Best Certified Geriatric Assistant Courses Vancouver Near Me

1. Gateway College - Vancouver

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Gateway College
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Address: 333 Terminal Ave #309, Vancouver, BC V6A 4C1, Canada

Schedule: Open until 4:30 PM

Telephone: +1 604-738-0285

Business type: College

2. VCC - Downtown Campus - Vancouver

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VCC - Downtown Campus
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Address: 250 W Pender St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1S9, Canada

Schedule: Open until 4:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-871-7000

Business type: College

VCC - Downtown Campus: what do users think?
Jon Sheffield: The food from the culinary arts students is outstanding and reasonably priced. Apart from the limited timing this place rule for downtown food open to the public. The cafe sells butchered meats cheaper than any grocery store.
Ehsan Mahditabar: My best year was in VCC with excellent teaching and high learning level
HappyGirl1989: I had a bad experience here with the cooking school back in the year 2018. I was being very mistreated by a substitute chef here. I left in tears, never stepping foot here no matter what program they have to offer here. Stay away, I am warning you.
Munim Chowdhury: Went for a brief visit with my friend as he got admitted in an automotive program in VCC. The space is well utilized, and staff are friendly. Parking has to be done on the street.
kait patt: I was enrolled in doing online classes to upgrade some courses. I had so many problems, not being able to see my classes, not being able to get a concrete answer from anyone just kept getting transferred to someone else. They don't put any prices out for you to see and you will be half way through your course and they want you to complete "part 2" which means re paying. Other I know who have gone here say they were completely used just for their money. This school is all about the money.
Sandra Landaverde: VCC is in the downtown core easy access while there you can enjoy their services which it's run by highly qualified students instructors and personal in general study 📖 as well 😉
Stuart Furness: Keep an eye out, the new VCC bake shop will be opening soon.
Christopher Edwards: I had an academic advising appointment with Kseniia, she was very kind and able to answer all my questions and explain the options I have going forward. Very excited about continuing my education with VCC.
Jonathan Lumu: Best I wish for everyone
Fakhr Alrakwi: Great place to get affordable yet yummy meals made by future chefs 👨‍🍳 😋
Ki Rocky (Rocky): ALLERT: Think carefully before studying in this school, especially INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS once they had your money, they don’t care or really help you.WANT TO LEFT SCHOOL, yes you can go but NO REDUND in their dictionary.
R L: Apparently this school doesn’t work for everyone I was told by the instructor - just a select few - it’s not inclusive of all walks of life.8 students from the dental hygiene program failed the first semester. That’s 36.6% failure rate. Instructors do not know how to teach anatomy. When it came to learning anatomy they do not show students how to distinguish between teeth, anomalies or anything of the such. They don’t elaborate on the learning topics. Just verbatim of slides in class. They don’t have frequent testing to ensure information sticks. Also, come 4pm - good luck finding an instructor. They all disappear. As a person, it’s great! classes end at 4pm. but as a learning environment, it shouldn’t close so soon. Lazy people. And if they do see you struggling... instead of helping the student personally they pass the buck to learning services. Like learning services is a tutor in the DH program. They are not. They like to blame the student and lack of studying. Which isn’t the case. They need to teach better. Many students struggled with learning what the instructors want them to learn. They are not clear in what needs to be known.They might have been good decades ago but they sure are out of date now.
ThinkableEden YT: Nice
Stephen James: My advisor left the campus. My review was intended to highlight the efforts of this person in my educational endeavours. Thus, I am left to revise the review accordingly.
Sapan Sandhu: Good but expensive college, staff is very friendly. Premises and maintenance are worth watching.
Verna victoria Mclaughlin: I only stopped in but it was a clean and inviting campus
Simi M: VCC sets up students for success. The few instructors whose classes I taken have been genuine educators looking to support students achieve their goals.
Ben Wiese: Awesome Culinary Program.I learned a lot from VCC. Excellent experience living in Vancouver for sure. memories of taking the Skytrain, and met some really interesting people during my time living There off Joyce.Thanks Hamid. I still have our 2014 Grad Photo. I remember our classes well.Good time.
B: I believe Library is for student there study quietly right ? But I guess not , we were just trying to do out work in quite place but this lady and her probably beauty student came in talking super loud and distractingly in the middle of library. And her ugly laugh is so irritating to hear .
Amelia C: Horrible instructors. They don't teach you the course properly, and mark you extremely hard on any work. I've been to other colleges, and this one is by far the WORST. Too many people in the class, and can't be bothered to help or even explain how to do assignments properly.
bshehe enehhe: pl

3. Home Care Assistance West Vancouver - West Vancouver

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Home Care Assistance West Vancouver
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Address: 1861 Marine Dr, West Vancouver, BC V7V 1J7, Canada

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +1 778-279-3634

Business type: Home health care service

Home Care Assistance West Vancouver: what do users think?
Rosarin Yimyou: The first company I’m working in Canada. I feel great to cooperate with the staff about time management.I have a good experience about practice for improving my language too.The client and family very nice too.
Oluwaferanmi Feranmi Adigun: Both the residents and management team have been awesome. I’ve had my issues attended to timely and that’s a relieve on my side.
Cecille Anoc: I like to work this place which the time schedule is flexible can i adjust to my days availability.The staffs are friendly and reliable if the employee needed.
Ace Balvon: Hi. To all I’m looking for a job a private caregiver and I’m from Philippines I am 23 years old I have experience here in the Philippines for almost 5years private caregiver . And I’m looking only one need to caregiver then welling to sponsor for me to work your country .
James Patchett: My mother suffers from a mild case of ALZ and I am not able to get to her due to COVID so I reached out to Home Care Assistance and spoke with Sharon about my options to have someone there to be with my home in the afternoons and evenings before bed which things get pretty bad. She was so helpful and I am grateful for all the support she and her team have provided to my family. We have had the best care takers working with mom and she loves them. I know that from time to time she has hard moments but these lovely ladies have been able to help her through it. THANK YOU!!
Martha Piper: We have had an excellent experience with Home Care Assistance in terms of their sensitivity to our issues, the competence of the caregivers, and the responsiveness of the case manager. The male caregiver(s) have been outstanding and the oversight the case manager has given our situation has been remarkable. We would recommend Home Care Assistance without reservation .
Sam Nikkel: Been very easy to work with, and quick to respond to any questions we have had.
jennifer judge: We used Home Care Services over the past year assisting our 91 year old mother while she was in an assisted living home. All of the caregivers were excellent and caring and made a difference in her day. Communication was excellent and we always felt well informed of her care. My mother's quality of life was enhanced by the caregivers, and they were all able to accommodate her changing health needs. I would highly recommend Home Care Services.
Denny Williams: We used Home Care Assistance while my 88 year old aunt was ill and unable to care for herself during an illness. I must compliment Leah our coordinator for her excellent communication and organizational skills. From the very beginning she was very clear and helpful setting up my aunt's care. The caregivers were all excellent and truly wonderful with my aunt. Patient, caring and professional. I would highly recommend HCA and will use them in the future, if the need be.
Mark Dickie: A big thank you to the Home Care Assistance team. The professionalism and "caring" our father's caregivers provided while he was recovering from surgery was much appreciated. Our family highly recommends Home Care Assistance.

4. Always Best Care Senior Services North Vancouver - North Vancouver City

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18 reviews
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Always Best Care Senior Services North Vancouver
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Address: 133 17th St W, North Vancouver, BC V7M 1V5, Canada

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +1 778-945-3010

Business type: Home health care service

Always Best Care Senior Services North Vancouver: what do users think?
JJYLC: The service I have Received from the members of this company has been absolutely wonderful. From the very first time we phone them, to the service that has been provided. The caregivers that have been provided to us are always knowledgeable and exceeds our expectations! Thank you for the services you provide to make this easier on our family. Cheers
Richard Olmstead: I have been trying to get ahold of these guys for a few days now on wednesday Jan 15th one of their employees was too lazy to wipe snow off her window and almost ran over a small child at King Edward and Dumfries I had to jump in front and slam on the hood to get her to stop then she drove away as if nothing had happened
Kat Jiwani (Kat): Always Best Care is a fantastic company with a team of kind and caring people who go over and above for their clients. We use them for our in-laws and they have been nothing shy of amazing. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for home-care for their loved one.
Vicki McLeod: ABC provided great service for my elderly father. It gave us peace of mind knowing that he was well cared for. Thank-you ABC.
Shirin Moezzi: The owner at Always Best Care Senior Services understands the challenges of aging, very professional and dependable.
Omid choobineh: Dedicated people who believe in love and sharing it with your loved ones. If you try them you will never regret.
Faezeh Peyman: It is heart warming to know at Always Best Care they treat your loved one like their own.
Fereshteh Basiri: I strongly recommend this company. Their service was great.
Karim Jiwani: I cannot express my deepest gratitude to this company. My father was sent to the hospital in a tremendous amount of pain I called and within three hours we had a wonderful caregiver by my dads bedside . The compassion showed by this company is something to be notedThe world is truly blessed to have companies like this around.

5. Douglas College New Westminster Campus - New Westminster

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324 reviews
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Douglas College New Westminster Campus
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Address: 700 Royal Ave, New Westminster, BC V3M 5Z5, Canada

Schedule: Open until 11:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-527-5400

Business type: College

Douglas College New Westminster Campus: what do users think?
Kasra Keshavarzi: This college is very futuristic. To elaborate, I must provide a historical context.In the past, mankind answered the call of nature in a position with the knee angle of roughly 30 degrees, which has come to be known as a "squatting" position. With the advent of toilets, in the present, the knee angle has opened and is usually 90 degrees in a position usually referred to as a "sitting" position.In this regard, this college is truly innovative. Many toilet seats here are so high that men of mountainous stature such as my barely 5'7 self are offered a glimpse into the future where the aforementioned knee angle is further opened, and one must answer the call in a position bearing most resemblance to that of "standing."As such, I have seen the future, and, uncoincidentally, am now a paying member of the anarcho-primitivist party of Canada. Let it be known that I will reduce ALL modern civilization to dust and return it to its primitive ways, unless Douglas College stops this silliness, and only if so.On a serious note, by applying here, you do end up paying for some truly useless things, such as membership to a "gym" (more like kindergarten) which will literally tell you that you are lifting "too heavy," but it still comes out cheaper than most universities, so it is not too big of a deal.
Wildemar Freire: Wonderful infrastructure and very prepared professors. This College has an amazing welcome system for who is newcomer in Canada. I’m really impressed about everything here.
Jeanie Abby: Called enrollment this morning @ 10:50am and the lady who answered the phone was very rude and didn't have any patience to answer basic inquiries and was unwilling to help!!!
Asia H: Ashna Kumar. Coach, safety and ASIST trainer at self talk for suicide prevention. Livingworks. I'm providing this review to make sure vulnerable and helpless clients make the right decision when choosing a coach. Ashna instructs the suicide intervention 2 days workshop at sprott shaw college she works at "self talk", Livingworks. Works for Douglas college and YWCA metro Vancouver. I'm completing my counselling program at sprott shaw and this course is a requirement for me getting my certificate. I was vulnerable and opened up to Kumar about having a history of suicide years ago. I'm perfectly stable for the past 4 years. She used my vulnerability against me to not allow me into this workshop saying I don't qualify based on my history to justify her exaggerated and irrational reaction to me being late to class 10 minutes on day one. She refused to allow me in. And she of course determined I don't qualify after I disclosed this workshop is very important to me and it's helpful for my stability based on my suicidal history. So I wonder who are the people qualified for this course ?! I am about to become a counsellor and I feel prejudice , judged, offended and discriminated, after being vulnerable, asking for a second chance to attend the second day. She works in an industry where she comes across vulnerable people all the time, people with mental issues , depression, trauma and addiction. She totally abused her power as an instructor to justify not allowing me in class for being 10 minutes late. not taking into consideration my circumstances whatsoever. Please, for those people who are seeking therapy and coaching , choose wisely. Your life is not to gamble with, and no one has the right to make you feel the way she made me feel. Thank you for putting the time into reading this review
Wayne E: ive had a great experience at douglas. i am happy to be at this collage since 2019. i am almost finished my marketing degree.
sahansdh: As a student at Douglas College in New Westminster, I can confidently say that this institution is top-notch. From the moment I walked through the doors on my first day, I was welcomed with open arms by friendly staff and faculty members who were eager to help me succeed.The campus itself is stunning, with modern facilities and state-of-the-art technology that make learning a breeze. The library is a particular highlight, with an extensive collection of resources and comfortable study spaces that have helped me ace more than one exam.But it's not just about the buildings - the people here are what make Douglas College truly exceptional. The professors are passionate and knowledgeable, always willing to go above and beyond to help their students. And my fellow students are a diverse and welcoming community, with clubs and organizations for every interest.One of the things I appreciate most about Douglas College is their commitment to supporting their students. From academic advising to mental health resources, they offer a wide range of services to ensure that every student has the tools they need to succeed. And as someone who's struggled with anxiety in the past, I can't say enough about the support I've received from their counselling services.Overall, I feel incredibly lucky to be a student at Douglas College. It's a place that's truly dedicated to helping their students succeed, and I'm excited to see where my education here will take me in the future. I would highly recommend this institution to anyone looking to further their education and achieve their goals.
Boston Bruins FanBoy: The registers office lady was very short towards questions, I could almost see her rolling her eyes over the phone. The department coordinator doesn't reply to emails either. What kind of an establishment is this?
Salma Banu: Good one
Jorge Ruiz Ortega: A love one got graduation evening today. Douglas college is a well and wide recognized Institution wish make me feel glad and blessed to be part of today celebration .for associationThank to the whole academic personal for passing along and effort, their knowledge . To every year and grupo of students.
Gaurav Sharda: It is Such a bad & worst college in British columbia. Nobody should enroll in this college
THPS Watson: Registration is ripping me off. This semester I was placed on the waiting list again for some courses like usual. The professor reached out to me and told me to go ahead and register. I tried the system did not letting me. I emailed the professor he asked me to register for his same class but on a different day. I tried the system did not let me register again and the message said that need to be overridden by the professor. He did it, and I was able to register it. I did not realize this class has the 1 assignment due on Jan14 . I registered for the course on SaturdayJan 11 and I deregister for that same course on Monday January 13. I got access to the course material and schedule after I registered for the class , then I saw there was an sign meant due the next class. I realized that if I take this class I will lost my mark for this assignment, therefore I deregistered myself from the class. Have I known before I registered that the signment is due on Next class, I would not register it and let the professor know about it. The register office did not care I guess they just go ahead and charge me for over $200. I hope in the future the colllege will have a better system for registration. First, have a better registration system if the teach allow the student to register, then student should be registered right away. Next the teacher/professor could kindly let the students know what did they missed because of the late registration. For example in this case, 1 st asssignmet is due on your next class. Finally to have a lower penalty, 50percent of the course tuition is a lot.
Helena: I will never forget Douglas College which provided me with the vital education. I am grateful to all my professors who not only taught me the knowledge and skills, but also gave me love and confidence. Meanwhile, I miss all my best friends and classmates because we worked together, hung out together, cried and laughed together when we were students. Once we worked as a team and gave a presentation, we actually were a little bit nervous that led to our team forgot an important part of the presentation. But we pretended to be confident and didn’t care about the score. Also, We loved participating many events that were organized by student unions. On the energetic campus , there is our best memory.
Hannah Briere: Douglas has such an amazing atmosphere to learn in, the small class sizes and instructors make it a great place to gain valuable skills. They have good choices for food as well as some nice places to sit and study or relax between classes. Compared to some of the bigger institutions the social life aspect is lacking but I'm usually more focused on learning than making friends. Parking is a bit difficult. Street parking near by can be a bit sketchy and the parking lots for the campus and Anvil tower are very limited. Price for parking nearby is pricey.
B[]G D4D: Great school. Especially if you are looking to apply at a University, it is a great stepping stone as they have numerous University transfer programs to help you achieve your goals towards your career
Sofia Ramírez: Douglas college es una universidad donde puedes estudiar más de 50 carreras diferentes, divididas entre Salud, sociologia, mercadotecnia. De hecho invierten en anuncios para la Comunidad estudiantil se animals a estudiar ahí. Tanto estudiantes canadienses como internacionales, divididos en departamentos y atención en Linea o presencial.Le pondria únicamente 4 estrellas por el servicio, ya que luego no contestan por correo o por teléfono o no te dan el seguimiento necesario.Tienen varios campus, este se encuentra en New westminster cerca de la estación de trenes. De hecho las oficinas de la corte están abajo para los que estudian leyes se familiaricen.La biblioteca también tiene buen tamaño y está dentro del campus, sus edificios son extensos y los salones también tienen buen cupo.Lo que me agrado fue su cafetería que tiene buen menú y buena ubicación para los estudiantes, ya que son 3 pisos donde pueden estar recorriendo de salón a salón sin nada en el estómago y aquí pueden adquirir desde café hasta desayunos más completos. Obviamente también cuenta con maquinita de productos para despacharte con tarjetas o monedas.Para estudiantes internacionales tienen que saber que Douglas college forma parte de las escuelas de gobierno por lo que puedes tener programa de PGWP con ellos sin ningún problema.
Holly Jowett: This is the worst school i have ever been to DONT go here
Arda Altinay: I have been student at Dc for 2 years. Great environment. I love to be part of this school.
Oshun: One of their lower floor washroom has a door opened via buttons. Incredible
HappyGirl1989: I was bullied and discriminated by a certain prof in SPSC 2252, I asked two people if they want to be my partner they already had someone. I emailed the prof for help he’s quote was “it a little late but we can try.” I go there the next day he calls out to everyone saying that I don’t have partner. He said “who wants to be barbs partner no one? Are you sure.” Then he says quote “sorry barb no partner.” Walked out feeling depressed and traumatized and humiliated. This man needs to be reported to the Dean or president of the college! This is bullying and discrimination! I feel very small and excluded! This should not be happening! What he should have done is to add me as a third person! That’s what professional profs do! This man has no education and is not prepared to deal with situations like these. Thanks to him, I am afraid to come to school because of this incident. I am talking to a counsellor, ombud person to help me appeal for this issue. Enough is enough! To the students in this certain class who didn’t ask me to be part of there group as a third person, GROW UP!
Joseph Au: It was a good experience for me all the time to keep support of our culture history In everyday life treating them happy also helps each other in the Douglas College community when we are graduating from getting older or wanted to have a girlfriend and boyfriend for the rest of our life together.
alex goldkind: Want to become a broke and woke left-wing libtard and this is the place for you!!!!Don't expect to get hired when you leave here

6. The University of British Columbia - University Endowment Lands

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1542 reviews
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The University of British Columbia
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Address: Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-822-2211

Business type: University

7. UBC Faculty of Dentistry Dean's Office - University Endowment Lands

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7 reviews
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UBC Faculty of Dentistry Dean's Office
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Address: 2194 Health Sciences Mall #350, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z3, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-822-5773

Business type: University department

UBC Faculty of Dentistry Dean's Office: what do users think?
Vanesti Dragon: The students do a good job. Good oversight from the instructors. Excellent covid procedures. Staff were pleasant.
Gerald Shaffer: A very cool wall ceramic welcomes you, and a bit of a creep checkers board is out back.
Tate Irene: My son and daughter-in -law spent many thousands of dollars for me to have a nice smile. With dentures and implants. and many years of working on me and still not done. WHY! & still no call back or a return from my calls. since xrays taken Sept 2017 Why?? I believe I started in 2012. This is a very long time for implants and dentures....
Andrew Leong: It's just an office.
skittles: Not a pleasant experience here. Broke more teeth and caused more damage then helped at all.. don't recommend going to get dental work from a student.

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