Best Swimming Activities For Pregnant Women In Vancouver Near Me

1. Robert Lee YMCA - Vancouver

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413 reviews
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Robert Lee YMCA
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Address: 955 Burrard St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1Y2, Canada

Schedule: Open until 9:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-689-9622

Business type: Fitness center

2. Fit 4 Two Pre and Postnatal Fitness - Vancouver

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Fit 4 Two Pre and Postnatal Fitness
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Address: 181 Roundhouse Mews, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2V9, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 9:30 AM

Telephone: +1 604-719-7981

Business type: Physical fitness program

3. UBC Aquatic Centre - University Endowment Lands

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506 reviews
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UBC Aquatic Centre
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Address: 6080 Student Union Blvd, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 6:45 AM

Telephone: +1 604-822-4501

Business type: Aquatic centre

UBC Aquatic Centre: what do users think?
Kaavya Hogle
Kaavya Hogle: I would love to spend time here. I could swim in just 2 days. This place is awesome
Mehar Bhogal
Mehar Bhogal: Not much to say - quality pool. Unlike most, doesn't feel icky to swim in. Unfortunately my Mother ventured out here to use the sauna/steam, and was assured in person that it was Open. Only to get changed and be told it is not by the lifeguard on duty. A refund was issued, but nonetheless frustrating.Staff does not answer the phone, as well.
DC Lougheed
DC Lougheed: Wonderful place to play in the water with a group of 7 and 8 year olds. Lazy river and unsinkable canoes!
K.P. Priyadharshini
K.P. Priyadharshini: Best pool… clean and spacious ♥️
Marwyn Pangaliman
Marwyn Pangaliman: Good
César Ulises Monjarás Ávila
César Ulises Monjarás Ávila: I really enjoy going to swim!
Paul Stewart
Paul Stewart: You will need to register before you arrive or else you will have to get out of line to do this then get back in. Then you will go to the locker area and realize you need a loonie to use the lockers so you will go back to line up for the cashier and they will tell you they can’t do cash back to get you the loonie you need for the locker so then while your friends are waiting you now need to figure out where you are going to keep your clothes. Good luck.
Clifford Mascarenhas
Clifford Mascarenhas: Excellent swimming facilities along with the jacuzzi and the sauna room
MIGUEL MARTINEZ CEJA: Well, Drop in has changed. Now is Membership drop in. So you buy your membership then sign for the time you want to attend. Awful that I tried to buy the memberships at the front desk, and I was told that the system is too slow, so they recommend me to go home and do it from my own computer. No busy and can't help at the front desk?.. I had my 4 and 5 year old excited about going back to the UBC pool, and the effort was blocked by not getting help. End of the rant.Buy your membership at home and book at time to visit this pool.
Zain Ul abdin
Zain Ul abdin: Beautiful and fun ,clean
Daniel Silver
Daniel Silver: Overall not my favourite pool. However, I liked the locker rooms (except the showers) and the kids community swim area is nicely heated (good for younger kids).
Kai Ling Ma (The Demon)
Kai Ling Ma (The Demon): Great pool, floors could be cleaner
Isabelle Truong
Isabelle Truong: Best aquatic centre at a Canadian university! Absolutely world class.
Marcus Xiong
Marcus Xiong: Bsller
David Cretney
David Cretney: Had a TERRIBLE expience bringing my child and friend here for a drop in swim. Each family and person is REQUIRED to register and you can only do that through and app on your phone. No app no swim. Oh and you can’t pay cash and you can’t tap a card.We spent a frustrating 25 minutes trying to register emails addresses and passwords and birthday dates for us and friends. This was a TERRIBLE experience. No matter how nice the facility is this experience totally RUINED our day.
Michael Kim
Michael Kim: Clean pool, everyone is respectful. Very much a great place for swimming!
Arash Khoddamy
Arash Khoddamy: Pricey parking but one of the best pools in town
Neil Meade
Neil Meade: Swimmable
Pedja Lee
Pedja Lee: Bad
B.: You have to create online profile just to visit once. Lockers return your loonies. Steam room and sauna never working. Lane swim very crowded. Hot tub not that warm. A good place for families.
John Ticknor
John Ticknor: Excellent - except for the fact that the dry sauna has been closed for more than a year now without any explanation as to why ...

4. Marina's Swim School - Richmond

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85 reviews
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Marina's Swim School
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Address: 1751 Savage Rd Unit 110, Richmond, BC V6V 1R1, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-818-4650

Business type: Baby swimming school

Marina's Swim School: what do users think?
yue zhao
yue zhao: 挺好的
Michele Liang
Michele Liang: Great swim school! Everyone at the desk are super helpful and friendly. My kids love their instructors. I think more showers in the bathrooms would be super helpful. Overall, I'm very happy with this swim school.
Sana Raza
Sana Raza: My 4th session booking kids!!! Highly recomended and great customer service. Nipun helps alot in booking the classes.
Raj Sall
Raj Sall: Marina’s Academy is professional and all the instructors are excellent. The staff is all very accommodating and very helpful in finding a suitable time for our schedule. My son was taking lessons at another facility and was doing great but not reaching his full potential. Since joining Marina’s his swimming skills have grown exponentially and he is a strong confident swimmer at age 5. Recommended for all ages!
cynthia chu
cynthia chu: the 2 instructors my kids had Tyler and Ali are both great with kids. I was surprised my younger one can last through the first season and he actually enjoyed swimming now. And we signed up for this season.
Jaswinder Sodhi
Jaswinder Sodhi: My daughter has attended few sessions at Marina swim school and we have really seen her progressing and learning the right techniques. Everyone from reception, supervision, instruction to Management is involved and care about students progress. I highly appreciate the owner of this place Vlad taking charge of the situation when I had concerns regarding my daughter’s learning. He himself has taught my daughter in-spite of busy schedules they have. Much appreciated all of your help. Looking forward to another session in summer.
Maisy Luong
Maisy Luong: Well thought out set up with supportive staff. Responsive with requests. My daughter has progress quite quickly over the past year. Thank you!
Michelle Zheng
Michelle Zheng: Would like to thank you the best coach Omar for teaching my daughter for couple terms. My younger daughter will be with him in coming term, look forward to see her improvement.
Frankie Xie
Frankie Xie: We have had an aqua birthday party here in March. The school offered us a great party with Minecraft theme chosen by us. The experience is great, and everyone was having a great time. This place is totally recommended.
Rays Yu
Rays Yu: You look at the picture and see for yourself. You are looking at learners with levels 3 & 4. All the coaches just stand on the side of the pool, pretending to teach them. I am comparing when my kids were level one experience. I am disappointed that a good swimming school has become a poorly learning place.
Sangeeta Dhariwal
Sangeeta Dhariwal: We have just finished our first session/season with Marina swim school and our kids have had such an amazing experience! They have thrived with their amazing coaches and are loving having classes!! My son has progressed two levels during his first set (swim kids 2 to now 4) and my daughter moved up one level (swim kids 4 to 5) and has made huge improvements over the past 10 lessons! The staff, supervisors and coaches are amazing! They are kind, understanding, friendly and are fabulous with the kids! We have already registered for the spring session and will happily be enrolling for summer session and of course seasons moving forward!!😊😊👍🏼👍🏼
Jenny Zhou
Jenny Zhou: We came here to learn swimming since 2017, very good coaches and service. Staffs are always friendly and I always refer my friends here to learn swimming.
Amrita Dhariwal
Amrita Dhariwal: My children just completed their first session at Marina’s and their skills have improved significantly. Their instructor is kind, patient and excellent at teaching proper technique. We look forward to returning for our next session!
Aimee Ang
Aimee Ang: If you’re looking for lessons for your little one, highly recommend this place. The coaches are all very good with the kids. My son has learned and progressed a lot in a year. My only wish would be for makeup class to not have any associated charge.
William Zhang
William Zhang: Our two kids have been with Marina since 2021. Their progress have been very good. The coaches we had were very good; they focus on technique and the length of the two pools allows for apprioriate swim distances to learn. The lesson length are an hour, so it's enough time to learn and practice techniques. I would recommend to all parents!
Stanley Hung
Stanley Hung: The coach is attentive and professional
Sups Ober
Sups Ober: My daughter is at marina swim school and she’s completed her first session. It’s been a good experience and she’s been learning quick.
harpreet sandhu
harpreet sandhu: I am so happy and lucky that I joined this swimming school for my children . The staffs are so friendly and the facility is super clean . My both kids really enjoy swim lessons here and I have noticed a lot of improvement in their swimming skills. I would highly recommend this swim school . They are so flexible and excellent service. 😊👍
JIA ZHOU: 一家专业的游泳学校,环境特别好、老师都特别有耐心,娃特别喜欢😀
Harpreet Gill
Harpreet Gill: My children enjoy swimming at Marina. The instructors are so good and dedicated for teaching. My child already passed a level with in her first month with Marina. Well worth of money invested in swimming here at Marina!! Thank you to the staff and instructors.
raveena jagpal
raveena jagpal: My son has been in Marinas since the beginning of January, within 5 weeks his swimming skills enhanced more than they had done in a year when he was taking community center classes! He has already advanced the level he was stuck in since January 2022 at the community center and I’m hoping he will advance another level by the end of the winter session. The coaches are great and the staff at marinas is also very helpful, he had to miss a lesson as he was sick, they were able to schedule a make up lesson! We are already registered for the spring session and I will be enrolling my daughter as well very soon!

5. Creekside Community Recreation Centre - Vancouver

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695 reviews
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Creekside Community Recreation Centre
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Address: 1 Athletes Way, Vancouver, BC V5Y 0B1, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-257-3050

Business type: Recreation center

Creekside Community Recreation Centre: what do users think?
Josie Wiehe
Josie Wiehe: Nice clean bathrooms
Joel Schat
Joel Schat: They really understand community here. 10/10 would recommend.
June Gomez-Willis
June Gomez-Willis: Great atmosphere and gym. The dance rooms are clean, well lit, spacious. I thoroughly enjoy using this space.
Louis Blais
Louis Blais: Very modern facility. Very friendly and helpful staff.
Lisa Watson
Lisa Watson: Fun birthday party. Very clean and beautiful scenery!
Run Free
Run Free: Hard to find a spot to park because there is a dragon boat community there. Too many paddlers park and do training. The facility also closes some days before paddlers get off their boats, which is not frieldy to them specially during cold and rainny Spring.
Anne Jo
Anne Jo: It is a beautiful community centre with a great view.
Daniel Linhart
Daniel Linhart: The best community center for yoga. Especially recommend classes with Pam. She's an amazing instructor. And the view! Yes and yes! 🙃
Anna Fu
Anna Fu: Big gym for young kids. Many toys. Great and safe place for little ones
Yuma Baker
Yuma Baker: All community centres are amazing.
Padli Ahmad
Padli Ahmad: Excellent place
Alex Grundy
Alex Grundy: The staff here is amazing, very accommodating. We mistakenly mixed up with their drop in badminton sessions, and they went out of their way to accommodate. Unfortunately one of their members (Judy) lacks basic human decency and cultural awareness, as she verbally berated our children and told us that we weren’t welcome to play. Despite Judy’s lack of self control, the staff member tried her best to de-escalate the situation throughout Judy’s rabid attack. One improvement would be for the community centre to permanently ban people like Judy that feel they are above basic manners.
Kim Larson
Kim Larson: This is my fave Community Center. I feel safe, lovely walks, clean showers. What more could u ask for?
Olha Tsykalo
Olha Tsykalo: A lot of coworking rooms and halls, a gym. This is a place for family rest time and activity time
Jeng keefer
Jeng keefer: Creekside Community Center is an excellent place to get involved in your community. The staff is always working hard to create a fun and welcoming atmosphere, and they truly care about their members. The facilities are top-notch, and the classes and events offered are diverse and exciting. I've made so many great friends and memories at Creekside, and I can't imagine going anywhere else for my community center needs.
Psl 8v8
Psl 8v8: 🤗IG: Psl8v8
Iryna Shexira
Iryna Shexira: Beautiful place
Alana Oyama
Alana Oyama: Work out here regularly. Great experience in the gym with a knowledgeable gym attendant.
Grace Chan
Grace Chan: old and small
Aesthetic-Realm Ltd.
Aesthetic-Realm Ltd.: Good place to throw events
Matthew Purcell
Matthew Purcell: Good Rex center with many offerings for volleyball, badminton, and, the only PUBLIC WASHROOMS in the area🤣 a community staple that originated with the dragon boaters and have a strong connection.

6. Uphoria Yoga - Vancouver

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38 reviews
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Uphoria Yoga
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Address: 88 E Broadway, Vancouver, BC V5T 1V6, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-326-2995

Business type: Yoga studio

Uphoria Yoga: what do users think?
Annelies Tjebbes
Annelies Tjebbes: I absolutely love Uphoria Yoga. I found it an amazing sanctuary when I was pregnant and needing movement for my body and solidarity with other pregnant people for my soul. I now go to baby and me classes with my little one and it's such a special experience. The Uphoria team is amazing and makes you feel so welcome, cared for, and supported. I hope all childbearing folks consider going to Uphoria, they won't regret it!
Kimberly Little
Kimberly Little: We hosted my daughter's 2nd birthday here and it was so much fun! The staff were so kind and accommodating, the space is beautiful and the kids had a lot of fun! I would highly recommend this place for a birthday party and for other yoga related activities!
Emily Munro-Russel
Emily Munro-Russel: Had our son’s 5th birthday at Üphoria Yoga. Excellent space, great activities for the kids, would highly recommend it.
Rita Farkas
Rita Farkas: We held our daughter's 5th birthday party at Uphoria. The staff are lovely and managed a large group of excited 5 year olds no problem. Beautiful space with fun activities. Highly recommend.
Elizabeth Peters
Elizabeth Peters: We had our son’s 4th birthday party at Uphoria Yoga and it was such a wonderful, memorable celebration! Tara and the Birthday team were so helpful, friendly and accommodating. They were super flexible based on the kids interests and energy levels. They offered a superhero mask making activity for the kids, which was a hit. The venue is beautiful and accommodated the kids and adults very well For food, cake, presents, art, dancing and yoga. We would highly recommend Üphoria to anyone hosting a kids yoga-themed birthday bash!
Jason Liu
Jason Liu: We had our daughter’s 7th birthday and Tara went above and beyond. She curated all of our daughter’s favourite songs, made sure she knew everything about mermaids — it was the theme of the party. She supported us with decorations as we were trying to blow up the balloons and thread the sign. I forgot to bring a knife and she even went to a near by store to grab it while we hosted. Her hospitality was amazing, and the yoga with scarf was a hit with all the kids. Everyone including the parents were wow by her. Thank you for making it her best party ever quotes our little girl
Janice V [she]
Janice V [she]: We booked our child's birthday party here and it was the best money spent to make the celebration stress-free and enjoyable for everyone, including the parents. Tara was a pleasure to work with and the space is welcoming, unique, modern and calming, just as one would hope for in a yoga studio and a relaxing space for a fun celebration. Loading food/decorations into the space was fast and easy with parking right infront of the studio (even when there is snow they kept is cleaner than most other streets).Before this party, we've always hosted at our house or outdoors in a public park. Just imagine not having to clean your house before or after a party, to be able to prepare only lights snacks and minimal decorations and have an enjoyable time catching up with adults while the party activities are child-focused guided by an ECE professional. The value is better than comparable kids' birthday packages in the region.I have also attended a sound bath event here in the past and a parent-tot yoga class. My 5yo has enjoyed week-long yoga camps and looked forward to going and returned happy and calm each day.There's good reason Uphoria was voted Best Yoga Studio in Vancouver. Because they are, especially for families with young children. Thank you Tara and the Uphoria Yoga team for all you do for our community.
Diana Kovač
Diana Kovač: We celebrated our daughter's 3rd birthday at Uphoria and had a great experience. Tara organized the kids and kept them engaged with yoga, dancing and crafts in the big yoga room, while parents could choose to either join in with kids or mingle in the other party room where we all later had cake. It was a fun social event for both kid and adults.
Sonali George
Sonali George: After having a bad first trimester, I joined Üphoria yoga from my 13th week of pregnancy and it has been a wonderful experience. For someone who hasn't practiced much yoga before, Teresa made me feel very welcome and guided me well on how to do the exercises.I enjoyed going to the classes here, learnt really helpful breathing and labour exercises, and felt more confident in managing my body during pregnancy,I highly recommend Üphorias prenatal classes.
Jordana Shani
Jordana Shani: Our kiddo recently did both part time & full time camps here over the summer and had such a wonderful time! Every day he came back home super happy and so proud to show us all of the cool new breathing techniques, self regulation strategies and fun yoga poses he learned. He's already asked if he can go back for winter break camps :) Our family cannot say enough good things about the kid programs here! It's really awesome to have a family studio like this in the city.
Robyn Smith
Robyn Smith: We attended their summer camp and had a great time! They were very welcoming and accommodating. Our little one had a blast!
Krista Macaulay
Krista Macaulay: Wow, my girls had an amazing time at Summer Camp with Tara and staff. They always ask when we are going back. Thank you Tara for such a great program.
Fabia Leoni
Fabia Leoni: So nice! Very welcoming, friendly and warm enviroment.The staff is great and the owners are so lovely. Did some prenatel Yoga sessions there and can't wait to go back with baby to do some more classes.
L R: I’m glad to find this place. Prenatal yoga class is very helpful for relaxing my body.
Vrinda Sharma
Vrinda Sharma: I have been sending my daughter to Uphoria Yoga since she was 3 years old. This is the perfect place for a wholesome experience of yoga and fun! Uphoria Yoga has created programs that suit your child’s need which is a great way to introduce yoga to your child. Their methodology is simple yet fun. They teach lots of poses/ postures by way of music and songs which makes the program very attractive for 3-5 year olds. Summer gets more interesting With “summer camps” where children stay engaged the whole day with arts and craft, music, dance parties and finally the much awaited obstacle course. All in all as a parent I would view Uphoria yoga as a good mix of physical and fun activities!
SH H: We held our sons birthday party here on Sunday and had amazing experience with Tara. Highly recommend to talk to Tara if you want to do birthday party. Tara is super welcoming and helpful from the beginning to end. we had some different decoration ideas and Tara is very patient with me:) Kids had so much fun at yoga class and dance party with Tara and the other instructor. There were also arts and craft too! Thank you for the amazing team Uphoria yoga!
Jennifer Maloney Adab
Jennifer Maloney Adab: Our son loved his yoga camp and keeps asking to go back! He's now teaching me deep breaths and all his favourite poses. Thanks for the awesome intro into yoga! Can't wait to come back with him:)
Jonathan Polak
Jonathan Polak: The kids camps here are amazing. Tara and Emma are great with kids. My two kids love it here. We've been back two years in a row. Thank you!
Maria Peixoto
Maria Peixoto: I’ve enjoyed very much my pre and post natal classes at Üphoria yoga. They have knowledgeable teachers that help you exercise in a safe way. It’s also a great place to connect with other mothers and share experiences.Try their yoga in the park! Loved it!
Doris L
Doris L: My daughter has been attending their preschool yoga class. She came home and told us the yoga poses that she learned from the class. I'm so glad that she had so much fun there. The owners and staffs are always friendly. Awesome teacher and very clean and beautiful studio. Highly recommend!
Rimi Hans
Rimi Hans: We held our daughter's birthday party today at Uphoria Yoga and had an amazing experience. Tara was so helpful throughout the whole process. She was ready to assist logistically and checked in during the party to see if our needs were being met. The kids had a wonderful time from the yoga class to the craft activity and the dance party. The facility is amazing and the yoga space is absolutely beautiful. I would highly recommend this facility if you want to hold a unique birthday party for your little one. Thank you Uphoria Yoga for such a great memory!

7. Edmonds Community Centre - Burnaby

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302 reviews
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Edmonds Community Centre
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Address: 7433 Edmonds St, Burnaby, BC V3N 1B1, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 8:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-297-4838

Business type: Community center

Edmonds Community Centre: what do users think?
Melinda B
Melinda B: Been taking classes here; it is a modern building with nice central location. Among other things they have a huge spacious gym, a pool area with slide, steam and sauna. Surrounded by lovely greener and plenty of food and shopping options, it is a cool community centre to visit.
Sufiun Soldier
Sufiun Soldier: All the stuff are good except one. Very Disappointed.Today, The black beard guy wearing supervisor T-shirt in the swimming pool approached me from the pool in an offensive way which is very disrespectful. His tone was offensive and Uncultured. After these behaviour, I just changed my dress and cancelled my yearly package membership right away.But the other supervisor is professional and gentle. He explained me about my kid safety issue politely.Requesting to the management to follow up with him, how to approach Or He can learn from other supervisor about approaching.
Matthew Daniel
Matthew Daniel: Pool is well designed and the staff are very friendly and helpful , but the change rooms are dirty.It’s also disrespectful to charge a fee (however small) to use the lockers that are part of the change room infrastructure, and for which an entrance fee was already paid. Some community centres now waive the locker fee.
Wade Barrie
Wade Barrie: Music is too loud, chaotic, lifeguards aren't doing their jobs, swim lanes are a mess and they aren't doing a very good job keeping the decks or changerooms clean. Vancouver pools are far superior.
LISA SETO: Favourite staff is Shayma, she helps resolve any issues and is super friendly. She always has a smile which is always nice to see.
D J: Insanely dirty. The change rooms were so disgusting (do not forget your shower shoes) the amount of hair on the ground and up the walls was sickening. I’ve genuinely never felt dirtier post shower. The lazy river has a ring around it to the point I took my nail to it and it came off like algae. If you can get past that it’s a nice little pool with a really cute kids area and lazy river completely separate from the lanes. It’s a shame because they have an abundance of staff working.
Andrew Yu
Andrew Yu: the supervisor needs to improve his communication skills and learn how to deal with members and customers.
송화준 (JUN)
송화준 (JUN): 수영장이 크고 너무 좋습니다.사우나 시설도 잘 되어 있습니다.스텝들은 친절하고 매우 전문적입니다.가족들과 함께 가서 즐기기 좋습니다.
Quan Nguyen
Quan Nguyen: Great place. Better than somewhere else
Sir Kris Kelly
Sir Kris Kelly: A very large weight and cardio gym with a big ultramodern bike section that's kept up to date in tech.Smartphone friendly.Also a huge swimming pool and hot tub downstairs in the same building!Also, if you like, you can try your hand (pardon the pun) at badminton or basketball and one of their several large indoor courts.
King Ma
King Ma: Great community center for local. Lots of facilities and activities inside. The indoor swimming pool is huge, nice atmosphere of the building.
Rachel Wuttunee
Rachel Wuttunee: I love the steam room and the people but the staff can't give me 4 quarters for 4 people to use the lockers. I was told by one staff its the other staff who don't want or know how to count. Come on now why charge for quarters if u expect me to do 2 transactions to pay for my visit. Not only that when I plead with some staff they look down on me n talk rude. Why is this such a barrier to enjoy a workout n a dip
Rob: My son loves this pool!!! I highly recommend this pool especially if you have kids. Also very cheap and the staff is very helping and friendly.. we recently moved here from alberta and me and my son love to go swimming and this was one of the pools we tried here and we instantly loved it!!
Sophia Jagan
Sophia Jagan: Amazing place to spend with toddlers and the family time is such a nice facility from 7-9 pm
Sofia Ramírez
Sofia Ramírez: Excellent pool and gym.A lot of people after work, but still a place for you
Annalise Botto
Annalise Botto: Disgusting this pool is so poorly maintained. 2 chlorine rashes and my eyes burn from this pool. I'm surprised they are aloud to stay open. I saw clumps of hair and toilet paper floating in the water like a human soup of toilet water. Complained about this before and no one cleans anything. Big change from their covid times and I swam laps during that time. The pool is a great pool to swim at nice natural light if it was clean
Erica S
Erica S: Great local community centre in the Edmonds area. There is a really nice indoor playground perfect for rainy or cold days!
Mary Look
Mary Look: I really appreciate the staff (Shayma, Darcy, Arctica, Anjali, Jeremy...). They're organized, competent and so welcoming!
Luke Weng
Luke Weng: I wish there were 2 options in rating Edmonds: the gym and the pool. I haven't been to either since precovid, but when I went today (gym) I was disgusted. The staff were very nice though.While the equipment and the utility is beautiful and new, the people working out have no manners, don't sanitize their equipment, and hog more than one machine at a time.Just walking around the gym, I see guys taking up the bench and the stool simultaneously, and other dudes using the cables and dumbbells. He almost got into an altercation with a couple for refusing to swap turns.I'm never coming here again. Unless there may be a better time of the day. I can't rate the pool yet, but when I swim, I will change the review.
Jai M
Jai M: If you want to experience the longest wait of your life for gym equipment go here. People will commonly spend 45 mins on a squat rack and when asked to share they keep going. Love the entitlement from the community members using a PUBLIC gym.
Abby Kobayakawa
Abby Kobayakawa: Edmonds CC is a convenient location and I enjoy playing pickleball here. The staff at the gym, coffee bar and registration have been helpful and courteous to make a pleasant experience.Special thanks to (gym staff) Shayma, Artica, Jeremy, andAngeli (barista).

8. BC Women’s Hospital - Vancouver

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138 reviews
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BC Women’s Hospital
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Address: 4500 Oak St, Vancouver, BC V6H 3N1, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-875-2424

Business type: Women's health clinic

9. Dancing Star Birth - Vancouver

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13 reviews
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Dancing Star Birth
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Address: 2647 E Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V5K 1Z5, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 9:30 AM

Telephone: +1 604-254-1100

Business type: Pregnancy care center

Dancing Star Birth: what do users think?
Ilenia Dal Castello
Ilenia Dal Castello: Great course! Our instructor Michelle was very inclusive :) Highly recommend it for LGBTQ+ families
Andrea Šrolová
Andrea Šrolová: I can’t imagine a better prenatal preparation. It helped my partner to get involved and both of us to communicate our thoughts, hopes and expectations. Apart from that, the course was very informative and practically focused.I recommend it!
Anees Khorram
Anees Khorram: Highly recommend this class for all expecting parents. We had Bethany as our instructor. She was amazing. Kept things very engaging, a lot of room for questions and discussion, and kept everything light and fun.
Karina Chumachenko
Karina Chumachenko: My partner and I had an amazing experience with Dancing Star Birth prenatal classes. We loved that we had a chance to learn about birth from absolutely different perspectives and experiences. Every class we had a safe space for a discussions with other couples expressing their concerns and opinions about birth. Best part is how respectful everyone is in that space. We felt how our couple became closer after this experience of learning about birth. We want to thank Bethany for being an amazing mentor all the way through ❤️
Eilis Whelan
Eilis Whelan: I took prenatal classes with Dancing Star for the past 6 weeks. Overall, I really enjoyed the experience. My instructor, Dori, was extremely kind, approachable, and welcoming. I loved the small class sizes as we got to know all the other couples a bit, and have even formed a group to stay in touch and have a baby meetup in the future. My only wish is that a bit more time focused on newborn care and a bit less time focused on labour. But overall I would recommend Dancing Star!
Canan Alsaihaty
Canan Alsaihaty: We attended a prenatal class with Dori and she was great at validating everyone's feelings while also preparing us realistically for birth. I was NOT looking forward to having to give birth and I can say that the class took away a lot of my anxiety and made me have more realistic expectations. It also helped a ton in giving me confidence when it came to my birthing plan and taught us strategies on how to make sure that we make informed medical decisions.Dori made sure to include the partners and their roles, which I loved as talking about birth is often centred solely around the person giving birth.I would recommend taking a prenatal class with Dori to any first-time parents-to-be!
P L: Niki does a fantastic job teaching! She teaches with enthusiasm, passion and humour. I highly recommend Dancing Star Birth!
Tarra Horsfield
Tarra Horsfield: We attended the 3 day prenatal class at Pomegranate midwives on the weekend with instructor Jessica Medrea who is also a birth doula. Both my husband and I were very impressed. The class was focused on education and advocacy regarding the whole birthing and postpartum process. Leaving the weekend, my husband and I feel more empowered and unified as a team than ever before. Jessica was amazing, she used an evidence based approach to examine birth decisions and offered multiple perspectives. As a holistically minded couple, we appreciated this critical thinking and examination of informed consent and how to assert this. I would 100% recommend this class.
Agata Osinska
Agata Osinska: The classes were excellent. Morag is a fantastic instructor who provides very practical and comprehensive information. We had started the classes not knowing much and came out of the 6 week program feeling a lot more confident. Morag provides a very good overview of all the options empowering future parents to make the best decisions for them and their baby.
Martina Bolcic
Martina Bolcic: We learned so much from Morags class! We did the zoom classes from the comfort of our own home which was awesome. Morag kept us engaged the entire time and allowed us to ask as many questions as we wanted along the way. We felt very confident going into our homebirth and were realizing what stages of labour I was in along the way.Hubbs felt way more confident and was the BEST birthing partner ever!I also love that Morag was a doula..(sorry not sure if she still is) and really understood the physiology of birth and not fear mongering the process.Highly recommend this course!
Evada Perón
Evada Perón: My partner and I just completed the birthing class instructed by Morag and I could not recommend it more! Morag kept the atmosphere fun and relaxed and initiated conversations and shared resources that have really opened up our perspective and helped us confidently create our birth plan/preferences. We both feel equipped, empowered and excited for our upcoming labour/birth. Thank you Morag!
Rob Williams
Rob Williams: Thank you to Dancing Stars Birth for giving us all of the information we needed to prepare for our baby!Going into this class we were acutely aware of all of the known (and unknown) unknowns surrounding the birth of our first born. On completion I am happy to say that we felt fully prepared for what was to come and confident in our options and rights. The class is informal and informational and a great forum to build connections with other expecting parents. On a personal note, we would like to sincerely thank Morag for all of her generosity and connections with her community. You have helped us in our greatest time of need and we will be forever thankful.Tara and Rob.
Linla Messin
Linla Messin: WOW! Five stars does not give justice to what a beautiful experience my husband and I had at our Dancing Star Birth class this past weekend! From the moment we walked in, we knew we were welcome-Dori had set up a cozy, inviting space for us with candles and pillow seats, and a kettle ready for whenever any of us wanted some tea to warm our hearts. We all sat sitting in a circle facing each other, which I was pleasantly surprised by and found much more conducive to an intimate learning environment than the modern, impersonal classroom style of students in chairs just facing the teacher. I believe this was a subtle but powerful detail that really helped us six couples get to know each other better in the three sessions we had together. Dori taught us how to cope with pain, what to expect with each stage of labor, how to approach interventions, and postpartum skills such as breastfeeding and keeping our babies happy and healthy, and so much more than I can cover here. Most importantly, she taught us how to trust in our innate wisdom and to tap into our instincts as we navigate the fears and anxieties we have surrounding birth. We learned that birth is not just something that “happens” to us, but a process that we can have an active role in. She helped us know how to make informed decisions about interventions so that we can still feel like we have a say when a birth may not go as planned, whether that be a home birth or a hospital birth, or whichever in between. As we all were first-time parents, this empowerment that Dori gave us was invaluable. Dori is a very warm person who makes you feel relaxed and known when you’re around her. She was so patient and gave each person time to think about their questions and she never hurried her answers. Not once did she make us feel like our questions were silly or dumb. My husband and I were particularly impressed with how she fluidly adjusted her teaching to tailor to the specific needs of us six couples in particular, rather than teaching a rigid curriculum with information that does not apply to us. She also used a variety of teaching methods, such as props, videos, and group brainstorming. Her lovely birth-educator-in-training, Jessica, is also a doula and helped roleplay and share her wisdom with us, and it was just a wonderful bonus having her there with us! The 12-13 hours we shared in that space were filled with laughter, fun, enlightenment, and heartwarming stories. I believe I can say that we all walked away from the class as couples more committed to welcoming parenthood as a loving team, as more compassionate human beings towards our babies, towards each other, and towards ourselves, and having a greater respect for the gift of birth. The birth lessons and life lessons you will learn from this class…wow…you cannot put a price on it. It’s worth the investment. My husband and I would love for more parents out there to share in the transformative experience we had this weekend! :)
Jenna-Lee Tuttle
Jenna-Lee Tuttle: This class was incredibly informative and full of information that was very useful. Our instructor had a wealth of experience and knowledge. They were really good at answering any questions we had. I found that it really helped prepare me for my birth and early parenthood. I’m so happy that we attended and would recommend to all expectant parents! A +++++
Martha Lanphear
Martha Lanphear: As a local doula, Dancing Star is my go-to recommendation for prenatal education for my clients. It's important that I refer my clients to a class that will prepare them for their birth with evidence based knowledge from instructors who know the system surrounding birth first hand. My clients who take this course come out with such a solid foundation of knowledge around physiology of birth, options available to them and tools to have informed conversations and questions surrounding their care. Can't recommend this class more!
Morgan Edgar
Morgan Edgar: We loved our weekend class with Dancing Star Birth a few months ago. The class prepared us for our birth and helped my partner support me during our long hard birth. The baby care and breastfeeding information was invaluable. The class was fun and very informative and the instructor was very knowledgeable. I also connected with some of the other parents in the class and meet up for walks in the neighbourhood. I would highly recommend this class to others.
Radu Medrea
Radu Medrea: We took these classes to prepare for the birth of our first child and are so glad we did. The most valuable parts I think were all the information we received about the choices available to us during our labour and birth, and the information about medications and epidurals. It was so useful to hear in detail about how it all works!
mason lemons
mason lemons: Total waste of time and money,12 hours class that could be done in 4 hours.The instructor Dori is completely ignorant on important topics such birth phisiology and pharmacology,she wasn t able to answer many questions on that.Also the teaching method is very weak,lacking any visual or digital support.I would not reccomend this classes,total waste of money and time,read a book instead
GUY STOWELL: We did the Zoom course with Dori, she is the best! She is very funny and great communicating things, we actually really enjoyed it and for sure we are a lot more confident having more knowledge on what's to come. Wait until you see her performance of someone having contractions , haha so good.
Daniela Szary
Daniela Szary: My husband and I registered with Dancing Star because we had heard fantastic testimonials about their services. We were so looking forward to our classes but were informed that given the risk of covid, classes would be hosted virtually rather than in-person. While we understand the rationale behind this decision, we were disappointed because in-person learning was a very important element for both myself and my husband. I had expressed my concerns to Dancing Star and asked for a last minute withdrawal and refund as this wasn't part of our birthing plans. Dancing Star didn't challenge our request but honoured our decision and promptly withdrew us and refunded us. I am so thoroughly impressed with how they handled what could have otherwise been a tricky situation. From this experience alone it is obvious that they put the MOM, DAD, AND BABY FIRST and because of that, I can only assume that they provide excellent prenatal services and education. Thank you!
Jim Chisholm
Jim Chisholm: Judy is a fabulous facilitator and provides comprehensive information on the full spectrum of birthing options in an unbiased manner. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed our Pre-natal in a Day class. Had time permitted for us, we would have enjoyed an extended class as Judy does a great job in fostering a sense of community. I highly recommend Dancing Star Birth for anyone who is expecting a baby.

10. SWIM TEAM - Vancouver

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2 reviews
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Address: 950 W 41st Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Z 2N7, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-818-4650

Business type: Swim club

11. Spa Utopia Health and Wellness Center - Vancouver

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Spa Utopia Health and Wellness Center
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Address: 999 Canada Pl #1001, Vancouver, BC V6C 3C1, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 10:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-689-7700

Business type: Spa

12. South Community Birth Program - Vancouver

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South Community Birth Program
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Address: 1193 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC V5V 3C9, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-324-2201

Business type: Medical clinic

13. YMCA of Greater Vancouver - Vancouver

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YMCA of Greater Vancouver
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Address: 300-5055 Joyce St, Vancouver, BC V5R 6B2, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 8:30 AM

Telephone: +1 604-939-9622

Business type: Non-profit organization

14. Dr. Allana Polo N.D Polo Health + Longevity Centre - New Westminster

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Dr. Allana Polo N.D Polo Health + Longevity Centre
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Address: 711 Columbia St, New Westminster, BC V3M 1B2, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 9:30 AM

Telephone: +1 604-544-7656

Business type: Women's health clinic

15. Tong Louie Family YMCA - Surrey

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Tong Louie Family YMCA
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Address: 14988 57 Ave, Surrey, BC V3S 7S6, Canada

Schedule: Open until 1:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-575-9622

Business type: Non-profit organization

16. West Coast Kids - Vancouver

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West Coast Kids
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Address: 4428 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5V 3R3, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 10:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-558-1182

Business type: Maternity store

17. BC Women's Labour and Delivery - Vancouver

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BC Women's Labour and Delivery
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Address: 97-4500 Oak St, Vancouver, BC V6H 2N9, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-875-2345

Business type: Hospital department

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