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1. Dynamo Fencing Richmond - Richmond

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Dynamo Fencing Richmond
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Address: 2231 Vauxhall Pl, Richmond, BC V6V 1Z5, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 4:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-232-9100

Business type: Fencing school

Dynamo Fencing Richmond: what do users think?
HanXiao Wang: very good
Nub Scrub: Proud to call Dynamo my home
James: My daughter did the free trial and liked it. Teachers are fun and professional. Lesson fee is average and affordable.
Ned Stojakovic: If you want to be world class fencer?! Join the Dynamo team!!!
Mateo Kadyszewski: Je suis resté seulement 1 an à ce club et pour vous dire, je crois que je ne pourrais jamais vraiment trouver le même niveau de professionalisme, de communauté et d'entraide que j'ai pu obtenir ici. Dynamo fencing club est en matière d'escrime la crème de la crème . 10/10
Yuriy Rubin: Unbelievable facility with great coaches and very motivated students. The club is HUGE, bright, clean and well equipped. The coaches are all world known (former Olympic and world Champions / National team members) and kids work hard during classes. Despite this being an athletic facility, the idea of higher education and scholarship possibility into prestigious universities is constantly floated by upper management. It motivates kids to work harder and I, as a parent, appreciate that.
Osman: The best fencing club in Canada (just check the fencing club ratings). Also, one of the best fencing clubs in the world! Fencing gurus and coaches in this club including Simon and Vitaly and others are one of the best fencing coaches in the whole world. This club in general grows the next generation Canadian fencing olympians! My experience here while attending classes, fencing and interacting with everyone has been absolutely amazing. Classes are super fun and they teach you a lot! A fencing club of outstanding quality! I recommend this place to all my friends and I am looking forward to doing more fencing here everyday!
Dylan French: Been taking lessons here since I was 8 years old and loved every second of it. There's an incredible sense of family and community at this club that I haven't found anywhere else, not to mention world class facilities and coaches.I credit Dynamo with igniting my passion for fencing and helping me grow into the man that I am today. I'd recommend it to anybody.
Samuel Gallagher Pelletier: Great Club, owners are very friendly and helped me not only get better at fencing, they provided a great reference for my university!
Phoebe Tsang: The team of coaches are amazingly kind, fun, firm and supportive. I wish they have a location in New Westminster.
Andre Chen: Great place for fencers of all skill levels. There are a ton of really dedicated and supportive coaches. I would definitely recommend this fencing school for anybody wanting to learn or improve their fencing skill.
John Wright: I had great experiences training at Dynamo Fencing Club as part of national team camps. Many great training partners, fantastic facilities. You can't find more passionate and dedicated coaches than Igor and Victor.
Anthony Prymack: Definitely one of the nicest fencing facilities that I have been to in Canada. World class coaches and friendly staff. Perfect fencing club that caters to all. Classes are available for foil, épée and sabre.
Andrew Tsui: Excellent training facility for future competitive athletes, with Olympic-calibre coaches and lots of space for practicing and sparring. Dynamo offers a full schedule of courses for its members, and periodically runs promotions through social coupon sites like Groupon and SocialShopper for introductory sessions.
Matt Clarke: Great place to fence. The best coaches in Canada!

2. Vancouver Fencing Center - Richmond

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Vancouver Fencing Center
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Address: 11171 Horseshoe Way Unit 12, Richmond, BC V7A 4S5, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 3:30 PM

Telephone: +1 604-773-9298

Business type: Sports club

Vancouver Fencing Center: what do users think?
芳馨董: The Best coach ever! 👍I am very lucky to meet such a good coach in Canada. He is a model teacher, a strict teacher, and a high-level apprentice. The brothers and sisters are all heroic. They take the initiative to help the brothers and sisters. The whole team cares about and supports each other. The training is professional and formal. Many national-level athletes have been trained strictly to give the children a great deal. The inspiring and motivating power of the children who come here slowly become very sensible and progressive, neither arrogant nor impetuous. This is all thanks to the coach who patiently and meticulously teaches the children like a father. The growth and progress are obvious to all. It is hard to find in thousands of miles and can make children quickly Thank you for the opportunity to grow into talents! recommend!
Just some seagull: very good fencing center
unicreative.ca优你创意: Coach Liu is the most experienced saber instructor in Canada. He has trained many outstanding students and many of them have realized their dreams of learning and fencing. This is what I saw with my own eyes.
ning qu: The best coach that my son had. Coach Liu’s caring, loving and discipline at the same time. We are absolutely enjoy coming here. I will for sure sign-up for adult lessons if the centre offers one.
Lynn Fu: I am honored to have the opportunity to share with you Coach Liu's training methods, techniques, team spirit, and understanding and guidance for each child. My daughter and Teacher Liu have been learning swordsmanship for three years, starting with zero skills, no athletic talent or background, not to mention my daughter's Chinese level is also very limited.Because our family is far away from the club, I basically stayed with the club for three years. I can't judge Mr. Liu's skills, and I don't understand. I only know that my daughter's former students have entered the national team. However, my daughter's enthusiasm and patience in practicing swords is due to Teacher Liu's good teaching methods, and she has persisted in the past few years. Not only has she exercised her body well, she spent her teenage years happily, and she also got along well with her coach and teammates. Prosperous, helping each other, leaving a beautiful memory of a teenager.When none of us had any expectations for our daughter, she won the runner-up in the Western Canada Youth Group and the bronze medal in the Canadian Youth Cup, which was considered an unexpected surprise. My daughter handed in a good grade before graduation.The children brought out by Mr. Liu are polite, rigorous, and have strong technical skills. They are bright, sunny, and kind, and they are very good in the competition. From crying when she loses, to being able to cope with it freely, to not being surprised when she wins or loses, this is the best training and guidance that Mr. Liu gave her students.Now that my daughter is in college, she goes to the training center every weekend as an assistant to Teacher Liu and patiently tutors freshmen. As parents, we are also full of gratitude and joy to see this kind of passing on.I don't mind anyone who is interested in joining Coach Liu's club to ask me about it, and I will recommend Coach Liu without reservation.
Donald Park: Excellent coaches. My son really enjoys coming here for his 2-3x per week lessons.
Connie S: Just want to say a BIG thank you to coach Liu - for the transformation in my son, not only helped him achieved so much in sports, but also helped him build confidence & strength along the way. A life-changing experience !!!
Alex Sun: I have followed coach Liu for a long time, and his passion and exceptional coaching skills guided me onto the Canadian National Team. He is responsible, passionate and skilled. Some of the best years of my life were definitely spent with him.
Yang Ling: Our child only took 5 minutes to have the class try out and right the way fell in love with this sport! Great coaches! Great program setting! Excellent team works! Our family love to let our kid to come and learn from here!
Bing Fu: 为了锻炼孩子的毅力和素质,我们三年前选择了击剑运动,一年后又选择了力量、速度、灵敏、柔韧综合最好的佩剑,同时开始在刘教练的悉心指导下训练,希望孩子也能像刘教练带出的多位国家队队员一样,也能获得奖牌,加入加拿大国家队。GO VFC GO!!!
Dragonhaa Hzou: 😄😄总算找到一家心仪的击剑中心了,孩子们非常高兴,刘教练是一位尽职尽责的教练,对待学员严格有加、爱心满满,把孩子交给他我们做父母的就省心了……。
Jennifer Liu: I have been a student of Coach Liu's for four years now. Starting from a slightly older age (14 years old) was a challenge but under Coach Liu's guidance I have gone from a beginner to a fencer with multiple national medals under my belt. There is no fencing coach in Vancouver that cares more about his students, or can coach with as much skill and expertise as Coach Liu
Dilys Zhao: Vancouver Fencing Center交通挺方便的,99號公路 由Steveston Hwy出口轉下去走不遠就到。這個擊劍中心非常適合想參加擊劍運動的小朋友,因為教練是有豐富經驗的國際水平教練。

3. Vancouver Theatrical & Modern Fencing Club - Vancouver

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Vancouver Theatrical & Modern Fencing Club
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Address: 4196 W 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6R 4P9, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 1:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-732-4875

Business type: Fencing school

4. North Vancouver Fencing Club - District of North Vancouver

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North Vancouver Fencing Club
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Address: 3467 Duval Rd, North Vancouver, BC V7J 1Y9, Canada

Business type: Club

5. Antaean Fencing Club - Port Moody

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Antaean Fencing Club
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Address: 2805 Spring St, Port Moody, BC V3H 4C6, Canada

Schedule: Open until 9:00 PM

Telephone: +1 778-868-0216

Business type: Fencing school

Antaean Fencing Club: what do users think?
Joanna Z: Jay makes the club like a home, not just a club. He is not only a coach, he is more like a family member:) very comfortable to send my daughter there to learn fencing!
Hannah K: Antaean is the only fencing club in Metro Vancouver that I could send my kid to with full confidence. Unlike other fencing clubs that seem to be focusing more on the business side (i.e. making more money), coaches in Antaean truly care about their students and their focus is entirely on educating students. My 5-year old boy has been really enjoying going to Antaean and we won't look elsewhere for teaching him fencing.
Andy Chung: Good for all ages, preschool to seniors. Good place for beginners and mature fencers.My kids never had a day they didn’t want to go to a fencing gym lesson
Attila Kollar: Awesome community of kids learning to fence and having fun.

6. Renaissance Fencing Club - Vancouver

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Renaissance Fencing Club
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Address: 2550 Camosun St, Vancouver, BC V6R 3W6, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-222-6060

Business type: Non-profit organization

7. Dynamo Fencing North Vancouver - North Vancouver City

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8 reviews
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Dynamo Fencing North Vancouver
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Address: 238 Fell Ave, North Vancouver, BC V7P 2J9, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 4:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-232-9100

Business type: Sports club

Dynamo Fencing North Vancouver: what do users think?
Best Paige: At Dynamo North Vancouver it is clean and nice. It sometimes even feels like a luxury fencing gym because of its size, beauty, and how all the coaches are so friendly!
Danielle MacLennan: Our 11 year old son just joined. The coaches have been amazing and totally engaged him right away! Such a great sport
Cathy Song: My son likes dynamo fencing because it does have nice coaches
Jason Lu: 🤺🤺🤺
Terence Goyel: Igor is the man! Join this club, the people here are amazing!
Mikhail Baiman: Great place!
V B: Great facility, incredible (and incredibly patient) coaches. Hooked after only one session and without a doubt, the best hour of our kid's day!
Martin Zhang: Great club, awesome coaches!👍 Everyone should try it.
Jack Williams: Best fencing experience ever - they have world champions helping you learn had so much fun will be back - facility clean and covid safe
Lina Yang: my son loves the club and the entire atmosphere; changed his life and the coaches has helped him become a stronger person!
Scott Gibson: World class fencing in Vancouver
Marharyta Yakovyshenko: This place is life changing. I’ve tried what feels like every single sport available in North Vancouver to spark my son’s interest and failed each time until we tried Dynamo Fencing. Our son has always excelled in academics, but was never athletic and our goal was to find physical training that we do not have to drag him and hear him whining in the car all the way. It’s been now one year, and we cannot recognize our son. I still can’t believe that I hear joyful “mom, get ready we have to leave in 7 minutes - I don’t want to be late for my class”!The coaches are absolutely amazing. I realized that being a helicopter parent, this is one place I absolutely 100% trust the coaches, because I know they have my son’s interest at their best! My son grew in one year physically, but more importantly as a human being. Coaches develop the best in your kids. They know the name of your kid after the first class, even though they have close to 400 kids. They know what they are into and how to motivate them.Your kid gets invaluable life lessons from Olympians and Team Canada athletes. During the class they share their fascinating stories from World Cups and Olympics. They teach kids respect, independence, critical and strategic thinking. Kids are surrounded by truly amazing successful people who have a lot of love, passion, knowledge and experience to share and your kids have fun while learning it all! We signed for a membership now, because our son chose to go 4 days out of 5 and he is such a happy boy which makes my heart skip a beat!

8. UBC Fencing Club - University Endowment Lands

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UBC Fencing Club
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Address: AMS Student Nest, University Endowment Lands, BC V6T 2A1, Canada

Business type: Sports club

UBC Fencing Club: what do users think?
Roy Li: nice architecture

9. Academie Duello - Vancouver

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70 reviews
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Academie Duello
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Address: 412 W Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1L1, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-568-9907

Business type: Martial arts school

Academie Duello: what do users think?
Tetiana Kirian: We had an outing with colleagues and everyone really enjoyed axe throwing, was really fun. The Academie Duello's team is a very approachable, getting in touch and replying very fast and helped promptly with all organization of the event. Thanks!
Michael Labbé: Axe throwing bachelor parties are fun here. Exceeded our expectations. They set us up for a great time. Thanks!
Wilson Y: We took a private archery course with Pierre and a private duellist course with Delaney. They were great instructors and we had a lot of fun. Although it was only an hour each, we learned a lot about each discipline. Compared to our archery experience with another vendor, this experience was miles ahead! We got to shoot three different types of bows and learned to use the force! =)
Lorraine Sims: Our instructor, Fox, was excellent. He provided careful step-by-step guidance to make us feel confident in learning archery and swordplay. The Duello facility is exciting, with multiple activities. It is well-organized and provides an awesome Medieval experience. We had a lot of fun. It stretched our minds and bodies.
Walker: Academie Duello is more than just a martial arts school, it's a community of interesting, decent folks who share a wildly engaging sport. If you have any interest in swords or Medieval history, you should stop in for a visit and stick around for a free class.
Robin .B: Had a ton of fun with the 90 minute axe throwing experience at Academie Duello on Saturday night with my partner and my 2 older brothers. Tobias (maybe Travis? but I'm pretty sure I heard Tobias so idk: shorter blondish person with a great sense of humor and taste in music :P ) and Erin were fantastic hosts. Tobias was great teacher and was able to accommodate my oldest brother being deaf. They made sure to make my brother feel included and involved in the lessons and activities, which can sometimes be hard to find as many hearing folks will avoid interacting with the deaf person in a group, but Tobias was able to communicate effectively and even make a number of great jokes with him along the way. The whole staff there were very LGBQT+ friendly as well, which made for a very safe and inviting atmosphere. I was also happy to nerd out with them over LotR and ancient roman musical instruments. Would gladly be hosted by them again for future adventures! Academie Duello should be very thankful in the form of living wage compensation (at least) to have two absolute gems working for their company.
Michael Bradley: Booked a private session swinging swords and vanquishing squash. We had a blast! Our instructor, Travis, was great. Super knowledgeable and enthusiastic.
Erin Monahan: Such a great experience! A friend and I had a private axe throwing lesson, and it was a blast. Erin was a great (and patient) instructor and assured us we could not accidentally hit the ceiling with an axe. Highly recommend if you want to do something different - but a word of caution... it is way harder than it looks!
Lauren Grout: Had such a great time here! Did the Duellist class with my sister for her birthday, and it’s definitely an experience we’ll never forget. Delaney was our instructor and she was phenomenal, so fun, talented, and knowledgeable. I would recommend this if you want a unique and exciting time! We’ll be back for sure!!
Tiana: Absolutely lovely instructor and environment! Delanie guided me and my sister in duelling for my birthday, and we both had a blast! Definitely will be coming back to try axe throwing next!
Dervla Fowler: Excellent axe throwing experience. All staff were really friendly and helpful. 10/10 would recommend!
Heather Stack: We had an adult archery birthday (with some kids aged 9-12 as well). We all had a blast. The instructor was very knowledgeable and made the event interesting and educational for us all!
Scott Ashton: We did the Warrior Adventure Booking and had a lot of fun. Our instructor Travis was enthusiastic, super informative, and fortunately very patient with us. They have some really interesting museum pieces there, too, which you don't see every day!Looking forward to our next one!
Brandon Kelly: My partner and I did a 1hr archery session as a Valentine’s Day gift. We had Travis and Pierre as instructors. They were both incredibly knowledgeable and a lot of fun. They took time to explain the history of all the different types of bows and the techniques for shooting them. They were both very encouraging and made it an awesome experience! Would highly recommend this as a super fun experience!!
Kory Truong: I really enjoyed my archery experiences here! The staff are so knowledgeable, friendly, and really focus on safety which is important. Travis taught our group both times that I went and he was awesome and encouraging. It was fun to try the three different types of bows and learn about them and their history of use. Would highly recommend!!
Benjamin Epperly: Great facility, wonderful people, awesome skills. Very welcoming.
Sabrina Tran: We had a group of 4 sign up for archery introduction, and Travis was our instructor! Though all of us had different levels of experience with archery, it didn't feel like any of us were left out while Travis was teaching how to use the different bows. I really liked that we had an option to choose our favorites at the end and just shoot. The horseback experience was definitely the highlight! Thanks for such a good time!
Kristi Vanskiver (Whisky Wanderlust): I'll start with the good, Benjamin was our instructor for the day and he was fantastic. He was a great instructor and we had a blast with him.Now the bad. Booking this session was a nightmare. They don't answer their phones or respond to emails in a timely manner. It took over a month for me to hear back from them from my initial email, it was over the holidays so I'll give them a bit of slack for that. But once I booked, I emailed them back within the hour wanting to change my booking and I wasn't able to get a hold of anyone for 36hours. Even when we got a hold of someone they weren't calling because I wanted to change my booking but to confirm the one I had already.This review would be 5 stars for Benjamin alone. We did have a really great experience. But a 1 star for their booking system.
Chris Thurston: My wife and I had a wonderful time at the archery class. The instructor Travis was knowledgeable and enthusiastic, which made our time there a lot of fun. I would definitely recommend for anyone looking for something new and exciting to try out in Vancouver.
Corinne Kappeler: The Axe Throwing with Travis, our instructor, was a lot of fun. He made us feel confident to try new strategies and succeed after a few trows. The games at the end turned into a fun competition between me and my partner. We made great memories at Academie Duello. Thank you!
Robbie Morrison: My friend and I had a very enjoyable axe throwing session this week. The Duello facility is well appointed and carries a nice vibe conducive to a fun learning environment. Travis, our instructor, was very friendly, engaging, and kept us safe. Travis’ rich knowledge of Medieval and Early Modern Europe martial arts helped whet our appetite for exploring other Duello offerings at a future visit.

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