Best Varicose Vein Clinics In Vancouver Near Me

1. The Vein and Laser Clinic - North Vancouver City

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The Vein and Laser Clinic
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Address: 100 -120, 120 16th St W, North Vancouver, BC V7M 3N6, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-985-3330

Business type: Doctor

2. Varicose Vein Clinic of BC - North Vancouver City

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Varicose Vein Clinic of BC
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Address: 168 E 13th St #202, North Vancouver, BC V7L 4W8, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 8:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-986-4772

Business type: Vascular surgeon

3. EVA Vein Care - Vancouver

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EVA Vein Care
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Address: EVA Vein Care at Canada Diagnostic Center City Square Shopping Centre 555 W 12th Ave #136, 555 W 12th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Z 3X7, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: (844) 382-8346

Business type: Doctor

EVA Vein Care: what do users think?
Mary-Sarah Andreas
Mary-Sarah Andreas: I had a couple of bulging veins in my legs which I wanted taken care of because they were very noticeable through my pale skin and honestly kind of creeped me out...I am in my early 30's and realize it's genetic, but I was nervous about the schlerotherapy. Dr. Chung, the nurse Betty, and another assisting staff member were so unbelievably helpful and thorough that I will definitely not hesitate to go back this clinic in the future if needed. The procedure was virtually pain free for me and I couldn't be happier with the results. I would absolutely recommend this clinic to anyone in need of their services.
Krista Royle
Krista Royle: I had some varicose veins in my legs that I wanted to have removed for a long time. I called EVA Vein Care and booked an assessment. Their staff was very courteous and thorough and they took the time to answer all my questions/concerns. The physician decided to use foam sclerotherapy to treat my varicose veins. The procedure was quick and painless. Within a few months my varicose veins were gone. Positive experience, very happy.

4. Arbutus Laser Centre - Vancouver

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49 reviews
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Arbutus Laser Centre
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Address: 2025 W Broadway #106, Vancouver, BC V6J 1Z6, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 9:30 AM

Telephone: +1 604-731-5512

Business type: Skin care clinic

Arbutus Laser Centre: what do users think?
Lisa Wilder
Lisa Wilder: Arbutus Laser was highly recommended so I went this February for a consultation. I have so far had one Fraxel Dual 1550 treatment by Miko and I couldn't be happier with the results. I also have had one Coolsculpting session so far with Amy and after 3 weeks am already seeing results whereas I didn't see results with another provider back in 2020. I work in the film industry and have visited numerous reputable providers for a variety of treatments and I will never go anywhere other than Arbutus Laser. There is a special 'energy' of true caring and total professionalism.
Nick Benz
Nick Benz: On the 7th day God created laser hair removal. If you are looking for a medi spa with water features this is not the place. Arbutus laser center is a clinic and they perform clinic level treatments with no extra fuss and a medical doctor present. I was looking for results, not anything else. After having a consult with at least 3 different laser hair removal places Arbutus was the obvious choice. Even to the point or other clinics recommending me to go there instead. They were the only ones prepared to handle the commitment and time to deal with my very stubborn hair. The employees at ALC were ultimately the deciding factor as to why I chose to start treatments there. The techs keep it 100 real which made my experience as comfortable, predictable and direct as possible. They have great business ethics and I did not like the bizarre LA attitudes at other clinics. Also bonus it's a female owned business. If you want to start laser hair removal, do it now. You wont regret it! I've only tried the hair removal services so I cant speak to other treatments .
Mason Theaker
Mason Theaker: I had a growth removed from Mimi, it was quick & painless. I am very happy with the results. Great clinic with a very lovely staff, I recommend the place highly.Thanks again. 👌
Jada Otwey
Jada Otwey: Great people great prices omg it’s the best ever I can’t say enough ❤️
Lily Marcotte
Lily Marcotte: I have been going to Arbutus Laser for laser hair removal on my face for about 14 months, and I cannot recommend them enough!As a trans woman, laser hair removal was a crucial part of my transition, and I could not have asked for a better provider to help me with this part of my journey. Not only is this centre a LGBTQ+ friendly space, but their technicians also clearly have a lot of experience helping trans folks like myself feel comfortable and affirmed before, during, and after treatment!Before I went to Arbutus Laser, I had received dissatisfactory service from a different provider who made me feel very traumatized, ripped off, and hesitant to ever try this process again. However, when I switched over to Arbutus Laser, the amount of care, comfort, and skill they put into their treatments really made me feel completely at ease.I've had several different technicians during my time at Arbutus Laser, including Lita, Linda, Amy, and more. My primary technician for my treatments was Lita Ebrahimi, whose positive energy, kindness, communication, and skill at her craft are all a major contributor to my amazing experience at this centre!Arbutus Laser quoted me for 6 to 8 treatments, which was perfectly accurate—in 7 treatments, I've had a 95%+ permanent elimination of dark facial hairs. Their lasers are high quality, and they know how to use them expertly!Here are a few highlights for my experience for why Arbutus Laser is doing everything right:1. They conduct a thorough informed consent process and are up front and honest about expectations, growth cycles, timeline, cost, sun exposure, and before/after care2. They performed a complimentary "test patch" before full treatment to assess your skin's reaction and optimal laser level3. They provide free touch-up sessions 2 weeks after treatment to catch any stragglers and align all follicles on the same growth cycle4. Each technician is open and receptive to individual needs and comfort levels, including short breaks, pain relief strategies, and sensitive spots5. Their administrative staff are welcoming, friendly, and excellent at scheduling according to optimal treatment recommendations6. I received a complimentary sample of Tri-San cleanser after my first session to help with my aftercareTo everyone at Arbutus Laser, thank you for an incredibly positive experience and for being the absolute best at what you do!
Elle N
Elle N: I’ve never experienced something like this or had such a depressing/anxiety-inducing experience with a clinic or felt so manipulated and mistreated. So one day I decided I want to finish all my laser hair removal and chose arbutus. There is several things they did that made this my personal worst experience with a company - even though I’ve been going since 16 and spent thousands there- but one thing I’ll highlight for now is I was told specific prices and then they changed it on me and were really inconsistent and would contradict themselves. I also wouldn’t recommend paying before your appointment/making a deposit because they ended up charging me 260 for one third of one thigh by keeping my deposit (And I left the appointment way early, so if I stayed they’re saying they would charge me 600 for 1/3 of each thigh?). When I wanted to speak with them about the experience, instead The owner left a message that frightened me with an angry tone of voice saying she flagged my file and to go elsewhere and I’m too expensive for them (uhhhh…)-I was obviously not interested in ever ever ever returning to this traumatizing and horrible experience. I had to take an Atavan and felt depressed after my interactions. I have never ever ever had such an experience with somewhere- ever.I may include more of my experience but for my mental health I don’t want to get to into it right now. I have never ever ever in my life had such an experience with a business in my entire life in any country. The way they (mis)treated me, multiple times, is heartbreaking and I can’t believe I trusted them!When you get laser you are literally naked, getting a difficult and painful procedure, and it’s a very difficult and personal and invasive experience. Feeling manipulated, mistreated, or taken advantage of in that state and giving you more anxiety that state is so messed up.Even writing this is triggering for me so it’s hard for me to write.-extremely rushed appointments compared to any laser I’ve had before-inconsistencies in prices - I can give several specific examples- I was told 550 for the body parts I wanted to do, armpits free, etc..: then the owner said it’s time and pulses even though I was promised a price… but then said my thighs would be 300 ahead of time before an appointment (more than the agreed price) … but then later charged me that much for 1/3 a thigh for an appointment I left because it was during a heat wave and my skin had sun exposure…-prices said not honoured in my situation-they asked for 300 dollar deposit for a skin consultation for scars and I asked “what If I don’t use it on a skin treatment can it be used on laser hair removal” and they said no- other clinics I know ask for smaller deposits or none and let you use it on anything-when I expressed my bad experience, they didn’t care, not only that, they responded with anger and deflected me-I personally felt anxiety, depression after my interactions, never had that situation after any laser clinic. I had to take medication after things like the scary message left on my machine-Like An example of this… one second say oh the 550 doesn’t apply anymore cause it’s time and pulses (but I was promised that price?! I was literally told it would always cost that and we agreed on that for my hair removal journey) and then the next moment say they will charge me 300 for thighs ahead of time before the appointment… so what happened to pulses and time?The experience was traumatic but it’s hard for me to discuss because it made me feel depressed and anxious and just scared they would treat someone like that, I’ve never been treated that way by any business. I sent an email asking for part of my deposit back or at least that amount of money in treatments so I could let go of this trauma at least feeling less wronged but that didn’t happen sadly.
Jessanya: Grab the popcorn 🍿 it’s a long review.My experience at Arbutus laser was life changing. I was born with 2 very harsh blue veins under each eye that ended right above my cheek. One was a squiggle shape & the other a straight thick line curved like the Nike symbol, minus the check. I was teased horrifically throughout elementary & high school. I spent hours each morning trying to conceal them, even though my skin didn’t & still doesn’t need foundation. All makeup did was break me out, look awful, orange & ruin my skin. As I’ve gotten older, the veins had became more blue & harder to cover. So I constantly wore sunglasses, I even based my job on the fact I could wear sunglasses all day. People often asked if they where tattoos, scars, or an ink stains & since the age of 26, I haven’t let strangers see my face without glasses of some sort. At 7, a teacher reprimanded me in front of the entire class saying that I drew on my face with ink- it was humiliating as she tried to ‘wipe’ them off. I swiped my moms concealer & began covering them that day.The shape of the veins also made me look tired, angry & puffy. They ended right under my undereye circle- making me look like I hadn’t slept in years. While filler helped with my undereyes, it didn’t help much with the veins looking better. The right vein was just ugly. It gave the optical illusion of ‘cutting’ my cheek. It was frustrating because I have no issue with the rest of my face. I take care of my skin meticulously & prefer it makeup free- but these where truly affecting how I looked everyday. I went to several laser clinics throughout my 20s, none could safely work on them as they where quite close to my eyeballs. It was disappointing & depressing. I gave up for several years & then I found Arbutus immediately after a Google search recently- they had posted a photo of a Before/After of an under eye blue vein removal. I was thrilled, & immediately booked an appointment. My consultation with Miko was lovely & she answered all my questions, while being compassionate about how much these have affected me. Over a course of 3 KTP laser treatments with the Lovely Dr. Mintz 6 weeks apart, the veins are now gone. I love how I look & I feel confident. I felt a bit anxious before each treatment as it was quite strong Laser, but Dr. Mintz always left me feeling comfortable & each session went smoothly & safely. The front desk staff where always very kind & welcoming. This was so beyond worth it. Since the veins have faded, so has the puffiness - I look transformed & I wish I could have done this in my teens, but at 33 I’ll take it 😃 Thank You Dr. Mintz & the all the Staff at Arbutus. If I ever have any vein related needs, I would go back in a heartbeat. I highly recommend 😍
Maya Leri
Maya Leri: Love this place. I’ve been going there for years and I really appreciate how honest and reliable they’ve been. They really care for their customers and make sure not to overdo treatment. They also have the best laser machine in Vancouver and much more reasonable prices than their competitors. Can’t recommend this place enough.
Becca Schwenk
Becca Schwenk: Amazing service, such incredible and informed people, I've been very happy with my experiences here. I love their approach of providing treatments that make you look and feel like yourself (and not like someone else!).Leta does my laser hair removal treatments and she is phenomenal – she's extremely warm and supportive, and makes the atmosphere as comfortable as possible. She's also very skilled and I've been thrilled with my decision to get laser. Seriously if you're considering it, do it, it's so worth it.Dr. Eichhorst has done Xeomin for me and I'm so happy with the results that I plan on going back indefinitely. I love that he doesn't push unrealistic beauty standards. I mentioned a blemish on my forehead and he was basically like "Yep you're a human, that's normal, that's great, I'm not here to judge the texture of skin!" I found that comforting because I think we often carry insecurities within beauty-focused spaces and expect the folks who treat us to look down upon us until we've achieved some sort of ideal (read: unrealistic/often eurocentric) standard, but I've found that's not the case here. He frames Xeomin/Botox as methods of looking how we FEEL, I.E. softening our frown lines if we often frown unintentionally and people ask "Are you okay? What's wrong?" when there's really nothing wrong. This framing resonates a lot with me!I'm happy I found Arbutus Laser and definitely recommend them.
Liv Hung
Liv Hung: I have been coming to Arbutus Laser Centre now for a number of years to see Dr. Eichhorst with various skincare needs including neuromodulation, laser skin rejuvenation (Fraxel) to remove sun spots, and facial filler. The results are incredibly natural and satisfying. Dr. Eichhorst takes the time to discuss the best customized plan fo you. Unlike other places, there is no pressure to do any more than you wish to do, and he explains exactly what each procedure does and how it works on your face structurally so you can understand it how it might reach your goal aesthetic. The staff at the office are very helpful and professional also and are quick to respond to questions. If you are unsure what is right for you, I highly recommend contact Arbutus Laser Centre. I wasn't sure fillers were for me, but now I am 100% happy I made that decision.
Sarah A
Sarah A: Service good and quite professional and wont harass you with phone calls which some of the chains will.Wish I didn't have to see advertisements in the treatment rooms and bathroom, though. Every time I have to look at their Gwyneth Paltrow (of Goop infamy) xeomin ads I get sooo annoyed!!
Tanja: I’ve been going for laser hair removal treatments with Amy over the last year and it’s been amazing. She’s extremely good at what she does and the results show for that. She also makes you feel super comfortable during your appointment. I would highly recommend this clinic in general.
Abdual Sing
Abdual Sing: Do not!!!!!!!!!! get (laser hair removal) from here they are using the type of laser that is very damaging to the skin and the type of laser they are using is very painful the proper laser is the FOTONA laser my skin is damaged from the type of laser they are using u need the Fotona laser it really does not damage the skin at all and the pain I had to go through was not fair. Now I use Fotona laser and there is no pain or damage done to my skin
Samantha Mayes
Samantha Mayes: I had the pleasure of working with Juli and Amy for a laser hair removal treatment. I could not have asked for a better team. Arbutus Laser is incredibly professional, on time, and efficient, and made this a fantastic experience for me. They take the time to understand what you're looking for, and are honest about what you can expect from each treatment. I would recommend going here in a heartbeat.
Margaret Scott
Margaret Scott: I had a treatment many many years ago. I went back to treat a few skin brown spots recently. Now I know exactly why I came back 🙏
Sadaf Kashfi
Sadaf Kashfi: I am grateful to Julie and Amy for their diligent expert approach to laser hair removal. They managed to get the job done and correct the work of previous clinics, who had convinced me that laser was never going to work for me. I can't thank them enough!
Mandeep P
Mandeep P: Was dealing with severe acne for years and found out that using the Alexandrite laser would help. Julie assisted with my treatments and was amazing!
Malcolm Collett
Malcolm Collett: Good service
Christine Giusti
Christine Giusti: Great experience! The person who helped me there is a truly specialist passionate for the job. I felt really comfortable.
Sally Nomura
Sally Nomura: I got the Pico 15 laser treatment done on sun spots on my face. I had a consultation by Miko and the treatment by Dr. Mintz. They were very professional, kind and caring. I only got one session done on some very dark spots and now they are 99% gone. I would recommend Arbutus Laser to anyone who wants to get rid of sun spots.
Lisa Hall
Lisa Hall: I have been going to Dr Eichhorst for the past 2 years getting treatments for:BotoxFillers for facePicosure laser for tattoo removalHe has excellent judgement in how the desired outcome should look. You will never be over-done.Pico for tattoo removal does take a while depending on the size, age, location and colour of the ink. I would say a minimum of 5 treatments for the removal. I'm still in the process and I think for it to be completely removed will be another 2-3 sessions.

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