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1. Supreme Pizza - Vancouver

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Supreme Pizza
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Address: 6539 Victoria Dr, Vancouver, BC V5P 3X8, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 4:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-324-2515

Business type: Pizza Takeout

Supreme Pizza: what do users think?
Paul Xiong: What more can I say except.... Premo.Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Nicole Topping (Nicki): Also have food ready really fast no matter how busy they get.Food: 5/5|Atmosphere: 3/5Recommended dishes Pizza, Lasagna, Garlic Bread …More
mad Dogg: This really sad to say as I’ve been going here for 20 years but It’s not the same with the new owners , thinner crust , took away Italian sausage on some pizzas and taste isn’t the same as before .
Henry Peters: Ordered two pizzas… meat lovers and everything special… no joke the best pizza I’ve ever had. Tons of fresh toppings, tons of cheese, very tasty and crispy crust along with a very fast delivery… I won’t even think twice about ordering anywhere else before I order from Supreme again… 5 stars for days
Michaella Verano: I ordered cook's special and the tropical. They were so good and filling.Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 3/5Recommended dishes 14 Supreme Special 2 for 1 Large Pizzas …More
James Koehler: I have been going to the pizza place for 30 years and now there is new owners and they don’t know the regular customer and they are not great at getting it right so I just want to tell you what it is like the pizza is great but dealing with the new management is not right so I guess you get what you get 😡😡🤬
Charter Coach Service's: Been a loyal customer for over twenty years and this was one of the best pizza places in Vancouver. With the new owners, the prices have gone up alot and the quality has gone down. Additionally they have begun charging a delivery fee even for local homes. I can't believe that new owners ruined this local icon. I will never order from this place again.
Jason Boog: Recommended dishes PizzaMore
T Mann: Is still one of the best pizza places in the lower mainland. Been a regular for about 6 years now. The new owners have been putting out the same great quality as the old, not much has changed. Decent thickness of crust, good sauce, plenty of toppings and a great amount of quality cheese. The prices have gone up a bit but that’s with almost all pizza places which is due to rising costs of inflation, it’s totally understandable. Overall Supreme still puts out great old school style pizza unlike most that skimp out on toppings with thin crusts and some minimal low grade cheese. Keep up the great work Supreme !
Michael Lourdes: I don’t leave many reviews. And I’m sad to leave this one. This place used to be family fun, and a staple in the neighborhood. It’s since been sold to new owners, prices immediately jumped by 30%, ok, but then quality declined even more.I was a loyal and regular customer, since they sold it tho, I’d rather call uncle faiths or dominos. 26$ for one small, 😂 no pop 😂
James: Used to be the best pizza in vancouver. Our weekly fave. New owners. Jacked the price, ruined the pizza. So sad another institution gone.
pink duck: Been a loyal customer for over 12 years. Haven't ordered much in the past couple months but had a hankering last week. Disappointment. Aside from the pizzas being unusually bland (the sauce was always so fragrant/tasty) and all three pizzas having very soggy crusts (Usually the best part of the pizza) what got our family's goat was the $3.99 delivery fee. We spent about $80 and still had a delivery fee. No other pizza places in our 'hood do this, its new to Supreme. I would understand a minimum $$ required but no. We tried to support the local business but it is actually cheaper for us to order through Skip. Please ramp up your game Supreme!
Armin Hammer: A Vancouver staple. Even with the recent ownership change the pizza is still amazing. Try it Indian Style(cilantro, ginger and chilli flakes) my go to is the Hot Hot Hot. Pro tip...ask for it to be well done and in the old oven.Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5Recommended dishes Vegetarian Special, Pizza …More
Stephanie S: Generous toppings and has different value offers like pick up discount or 2 for 1. No brainer to chose this over a chain pizza place.
Jatt Reviews: Had it around 5 times since the OG owners retired. It still tastes pretty good.
Yawnie D: Waited my whole life to find pizza like Supreme. Then they changed. Now I'll spend the rest of my life remembering what Supreme used to be.You wrecked a legacy. Please stop calling yourself Supreme Pizza.
Anne-Marie Dubreuil: Supreme pizza used to be our favorite pizza place. We'd order 2 to 3 times a week. Ne of the best thing after a hard days work to be able to get a pizza have it within 20 minute delivered and still too hot ton eat.The service was great! Since the change of ownership I cannot even eat their pizza. The quality has gone from awesome to unbeatable worse quality and worse service. Everyone I know who used to go there says the same. I can't believe that the new owneeship changed such a successful business and wrecked the best pizza place In East Vancouver. They should be ashamed to wreck a 30 year old business which was a landmark place in East Vancouver.
Ram Saroop: Best 👌 pizza 🍕 in the city.
Denis Benoit: Fast and tasty for a fair price. Can't ask for any more.Food: 4/5|Service: 4/5|Atmosphere: 3/5 …More
Venice Lumanlan: Our favorite pizza house! Pizza’s are so good and affordable and worth it!!! You must try this place if you haven’t tried it yet!

2. The Corner Store (by Complex Clothing) - Vancouver

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The Corner Store (by Complex Clothing)
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Address: 2601 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5T 3E7, Canada

Schedule: Open until 6:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-602-1668

Business type: Clothing store

The Corner Store (by Complex Clothing): what do users think?
Joshua Martinez: Been going here for years as this was my first streetwear boutique type place. Always a pleasure to shop here. Super chill employees and nice store setup.
Maribel Vázquez: Muy padres los tenis
vanessa richards: Each time I go into this shop the service is good and notably thoughtful. They know their product, they’re helpful with fit and the staff are easygoing but attentive. What made me write this review though was the respectful response I got when I told one of the staff, Seth, that as a Black woman I hated it when I go into public spaces and hear the N word and the B word coming through in the music. We talked about the origins of hip hop that were based on real social transformation and respect, and how systemic racism gets played out in the industrial music machine in public. He heard my lament and without a further word put one some new school Canadian hip hop ‘adjacent’ jazz/soul:electronica BadBadNotGood. I appreciated it a lot. They’re Pleasant brand of clothing is aptly named for this shop and the folks who work there at this Mount Pleasant independent business.
Scott Hanna: Fantastic store. staff are awesome and super helpful, great prices on everything. Just wish they were bigger.
Picky Pickles: Not very good
Matthew Purcell: Expensive "thrift" store.
James (Lei) Qiao: Friendly staff.
Jean-Sébastien Crétinoir: Nul!!Petit,pas de choix,
Ray Vu: Top sneakrs shop and street wear in town 💯
Peyton Bourree: Fav go to place for clothes
Aidan Ferreira: One of the best selections in the city. Lots happening on the instagram. Gotta be quick cause a lot sells out in seconds!
yas vilkiji: Great shop full of some really sweet brands. The staff is always so welcoming and kind.
Sravani Dharna: The product is very bad quality.they are packed the used dresses.its not Good.
Peter Toth: Some solid finds to be had and always a good kicks selection.
Ella M: I was looking forward to my first shopping experience when I saw a pair of sneakers I really wanted but due to working a very demanding job I could not make it into the store. I sent my partner to pick up my shoes as it stated in the advertisement you could only buy one pair in the size that would be your size. They refused to sell the shoes to my partner as he was male. When I asked the company why they stated that it was size based. My partner witnessed 2 other women purchase shoes without being asked their size or made to try them on. I received no response other then being told it’s a gimmick employed by “sneakerhead” culture. They refused a product or service based on gender and I would like to caution anyone against shopping here if they would like any customer service whatsoever. It’s clear this business is only to service a specific clientele. If they want to follow through with there discriminatory practices they could at least do what they say they do and have people prove a size. Really disappointed.
Stephanie “Stephie” Radmore: The guy I dealt with was friendly and professional. And Followed social guidelines. Definitely will be recommending to others
Curtis Tonello: Super friendly
A: Great shop with decent selection, could use a little more brand variety but definitely worth a visit if you're in the area. Staff are also very welcoming and quick to offer assistance
Adnan Khan: Clothing Store
Shauna Toretto: Really neat shop! Wish they carried more high end teen shoes and clothing!
Jesse Taylor: Great staff and owners. Good variety of clothes. They always keep it fresh and curate new clothes every so often. Honestly a great place to come and even look for inspiration as they manage to display a variety of interesting pieces from various labels, that'll get you thinking about new ways to style yourself. Good sales on sneakers too.

3. Coast to Coast Roller Hockey Shop - Vancouver

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Coast to Coast Roller Hockey Shop
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Address: 1739 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5T 3B5, Canada

Schedule: Open until 5:00 PM

Business type: Hockey supply store

Coast to Coast Roller Hockey Shop: what do users think?
Bobby Cheung: Great customer service and help from Jordan as he knows his stuff. Thank you Jordan, and also to Sean too!
joben gill: Best store in the city for roller hockey gear with more than helpful staff members, would recommend to anyone looking at getting gear to shop here.
mitch vevang: Ordered a few times from the shop. Never disappointed. They go above and beyond and even check in after to make sure it all worked out.
eric hickey: Best place to buy inline gear from! They know their stuff and only sell quality. I wish I was as cool as they are, but I'm super happy to support an awesome business.
JG JGG: Best place for online gear! Sean and Jordy are amazing!
Lukas Gawlik: Purchased roller blades from the old shop, stopped in for gloves, their new location has much more inventory and unique gear than before. Knowledgeable staff and free parking out front is a bonus.
Dylan King: Best Inline Shop in Vancouver!
Luc Robinson: Never in my life have I had this level of service!!!!! Walked in late after a long travel to get there super knowledgeable took awsome care of my kids tonnes of patients i think for the first time ever the little ones are excited about a new sport Ill recommend this shop to any one any day that requires inline gear!
Sok Papa jr: Best website for hockey gear. Quality gear and good pricing. I wish I could give 10 stars . Customer service is awesome I had some confusion with my order and Sean corrected it with no hassle . Thank you Coast to Coast Hockey Shop ! Sincerely Marnie
Rob. Linda C: Great place for all things in-line. Sean and Jordan go the extra mile to provide great customer service. Knowledgeable and helpful!
C Allison: Fantastic customer service and high quality work. Thanks for getting my skates turned around so quickly. Will be coming back to you guys for all my roller needs!
Sam Lal: Thanks Jordan for being very helpful and knowledgeable. Thank you for switching street wheels instead of inline wheels on my new rollerblades.
Sergey Honchu: Really great guys here
Miho Ward: Fantastic customer service! Definitely support this honest local business.
Neutrino Hunter: Not many places to buy replacement stick blades anymore, but I found these guys online. Super quick to process and ship my orders (twice in the last month due to an unlucky break). I will check them out for other equipment now that they are on my radar.
Peter Plut: Best hockey shop in town. Great stock and great service!
Navin Sahjpaul: A local shop that sells quality products at a great price. Staff is top notch and will go the extra mile to help you get what you need
ABEC 100: Sean is fantastic, I highly recommend checking out the selection!
S J: Super kind and helpful staff! This is my hockey store from now on! Thank you.
philippe Paradis: Outstanding customer's service! Highly recommend!
Jaxsun McCarthy Huggan: Just found this place. Staff were super friendly and helpful. A total treasure of a store.

4. Tevlin Gleadle Curtis - Vancouver

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92 reviews
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Tevlin Gleadle Curtis
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Address: 1006 Beach Ave #700, Vancouver, BC V6E 1T7, Canada

Schedule: Open until 4:30 PM

Telephone: +1 604-648-2966

Business type: Employment attorney

5. British Columbia Superior Courts - Vancouver

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British Columbia Superior Courts
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Address: 800 Smithe St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2E1, Canada

Schedule: Open until 4:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-660-2847

Business type: City courthouse

British Columbia Superior Courts: what do users think?
Vicky Arvanitis: Systemic injustice is real and thriving here. Be prepared that judges here are in no way protecting our laws, the public, low income citizens or the disabled in our community. My experience with the multiple judges in the Vancouver Supreme court was nothing less then gross abuse. Was denied my basic rights to defend myself while being constantly bullied and threatened with incarceration. Judges here made unessisary and untrue statements in there judgments that were unsupported by any evidence as they conspired to detour justice. In order to protect the public all filed evidence, documents and transcripts should be published along with the judge's decisions for transparency reasons and to protect the public. Video cameras should also be installed in each and every courtroom and all the video recordings should be published on public TV networks or online as they do in the United States.
David Jolivet: The registry officers are well trained and courteous as well as patient when approached with inquiries, and, while they are careful not to give legal advice, they are a wealth of helpful information regarding filing court documents and directing people to the right counters that serve various legal filings. The staff take the stress of dealing with the courts down a notch which is greatly appreciated by everyone accessing the Supreme Court and it's departments.
tlee996: Had to drop off Probate fees for client. There were many cashiers for different purposes. Very organized
Gus Greer: 2 Stars, first one because it was easy to find and the second for the friendly Staff to answer questions. The bathrooms are beyond dated and disappointing. The courtrooms themselves are also dated. I can imagine a huge bill to make this silly building more practical. A bending machine would be nice
Haleh Magnus: Was there for call ceremony. Beautiful sitting and very organized. I was impressed with the architect of the building. It you are passing by, check it out
ŸÔ Org.: Visited the pro bono lawyer office here. Unlike everyone else at the courthouse the lady working within the pro bono office was extremely rude and utilized any lie to avoid providing the service she was hired for. Not to mention she had barred up her doors completing, which made the whole office unapproachable. Even though she was aware I was waiting outside for an inconsiderate amount of time, she never made an effort to introduce herself or the office she represented including the service they offered. Once I had knocked on her door she tried to ignore me and made me feel like I was intruding on the pro bono law office. After explaining my case to her, she offered literally no advice and continued to make up a multitude of lies to avoid providing the service she is hired for. I thought this behaviour exhibited by her was an absolute embarrassment to the supreme court of BC. All in all, I believe the office who had hired the lady to represent them inside the supreme court should deeply reconsider whether this sort of behaviour is what they want representing their office, to which I believe the obvious answer is “no, let’s find someone else who really embodies the job description.” I’ve met many good pro bono lawyers over time and this lady was truly a disgrace to the standard of what we expect in a great Canadian city and in developed nations around the world. I would not write so extensively about my experience if I didn’t believe the supreme court could do a great magnitude better with who they place in their offices. If those employers do see this writing please make changes, a certain amount of professionalism is required when you find yourself within this building of which this was a sad display far below what’s acceptable.
Jef Tek: Excellent service and spectacular parking in the downtown splendour.In the land of no left turns, I found by self myself completely at ease in my supercharged Tahoe.Leaving Maple Ridge at 11:58 and arriving in beautiful downtown Vancouver at 12:50, parks within 200 feet of My St., Smythe, call the pay for Park service number thingy and was literally back to the ridge of Maple by 2 o’clock.Had A business meeting on the way home optimizing my productivity while multitasking in a spectacular fashion and arriving in style back in time and my beautiful glorious Maple Ridge.What could’ve been a Mandane extravagance turned into a wonderful round-trip, thank you Vancouver superior court for charging me $40 for a piece of paper.That piece of paper let me transfer the title of my late wife’s vehicle into my name, hallelujah!
Amjed N: Extremely slow system, no one is really working just killing prepared to kill Time with them.
Vera Lara: Can't speak on anything other than the staff at the registry specifically in the family law section. The old Caucasian man is miserable and has the most absolute worst attitude I've ever dealt with in my life. I kid you not I didn't even get 2 complete sentences out when he started gaslighting me saying I was giving him attitude. He was so unreasonably upset that my papers weren't stapled he tried to find all faults in anything I said and anything I presented he made an already sensitive situation more upsetting and was extremely demeaning. Pretty horrible and unacceptable that these are the people who the public in sensitive and complicated situations (especially in family law cases) have to deal with.
R M: We do not have a justice system, we have a legal system. This system is extremely difficult for the regular public to maneuver. Without a legal background, or a lawyer working for you , you will not get very far. The people who work here spend too much time explaining the law and legal principle to the public. They seem annoyed and short and quite unfriendly… perhaps not their fault - it’s the SYSTEM. one who looses in court will rate the System low and one who wins will rate it high. Rating/ reviewing institutions like this has to be taken with a grain of salt
Rob Crawford: I was treated fairly here. The judge listened to me.
Mike Loehndorf: Always a pleasure
R BRAR: Really very helping people
Scott Jordison: Hope nobody ever has to use this court system for anything? Its not set up to help you for anything. Its all about you rolling out the red carpet for a judge coming out of the back room that knows nothing of your case. These arrogant justices are not very caring at all, and subsequently your left crossing your fingers for justice only to later discover there is none. Id say its justice for a law firm or a lawyer, because they all get awarded costs on both sides regardless of a cases conclusion. In all honesty it really should be abolished with a panel driven system where lawyers dont run the show. #nowinners
Z D: Secret spot on the rooftop.
Finger Bang: Staff here are rude and seem very miserable, a simple please and thank you response when dealing with people is a basic thing we learn as children then as some of us grow up we keep this level of respect your staff did not grow up! Attitude is everything people get it?Tax payers should also be very upset at the condition of this building it seems as if we pay the judges too much money this building is in poor condition a very disgusting building, Vancouver should be ashamed of this place!

6. MacLean Family Law - Vancouver

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165 reviews
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MacLean Family Law
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Address: 1021 W Hastings St #2900, Vancouver, BC V6E 0C3, Canada

Schedule: Open until 5:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-602-9000

Business type: Family law attorney

MacLean Family Law: what do users think?
Kangsan Danny Kim: MacLean Family Law is amazing, and I could recommend to anyone who is looking for the highest quality legal service. Throughout the process of working with them, I could really feel that my case was being handled with genuine care and interest. Of course they delivered the best result that I was hoping for, and I believe it was all because of their hard work.
Kent Keyworth: I had the pleasure of working with attorney Joty Sandhu and the team at their Vancouver office. This is a very professional firm, and Joty is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of the law. If you need expert legal counsel, you can't do any better than Maclean Law.
Morgan Oldenburg: Fraser and Lorne were patient and very thorough while aiding me in my questions and concerns regarding my separation and follow up questions. Fraser also provided lots of information while following up to make it as painless as possible.
Lilian Dai: I really appreciate Jian Kang and Jonathan Wai and Amanda Feng , the team find a solution for very complicated family disputes. They apply a legal guidance for do not cooperative party, final get our case finished.
Mira Kazybaeva: I have been trying to reach the manager since for the last six moths , left messages and as of today did not get any response. Please do not waist you time money with them.Dear Owner,I tried to contact you and i was promised you will call me back. I was hoping for your help since you left a message and expressed your willingness, unfortunately I haven’t heard from you yet.
Jesen Ballard: I am so thankful I came across Maclean Law Firm. I was extremely nervous heading into the divorce process but from my first initial consult with Fraser and Jesse I knew I was in very capable hands. They have been nothing but exceptional with my case and have worked so hard to get the best outcome possible for me. Any fear or worries that came up were quickly put to ease. When I felt like giving up they always knew what to say and how to keep me going. They go above and beyond at all times for their clients and will fight to get you what you deserve. I will forever be grateful I chose them to be my lawyers, they are honest, fair and will put you first! They made going through an extremely tough time that much easier. Thank you Fraser, Jesse and your wonderful team I will be recommending you to anyone who needs any legal advice.
danielle robinson: Very happy worked with my kosha her skills in the court room are impeccable she is definitely the one to have in your corner..thank you very much
Xuan Zi Liu: took up my divorce case, which had previously dragged on for long years and was draining me mentally and financially. I felt hopeless, and my prior lawyers were charging incredulous rates - after some searching I hired Kang from Maclean Law and I instantly felt more relieved after our very first consultation. After hearing my troubles, he said “Don’t worry, I will do my absolute best for this case”. True to his word, right before 2022 Christmas, my case in court was concluded in a day and a half, where previously it was said to need 10 days. I was also very satisfied with the outcome. Through the two years that I’d worked with Kang, I saw every step in the progress that he took, and I felt that I regained more hope for a conclusion to something that had plagued me for years. At the same time, I saw his professionalism and skill on the court, which was very admirable.Kang’s very adept at doing his work, his analysis of the case and the possible directions each decision could take were very precise. He would come up with new ways to approach a case, and discuss every choice with me transparently.I was already incredibly touched by his empathy and genuine care for his clients. He really thinks of the best for you, and moves in ways that acknowledge what you need. To be honest, my case probably wasn’t a very large one, nor was it particularly expensive, but despite not earning additional lawyer fees and putting in incredible amounts of effort and time, he said that “No matter how small the case seems, it’s an important issue for the client”.Through his work, he tries to help me minimize the costs wherever possible, and keeps the meetings succinct but very clear - it also helps that he speaks fluent Mandarin. In handling my case, I could feel that he works sincerely and firmly. Before court he’d prepared numerous case plans for possible directions it could go, and maintained a very levelheaded, logical approach on the court.He never gave up on what would be the best outcome for me, and for that I thank him tremendously. I had expressed to him that I’d like to give him some gifts as thanks after the case, which he humbly rejected.Fact of the matter is, I feel very delighted to have made the correct decision in choosing Maclean Law, and moreover, Kang as my lawyer. I’m honored to have met such an outstanding lawyer, one that I feel is incredibly talented amongst family law across the country.Also, Kang’s assistant Amanda is deserving of gratitude. She was very kind and approachable throughout; every time we communicated her excellent work ethic and patient attitude towards my case was obvious. She’d end our calls with a “Thank you”, and whenever I would show panic or anxiety she would always be understanding (like an old friend
Sarah M.: MacLean Family law are exceptional - they truly care about the outcome of your case and your well-being as their client along the way. Their team approach is efficient and effective. Fraser MacLean is an upcoming star and works tirelessly to get results on behalf of his clients. Robert McQueen has deep experience in complex family law matters and litigation. As a former judge, the Honorable Keith Bracken is an incredible asset to the team and lends invaluable wisdom and perspective to challenging situations. Brianne, Avery, Sophia, Sherry and Renata are excellent. I have nothing but positive things to say about my team at MacLean.
Karamjit Gill: Darlene Sandhu is very knowledgeable and professional. I wouldn't have known where to start with my case without her. She takes her time and interacts with your experience followed by sound advice. I would not hesitate to send any of my family and friends to her services. She is a gem in the community.
Z A: Mr. Wolf did a great job helping with my matter.He worked with me to find the best and fairest outcome for my spouse and I. He was very clear, thorough, professional and empathetic. I can confidently recommend Mr. Wolf and his team.
Dawn Bailey: Darlene and LenLani were absolutely AMAZING! They turned around documents that I needed in a pinch with such professionalism and timeliness that it had me boasting about them throughout my office and my home. I would definitely recommend them for Family Law, you will be nothing but impressed.
Brad Morris: First time using a law firm. I gotta say MacLean Law did a great Job . They worked together with the partners to find the best outcome for my case. Robert was my main lawyer and did a great job, then when Fraser and Avery hoped on board it was just that much better. They went out of their way to become friends. Almost all said and done with my case, great out come, would recommend them.Sherry, Renata, Sophia and Shanta assisted on my file as support staff and provided excellent service and were very professional .
Barbara M: Lorne MacLean KC and his Vancouver office command my sincerest praise and gratitude for providing the expertise required to help me successfully navigate a complex and trying divorce. I was previously working with another firm and quickly getting nowhere. As things began to escalate, it became clear that I needed to level up on my legal team and Lorne came highly recommended. As soon as I reached out to his firm it became clear that I had landed in the right place. In my experience, the value provided by MacLean Law is an amalgamation of the best lawyers combined with the best legal support staff. Lorne gets results because he knows the law extremely well and applies it in an inspired fashion to fairly and diplomatically advocate for his clients needs to their greatest advantage. I learned that having expert paralegals and assistants is also a key consideration in choosing a family lawyer, and Lorne prioritizes this also, making for a more efficient experience for clients, resulting in the best possible outcomes. Lorne's designation of King's Counsel is well-deserved, indicative of his superior legal ability and integrity, and should provide further assurance to anyone considering retaining him or another member of his team.
Orest Demkiw: Thank you MacLean Law team for helping me get through a difficult time in my life. Separation from a long term spouse is both difficult and emotionally challenging. "Moving Forward" is a very accurate statement for this very talented and coordinated team. The team represented my interests with integrity and expediantly executed the necessary processes to help get closure and a fair settlement for me. I would very highly recommend the MacLean Law group to anyone struggling through a similar or any difficult family matter that requires a non-judgemental and supportive approach.5 stars for sureOMD
subreena sidhu: Best family law firm in BC!
joti grewal: Best family law firm in BC
Katrina Brown: They are worth the money!I was hesitant to switch counsel at such a late stage in the game, especially knowing I’d be paying a lot more money.My ex had withheld my dogs and pursued a family claim against me. I was at the point of just giving up, I felt I was in a losing battle and justice was not on my side. Jesse and Fraser took me on and I instantly felt the stress ease. They fought for me when I had nothing left, and they talked me out of completely breaking down.I thought I was going from one lawyer to two but I was wrong. I had gained an entire team who fought an impossible, messy, battle. Fraser, Jesse, Avery, Sara, Johnathan, Brianne, and Keith! I cannot thank them enough for everything they have done. I have my dogs back and that’s all I ever wanted.
Edward Sweater: I had a good initial consultation and have nothing but good things to say about the actual lawyers, but reception is that glorious blend of rude and incompetent that makes me snap my purse shut and walk.
Margaret D: Mrs. Khosa at MacLean Law’s Surrey Office was fantastic to deal with. She was knowledgeable and very empathetic. I would definitely recommend MacLean Family Law.
Tony Guo: 我叫Bi, Yiming, 我的律师是康健律师。我对他和他的团队有很高的评价。康律师思维清晰,做事认真负责。我对他专业的水平非常满意!

7. Cambie Surgery Centre - Vancouver

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46 reviews
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Cambie Surgery Centre
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Address: 2836 Ash St 1st Floor, Vancouver, BC V5Z 3C6, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-874-1349

Business type: Surgical center

Cambie Surgery Centre: what do users think?
R N: Overrated.
Deni M: Excellent service and quick turnaround. As a result of a MVA I required nose surgery and was treated with kids gloves during the entire procedure; excellent follow-up as well. I fully support Dr. Brian Day and the Cambie Surgery Centre.
Maxwell McQuillan: They fixed my son up for me. Thank you Dr day and team for never giving up your fight !! As a parent thank you thank thank you tremendously.
B L: Crème de la crème. Top surgeons and nurses in bc.
Sharon West: Cambie Sugery Centre is exceptional. I'd give them 6 out of 5 if possible. My surgeon, Dr. Emile Woo, was exceptional doing my cholecystectomy lap along with the anesthesiologist Dr. Thobani, along with all the supporting staff. When I woke up and throughout the day, there was no need for any pain killers...unbelievable. My pain level was 2 out of 10 with only minor discomfort. I believe this was due to the talent of all the staff and their team involved in my care. I would highly recommend!
Angela Mestrovic: I had such an amazing experience. I was nervous about having surgery, but the nurses and dr were all so caring and comforting. The staff are all wonderful. I had an pain-free comfortable overnight stay. Thank you!
Greg Stirling: Dr. Chin, was the attending physician. After a 20 minute exam with no MRI or Cat Scan, Dr. Chin recommended an osteotomy which is performed on the tibia or the femur either by taking a wedge of bone out or putting a wedge in the bone. Statistics show this procedure to have about an 80% success rate and a life span of 5 years before a full knee replacement is warranted. This suggestion by a Doctor dressed in a expensive business suit seemed barbaric. Luckily I got a second opinion. Dr. Stone at the Stone Clinic in San Fransisco. A partial knee replacement done 11 months ago was the correct path. I am paid free and doing all the things I could do ten years ago. So am I a fan of the Cambie Surgical clinic or Dr. Chin? NO. That place is a business, not a medical facility. Seek a facility which cares about the patient and less about the fees.
Bradley Meyer: Had my first surgery ever here. Amazing experience. Everyone was super professional and accommodating. Made sure all my questions were answered and I was comfy from the moment I walked in till I left the next day. I had no issues and my pain has all but disappeared. I was very lucky to be able to get my back fixed here through WorkSafe. I almost didn't want to leave! While I obviously wouldn't want to have to visit again, I certainly wouldn't hesitate one bit.
Sydney Graham: Just got surgery done here. Normally I wouldn't leave a review but my experience was exceptional. The intake nurse was lovely and calmed my nerves. She gave me heated robes to put on which were as comfy as hospital clothes can be. My anesthesiologist was also very kind and obviously did a great job. I had no nausea or negative side effects afterwards. Everything was spotless and clean. I woke up in the recovery room to kind nurses making sure I was comfortable. They even called me the day after to check up on me. 10/10 experience I wish I could get every surgery done here
Liam Woodland: Should seize the building and give it to doctors who uphold our medical system. Move to the US if you want to get rich on medicine.
Armi Seif: Excellent service.
hanifa hairan: Cambie surgical centre is an amazing place with amazing people. I’m so happy with my experience in here everyone was awesome including doctor nurse and stuff. They took great care of me. After my surgery I feel way better.
Rose Kaur: Chose CSC after Ontario partially stopped knee surgeries (people are still getting knee replacements?) and we were in & out of public hospital emergency rooms begging for surgery for two months. My brother had a FULLY torn ACL after an accident, he is only 22, waiting for the public system to pick up and finally get him in would only prolong his recovery. We reached out to the Specialist Referral Clinic, Dr. Day had us scheduled for surgery within two weeks. We had a pre-surgery assessment via Zoom with Dr. Day who assured us it is a common procedure, what to expect, PDF files of information with diagrams etc. His surgery was done in a few hours and now he is on the road to recovery. We would've had to fly to the U.S. for the same procedure! We are thankful to Dr. Day, Cambie Surgery Centre for being an option available, his staff & the Specialist Referral Clinic!
Steven Klassen: Staff is great they spend extra time with you make sure your most comfortable. Food is great. Pick from a cafe own private room with cable TV.
Shahrnoush Sadeghi: It’s a crime for not letting us choose and have private servicesThe public health is broken and Corrupted
Frost: Great experience! They treat you very well here. The nurses, anesthesiologist, and doctors are fantastic! Top notch and they love what they do. If you need a surgery, this is such a nice spot. I couldn’t believe how well I was cared for throughout my whole surgery.
Mikhail (KosakDragoon): If I could give 10 stars I would!! Had a cervical discectomy and fusion yesterday at Cambie surgical centre. The staff was amazing, very caring. They helped to calm my nerves before the procedure and the overnight care was excellent!! Thank god for places like this in Canada!! If it wasn’t for this place I would have waited years in excruciating pain. It is criminal for governments wanting to stop private care and let people suffer for years in a public system!! Private care is a human right ! Thank you to all the staff at Cambie !!
Ellice Daniel: My 4 year old went in for a dental procedure this morning. All the staff were incredibly caring and patient when explaining each step. They gave me a chance to ask questions and answered all my questions thoroughly. I was kept informed of every step and given a detailed explanation of the plan as well as the outcome/work that was done. The Anesthesiologist FaceTimed with me when we got home so he could see my daughter and even followed up at the end of the day, as he promised.My 6 year old is scheduled to go here in 2 weeks and I have no reservations based on my experience today.
Janet Mader: I came down with a major systemic infection which required intravenous antibiotics a week after the surgery, and the surgeon wouldn't talk to me for follow-up support until I said I wasn't interested in suing him, I just wanted to get well. The public health care doctors at the emergency room were quite clear that follow-up care was the surgeon's responsibility. And if y'all want to sue me for defamation for saying this, I suggest you check Cia Wilson's email records for February 10, 2017 first. I have my own records to back up the rest. For the record, the reason why I was a Bad Canadian and went with a private provider was because I would have been off work on disability for the better part of a year if I hadn't, due to Alberta's enormously underfunded healthcare system.
Brenda C: Amazing staff!
lisa sutherland: I was waiting in alberta bc for back surgery for over 8 months. They had me on drugs to take away the pain and injextions into my spine. I wanted my life back. I aent my information to the cambie surfery centre. Flew out out to verify my assessments which were done in Alberta. Met with my surgeon (dr ramesh sahjpaul) and booked my appointment. As soon as surgery was done i enjoyed a fine meal, went through discharge and flew back to alberta. No more pain. I made a complete recovery and within 3 months i was back to riding/jumping horses, no painkillers, no other drugs, running and exercising as normal. I am so grateful for the surgery. I was in such agony, bad headspace and unable to work during the time while i had waited for alberta to book me in to speak to a surgeon. It was a lot of money for me at the time (i think in total worh hotel/airfare etc it was 13k.) But i was also able to claim it on my taxes that year so i technically got some $ back. worth every penny spent (yes pennie were around when i had it). I had my surgery in july. The accident that caused the initial injury occurred in december the year prior (7months). Then in february 1 yr and 2 months from the time of my accident i received my appointment to meet with the neurosurgeon in calgary to discuss about setting an appt for the surgery. Thank goodness for Cambie is all i can say.

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