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1. Meditate Vancouver - Vancouver

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Meditate Vancouver
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Address: 5840 Oak St, Vancouver, BC V6M 2V9, Canada

Telephone: +1 778-995-8636

Business type: Meditation center

Meditate Vancouver: what do users think?
Joanne Chevin
Joanne Chevin: I’ve been with Meditate Vancouver for over half a year. I keep coming back because each experience leaves within me, a deeply profound feeling of fulfillment and peacefulness. There is deep community. I find it’s a place to be actively inclusive, while tapping into profound teachings and learning empowering meditations. Love is at the heart of Meditate Vancouver.
thedivinepath33: Meditate Vancouver is my weekly meditation Home. A community of opened minded individuals brave enough to be still, and navigate the inner workings of their subconscious. In each class we get to explore more and more of what it is to be present with our authentic selves. As we unravel the parts of the 'me' that keep us in suffering and illusion. Kjirsten and Randy hold loving space and wisdom for us to do so. And teach us that Everyone at their core, their essence is Love and Light.Love, love, loveBritt O'QuinnMedical Radiation Technologist
Amber Chirico
Amber Chirico: I am forever grateful for the teachings that Randy and Kjirsten provide. Much Metta has allowed my meditation practice to reach incredible new heights. I found clarity and comfort in knowing how to immediately incorporate loving-kindness meditation into my daily routine. It has brought deepened levels of awareness, compassion and strength within me and to those around me.—Amber Chirico, JOEY Restaurant Group, Chirico & Company
Marie Benard
Marie Benard: A great group of loving people, doing wonderful work in the world :) thank you!
Joanne Denis
Joanne Denis: I’m new to meditation but in the few weeks I’ve been coming here, I’ve been more grounded and connected to everything around me. My life is so peaceful even when bombarded with stress! I look forward every week to my teachings and sessions with Kjirsten! Thank you!
Infinite Life Designs
Infinite Life Designs: It is not often that you find a teacher that is truly connected to their own Divinity. When you are fortunate enough to be in connection with such a being, there is an immediate elevation and invitation for you to do the same... to realize your own Divine nature. Go see, Kjirsten, at Meditate Vancouver! She IS that teacher! Go see how the synergy of the moment will change you.
Randi Sinclair
Randi Sinclair: Meditate Vancouver is an amazing way to connect with your inner self. Our lives are so frantic and our minds reflect the turbulence. This meditation taught me how to move to stillness within and helped me move closer to my life’s true purpose. Thank you Kjirsten for the light you shine on all of us.
Derick Sinclair
Derick Sinclair: Kjirsten is amazing...... I am a stroke survivor and believe that she played a significant role in my recovery. I can do things now I never thought possible when I started on the recovery road. And in a way that made seem like fun.
Lyn Duke
Lyn Duke: I look forward to my weekly sessions with Meditate Vancouver and savour the teachings. Having this great and inspiring community reminds me to elevate my meditation practice at home.
Colin Hillstrom
Colin Hillstrom: I have been practicing meditation for about 25 years. Yet I find attending weekly Meditate Vancouver sessions takes my inner journey to another level. Priceless! With gratitude, Colin Hillstrom

2. Transcendental Meditation - Vancouver

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Transcendental Meditation
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Address: 328 W 8th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Y 3X2, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-263-2655

Business type: Meditation center

Transcendental Meditation: what do users think?
Soren Johnstone
Soren Johnstone: I started training only a week and a half ago and this practice has already had a positive effect on my life. Previously I had practiced meditation on my own, but TM allowed me to take deeper dive. Anne-Mareike Chu is a terrific teacher and has helped me in building a foundation for Transcendental Meditation. I'll forever be grateful for this. Thank you!
Dawn Tisdale
Dawn Tisdale: Positive:QualityAmazing experience! Thank you Anne-Mareike- you are a wonderful teacher !
Sandra Leigh
Sandra Leigh: I signed up for the TM course hoping to find stability in a world gone topsy turvy since the pandemic hit. I wasn’t sure if I would “get it” but the instruction was top notch and I felt safe and fully supported without expectation. I am pleased to discover TM practice feels natural, simple, and it’s really easy to do. I’m sleeping better, too! Thank you to Leigh, was my instructor, and to Anna-Mareike, who helped me sign up, and to everyone at TM!
Laurel Scharien
Laurel Scharien: I took the TM course from the Vancouver centre in late June 2021. Leigh Badgley, the director, was my instructor. She made it a very positive experience. She’s a very warm, real and knowledgeable teacher.I’m benefitting from the practice every day, and I find it very easy to maintain (and I’m not a very routine-oriented person!) I’d recommend the course to anyone who’s seeking some equanimity in their life, and the Vancouver centre is excellent.
Christine Harvey
Christine Harvey: I've heard change begins within and yet I was continually searching outside myself for peace of mind. That is until I completed my 4-day Transcendental Meditation course with Anne-Mareike. By the end of the 4th day, I was experiencing more calm, food is more satisfying, the small things in life are more interesting and driving is a pleasure again:) This meditation practice is so simple and effective, it's quite unbelievable until you experience it for yourself. I have quickly discovered that can you begin to change within by prioritizing your TM practice daily. The result becomes everything outside is managed better and is even joyful. Amazing!
Christoph Schultz
Christoph Schultz: I had an excellent experience with TM Vancouver. TM has been really working well for me and the entire process and running of the program was flawless with Anne-Mareike Chu. She's an excellent facilitator and was available during and after the course for any questions that might have come up. I'm very happy I decided to do TM and feel fortunate to have had Anne-Mareike as my facilitator.
Chamaillard Emmanuelle
Chamaillard Emmanuelle: Positive:ProfessionalismLearning TM is very interesting and enlightening. I finally found a way of meditating that suits me, the staff of the Vancouver team is really nice, approachable and knowledgeable. Highly recommend
MM E: Before I came to TM center, I tried to learn meditation using apps or following online guided videos. But TM meditation is so easy and worked right away. What makes it even better is the teachers there, Leigh not only taught me how to do it, I also felt that she cared about me as a person. Anne is amazing too, my conversation with her has always been positive. I feel this is a very supportive and nurturing community. :)
Ross Holmes
Ross Holmes: Positive:QualityA wonderful experience and an amazing instructor, Anne-Mareike.
Steve Wade
Steve Wade: I attended the TM centre this month for the four day course and it far exceeded my expectations. The instructor Anne-Mareike is very engaging, a great teacher, she made the experience very valuable. I look forward to remaining involved with the centre and TM community for a long time. I highly recommend that you check it out if you are curious about meditation.
V Devdas
V Devdas: I really enjoyed my TM lessons. I feel I have started on an amazing lifelong journey of eternal calm, peace and bliss. Anne is a wonderful teacher.
J G: Positive:CommunicationI just finished the 4 day initial course at the Vancouver TM centre and could not be happier with my experience. Our instructor Anne-Mareike could not have been better. I highly recommend TM to any and everyone.
Lauren Purves
Lauren Purves: To say this place saved my life may sound extreme, so I'll say it added more life to me than I ever could have imagined. Remember your happiest childhood memory and the pure joyous feeling you can only really recall when experiencing it again – that stripped down purity is where TM takes you, maintains, and holds you through life beautifully. Thank you Leigh Badgley and Stephen Migicovesky, this review is quite delayed, but the sentiment is a daily reminder with every meditation. Thank you thank you.
Arturo: TM has been one of the best things I've ever invested in, right from my first week I was able to experience great changes in my life, since then I feel present, restful and yet very energetic to help me thrive in my day to day.TM has been a wonderful tool that helps me navigate these turbulent times (Covid-19) and deal with the uncertainty, I definitely recommend TM to anyone, whether you are going through a difficult time or you just want to improve yourself, this will help you look at things in a more clear way.Leigh Badgley was my instructor and she does a great job mentoring you and answering any questions you may have, overall the whole Vancouver TM staff is very warm and friendly, you can feel the positive energy as soon as you walk through the door.
kris: Professional, empowering, educational, personalized.....I would encourage everyone to learn about TM and invest in yourself by signing up for the introductory session. It’s the first step in experiencing the beauty of this practice for yourself. Anne-Mareike and Michael at the Vancouver, BC Centre were incredible teachers who took a sincere interest in each of us as individuals. I am surprised by the simplicity of the technique and the calmness it has already created for me. Thank you!!!
Sebbe: There are very few things in life one can do that proves to be such a huge impact with so little effort from one self-After years on and off practising my version of TM and other types of meditation I decided that I needed to take the next step and properly learn Transcendental Meditation. I am so greatfull that I made that decision. Though other types of meditation have positively impacted my life already, TM has completely taken me to the next level. I have noticed changes in my interpersonal relationships, decision making, energy levels, sleep, mood the list goes on and on. All this very quickly- It's easy to be skeptical but the improvements keep coming and proving themselves. There is no need for skepticism.The initial sessions are very beautiful and calming. The small group meditation/ teaching sessions are deeply relaxing... My teacher Anne-Mareike is very sweet and knowledgeable- She made it so comfortable and easy. I learned a great deal, with ease. And that is the beauty of TM..... So, easy.Deciding to pursue truly learning Trancedental Meditation has been an incredible blessing. The benefits have already proved themselves and continue to suprise me. The ease of the technique, and the great teaching, atmosphere at the w 8th location; 1 of a kind. Cannot give this enough stars and praise.
Magic Mountain
Magic Mountain: For me TM has taken away the eczema I had on my hand for years, and could not get rid of, and taken away extreme stomach pains and stomach illnesses I was experiencing, due to the stress I felt over the death of my father. I have experienced a clarity of mind I never had before, as well as a balancing of my mind, where my emotions and logic seem to be both there simultaneously. I have felt a decrease in anxiety, and a strengthening with in myself. This strengthening of self has enabled me to feel much more open to people, and feel much more loving. I now am feeling much freer of judging others and felt quite a shift in being able to love. It continues to give me clarity about what I really believe, what I really think, what my true beliefs are about life etc. I do generally feel quite energized by TM. I also have experienced a waking up to my innate true nature with in, and this has helped me feel spiritually aligned. I have experienced all these benefits with in the last 6 months since I first learned it. I also notice that I can feel stressed or overly emotional and then I meditate and I am aware of an innate well being and peace. I look forward to doing this for a long time, and the continual benefits I will experience. Bria Forbes, Vancouver, BC.
Milton Tosto
Milton Tosto: Immersive experience with all the guidance needed. The center has dedicated and experienced people. The best meditation technique I’ve ever tried. I had Anne-Mareike as an instructor and she was phenomenal.
Anup: My short time practising transcendental meditation has been life changing. In a short amount of time I already have more clarify and I'm not as stressed as before and my anxiety is improving. My teacher Anne-Mareike has the gift of lighting up a dark room. Truly grateful.
Paula Hahlweg
Paula Hahlweg: I recently attended the TM Course here in Vancouver. I was really impressed with the staff and so far, just over a week in, I have had some great results. Overall I feel more rested and calmer. I am noticing my behaviours more and feel like there is more space to think before reacting. Anne-Marieke is a wonderful teacher and you can feel how much she loves what she does. Thank you TM Vancouver for giving me a great tool to navigate life's daily stresses.
Jacek Sułek
Jacek Sułek: Great teaches with insight knowledge and friendly attitude.

3. Vancouver Shambhala Centre - Vancouver

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17 reviews
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Vancouver Shambhala Centre
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Address: 256 W 7th Ave Unit 208, Vancouver, BC V5Y 1M1, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 2:00 PM

Business type: Meditation center

Vancouver Shambhala Centre: what do users think?
C P: Nice place dedicated to raise awareness amongst members and the community in general
Dean Quiring
Dean Quiring: The Shambhala meditation levels are an integrated curriculum that help you develop a workable relationship to your suffering. It's a path that leads you to beyond hope and fear. Why not give it a try?
Susan Small
Susan Small: So kind and welcoming
Sam Mehdi Piltan
Sam Mehdi Piltan: Amazing space and wonderful people
Jasper Dikmans
Jasper Dikmans: Warm and welcoming environment, wonderful people
Jovian Patrick
Jovian Patrick: Excellent community and beautiful spot for meditators.
Giancarlo Boi
Giancarlo Boi: Nice
B M.
B M.: A friendly, open atmosphere prevails here. Great place to learn or great place for advanced meditators to link into a like minded community. The lectures after the meditation practice are free of dogma and relevant to everyday life. A hidden gem in Vancouver.
Amanda Janes
Amanda Janes: Wonderful community and space. Very welcoming and friendly.
Kaitlyn Hatch
Kaitlyn Hatch: Welcoming, friendly and the warmest Buddhist centre I've ever been to anywhere in the world. :)
Matthew Spears
Matthew Spears: A relaxed place which is warm and a great way to learn meditation
Ben O'Brien
Ben O'Brien: Every time I go it seems to have gotten much more popular.

4. Kadampa Meditation Centre Vancouver - Vancouver

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8 reviews
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Kadampa Meditation Centre Vancouver
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Address: 1833 Victoria Diversion, Vancouver, BC V5N 2K2, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 7:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-221-2271

Business type: Meditation center

5. Brahma Kumaris Meditation Center - Vancouver

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32 reviews
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Brahma Kumaris Meditation Center
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Address: 3012 Kingsway #100, Vancouver, BC V5R 5J7, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 7:30 AM

Telephone: +1 604-436-4795

Business type: Meditation center

Brahma Kumaris Meditation Center: what do users think?
Gaurav Sharma
Gaurav Sharma: Peaceful
l samra
l samra: Very grateful to discover we have this gem here in Vancouver. I've been listening to BK Shivani and was inspired to learn more about meditation and becoming a better version of myself. I searched and fortunately, there it was- BK Vancouver. I've joined their Rajyoga meditation course (free of cost) and have learnt so much about myself. It's a step by step guide to unlearn and then learn, uncover your potential and to achieve a better overall balance. Would highly recommend this if you are going through 'life experiences' as all you need to invest is your time but the results you get will serve you for a long time. Our mentor (Harpreet D.) has been very welcoming and engaging us into deep thinking. So, the overall energy of this place is pretty high and contagious. Om Shanti!
sudha shankar
sudha shankar: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality
Kavita Darji
Kavita Darji: Learn Raj Yoga mediation, and discover the peace within you!
Renata Shaw
Renata Shaw: A beautiful place and space to learn meditation and know deep inner peace and happiness :) Many online classes make it very accessible! Thank you :)
Garima Galhotra
Garima Galhotra: Lovely, positive, peaceful and powerful experience everyday. Thank you so much for your service.
Nidhi “VedicAstroNidzz”
Nidhi “VedicAstroNidzz”: The last stop for people looking for peace and happiness.
Jaswinder Singh
Jaswinder Singh: Positive:Quality
Naman Batra
Naman Batra: Om Shanti
Ashu Redhu
Ashu Redhu: I love to visit this place. There is a different feeling here like as you are at your home and away from every stress of the world.
ashley gill
ashley gill: Accessible and open
Harpreet Dhaliwal101
Harpreet Dhaliwal101: Excellent place to learn Raja yoga meditation. Very peaceful and relaxed environment. Loving and caring staff.
Veerpratap Saroay
Veerpratap Saroay: Rajyoga is the best tool to stay calm, find peace, connection with the one God and the only true,positive and permanent way to eliminate stress from an individual's life.
Judit Doba
Judit Doba: Oh always like to go to relax.
Kishore Daryanani
Kishore Daryanani: I am from BK CENTRE GPO Pune and in Vancouver . Would like to visit here . Pls advise
Nikhil Khurana
Nikhil Khurana: Its a good place filled with positive vibes.It helps to feel light, stress free and charged with power. I will recommend this place to highly visit.
Sud Tiwari
Sud Tiwari: BK centre is a positive, relaxing and motivational place that energizes me for the entire week. I’m trying to get into a habit of visiting here weekly as the benefits in my life will be enormously positive. Thank you for what you do for the mankind. Om Shanti!
Gaurav Shokeen
Gaurav Shokeen: Om ShantiThis is the best path yet i have found in my life.Om Shanti
Linda Ribeiro
Linda Ribeiro: Special Space. There is peace, tranquility, meditation and good people with love in the heart.
Arun Kumar Saha
Arun Kumar Saha: , when asked about the source of this re-branded information, they remained extremely secretive of its original teachings which they call “Sakar Murlis”. On the brighter side there are websites like Brahmakumaris dot info which is a volunteer run collaboration of mainly ex-members and associates of the BKWSU offering a forum for mutual support and discussion and free access to information. This one and many others can serve as a reality check point for those whose lives are being affected by the Brahma Kumaris.(added on 31/8/2018: It should not take forever to tell who is the author of the 'unique' concepts/laws taught there. Instead of giving a straightforward answer and they kept telling it will be revealed later. In this age of right to information, BK should be more spontaneous & transparent. Well, what BK postponed for 'later', google did it instantly- a simple search using the keyword 'BrahmaKumaris cult' revealed ALL what one needs to know. Do your homework guys before stepping in.
Ravneet Sharda
Ravneet Sharda: Very effective meditation, calming experience.This place teaches about positive thinking and gives tremendous energy.

6. Bodhi Meditation Vancouver Center - Richmond

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51 reviews
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Bodhi Meditation Vancouver Center
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Address: 7740 Alderbridge Way, Richmond, BC V6X 2A3, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 9:30 AM

Telephone: +1 604-537-2268

Business type: Meditation center

Bodhi Meditation Vancouver Center: what do users think?
Ramin Ziko
Ramin Ziko: Great people and community.
金觉悲: I have great experience during retreat class! My health problems have improved a lot! I feel much better and happier! The staffers are very nice!
Gabrielle Fisher
Gabrielle Fisher: I came here not expecting anything but just learning how to meditate, I'm leaving the Health and Happiness Retreat feeling so much happier, healthier, with amazing relationships with my boyfriend, parents and his parents! So grateful to have been brought here I plan to come back as often as I can - can't recommend Bodhi Meditation Center Enough.
River: 來禪堂的幾個受益1.因為持續走八卦加上聽師父的開示,心情變好,跟家人關係也變好,以前常跟爸媽吵架,現在知道爸媽對我真的很好,要好好回報他們,爸媽跟姐姐都有感到我的改變,姐姐也報了4/9舊金山的八卦內功課,爸媽也在等我回去教他們。2.之前是一個有睡眠障礙的人,只要有點噪音很容易睡不著,通常要凌晨3-4點才有睡意,走八卦加上做大光明這幾天回家都特別好睡,以前凌晨12點才是我一個晚上的開始精神特別好🤣🤣🤣完全沒有睡意,但練完大光明這幾天我都11點就想睡了,12點就睡著了,還睡得特別好,中間都沒有被吵醒,而且睡醒了都非常有精神有能量很開心。3.看事情的角度格局不一樣了,變得有智慧了,如果說看事情的角度是一棟高八十層樓的高樓大廈,那我以前看事情的角度可能只在第二層.在第二層往外看只有熙攘的人潮車流還有其他的高樓大廈,那時候比較專注追求眼前利益,看不見城市以外的世界,但禪修之後我看待事情的視角就像是搭電梯一般,輕鬆到了第六十層,我看到外面的世界不再只有車子與高樓大廈,不只有山有河有雪還有太陽,現在再回頭想想以前自己拼命在第二層爬樓梯,還爬兩層摔一層的🤣真的很辛苦,不過那些辛苦也都是我靈魂選擇體驗的,我現在還沒有到大樓的頂端,但我因為有師父開示有在持續往上了 真的很感恩師父,讓我們有免費場地、免費課程還有超好吃的免費午餐,還有感恩師兄師姐們的慈悲,讓我可以受益這麼多,感激不盡🙏🏻
Cc Wong
Cc Wong: This place is so amazing, welcoming, and warming. All the staff and volunteers are so nice and friendly, they offer free classes with FREE MEALS even. I was introduced here by a friend who has recovered from a severe illness, trying out their classes, it has soothed my body and mind, and my chronic headache has been alleviated.Every time I come here I feel positive energy all around. Hearing about others’ stories also makes me so touched. The ideology of love and compassion, as well as the philosophy of life and the universe from Grandmaster Jinbodhi have all brought me invaluable insights. Even those like me who don’t have a Buddhist background can find peace and enlightenment here, and everyone can have a chance to benefit from meditation. I find myself more and more attached to and in love with this place. Now I’m getting to know more about Buddhism and more about Grandmaster Jinbodhi, my road for cultivation has just started but I believe this is what I’m going after for the next stage of my life. Thank you for everyone’s service at the center!
boyuan yu
boyuan yu: 非常喜欢这里的八卦内功课程,获益良多,身体改善了很多,内心也变得宁静平和。环境很友好,工作人员非常友善。
Phillip Chan
Phillip Chan: I have been a diabetic for 7 years. This year, on the first week of March, I registered for the Energy Bagua Beginners' class at Bodhi Meditation Center. I enjoyed learning the great exercise and continued to attend the group practices every morning. I am very happy to discover that my blood sugar has improved with the reading index from 4.5 to 6.8 for the past week. I am grateful to Grandmaster's teachings and I hope I can reverse diabetes in my body.
Susan Liang
Susan Liang: The midtation they teach is really helpful. Improve my level.
Vicki L
Vicki L: Very good
Jessie Huang
Jessie Huang: 接触到他們的禅修方法后让我感到其乐无穷,通过禅修内心得到沉淀时刻能体会到平和自在,在累的時候,通過他們的方法能夠讓我快速恢復,緩解壓力,我很喜歡,會介紹家人朋友來一起參加他們的課程。
Barbara Palmer
Barbara Palmer: absolutely amazing .mega technique/ classes for Health ,Healing and Happiness
Wiwin Lee
Wiwin Lee: I really recommend meditation classes at Bodhi Meditation. Attending “Stress Relief Class” has greatly reduced my stress and anxiety and I could feel that my focus and concentration during work has improved a lot. I felt really relax and calm during the sessions, love the energy a lot. The staffs are really nice and friendly, they are very helpful in assisting all the students’ needs. Thank you so much for the great experience!
Sherene Tan
Sherene Tan: My friend recommended me the meditation retreat here. Throughout the retreat, I felt a sense of calm and clarity that I had not experienced in a long time. The retreat has exceeded my expectations and provided an invaluable experience. I left feeling inspired and refreshed. I would definitely come back again!
Karrie S
Karrie S: it is great place to learn meditation, and people there are friendly and kind-hearted
Kapil Sharma
Kapil Sharma: Highly spiritual place, very dedicated peoples,
Chen: 很真心的感謝在2023年1月2日開的八卦內功課程,感謝師姐們無私又仔細的教導,感謝師傅傳授我們這個功夫,讓我可以幫助我自己以及身邊親近的朋友!
Xiang Xiao
Xiang Xiao: Every time when I go to Bodhi Meditation center, it really impressed me. I can still remember the first time when I stepped into it, the volunteers gave me warm hospitality and made me feel at home. There you can always get someone to help you with your problem. What even surprised me is my headache and insomnia became much better after I practiced the methods of meditation! Before that I was afflicted by insomnia for 6 years. I’m so excited about the change!
Robert Axworthy
Robert Axworthy: Fantastic! Great time meditating! Very inviting and friendly
Cindy Chan
Cindy Chan: They don't respect my medical privacy.The government and ALL businesses already stopped forcing people wearing the mask, but they are the ONLY one that still Mandate people to wear a mask.I am EXEMPT from wearing a mask, but they ignore my doctors declaration.It's VIOLATION of the Canadian Charter of Rights.They obviously don't know the Canadian law
Karen Gao
Karen Gao: Always an excellent experience at Bodhi! I feel welcomed and cared for by all the staff and volunteers. The free classes are also excellent ways for me to relieve stress and improve my physical and mental health. They are throughly led by practiced teachers who sincerely care for my health. I highly recommend trying the classes out for yourself!
Rebecca Coastal
Rebecca Coastal: Unbelievable. They still MANDATE wearing a mask.It should be OPTIONAL and not forcing people to do this.After 2,5 years all these restriction are already removed, but they still MANDATE it.That's a wrong vibe and energy. Execise means breathing.We are supposed to freely breath without any blockage.Most peopple there don't like the MASK, but they just don't speak out.I am one of the few people who got guts to write!

7. Vancouver Chan Meditation Centre - Vancouver

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2 reviews
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Vancouver Chan Meditation Centre
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Address: 550 W Broadway #333, Vancouver, BC V5Z 0E9, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-620-6010

Business type: Meditation center

8. Dharma Drum Vancouver Meditation Centre - Vancouver

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3 reviews
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Dharma Drum Vancouver Meditation Centre
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Address: 550 W Broadway room 333, Vancouver, BC V5Z 0E9, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 7:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-620-6010

Business type: Meditation center

9. Vancouver Vipassana Hall - Vancouver

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Vancouver Vipassana Hall
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Address: 1480 Venables St, Vancouver, BC V5L 2G7, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-338-2426

Business type: School

10. Meditation Classes Vancouver - Vancouver

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Meditation Classes Vancouver
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Address: 145 W 23rd Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Y 2H1, Canada

Telephone: +1 236-889-9496

Business type: Meditation instructor

11. Live Yoga - White Rock

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18 reviews
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Live Yoga
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Address: 15186 Buena Vista Ave, White Rock, BC V4B 1Y3, Canada

Telephone: +1 778-545-9918

Business type: Yoga studio

12. Free Meditation Class - Surrey

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Free Meditation Class
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Address: 8321 140 St, Surrey, BC V3W 5K9, Canada

Telephone: +1 778-558-3334

Business type: Meditation center

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