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1. Willow Clinic - Vancouver

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Willow Clinic
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Address: 750 W Broadway Suite 1013, Vancouver, BC V5Z 1H9, Canada

Schedule: Open until 5:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-709-5611

Business type: Abortion clinic

Willow Clinic: what do users think?
Becca Castellanos: Doctor who did my insertion didn’t do it properly. They really don’t care about their patients here. You are disregarded. They are clearly understaffed and over worked. Tried to get my IUD removed and didn’t get any sympathy for having to go to the hospital due to intense pain that they first caused me in the first place. Ontop of that the receptionist on the phone I just spoke to make an appointment was super rude. I said I can’t hear her and she’s like well maybe the noise in the background is causing that and it’s not me. So rude. I strongly dislike this clinic. If you want to be treated like a human, do not go here. Plus appointment times are way into months advanced.
Meghan McCallum: This was the best experience I have ever had in a health care setting. I got an IUD inserted by Dr. Park and she is a fantastic physician. I was very nervous but she was incredibly empathetic, very conscious of my comfort throughout the entire appt, and made an effort to let me know that she was not in a rush and would go as slow as I requested. I had gotten an IUD previously as a different clinic with no anaesthetic and it was a VERY different experience. The pain management they give you here is SO worth it, and I recommend it to any ladies that want an IUD but are worried about the pain of insertion.
Beatrice Massolin: Had my first IUD inserted last week and I had a great experience! The front desk was accommodating when booking the appointment and both doctors I saw for the consultation and procedure were very sweet, friendly, answered all my questions and made sure I was comfortable throughout. I’ll keep coming here!
Charayah Raichuk: All the staff are friendly and helpful. They are punctual and welcoming. Very good clinic.
Caroline Stanislawski: From the phone call to the appointment everyone was nice and helpful.
Nidz Bp: From the front desk,assistant and doctor B was so helpful and patient.She helped me to relax and follow the procedure very calmly.Great service with great staff members.Even on the phone they were able to assist in every way they can.
Kyle Ransom: Filled out online paperwork, went to my doctor, had a request sent in, no call back, they do not answer their phones and in the message it says they do not take messages. Complete waste of time.
Denise F: Would not recommend going here for procedures. The front desk staff are rude and never anwser the phone. The clinic gets what needs to be done and ships you out of there with no medical support after
Amanda Klassen: Great clinic for women. Recommended by a friend, and I would recommend to others too.
Megan Vance: After waiting 3 months for this appointment and commuting from North Vancouver The DR could not locate my arm implant. “Claims im the first she’s not been able to locate” and now I have to see a plastic surgeon. She barley even looked at my arm, the doctor that was being trained did a better look. This was also the same doctor who inserted it. The receptionist also faxed my prescription to the wrong pharmacy and refused to re fax. I had to call my own pharmacy on the spot and get them to fax it over to the correct pharmacy.
Amanda Y: I got an IUD here and the insertion was virtually painless. Cramping and bleeding yes, but I didn't even realize it was done. I did take ibuprofen before hand. They let you stay for a bit with a heating pad which is very nice and I would recommend getting one (if you don't have one already) for afterwards when the cramping comes.
Angela Wong: Dr. Amanda Whitten is an absolute gem, I’ve had her twice and she’s pretty much the only reason I like to come back to this clinic. She always lets you know what’s going on and I’ve never had any issues from my IUD placement thanks to her wonderful skill and amazing wealth of knowledge and experience. Never thought going to a women’s health clinic would be a highlight in my day :)
Adrianna Trowsdale: If you’re closed for over an hour in the day and cannot receive calls, it should probably be reflected in your online hours. The emergency line stated in the phone recording is COMPLETELY unintelligible, so from 12-1:30 you can’t reach anybody, even in an emergency.
Natasha E: I have thought a lot about writing this review, as I believe my bad experience was not necessarily due to negligence. Perhaps the day I went there staff was short.The last time I visited this clinic, I went there to remove my Nexplanon. The doctor injected the numbing solution and proceeded to remove the implant right away. There was barely any waiting and the pain was really bad. The implant wouldn't just come off easily, so she squeezed and squeezed, and it was a terrible experience.I am aware that staff is short everywhere and that it has become really hard to dedicate more than a few minutes to a patient, but this experience was really traumatic and I hope by reading this you will be more aware of how rushing certain procedures negatively affect your patients.I have nothing negative to say about staff behavior as everyone was pleasant and kind, but I left this place so scared to ever need an implant again.
Joyce xie: General had such a good experiences, everyone is really friendly and welcomed. The procedure itself is so quick and painless (just feels like a bad cramp) I love that the doctor is telling me every single steps she is doing to make sure I am okay and also remembers my name! After the procedure , except some minor bleeding and cramping there’s no other side effect. 100% recommended this place !
Jina S: Had two procedures done here. Dr weibe and Dr. B (forgot her name) both are kind, knowledgeable and amazing ❤️Thank you!
Rosie Harris: I was terrified about getting an IUD, and read some horror stories on the clinics in Vancouver, but the doctor who did the procedure was amazing, she helped and re-assured me. She kept saying helpful comments to help me calm down, helped me do breathing techniques so I don’t pass out. It was minimal pain, and a quick procedure. I would recommend following their procedure about taking an Advil, that helped. Room was clean, the hot pad area after procedure helped as well. Overall experience from the doctors was amazing and readjusted my mindset. UPDATE: about 5 months after, unfortunately my IUD fell out, but that was nothing to do with the clinic, be aware and make sure to take time in not rushing IUD.
Polly F: Willow Clinic was a fantastic experience and I highly recommend anyone who is getting their IUD insertion/removal to do so here!I've read many reviews prior to booking and noted how hard it was to get through but thankfully I had no issues. I called in the morning, and while they did put me on hold, I was able to speak to someone and get an appointment booked immediately.I had a virtual consultation which didn't start at the booked time, however I called their office, left a voicemail, and was promptly called back shortly after.The receptionist had instructed that I come in about 40 min before my actual start time which made the entire process seamless and efficient.I, like many other people, was extremely scared of the procedure as I had my IUD inserted before at another clinic and it was a traumatizing experience with the insertion lasting 30 minutes with lots of blood and pain. I cannot thank the doctor enough for how quick and smooth the whole procedure was (about 5 minutes total and a slight bit of cramping). The previous dr also had made a comment in regards to my body and why it was so difficult for insertion but the Willow Clinic dr reassured me this was not the case and that I was completely normal. After the insertion, they asked if I had questions and provided a space for me to lie down for 15 minutes before I left. All in all, I can't thank Willow Clinic enough.
gurpreet kaur: Really very helpful doctor and other staff
Gagan Namsaur: They never answer the phone even when you call during clinic hours, front receptionist are rude and unprofessional. They don’t listen to anything just want to quickly hang up when your just trying to get some important information.
Gabriela Kuczynski: I had an IUD inserted here with Dr. Wiebe and had a mixed experience. I want to start off by saying that I came into the appointment VERY nervous and anxious but the procedure was so quick and virtually painless - that was definitely a bonus, because I had heard so many horror stories about IUD insertions and I was pleasantly surprised when the doctor told me it was in - I didn't even notice! They perform an ultrasound before and after insertion and also numb the cervix - I think this really helped because I barely had any pain. The insertion/procedure itself was seamless and I had no issues there. I want to make it very clear that the insertion was so much better than I was expecting.However, while Dr. Wiebe is clearly a very experienced and skilled practitioner, I was a bit taken aback by her bedside manner. I was visibly upset when she came in and she didn't address it at all; when I mentioned that I was feeling quite anxious about the procedure, she laughed and said "that's normal." She immediately went on to do the ultrasound and the procedure, and did not ask me if I had any questions or concerns, which left me feeling kind of dismissed.After the procedure, I had questions about aftercare and she was very dismissive and told me to "refer to the pamphlet" (I didn't receive any pamphlets so I wasn't sure what she was talking about) and just briefly went over keeping an eye out for infections. She had very blunt answers to the other questions I asked.I was really shocked at the end. I was laying on the table while she was finishing up her chart notes and I said thank you, but she just walked out of the room without saying anything. I bled a decent amount during the procedure, and I was just left there on the table, still bleeding. I was confused because I wasn't given anything to "clean up" with so I was left feeling very uncomfortable. All she said was that I could go back to the waiting room to rest for 5 minutes or to the recovery room down the hall. I got dressed and went to the recovery room with the heat packs, where another staff member (a nurse or receptionist?) told me to "make it quick because we're closing soon and I have to leave to go pick up my kid." There were 2 patients that came in for insertions after I did, so I knew I had a bit of time until the doctor was finished, but the comment from the nurse/receptionist threw me off. I ended up just leaving the clinic and going down to my car to sit for a bit.The doctor was clearly in a rush, which I can understand, but a lot of people (myself included) are quite nervous with these procedures and I feel like I would've been much more comfortable if the staff were more compassionate. I am really happy that my procedure was so quick and painless, but I was really upset with the lack of compassion and bedside manner from the staff.EDIT: I see that Willow Clinic responded, which I appreciate. However, I went down to look at some older reviews and found 2-3 additional ones with very similar comments regarding the lack of compassionate care and being left alone in the room bleeding afterwards, and these reviews mentioned the same doctor. It makes me wonder if these comments were ever even addressed by staff since they are 2-3 years old and the doctor is clearly still treating patients the same way. I really hope that the clinic actually takes some sort of meaningful action.

2. Everywoman's Health Centre - Vancouver

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Everywoman's Health Centre
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Address: 2525 Commercial Dr #210, Vancouver, BC V5N 4C1, Canada

Schedule: Closing soon: 4:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-322-6692

Business type: Abortion clinic

Everywoman's Health Centre: what do users think?
Aneela Junaid: Very helpful
tom hanks: the staff were very educated and kind, the counsellor was extremely helpfuli had a surgical abortion and it was a really good experience 💗i never saw another patient, it was very private. you have to be buzzed in to the building as well which i find is a nice touch for safety and privacy
Julia Reis: First I saw a counselor then I sit and wait in a chair. I waited for quite some time and then a nurse came to get me and put me in a chair with curtains around it. Then I waited some more and she did my Vital Signs and I waited again. I waited for a long time then another nurse brought me to a room and just ask questions and did a blood test. Then a doctor and student came into the room and try to talk to me. I was pretty tired from waiting and I did scream when the student was doing some kind of exam I think the medical device was pinching me it was painful. The doctor was friendly and sincere, I liked her and every womans health centre
Megan Vance: Very traumatic experience.I went to this clinic as another clinic could not locate my arm implant. I was told by the receptionist they would be able to locate it since it was inserted at their location and they have the medical notes. I went in for a removal of my arm implant. After doing the 30 min intake I went into the exam room to be told it’s not even expired. (Why didn’t the nurse notice during intake) They then couldn’t locate my implant. I decided to continue with my Pap smear, after swabbing me they dropped the container and it spilt all over me. Left the clinic crying as the doctor “couldn’t do anything “
MH: They are the best for inserting an IUD. I was anticipating more pain and cramps but before I even got a chance to think about it it was done! Total of 5 minutes being in the room. They really know their stuff so if you need an IUD I highly suggest here!
Abby Beattie: was terrified of getting an IUD because of all the women saying it hurt so bad. but they made me so comfortable and it was so easy and painless! little pressure but nothing else, im so relieved and very happy with my experience! thanks again
Alexia Larochelle: The staff is amazing! From the front desk to the social worker, the nurses and the doctor. They made me feel comfortable and were very kind and comprehensive. You are the best!
K ram: Terrible experience witht the woman on the phone. I had to try 3 times to get through because it took so long (over half an hour) to get through to somebody. 3 days, 3 tries later, using my lunch break to call, i get through, book my appointment. I let her know I had to wait quite a long time to get through and before I knew it she was on a rampage telling me about how their under-staffed and under-funded, that she's lucky to take 3 calls an hour, and finsihed the call saying it was her lunch and so she was going to go. No apology, nothing. I was so shocked I managed to whisper 'ok bye' and that was it. People on these lines need to be compassionate for what the person on the other end of the phone are going through. Glad she was able to get HER lunchbreak. Good for her. I used mine for the last 3 days trying to get through. Cheers.
Aisha Paris: I was sent away without even opening the door. I was told at the speaker while I was in tears that every abortion is an emergency which I absolutely understand but I am 19, I just needed guidance even if it doesn’t necessarily mean an appointment at least some direction to what steps I should take in this situation. I assumed that is what woman’s clinics are for and I am disappointed that I was brushed off.
AK: I feel compelled to write a review. The process was easy, relatively fast and the staff were very kind. It was a stressful experience for me in general because of my high levels of anxiety but the staff were there to answer any questions and even though they are extremely busy still accommodated me and made time for in-person follow up appointments (which could have been done on the phone) to ensure everything went well. I particularly want to mention the kindness that was extended to me by two of the nurses, one of which who held my hand through the ultrasound and the other who urged me to get a Pap during the ultrasound which was in my best interest. Both of those ladies were lovely and very comforting! I decided to donate monthly after my experience as these facilities need the funding.
Mel: Incredible clinic and incredible group of staff. I felt heard and comfortable the entire time I was there despite my extreme (extreme!) anxiety disorder. People need to remember that clinics like EWHC receive very little to no funding and because of this will obviously be understaffed. What they are doing is so so important. Thank you.Don’t let the few bad reviews steer you away from the work they’re doing.
kendra Vermette: I went to the clinic for an IUD insertion, I was very anxious and nervous for the procedure (partly because I had read a lot of bad reviews).The nurses and doctors were very kind and walked me through all of the procedures within the process of the insertion. Every women’s health care centre made me feel very protected while I was there, and on the phone.The nurses, councillors, and doctors are all very knowledgeable and helpful! Thank you Every Women’s Health Care Centre!
Olga Barabanshchikova: I can't say enough good things about this clinic. Yes, it takes time to get in, but they are doing their best. All staff at the clinic are very professional, friendly, compassionate and supportive. Thank you for making me feeling as comfortable as you can be.
Highend Electrical Ltd: it is quick response. treated me so nice like family member.
Davud Alhasan: Very bad service and very bad workers
Manpreet Kaur: The staff was amazing, kind, patient, and respectful. I felt safe and comfortable during my visits.
liv Donovan: They make you wait on hold for like an hour or you can leave a message BUT THEY NEVER CALL BACK,You guys need more staff on phones or learn a better system because it’s awful being on hold that long in this kind of situation
Kimia Jarrahian: Need more staff. Staff is very professional, and knowledgable. Happy with the service except the only and the biggest problem is that it is impossible to get a hold of them. I have never been able to get through the call and not waited more than 40 minutes. The call wait time has been increasing over the years and this seems like an issue they are not resolving. Even though I am happy with their service I have to more on to a different clinic just because It just doesn't seem like I can get a hold of them ever!!
Fatima AlFalah: The best staff and the best service, they make you feel comfortable and make sure you are aware about everything. Thank you Everywoman's Health Centre 🙏🏽❤
Valerie Xu: The first sentence from Some Chinese speaker is not hurtful but very insulting👍🏻
Levi Lu: This gotta be one of the worst hospitals out there, my wife scheduled a medical abortion with them, there's no follow up and they even forgot to schedule the blood test, we found out after went to the blood test facility. And it's always busy with their phone line, no one calls back. Extremely unprofessional.

3. BC Women’s Hospital - Vancouver

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BC Women’s Hospital
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Address: 4500 Oak St, Vancouver, BC V6H 3N1, Canada

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7AM Mon

Telephone: +1 604-875-2424

Business type: Women's health clinic

BC Women’s Hospital: what do users think?
Paayge Antivist: Thank you to the lovely staff who helped me during my stay. 💖 my family is so grateful
Steve Kasica: Both of our kids were delivered here, 10/10 would recommend again.
Bonkowskiart: The staff are excellent and most of the facility seems nice but SWEET BABY MOSES! The arbutus wing is trash. 3rd world hospital conditions. Apparently at this hospital 70 % of births here are done by c-section those who endure that hardship go to a recovery ward in the tiniest rooms all ghetto trashed with violent toilets. New father's like me have to sleep on the floor and some of the rooms have windows into hallways?? Please rebuild this wing.
Samantha McIntosh: I had a procedure done here recently and the staff in the surgical unit were amazing. I was an anxious mess and they were all so friendly and made me feel so at ease. I’ve never seen a group of staff so calm that treat you like a human and not just a patient they need to get in and out. They also made sure I had the right next steps and medications I needed to be as pain-free as possible. I have absolutely zero complaints.
Gabrielle Cholette: The nursing staff is incredibly supportive and attentive. They were kind and informative. The Dr. was effective and very good at his job but a little bit cold. Overall, would highly recommend this clinic to other women.
mafe garmon: Kind Emergency staff , doctor, nurses and triage. Thanks
Obie O: Weird vibe
OneFiveThreeSixTwoFour VR6: Wonderful place to give birth however I've had 2 bad experiences during my first and third birth. I don't want to sound sexist but the first lady who was trying to give me an epidural in 2008, told me to sit still and shut up or she wont be able to give the epidural.. I was shaking in fear as it was my first birth at just 20 years old... the nurse handling my premature baby was very rough... very bad experience. 3rd birth in 2020, the doctor on call which was also a woman, wasn't compassionate at all. She was annoyed... and told me to go home as there was nothing she could do. I had an emergency c section 2 days later...... 1st lady was blonde, nurse was east Indian and the last was Chinese... I never liked Chinese doctors. No compassion or any bedside manners. (I am Chinese so I'm very aware of how our culture is despite what white people say)Anyways, I've held in my experience long enough and I feel much better.
Sergei Lenkov: I would say first that all the nurses and doctors were very professional and caring and this is the most important thing you are looking for when you and your partner are about to have a baby. Special thanks to nurse Ling for detailed explanation on how to properly do the breastfeeding to my wife! They also gave us an extra day to stay for my wife to recover from unplanned urgent surgery - made a difference. She was also provided with food and all necessities for her and our baby.The building itself is in good condition, all the equipment was modern and had everything that might be needed. You can also buy a meal and/or coffee at the cafeteria or buffet if you're hungry.The minor things to improve are a lack of place to sleep for father in the room (had to sleep on mattress on the floor - although I did not care after 24 hours of no sleep), waiting for anesthesia an hour extra cause anesthesiologists were busy and waiting for urgent surgery cause there was another more serious surgery going on (still my wife was constantly checked on her condition)...But all in all, everything went good and our experience was very positive and I would recommend the place for meeting with your baby!
marcos almeida: My wife arrived at the hospital pregnant (8 weeks), bleeding, and they told us there was no available ultrasound. Guess what? The doctor said:” the ultrasound team will call you through the next week and book a day for you to take the ultrasound.” This is unbelievable and unacceptable! Because she was bleeding on the weekend, we must wait until Monday. I’m wondering how this place which called itself a woman hospital, does not have an ultrasound for pregnant available for emergencies? It's reasonable and more than necessary an improvement for them.
Jasmine Carlson: I had day surgery today and every single staff member that I interacted with were so so lovely. I have never had such a calm time at the hospital, everyone really helped me not feel anxious in the slightest even having an IV in which is a huge phobia of mine went smoothly and didn’t cause me anxiety like it usually does. There was even a dog that came to say hi beforehand which was so great for calming any anxiety I was having. I had anxiety when I got to the hospital but by the time I went into the OR all of that anxiety was completely gone. 10/10 staff ☺️
Marcia Matchett: The best I have ever been treated and I finally feel Amazing after years of struggling.
Deniz Soykurum Çetin: I have had mammograms and biopsies at this hospital. The doctors, operators, nurses, and anyone working here is lovely and caring. They explain everything, they make you comfortable. Best care. Always grateful.
Gail Latowski: If you are just getting a Covid test and not pregnant or you don’t work in health care don’t go to this clinic. They will send you to 1290 Homer St. and now you have to pay for the test- $45. or $65. depending on what you are getting.
Megan: We received OUTSTANDING care, attention and guidance throughout the delivery of our first baby at BC Women's Hospital. Thank you to Dr. Rosengarten, Dr. Wong and all the maternity nurses and support staff. Absolutely fantastic health care teams at this hospital!
Enzo Guo: Great Doctors and Nurses, but the tiny parking stall is annoying, almost guaranteed door ding. I got a Tesla and I can tell people are being very careful but however I still got door ding on both side.
David Howell: I just wish I could give BC Women's Hospital 10/5 stars. The staff were down right incredible for the birth of our first child. Can't imagine that experience without them.
RobJamie Lee: We had an AMAZING experience delivering at BC Women's. This was our 2nd child but first time delivering at BCW. EVERY nurse we worked with were pleasant and professional. Everything was organized and we felt were were under the best care possible. We were also pleasantly surprised how good of the food was and how we get to pick what we'd like. We are so grateful to have the opportunity to stay at BCW this time. THANK YOU BC Women's and the entire team we are so grateful for you.
Kevin Cooper: My wife had 3 beautiful and healthy babies here and our experiences were absolutely wonderful and perfect. Especially considering babies 2 and 3 were twins! (Thank you, Dr. Blumenthal). Thumbs up!
Muffet: born here
Kim J: Please investigate well enough for the case, recent accident, the loss of 2 persons, a mom and baby.

4. Elizabeth Bagshaw Clinic - Vancouver

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87 reviews
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Elizabeth Bagshaw Clinic
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Address: 1177 W Broadway #200, Vancouver, BC V6H 1G3, Canada

Schedule: Open until 4:30 PM

Telephone: +1 604-736-7878

Business type: Women's health clinic

Elizabeth Bagshaw Clinic: what do users think?
Lan Nguyễn: Highly recommend this clinic. Everyone is amazing and professional. The doctor and nurse are so nice.
Nicole Owens: Such a good clinic. Everyone was super nice and educated and made me feel comfortable.
AJ doesnthavealastname: I had such a positive experience here, it was more than I could’ve asked for.My circumstances were unusual- I’m quite young and had just found out I was pregnant. I was scared and didn’t have any adults I could talk to about it, and so I asked my partner to help me find something. I was expecting a clinic or maternity centre, but found on the day of the appointment that it was an abortion/birth control clinic, as well as every other place he had looked into for me.Im pro choice, but found myself attached to my pregnancy, and not ready to do that even though we had talked about it. Desperate to find out what I could, I went anyway.They got me in with their counsellor, who (saying this as someone skeptical of counsellors/therapists/etc etc from past experiences) was incredibly professional and helpful. She really listened to me, and when I was done she did an incredible job of laying out every option for me in a way where I didn’t feel judgment for my age or uncertainty. She gave me resources to look into and numbers to call before I left.I had told her in the beginning that although I felt too young to parent, I was strongly considering carrying to term for adoption. That idea wasn’t one I was expecting to have supported over what at the time would’ve been a simple medical abortion- but at the end of the appointment she mentioned they had time for an ultrasound if I wanted. *they will not show you an image if you’re there for regular reasons, its against their policy, they did it for me because I asked to see*I went in scared, confused, worried about being judged, and not knowing anything. Leaving I felt like a had a strong starting point, and equipped to make an informed decision I would feel good about. Plus I couldn’t believe they offered to run that scan for me, with no planning, without me needing it for a procedure.10/10, professional, informative, and highly supportive whatever YOU want.
Judea Geronimo: i love this clinic and how nice they are thank you for helping me!!!!
Ada Leung: Super easy to fill out intake form & book online as a new patient. Quick & easy PAP test, was in and out within half an hour. (Appointment was for 4pm, you have to arrive 15 mins early, I was out by 4:10pm)They take COVID seriously, super hygienic & cleanly. I like that they have to buzz you in through two locked doors. I felt safe, secure & comfortable.
Meghan Gee: I had an IUD removal and it was such a quick and pleasant experience.Originally they were scheduling patients 2-3 months out for IUD removals but I asked to be called if they had any last minute cancellations - thankfully I got a call a couple days later and got a call to be scheduled for that week. Super quick and the staff were all lovely!Thank you!
Denise Lanuza: I know that many people say that it is difficult and stressful to get an appointment at this clinic, , it really worth, The reception staff, counsellor, the nurses, doctors were so friendly, professional, clear, so easy, free pain. They make you feel comfortable and safe.I am very satisfied 100% with the service. Was excellent.
Jaspreet Kaur: Awesome service all staff members are very friendly . I didn’t feel any pain any problem during surgical abortion thanx to all .
Harleen Bilku: Great experience
N Pashaei: I had my Surgical abortion here . First of all , all the staff were friendly, and very caring . The whole procedure from waiting in the waiting room till the end of the procedure took 3 and half hours.I was so nervous about the procedure, but everyone reassured me that I won’t feel any pain except some pressure, cramping.They gave me the med that was supposed to reduce my anxiety, I asked more and they administered it.I can’t say you won’t feel anything, I thought I wouldn’t remember anything but I was awake and felt everything but it was manageable. If you are nervous, scared like me , it’s ok , we can’t control our emotions, but it is going to be very smooth, and quick . The pain for me was 5 from 10 specially when the doctor put the speculum, I felt pressure with a little pain , I didn’t feel the numbing injection, but I felt the suction, you can feel something from your body is coming out. It was like period cramps. It took around 10 minutes.My doctor was Dr. Heather Jenkins, she was really gentle, calm , very patient. And if I remember correctly, Lisa was the nurse who helped me a lot during the procedure. She held my hand , asked me what kind of music I liked before the procedure.Overall, I’m really happy that I chose this Clinic.
Fatemeh Enayatpour: I use this clinic service for two times, almost all staffs have Been really friendly and nice. but unfortunately when I needed to talk to dr on call on Sunday 27 Nov 2022, a DR answered my phone not listening properly, and sounds was like not caring, it was very unfortunate that she did not help me when I was struggling under the procedure of my situation. Eventually I went to the emergency hospital and the people there helped me. I wish for the future the management of Elizabeth Bagshaw clinic have more friendly Drs on their team to avoid of bringing the clinic rank down.I visited in person with Dr hunter and she was really nice.Today I could not believe another on call Dr was not friendly and not helping.
Emily Ng: Best experience! 10/10 would recommend!It was so easy to book online, and everyone was so kind and respectful.I went in my first ever IUD and it went so smoothly! I was genuinely surprised by how fast and easy it was. I was so anxious at first but I felt so reassured by how knowledgeful and caring the staff, doctors and nurse practitioners were. They gave me blockers and I barely felt a thing!Still blown away about how safe, clean, and amazing it felt.
Alaina Laurin-Martin: Wrong phone number
Madison Jaffary: The doctors, nurses and staff at this clinic are incredibly kind. I have a lot of anxiety around screenings and have had many terrible experiences in the past and they treated me with so much kindness and patience. I highly recommend going here above anywhere else in Vancouver.
taylor brown: Best medical experience I’ve probably ever had the dr and nurses and reception workers are amazing!
Jade T: Love these people , they treat you so well with such respect and dignity , I haven’t been treated so well in a medical setting since I was a youth , our medical system Isent the best with respect but I promise you this place will treat you so well , there all so kind 10/10
Cassidy: You will feel safe, secure and comfortable here. Much love to the angels running this clinic.
account AD: Caring and professional
Keshia Vincent: I came in for an abortion ten years ago. Went home and miscarried and ended up in the hospital. I do not recommend.
Linnea: I came here paid out of pocket for a Pap test and then waiting 3 weeks no results, I called them to ask when the results would be done they said the Pap test was lost in the lab, you need to come in and do it again.
Davud Alhasan: Very good clinic and the front desk very nice all the time is nice

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