Best Places To Dance Reggaeton In Vancouver Near Me

1. Vancouver Latin Fever Entertainment Ltd - Vancouver

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Vancouver Latin Fever Entertainment Ltd
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Address: 1180 Howe St #100, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1R2, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-722-1559

Business type: Event management company

2. Fortune Sound Club - Vancouver

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Fortune Sound Club
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Address: 147 E Pender St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1T5, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-569-1758

Business type: Night club

Fortune Sound Club: what do users think?
Ro The Artist: I had an amazing time here at Fortune Sound Club. The staff was amazing and the reason of being there was an added bonus🙌🏾 thank you to openconcept for a platform and to fortune for a place to have the platform😌🙏🏾
Dory Pentz: It was a good little venue. sound quality was good.Host were polite from the ticket taker to the Bar server!They had complementary water and clean glasses.Bathroom could use some TLC but when you go to a show your not really thinking hmm I think I'll go inspect the facilities. Overall enjoyable. The lighting was 👍
Max Qiang: Best club in town
Vlad S.: Had a lit time here! Sick venue for a concert, and reasonable bar pricing
EJ R: Best spot for music acts from all different styles. If you want to party here's the spot!
Christine Gairns: Love this venue but it's disappointing they never have H2O accessible for their guests. Waiting 45 mins in a bar line for a bottle of water is unacceptable for the amount of people who were there drinking, and does not make it accessible. My friend was so thirsty she considered drinking from the filthy bathroom sink. For a bottle of water, one bartender charged me $4.75, another $5.27, another one didn't charge me at all. Please consider having a separate (free) water station that is actually accessible to your patrons in need.
Liam Buchan: As a club: I didn't have a great time - though I'm not a big club enjoyer.As a concert venue: pretty great.
Haley Justice Anderson: RICO ABSOLUTELY AMAZING he made my birthday very special
Brendan Stolth: one of my favourite smaller venues in vancouver
Barbie Beauty: Bad music, bad drinks. Felt like I was at a middle school dance
Pourshad Sanaie: Hospitality by the staff was amazing. Shalini & Raquel were great at helping me charge my phone and making sure I got home safe. So pleasant. Can’t wait to come back!
Justin Nguyen: This is where the magic happens.
Rishika Aggarwal: Save your money and go literally anywhere else. These people don’t care about their customers, the bouncers here are just glorified statues who don’t want to do their job but rather discriminate and bully people. I don’t know how many times people will need to speak up before their management decides to make a change but save yourself the time you will spend worrying about your safety in a place like this.
Samuel Bongo: From Friday till Monday, Fortune will have you covered. Best club if you like to full send. Highly recommend you go there on a Monday and skip work on Tuesday, it's worth it. Staff and promoters have a great balance of professionality and friendliness. If you ever need anything, just ask Sam at the front--he's got you covered. Left my jacket there one time and Sam was more than happy to grab it for me on his day-off, my wallets and keys still inside!
NihilZero: ridiculous
S P: feeling very bad for attending last night event
Gen Crail: Best club for drinking and such
Cyndy Pham: loved the club/music but some of the staff are so rude. the vibe was ruined before we even got in :(
Angela de Claro: Rude bouncer
a: rude bouncer
Lauren LeBlanc: First time going to Fortune last night. The event was really fun but the door lady was extremely rude and racist towards Latin people/artists. It really started the night out badly. Very unfortunate and a bad look for the establishment. An embarrassment.

3. The Red Room - Vancouver

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304 reviews
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The Red Room
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Address: 398 Richards St, Vancouver, BC V6B 4Y2, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-687-5007

Business type: Night club

4. Bar None Nightclub - Vancouver

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324 reviews
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Bar None Nightclub
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Address: 1222 Hamilton St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2S8, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 10:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-689-7000

Business type: Night club

Bar None Nightclub: what do users think?
Sam G: Went there this weekend and had a good time. The atmosphere and sound were great. Met the sound and lightning engineer sekawnee and was very kind.
Dhrumit Barot: It was not a nice experience and the security person at the door was very rude. Me and my friends had been waiting for about an hour and one Asian guy allowed other people in so quickly without even tickets, we are just visiting Vancouver so we don't know about entry tickets but other came late still they gave them priority WITHOUT TICKETS.
teagan harris: They get more than 1 star when they stop making a line for an empty club.Edit:please don’t strobe for 2 hrs straight. It ain’t itEdit #2 3 hrs
Yaboy Netchi: Great atmosphere and professional staff.
Lo H: Jane and Alyssa are hands down easily some of the nicest staff at barnone and in the nightlife industry period, and have always been sweet every time I have run into them and are what makes the beginning of the night enjoyable. More recently, there have been newer girls who are working who are nothing but rude and disrespectful to me and my friends. Will not be returning if the new girls are still working. Unacceptable.
Mia: 超级赞超级有趣的夜店 推荐!
L R: Less then one star. A girl is the neice of one of the bouncers. She told him I wanted to fight when I saw her in someone's face and told them to chill basically. Her uncle bouncer came to me and ask what my issue was I said I didn't have an issue I thought she was starting something so I tried to put my arm between it and say not the place or time. He (the bouncer) came at me so aggressively I started to cry and it ruined my night. Don't go there and have fun or be a good person. Gezus 😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨
Nick Potter: I’d you want to hang with drunk young men and woman, come here. It’s very expensive like most clubs…. Be prepared to have the only dance skills on the floor
LV: Extremely rude front staff that regularly likes power tripping.
Banafshe: Rude, aggressive BOUNCERS!! They let girls go in immediately but make guys wait in the line!! They just want you to pay extra otherwise you’ll have to wait very long in the line!! They’ll charge you again if you wanna grab your coat to go outside for smokes and come back too!! This is ridiculous!
PourBoy Event Bartenders: To be honest, I was looking for more house and EDM style of music but this one fit the score for a pleasant night out just the same. Some Ultra hotties around there LOL so if you're looking for something along those lines you'll definitely find it there, I went to the VIP line which cost me 20 bucks to pick up a VIP pickup ticket and then it cost me another 16 bucks to get in the door so just be aware that it's a bit pricey in that respect. 10 bucks for a beer which is standard in Vancouver but close to 20 bucks for a double rum and coke seemed a bit over the top. But that's the price you pay if you want to go clubbing. Overall a good experience though with no fights and some friendly people to boot. I recommend checking it out.
Gabriela Corvalan: Tried to go in but bouncer only would allow if we paid $50 bribe per guy, as he said it was full. We saw over 50 people coming out and it was almost 2am.The manager said we could go in without paying the bribe, but the bouncer would still not let us in.
Mehdi Karamnejad: already put myself and my friend on guest list and then 20 minutes before they open up I get an email that we don’t have balanced ratio and rejected us on the guest list. then we waited for 45 min in the top of the line and never got in. I also saw them pick specific girls to cut the line! and this is the second time I observe the same behaviour here. not coming back here
callum mcneill: Easily the best night club in Vancouver this place has the best music and the bouncers are great people never had a bad time
Jordan Basra: Terrible establishment with high ego bouncers who think they have a special job. You really just have to pay them extra outside to get in. My friends and I got there around 10.30 and an hour later we still couldn’t get in. Not a positive experience visiting out of town. Also, allowing people in without getting padded down or checked is a major red flag as it is a huge safety concern. Please avoid this club for your own well-being
Vitor Porto: I went with a group of girls there. We asked the price when we were waiting in line and waited a long time. However, when we got inside, they made us pay way more than the amount they had told us before. Not the place to go for a safe environment to just drink and enjoy the night without having to worry about that type of sketchy practice. We also found the music awful and hard to listen to if you are not super drunk.
Shaajeevan Thulasi: Terrible experience with the bouncer at this club. To be specific the persian Justin Beiber looking man child. Would not recommend unless you want to be scammed. Hit up granville!
Jessica Keir: no bueno, lied about being open on a sunday:(( was my besties birthday and ended up at a strip clerb instead they’re haters :(((((( big thumbs down, rain didn’t help, we were fed to wolves
daigan white: bouncers are literally the worst things to deal with here take bribes and let in 50 year olds because they know them but then turned everyone down on the guest list because we needed to buy an 850$ table to enter.
Matthew Harris: Worst club experience told our group all lady’s could go in free and the guys had to wait hours and pay 40 bucks each just to get in to a dead club absolute joke of a club
KM: Music was subpar, didnt know any of the songs and I listen to basically all popular rap thats out so thats sorta an issue. Play songs that everyone knows and play danceable music please. I like the lounge vibe and the interior design so it has potential

5. The Roxy Cabaret - Vancouver

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1184 reviews
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The Roxy Cabaret
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Address: 932 Granville St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1L2, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-331-7999

Business type: Night club

6. Studio Lounge & Nightclub - Vancouver

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150 reviews
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Studio Lounge & Nightclub
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Address: 919 Granville St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1L3, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 10:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-620-6604

Business type: Night club

Studio Lounge & Nightclub: what do users think?
Sharan Jit: Worst club ever . worst customer service . Not enjoyable at all
Haider syed: Danny is the best
Kairel Edwards: Great music. I love the vibess but they only accept cash entry which is tacky
Jackson Cummings: Owner physically grabbed my girlfriends arm and pushed her away because she was standing up for someone
Akisya Lee: Cool and nice sound very nice music and the lighting I love it I’m so much Injoy 1st time come
Ady Deantonio: Security guards hit my friends with no reason! Discrimination and physical abuse in this place.
Ruben de Luna: The club is nice, good music and the bar servers super polite.
Ludmila Faria: i regret SO MUCH going to this establishment! Everything was AWFUL. They forced us to pay them to keep our coats and said it was mandatory but they still let some people get in with their coats, like????? And if you are a girl prepare yourself because you will be totally harassed, even if you are with your man
manmohan singh: RUDE staff, horrible music, diluted drinks. Don’t waste your money here.
ege unalan: The worst club in Vancouver.
hannah knox: AVOID AT ALL COSTS EXTREMELY UNDAFE ENVIRONMENT!!! I'd give negative stars if I could I got a really worrying text from friends saying that one of them could have been getting assaulted in one of the bathrooms so I called to ask if they could get security to check and the guy on the phone wouldn't even get up and move to look at the cameras to make sure nothing bad was happening. Absolutely horrendous behaviour!
Breno Lucena: 0 stars, I hated it, the customer service is horrible, they forced us to take out our coats and to pay for them to keep it against our will, and only told us that it was mandatory after we paid the entree value, if I knew they would force me to take out my coat and pay even for them to keep it, I would’ve gone home, very rude people! This must be illegal.
La Vitta E Bella: Went there before for a party and it was very nice. This time it was a concert by a popular singer from back homeThe house was full and everyone enjoyed it very much.Wish the place was a bigger or limited number of visitors but well, it is a rock concert so what to expect? Hopefully next time it will be better ventilation. The music was very good, baristas were very friendly and hard-working.
Taliah Peña: If I could give this place negative stars I would.This place is not LGBTQ+ friendly, please stay away from this place and keep your friends safe and away too. I was there last Sunday and witnessed a disgusting display of homophobia by one of the bouncers. He dragged a guy out, like a criminal and use excessive force in doing so. Mind you the only thing this guy did was dance and have fun, The head bouncer, Bruce, even agreed that the situation was highly inappropriate and offered an apology. The damage had already been done. I contacted this club to notify them of this and made a formal complaint out of the sheer horror of what I witnessed. They said an investigation would be done but since then they have gone radio silent. I’ve gotten the impression they will probably try to sweep this under the rug, but by reading the other reviews this isn’t an isolated event. Personally I will never step foot in this place and will advise the everyone I know to go somewhere else. I’m not wasting my money at an establishment that isn’t a welcoming nor safe environment for all.
Renzo Ramos: 0 stars for this place. As a friend i lived the most homofobic situation of all. The bouncer didnt warn my friend that took of his shirt to put it on. They just kicked him out grabbing him as a criminal with flashlight on his face, pushed me backed when im trying to understand the situation. This was a horrible end of night when you pay $25 just to enter to this place. We are totally sue this place and that bouncer. Please dont go there and give your money to them. You dont care, they are racist and homofobic and if you dont believe me just read the other reviews. Btw the “head of security” came to say sorry and that he was warned just to buddy with his homofobic bouncer when it was not the truth, terrible experience i will never take my team back. Its sad to live this situation in Vancouver when we all live here and would of loved to finish a night having a great time and not dealing with this. Management is poor if this is what the bouncers are doing.
FRANCESCA SCETTI: Terrible staff make me pay 20$ dollars to enter a place full of man obviously no woman pay go get in to a club, you absolutely don know how to do businessChange your staff is rude against woman for no reasonArrasment is arround the corner woman Pelase stay away
Chris White: Abusive security police report filed
Wilbert Peraza: Peor lugar del mundo son unos racistas, no pierdan su dinero ni tiempo con los guardias
Raha Rastegari: The staff are rude, I went there in winter but it was so so hot I sweat a lot. it’s small and the music were so bad. the DJ was so so bad just a few songs but familiar most of them I have never had heard of them before. The staff were so rude and so impolite I couldn’t imagine I’m in Canada.
Pao Jaret: The worst club in Vancouver. The staff was not nice, they made us pay for our coats 2 times just because we wanted to take something out. The music was also not it, they changed the music very badly. The place is too small and the lighting is also poor. A waste of night, time and money.
Michael Le: They favour girls a lot. As a lgbtq+ Man did not feel welcomed like my others friends (who where girls). Booths smell like actual doo doo. The reception is rude yet expects tips. There are two sinks in the mens bathroom and the bathroom attendant takes up a whole sink forcing everyone to use one sink, do not understand that. I do understand you need to have thick skin to work in the nightlife industry but a lot of these staff don’t treat you like human beings. Was dragged to that club multiple times I never saw improvement. Music is good I guess.

7. Clough Club - Vancouver

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Address: 212 Abbott St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2K8, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-558-1581

Business type: Bar

Clough Club: what do users think?
Lynnette Kissoon: The venue is exactly what we needed for our event. The staff, from booking to hosting were incredibly friendly and professional. They ensured that they provided what we asked for and more. Really amazing venue and people! We will definitely be back for another event.
Brendan Lee: Great spot for a private event. We booked last minute and the staff were very accommodating. Great service and awesome location!
Emma Power: We hired the back room of the bar for an event and had a great experience! Everyone was super friendly and helpful in bringing the night together. Highly recommend!
Maria H: I had my 50th bday party in the backroom. 80s and glow in the dark. Joey, the owner, was very hands on and catered to our every need. The service was exceptional and the cocktails were delish!
Paul Alexander: The best atmosphere with amazing service and great drinks 💯🧡
Ashhab Zafar: Their live music is sooooo gooooddd
Holly Monday Janus: Lively, intimate atmosphere. Extremely careful, friendly service even when the place is busy. Bonus live music.
Christie Tuck: Amazing place to get a drink and see some live local bands!
Zhi Zhang: Had a company party here and had a great time, good little spot
Tara Mews: We had a last minute party to plan and Clough did not disappoint!! We were able to figure out what worked for our group & the location so easily - additional options were given for our specific needs and everyone had a great night. Their cocktails are always great & live music is the cherry on top.
Nav S: Great cocktails!
Anderson Reeves: Great cocktail bar in Gastown. When my father was visitng, they made a custom whisky sour for him and they were very great. it is a spot I like to take all my friends and family that come out for a visit!
Jesse Blair: It was just okay. Good music though.
Broderick Hargreaves: Favourite cocktails in the city, with a cozy and welcoming environment and unique ambiance.
Jaclyn Spackman: Cozy tiny spot with yummy drinks and their Saturday night loop music guy was so much fun! (Nov 5, 2022)
S. K: Cocktails are ok, but they messed up with our food! Forgot to bring it! 🤦🏻‍♂️
Elliot Hosch: Great little spot that has a lived in feel which is great. The staff is friendly and the drinks are good. Really enjoyed the atmosphere here.
Gustavo Castellanos: Nice cocktails and music, but a little bit too little.
Evan Ridley Dodds: Maybe my favourite cocktail bar in Vancouver!!!
Don Proteau: Custom cocktail lesson. Very good. No ac on a hot night.
Alison Magill: Great little place with delicious cocktails

8. Baza Dance Studios - Vancouver

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93 reviews
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Baza Dance Studios
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Address: 1304 Seymour St, Vancouver, BC V6B 3P3, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 4:00 PM

Telephone: +1 778-379-2292

Business type: Dance school

9. - Vancouver

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4 reviews
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Address: 1026 Davie St, Vancouver, BC V6E 1M3, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 3:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-682-1100

Business type: Night club

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