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1. Downtown Community Health Centre - Vancouver

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Downtown Community Health Centre
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Address: 569 Powell St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1G9, Canada

Schedule: Open until 6:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-255-3151

Business type: Community health centre

Downtown Community Health Centre: what do users think?
Ben Mak: Staff is very friendly and courteous
Andrew Binette: The staff is always very nice! They have oatmeal and the security guards often have cigarettes to hand out!
Josh Price: The nurses and doctors are not very helpful and very careless when it comes to their patients. They don't care about male patients, only female patients.
Frieda F. George (Poptart): I love the staff at this clinic, they're awesome & really care about people, Love, Hugs, Prayers
Jan Three Suns: Very weak minded ,they don't take indigenous people seriously.
ron haynes: My experience at DCHC, has always been great. The staff treat people with dignity and respect.
KARAN CHOHAN: The best clinic looks after there clients.
fred ward: On Christmas Day they had one doctor on staff who took an hour and a half break for lunch. Unfortunately I got there right as the doctor started her break and I could not wait. I was very sick and needed medication. They expected me to wait the hour and a half to see the doctor and another hour for the filling of the prescription. Spent Christmas day with pain and fever.
Shawn Giroux: Love this place, they take good care of people, super nice staff.& they make you feel so welcome.
Stephen Dzienis: Because I haven't been sick since 2007, this clinic wouldn't help me, they closed my file. They're not generating any income from me so I'm not worth helping. The waiting room was a nightmare with drug addicts flipping out and being belligerent. This is not a health clinic by any means, it's a private club for people in active addiction to play the system, it should be closed down.
Miss Dianne Okeymow-Banner: Always showed me respect
K E: "Health" Centre... Well it seems it's all about the narcotics here. I asked about orthotics, even rephrased the question several times and the person on the other end still had no idea what I was referring to and kept referencing narcotics and methadone.
Marshall M: people at this place takes care of you and they are very helpful & understanding

2. School of Population and Public Health - University Endowment Lands

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12 reviews
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School of Population and Public Health
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Address: 2206 E Mall, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z3, Canada

Schedule: Closing soon: 4:30 PM

Telephone: +1 604-822-2772

Business type: University department

School of Population and Public Health: what do users think?
Sean McNeil: Populate
Ivan Kamu: One of UBC old buildings.Still in good shape
Mina: Another beautiful building in UBC. I love the environment around here and just stop watching the beauty of nature.
The Kim: então essa é a Sociedade Protetora dos Papeis Higiênicos ?

3. Anti-Aging Medical & Laser Clinic - Vancouver

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112 reviews
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Anti-Aging Medical & Laser Clinic
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Address: 2200 W 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6K 1N8, Canada

Schedule: Open until 5:30 PM

Telephone: +1 604-261-9121

Business type: Medical spa

Anti-Aging Medical & Laser Clinic: what do users think?
shakti anand: I would recommend Jocelyn in a heartbeat. Her expertise, care and enthusiasm are evident and very reassuring. Jocelyn is totally comprehensive in terms of explaining things, suggesting appropriate treatments and timing of repeat treatments, and providing post-treatment instructions and follow up. I feel extremely comfortable in Jocelyn's care, and I very much like her energy.
Hayden So: May 20th 2023 updateHad my consultation with Erin who was amazing! She is very honest with her advice while providing multiple treatment options. I appreciate that she did not try to push the most expensive option off the bat, was clear, educational and informative. I highly recommend this business to anyone looking to better themselves.Fantastic experience + friendly, great staff!
kklasen1979: Erin was so lovely! She answered all of my questions and made sure that I was comfortable with all the steps for my Halo laser treatment. It was my first time at this clinic and I was so impressed!
Melba Anderson: Very informative, Holly was great, awesome information on products as well as safety usage with products.
Candy Wang: Really love anti-aging clinic! I have done Dr. frame and Dr. Dina, they are absolutely wonderful! Always love my natural and beautiful results with these amazing professionals!
Mia Hardern: I buy a lot of skincare products from this place, not only that they carry plenty of amazing products their shipping is speedy. I also enjoy their promotions that they have from time to time , that's when I stock up.I also want to highlight the fantastic customer service that I had experienced with Cindy. She is amazing. She is very prompt in answering my questions and always very helpful. She goes that extra mile to make sure your experience is top notch. She is very accommodating and patient , trust me I ask a lot of questions 😊and she is always pleasant.She is a valuable asset to this company. Thank you Cindy for your amazing customer service.
ZHOU Liandong: 今天来做了一个深层清洁,Fred人很好 推荐推荐
Lisa Taves: Fantastic! Dr. Frame gives excellent advice on how to meet your beauty goals without making you feel hideous in the process.I never felt rushed as they really took their time understanding what I wanted and taking into account any concerns/questions that I had. I really appreciate that they didn’t just go ahead and do what I thought was best right off the bat, they gave me their educated opinions on what would look best on me and I took it!Also, customer service is amazing! They sent me a little text check-in a couple hours after my treatment and answered my question right away.I appreciate that their goal is natural and subtle results. You don’t have to worry about getting duck lips or a frozen face, because I really can’t see them pushing more product than you need (unlike some places in Vancouver!)Highly recommend! Can’t go wrong!
Helen Gomes: Wonderful products and services and very prompt attention to clients ! Great deals on packages from time to time also ! Professional , courteous & knowledgeable.
Nathan Holz: I've had the pleasure of knowing Nadine & Dr Frame for a couple years and I know they are great people. However, after listening to Dr. FIsher's podcast with Nadine, have a new found respect for both of them after hearing their reasoning for doing what they are doing and how they got here. Definitely recommend their podcast to everyone!
Mark Townsend: I enjoyed my interaction with Janice today. She makes it easy for me to get things done at the clinic.
Sajid Ali: excellent customer support.
d l m: Erin was professional and approachable - great technician who I will see again.
Jing Wu: My experience with Jocelyn Lee is highly pleasurable. She is highly knowledgeable about various procedures and can provide valuable guidance and support to help me make informed decisions about my options. She takes the time to listen to the my concerns and offer personalized recommendations based on my unique needs and goals. She always ensures me to feel comfortable and confident throughout my journey. I wish she has a career that rewards her with more customers.
Taylor Foster: Website has great prices on Skinceuticals and Zo when they have sales, but they recently sold me a bottle of vitamin C serum that expires within 5 months. Disappointing as this is an expensive product and I wasn't planning on using it right away. When I asked if they could do anything to help, they said they cannot and sale products are final sale.
Bob Bracken: I have been a patient of Dr. Frame, and of the Vancouver Anti Aging Clinic since 2013 and can best describe my experience with them as health and life enhancing, even life saving. At the time of my 1st visit in 2013 I was in my early '60's and a mess, healthwise. My diabetes, blood pressure, obesity, testosterone levels, and inflammatory joint issues were serious and getting worse, in spite of years of treatment from BC Med "normal" conventional physician care. Under Dr. Frame's guidance and treatment my health improved dramatically, with changes to almost all prescribed medications, referrals to enhanced care examination and treatment by BC Med sponsored specialists, and an ongoing (to this day) on monitoring and improving all aspects of my health, with an emphasis on not only anti aging, but reverse aging. I believe Dr Frame to be at the leading edge of this approach to health and wellness care and strongly recommend that persons approaching, experiencing middle age (both men and women) book a consultation with them:UPDATE:i Have regular, quarterly consultations with Dr. Frame - as recently as today. We spend a solid hour + reviewing my current health situation, including a complete bloodword review, as well as any and all other medical consultations & examinations since our last appt. We keep a running review of changes, good or not-so-good compared to my earlier, and historical examinations & health records. We also discuss, review and address any potential additions, improvements or alterations to our long standing health maintenance and health improvement program, as well as addressing any new issues that have arisen. "Comprehensive" doesn't adequately describe this approach, "Exhaustive" might be overstating it a little bit, but not by much. My satisfaction and trust in the care and service I get from Dr. Frame and the Anti Aging Staff would be 6 Stars if that choice option was available. Satisfied Client/Patient. Recommended, Highly.Bob, Vancouver BC
Helen R: The staff at Anti-Aging Medical & Laser Clinic are very friendly, professional and accomodating. I had a Halo rejuvenation treatment for the face with Janice. She knew her stuff and made me feel very comfortable and confident. She numbed my skin first so the procedure was not too painful. This is day two and the redness and swelling has really gone down.
zabeda wood: I have dealt with Cindy and she was really helpful and really patient. Thanks so much !
Maxence Arignon: Dr Frame is amazing at what he does. Not only talented, but honest in making recommendations and how to make the most of your budget and treatments
Samantha Gray: Wonderful experience. I had a problem with my order (my own doing) and Cindy was quick to reply and set up a call to fix my problem. She was kind, helpful and made the entire experience a breeze. Also, great selection and great prices. Will order again.
Yumi Kikuchi: I received my first set of laser experience around my bikini area with Jocelyn and had an excellent experience. I am quite shy but she made me feel very comfortable and she was very professional. She made the process quick and as painless as possible, pausing and being attentive as needed and I’m happy with my results. I don’t think I can do any future lasers in that area by anyone else! For the shy ladies and gents out there or anyone who needs any hair removal and other treatments with quality results, I highly recommend Jocelyn Lee!

4. Dr. Tasnim Adatya - Vancouver

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18 reviews
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Dr. Tasnim Adatya
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Address: 988 W 22nd Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Z 2A1, Canada

Schedule: Open until 6:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-224-2124

Business type: Naturopathic practitioner

Dr. Tasnim Adatya: what do users think?
Rachel Rozanski: She improved my GERD 80% and gave me the knowledge i needed to get off PPI's entirely, all from one appointment, and I can eat so much now. Really incredible, and I'm a skeptic.
Taya Triffo: I am so very grateful for Dr. Adatya!I recently saw Dr. Adatya to help me work through some ongoing gut-related issues. I loved that she treated our session like a conversation. She asked thorough questions to understand my situation, considered possible root causes with me, and discussed a number of very helpful options for treatment. Her advice was clear and specific, with a strong emphasis on dealing with root causes first.I am already feeling so much better and brighter. Thank you!
Hana Weinwurm: I am a health and wellness fanatic and look for the best team to support my health journey. From my last two years with Dr. Adatya, I feel her professional wisdom, direction and advice keeps me on top of the game in my health. I come in with many questions and Dr. Adatya suggests ways I can apply healthy ways to up my game in my current health and being proactive in prevention. I am not an average gal looking for average information and this is why Dr. Adatya suits me. She is an extraordinary practitioner full of helpful and cutting edge knowledge and practical advice 👌🙏👏
Linda Ly: I just had a similar experience as a previous reviewer in that Dr. Adatya seems more intent on maintaining a good reputation than to help someone who may have an extraordinarily challenging situation. She did not want to take me on because my intake form was very complex and because she did not want me to not be happy with her if naturopathic medicine wasn’t going to improve my condition.This was actually the second conversation that we had that didn’t go well. The first on the phone 6 months ago had her recommending my son’s ND (who I wasn’t seeing myself) instead of her starting to work with me. It was a 30 minute call that resulted in a partial refund. But I thought that after 6 months of being with my son’s ND and my condition getting worse that I would try to work with Dr. Adatya again. Hence today’s call. So that’s actually twice that she’s chosen not to work with me.I think because she is so sought after, she can pick and choose her clientele and would rather not take on anyone who seems to be challenging.
Marsha G. Clarke, RMT, BHSc: Dr Adatya is sincere, honest and dedicated to her patients. You can trust in her care. I do!
Deidre Macdonald: Fantastic doctor! Dr. Adatya is insightful, knowledgeable, and kind. Her advice has made an enormous difference in my health.
Luke Jackson: To the person who gave a 2 star review, you should not be leaving a review on services you didn't recieve.
Grace McDonald: Dr. Adatya is extremely knowledgable and competent, and I would definitely recommend her. She keeps herself current and well-read on the latest medical research. She is professional and wants to provide optimal care for her patients. I am glad to have her in my life, as she has greatly helped my whole family. Thank you!
genevieve wisdom: Dr. Adatya is a knowledgeable professional with years of experience behind her patient protocols. I always recommend her with excellent feedback.
Suzanne Reinhardt: I had a brief phone conversation to determine whether Dr. Adatya and I would be a good fit. She talked at me and disregarded what I said then she decided that we wouldn’t be a good fit and cancelled my appointment.
Jodie Lightfoot: Dr. Adatya made such an impression on me, with her remarkable knowledge, sage advice and spot-on recommendations that even years later, when I moved thousands of miles away, and was expecting my first child, she was the first doctor I thought of to reach out to for advice. She was incredibly responsive via email and went well beyond the normal expectations of quality care and attention you'd receive from a busy naturopathic physician. She's a keeper!
Thomas Gulay: It has been amazing to be able to eat without feeling pain. I recommend Dr. Adatya 100%.
Isabelle Bertrand: Accommodating, knowledgeable, trustworthy, dedicated, passionate, supportive... I can't say enough about Dr. Tasnim Adatya. Unequivocally, seeing Dr. Adatya was the best health decision I've ever made. No matter your situation, I would recommend her to anyone in hopes of hearing similar success stories.
Anouk Boutin: After my first meeting I walked away with a specific and comprehensive action plan targeted on correcting my issues. Dr. Adatya instantly earned my trust and confidence. I wholeheartedly and without reservation recommend her.
Kyra Janot: Despite a rigorous skin routine and active lifestyle, I have suffered from acne for most of my adult life. Dr. Adatya was able to quickly and effectively narrow down the root cause, and put me on the path towards an appropriate diet for my skin type. Additionally, she has several times picked up on underlying hormonal and nutritional imbalances that other doctors failed to notice until it was brought to their attention. Tesnim is both knowledgeable and thorough, and her newsletter has been an invaluable source of information to me in maintaining a healthy lifestyle day to day.  She delves into the most up to date, cutting edge research, while effectively simplifying and summarizing for the general reader. Her methods and manner inspire both comfort and confidence in me, and I look forward to continuing to work with her.
Yvonne Kost: Before I met Dr. Adatya I suffered from chronic stress that contributed to countless digestive issues, anxiety, chronic fatigue, and infections. At first I tried some conventional pharmaceuticals with little to no improvement in my symptoms. I became deeply unhappy; I felt like my body was my enemy, and I woke up every day only to fight with it. In addition to addressing my mental and emotional needs, Dr. Adatya guided me to better health with food sensitivity testing, herbal and nutritional supplements as well as lifestyle and diet modifications. Today I can happily say that while I still experience stress, I do not have the same physical and psychological symptoms as before. Dr. Adatya is extremely knowledgeable and thorough in her assessments. She listens attentively and inspires confidence in her patients by acknowledging that we know our own bodies best. I feel fortunate to have her as my doctor!

5. The University of British Columbia - University Endowment Lands

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1542 reviews
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The University of British Columbia
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Address: Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-822-2211

Business type: University

6. UBC Faculty of Medicine - University Endowment Lands

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6 reviews
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UBC Faculty of Medicine
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Address: 317 - 2194 Health Sciences Mall, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z3, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-822-2421

Business type: University department

UBC Faculty of Medicine: what do users think?
C N: Rude, unpleasant, unprofessional, unaccountable, take a witness. Never go alone.
Jivan Grewal: Get rid of unprofessional clinical professors who hold backwards racial views. It is disgusting that UBC not only supports them but also takes steps tp protect them.
John Canning: Beautiful facility! Holy smokes.
michael nagy: no signsvery annoying to find

7. UBC CPD, Faculty of Medicine - Vancouver

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UBC CPD, Faculty of Medicine
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Address: City Square Shopping Centre, tower East, 555 W 12th Ave suite 200, Vancouver, BC V5Z 3X7, Canada

Schedule: Closing soon: 4:30 PM

Telephone: +1 604-675-3777

Business type: University department

8. Vancouver Coastal Health - West Vancouver

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2 reviews
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Vancouver Coastal Health
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Address: 990 22nd St, West Vancouver, BC V7V 4C2, Canada

Schedule: Closing soon: 4:30 PM

Telephone: +1 604-904-6199

Business type: Psychoneurological specialized clinic

Vancouver Coastal Health: what do users think?
Sherry Soong: Twice I have showed up to an immunization appointment for my children only to find out that they lost the appointment and I had to rebook.

9. UBC Student Health Services - University Endowment Lands

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17 reviews
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UBC Student Health Services
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Address: 2211 Wesbrook Mall, Vancouver, BC V6T 2A1, Canada

Schedule: Closing soon: 4:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-822-7011

Business type: Community health centre

UBC Student Health Services: what do users think?
A B: This 5 stars rating is for the receptionists here. Not for the doctors.Receptionists are amazing. Super professional, caring and efficient. Very easy to work with.
Flora Huo: The nurses who looked after me are super caring and fantastic! I happened to have a heat stroke walking in and was about to pass out at the front desk. The nurses took me inside and checked my vitals. They also gave me lots of juice and water to cool me down. I’m very grateful for them!
Olivier Lee: TRASH service. Unaccommodating, unhelpful and just useless in general. Don't waste your time
jimin jung: Never picks up phone, never available. Idek why this service exists at all if it’s absolutely inaccessible to students..
Matt: I'm a student at UBC and have had constant struggles connecting with my doctor - these impersonal experiences range from having my sentences cut off, to being judged for the paper work I bring to have filled out regarding mental health and disability. It's been a pretty horrendous experience so far by "health professionals".UpdateThe new doctor has a much more approachable demeanor. I'm not sure if this experience was due to a chronic case of compassion fatigue but it seems like a one-off.
Z M: horrendous experience with reception. very difficult to get an appointment as others mentioned
Nathan Bailey: They told me to update my insurance information, so I updated my info within 15 minutes and called to reschedule but my spot was already given up and the next available slot isn’t for a month.
Aelin Luna: Several of our BIPOC students have been waiting 9+ months for appointments. They will call in and get left on hold indefinitely; the most recent one was left on hold until closing time and it hung up. If you are experiencing the same thing, either go to Urgent Care or seek a competent doctor in the community off campus. Do not wait. It does not get better.
Mem Johnson-Owl: After waiting two months for my appointment, the doctor called 10 mins late, unfortunately I missed the call by 2 minutes so I immediately called the front desk only to be told I’ve been marked as a no show and the doctor has already moved on to another patient. Next appointment is not available for a month. Their psychiatrist department is also extremely dismissive and I wouldn’t recommend any assessment through them.
will k: spent a year on the psychiatry waitlist to have the physician make snarky, ableist remarks at my concerns. if you're in this situation, apparently there's literally nothing the desk or even the director can do to help you except for putting you right back at the bottom of the waitlist, even if you're graduating before then. astonishing waste of my time and energy.
Forough P: UBC should be embarrassed by the horrible health service it provides to its students. They don’t even take calls during working hours and I have to wait for two months to get a refill if I want to book online.
Amber Williamson: I’ve called three times to make an appointment only to find that the line is dead. On my fourth attempt I was told that the earliest availability to see a physician was a month and a half out. As an international student, I’m finding UBC’s healthcare to be negligent and a joke at best.
Leo Zhang: Took 4 months to release my medical records.
Reena Mandaher: I booked an appointment for an assessment of chronic arm pain and told them it would have to be done in person. However, they booked me for a telephone appointment which basically ended in the doctor telling me he "couldn't assess me over the phone" and i'd have to come in for a physical exam.I waited two weeks to see Doctor Fisher and the appointment lasted 10 minutes, where in he didn't really listen to my concerns or even ask me many questions, nor did he do a thorough physical exam -- I was basically guiding him through the process and trying to give as much detailed info as possible to help lead him in the right direction. I ended up not getting any diagnosis as my issue was "to vague/difficult to diagnose".This was my first bad experience with UBC health, i don't recommend seeing this doctor.
Howard Wang: Overall good when you need them.So wont complain too much.
Yan Wang: Easy booking and efficient service. Parking available right in front of the building for a max of 2 hours.
Ray Hempell: My son received a vaccination there. Service was okay but the cost was high. If you are Canadian shop around. This vaccination can be done for free as a basic BC medical service and its not okay to just charge it to your extra benefits if you have them.
Lauren: I have received courteous and attentive service from all staff I have encountered here. Always a pleasant experience and worth the wait (which in and of itself is sensible given the number of students needing to be served).
Annika Naylor: As a student, this is one of three options, and while it is the best option it is the worst health care system I have ever been in.
Emily Logan: I have had nothing but wonderful experiences with UBC Student Health Services. They are very punctual with appointment times, the atmosphere is very good, and they are professional. Yes, it can be a wait to get an appointment, but worth the wait. Dr Ramsey is amazing!
Mikaela Norkus: I went here to see a doctor and had to wait in line for about 20 minutes, which I was expecting because it was the beginning of the school year.Sadly, when I went up to see the middle aged blonde woman she refused to give me an appointment at any time. I even asked if I could schedule one for a month later and she told me that I needed to leave immediately because they couldn't help me.I have NEVER experienced anything like this in my life - I'll never go back to this place!!!

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