Best Monologues In Theater In Vancouver Near Me

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1. Queen Elizabeth Theatre - Vancouver

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Queen Elizabeth Theatre
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Address: 630 Hamilton St, Vancouver, BC V6B 5N6, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-665-3050

Business type: Performing arts theater

Queen Elizabeth Theatre: what do users think?
Ponda Baba: I've seen countless concerts there, and it is a fantastic venue for both plays and concerts. Great view points and ample leg room even for tall me. One of Vancouver's gems.
Gal N: Nice theater with good acoustics and lighting system. The place is not fancy. I strongly recommend coming in warm clothes because the air conditioner in the theater is freezing. I came to the performance of the musical Cats and I really enjoyed it, a performance at a very high level. The show started around 5 minutes after the hour it supposed to start. There is a restaurant near the theater, reservation in advance recommended.
Swaminathan G: Nice place but pathetically small chairs with no leg room space for such a pricey location... Spend three uncomfortable hours with my long legs there..
REZA BAKHSHANDEH: Unforgettable night
Naser: Nice that can see show for kids here too!
Ali N: Great theater with good view from all seats.
luis medina: Excelente
Georgiy “VanKluv” Kluv: If you love Opera you must visit Van Opera
Alonso Santillan: Excellent
Angelina Lukac: A beautiful theatre.
Emanuel Ben Neriah: Nice place, good view, good sound, well organized
Daisy Schreuder: Nice venue and friendly staff. But regarding parking.. so you actually pay extra if you choose option 1 as QE event. We paid regular rate and it’s $3 cheaper for the same time frame. That doesn’t seem right. Also it’s not great idea to sell popcorns at a piano concert. Non stop crunching sound during the whole performance. Very disrespectful to the artist.
Elliott Grubner: Nice venue, great sight lines. Easily accessible.
Sara Bureau: The theatre itself is lovely, but considering how high of a demand there was for food and drink before and during intermission it was very disappointing to see that they didn't have all the food/drink stations open. We didn't have enough time during the intermission to get anything despite going out as soon as the doors opened. I was thirsty and just wanted a bottle of water and couldn't get one.In response to the owners responding, I was there on the evening of the 9th of December.
谢俊: Large-scale opera theatre in Vancouver downtown. We listened The Flying Dutchman. It was fabulous! Will go for next operas
GeO: Beautiful Theater, although a bit uncomfortable seating if you are taller
vida piri: Many memories with this place, many performances that made me smile
Ermia Aghaie: I love this place
May: We saw the Flying Dutchman opera. The show was incredible, however the seats are a bit small in my opinion and my sciatic nerve was not having a good time, I couldn't stop fidgeting to ease the discomfort. I like that there is a ramp for those that need it.
Brandon Chang: Good atmosphere

2. Playwrights Theatre Centre - Vancouver

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Playwrights Theatre Centre
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Address: 1422 William St, Vancouver, BC V5L 2P7, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-685-6228

Business type: Performing arts group

Playwrights Theatre Centre: what do users think?
Richard Hersley: They will not hire you if you are older. Ageism is a crime. I will have nothing more to do with this group.
Damion Ceniccola: Great venue. Very nice people. Great atmosphere
Andy Sandberg: Rehearsing in the test kitchen and it is a Lovely space

3. The Cinematheque - Vancouver

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The Cinematheque
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Address: 1131 Howe St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2K8, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-688-8202

Business type: Movie theater

The Cinematheque: what do users think?
Dean Davison: Great new seats and well conditioned.
arash darvish: Cozy place for local theater groups to experience.
K. Bamba: The best movie theatre in vancouver
Wendy Hunter: Cozy neighbourhood theatre predominately showing foreign films.
Francesca Murray: The Seats are too tall and like MANY of Vancouver's theatres, the FOOD/SNACK selection is quite POOR... NO HEALTHY OPTIONS.
Cameron E: Amazing staff and volunteers! A wonderful venue to see films. Great options for popcorn toppings too!
Kate Castel: Always love to go there for old films!
walentyna karcz: This place present excellent movies.
miss mabel: We were in town as tourists and needed something to do in the evening, so we walked down to this theatre and watched whatever was playing--a documentary about plantations in Hawaii. It was really interesting! Great atmosphere and snacks and staff. Definitely worth a stop no matter what's playing.
Gerald Joe: Nice 153 seat venue for film screenings. Concession includes best popcorn seasoning selection.
Gustavo Teodoro: I can't explain how magical this place is. The staff is incredible, and they have the best selection of movies ever!
Lasse Hvitved: Staff is friendly and movie selection is very good but the practice of having to self salt the popcorn is dumb and the facility askedShows its age. Work supporting though since they are one of the few places in Vancouver showing independent and artsy movies
Cesar Hugs C: VIFF selection this year was a fail for me ha ha... But we're not rating that... We're rating the theater...It was F ing hot!! I couldn't enjoy the movie because it was soooo hottt inside the theater. me and my friends were glued to our seats in sweat! It wasn't just me. They needed to turn AC and make it comfortable.The drinks and popcorn stand were fine. Good selection. And I did appreciate the spices tray for popcorn. That was awesome.The staff/volunteers were all amazing.Seats were comfy enough and actually nicely lined up so that you didn't get stuck behind a super tall person. Good layout!But for the love of god! Manage temperature a bit better!
Sonsoles Perez de Tagle: Love it here - definitely the place to go to for those looking to watch "non-Hollywood" films!
Charlie Kennington: We had a very lovely experience here and absolutely looking forward to returning soon! Nice cozy theatre, very friendly and accommodating staff, and delicious popcorn and treats. A gem in the heart of downtown.
Lyle Lexier: Excellent place to watch foreign films and non-Hollywood films. I enjoy listening to the foreign languages, especially French.
c k: Great curation of films and best popcorn!
Patrick Tracy: First time here. Very rewarding and informative experience!!
Melody Monro: Love this theatre, it's been here as a strong community type theatre. I've watched so many interesting, indie films here.
Leigh Press: A great independent theater showcasing non-mainstream flicks. Past films, even present- a great spot to have a popcorn, sit and feel emersed in something greater than ourselves. Life. I feel that way when I'm watching a film here that allows me to escape-even for 80 mins- a reset and possibly a life changing experience. I never feel self conscious coming here alone- it's okay to be me solo and possibly unlike a larger theater might make me question things, I don't here. I feel a sense of community here 💕
Spider Fingers: Great theatre and I love the films they show. I wish there were more places like this in Vancouver.

4. The Park Theatre - Vancouver

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The Park Theatre
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Address: 3440 Cambie St, Vancouver, BC V5Z 2W8, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-709-3456

Business type: Movie theater

The Park Theatre: what do users think?
dk delrey: No other food selection except an old popcorn, candies & pop.30 year old theater seats. Smelly & gross.
Sea Sea: The staff are helpful, and the washroom is super clean.
Kerie Currie: Was small but a nice place
Sam Dragun: Very unique place. Great customer service.
Don James: Old school vibes. I love it
Margaret Chau: Conveniently located. Single BIG screen cinema! Comfy seats. Love it.
Julian Worker: I like this cinema because it shows a variety of films from the latest Hollywood films to classic older films such as 2001, Casablanca, and Yellow Submarine.
Leonardo Glez. Santana: Great place to travel in time.
paul anderson: I'm glad there are still a few old theatres showing movies. We should enjoy them and support them while they're still around.
Andrés Volpe: Staff is friendly and attentive. However, the washrooms are in need of renovations and the seats could use new upholstery.
Maxman Williams: I love nostalgic theaters like this, too many are being taken away. It's a perfect set up, the way it should be once in a while. Please add more movie options here in the future. We can't forget where we've come from, the other theaters will allow us to know where we're going. The staff was great here, everyone. Keep up the great work!
Sean Werger: My favourite theatre in Vancouver
Erica Lahaie: Highly recommend if you like the sound of an HVAC kicking in during your movie. Contrast on the screen is also pretty bad. Either the projector's not bright enough or the screen itself is just too busted but either way, it's rough. I want to like having a small neighborhood theatre but considering tickets here cost the same as elsewhere and the actual experience of watching a movie is wholesale worse... idk.Would love to see the place be updated. Every neighborhood should have its local screen.
Mahoo Naderi B.: I don't like the chairs! Not comfortable for 2 hours sitting.
Aoife Dowling: Pretty old school tho has a lot of charm. Seats are comfy but the screen could be updated and the aircon competes with the sound system. Staff are the best tho and it’s great to still have some neoghbourhood single screens around.
M B: An old theatre with restricted view if someone sits in front of you. Only came here because it was the only location for a foreign movie. Seats are old and uncomfortable.
陳CC: 舒適的電影院!
Todd Zuccolo: This is a cool old theatre. Great place to get out and watch a film
Daniel Farrell: I love how old schoolThe theatre is especially for watching a period piece. Friendly staff, basically had the place to ourselves. Loved it.
Julia Hornyak: I have been going to that theatre since I was a kid. Comfortable and cozy theatre. Usually plays up to date movies too!
Natalie Topolski: I love going to the park cinema to watch movies. It's an old fashion theatre with only one screen! It's worth going for a movie you're really looking forward to seeing.

5. Studio 58 - Theatre and School (Langara College) - Vancouver

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25 reviews
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Studio 58 - Theatre and School (Langara College)
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Address: 100 W 49th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Y 2Z6, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-323-5227

Business type: Performing arts theater

Studio 58 - Theatre and School (Langara College): what do users think?
Richard Dopson: A Fabulous Performance of Rocky Horror...evoking fond memories of the mid-80's
Tracy Barkman: An amazing performance!
Kelly Krpan: Wonderful shows put in here. I love this place.
harshita arora: Small but great
John Cook: Great school! Great shows!
Manuel Neumayer: It was a bit hard to find on the university campus - definetly aks staff for help! The plays were really great.
Isidro Rodriguez: Loved how actors played different genders, not only male actors playing female like it had always been since the Greek tragedies to after Shakespeare, but also female actors playing male roles. Amazing!
Anthony: As much for me I'm a "fanboy" who has a big appetite for science-fiction/fantasy/horror, the plays in Studio 58 is very authentic and more drama driven which I find them very interesting.I did took a look at two shows I attended which was Oklahoma and 42nd Street which were musicals and I found them very impressive.Each show they did is different with a different tone and a different setting. Studio 58 give audiences a unique perspective from great aspiring actors sharing their own style and identity while approaching the great plays written by great literature masters.Some of Studio 58's works went out of their comfort zones and took risks which I didn't see them coming.Unfortunately, (not to discourage or not to put down) some of the plays they did are not my "cup of tea," but I understand and respect its own audiences and their taste of work. I love the productions and how classy the costumes and sets are made.*One suggestion to make is I would like Studio 58 to try do some plays that are more child-like/family-oriented, clean humorous, or adventure type of stories for audiences to be more engage with.
Kyle: Phenomenal cast. Wonderful rendition. It's boldness may cause tremors in the halls of the woefully conservative mind.

6. Vancouver Academy of Dramatic Arts - Vancouver

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300 reviews
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Vancouver Academy of Dramatic Arts
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Address: 900 Helmcken St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1B3, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-633-1525

Business type: Drama school

Vancouver Academy of Dramatic Arts: what do users think?
Nagayuki Kameya: I took Intro to Acting class PACE 1.It was 8 weeks of class that involved lots of good study and work in front of camera.Simon is teacher and mentor that not only teach us how to act but, he speak about his experience of his auditions in the past and being as an actor on the set. Everything he says is useful aspect for the people who want to be an actor.I really recommend this place!
Dulisha Madawala: This place was actually amazing. I learned so much and everyone was so nice. I had so much fun working and learning with everyone. Will 100% be coming back for my programs.
Chinmaya Thakore: Great place to start learning acting for camera.Very approachable and fun atmosphere to have fun and learn
Robert Koziel - Acting: VADA school, (especially Graeme and his incredible positive attitude)was my first contact with film school. Great experience ( James and Simon) and highly recommend!!!🎤🎹🎥
muite macharia: I went in with an open mind and pretty much went from barely crawling to training wheels in no time. Destined to run soon!The most excellent instructor in a lovely learning environment and lessons I will take with me for life.
Nadine Zimina: Just finished 2 week on camera acting intensive. It was beyond my expectations. I’ve learned a lot! Simon is an amazing instructor and I had such a great time learning. I’d recommend it to everyone who is serious about acting!
Giovanna Patta: Definitely one of the best courses I've ever taken about acting. Simon is an amazing teacher and I would highly recommend the course to anyone!
Jean dos Passos: Was such a good experience being there.
Willemijn vtZ: Very informative, insightful and a lot of fun!! There is so much to learn, the two weeks just flew by. I'm going to miss all the great people I met, but will never regret stepping into the VADA studio :).
janice cheer: Just did the two week intensive program and it was great! Simon was a great instructor with real life lessons in the industries. It’s like going to gym, you better be ready to work out.
Justin Schrump: photo: example of the acting lines from the two (2) week intensive programVADA provides experience from working professionals like Simon. While working under his guidance there was never a dull moment. Recommended for all ages.
Nijat N: VADA studio has been teaching acting skills, helping you find your strengths and build your acting career step by step. Just finished first phase, will enroll the next ones!
Olga Murphy: I carefully chose this school to teach me as I am a busy person and do not have much time to waist. I finished 3 evening classes and strongly agree that training is extremely important if you have serious intentions. Teachers are great, Simon Longmore is like a deep well of great experience and knowledge that you can draw from. School location is convenient and evening classes end not too late. Staff is nice, helpful, reliable. Overall, a friendly and professional atmosphere definitely helps to overcome the challenges of stepping into a new career.
Alex Luc: VADA is a very fun school to learn acting, I’ve learned a lot, about acting, myself and how camera tech and lighting works too. It’s important to learn all this too, to make it easier for everyone around you when on set.I originally took PACE 1 then now taking full year diploma and it’s been a lot of fun and eye opening experience. I’ve definitely grown a lot and gotten feedback from each and every teacher, learning different techniques and seeing their perspective of how to act. Very grateful to have taken this chance, and to be in this school, teachers are understanding and push us just the right about to challenge us, while still giving support, thank you 😊-Alexander or Alex for short
Mae Postel: I recommend this place if you're interested in acting classes. They are friendly, professional, and direct. There is parking behind the building as well, using the indigo parking app.
Social With Jo: Took the two week intensive with Simon and honestly learned more than I expected! I always thought that I should move more.. do more.. exaggerate more when performing scenes.. but I learned that staying still, and calm while delivering lines is much for effective! I appreciated the freedom of making mistakes, and being critiqued on them which helped me better my performance the next time. If you want to be an actor and want to see if it’s really what you want to do as a career.. I highly recommend taking the 2 week intensive! Last but not least, thanks so much Simon for believing in me even when I doubted myself, it really motivated me to keep going and not give up. Thank you. Look forward to taking more classes in the near future! ☺️
Elaine Thrash: I took the 2-week intensive program with Simon Longmore and it was very productive. The classes are not too full, and the staff is very supportive.Strongly recommend it, specially for those who are not sure about what to expect from the classes, and prefer short-term programs.
Adam Arki: I really enjoyed the 2 week intensive program. Lots of value in such a short time, I’m very satisfied with the knowledge I’ve obtained and I would recommend this school to anyone pursuing acting professionally. The teacher/owner Simon Longmore is the man.
Eugenia Beciez: It was such a great journey, i took the two week intensive an I learned so much about acting, from slates, comercials, auditions until acting for TV and series, Simon was a great teacher, i loved it :)
Will Wills: Did the 2 week on camera intensive with Simon Longmore, it was excellent, I learned so much, I highly recommend.

7. The University of British Columbia - University Endowment Lands

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1395 reviews
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The University of British Columbia
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Address: Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-822-2211

Business type: University

8. Yuk Yuk's Comedy Club Vancouver - Vancouver

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780 reviews
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Yuk Yuk's Comedy Club Vancouver
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Address: 2837 Cambie St, Vancouver, BC V5Z 3Y8, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 7:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-696-9857

Business type: Comedy club

Yuk Yuk's Comedy Club Vancouver: what do users think?
Mehran B.: Tough to find! But lots of good laughs
Derek K: What’s up with the annoying buzzing noises, takes away from the show. Time for an upgrade? Otherwise a good night for some laughs. Will return once the Reno’s are done.
Negin Armani: Great show, sub par venue. It was a sold out show and we arrived 15 minutes before the show started, so we were seated towards the back near the bar. The overhead lights at the bar were very bright and the buzzing noises were super distracting and took away from our enjoyment of the show. The ice machine was running and also making loud noises the entire show. Not just noticeable in our area, people towards the front were turning their heads to see where all the noise was coming from. It also didn't help that the mic volume was super low. We mentioned it to the server and she was aware, but said there wasn't anything she could do. The service was friendly and attentive, food menu was pretty limited (chicken wings and chicken tenders) but they had a surprisingly decent variety at the bar and the prices weren't too bad ($42 for 3x beer and 2x cocktails)I just wish the overall atmosphere was better at this venue to support the various shows it hosts. I won't be quick to come back.
Bruce Voss: Nice little comedy club downtown. Friendly service and homey feel. Nice peeps! Nice young crowd. Good selection of teas - if you’re into that kind of thing!
John Debest: Good to see Yuk Yuks back and comics working again. I have always loved stand up comedy since the 70s , whether at the Queen Elizabeth theater or in Vegas. This venue is seriously flawed as it closely resembles a cafeteria, with kitchen staff and waiters talking at the bar and kitchen. Totally oblivious to the comic trying to get through their material. A table of loud drunks were allowed to further wreck the show- No staff to give them the yellow card. You must block off the kitchen and bar from the seats with sound deadening partitions, the theater area should be dark, quiet and separated from all distractions. We will be back again but I'm hoping that there are some improvements to the layout.PS: The site is a great choice and hopefully the race track crowd along with the casino gamblers take in a comedy show. Should be a Win, Win, Win for the different entertainment options. JD.
Orkhan Suleymanov: Awesome experience at their first show in the new Vancouver location after Covid.The entrance is from the racecourse side of the building. There is also free parking there.

9. Vancouver Acting School (VAS) - Vancouver

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12 reviews
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Vancouver Acting School (VAS)
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Address: 112 E 3rd Ave #210, Vancouver, BC V5T 1C8, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-564-7242

Business type: Educational institution

Vancouver Acting School (VAS): what do users think?
Carolyn Egerszegi: I recently had the pleasure of taking a voice acting class with Sarah Troyer and I have to say, it was an incredible experience! Sarah is a skilled and knowledgeable instructor with years of experience in the industry. Not only was she able to provide us with valuable insights into the world of voice acting, but she also gave us practical exercises and techniques to improve our skills.One thing I appreciated most about the class was the supportive environment. Sarah encouraged everyone to take risks and try new things without fear of judgment. She created a safe space where we felt comfortable experimenting with our voices and exploring distinct characters.Throughout the class, we had the opportunity to work on a variety of scripts and projects. We practiced everything from commercials and animated series to video games and sizzle scripts. The diversity of material allowed us to broaden our range and develop new skills.Another highlight of the class was the personalized feedback we received from Sarah. She took the time to listen to each of us individually and provided constructive criticism on how we could improve our performances. Her insights were invaluable and helped us all to become better voice actors.Overall, I would highly recommend Sarah's voice acting classes to anyone interested in pursuing a career in voiceover work or simply looking to improve their skills. The instructor was top-notch, the material was engaging, and the environment was supportive and encouraging. I left the class feeling inspired and confident in my abilities, and I know that I will carry the lessons I learned with me for years to come.
Nina Halliday: Sarah Troyer Voice Over Coach Level II is an exceptional teacher who respectfully encouraged the best out of each unique student. The age range of 18 to 65 with vastly different acting and natural voice over abilities.I came into this class with absolutely no voice over or acting experience. I was the oldest student with an entrenched approach. There were many occasions that I was out of my comfort zone which ultimately broke the 'the announcer' though articulate my approach lacked interpretation of words and the intention of the various characters.The other great take away is I have a comprehensive understanding of the various VO work from animation to advertising from actual performance in class and submitting MP3's.Because of Sarah's 30 years of industry experience her feedback and guidance has given me the confidence to consider VO work.
Tim Fukushima: Completed part-time, VO Fundamentals 1 and 2 with Sarah Troyer. She brings a great amount of experience and knowledge. Delivers a fair, constructive and supportive approach. She sees your strengths, challenges and meets you wherever you need to be or willing to go! Highly recommend Sarah and the school.
TheSingles Vancouver: VO classes with Sarah Troyer - Sarah was FANTASTIC! I highly recommend taking her classes if you're looking to get into Voice Over. She was extremely supportive and patient. It was lovely to watch not only my personal growth but the confidence build and progress of everyone in the class. 10s across the board!
James Callaghan: I did the beginning and intermediate voice acting classes with Sarah Troyer and I cannot recommend these classes highly enough. Sarah creates a warm and inviting environment in which budding actors can explore, discover, and develop their skills and talents. She's an excellent instructor, bringing her class through their paces without ever demanding too much. She is responsive and engaged with each student, and we all learned from each other as well as from her. At the end of the last class, no one really wanted to go, we certainly didn't want it to be over. But having completed these courses, I feel confident that I have what I need to take the next steps into a strong voice acting career. Thanks, Sarah, and thanks VAS!
Philip Mullany: Really great school, the admin team are very helpful! The part-time voice over classes are amazing! Sarah Troyer is a wonderful teacher! She has so much knowledge to share and is incredibly supportive. She also has a real talent for teaching and is able to really help you improve and get the best results!
Hank Lin: I recently had the pleasure of taking Beverley Elliot's Fundamentals Acting Class I and II, and I must say it was a truly great experience. From the very first session, Beverley's warmth and enthusiasm for the craft of acting was infectious and inspiring.Throughout the course, she provided us with a wealth of knowledge and practical tools to help us develop our skills as actors. Her approach was both insightful and encouraging, and she always took the time to give individual feedback and guidance to each of her students.One of the things I appreciated most about Beverley's teaching style was her emphasis on authenticity and vulnerability in performance. She taught us how to tap into our own emotions and experiences to create truthful and compelling characters. By pushing us out of our comfort zones, Beverley not only helped us to develop as actors but also as individuals.Overall, I would highly recommend Beverley Elliot's fundamentals acting class to anyone looking to improve their craft and gain a deeper understanding of the art of acting. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced actor, Beverley's expertise and passion for the craft will leave you feeling inspired and empowered to take your performances to the next level.
Tate Chernen: The 6 month program is a great choice for anyone wanting to get into the acting industry. I met many great people and the courses were filled with lots of useful info and experience based learning. Instructors were so helpful and gave me the confidence to pursue the craft, like Sarah Troyer who helped me with lots of care to create a Voice over demo I was very proud of. All of my teachers were great. You won’t regret the 6 months.
Savannah Heelis: VAS is an amazing school to learn and grow as an actor and as a person! I had the most amazing time and met friends that I’ll have for life at this school. The teachers are incredible and create such a welcoming environment. I didn’t really consider voice over before the FTV program but I had so much fun with it! Thanks to Sarah Troyer who helped us create our voice over demos and be creative with our characters. And Katrina Salisbury was so much fun to work with in voice over! They are both amazing teachers.As well as Dan and Janet for audition! And scene study with Bronwen was great she is so knowledgeable. I’d highly recommend this school and training with these teachers.
Jen S: I’d like to speak about my experience with the wonderful instructors I had the pleasure of working with.Firstly the entire roster of voice over instructors were incredibly knowledgeable, professional and insightful not only when it came to the craft but also when it came to advice about the industry itself.Sarah Troyer was an absolute stellar instructor, she always encouraged me to believe in my capabilities and work harder to go above and beyond that. Her feedback was always specific and industry-orientated. Every simple and short recording session, I still felt like I had improved by the end of it by leagues and miles. Her guidance is detailed and concise and always easy to understand.Ely Jackson is a superstar as she always ensures she gives you a rich and exciting class while still being strict when she needs to be. Tough love in the greatest form, she pushes you to try harder and do better!Jeff Evans-Todd was incredibly knowledgeable and was really invested and passionate in teaching newcomers to the industry. He very often gave heart-felt advice and encouragement. I really appreciated the thorough warm ups at the beginning of each class that got us ready for a day of voice over work!Katirina Salisbury - is no exception, she’s very experienced and her instruction is also very easy to follow. She is very dedicated!Dan Bacon, Erin Boyes, Nils Hognestad, Janet Kidder and Francesca Bianchi were all an honor to work with in audition and scene study. It goes without saying but their knowledge and experience is out of this world, and their methods of instruction, though differ, all aided me greatly in my learning journey and acting journey for each challenge I faced their advice always hit home and helped me persevere through some road blocks allowing me to achieve new goals and adapt for the better. I can’t stress enough how lucky I was to have been in their classes!!In fact all the instructors at VAS are really great at what they do and are extremely invested in what they do. They provide a different perspective on how to approach acting, so being taught by several in one program ensured that we were exposed to a well-rounded and balanced curriculum.
Seajun Leung: I did the 6 month FTV program here. I really enjoyed my time studying here. All the teachers were amazing. Especially voice over with Ely, auditions with Scott and improv with Ed.Thanks for the great times here. Highly recommend it. Honestly one of best decisions I've made.Cheers
Tyson Dornn: Choosing to attend the 6 month FTV program at VAS was a fantastic experience. I walked out of there with a starting point for my acting career and confidence in what I was pursuing. The classes were unique to each other and all valuable in different ways.From Audition class with Janet Kidder, I learned how to buckle down in a time crunch and from Voice & Movement class with Francesca Bianchi and Stephanie Izsak, the importance of breath work. It was also during these six months that I gained a passion for voice acting, which is something I never thought I'd be interested in. Working with Ely Jackson and Sarah Troyer, they helped me feel comfortable in the Voice Over booths.For anyone considering going to acting school, I can only speak through my experience when I say I didn't just grow as an actor, but I grew to learn more about myself as well!
Paula Navaro: This is such a great school to be in !The 9 month program is beyond professional and helps you out so much in your craftAs well as the remarkable teachers in here ! Such as Ed Witzke, Ely Jackson , Daniel Bacon , Zahf Paroo, Johanna Newmach and so many othersGreat place to develop your skills for sure !!
Gurjeevan Sidhu: Voice over with Ely is amazing the school is very lucky to have someone like her, Ely is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects in the industry. Ely without a doubt will strive each day to make sure your class is nothing less then perfect and ensure you leave better than you walked in.
leelan bond: The most fun I had during my 6 month acting program was with the most delightful, professional and most considerate voice over teacher ELY JACKSON. Every day was a joy and her notes are always spot on. If you're looking for a start in voice over, I cant think of anyone better to show you the ropes.
Evan Ellison: Attended the six month FTV had an amazing experience!! All the teachers are amazing !!and truly want you to succeed to the best of your abilities.Ely Jackson was one of my favourite teachers/coaches for VO, she has such an amazing energy, and really makes you feel comfortable enough to fail. Had a blast here!
Ty Owen: VAS was an absolutely amazing experience. I learned so much from the instructors. I can not wait to go back and take more classes. The staff is unbelievable. The teachers are amazing. I had a few favourites for sure.Ely Jackson in Voice-Over is amazing. She’s very motivating, experienced, talented. she knows her stuff and her classes are super fun.Sarah Troyer in Voice-Over is also amazing, she’s very experienced and inspiring and her classes were always fun and educationalScene study with Frankie was unreal, she pushed me so hard to be a better actor and I am today cause of her.Audition with Dan Bacon and Nils was so good as well, both very experienced actors and knowledgeable, I learned so much from them.I can not say enough good things about this school.there are too many people to thank and praise. I can not wait to go back and I hope one day to maybe teach here myself.Thank you everyone!-Ty Owen
Shyia Gray: As someone who loves the arts, VAS has helped to expand that passion in ways that I didn’t know I could! Voice over isn’t something that I had a lot of experience in prior to the program, but during the 6 month FTV, with the help of the amazing instructors such as Sarah Troyer and Ely Jackson, I have grown a lot as a voice actor. They both also care so much about, not only their students studies, but our future careers! Would highly recommend
Max Kopytko: Going to VAS changed my life for the better, I learned so many amazing skills and made many life-long relationships. I even found a love for Voice Over and with the amazing guidance of my teachers like Ely Jackson and Sarah Troyer, I have been able to gain confidence in that field as well! Thank you VAS for helping me grow as an actor!
Shane Meeks: Voice Over with Ely:Ely is an extremely caring and knowledgeable teacher that brings a positive and welcoming environment into the class. She is patient and honest, and isn’t afraid to help out wherever is needed. Her teaching was definitely one of the highlights of my time at VAS.
Abrielle Sarah Dumansky: I loved voice over class, it was my absolute favourite out of everything at VAS! I loved working with all of the voice over teachers, but I especially really enjoyed learning from Ely Jackson! She taught me so much and she is so fun to work with!

10. Vancouver Film School - Vancouver

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Vancouver Film School
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Address: 198 W Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1H2, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-685-5808

Business type: Technical school

Vancouver Film School: what do users think?
Robert Wilkinson: It takes genius to recognize genius, and there is no guarantee the teachers are even at average IQ. There wasn’t anyone courageous to do anything provocative it was a total waste of money. Kevin Smith left the school and got a refund, he used that money to make Clerks. Don’t go if you have any artistic fiber of your own.It’s no honour to be accepted there, they’ll accept anyone who will pay the outrageous tuition.I seriously doubt they read the script I submitted.
faraz bahrami: Lots of movies and shows are coming out of this city, still waiting on a good one. I blame it on these guys.know nothings
Victor Valdes: One of my biggest regret was attending this school for Game Design and now I'm paying the price for it (figuratively and literally).Why pay tens of thousands for a one year tuition when there's already plenty of great resources about game development available for free online? There is absolutely no knowledge that they teach that isn't already available on the web.Attending this course will not guarantee employment in the industry at all. Please don't be fooled by their misleading marketing statistics.I don't mean to discourage anyone from pursuing a career in game design, I'm just saying there's much better alternatives than this diploma-mill school.Just keep in mind: most of the people who created your favorite games didn't go to these types of schools for game design, they went to schools that specialized on art or programming specifically.
Ash Green: I have a few criticisms to make as someone who graduated from the acting program. VFS is a program that is set up in such a way that basically anyone who was already poised to successfully make it in the industry before graduating will be the ones who actually make a career in acting. As someone who was in the acting department I feel as though there probably wasn't enough criticism on people's acting abilities so people who maybe needed it wouldn't grow in the ways they need to. It's structured in a way where everyone is a loving family and when you're there you'll feel like everyone is your best friend but In the cutthroat competitive world of acting this "everyone loves eachother and is best friends" mentality isn't how people get roles. There isn't really much collaboration with other departments aside from film production and the projects you work on when you collaborate with them are not used as demo reel footage when you graduate. There's also virtually no collaboration with the animation department which I feel like would be detrimental in learning about the world of voice acting and again that doesn't go into your demo reel either. Instead your demo reel is a cut of you standing against a black wall re enacting scenes from movies and tv shows and your voice acting demo reel is comprised of you writing a character to act and reading off of material that already exists and already has a voice actor so again you're not really bringing anything unique to your demo reel. Having certain classes and teachers be on your resume certainly is helpful when contacting agents but I feel like there's not enough collaboration that can be used to showcase your growth and ability as an actor and I hope VFS can recognize this and adjust their curriculum to not just "encourage" collaboration (and by encourage I mean sort of off handedly saying "oh yeah animation students sometimes need voice actors for projects you can do that I guess") it would be significantly better if these collaboration were baked into the learning experience and were part of the curriculum so that 1- you can learn about networking in a way that allows you to actually learn about what collaboration with different people on projects is like and 2- you could then use that project as a part of your demo reel. I feel like if this were adjusted and we didn't spend so much time on making other students read a monologue about other students traumas in front of them we might see a higher rate of successful actors who graduate from this program.
Jessamine Salas: ACTORS BEWARE!!! When you work on a VFS set, expect to not get your footage at all. I've been waiting on a couple of mine since 2019.We work to get footages and add them on our reels, showcase it to our agents, and to potentially work. But we can't even do that because the students don't reply to our emails any more once production has been done.
Reid Larson: During the admission process you have to submit a story or piece of your work. I had little writing experience and what i wrote was honestly not very good. The guy told me though that it was so interesting and the characters were so interesting and that he was "honestly impressed" blah blah blah. So I thought hey maybe I am better at this than I thought. Later I overheard another student saying what that same guy told her, and it was word for word identical to what he siad to me. They lied to me and told me what I wanted to hear.With what I know now about script writing and the other stories I have wrote there was no reason he should have told me that draft I sent in was any good. just don't let them butter you up
Wahid Alam: online the sarvish,s,can only 📞📞62.. GLOBAL
Paul Kalkman: Got me this far
Ra: For anyone interested in enrolling into the VFS’s writing program - DON’T. When you graduate, you’re back on your own. There will be no connections in the industry. They bite off way more than they can chew and trying to get quality one on one time with the teachers is rare. If you want to learn how to write a screenplay, google a screenplay of your favourite movie/television show and there ya go. Emulate it, add in your original idea and boom, you’re now a screenplay writer. Just one last tip, it’s not the credential (VFS diploma) you have, it is who you know that lets you into the industry.
Crystal Smith: The structure is great, good teachers and studio. BUT super expensive for what they really give to you. They promise to teach you so many things in just a year program and may be too overwhelming for the student. For acting is a good school, for 2d animation also a good school. For visual effects, Lost Boys or Capilano University are much better than VFS. For game design VFS is the best for sure.
Dan Riesen: My starting point to get into filmproduction! Nice Stuff and an excelllent education. Happy to be a alumni!
Floway: Very good, teachers are experienced, and understanding. Their ciriculums are organized very well so its not stress ful to the students, if you meet Ms. Kristine say hi for me :)
Marcelo Diniz: Critical:Professionalism,Quality
Dallis Swiatek: I STRONGLY warn international students that this program does not provide a post graduate work permit. In the schools advertising they imply that they are providing you with industry connections and fast tracking your career but once you are graduated if you are not a resident Canadian you are on your own and most students end up going back home. International students will likely not find the industry connections they want here if they cannot get a work permit some other way.
Billy Bob: Graduated from the film production program. Myself and everyone I talked to in my class about it agreed that we should have gone to a different film school. It's not worth the money or time. The level of education is so low that they were literally showing No Film School YouTube videos in class.One person committed suicide while I was there. I know that one of my class mates had a thankfully unsuccessful suicide attempt. Everyone in my class that I talked to about it said their mental health suffered because of the school.The TA's I talked with all said the school has an increasingly negative reputation in the industry. Some of my class mates got jobs as PA's and said they stopped telling people that they went to VFS because of the reactions they got.I wish I could get a refund and a year of my life back.
Geralda Matias: Ayumi minha yu
tenedria: (game design - 5 years ago)Overall their handling of learning disabilities is abysmal at best. Hopefully they improved, and no longer stigmatize people with learning disabilities. This was years ago, but my experience there was traumatizing. I must add this treatment is regardless of what your grades are. Even if you have 90-100% they still act like you are failing class.I'm not giving 1 star because I did learn a lot in the short time I was there. However I went to a different school and they teach the same thing.Another down side of VFS is that their courses are not individualized. This means if you want to focus on learning 3d modeling, UX design or programming, you won't be able to.The facilities are better than what other schools have. However, due to the short school year, you might not have time to learn everything you wanted to learn.
شیدا میار: When I go to Canada, that part of Vancouver, I go there for both study and work
Pame _0134: Positive:Professionalism
Michael Angelo: The best people, they use to come my Michael Angelos Mega Slice Pizza and Donair Shop every day. And it's a great school. Awesome Teachers and bright students
Hemansh goswami: A great school to learn your craft all the instructors are really approchable, I consider myself as an introvert an anti social. to some extent but i had the greatest time in VFS Even though i was an INTERNATIONAL STUDENT it felt like homeworth all my moneyhighly recommended

11. Capilano University - District of North Vancouver

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Capilano University
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Address: 2055 Purcell Way, North Vancouver, BC V7J 3H5, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 8:30 AM

Telephone: +1 604-986-1911

Business type: University

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