotherapy service, and Maryam for the acupuncture. I highly recommend their services.
Bani Gol: I had a RMT massage therapy today at Downtown Health Clinic. I was suffering from muscle sprain resulted from sport injury. Staff are very friendly, my RMT massage therapist is having magic hands. He is explaining every step and I enjoyed his advanced technics. A big fat sold five stars. Highly recommended.
Mohsen Heidary: I highly recommend Hoda at downtown health & physiotherapy at clinic. She is kind and caring in her approach, committed to optimizing one's level of functioning.Hoda made a huge difference in assisting in my low back pain and hip injury.Additionally, Hoda provided excellent instruction on exercises that made her treatments even more practical.She is defiantly the best physiotherapist I have ever seen!10 stars all the way!!
Cute Panda: The best experience for massage (RMT) and and acupuncture in Vancouver. After a work related injury I came here and I’m pleased to tell you that they are really professional and skilled. Deserve 5 stars truly
mohammad al awamleh: I cannot recommend this physiotherapy clinic enough! From the moment I walked in, I was greeted with a warm and friendly welcome. The team is extremely knowledgeable and skilled in their field, and they truly care about their patients' well-being.I came to this clinic with chronic back pain, and the physiotherapist assigned to me took the time to understand my specific needs and create a customized treatment plan that targeted my pain points. Not only did my pain decrease significantly after just a few sessions, but I also learned invaluable exercises and techniques to help prevent future pain.The clinic itself is clean, modern, and well-equipped with the latest technology and equipment. The staff is professional and always willing to answer any questions I had. Overall, my experience at this clinic was fantastic, and I highly recommend it to anyone in need of physiotherapy services.
Nima Zarenia: As an athlete, I recently had the privilege of checking out the work accident physiotherapy and acupuncture clinic located conveniently in Yale town Vancouver, and let me tell you, it was incredible! Right from the moment I stepped in, I felt welcomed.Their team of highly skilled physiotherapists and acupuncturists designed personalized treatment plans to my specific needs. Their techniques were on-point, and I was amazed by how quickly they were able to relieve my pain and help me get back to my training.The clinic itself is sleek, modern, and has all the latest equipment, making my experience there as comfortable as possible. Overall, I highly recommend this clinic. Five stars without a doubt!
mahsa sheybani: As a full-time mom and housekeeper, I recently had an amazing experience with my massage therapist. I was feeling my shoulders and upper back were constantly heavy and tired. He did an outstanding job and I am extremely pleased with the outcome. Right from the beginning, Sia, RMT, made me feel at ease and comfortable by understanding my needs and preferences.During the massage, he applied a range of techniques that were both soothing and restorative, and I felt the knots in my upper back muscles loosening up.Overall, I would highly recommend this massage therapist to anyone who wants an exceptional massage experience. He is truly talented and provides a level of service that surpasses all expectations.
Kunnumpurath Vellimana Surdas: PAIN FREE NEEDLING !!!I recently had the pleasure of visiting the best Acupuncture clinic in Vancouver for my lower back pain, and I must say, the experience was exceptional. From the moment I walked into the clinic, the staff was welcoming.The acupuncturist (Dr. Fatemeh Ahmadvand) was incredibly knowledgeable and professional, taking the time to explain the treatment process and answering all of my questions. The treatment itself was gentle and soothing, and I immediately felt a sense of relief in my lower back.After my session, the acupuncturist provided me with some helpful tips and exercises to help manage my pain, which I found to be incredibly beneficial. The overall atmosphere of the clinic was calm and relaxing, and I left feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.I highly recommend this Acupuncture clinic to anyone looking for a natural and effective way to manage their pain. The level of care and attention I received was truly exceptional, and I look forward to returning for future treatments. Thank you for the amazing experience!- KVSFacebook :@iamsurdas
Shahram Sarkari: Hey guys,I just had the most amazing massage therapy experience at a place called "Downtown Health" located in Yale Town Vancouver! I went there for some muscle tension and pain I've been experiencing from a recent sports injury, and I can honestly say it was the best massage I've ever had.The RMT was extremely knowledgeable and attentive to my specific needs, and really took the time to understand my injury and areas of concern. He was able to apply the perfect amount of pressure and used a variety of techniques to help relieve my pain and tension.The atmosphere of the clinic was so relaxing and calming, which made the experience even better. I really appreciated the attention to detail and the personalized care that I received. I left feeling so much better and relaxed, and my muscles felt like they had been given a new lease of life!If you're in Vancouver and in need of a great massage therapy experience, I highly recommend this RMT inYale Town. Trust me, your body will thank you for it!Cheers,
Gonche Ra: I recommend Maryam Amani as a professional, knowledgeable, experienced physiotherapist.I recently had an amazing physiotherapy experience at this clinic. Following my car accident, I still experienced pain and couldn’t back to my normal activity.Maryam helped me to gain my balance and strength. She took the time to listen to my concerns and tailor a treatment plan specifically for me.she’s been very patient and gentle with my injuries, and always makes sure I am comfortable throughout the session. I was amazed by the progress I was able to make in such a short amount of time, and the care I received was truly top-notch.The clinic itself was very clean and well-maintained, with modern equipment.
Tannaz Ahmadi: I recently visited this physiotherapy and acupuncture clinic after a car accident, and I must say that I am extremely impressed with the service and care I received. From the moment I walked in, the staff were friendly, welcoming, and professional, making me feel at ease in what was a stressful time.
Ali saadatmandi: I recently visited this sports physiotherapy clinic and acupuncture center and I must say, it was an excellent experience. The staff were friendly, welcoming and extremely knowledgeable. They took the time to listen to my concerns and provided me with a comprehensive treatment plan that worked wonders for my injuries.The physiotherapists and acupuncturists are highly skilled and have years of experience in their respective fields. Their attention to detail and personalized approach really made me feel comfortable and confident in their care.The clinic itself is modern, clean and equipped with the latest technology. The combination of sports physiotherapy and acupuncture was incredibly effective in addressing my injuries and helping me achieve a full recovery.Overall, I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone seeking top-notch sports physiotherapy and acupuncture services. The team truly goes above and beyond to provide exceptional care and support throughout the entire process. If you are looking for a professional and effective treatment for your sports injuries, this clinic is definitely worth considering.

8. North Shore Sports Medicine - District of North Vancouver

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32 reviews
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North Shore Sports Medicine
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Address: 453 Dollarton Hwy N, North Vancouver, BC V7G 1M9, Canada

Schedule: Open until 8:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-929-8444

Business type: Sports medicine clinic

North Shore Sports Medicine: what do users think?
John Walsh: Very good people
andrew quock: Have been going here for 2 years now and the personnel are amazing
Glenn Johnston: Absolutely terrific service from knowledgeable trainers and physiotherapists. Front desk staff are friendly and accommodating. Great to have this service in our community .
Jerry Ocol: Dayae, one of the physiotherapists there listens carefully and lays out a plan for whatever aches or injuries you have... Haven't tried the other services there, but I will soon
Sylvia Kratzsch: I have regular physio appointments with Sarah Lord Ferguson to treat my migraines and i can confirm they have come down alot, also her compassionate and kind personality and the great massages make me come back happily. Can highly recommend.
Samantha W: Didn’t go in for a medical reason but I did need a mask. The ladies there were not very friendly and charged me $2 for a cheap disposal mask. Sad vibes in there.
Nikki Bradshaw: The people here at the Deep Cove branch are amazing at what they do! From customer care to massage therapy to physio, would highly recommend! Thank you guys!
Angela Couldwell Torres: Best physio is Jason. I come from Vancouver because he is the best. Girls at front are always nice to deal with .
Jayleen Humchitt: I go here for physio for my back. I was really hesitant at first, but my first time there was so great I keep coming back. Love them.
Eli Laycock: Broke both your wrists? Two surgeries? They'll set you right again!
Sarah Bermel: My whole family have been coming here for massage and physio. We have received excellent care and service. Jason works well with children and adults.
Mark Butschler: Always in great hands to heal with the team at North Shore. I felt I left with a plan, not only to heal but lay ground to protect myself from future issues. Both Tara & Mike are great at what they do.
Kim Tattrie: I have been a patient here for almost a decade and am grateful for the services they provide. Jason is my physiotherapist and I can honestly say he plays a huge role in improving my quality of life!!
Edward McClung: Very knowledgeable and extensive staff. A well established business and community service. I've been here for two separate injuries. A great place to learn to heal (and receive physio treatment).
Laura Francois: Really pin point the soreness and gives a good treatment and advice
hazel agonia: I come for reccomendation because it say this place is great and will help me reduce my hip painI thought I was book for 1hr because Of Assestment then treatmentI’ve been to another physio first appointment at least 45minHere I only spend 30min first 10min is talking what is the pain and where is the pain then after she put me 15min muscular stimulator she came back after 5min and i am ready to goShe just teach me one kind of stretching to do and by byeMy money was so quick for that kind of visitI am very unhappy afterNot worth What I paid
Tara L: top-notch physio! very happy with the expert care i've received here.
Jess McDonald: Amazing clinic and awesome team! They are passionate about providing you the latest high-quality care and will always make sure you are seeing the right person to get the best results.
Carey Simpson: After a very negative experience with a Physio a few years ago, I was turned off this form of rehab for a relatively severe back injury. I subsequently repeated the injury two more times in the past two years and was at the point where I felt I was out of my league to fix it. I initially looked into North Shore Sports Medicine because it was a company that direct billed my insurance provider so I called and was booked an appointment with Jenny within 3 days.Helen at the front desk is so lovely to deal with, and promptly took me into my appointment. Jenny took a thorough history of both my injury and activities, and did a number of tests to narrow down the cause of my pain. Once she had settled on what it was, she then treated me with IMS (my first time) after discussing the treatment and risks with me. After the appointment, on my way home, I felt my entire back relax for the first time since the original injury. I definitely didn't realize how bad it was until it got better! I have been to see Jenny 3 more times now, and each time I have had massive improvements. She has given very easy exercises and therapies I can do at home that do not take up a lot of time but are very effective. She has an understanding of my active lifestyle and doesn't want to change any aspect except to make me feel better/stronger in what my goals are.It was such an awesome experience with Jenny. She doesn't double book herself, so you have her full attention for the time slot and she listens first and then applies her considerable knowledge. She starts each sessions with "so how are you feeling?" which is just tribute to her caring nature but also evidence that she asks the right questions to get the information she needs. Plus she is just pleasant to be around generally. She has completely changed my mind about my aversion to Physios and I have already recommended a friend see her for his own injuries. I highly recommend Jenny and the crew at North Shore Sports Medicine. I am feeling so much better and it's all thanks to Jenny!!!
Heinz Yeo: So far so good.I didn't realize there were two locations. One in N. Van and the other in Deep Cove. Both are similar distances to where I work. So far I'm at week 4, and my treatments have been great. I've been suffering through some rotator-cuff injuries. Prices seem to be consistent and in line with those of my colleagues who see other physio clinics.Overall, no problems with the clinic or the staff. If you're looking for a physiotherapist, here is as good as any other place. Good luck on getting whatever you need fixed.
Norrie Zaplatynsky: I've been seeing Tara Lazarski for physio for the past year and she has done wonders for me. I started going to recover from wrist surgery and have continued for regular all around maintenance. As a fitness professional, it's great to be able to see Tara for adjustments, IMS, massage, or targeted strength work to keep my body feeling good so that I can continue to teach my classes. She is incredibly knowledgable in both sport and physio and I would highly recommend her if you are looking for a new physiotherapist.

9. UBC Department of Physical Therapy - University Endowment Lands

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UBC Department of Physical Therapy
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Address: 212 Friedman Building, 2177 Wesbrook Mall, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z3, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-822-8225

Business type: Department of education

10. LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic - Vancouver

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29 reviews
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LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic
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Address: 5511 West Blvd #301, Vancouver, BC V6M 3W6, Canada

Schedule: Open until 8:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-269-3705

Business type: Physical fitness program

LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic: what do users think?
Daya Harris: I'm so happy that I found Live Well and joined there program. It has already, just after 2 times a week for two months, made a difference in my strength, stamina and balance. It is a kind, relaxed atmosphere and very easy to attend. The guidance is good, it's fun and not overwhelming. Thank you Kerrisdale Live Well !
Laura North: Excellent atmosphere, quality instructors, priced well.
Tom Sitar: Great staff and facility. Great system for making changes to appointments.
tiffany liu: Very poor customer service! Extremely bad and terrile! I think the people there, especially the management team is awful. He is not impolite and so mean. I hope you should learn politeness first.I won't go there anymore. I think this is the worst worst worst clinic.
Gurpreet Manocha: Excellent work out and staff
Sandra Millward: As a Nutritionist and Lifestyle coach, This is the kind of place I like to send people who seek a safe, private, and supportive environment to workout! The staff are knowledgeable and the small group sessions are encouraging. Live Well is for anyone seeking to be more active, particularly if you don't love the gym. 2 Thumbs Up!
Vanessa Vaartnou: The team at Live Well is a personable and professional group of skilled practitioners. They approach each client as an individual and make exercise safe and accessible. Their approach is especially helpful for anyone with existing medical concerns. As a healthcare provider, I frequently recommend my patients work with Live Well to reach their movement and fitness goals as I know they will be provided a comprehensive, safe, and effective fitness plan.
Kathryn Inman: Find the clinic a far more positive experience than a gym. Always a coach to ensure that all exercise is done correctly, well supervised limited numbers per session. A great experience with results!
pauline barratt: I must exercise. it's good for me. However I'm not a great self starter with activity - unless it is dancing. So being signed up at Live Well makes me keep on going. And I have felt the results. I am stronger and my balance is better. There is no judgement and no competition. Now if they would just turn the music lower it would be absolutely perfect. However I am very glad that I joined.
Rene Atkinson: Love my gym. Great caring staff. Like having a personal trainer but you get to meet new people at the same time. Working out with others that have a success mind set is very motivating.
Grant Cameron: Live Well has been a great experience for me. The guidance, instruction and motivation provided by the staff (joy masters) make it easy to keep my 2x week frequency for nearly four years. Now I am the most fit ever and enjoy being physically active. I’m grateful to Live Well for showing me how.
Nancy Graham: I have been attending Live Well Exercise clinic for just over two years. I have found a very supportive environment which has encouraged and challenged me and which has taken into consideration my health needs. I have much more endurance, my blood pressure is lower and I feel stronger with more energy. Thanks to the live well staff.
Isabelle Somekh: Due to a myriad of health issues including: diabetes for 45+ yrs., a kidney transplant, a stroke, having 3 cardiac stents, multiple falls, lengthy hospital admissions, a concussion, loss of balance, cataracts, neuropathy, retinopathy, memory problems, speech difficulties and depression, I was referred to the Kerrisdale Live Well Exercise Clinic by a health professional. When I first showed up, I could not walk the length of a block without losing my breath, feeling faint, and being so tired I wanted to lie down on the sidewalk rather than take another step. The Live Well staff helped me make slow but steady progress in recovering the old me. Each one of them proved knowledgeable, with tremendous experience in exercise routines to help retrain my brain. Their patience with having to repeat steps over and over helped me learn and retain different facets of the program. It's been approximately two years and my family doctor, friends, and family compliment me all the time on my progress. Just recently I put away my cane and my stamina is so improved that my husband and I took a 5 week cruise and there were very few excursions I did not participate in.I owe a great debt of gratitude to all of the staff members at Live Well Kerrisdale who have contributed to my ongoing recovery and improved health. Thank you all!
Carole Vince: Welcoming, helpful and caring skilled staff. A friendly environment. The first ‘gym’ that I have been to where I’m sad if I miss a scheduled day.
Alison Richardson: Great place to exercise...staff wonderfully helpful and knowledgeable
Navdeep Uppal: Has made me enjoy a healthy lifestyle, fun team of employees, my back pain is much better. Thanks!
Ajay Tazzdemona: Dr Z is quite possibly the BEST Dr ive ever been to concerning my weight issues. and one of the very few who won't tell you exercise more and eat less! She and her staff are absolutely wonderful and are fantastic about getting to the root of the problem!!!!
Jeanette Charlton: Love! Love! Dr Zentner! She and her wonderful staff have helped me more than I could ever say.
Darlene Picotte: Have been seeing Dr. Zetner for 2 years, best doctor I know who has compassion on obesity and has helped to understand and follow up with help that I need. I now am in the process of becoming a real Looser. Thanks Dr. Zetner.
Muffin's Mummy: Awesome, caring staff
Chalom Loeub: Best staff & wonderful doctors! Couldn't bbe happier. :-)

11. BodaHealth Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine - Vancouver

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36 reviews
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BodaHealth Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine
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Address: 1245 W Broadway #302, Vancouver, BC V6H 1G7, Canada

Schedule: Open until 9:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-733-2632

Business type: Acupuncture clinic

12. Lifemark Sport Medicine Richmond Oval - Richmond

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255 reviews
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Lifemark Sport Medicine Richmond Oval
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Address: 6111 River Rd Unit 160, Richmond, BC V7C 0A2, Canada

Schedule: Open until 6:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-244-8825

Business type: Physical therapist

13. The University of British Columbia - University Endowment Lands

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1542 reviews
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The University of British Columbia
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Address: Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-822-2211

Business type: University

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